SBI 2010 MLS Mock Draft (FINAL)

2010 MLS Draft

You've seen all of the mock drafts before. We have one more for you to see.

Here is the final 2010 MLS Mock Draft by SBI. It is two rounds long, and I may even add a third round at some point today, time permitting. I'm battling some flu-like symptoms and will be making the drive south shortly.

This Mock Draft's first round isn't quite an exact copy of the mock draft I did on Tuesday. This one has some changes toward the later end of the first round.

Here is my last 2010 MLS Mock Draft:

SBI 2010 MLS Mock Draft (v 3.0)


1. Philadelphia Union- DANNY MWANGA, F, Oregon State

This one is already in the books. The Union love his dynamic ability at forward and he should develop into a regular starter for the expansion squad.

2. New York Red Bulls- TONY TCHANI, M, Virginia

The Red Bulls can't pass on the most coveted player in the draft. Defensive help will have to wait.

3. San Jose Earthquakes- IKE OPARA, D, Wake Forest

The Earthquakes will be torn between Bunbury and Opara but ultimately can't pass on one of the top defensive prospects in years.

4. Kansas City Wizards- TEAL BUNBURY, F, Akron

The Wizards would have preferred Tchani, but landing a top striker who's father played for the team is a nice consolation.

5. FC Dallas- CORBEN BONE, M, Wake Forest

Could deal this pick, but if it doesn't, FC Dallas should grab the hometown kid with bags of skill.

6. FC Dallas- ZACH LOYD, M, North Carolina

Schellas Hyndman will gladly add the versatile Loyd, who can play central defense and right back when he's not in his preferred defensive midfield role.

7. D.C. United- AMOBI OKUGO, M, UCLA

I can see them grabbing Jack McInerney early, but ultimately go for a midfielder with MAJOR upside.

8. Columbus Crew- DILLY DUKA, M, Rutgers

The Crew need depth up front, but can address that on the international market. They go for a skillfull central midfielder who has serious potential.

9. New England Revolution- TONI STAHL, M, UConn

The Revs could go with a forward, but the ones left had awful combines. Steve Nicol goes with a familiar player in Stahl, who could slide into a defensive midfield role vacated by Jeff Larentowicz (If he heads to Europe).

10. Chivas USA- BLAIR GAVIN, M, Akron

Martin Vasquez had to love watching Gavin's ability to keep the ball moving and serving as a fluid conduit between the defense and attack. he's still young, but very promising.

11. Seattle Sounders- JACK McINERNEY, F, U.S. Under-17

Didn't have the best Combine, but what he showed scouts was a willingness to go after people and a confidence you need at his age in order to cope with the pro level.

12. Columbus Crew- ANDREW WIEDEMAN, F, California

The Crew can't pass on the sliding Wiedeman, bad combine and all. He's a goal scorer when he receives service, something that shouldn't be a problem with Columbus.

13. Chicago Fire- ANDRE AKPAN, F, Harvard

The Fire can use depth at forward and Akpan provides that. he didn't have the best Combine, but is a highly-regarded prospect who could learn a lot from Brian McBride.

14.  New York Red Bulls- KWAME WATSON-SIRIBOE, D, UConn

After passing on Ike Opara, the Red Bulls will be happy as can be if they can land the draft's second best central defender. Watson suffered a skull fracture at the Combine, but as long as it isn't too serious, he should be taken here (if not sooner).

15. Los Angeles Galaxy- AUSTIN DA LUZ, F, Wake Forest

You can never have too many skilled players and the Galaxy will find it hard to pass on this midfield ace, who is capable of playing wide left or centrally.

16. Real Salt Lake- ZACK SCHILAWSKI, F, Wake Forest

RSL can use some forward depth after the departure of Yura Movsisyan and Jason Kreis will be happy to find a player who is as high as the third-ranked forward on some team's boards still sitting at 16. Schilawski moves well, can go at people and has the traits to provide some depth on the right flank as well.


17. Philadelphia Union- MICHAEL STEPHENS, M, UCLA

Showed he can contribute on the wing as well as in the middle. Might even wind up in the first round.

18. New York Red Bulls- CHRIS SCHULER, D, Creighton

Another big and confident centerback for the Red Bulls, Schuler quietly impressed at the Combine and his 6-foot-4, 200 pound frame should help New York's awful back-line.

19. San Jose Earthquakes-  COLLEN WARNER, M, Portland

One of the draft's true sleepers, Warner comes from a small school but has impressive skill and can play on the right wing or centrally.

20. Kansas City Wizards- DREW YATES, M, Maryland

Was already a good prospect before the Combine, but his strong showing at the Combine pushes him into the Top 20. He can play wide or centrally, but ultimately he can pass well and move well, which will be all Peter Vermes will ask.

21. FC Dallas- OFORI SARKODIE, D, Indiana

Sarkodie didn't have a great Combine, but his resume is impressive and his maturity is tangible. He doesn't give you too much going forward, but defensively he can get it done and can play at either fullback position.

22. Colorado Rapids- KYLE NAKAZAWA, M, UCLA

The Rapids can use some creativity in central midfield and Nakazawa can provide that, mediocre Combine notwithstanding.

23. Colorado Rapids-NICK CARDENAS, D, San Diego State

Cardenas looked slow at times at the Combine, but he's dominant in the air and Colorado native.

24. Toronto FC- JULIEN EDWARDS, D, Drake

TFC is trying desperately to make a deal or two to free up American slots and salary cap space, but if Mo Johnston can't make any deals, he can settle for Edwards, a Canadian defender who didn't do badly at the Combine.

25. New England Revolution- KWAKU NYAMEKYE, D, Harvard

The Revs can bolster their defense with a local product in Nyamekye, a converted forward who was very impressive at the Combine in central defense.

26. Chivas USA- IRVING GARCIA, M, UC-Irvine

Somebody will take a chance on Garcia, a speedy and supremely-skilled midfielder, and we think it will be Martin Vasquez who will look past Garcia's 5-foot-5 height and see a promising talent.

27. Seattle Sounders- DAVID ESTRADA, F, UCLA

The Sounders continue looking for some depth at forward and grab Estrada, a

28. San Jose Earthquakes- JUSTIN MORROW, D, Notre Dame

Blazing fast left back was arguably best fullback at the Combine. Some team could easily nab him sooner, but he won't get past San Jose here.

29. Chicago Fire- SEAN JOHNSON, GK, Central Florida

The Fire add a blue-chip prospect in Johnson, who has the tools to eventually be molded into something special.

30. San Jose Earthquakes- ERIC ALEXANDER, M, Indiana

The Earthquakes addressed their defense with Opara, and find a talented central midfielder in Alexander, who enjoyed a solid Combine.

31.New York Red Bulls- MIKE SEAMON, M, Villanova

The Red Bulls lost fan favorite and promising midfielder Nick Zimmerman to the expansion draft, so it wouldn't be a stretch for the club to grab a player who's game is similar to Zimmerman's in Seamon, one of the Combine's pleasant surprises.

32.Real Salt Lake- BRIAN PERK, GK, UCLA

RSL needs a back-up keeper and takes the most polished goalkeeper in the draft pool.


33. Philadelphia- Andrew Hoxie, Forward, William & Mary

34. New York Red Bulls- Ross LaBauex, Midfielder, Virginia

35. Chivas USA- Phil Edgington, Defender, Louisville

36. Kansas City- Jovan Bubonja, Goalkeeper, Illinois-Chicago

37. San Jose- Two-Boys Gumede, Midfielder, Alabama-Birmingham

38. FC Dallas- Martin Hadevag, Defender, UCSB

39. D.C. United- Zachary Herold, Defender, U.S. Under-17

40. Colorado- Othaniel Yanez, Midfielder, Louisville

41. Kansas City- Chad Borak, Defender, Cal-State Northridge

42. Chivas USA- Steven Kinney, Defender, Elon

43. Houston- Tim Ream, Defender, St. Louis

44. Dallas- Isaac Kissi, Forward/Midfielder, Dayton

45. Chicago- Barry Rice, Defender, Kentucky

46. Houston- Joseph Noone, Midfielder, Temple

47. Chivas USA- Ryan Peterman, Defender, U. of San Diego

48. New York Red Bulls- Conor O'Brien, Midfielder, Bucknell


What do you think of these rankings? Like the players your team ended up with? Who would you want your team to take in this draft?

Share your thoughts below.

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72 Responses to SBI 2010 MLS Mock Draft (FINAL)

  1. Knuckles says:

    I just don’t see Sigi taking on a long term project like McInerney.

  2. James Dunn says:

    I don’t think McInerney is the project people think.

  3. Wes says:

    Really hoping Opara, Tchani, or Bunbury fall to 5.

  4. fischy says:

    We want a Mock 3rd round.

  5. Metro Boy says:

    i think with the red bulls already adding a new midfielder, Tchani will be the excellent choice as a Mid. Lets see if this happens.

  6. Metro Boy says:

    already adding new defender*** not mid..sorry about that

  7. Seattle Insider says:

    Sounders to take Vroom in second round……

  8. United fury says:

    Chill out a little. He said he has flu-like symptoms. If Ives gets around to it, great. If not, I hope he feels better by the time the draft comes tomorrow.

  9. TJPierce says:

    What did you hear about the Fire since yesterday that has them passing on a defender and taking a forward in the 1st round? We’ve heard about the Polish fullback and Salvadorian winger, but where is the CB coming from?!

  10. says:

    Probably right, Seattle Insider. Ives, there’s no way the Sounders take two small forwards when their biggest identified need is a target man up front. So I see McInerney as the first pick, but if they were taking a forward in the second round, it would be a target guy or they’d go with tall defender. Seattle’s biggest weakness was in the air all season and that’s a team-wide need.

  11. tmack says:

    as a quakes fan, if the first two rounds go down like you predicted, i’d be STOKED!!!!!!

    opara comes in late and gets his feet wet in the 2nd half of the season

    warner replaces shea salinas and gives a young option in the mid-field, capable of playing out right

    morrow gets experience behind the fragile corrales at LB and looks to supplant him in 2011

    alexander joins 2009 draftee brad ring as another apprentice in the CM

    in 2011, USMNT camp invitee brandon macdonald is joined by opara in the center of our defense, flanked on the left by morrow and on the right by a finally-healthy jason hernandez

    not bad at all

  12. Gabola71 says:

    I am pretty cure Chivas USA will go after a forward and a centerback which are the two biggest needs in my opinion.

  13. Seth|NY says:

    On behalf of all DC fans, I pray that NY takes Mike Seamon. Although NY would probably put him in the back.

  14. Onoda says:

    Hey Ives, Do you think there is any way Union takes Tchani as their first pick instead of a forward? If this is the case, who do you think RB would take? Opara? Bunbury? Mwanga? You think they would skip as far down as to pick Duka?

    Keep up the great work Ives. I visit your site a dozen times a day.

  15. MVK says:

    Ives, when would the possible trades/moves be announced/go down? Would we know just before the draft or should I be looking for them tonight… I really hope KC makes the moves to get Tchani like you mentioned in your last Q&A

  16. See if it happens? This is the metrostars we’re talking about. $10 says Agoos drafts Steve Shak thinking he’s available.

  17. me says:

    I think seattle will take Akpan for some more imediate scoring help

  18. TDArmy says:

    Your draft coverage is second to none, Ives. Great work.

    Also, thank you for mentioning Akpan without using the phrase “could be the next Chris Pontius” or a similar derivative :)

  19. fischy says:

    Chill out a little. It was a joke. A funny one, at that.

  20. Dinho says:

    that’s gotta be one of the funniest things I’ve read on this site to date. well played Michael.

  21. United fury says:

    Sorry, it’s hard to tell over the internet.

  22. says:

    Good call, TDArmy. In my hyper critical-ness, I often forget to say these things, but I will now: Ives, your coverage of soccer, period, is second to none. It’s the first place I come and the last place I leave each day. I may not always agree but, man, am I glad you’re here!

  23. martha in miami says:

    IVES, Feel better !!! You didn’t call me from Ft. Liquerdale, had a cool place for you to stay in the big M. I. A., but Mi Amor was training out of country anyway, plus it’s a far drive in the MISERABLE un Florida like weather…sorry dude, home made pasta dinner invite next year !!!

    P.S. That’s why the MLS team in MIAMI needs to be IN MIAMI…go FUSION, Vamos #17 !!!

  24. RS says:

    Are these supposed to be predictions based on knowledge of what the teams’ intentions are or just suggestions as to what the teams should do?

  25. gerald says:

    Agoos won’t be involved with the Draft as he wasn’t at the Combine. Richie, Des and Eric will be handling the draft

  26. Nicole says:

    I second the want of a 3rd (and 4th?) round mock up. Or even just a list of possible names that you think might go.

    Soccer coverage is hard to find and I am greedy for more good stuff like yours.

  27. Trex says:

    You’re right, but isn’t ironic that Agoos was just named Scouting Director?? You’d think your scouting director should be there, especially if you thought he knew enough about scouting in order to be your scouting director! I’m scared.

  28. GY says:

    So pretty much you’re telling me not to watch the Draft tomorrow since no Gauchos will be taken? Ok, got it. Thought somebody might have liked one of them at least.

  29. sangre azul says:

    Booya! Go Quakes!

  30. SrySnffy says:

    If the rest of the league let da Luz slip to RSL, they could end up regretting it.

  31. madmax says:

    agree, perhaps sigi will grab a ucla player here

  32. DadRyan says:

    dude bro, you gotta use the winkie emoticons!

  33. madmax says:

    Yes, there is a John O’Brien hiding at,
    “John O’Brien Tips Michael Bradley To Shine For USA”

  34. Austin says:

    i see SSFC picking Wiedeman or Akpan before Mcinerney

  35. madmax says:

    Ives, why didn’t Hoxie move up? None of the mock drafts have him in the top 20.

  36. Warren says:

    What happened to Luis Gil?

  37. Fredy's Cat says:

    Ives, I like you McInerney pick for my Sounders.. Come 2011 Jaqua will be outta here. Hopefully Jack can fit in well.

  38. Northzax says:

    Hah, the de rigeur ‘luis gill’ post. He didn’t sign with mls, so he’s not going in the first few rounds.

  39. Soccer! Steve says:

    Anyone know what stipulations U-17 players have with the GA contract? It would be disappointing to sign an underdeveloped McInerney if he’s just going to bolt for Europe at the first sign of success.

  40. JohnC says:

    Ives, Good Dog has half off cans tonight in Philly- Pretty cool bar at 15th and locust, Im guessing that is near your hotel.

  41. gerald says:

    probably his job will looking for scouts to to the actual scouting. last I heard he was in Brazil

  42. Ziggy says:

    What happened to Jovan Bubonja? Did he just blow the combine?

  43. fischy says:


  44. fischy says:

    Or, are they interpolations of Nostradamus’ predictions for this season?

  45. DCblows says:

    I don’t know, I think DC seems to be more likely to put “Seamon” in the “back” . . . . .

  46. fischy says:

    That’s my concern with DCU’s interest in McInerney. On the other hand, if he does well enough to interest European sides, I guess we could live with that…

  47. JoseMourhino says:

    dont see morrow getting drafted…for all the matches i just watched down in florida and being on the sidelines, he has awful ball skills

  48. fischy says:

    That seems to be the consensus. One MLS insider was quoted as saying “Maybe he was just overrated last year”…or words to that effect.

  49. Rex says:

    I see the Dynamo getting Zac Herold or Tennant McVea.

  50. Shmenge says:

    You have to wonder where the Revs are going to get an attack from–halfway through the January window already, no one acquired.

    I don’t see any mock drafts with them getting strikers or attacking mids, either.

    No Ralston and probably no Twellman to start the season.

    A team in shambles.

  51. ShaggyReAL says:

    I haven’t heard a lot about what Real Salt Lake will be doing in the draft. Are there any rumors about them targeting a certain player or a possible trade up to get some scoring help to offset the loss of Yuri?

  52. Dallas says:

    Where is Lee Nguyen?

  53. Fredy's Cat says:

    The guy has gotta get some Nats time before the top leagues give out permits..

  54. Tito el bambino says:

    Personally I think It’s pretty shocking how you have Irving Garcia as #26 in the second round. He is definitely first round material and a much better pick then most of the second half of round one. A smart coach would of course look past his height and grab him right away. Look at the best players in the world: Maradona, Messi, Iniesta etc.. They are all under 5’8.

  55. Tim F. says:

    Do the third round PLEASE!!!

  56. Dakota says:

    DCU gave up their first round draft pick to Philadelphia Union for Troy Perkins.
    link to

  57. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    The Fred deal is a stunner, and changes everything. Philly will have two of the first seven picks in the draft plus some allocation money, PLUS they pick up Fred. I’m assuming DC must have some international players in mind, because right now they have nada.

  58. Bootsy says:

    Not that Fred’s play in the last two years left DCU fans very reassured that he was the answer in central midfield; but that’s where he played before he came to DC. And with the loss of Olsen, Jacobson, and probably Gomez, and now Fred too, the only true central midfielder on the team is Clyde Simms. So yeah, DCU better have some clever player moves in mind for midfield or else DC’s central midfield is just a huge hole.

  59. USMNT says:

    Which Forwards in the upcoming MLS draft are US National Team Elgible for WC2014

  60. kfly says:

    What a witty retort! Who would have guessed that, in order to gain the upper hand on an online thread, a Red Bull New York Metro Red Bull Stars of Harrison, New Jersey “fan” would simply restate the original jest, but turn the tables on DC!!!1!!11!! Lololol jokes on us, I guess!

  61. madmax says:

    Philly gets DC #6 spot and Fred for returning Perkins.

    Philadelphia Union announced today that the Major League Soccer expansion club have acquired allocation money, D.C. United’s 2010 MLS SuperDraft first round pick (#7 overall) and Brazilian midfielder Fred. In exchange, Philadelphia Union sent their #1 allocation ranking to D.C., which United used to obtain 2006 MLS Goalkeeper of the Year, Troy Perkins.

  62. rsizzle says:

    hoxie should move up. he balled at the combine and has the size, touch, and finishing ability to make it in the MLS. I question some of these other forwards ahead of him.

  63. aristotle says:

    Dilly Duka? Really? We need more players with names that make them sound like real characters.

    Future: Dilly Duka – One of the all time great U.S. soccer players.

    Doesn’t that sound right?

  64. John in FL says:

    I’d drive down from Lake Worth to see the Fusion, had my down payment made and all for 3 season tickets and dreamnig od seeing Barca friendlies a few months back… dream was nice :)

  65. Charles says:

    IF they don’t, they still will take a Gen Ad player however.

    They are rolling in cash and without a second DP player rule in place, they will use a relatively small amount to “exceed” the low salary cap….like they did with Zakuani.

  66. Charles says:

    I love everyones speculation, but lets get this thing going already. MLS, just start it early !

  67. Combine2010 says:

    Sinovic? I have spoken with five different clubs about interest in this kid. Any reason why he was left off?

  68. bruinsrus says:


  69. bruinsrus says:

    Agreed, I think that second round spot may free up for the likes of Sinovic, Ream or even Edgington

  70. pfpsupporter says:

    had never heard of him till the combine but get this…academic all-american as a left back at creighton but, in high school, was name the missouri offensive player of the year leading the state in points…might be a great ‘silent’ grab for a team looking for a quick fix at left-back or left-mid…

  71. martha in miami says:

    I am with you my friend…let’s keep praying !!! We can’t wait to have an aFUSIONados reunion for the return of our beloved MLS team, and cheer on hat tricks once again for Mi Amor #17 !!!

  72. thedeal says:

    what happened to nelson becerra from st john’s??