Philly Union land Orozco on loan after deal with Red Bulls

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The Philadelphia Union's quest to build a top-notch defense in its first season continued on Friday as the club acquired former U.S. Olympic team defender Michael Orozco on loan from Mexican side San Luis.

To land Orozco, the Union had to complete a deal with the New York Red Bulls, acquiring the No. 1 spot in the Allocation Order from New York in exchange for an undisclosed sum of allocation money.

Orozco has made two appearances for the U.S. national team and had been a regular starter for San Luis before falling out of favor late last season. He is capable of playing in central defense but projects to be the team's starting right back.

With the trade, the Red Bulls now have the No. 5 spot in the MLS Allocation Order (It received the No. 6 spot in the trade, but move up a place after the Union's selection of Orozco). The San Jose Earthquakes now have the top spot in the Allocation Order, which is used to allocate current and former U.S. national team players who return to MLS.

Philadelphia's defense could be one of the better ones in MLS in year one. The Union had already acquired U.S. national team defender Danny Califf this off-season, as well as veteran defenders Shavar Thomas and Jordan Harvey in the MLS Expansion Draft. Highly-regarded goalkeeper Chris Seitz was acquired from Real Salt Lake early in the off-season.

Red Bulls fans who are surprised that their team gave up the top allocation spot shouldn't be. New York is clearly focused on shopping the international market for foreign talent and the allocation it secured from Philadelphia should help the Red Bulls land some more international talent.

Here is the up-to-date MLS Allocation Order:

1. San Jose Earthquakes

2. Kansas City Wizards

3. Toronto FC

4. FC Dallas

5. New York Red Bulls

6. Colorado Rapids

7. New England Revolution

8. Chivas USA

9. Seattle Sounders

10. Columbus Crew

11. Chicago Fire

12. Houston Dynamo

13. Los Angeles Galaxy

14. Real Salt Lake

15. D.C. United

16. Philadelphia Union

What do you think of this move? Surprised New York gave up the top spot in the Allocation Order? Excited to see Philadelphia's defense coming together? Starting to believe that Philly could enjoy a first season as sucessful as Seattle's?

Share your thoughts below.

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121 Responses to Philly Union land Orozco on loan after deal with Red Bulls

  1. Dannyc58 says:


    I don’t care about trading the allocation. I care that we didn’t get what the standard was (set by TFC & Philly):

    1 Rounder
    Allocation money

    We got 1 of 3. Please, if you can, find out how much the allocation was for?

    I f*cking hate this club sometimes.

    Don’t care about Orozco.

  2. Matt says:

    What Danny said. If it’s a ton of allocation money then maybe I can see it making sense. Otherwise I’m not impressed. Don’t care about Orozco one way or the other.

  3. gerald says:

    I can live without the player but I hope a 1st rounder was included

  4. Ne-Dub says:

    When is NY gonna learn that bringing in a bunch of vagabond internationals doesn’t produce?

    Here’s to not being a Red Bull fan.

  5. Jose says:

    Once again it proves why The Red bull/Metro….. Suck…lol

  6. Lew Dubuque says:

    I am not happy about this at all. We give up a pretty good DC and national team player for some allocation cash. Fail!

  7. r.benjamin says:

    Seattle + Philadelphia sure make this league more interesting. so far so good.
    As amarginal fan across the years I have to admit I’m tuning in more and more.

    I’m exactly the fan that a strike would kill off. even though I mostly agree with the players.

  8. JohnC says:

    Go Union!

    Defense is starting to look pretty nice. Four proven defenders who just have to learn how to gel with three solid options at defensive midfield. Orozco and Califf are both looking to prove they belong on the MNT while Harvey has upside and Shaver is solid.

    Now the Union just need to make a deal with the devil to secure the services of the top goal scorer in Columbia who is also under the age of 25.

    Anyone know how the loan will work- does Union have option to buy Orozco?

  9. matt dillon says:

    Nothing Red Bull does surprises me, nor am I surprised when it turns out to be a stupid move. They have people who don’t know US soccer, no doubt shopping for a big-name Euro who will not come thru in MLS. I think it is better when your team is this bad to focus on smaller building blocks. In this case, I have seen Orozco in the Olympics and in Mexico. He is a decent player, maybe better than anybody who plays D for NYRB now or in the past few seasons.

  10. 4now says:

    Oh great, so we can go get another Rojas!
    Nakazawa, allocation money, and a second rounder next year.
    Danny’s spot on.

  11. strider says:

    The real question, seems to me, is will Orozco turn out to be a defensive stud or not. If so, RBNY would have been better advised to bring him in using their allocation position. Don’t they NEED a defense? Do the new Euro coach/GM not value talent that isn’t Euro? Of course, this does depend on the amt of $$ and Orozco’s salary, so its hard for us layment to tell who got the better of the deal at this point.

  12. Tom A says:

    Should #5 be NY ont Philly

    Here is the up-to-date MLS Allocation Order:

    1. San Jose Earthquakes

    2. Kansas City Wizards

    3. Toronto FC

    4. FC Dallas

    5. Philadelphia Union

  13. BrianK says:

    I repeat:

    Q: What is the greatest rivalry in MLS?

    A:Metrostars/Red Bulls vs. Common Sense!

    Agree wholeheartedly with Ne-Dub. When are they going to learn? I don’t think they will. As far as Backe and Soler are concerned,…everyone associated with the Red Bulls and MLS have as much soccer/business acumen as Jeff Agoos,…so they are going to do there own thing,…pay back few favors by signing their pals to contracts and walk away laughing when the team is being outclassed by Philadelphia.

  14. Austin says:

    i havent seen any Rojas’ since Soler and Backe came in……dont know what your talking about? NY has brought in top Eastern European talent lately

  15. Austin says:

    Ives, any idea on who the next returning U.S. player might be?

  16. gerald says:

    The Red Bulls wasn’t going to use their allocation on Orozco so I don’t mind them trading but it had better be for alot of money if no pick was involved

  17. gerald says:

    Actually NY is #5, Philly is now at the bottom

  18. Pappajohn says:

    I live half way between NY and Philly. I have rooted half-heartedly for the Metro Stars/Red Bull over the years, but they keep on doing stupid things (like getting rid of Dave van den Berg, the guy who always crossed the ball to Angel’s head), and I lost interest in supporting them. I’m now getting pretty excited about this Philly Union team. Nowak seems to be doing things right from the start. They realize that a good defense is the most important first step. I can’t wait to see them in action.

  19. Josh D says:

    As a DC fan I’m loving this! NY dumps a chance again and Philly are getting stronger which for me spells a nice rivalry!! MLS can’t come sooner!

    I don’t think it is all doom and gloom. NY probably didn’t have scouts to see how Orozco played so didn’t want to risk it and now got something nice out of it. I’m someone who doesn’t count their eggs before they hatch and I’ll assume NY knows what they are doing.

    Hard call to make as well with only a few days with your team. The coach needs to see what he has and what he’s missing – he hasn’t had the time to do that properly yet.

    We see it as a missed opportunity but they’re playing with real money and their futures so nothing will be taken easily.

    Maybe Orozco already had a deal in place with Philly that said “If I do not play for Philly, I won’t play in MLS.”

  20. Scott says:

    hahaha im sure New York could of got more out of that… Just like when chicago wanted Mcbride we had to give a bit more than allocation money, including Chad Barret.

  21. Edwin says:

    Guys all they gave up 4 spots on the Allocation Order.

    They were 1, and got the 6th, but after Philly used the 1st spot then NYRB moved up one spot to 5th, meaning they only lost 4 spots. But they got some cash to compensate their loss of 4 spots.

    Kansas City and San Jose are the only ones that are likely to want to use an allocation right off the bat, I doubt Dallas and Toronto will use it when you think about who might come back stateside, they’re not that many flashy players if any at all?

    NY will be okay, they got some good defenders, and with the draft picks to solidify the midfield and add depth to the defense they’ll be fine!

    I still wish they had Pacheco but I guess it didn’t work?

  22. Matt says:

    Edwin, being #5 on the allocation list probably is worthless, unless you think 5 more decent players are going to return. So we gave up the #1 spot for cash, essentially. It had better be a LOT of cash or we got fleeced.

  23. Felix says:

    I have a few opinions here:

    1) I hate the allocation system. I understand the purpose of it, but I in its actual application, I’ve grown to really dislike it.

    2) I’m excited to see Orozco play in MLS, and hope he continues to develop the more physical part of his game. However, I’m not to enthralled to see him play RB. Not only because the USMNT is deep at RB, but I was curious to see how a player of his skill set and training would do on the senior side play at RB.

    So overall, even though I’m a Fire fan, I curious to see how Philly Union do and am liking the moves they are making to be immediately competitive in their inaugural year.

  24. Allegre says:

    Better players showing up in the league this year. Hopefully Red Bull will get the marquis player they are looking for with their $ allocation. The bigger picture is we have a stadium, a team, and improving futebol! American players are gaining respect in the world and the world will begin to respect the play in MLS.

  25. Pico says:


    Is allocation money one of those figures MLS does not publish? For all we know the league could have pitched in a nice amount to help Philly.


  26. Manny F says:

    Yeah, but you forget. Just cause you have the allocation position doesn’t mean you have the roster spots or money to sign so player.

  27. This Guy says:

    Pencil Orozco in at LB for the World Cup.
    Heard it here first.
    Orozco is not South American so RBNY doesn’t care what they get for him.

  28. k says:

    no it won’t

  29. This Guy says:

    How can you not care about what will be the best LB in the MLS this season?

    You Red Balls supporters amaze me.

  30. Brian says:

    highly doubt it.

  31. uheglgjiotowe says:

    why would new york trade the number 1 spot for the number 5 spot?

  32. Dannyc58 says:

    1) I don’t care that NYRB didnt’ take Orozco. I’d rather allocation money than him. Sorry if that offends you.

    2) Can he play a game before we call him the best lb in the league?

  33. scott47a says:


    What’s the deal with MLS using the term “allocation” so much?

    I mean there is an “allocation order” for returning U.S. players and “allocation money” to circumvent the salary cap and all. It’s confusing to many people.

  34. Eurosnob says:

    This trade makes Philadelphia Union look smart. First, they trade their No. 1 allocation spot to DC United for a starting midfielder (Fred), a high draft pick (McIrnerney), DC’s allocation spot and allocation money. Then, they trade DC’s former allocation spot and allocation money to NY for No. 1 allocation spot, which they use to get Orozco. Thus, Union essentially turned their No. 1 allocation spot in Orozco, Fred and McIrnerney, potentially three starters. I am not sure whether DC United grossly overpaid in their trade with Union or NY Red Bulls got fleeced in theirs, but the end result looks great for Union.

  35. Matt says:

    No. And they have apparently already had “the best offseason of any team ever” according to some idiot on Twitter, even though they have yet to kick a ball. Can you even have an offseason if you haven’t played yet?

  36. Gwb says:

    Clint Dempsey, on loan as a rehab…SJ wishes.

  37. Smith says:

    How much allocation money did RBNY get?

  38. ed says:

    Aren’t the Red Bulls wanting to get Thierry Henry. So this move does make sense to pick up some more cash if Henry really is a possible catch and Henry no matter how old I would get over Orozco any day… But with that said I’m starting to like the Union…

  39. Austin says:

    Steve Ralston isnt coming back to NE

    he is either retiring or considering coming back if a team acquires his rights after his ACL is better

  40. reverb says:

    Is this arcane allocation system one of the of the disagreements yet to be resolved in the CBA?

  41. Brian says:

    “…Allocation Order, which is used to allocate current and former U.S. national team players who return to MLS.”

    I have a question (unrelated to the Orozco deal). Seeing that TFC is #3 on the Allocation Order I assume the same rules of returning American internationals to MLS apply to them.

    What about returning Canadian internationals? Wasn’t De Guzman a returning Canadian international? If TFC can sign our returning Americans shouldn’t American MLS teams be able to sign their returning Canadians?

  42. otergod says:

    seeing as the best MLS LB left this offseason, id say the title is wide open for anyone who grabs

  43. scott47a says:

    I think the U.S. teams can grab returning Canadians that way. Isn’t that how RSL got Will Johnson?

    DeGuzman is a Designated Player. DP’s are different.

  44. otergod says:

    when you have nothing, any signings look amazing.

    Philly is making some solid moves, but that is b/c they are starting from fresh.

  45. Arcticrules says:

    As a Sounders fan whose team will face the Union opening day, I am starting to get concerned about the team the Union will field. They have acqired some very strong players and could be winning games from Day 1. For our sake, I hope its day two. Nice pickup Union. Keep it up — as Seattle showed, expansion team successs buoys the league.

  46. Dannyc58 says:

    Yeah, its wide open. Not Orozco’s.

  47. alex says:

    Honestly, the fact Phily has to give up anything is a joke.

    Although from the standards set from prior allocation trades i can see the arguement from RBNY fans. Maybe this is a sign of things to come in the CBA?

  48. alex says:

    Technically they can.

    Hainault in Houston is a returning international. He didn’t go to allocation at all.

  49. jpc says:

    another swing and miss by the Red Bulls. Yeah, we don’t need defenders, no big deal…

    I feel like a Pittsburgh Pirates fan (post Bonds and Bonilla), except the pirates just don’t have the funds to compete. We on the other hand are on an equal playing field, and have the nicest stadium in the country.

    We are setting a new standard for futility, Cubs watch out

  50. AlexS says:

    Red Bulls vs. Common Sense the best rivalry? That’s silly. It’s like Houston-Dallas: it’s not a rivalry when it’s one-sided.

  51. AlexS says:

    Because Hainault was a discovery player that Houston bought from his club in the Czech Republic for a nominal fee (and they help up his paperwork trying to extort more – but that’s another story)

  52. Eric G says:

    what do you mean “SJ wishes?” is this true that dempsey’s gonna be with SJ for rehab?

  53. 4now says:

    Institutional culture. Also, skeptical of what you consider “top Eastern European talent’.

  54. Union fan says:

    I like this trade and the whole Union roster so far. Nowak’s building a solid core group that I think could easily be upgraded with a couple of big name additions later on. I say Kudos to Nowak for his player selections so far.

  55. Joel says:

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    link to

  56. jspot says:

    I can’t wait for orosco to get stupid cards for Philly. SWEET

  57. Brian says:

    Had Hainault not been capped by Canada at that point?

  58. RBNY15C says:

    I’m a little confused about the allocation process. Could the Red Bulls have simply passed on Orozco and just kept the #1 spot?

  59. Brian says:

    I believe they could have.

  60. Brian says:

    are you really that gullible?

  61. joe k says:

    well, chad barrett sucks, but couldn’t the red bulls at least get zimmerman back?

  62. joe k says:

    good defenders? like who? goldthwaite has been inconsistent at best, mendes has been injured, hall isn’t a defender. petke is slower now than ever.

  63. Austin says:

    Ova Nikolov, Roy Miller, and Lindpere are all decent to very good european players(besides Miller, but has been playing there) or have been in the past….. decent and up is what i consider “top”

  64. irishapple21 says:

    Orozco was never going to come to RBNY. He used to play for Nowak with the U-23 Nats and that is probably why he’s coming to MLS. We still don’t know big of an allocation was received by RBNY, but I’m guessing it was probably big and could be put to good use. Let’s see what comes of this before we jump to conclusions.

  65. Scott A says:

    I’m ready for the start of the season. Here’s my guarantee–NY will finish with more points than the Union. Boom goes the dynamite

  66. Diablo says:

    Ever think that this allocation system might not exist after the CBA is taken care of? get the allocation money while u can!

  67. ManU Fan says:

    Along the same line of thinking, would it be more beneficial for the NYRB to pass and sit on top of the allocation than be at #5 with some additional cash? That cash is not going to make or break Henry coming over. Even if they are close to the salary cap, the owner can make up that portion on the back end with their own money.

  68. Socrates says:

    I think Orozco would be a solid signing for any team, not just bc Phila. is starting up. Also, any players they sign could probably just as easily be signed by other MLS clubs. MLS has a lot of non-guaranteed contracts (at least until the CBA gets changed) so teams can always cut someone to make room.

    So, Philadelphia looks something like:


    bench: Fred, Le Toux, Stahl

    For comparison, Seattle opened the season with a roster of:


    bench: Nyassi, Le Toux, Ianni

    So far I’d say edge to Seattle.

  69. kpugs says:

    This deal makes no sense for RBNY, does it? There is no way they got any significant amount of money in this. So basically they volunteered to give up the coveted top spot in the allocation order to drop to fifth. That sounds completely ree torted to me.

  70. Socrates says:

    Yeah, saw this in Kyle McCarthy’s twitter. Revs talent pool has been taking some serious hits over the last couple of years through transfers, trades, injuries, age etc: Dempsey, Dorman, Parkhurst, Heaps, Larentowicz, Ralston, Twellman. Outlook for 2010 is:


  71. Leiron says:

    By all the things I’ve heard the new CBA (whenever it gets done) could change the way the league operates.

  72. Joe B. says:

    Ives- Can you provide any info on Jose Angulo who I understand is at preseason with the Union?

  73. ryan says:

    aren’t rivalries supposed to be competitive? Have Red Bull ever beat common sense.

  74. Joamiq says:

    “Can you even have an offseason if you haven’t played yet?”

    Uhh… what? The offseason is kind of defined by not playing. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. And why are you caring about what some random idiot on Twitter says exactly?

  75. Ulrich says:

    No, actually the off-season is only such for a team that has previously played a season. In this case, Philadelphia is starting from scratch, so they are simply in pre-season.

    If you want to mince words, understand the vocabulary.

  76. fischy says:

    DC player???

  77. ryan says:

    if that is true then this was probably the possible move RB could have made, you may be right they might know somethin we don’t

  78. Joamiq says:

    Oh, I thought he was talking about the Red Bulls. The “No” in the beginning of his comment confused me. Still not sure what the “No” was in reference to.

    Nice attempt to be snarky, but I’ll pass on any lessons from you.

  79. fischy says:

    Heard it there last, too.

  80. fischy says:

    The new management like the number 5 better.

  81. fischy says:

    That’s the joke? What about DCU giving up the same allocation spot to move up, along with Fred and the #7 pick in the SuperDraft?

  82. fischy says:

    What have you heard about what will be in the new CBA?

  83. Stephen says:

    Is Orozco that good of a defender?

  84. GMD says:

    Um. My thoughts on comparing the Union to Seattle’s 1st Season (on paper of course)

    1) Danny Mwanga is no Fredy Montero. That’s not to say he not be one day, but Fredy established himself in a decent Colombian league prior to MLS.

    2) Chris Seitz is not Kasey Keller. Keller brought years of leadership from the national team and Europe. It didn’t hurt that he was a local product as well.

    3) DP. You can’t underestimate the power of the DP..especially with Ljungberg. He really came on throughout the year.

    I think Philly do better than average…but won’t make the playoffs.

    PS. this is even coming from a Timbers fan who hates Seattle…but respect is different than hate.

  85. otergod says:

    i agree, Orozco would be a solid pickup for any MLS side, but whats with you playing him out right??

    i cant wait to see what Krol does for the fire…


    thats a pretty solid backline as well

  86. otergod says:

    i agree that orozco would be a solid pickup for any MLS side, but why are you listing him at RB??

    i cant wait to see what Krol does with the fire.


    thats a pretty solid backline

  87. Alexandria says:

    The allocation system was set up when the older US guys from overseas where coming back and they didn’t want teams bidding against eachother, I think the system should go away but if it has to stay i think there should definetly be a little bit more flexibility so that we don’t get another MCBride situation.

  88. otergod says:

    likely position in the eastern confrence??

  89. Chris says:

    One thing to remember is that, to sign another DP, RB still needs $400k of allocation money. That’s $800k for just 2 players. Worth the money? In my opinion, absolutely.

    But when there is only so much allocation money to work with, and RB would need a significant amount to field any kind of capable team supporting those two DPs, allocation money becomes a lot more valuable to the Red Bulls than it does other teams.

  90. einar says:

    philadelphia did have a lot of allocation money after the draft and must of gave a bunch for the red bulls not to also ask for a draft pick and/or a player

  91. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    This Philly organization is starting to worry me. Smart moves all, thus far.

  92. south says:

    Dear Everyone,

    Stop calling a CB a DC, it’s really dumb.

  93. Common Sense says:

    Whats up with this philly’s hype?

    fred is awful. DC was singing and dancing when they got rid of him. He might be a starter in a very poor philly midfield.

    Mcinerney is a reserve MLS player at best but has some potential to be ok.

    Orozco is the only decent pick up.

    As for Red Bulls, if they use that allocation and their current allocation to bring in Nikolov, Miller, Lindpere, Jonson, and Zickler then thats a very good team.

  94. JohnC says:

    Okay JPC, the pirates only problem is funds…wow! Have you seen the trades they have made over the last 15 years. It is just shameful. Florida starts over every 7 years and competes, Tampa Bay has begun to compete and Milwaukee has competed.

  95. Smith says:

    Don’t try making sense. We RBNY fans just want to be hysterical for the joy of it.

  96. Charles says:

    Yeah I read something,even today that says Henry is still talking MLS in 6 months.

    1 That is very exciting and I don’t think MLS is done getting these type of players. Can’t start at a winning Europe team, has money, doesn’ want to play for a team that NEVER will win.

    2 Doesn’t NY already have a DP ?

  97. jpc says:

    haha, angry pirates fan number 1 chiming in… But seriously, I didn’t write that the “only” problem the pirates had was lack of funding, I just said they didn’t have the funds to compete. And the teams you mentioned don’t compete regularly (like the Red Bulls in the final last year, and last place this year), Florida doesn’t just “start over”, they have a fire sale b/c they can’t pay for their young players once they mature… But I appreciate the Pirates passion.

  98. Charles says:

    Maybe NY wanted the money. I read again today that Henry was coming to MLS…NYRB.

    1 Very exciting, I don’t think MLS is done getting this type of player. Can’t start on a winning team, has money, doesn’t wan’t to play on the other 18 teams losing all the time.

    2 Doesn’t NYRB already have a DP ?

    (tried to post earlier, hope I didnt dupe )

  99. ec says:

    I hate the allocation system and hope they do away with it. In the end, it mostly delays quality players that fans want to see from playing in MLS. Remember how long it took for Chicago to work out a deal for McBride? I guy like McBride isn’t going to go just anywhere, he’s going to play for who he wants to play for. MLS should treat these guys with respect, let them sign for who they want to sign with, and get them onto the field already!

  100. Matt says:

    RBNY has two DP slots and only one filled.

  101. andrew in tampa says:

    This is off the topic but I think genuine soccer fans will appreciate the story of Chris Smalling’s rise from school boy soccer player to $10 million Man U signee. It makes you feel good about the game we all love.
    link to

  102. Gary says:

    At this point, I don’t see the Union grabbing a DP this year, and I’n fine with that. I hope they don’t try to grow too quickly.

    A few more quality signings and we’ll be a solid, easy-to-root-for team. Can’t wait. Picked my seats today.

  103. Hush says:

    Good move for both parties. Orozco should have a great season.

  104. Metro-211-7 says:

    The Philadelphia Union does not possess a RB at the moment. I believe that Nowak will play with a back three (like he did with his championship team in DC).

    If the Union were to play today, Nowak would send onto the field the following lineup, on a 3x4x1x2 tactical alignment:


    Shavar Thomas, Califf, & Orozco;

    Zimmermann, Okugo, Miglioranzi, & Shea Salinas


    Alejandro Moreno, & Mwanga.

  105. Burr Burr says:

    Do it Orozco make it happen in the States

  106. Chris says:

    LOL my bad. I’m an RBNY fan myself, I just found my head for a minute. I’ll make sure to lose it again for my next post ;).

  107. Mike says:

    Ives & Soccer By Ives Nation

    Help me out, my lonely Earthquakes now have the number one spot. Who do you guys think is the most likely player to come back that the Quakes could take (also would be willing to play for them, that might be tough)??

    Also if Kenny Cooper decided to come back to MLS, does Dallas still own his rights or could SJ go after him now?


  108. DaveW says:

    I realize this thread is mostly dead, but from the (little) I’ve seen of Orozco with San Luis, including one game that he started at right, not left, back, I’m pretty sure he’s right-footed.

    I’m guessing he played left back at the Olympics because he was the best option.

    I did seem get pushed up to a left back position when San Luis was chasing a game, but he was hustling back to central defense when they lost the ball, it wasn’t like they started him at left back.

    Ives, can you or your sources settle the left-footed or right-footed question for sure?

  109. Eurosnob says:

    There’s no hype about Philly, but turning one allocation spot into 3 players is impressive. Just compare this to what Red Bulls got for their No. 1 allocation spot – cash and no players. As for Fred, Ben Olsen, a new assistant coach with DC United, stated in a recent interview that the team will miss Fred on the field. Perhaps Olsen was trying to be nice to his former teammate, but DC United protected Fred in the expansion draft so I don’t think that they were just trying to get rid of Fred. For Union, Orozco and Fred are two immediate starters. McInerney is probably too young to be a starter this year, but he has enough talent to be on U20 national team and is a very good prospect.

  110. ALeatherGlove says:

    It’s not like Red Bull passed passed on Jozy or Beasley even. Orozco is crap, he wasn’t even good enough to sit the bench in Mexico. If Orozco hadn’t famously elbowed some Nigerian cat, nobody would even know who he is.

    Still, it would seem Soler/Backe took less than the established going rate. Clearly they’d rather spend money on Europeans they are familiar with then get a draft pick and some stiff that has been kicking around MLS. Time will tell.

  111. Petke Fan says:

    Orozco was so mighty he got 1 cap in 18 months and wasn’t even in Camp Cupcake with the USMNT this January, which wasn’t exactly the ‘cream of the US crop’, as we saw when they got WORKED by Honduras. HONDURAS!

    This “Orozco and Califf are both looking to prove they belong on the MNT” is going to be a T-shirt one day. If Orozco is such a USMNT lock…why isn’t he EVER even in camp? Bornstein plays a ton of games there, and is pants. If Orozco was quality, he’d be playing for us already.

  112. Mike says:

    How has this happened? Philly has now had the opportunity at three returning national team players; Califf, Orozco, and Perkins. They obviously traded the opportunity to get Perkins to DC and traded for the rights to the pick to get Orozco, but how was Califf acquired?

  113. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    It has been stated that part of the reason that Orozco has not been called in for “Camp Cupcake” and other non FIFA dates is that he was concentrating on becoming a STARter for his club team. That an interruption to that goal would not be beneficial to his long term prospects with the Nats.

    At this point he is just a prospect. A KID w/ potential. He has moved because he wants to be seen.

    “Bornstein plays a ton of games there, and is pants. ”

    What does that mean?

  114. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    All the time.

    If common sense won a few, they would still be called Metro-Stars. Right?

  115. Hojjso says:

    You are right he would fit it well with the usmnt. drawing red all day right?

  116. says:

    I’m just really sick of the entire league structure and, frankly, I’d prefer a year long lock-out to the kind of pandering crap the MLS pulls. Let’s keep Dallas from signing whoever they want for a price THEY deem fair (but MLS doesn’t), but let’s make sure that Philly gets EVERYTHING they want. You know, I hate Dallas, but they deserve way better than that. At this point, MLS is making me hate the Union. It’s about as bush league as it gets. It’s time for teams to own their players, true free agency, and teams to start stepping outside the protective skirt of mommy (MLS head office) and showing they have a real commitment to improving the game in this country. Everyone else can go join the NBA.

  117. herthaberwyn says:

    They need to go from zero to MLS cup in year one to have ‘the best offseason ever’ The standard is set by 1998 Fire.

  118. Dan Luebke says:

    I was watching tape on RBNY’s draft picks, afterward I felt as though Soler made some solid picks based on serious problems RBNY had last season. The loss of Nick Zimmerman hurts a lot. Goldthwaite may have gotten better recognition for his play if last season didn’t go so badly. I also agree with the notion that Soler and Backe are more interested in bringing in talent from Europe. I also feel better knowing Richie Williams is still on our bench. Although, Hans Backe seems smart enough to help the potential of this team realize itself.

  119. Petke Fan says:

    I would buy the “he was trying to be a starter for his club team” had he not been released by his club team prior to camp cupcake getting underway. He wasn’t trying to secure a starting spot, he was packing. If the explanation was that he was packing, okay, but no one has said that. He was still on the books of his club team in December, but by Xmas we new he was out of the picture. I think he could have had an extra spot in camp cupcake if he called up & asked for it, had they wanted him.

    Bornstein being pants refers to his somewhat underwhelming performances at the position.

  120. Ambar Ayala says:

    Just wanted to say that You should give Michael

    (Orozco)a chance before even judging him on how he plays! Some of you are saying that why hasnt he even been in the training camps well his been playing for another team not here in the USA…….Maybe just being negative out of envy!!! Sorry but im related to him and I dont find it right to judge someone without even knowing what his been up too His been playing soccer since he was 4 years old and Im proud of what his done for himself!