MLS Combine Day One (A quick recap)


The first day of the 2010 MLS Combine is in the books and while it was a truly ugly day, there was actually some good soccer played and some impressive performances put in.

I won't go into great detail just yet about the day's events (I'll save a more detailed breakdown for tomorrow), but I will provide you with some lists of overall performances for day one:


Tony Tchani, Ike Opara, Justin Morrow, Drew Yates, Irving Garcia, Michael Stevens, Zach Loyd, Othaniel Yanez.


Mike Seamon, Kwame Watson-Siriboe, Teal Bunbury, Samuel Appiah, Collen Warner, Toni Stahl, Brian Perk, Jack McInerney, Eric Alexander, Andrew Hoxie


Martin Hedevag, Ofori Sarkodie, Dilly Duka, Brooks Haggerty, Steven Kinney, Kwaku Nyamekye, Isaac Kissi, Ross LaBauex.


Andrew Wiedeman, Tyler Barry, Sean Johnson, Ryan Peterman, Bright Dike

Day 1 All-Combine Team







If a player is not listed it doesn't mean he played poorly or didn't play well. It was a bit of a crazy day, particularly during the second match, so I wasn't able to focus as much on the second match as the first.

What do you think of thes assessments? Have an idea who you want your team to take?

Share your thoughts below.

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29 Responses to MLS Combine Day One (A quick recap)

  1. Smith says:

    But.. but ..but..Dilly Duka is the SECOND COMOING OF MARDAONA!!!!!

  2. wilyboy says:

    I’m starting to hope Wiedeman shows poorly so DC pick someone else. Actually have a hankering for McInerney, as Akpan won’t be available. Did Okugo even make the trip?

  3. taza llena says:

    I don’t think any of these guys can compare to any well-known futbol legend even if it’s Maradona they haven’t even turned pro yet.

  4. UC Irvine Anteater says:

    After today’s showing, any chance Irving Garcia gets drafted?

  5. afrim says:

    ives, any chance a dark horse breaks the top 10?(even though he’d be non-generation adidas) we’ve all seen mock drafts of the first round and they’re all resuffeld versions of the same 15 players

  6. Jason says:

    Maybe Loyd wouldn’t be such a bad pick for DC. Seems versatile enough.

  7. Neal says:

    I think the Maradona comment was tongue in cheek…

  8. jo says:

    is the schedule on for tomorrow or postponed til monday?

  9. max says:

    where do u see the IU guys going??

  10. Michael says:

    How did John Moore do? Was Okugo, Nakazawa, or Estrada there?

  11. JustinV says:

    Hey Ives,

    At some point it would be interesting to compare last years combine participants performances to how they did as rookies in MLS.

  12. OmarVizquel says:

    Some might be interested to know that Justin Morrow (ND) played on the same high school team as Mark Blades (Northwestern) and Barry Rice (Kentucky). All three might end getting picked in the MLS draft.

  13. Dave says:

    I’ve had the opportunity to watch Morrow a handful of times in PDL action the last couple of years and have always been impressed.

  14. fischy says:

    I’m pretty sure Garcia was going to be drafted, regardless. I know that Ives’ mock draft didn’t have him in the 1st 2 rounds. Ives might want to reconsider now. This might boost him into the 1st round.

    (SBI-He’s a good player and I’m pretty sure I’ve had him in a previous mock or Big Board ranking. I like him and I know some coaches like him. Very interesting player.)

  15. fischy says:

    I’m kinda thinking they will pick him. He’s good, and he can play defense, in a pinch.

  16. Will says:

    Maybe he meant he showed up overweight, snorting coke?

  17. Javier says:

    Ives, this is unrelated for this entry, but I wasn’t sure where else to ask..

    Would it be possible at some point to provide for us what national team a player would or most likely would suit up for, if any? Maybe on the Big Boards or the Mock Drafts?

  18. Matt says:

    Really pulling for Garcia to be a impact player off the bench this year in MLS. He is just so creative, and his on the ball skills are fun to watch. His size might hurt him in the long run though.

  19. RogerClemons says:

    Morrow(ND) has very poor first touch and skill. he may look like kevin alston but he sure doesnt play like him

  20. ELAC says:

    Irving Garcia is going to Chivas USA or LA Galaxy. The man loves California.

  21. jig says:

    unrelated butttt baky soumare starting for mali in the Nation’s Cup. Good for him.

  22. Sean M says:

    Great player.I really hope he does,I would love him in LA with my Galaxy,he’s not even rated high and could be the steal of the draft

  23. Micah King says:

    Um why is there no Da Luz Ives ?

  24. Soccer11 says:

    Having played with Justin Morrow for the past 3 years, he has a great first touch and unbelievable skill. He has the ability to blow by any defender he has ever faced. He has the “untangible” assets a professional soccer player needs. Amazing speed, great fitness, and a great work ethic.

  25. Stever says:

    Dont forget Justin Wyatt from Elon. Throughout his whole career he has fought the “too small” icon. He scored goals against the ACC teams he faced… sleeper for sure! He should be at the Combine…

  26. Chelo says:

    With regards on Irvin Garcia this kids makes up for his size with his great ball skills and work ethic. I had a chance to watch him play in high school and college at Yavapai and who ever gets him, they are getting a great athlete.

  27. sam says:

    I think it was but there was a player at the combine Nnaemeka Obiagwu number 83 was pretty good, ill compare him to Maradona

  28. sam says:

    Number 83 Nnaemeka Obiagwu is a player that you can say represents the second coming of a great player not just Maradona but Pele

  29. soccerjunkie101 says:

    On players to watch out for at

    the combine…I know he’s not

    flashy, but Sinovic is great.

    I hear he’s doing well at

    the combine. Coaches say his

    work ethic, incredible and

    unbelievable touch. Scrappy,

    tough, strongest player I’ve seen.

    A smart team will draft this

    overlooked player.