SBI Pic of the Day: Donovan’s Army


Bet you didn't know Landon Donovan was so popular at Everton, did you?

Okay, so the picture isn't of English Everton fans who have already fallen in love with Donovan, but actually of some American fans who made the trip (along with the Liverpool-born, Everton-loving father of one of them) to Goodison Park to see Donovan make his Everton home debut in the 2-0 win vs. Manchester City last weekend. SBI reader B.J. Collins provided the photo.

If you have a good soccer-themed photo from a match and would like to submit it to SBI, please pass it along to We will look to make this a regular series on the site to help readers capture even more of the flavor that surrounds the sport we all love so much.

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34 Responses to SBI Pic of the Day: Donovan’s Army

  1. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Well… if you think about it… Landon being an Irish boy at heart… that part of England was a perfect place for him…. Great that they have taken to him… I cant wait until he scores a jaw dropper goal…

  2. Matt Lawson says:

    Glad to see that Wayne Rooney is a fan of Donovan! Wait, that guy in the middle isn’t Rooney? Bummer

  3. Nicole says:

    Cool picture.

  4. Bob says:

    Half of the men in England look like Rooney. My wife calls it the English default head.

  5. JeffM says:

    Yes – the Karl Pilkington head. It’s like a little orange.

  6. haha. good point about Liverpool’s Irish affinity for Donovan…I hope he gets to see the picture. Nice find Ives.

  7. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    Andy I thought this weekend when he chipped the ball to the far post looking for a run from another player that he was actually chiping the keeper. That woul dhave been a sick goal and it really was there for the taking IMO.

  8. Kevin in Denver says:


  9. DC Josh says:

    Awesome idea. I love it Ives. Gotta have videos too though, step up your game!

  10. DC Josh says:

    A LITTLE Orange??

  11. Waterlewd says:

    The WPS Draft from the previous post was already my ‘Pic of the Day’.

  12. Scarlet says:

    There were apparently even more Donovan supporters than pictured; unless they can scream really loud. You could hear people chanting “USA, USA, USA” when Landon was setting up his corner. I hope he could hear it on the field.

  13. ELAC says:

    Real proud of Lando. I hope he conquers the Premiere League.

  14. Ghost of Josimar says:

    Like a massive fecking orange.

  15. sarahsilky2006 says:

    pissing contest takes place prior to everton v man city.

  16. Blake says:

    Ives, its official, Schelotto is back for the Crew

    link to

  17. DC Josh says:

    To the best of my knowledge, the TV broadcast mics for the crowd are on the touch line pointing up. So anything you hear on TV can certainly be heard on the pitch.

  18. Mingjai says:

    A you-write-the caption contest?

    My entry:

    “I see your Schwartz is as big as mine.”

  19. Luke says:

    I’ve been reading the site. It seems that most of the Everton fans have really embraced Donovan. Most of the forum posts have raved about his 2 games so far and want him to stay permanently or to extend the loan deal for the remainder of the year. I guess they started chanting, “USA, USA!” for Donovan at the game at Arsenal. I’m presuming it continued at Goodison Park.

  20. johninatl says:

    “Donovan’s army is here to stay

    Donovan’s army are on their way

    And I would rather be at Goodison Park

    Than here today”

    (to the tune of Oliver’s Army by Elvis Costello)

  21. Matt F says:

    Dude’s gotta stay. From his interviews to his body language to his play, the guy’s never looked more confident. He’s clearly loving his teammates. What a tragedy it would be if he returned to the Galaxy when he’s now shown that he’s cut out for the best league’s in the world.

  22. euroman says:

    Amazing they would put a urinal right behind that row of seats in the picture.

  23. Mingjai says:

    Some of the newer stadiums in the US are build with open concourses so you can still see the action on the field when you’re out getting concessions. In the EPL, they’re taking it to the next level–restrooms with open views of the pitch!

  24. tim says:

    I like that more people are becoming Everton fans because of Donovan. The only way I can see him staying on once Arteta is back though is if Pienar leaves or Fellaini gets sold, which both have a high likelihood given their play this year.

  25. Jorge says:

    Fellaini is more likely to go given Chelsea’s interest in him. I’m sure that Chelsea will make Everton an offer that no one can resist.

  26. smokeminside says:

    thanks for brightening my day.

  27. smokeminside says:

    I guess that’s English football for you.

  28. smokeminside says:

    and the guy second from the right has some serious tattoos.

  29. tim says:

    Wasnt it only his dad speculating that he should be playing for Chelsea, I dont think there have been any real reports of interest.

  30. Jorge says:


    I don’t know but even ESPN Deportes has mentioned Chelsea’s interest in Fellaini. Who knows!

  31. Niccollo says:

    i think thats a long sleeve undershirt lol.. but the picture is awesome!

  32. Dominghosa says:

    (Most likely) watching my first Everton match — and my first at Goodison Park — next month.
    As a Toffee, my mind is exploding.

  33. Barry U says:

    That is a great pic. LD is balling for them but if he plays like crap for the rest of the time he is in the UK at least Everton sold 5 shirts! All kidding aside this is a really good idea and this pic really gets it going well.

    Just wondering if you think LD has his Bayern jersey some place? Or did he put it on a doll of Uli Hoeness (or whatever that idiots name is) and burn it? I was thinking that the Bayern reserve team must the best reserve team in the world if LD could not even play for them but can start at Everton in the EPL. Can we now say that maybe LD was not exactly welcomed with open arms in Munich? His stint was destined for failure.