Reports: Orozco set for MLS move to Philly

Michael Orozco (

American defender Michael Orozco has been off the U.S. national team radar for some time, but he may be set for a move to help him get back into Bob Bradley's sights.

Reports from Mexico have linked Orozco to a move to Major League Soccer. Record is reporting that Orozco has left San Luis and will be signing with the Philadelphia Union.

It remains unclear whether the Union will be able to land Orozco with a Discovery claim or if Orozco's one national team cap will force him to go through Major League Soccer's Allocation selection process to join a team (returning current and former U.S. national team players are supposed to go through an Allocation process. New York currently holds the top allocation spot).

Orozco played on the U.S. Olympic team two years ago under Peter Nowak. He is remembered rather infamously for drawing an early red card in a must-win group match against eventual silver medalist Nigeria. He had been a regular starter for San Luis before falling out of favor toward the tail end of the 2009 Apertura season.

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70 Responses to Reports: Orozco set for MLS move to Philly

  1. Dale Mills says:

    I would not have minded him in NY at all

  2. CrispyST3 says:

    Dammm, if only he could go to Galaxy,

    an Omar-Orozco CB pairing would be amazing!

  3. Brent McD says:

    I wish people would quit bringing up that red card in the Olympics. It was harsh and unfortunate, and it’s well past time to move on. Orozco is a good player who could help our National Team in the future.

  4. Mig22 says:

    big step backwards for him. I guess he still needs more development. Going from the Mexican league to an expansion roster in a lesser league is…disappointing. Hoped for more with this kid.

  5. IMSYE87 says:

    Major League Soccer, where rules don’t apply!

  6. CrispyST3 says:

    True, but i think he’s good enough to play in the Mexican league, i just think he’s honestly doing it to get more exposure to Bob Bradley, it will be easier for Bob to watch him in the MLS than in the Mexican League

  7. Howie says:

    Hard to see how this couldn’t fall under the allocation process. Nguyen has a similar number of caps (3), and isn’t the allocation order causing an issue for FC Dallas acquiring him?

  8. Dave Clark says:

    If he has to go through the Allocation process it would be kind of funny, considering that Philly is last now?

    (SBI-Not so sure about that one. Philly and DC may have simply swapped spots, which would still leave DC in the Top six or so.)

  9. Mig22 says:

    Crispy, I’d agree with you about the Bradley exposure if he had played much in the later season. Since he was pine-riding at San Luis, it seems more like a step backwards.

    We can hope he adds quality to MLS at least, right and benefits from the playing time.

  10. froboy says:

    gotta love the MLS making up rules as they go

  11. Jason says:

    hopefully it leads to more looks with the national team!

  12. Joey says:

    the Union aren’t last in the order. They swapped places with DC, leaving them in the sixth position. But still, they wouldn’t have first dibs.

  13. Seriously says:

    well at least bob might consider giving him a look now

  14. Supsam says:

    haha only in MLS where the media and fans alike have no clue if this is possible

  15. jonk says:

    At least it’s good to know that all this talk of his red card is overblown if the coach that he was playing under at the time still believes in him (as he should.)
    Also, even if he had been getting regular minutes at San Luis, I’m not so sure being a starting defender in the Mexican league is any more impressive than if he grows into a solid defender in MLS, so it’s hardly a move backwards skillwise.

  16. jig says:

    the fact that it’s an expansion roster matters little. the talent on all the rosters in MLS is relatively equivalent. it’s actually a step forward for him considering he was struggling to get in the team consistently for San Luis.

  17. jonk says:

    Who said the rules don’t apply in this case? I can’t read the article, but it could be a case where he has signed with MLS and he’s been in contact with Philly, but the spanish speaking media has just jumped the gun on him becoming a Philly player.

  18. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    I guess none of you even considered that maybe it could be the Mexican media that don’t know what they are talking about. I’m sure alot of them don’t know the strange rules that make up MLS.

    Some of you are so quick to jump on MLS and the “American media”, when its a Mexican outlet thats reporting this.

  19. wilyboy says:

    Those claiming might want to wait until after this MLS season is over. It’s likely to impress with the talent, two vibrant new clubs in Seattle and Philly, an infusion of talent from the draft, as well as (finally) some sensible foreign players interspersed, Castillo included. I’m pretty excited. Except for New York, San Jose, and the Wizards.

  20. Austin says:

    i predicted this…..

    hopefully MLS cuts him some slack and he gets to go where he wants to develop and get into the world cup

    he hasnt played much for the US so thats possible

    Philly would play him at right back if they got him, thats where Nowak liked him in the olympics and they need one

    here is the order right now:

    1) NY-they now have Albright, Miller, Goldthwaite, Petke, Johnson, and Mendes on D now and i think they are in more need for Mids now, risky for Philly to wait and see however

    2) SJ-i think they have enough cover getting opara, but this could be risky for Philly as well

    3) KC- almost have too many defenders

    4) TFC-plenty of capable defenders already

    5) FCD-they have already done their defensive shopping getting Ansah and they want Nguyen in the allocation anyways

    6) Philly- a good chance of getting him or will MLS let him sign on with Philly w/o allocation?

  21. Primetown says:

    If true, this sure looks like a case of “new rules for Philly.”

    Orozco is in the national team system and should be handled via the allocation process. I’d be shocked if 5 teams passed on him letting him go to Philly.

  22. wilyboy says:

    Should have said claiming this is a step backward for Orozco. I personally believe that a league featuring a strong contingent of America’s best is good.

  23. timmy_u says:

    Anybody know what he was making in San Luis? If he signs for a high number, he might be less attractive to teams other than Philadelphia.

  24. fischy says:

    If he’s pine-riding at San Luis, then this would be a positive step forward, no?

  25. Supsam says:

    yea, but rules state that incoming US internationals (he has one cap) must go through the MLS allocation process where the team that holds the top spot gets first shots at the incoming US international.

    However there is also that other iffy rule that a team that files a discovery claim also gets first shots at that player…..

    ….so these two rules conflict. Damn these complex MLS rules

  26. ahm says:

    well said, evidenced by Seattle last year. if anything it could be more exciting to go to an expansion team, the roster is obviously not set in stone because they’ve never had a roster so it should be a good chance for him to be a leader on that back-line. funny that both califf and orozco targeted philly as the place for them to get back into the national team picture great sub-plot there. my money is on orozco for the record

  27. jaded says:

    I can see NY taking him. They need DC help. unless Philly offers a deal NY cant refuse

  28. Lorenzo says:


  29. Mig22 says:

    Well, it means he plays. My point was that he’s moving to a lesser league. Not hugely so but still a lesser league. He didn’t rate a starting spot any more at San Luis and no other team or league besides MLS appears to be clamoring for him. Thus, I think it’s a big step back for him. He’s young, though…we’ll see.

    And while in MLS the quality may not differ as in an expansion club , there is still a difference between being signed by Philly and Houston. (Seattle was something of a fluke, I’d say)

  30. dhines says:

    actually . . . IMO defending in the MLS is a step up from defending in the FMF.

  31. gas huffer says:

    But there is no arguement that NY holds the top Allocation spot, right?

  32. a says:

    here’s the thing – this will not help Orozco now. MLS is headed for a strike and even if they’re not there will no games until March

    The Mexican league starts now. Orozco probably wasn’t in the picture but sa suddenly weak CB corps and a good five months at San Luis could have put him on the team. Now, he’ll never beat out the other MLSers in the mix like Gonzalez and Conrad/Marshall

    just as well though Orozco’s decent but not quite good enough at this point’

    and to the guy weho said the Mexican media might have this wronmg, amen, happoens all the time, and the story sounds fishy, why would San Luis happily mgive up a player that is valuable to them? Sounds like they were done with him

  33. Edwin says:

    Orozco was getting some playing time, I actually want him to stay and fight for some PT, he did extremely well in last year’s Copa Libertadores, the best continental club tournament after the European Champions League, and defenitely the most prestigous one.

    His team plays in the knock out round of 16 this year since CONMEBOL basically forced the Mexican teams to play their home games outside of the US and Mexico, thus the FMF said, screw you we’re taking our 2 teams out, Chivas and San Luis which is Orozco’s team, and they almost threaten to get out of the South American competition altogether, which would of been tragic for Conmebol considering their biggest TV rights contracts come from Mexico.

    I think he can get back in the starting 11, and in Mexico defenders often get in trouble as far as cards and they will need depth with 2 tournaments to play.

  34. Skinn says:

    “4) TFC-plenty of capable defenders already”

    That must be one massive crack pipe you’ve got.

  35. BrianK says:

    This is a great move by Nowak. Michael will add a lot to this team.

  36. Goalscorer24 says:

    Good for him. Hopefully if he plays well coach Bradley will have to give him some other opportunities to see if he might fit in with the national team.

  37. madmax says:

    Agree, 2009 Toronto was close to the 2008 Galaxy for most leaks in the back.

  38. Mikemike says:

    I have little to base this on, but I feel like it is easier to move from MLS to Europe vs. FMF to Europe.

    On a side note, the league shouldn’t let this go through without use of the allocation process. I think it’s a silly rule, but it is the rule.

    If they don’t, than how about Lee Nguyen?

  39. Austin says:

    so your saying that TFC has cap room to bring on Orozco when they have defenders like Wynne, Brennan, Serioux, Garcia, Attakora, Gala, Gomez? No they dont! I said TFC has enough CAPABLE defenders plus Robo who can play throughout the D-line. That doesnt mean they have been good lately but they are certainly all capable and have the potential especially under a new coaching system with Preki. Preki will see how things go in their defense and then go out in the summer if he has to get somebody.

    Do you think before you speak? Why do you think i said capable? If i was on crack i would have said good.

  40. Austin says:

    Paulo Nagamura has gone on loan to Tigres.

    Does anybody know for how long? Im sure its for the offseason. Thankfully he is going on loan so MLS doesnt lose another quality player.

  41. mike says:

    nagamura is a free agent.

  42. Barry U says:

    The San Luis website (i read spanish) says he is going to MLS and to Philly. Good move for him either way. He is still young and playing time is what he needs. MLS and FMF are closer than most think.

  43. Barksdale says:

    Could RBNY get him and trade him to Philly or just trade their allocation spot to Philly?

    Would that be a possibility, Ives?

  44. over there says:

    Michael Orozco…sweeper! Seriously, are Philly going to play a 5 man back line? How many defenders are they going to sign? They already have a top third of MLS back 4 as is.

  45. Josh D. says:

    Awesome move for Philly – new teams are starting to look very strong. I’d be glad to see him in MLS. Bring the boys and future stars back home!!!

  46. Tim M. says:

    Isn’t Garcia a free agent now? Also, even though gabe gala is a defender, he’s just as much of a project as Abdus Ibrahim as this point in his career and not a rotation player. the only dependable defenders toronto has are Brennan and Attakora.

  47. south says:

    Do you loan a free agent?

    That really does not make sense.

  48. Skinn says:

    Wow buddy, chill. I do think before I speak; I just think you have no idea what you’re talking about in your assessment of TFC’s backline. NOne. Zero. If you’d said they have no cap room, I’d agree with you for the most part. But you didn’t, you said their defenders were capable, in fact you said they had “plenty of capable defenders,” so many in fact that they could never, ever, last season keep the ball out of their goal in the last 15 minutes of games. Super capable. I just didn’t have the time to offer an in-depth analysis to the likes of you, and your nickel thoughts.

    TFC is not blessed with “plenty of capable defenders.” NOt even close. Ask any TFC supporter or TFC media person. Garcia was a disaster last season. Wynne is a suspect defender; his speed saves him lots, but his positional sense and smarts have not improved in the last 2 seasons. Gala is not a defender, Mr. smarty-pants, and can’t even get a whif of playing time in Toronto. Gomez and Attakora are promising, and I like them, but they are not real deal yet. Robinson is not a defender–he has filled in there, but isn’t going to play well there long term. Brennan has played out of position on the back line for three years; he’s performed admirably, but there are glaring holes in his ability there. And Serioux is old and busted up, though I’ll grant capable. TFC needs upgrades to capable and professional defenders all along the back 4.

    I said you’re on crack, because above is not a list of “plenty of capable” defenders. Get a clue before you speak buddy.

  49. letgomyeggo says:

    Mike,its not necessarily easier. A lot of guys in the Mexican league could make the move to Europe but it doesn’t happen as often because they can usually make more money playing in Mexico than the lesser leagues of Europe. Whereas that isn’t always the case for a player in MLS.

  50. Keith G. says:

    Wow, if true Philly are really trying to replicate what Seattle did last year. I do like that fact though that the Red Bulls have to pick, and I think the Red Bulls should take him if they can get him. Other wise the Red Bulls better get one heck of a deal from Philly to give him up. So Red Bulls, please make this signing.

  51. Matt says:

    If Garber allows this kid to sign with Philly without going through the standard allocation process I am going to drive down to the city and piss on the steps of MLS headquarters.

  52. bryan says:

    i’m just happy to him and Nguyen in MLS.

  53. scott47a says:

    That will show ’em!

  54. William Franklin says:

    If he goes to Philly without going through the allocation process, I’d love to hear MLS explain it.

  55. Austin says:

    Wikipedia usually knows what its talking about

  56. Austin says:

    Nowak played him at right back in the olympics and they need a right back

  57. Austin says:

    maybe i should have said players with plenty of potential…just drop it…..

    everybody knows TFC underperformed last year and all of their defenders have in the past or will have in the future very good play

    and i dont know if garcia is a free agent….if thats the case they should be completely gone, i know he isnt off their roster yet

  58. Smith says:

    Yes, because MLS doesn’t already go out of its way to help the LA Beckhams.

  59. shadrach says:

    Why do you keep saying right back? I believe Orozco played left back in the Olympics. Wynne played right back. If Philly needs a right back then Orozco is more of a project there. If he goes to Philly, wouldn’t he be more likely to play CB or left back? (question for knowledgeable Philly fans)

  60. They will probably say he was a discovery player…… since nowak found him for the olympics…….

  61. I would much rather the red bulls not get him and sign there own guys and wait for Beasley to potentially come back after the world cup

  62. Josh D. says:

    Prepare to pay DP money for him??? I wouldn’t.

  63. Original Aaron says:

    yes- he played LB in the Olympics, but CB is his natural position

  64. gerald says:

    Don’t want to waste an #1 allocation on him as he’s not worth it. Now if he fell to us at #6 or so that’s another story

  65. Joamiq says:

    (no such thing as knowledgeable Philly fans)

  66. Austin says:

    i meant to say that he played left back but he is better with his right foot….he can play anywhere in defense

    btw, he is a better right back than left back, that was a makeshift decision by Nowak b/c he didnt have another LB

  67. The librarian says:

    Austin-the Wikipedia isn’t reliable. Anyone can change the information on
    it whether they are an expert or not. To quote Public Enemy-can’t truss it.

  68. Dave Clark says:

    Commish didn’t announce a swap though. He announced that DC had acquired Philly’s spot.

    If other things happened it was never announced, nor even speculated on at any website until this story.

  69. You are right…. It would def cost dp money to get beas…….. If say philly would trade allocation slots with us plus the defensive midfielder from ucla…..

    Hey Ives, would u happen to know which yanks abroad will be free agents this summer
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  70. Dudeinho says:

    bob lives in LA there are at least four Hispanic channels showing the mexican league. the weekend over regular television. and thats on free over the air channels. on top of that you still got channels available on satellite and cable, and thats without the massive amounts of media the league receives by these channels as well.not being able to watch Americans playing down south is literally impossible. Also going from San Luis to Philly is more like a Latteral move. not a step down. San Luis is a mid to lower table team. Some thing most MLS teams would be in that league.