SBI’s 23 for 2010: January Edition

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If the U.S. national team's recent friendly vs. Honduras was supposed to help put the U.S. World Cup roster into some better focus, then Bob Bradley is probably glad he has almost four months before he has to settle on his final 23-man roster.

There were few bright spots to take away from the 3-1 loss to Honduras, and there were certainly no tickets punched to South Africa. The real value for Bradley came from the training camp itself, where players had their chance to be seen by Bradley and train against fellow World Cup candidates.

There was some good news this week with the word of the impressive recovery progress being made by Charlie Davies and Oguchi Onyewu, which has American fans believing for the first time in a while that we could see the starting lineup that beat Spain taking the field for the World Cup.

So how much has our projected U.S. World Cup roster changed from the December edition? Not by much, though Charlie Davies remarkable recovery certainly changes things at forward.

Here is the group of 23 players we see the U.S. national team taking to the 2010 World Cup as of right now:

SBI 23 for 2010 (January 2010 edition)

GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Marcus Hahnemann

DEFENDERS– Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Spector, Steve Cherundolo, Jonathan Bornstein, Jay DeMerit, Clarence Goodson, Edgar Castillo

MIDFIELDERS– Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Stuart Holden, Benny Feilhaber, Jose Francisco Torres, Robbie Rogers

FORWARDS– Charlie Davies, Jozy Altidore, Conor Casey,  Robbie Findley

Left off last team-Chad Marshall, Jeff Cunningham

New additions– Charlie Davies, Edgar Castillo


Here is a closer look at the positions:

GOALKEEPERS– With Marcus Hahnemann cementing himself as a starter at Wolves, and putting up some very impressive results, the question may switch to "Who is the U.S. team's No. 2?" Troy Perkins, who has returned to D.C. United, is now running a distant fourth.


DEFENDERS– Jimmy Conrad wasn't on our 23 last month and didn't do a thing to earn a place on it this time around. He and Chad Marshall seemed like good bets a year ago, but right now both have looked shaky and posted 2009 seasons that weren't as good as their 2008 campaigns. Clarence Goodson still has his lapses, but looked strong on the U.S. team's loan goal.

Still worried about Oguchi Onyewu? Don't be. His rehab is going very well and he should be back on the field months before the World Cup.

Our big question is just who does Bob Bradley bring as an eighth defender? Can he reall get away with bringing just three natural fullbacks, with Bocanegra capable of playing left back in a pinch? We have Castillo on this roster for that reason, but we can't help but wonder if Bradley considers bringing Maurice Edu as a ninth midfielder, but someone who can play central defense if necessary.

Edgar Castillo might seem like a reach here, which is a fair assessment considering his national team carer to this point has consisted of a second-half cameo as a winger, but with the lack of quality fullback options in the pool, we are going to include Castillo until a better alternative emerges.


MIDFIELDERS– This group remained the same as our last squad, but if we had named this team earlier in the month then DaMarcus Beasley would have been on the roster. As it stands, if Beasley can get back on the field and play a significant amount before the end of the season, he has to be considered a strong candidate for this squad. The question is who would you leave off? Rogers showed some flashes in the Honduras match, but he could be the odd man out here.

Maurice Edu is another glaring absence from this group, but I'm just not sure he's a lock for the squad just yet. If Bradley decides to go with seven natural defenders, a longshot, then Edu has a much better chance of making the team. Right now he's stuck behind Michael Bradley and Ricardo Clark (though he could move past Clark by playing for Rangers if Clark winds up on the bench for Eintracht Frankfurt), while Feilhaber and Torres bring a bit more of an attacking element to the squad (though Feilhaber didn't have a great game vs. Honduras). Now, Bradley could also take Edu instead of Rogers, but that would leave the roster with a limited number of wing options.

Who's a longshot here? How about Alejandro Bedoya? If Beasley can't get healthy, and Rogers doesn't find consistent form in MLS, I could see Bedoya being that surprise selection. Geoff Cameron also has to be considered. Dom Kinnear believes right wing is his most likely position on the international level, but his ability to play midfield and defense makes him an intriguing pick.

And Jermaine Jones? That ship looks to have sailed. We'll discuss him again when he actually starts playing for Schalke.

You will notice we didn't discuss Clint Dempsey. All signs point to him being able to recover from his sprained PCL in time to play in the World Cup. If he couldn't, then you would probably see an attacking wing option like Beasley or Bedoya added to the squad.


FORWARDS– After seeing Charlie Davies there's no way I can leave him off the list. He's on the fast track to recovery and if he can be on the field for Sochaux by April then you have to like his chances to not only make the team, but also be a starter.

Conor Casey's name will continue to ruffle feathers among American fans but the fact remains he is still the best target forward option in the pool. If Brian Ching gets healthy and regains his form then he can surpass Casey, but until that happens, the Rapids striker is still in this mix.

Cunningham or Findley? That is going to be a popular question in the coming months, particularly if Davies can make a comeback. Does Bradley go with the veteran in Cunningham or the young but improving talent in Findley? We give the edge to Findley, who we can see making great strides in the coming months.

And Kenny Cooper? His club situation is a bit messy, and even if it gets sorted out, I don't see him making the cut unless he just has a torrid spring and a variety of other things take place.


What do you think of this squad? Which player is missing that you would have on the team? Which player is on the squad that you wish weren't on it?

Share your thoughts below.

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201 Responses to SBI’s 23 for 2010: January Edition

  1. TomM says:

    Don’t count John O’Brien out quite yet…

  2. WhoIsJacopoBelbo? says:

    if jonathon borensuck is starting at LB for the USMNT during the world cup you might as well just pencil in a group stage exit.

  3. Brian says:

    Since this was made on a “as of right now” basis, I completely agree.

  4. bob says:

    What about Adu!!!?!???!?!

    I kid, I kid

  5. kptx says:


    Forget the worry about extra fullback and winger options, JOB is world class at all 10 outfield positions and is above average in goal.

    Mr. Total Football!

  6. bryan says:

    I like that 23. It makes sense.

    Mexico is playing Germany, the Netherlands, and England prior to the World Cup….why aren’t we doing anything like this?! In addition to this, they are playing 6 games in the USA before those games. In other words, what is taking the USSF so long to get us quality friendlies?!?!

  7. Josh D says:

    I don’t think you should add those who are injured. yet – you’re assuming too much. Odds favor their return but if you had to go now, they would not be included. Might as well add Jones in that case! Odds are he will be playing before the end of the year…

  8. patrick says:

    my only argument would be with goodson. I don’t know why, but I have more confidence in marshall than goodson.

  9. Colin says:

    Findley + Davies = FAST. I would love to see that option late in games, or Findley subbing in for Davies to burn defenses late in games.

  10. wjmooner says:

    Here come Freddy and Eddie, lifting each other from afterthoughts to the starters in S.A. in 5 months!

  11. Adam in Irvine says:

    I think we’ve bid him Adu…

  12. Eric says:

    This is the 23 I’d hope Bradley would take at this point. Is it too much to dream that by some miracle Brian McBride comes out of retirement and takes Casey’s place on the bench. This is no crazier than allowing Jimmy Conrad on the roster.

  13. Jamoke says:

    Hopefully the other half of Dempsey shows up for the World Cup.

  14. K Bone says:

    I hope Goodson makes it so I can say I’ve played against someone that is on the World Cup squad…

  15. frank from sf says:

    i know i may get some negative comments, but i’m just not a big fan of gooch. i know he’s got great size, unfortunetaly he’s to slow and will get turned around easily by quick forwards in the wc(no to mention the cards). btwn., him and bocanegra the usa has a very slooww backline in the middle. i know, i know that’s as good as it gets @ this moment,still to me the downfall in the wc will be the tandem in the middle of defense. hope i’m wrong.

  16. BetaMale says:

    LOL, well played

  17. fischy says:

    Not exactly world-beaters, even with Davies in there….but, hey, ya never know…

  18. bob says:

    you mean lifting each other up so they can see the pitch from the stands at S.A.

  19. matt says:

    who else? bocenegra? castillo? i have yet to see either of them show that they are a grade above bornstein

  20. Pancho Miguel Morales de Conejo says:

    I think you are right about Edu as the MF/D, he replaces Castillo and Beasley gets the nod ahead of Findley with Dempsey playing the 3rd F slot…Donovan in a pinch.

    GOALKEEPERS- Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Marcus Hahnemann

    DEFENDERS- Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Spector, Steve Cherundolo, Jonathan Bornstein, Jay DeMerit, Clarence Goodson

    MIDFIELDERS- Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Stuart Holden, Benny Feilhaber, Jose Francisco Torres, Robbie Rogers, Damurcus Beasley, Maurice Edu

    FORWARDS- Charlie Davies, Jozy Altidore, Conor Casey

  21. BetaMale says:

    I agree completely with you. He won’t break into the starting lineup with Milan before the Cup (if ever) so he’s going to be extremely rusty. Put that ontop of him already being a liability in the back doesn’t get me very excited about our back 4. Rooney, and Agbonlahor are going to give those guys fits

  22. David says:

    If all the above are healthy, who is your starting 11?

    Mine is:Howard, Spector, Onyewu, DeMerrit, Cherundelo, Dempsey, Bradley, Feilhaber, Donovan, Davies, Altidore.

    I think it is time for Boca to hand over the armband to Donovan or Howard. I’d like to see Edu find his form as I see him and Bradley as a better partnership in the middle.

    I think the key for the US is getting both Dempsey and Davies healthy if they are going to make any kind of run. I personally feel with Donovan, Dempsey, and Davies in the starting 11 the US actually boast 3 offensive players that teams have to plan for.

  23. Andrew says:

    We are going to have a massive chip on our shoulders come June. This is always a factor in us playing our best.

  24. SoccerLee says:

    Ives, you are right about ruffling feathers by naming Casey! Please no! I get ill just thinking about him on the field. It may be that I hate the Crapids, but I tried to be neutral about him during the Honduras match, and I just could not do it.

    I’d say give Findley the nod, he probably won’t see time but it could be good for the future.

  25. MIKE FROM LINDEN says:


    even you can see that Casey just looks lazy when he is on the field. We need to get off this idea that we need a target forward. The US is developing faster fowards like Davies, Altidore and Findley and we need to embrace them instead of these other options.

  26. Stephen says:

    I like it. I am intrigued by Jeff Cameron’s versatility. Ives, who do you see if anyone getting another call up for the Feb./Mar. camp?

  27. frank from sf says:

    not if he’s going to play like he did last weekend. he was god awful. just plain horrible. very dissapointed w/ his play, specially considering all the yrs. of experience his got. i much rather see findley.

  28. Stephen says:

    I think you’re talking about Jeff Cunningham. I’m talking about Geoff Cameron. I misspelled his name the first time. Sorry.

  29. Spectra says:

    Spector is certainly better then bornstein and plays on the left for west ham

  30. frank from sf says:

    sorry. yea i’m with you on g. cameron also. see how he starts the new season.

  31. JSmiley says:

    Maybe Algeria will get three red cards against England, and will have to field a make-shift side against the US.

  32. Rory says:

    Agree with Ives 100% on Casey. He’s good enough unless someone else gets really, really hot. Which could happen… I mean this time last year we didn’t expect Casey to be in our top 23, did we?

    Someone has to have a better year then Casey AND has to fit a need as a target man.

  33. Gary says:

    I thing the USMNT needs to cut the chord on Casey. He is slow and has terrible ball control. Bring Findly and Cunningham, both bring the necessary speed to compliment Altidore, and replace Davies if needed

  34. Spectra says:

    You have to remember what those kind of backs did against Spain. Spain had speedy guys but small. They could never get the ball in the middle because our guys were som much bigger and stronger than them. I think we can beat those temas. But a counter attacking team with big forwards like Luca Toni will beat us. We play to our strength and our strength is tall strong central defense.

  35. Rory says:

    Casey fits the need much better then Findley if Davies is healthy. If Davies isn’t healthy then Findley might fit that need, but I can’t see Casey not being on this squad unless some other target forward develops.

  36. Josh says:

    Nah I dont feel Altidore at this time is the right option up front…lets just say everyone is healthy for my line up…

    Davies Dempsey

    LandyCakes Bradley Clark Holden

    Boc DeMerit Gooch Cherundelo

    Clark is kinda floater because id much rather see torres there but that wont happen any time soon…

  37. K1p says:

    Me too. I’m sure we will see him in the future mix. WC2014

  38. Rory says:

    LAZY? Did you watch the Rapids last year? Did you see the all-star game? He’s a bruiser. Sure, he doesn’t track back pointlessly to be out of possition if we get the ball like other forwards, but he does his job and does it well. Almost led the MLS in goals despite missing some games and plays a good job as a holding/set-up forward when needed for the nats.

  39. Luke says:

    What were you able to grade Castillo’s second half appearence on, where he played out of position??? If Bradley is serious about seeing what Castillo has to offer, he needs to play him in the next several friendlies and see what he has to offer. We know what Bornstein has to offer…very little.

    Boca, replaced Beasely who replaced Bornstein at LB in the Confed Cup last year after some really horrendous play by Bornstein and then Beasely. Althoug Boca did not play well in the final against Brazil due to their speed, he did do well against Spain and Eygpt.

  40. brian says:

    i couldnt agree more with your statment about why we need a target forward i dont understand why people bring this up

  41. A says:

    1. 90% of mexico’s squad plays in Mexico, they are strngarming the clubs inti releasing them 2 mos early so they can play friendlies in the US

    2. the US will scheduke similar May matches in the coming months

    This is funny because the mexican press is compalinign about the US playing games and that Mexico is not right now

  42. martha says:

    Im glad to see Davies is recovering and I believe evertyhing said so far. however no one said he didnt lose his speed. theres no way of knowin that until he runs full speed.

  43. kenny_b says:

    They just added a friendly with Italy also. Hat’s off to Mexico for there World Cup prep. We need to play some heavier competition…not in our group of course.

  44. Tom Organ says:

    What about Frank Simek? He is better than Castillo. He is holding his own at S. Wednesday.

  45. Jose S. says:

    If Adu and Johnson can get minutes in Aris you can’t count them out.

    Aris is a good team and if they stay in the top 5, they will be in a 4 team playoff in May for a Champions League spot. If Adu and Johnson are playing in them(and playing well) then what other USA player will be playing such important games in May.

  46. Stephen says:

    Ok. I know what you all are going to say to this…but here goes: if we have to have a target striker…could it be Dempsey? He is tall enough and has better ball control and skill than either Altidore and Casey. And who knows, he may be able to free himself.

  47. Stephen says:

    I was going to say that, actually.

  48. bryan says:

    yeah, and they are playing all those Euro teams IN europe. i expect the USSF to announce similar games for us.

  49. ETJ says:

    I like this Lineup… assuming Holden gets time at Bolton and Altidore doesn’t get time at Hull, this is the way to go

  50. David says:

    He does fill the target forward roll for Fulham when Zamora is injured. He is the biggest aerial threat the team has, no offense to Gooch.

  51. Murphy says:

    Spector is definitely better, no doubt about it.

  52. Number one on Mcdonald's menu says:

    Bob Bradley is still a clown no matter what even if we do well in South Africa.

  53. Matt says:

    Anyone but Ching. He’s trash and a one trick pony. Casey is a step above him, but Altidore is still better than the both. We need another speedy forward. Dempsey doesn’t cut it. If we have two big men up front, we aren’t doing a damn thing.

    Landycakes and Altidore up front. I just don’t see Davies getting there. I really hope I’m wrong.

  54. brian says:

    ives great list! the only change i would make is replacing c.goodson for maurice edu. at times goodson looks alittle shaky, edu can play CB if needed. most would agree with me in saying he was the best player in the back at the olympics! he did a phenominal job. and of course boca can play there as well, and put bornstein at LB when the US go against faster wing players. and if beasley plays as he was before he got hurt(again)then i could see him going to S.Africa over Rogers.

  55. wilyboy says:

    I disagree about Edu in a big way. We all know Bob is going to start with two defensive midfielders, at this point Clark and Jr. Both are great at getting red cards. That leads to a midfield pairing of Feilhaber and Bradley with no room for either defensive or offensive maneuvering (see the first time we played Brazil, among others).

    I say we take 3 forwards, Jozy, Charlie, and Casey, and utilize Donovan and/or Dempsey as needed, with Holden and the strongest left midfield player as cover. (Still wish Torres was involved in all this).

  56. patrick says:

    but it’s not playing to his strengths. The US isn’t talented enough to waste peoples strengths. Could he fill that role? yes, he could, but we’d be losing his creativity either up front or in the midfield, where we are lacking. I think Brian Ching makes a return to form and gets the nod for the WC. For me, he plays the role of hold up man much better than casey does, and if thats what were looking for, ching brings more experience and work ethic than casey does.

  57. Stephen says:

    I say 3 forwards…Altidore, Davies, and Finley, with Dempsey or Donovan being the alternates there. I think Dempsey could be the target forward he has better touch, control and skill than Altidore and Casey and he may be able to even free himself for a shot.

    We also have to keep in mind that it’s a 23 man roster but only 18 dress so just because Casey or Altidore or Davies or Finley is there it doesn’t mean that they will be available to even play.

  58. Fred says:

    I agree with you completely about Gooch. Overrated by US fans, painfully slow up against the best players in the world. But, what other choice do we have? Plus, BB’s counter-attacking mentality means Gooch is seldom forced to take on players one-on-one.

  59. scott47a says:

    Ching over Casey assuming no injury problems.
    Beasley instead of Rogers.
    Edu instead of Findley (both Donovan and Dempsey qualify as the fourth striker, in a pinch).

  60. Stephen says:

    I think he have to wait and see on Torres. I like the kid and he may show out in camp and earn a spot.

  61. AG says:

    Isn’t he a right back?

  62. fischy says:

    That would be nice….

  63. fischy says:

    Yes, but with Bornstein, Bocanegra and Spector, you have 3 players already capable of playing left back. Right now, we only have 2 right backs.

  64. Mike Litoris says:

    Please put down the bong. Bornstein is, by far, the biggest liability in defense.

  65. Stephen says:

    Yeah but that would probably free up Cherundolo or Spector to slide over to the left. I don’t really know what his crossing or his attacking ability like compared to Spector/Dolo.

  66. Mingjai says:

    Amen on Torres. I wished he’d gotten half the chances Kljestan got, because I’ve like the glimpses I’ve seen of him.

    The problem right now is that Torres is kind of like the backup QB–he’s everyone’s favorite player because everyone wants to believe he offers more than the current starter.

  67. Mike Litoris says:

    Gooch held his own against Toni in Germany 06. He gets spun like a top when playing against quicker forwards.

  68. primoone says:

    Brian McBride FTW

    Im not kidding…that guy has more talent, passion and desire in his right foot than ching and Casey do combined. Damn retirement to Hell.

    I would rather have a class Forward with a brass pair over twinkle toes connor or brian A la ching-ada.

    Thank you…and God Bless America.

  69. Mike Litoris says:

    DeMerit has played RB with Watford in the past.

  70. El Michael says:

    Drop Casey, list Dempsey as a forward and add Edu. The news about Jones is disheartening.

    I still would like to see what Alston and Omar can do. We definately need an outside back with speed.

    There still is alot of time left before the WC for one or two players to make impress BB.

  71. newells says:

    I do not agree with Clark or Casey.

    I understand the need to have Casey, but

    there are better options then clark

    who plays out of control to often.

    For me Clark is more of a liability than an assest.

  72. unionshovel says:

    Oh captain my union’s captain

    Prediction Califf will make the WC team!!

  73. Mike Litoris says:

    Lets go all out attack


    Dolo Gooch-Boca/DeMerit Spector

    Baby Bradley Donovan Holden

    Davies Altidore Dempsey


    Attack the shizz (with a ‘z’) out of everyone

  74. Stephen says:

    is like*

  75. Stephen says:

    That’s true. I’ll give you that one.

  76. RLW2020 says:

    Cunningham > Findley right now too, at least judging by recent performance.
    … a lot has yet to be seen though

  77. Boodrow says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Brad Davis included in the midfield. Though he isn’t likely to start, he provides depth, experience, and is quality on set pieces. I thought he had a good showing against Honduras too.

  78. SrySnffy says:

    This is spot on. He hasn’t done much in Mexico, although he has played consistently.

  79. bf says:

    That is Pun-ishment … and it earned a grin

  80. Stephen says:


  81. Brett says:

    Conor Casey is definitely not our best option for a target forward. That honor belongs to Dempsey. Quit screwing around Bob and make Clint a forward.

    I’m okay with the list though. I’ve known for a while that Casey will be making the trip, and he did come through in Honduras, but that still doesn’t mean I think he is good enough to play at a World Cup. Ideally I would like to see Charlie and Clint up top, Donovan on the left of midfield, Bradley/Clark and Torres/Benny in the middle (one from each pair), and Holden or Beas on the right. The back 4 is gonna depend on the health of Gooch, but I would say my #1 back four would be Dolo, Gooch, Demerit/Bocanegra, and Spector.

  82. Stephen says:

    I like it, but I might switch Donovan and Bradley. Don’t know how he’d (Jr.) do as a winger. I would make it more like a 4-1-2-3, which would entail that Bradley needs to understand that he has to stay back.

  83. Brett says:

    And Jozy for super-sup. Because of Dempsey’s flexibility, he could come in for any attacking or midfield player. Robbie Rogers and whoever doesn’t make the starting 11 out of Holden and Beasley would be the other subs.

  84. SrySnffy says:

    Overall, solid list Ives. I agree on your Bedoya comments.

    My list:

    GK: Timmy, Guzan, Maurcus.
    CB/FB: Gooch, Boca, Spector, Dolo, Bornstein, DeMerrit, Goodsen, Castillo.
    Mid: Dempsey, Donovan, Bradley, Clark, Holden, Feilhaber, Edu, Bedoya, Torres.
    FWD: Davies, Findley, Jozy.

  85. Stephen says:

    I would pick Demerit over Bocanegra, but I don’t think BB will. I don’t think that BB is going to unseat the captain 4 months before the WC. Maybe we’ll wind up with Boca on the left and Demerit/Gooch in the middle, although against teams with speedy wingers that could be a liability.

  86. B1879 says:

    Altidore may not be polished yet, but he can wear down a defense.

  87. Stephen says:

    I like it. How did Bedoya do in the Honduras friendly? (Although that’s a tough spot to come into.)

  88. Christian says:

    Agree besides Findlay, Casey, Rogers, Goodson, Castillo; I’d replace them with Edu and Beasley for sure, Ching (if Casey sees the field we’re already toast, so might as well bring the experience), Eddie Johnson after a torrid Greek scoring rampage, J. Jones in a miraculous yet bench-warming recovery, and Marcelo Balboa for corner kick bicycle goal-scoring opportunities, and corresponding back fractures (OK, Goodson can stay).

    Starting 11:
    Donovan–Coach’s Kid–Red Card–Dempsey

    If Davies is a 70th minute option instead of a starter, then move Dempsey to withdrawn striker and start Holden, Beasley, or Balboa on the wing.
    Can’t believe my starting line up has to include Ricardo Clark. Closest calls are Spector over Bocanegra and Clark over Holden (with donovan moving inside if this was the case).

    I played with Landon once or twice, and with Davies a bunch when he was a 4’10 8th grader, he already had way better ball skills than my high school team (that he was training with).

  89. AngelUSAfan says:

    BOB BRADLEY IS A JOKE when it come of picking talent. I remember a while back there was a U20 that did pretty good with Adu, Jozy, Holden, Sal Zizzo, and many more. Costa Rica had a game against Argentina with a U20 Team and the new Coach all he did was get some veteran in there and he came out with a result that was good enough a 3-2 even tho Costa Rica lost they were building a Foundation. What I’m Trying to say is why when we have this stupid friendly against team or game that are unmeaningful Bob Bradley don’t work with the Youth.. like U20, U17 thats what other team have been doing. See Chile, Bielsa mixed a U20 that did good in Canada and mixed up with some good veteran players. When Does Bob Bradley going to learn and FCK when are we going to get good scotting people who knows this freaking game…

  90. Josh says:

    your mid field made me almost choke on my dinner…good stuff haha

    Donovan–Coach’s Kid–Red Card–Dempsey

  91. Hush says:

    Casey & Rogers the thoough just kills me. We have better options than these two clowns. I rather have Adu who benchwarms but is much better technically than any of those two clowns. Rogers & Casey are a waste of space.

    I hope Adu & wack Johnson start getting playing time.

  92. JJ says:

    Yes. Just yes.

  93. B. Henri says:

    Agree with Ives for the most part. My only difference is Dempsey as a forward not midfield. Casey does not make it. Edu or J. Jones in midfield in Dempsey’s spot.

  94. Jon From Chicago says:

    lol at Torres being the back up QB. To be honest his game against Costa Rica he was spot on. Everyone talks about Bornstien scoring that goal, Torres was the one who chased down the attacker and had a great run up field and developed the play. If by the grace of god Jermaine Jones is healthy, what does everyone think of a favorite idea of mine of having an all american, german, mexican middle midfield. Jones and Torres.

    Oh and the McBride thing. Guys listen, I’m a Chicago Fire fan, and I watch this S.O.B. play and they guys a workhorse. Hes the Brett Farve of MLS. But his time is done. Lets cross our fingers on Davies and if he doesn’t work out, I say donovan needs to move up or Dempsey. All these other schmucks won’t score a hooker in south africa let alone a goal…


  95. davidaubudavid says:

    Findley was completely terrible, Bornstein was pitiful as well. Putting clarence goodson ahead of marshall due to 30 minutes of play when we didn’t have to defend b/c honduras was scared of us. I actually think marshall played extremely well considering he had to cover for conrad for twenty minutes, then had to withstand bornstein next to him for the remainder of the game.

  96. Mike Litoris says:

    Yea, Bradley could even play center back with Gooch, and throw Feilbaher in the right mid spot.

  97. scott47a says:

    It’s like we watched a different game.

  98. Pappajohn says:

    Let’s face it, anything can happen to any player between now and June, both good or bad. We are all just speculating here. What if Davies has a miraculously quick recovery, but comes out a little slower. All of a sudden, there are better choices out there.

    As long as we are just speculating, what about Beasley as a forward? We seem to have too many midfielders and a shortage of quick forwards that know how to put the ball in the back of the net. He may not be good at left back, but he can certainly score.

  99. Isaac says:

    That’s not the question; the question is whether he’s the best defender to start. Of course he’s not better than Onyewu, Bocanegra, Cherundolo and Spector, but the honest truth is that he’s the best NATURAL left back in the pool. Spector may play at left back for West Ham, but that’s due to lack of depth, and he doesn’t play nearly as well there as he does on the right. Castillo will be tested, so we can pass judgement on him when that happens, but until then, nobody has evidence with which to base that Castillo is the better left back.

  100. AngelUSAfan says:

    GOALKEEPERS – Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Marcus Hahnemann

    DEFENDERS – Carlos Bocanegra, Oguchi Onyewu, Jonathan Spector, Steve Cherundolo, Jonathan Bornstein, Jay DeMerit, Clarence Goodson, Edgar Castillo

    MIDFIELDERS – Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Stuart Holden, Benny Feilhaber, Jose Francisco Torres, DeMarcus Beasley

    FORWARDS – Jeff Cunningham, Jozy Altidore, Kenny Cooper, Robbie Findley

    Considerations – Chad Marshall, Charlie Davies, Freddy Adu, Maurice Edu, Jermaine Jones, Conor Casey, Marcus Tracy, Micheal Orozco, Robbie Rogers.

  101. Eric says:

    It’s pointless to keep whining about Bob Bradley at this point. He’s not going anywhere in the next 5 months. He’ll be gone after the World Cup, so just let it go for now.

    Anyways, I like the roster, Ives.

    My starting XI (if everyone is healthy):



    Dempsey/Clark or Holden/Bradley/Donovan


  102. Pappajohn says:

    Hush, I agree entirely. Rogers and Casey are good MLS players, but not international caliber. And why does everyone have only bad things to say about Adu. I’ve seen him in person in 3 games at DC and I was very impressed. By the way, he was subbed in in all three games and scored two goals.

  103. AG says:

    It’s an idea, an improbable one. Bob would likely go with another regularly playing LB such as Pearce or Castillo than add Simek as a 3rd RB and rely on Spector at LB. Spector has yet to play there for the States and would unlikely start there even if the starter (Bornstein) were injured. That said, I could see Spector filling that role during a game time injury to Bornstein, but Boca would probably be the first choice.

  104. AngelUSAfan says:

    matt are u a Chivas USA fan or From Honduras, that guy is good but not a great left back. For a long time we been saying that Spector play left back for West Ham United but no Mr Bob Bradley does that ever the F he wants. Look at Dempsey that guy is killing on the left side playing as attacker and now look a Donovan Moyes have him playing on the right wing and he is playing great. UMMMMM I wonder about BOB BRADLEY…

  105. nowayjose says:

    Haha, imagination can be fun!

    and if this happens, and if that happens, and then if those things happen…

    O’Brien and McBride will be on that roster before those two

  106. Isaac says:

    I disagree; Casey has excellent touch, especially with his back to goal. He’s capable of carrying quite a lot of weight on him without losing the ball, his passing is pretty good, and, of course, a good header of the ball.

  107. Isaac says:

    Completely agree with you.

  108. Dinho says:

    scott47a, I think I watched the same game as you…. not sure what davidaubudavid.

    Listen, I like Marshall, grew up playing with/against him. But, he was horrendous against Honduras.

  109. Jayrod1111 says:

    Here is my starting lineup 4-4-1-1






    Dempsey needs to play in a support striker role!!!!!! He is not a midfielder!!!!!

  110. Jon from Chicago says:

    UMMMM did my comment get deleted cuz I said “hooker” lol??

  111. Jon from Chicago says:

    ooops sorry it didn’t pop up on my screen. Im a re- tard.

  112. AngelUSAfan says:

    Frank when u play in the middle as a defender you have to be a big and strong guy who have to intimidate your opponents like enforcers. If Jermaine Jones were to be Healthy him and Micheal Bradley will be the enforcer to the middle and all Oguchie and Bocanegra/DeMerit have to do is stop and quick pass or kick the ball. Put the present and let be know that you are there Thats how a center back plays the game. so the mid center distribute the ball to the side wing and attack with crosses.

  113. Tim M. says:

    Yes Spector plays left back for west ham, but if you’ve ever watched a hammers game you’ll of noticed that he doesn’t and can’t provide any sort of service with his left foot and instinctively relys on his right foot to get out of any sort of trouble he finds himself in on the left flank. Spector is not the answer at LB and clearly Bob doesn’t see him as the answer there either. Our oh so knowledgeable soccer community should acknowledge this and move on.

  114. Jacob says:

    90%? When did this happen?

  115. SuperCooper says:

    Yeah that’s why….not because we had 11 men standing on the goal line or anything.

  116. Matt W says:

    I feel like Brad Davis needs to get more attention. His service and dead ball abilities are really good but he can also shoot, run, defend, pass, and dribble as well as anyone on the US National team… well maybe I’m a little over zealous, however I do believe he would make a great addition to the team.

  117. warren says:

    Altidore———— Dempsey




    Subs- Charlie Davies,Freddy Adu,DaMarcus Beasley,

    Maurice Edu, Benny Feilhaber,Steve Cherundolo, Brad Guzan

    Extra 5- Marcus Hahnnemann, Frank Simek,Eddie Johnson,Clarence Goodson, Jon Bornstein

    Outsiders?: Kenny Cooper, Findley, Bedoya

    if davies is fit in time, i’d put holden on the bench and move dempsey back to right mid, or even just swap davies for jozy.

  118. SrySnffy says:

    My starting XI prediction:


    Subs: Davies, Bedoya, Clark.

  119. j says:

    dempsey can play forward and proably do what casey’s good at if not better so I’m not sure why we would bring casey

  120. Matt W says:

    Oh and I’m pretty sure Brian Ching will be picked over Casey because of his experience, work rate, and ability to hold the ball up.

  121. Lex says:

    GK – Howard, Keller, Friedel

    DEF – Balboa, Pope, Lalas, Dooley, Onyewu, Vermes, Cherundolo, Berhalter

    MID – Reyna, Donovan, C. Jones, Caligiuri, Stewart, Harkes, Ramos, Armas, Dempsey

    FWD – McBride, Wynalda, Moore


  122. Tim M. says:

    lol im gonna post this again.

    Yes Spector plays left back for west ham, but if you’ve ever watched a hammers game you’ll of noticed that he doesn’t and can’t provide any sort of service with his left foot and instinctively relys on his right foot to get out of any sort of trouble he finds himself in on the left flank. Spector is not the answer at LB and clearly Bob doesn’t see him as the answer there either. Our oh so knowledgeable soccer community should acknowledge this and move on.

    Also, Frankie Simek has been in and out of the owls line up since coming back from injury and hasn’t been included in any sort of nat camp since…2007 or so? Until frankie can legitimately solidify himself in the owls line up and show some us something Spector or Cherundolo can’t do ( and he hasn’t from what i’ve seen)there no reason to include him in any plans for the world cup barring injury. Unless of course he redefines his game as a lefty.

  123. warren says:

    BB needs to figure out that us working with a target man system outside of CONCACAF doesn’t work to well… Terry will eat Casey alive. With Donovan on the left, he will be able to exploit the space Johnson leaves when he goes upfield.

    No Marshall, or Wynne. I loved how he barked at feilhaber to come back everytime against honduras, but when bornstein pointed at the man behind him, Marshall stood at let them dive in to score. I was laughing my but off. I really don’t like Marshall. Wynne is just the US version of Johnson except he defends 3 times as bad, has a poorer touch, can’t shoot, has worse positioning, is less skillfull, is…

    BB should also work out some good frienlies, not just the opponents we meet all the time in our region. Croatia(England), Russia(Slov’s), and Ivory Coast would all be good options in addition to the dutch.

    All in all, we probably do need another coach. If we get a foreigner, he may not understand MLS, but at least he’d be able to scout properly and bring in the other squad worth of US players in germany, the championship(like simek)

    Really the only MLS based player in my opinion is bornstein, but I wouldn’t start him. Little Man City reserve Vlad Wiess was mugging him for his lunch money. I’d hate to see him against lennon or wright phillips, or Rooney on the right, or walcott, or glen johnson. Jon has yet to show his ability against opposition abroad. He’s like Casey. I would never ever bring Ching. Playing Clark is risky enough with his tackles. We don’t need Mr. Invisable to bring us down to 9 men in our first game with England.

  124. evan eleven says:

    JOB is only 32, still time to get healthy…

  125. Stephen says:

    I don’t remember Holden being on that team. Also, Sizzo is injured and Adu hasn’t played a game since 2008 (ok maybe a slight exaggeration).

  126. j says:

    davis and beasly for rogers and casey

  127. evan eleven says:

    Robbie Findley or Brian Ching instead of Casey and there’s yer 23. Casey sux.

  128. Eurosnob says:

    Fred, overrated or not, he was good enough to be signed by AC Milan. And AC Milan has a pretty good track record, when it comes to evaluating and developing defenders.

  129. RWB says:

    The idea of a target forward is to have a big man who can hold the ball until teammates advance and then provide service to those teammates. Not sure that best suits Dempsey. He is much more talented going forward not stalling until other teammates arrive. And until someone shows otherwise Bornstein, has been our most in form leftback as of recently. Not sure if things will stay that way.

  130. Randall says:

    I think the Cunningham v Findley debate may be moot. If Davies comes back they could both easily be left out. Dempsey or Donovan can be moved up top as either a starter or later in the match as an offensive switch like we saw in the Confed Cup.
    (and Dempsey is NOT a target forward)

  131. Dan Fontaine says:

    i would’ve gone with jonathon bornstink. it just rolls off the tongue easier.

  132. SG says:

    whats with FSC having the HD in the top right corner of the screen?? Comcast doesnt show FSC HD. better not be cuz they aint getting it….

  133. Max says:

    Bornstein is going to be the Jeff Agoos of the 2010 team…nobody likes him except the coach, he’ll always start (no matter what), and USA fans will know that he is good for at least one MAJOR bonehead play per game.

  134. Tom says:

    Jozy – Davies
    Donovan – Bradley – Clark – Dempsey
    Borenstein – Boca – Gooch – Spector
    I hate to put Borenstein in there, but I don’t know who else to play back there. Spector isn’t a Left Back, even though all of us armchair managers would like to make him one…
    If Holden develops playing in the EPL, put him in at Right Wing instead of Dempsey, move Dempsey to Forward, and bring Jozy off of the bench. This line-up isn’t the most exciting, but it would be effective.
    I would love to see us play a 4-3-3 type of thing and attack all out, but that would simply lead to us getting killed and exiting in the group stages again. It would be entertaining, but we simply don’t have the personnel to pull it off. I’d rather be boring and advance than be exciting and go home…

  135. SBI Troll says:

    Spector is a stop gap at best and provides no service on the left, Castillo has never played LB with the US, Boca is barely getting PT and is too slow to stay with most wing players to be LB i.e. A. Lennon, and Bornstein and Donovan have good chemistry on the left. He’s the best we have.

  136. D says:

    I don’t like Goodson either, but personally I’d like to see big Omar Gonzales start getting some time in the back, he would be a great backup for CenterBack. Also if we take him to the World Cup, it would be great for us if really starts maturing around the 2014 WC and already has cup expierence.

  137. Hush says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I WANT Adu on the W.C roster more than anyone on this board, but he hasn’t had any true game experiece lately. With that said, I still want him on W.C roster. Why u ask? Because I believe he is still better than all of the MLS players put together.

    I hope he starts seeing the playing field soon.

    Rogers & Casey I heard the Canadian club is looking for

  138. Stephen says:

    Yeah but if we had a speedy attacker coming off the bench as a sub for Davies or Altidore then it would create some “fresh” opportunities. I couldn’t resist. Sorry. I mean we don’t know if Davies is going to be back fully fit or be able to even start and go 90.

  139. madmax says:

    Conor Casey and Castillo don’t make my 23. I like your two sleepers though, Cameron and Bedoya. Both could help in the group stages.

  140. LMCastilo says:

    Unless something spectacular happens in the next few exhibition games, it’s too late to get Castillo in at LB. He’s never played with any of this back 4 before, defense is not his strength and there is too much upheaval there already. If he goes to SA, he might be listed at left back but if he plays it will be as a LM which will be his future position on the USMNT. Boca will start at LB against England for everyone so terrified by jonny B.

  141. SBI Troll says:

    Bradley needs to try this lineup in one of the final friendlies in May. Hope he reads SBI.






    Subs: Boca, Holden, Spector, Clark, Benny, Findley, Guzan

  142. SBI Troll says:

    *Permitting all are back in form or recovered.

  143. Chris says:

    Keepers- Howard, Guzan, Hahnemann

    Defenders- Demerit, Onyewu, Spector, Cherundolo, Bocanegra, Bornstein, Castillo, Goodson

    Midfielders- Bradley, Dempsey, Donovan, Clark, Fielhaber, Holden, Torres, Edu

    Fowards- Altidore, Davies, Findley, Tracy

    starting line up with the idea that Davies will not be back to himself by tournament time:


    Spector Demerit Onyewu Cherundolo

    Dempsey Bradley Torres Donovan

    Altidore Tracy

  144. Cameron says:

    I would much rather see Cooper than Casey if he can get some playing time at Plymouth.

  145. DaveW says:

    For all those who think our talent pool has gotten deeper?

    We have more good to above average players but many of those retired guys were a good step up from today’s available talent.

  146. tom says:

    Robbie Rogers is not a World Cup player.

  147. TrueCrew says:

    Ives, no way BB goes with only one true DM on the roster. Plus, I think Torres/Feilhaber are playing for one spot if we go 8/8/4 with Dempsey in midfield.

    And with LD and Deuce able to play forward, I don’t think Findley makes the team.

    Castillo? We don’t need 4 players who can play LB.

    Here’s mine:

    GK (3). Howard, Guzan, Hahnemann
    D (7). Cherundolo, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Bornstein; Spector, DeMerit, Goodson
    M (8). Donovan, Bradley, Clark, Beasley, Holden, Feilhaber, Torres, Edu.
    Last man: Rogers.
    Jones goes if healthy.

    F (4). Davies, Dempsey, Altidore, Casey.

  148. Tom P says:

    0-3-0 with one goal scored on set piece.

    Donovan is the only dependable presence as of this minute.

  149. Isaac says:


  150. jimoh8002 says:

    Move Donovan to forward, Drop Rogers and Findley then add Edu and Beasley. Get this through your heads beasley has international experience (Priceless), While Rogers is a slightly above average crosser in the MLS and Findley is Unproven on the national team level Edu has at least proven himself in Scotland, MLS and the national team plus he is capable of playing Center Back…. Very Very useful

  151. El Michael says:

    For me the big worry is our backline.

  152. Isaac says:

    I could see this:




























    I could see Donovan being called as a midfielder for the roster and then Findley being brought in for Rogers. Of course, Edu could replace both of them on the roster so it’s not a huge deal.

    Against England I see this:






    and against Algeria and Slovenia…






    YES, I would still play Beasley at left back over Bornstein and Castillo, but because he has better offensive abilities than both; his crosses seem to be better as well. I doubt Bradley will go with that, but that’s just my view.

  153. Tom R says:

    I see Rogers making simply based on his versatility in two maybe three positions and able to make an impact late in a game. I am worried about the forward positions. No one other than Ching strikes me as having a place. Hopefully Ives is right about Charlie.

  154. Micah King says:

    Casey has excellent touch ? Where is Ashton Kuthcer at I am being punk’d. Do you not remember the Costa Rica game when Donovan gave him a clear pass in from of an wide open goal, and he field goaled it. Even Stevie Wonder could have made that, goal are you serious ?

  155. jackie says:

    let’s see how charlie aatually plays/perfoems in a few real matches. let’s see how his body takes the twists and turns, etc. being fit and match fit are 2 different things. when player/s come back from major injuries, their can be major or minor setbacks.

  156. usmnt4life says:

    frankie hejduk
    eddie gaven

  157. Stephen says:

    Yeah. Not a big fan of Rogers. There are better midfielders in the pool.

  158. Freegle says:

    Tim: your first line says it all. “Spector playes left back at West Ham.” That is the end of the arguement. While Spector is opposing Spurs (Lennon), Man City (Wright Phillips), Villans (Young) etc. Bornstein is sitting on his couch watching (or maybe allowing BB to use him as a foot rest so he can earn another cap). Your (unfounded) concerns about his service aside, he is the most polished and most experienced LB (and maybe overall defender) in the US pool… and its not even close. Being left footed does not qualify one as a “natural left back.” JB has shown over and over again that his defensive instincts are sub par at best. Neither may be the perfect solution. But there is an undeniable BEST solution. If I have to choose between two “unnatural” LBs, I’ll take the one playing in EPL over MLS every time.

  159. Bryan says:

    I cannot believe the pick Conor Casey over Kenny Cooper! Kenny Cooper is much better than Conor Casey! How many times has Cooper played for USA? How many minutes has he played for USA? How many goals does he have for USA? Exactly! Look at the facts and give this guy a chance! What does this guy have to do? Bottom line: Kenny is a goal scoring machine and definately is much much better choice than Conor Casey. Cooper puts the ball in the back of the net and Team USA needs him in South Africa starting with Jozy Altidore.

    Conor Casey is really goofy with the ball and is a player without skill. Cooper has solid striker skills!

    Kenny! Kenny! Kenny!

  160. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Yup… I want no part of the guy that totally shut down Messi… Or scored the late goal to top the group in qualifying..

  161. r.benjamin says:

    Spector most defintely with his first hand EPL experience and more than decent play against the English players starts against England.

  162. r.benjamin says:

    Assuming Davies is out, I would really like to see Altidore and Dempsey. Dempsey had been setting up Zamora consistently. I think Altidore can be a poor man’s Zamora and get those kinds of goals.. or draw pks like against italy in confed.

  163. Anti-Casey says:

    How did that work out for the Rapids? They went to the play-offs right? oh no wait they didn’t. Also Casey is a prick off the field. The guy pushed my daughter aside and refused to sign her soccer ball at a team/fan function. I hope the Rapids and whoever that bag of suck plays for stays mediocre forever.

  164. r.benjamin says:

    My take on Adu is give him one friendly. Trial him. If he flashes it he can stay otherwise, try again next time. For me he was a top 3 player v spain in 08 and in china…

  165. r.benjamin says:

    i’m with you 100% on all of it. pre davies injury and in the days when jones was on his way.. i thought the best potential was a jones and torres mid. jones enforcing and keeping the shape while torres maintains the possession and orchestrates. similar to davies’ goal v mexico i saw him making blazing runs with torres hitting him in stride after receiving a give and go.

    mcbride is a champion but his legs were done in china 08, against mostly u23s

  166. tom v says:

    the US team under bob bradley doesn’t use wingbacks or rely on outside defenders for service. which, in my mind is a major issue with BB’s strategy, especially when deploying 1 pure defensive midfielder and “box to box” player with little attacking vision and 2 wide midfielders that tend to suck in all the time, but that’s a different story.

    but with that in mind, i don’t buy the argument that bornstein should be considered because of his service. this is under the very questionable assumption that bornstein does actually provide better service, which i believe is false. bornstein had 1 OK game for the first time in years. yes spector may be a stop gap at west ham, but i’d my life if bornstein somehow was on the hammers’ roster it would still be spector out there…

    also ives, any word on what bob thinks about castillo? why wasnt he called in to this camp? will he be called in in the future?

  167. Adrian says:

    Use England as the point of reference for what kind of defense we’ll be facing.

    Dempsey should start up top with a speedy forward, preferably Davies. Jozy Altadore just can’t do the job; he doesn’t hold the ball well, he doesn’t create on his own. But he should be on the squad.

    Ching and Casey? You’ve gotta’ be kidding!

  168. Jay in Charlotte says:

    spelling bee champ? Haha! j/k! :)

  169. Isaac says:

    oops….I used Cherundolo in the lineup and not the roster….just replace Goodson with Cherundolo I geuss….

  170. DEAC says:

    There’s no way on this planet that the best of Robbie Rogers is better than the worst of DaMarcus Beasley or Freddie Adu.
    Yeah, I brought up Adu.
    But SBI put Rogers in there, who is close to worthless, so Adu is fair game.

  171. Josh says:

    Castillo is a much better offensive and defensive option over beasley for lb…and he hasnt lost a step like Beasley has in the speed department

  172. DC Josh says:

    Ouch. The midfield is loaded, but up top and in the back, not so much. If Cherundolo or Spector could play on the left, it would add depth at defense. But unless that happens, which it won’t, we’ll lack depth. We need Davies back so bad it hurts. He’s the only forward who is dangerous and makes his teammates dangerous.

  173. over there says:

    If Mo Edu is playing he goes

  174. John says:

    Has anyone noticed that Bornstein has become the new Mike Burns?

  175. John says:

    Except when we had 2 guys up front SCORING GOALS!!!

  176. PaulCaliguri says:

    Spector played left back for the USMNT against Guatemala in 2007 ( I believe). The game was in Frisco, Texas and the right back was…..Frankie Simek.

    As a left back for the USMNT, Spector looks like a right back trying to play left back. As comfortable as Spector is at right back, that’s how uncomfortable he is at left back, when he does it for the USMNT.

    Yes, he plays there in England sometimes but I would argue the players at WestHam cover better for Spector, when he is at LB, than our players would. I doubt he would be anywhere near as comfortable at LB for the USMNT as he is for WestHam.

    If Bornstein doesn’t start against England the LB will be Boca.

  177. John says:

    That’s a mighty big “if”.

  178. HoneyHell says:

    I see the US playing a 4-4-1-1 with the following

    Goal Keepers: (3)Howard, Guzan, Hahnemann

    Perkins as an alternate unless he explodes for

    DC United this MLS Season.

    Defenders: (7) Bocanegra, Onyewu, DeMerit, Spector, Bornstein, Marshall

    I take Marshall over Goodson, but BB will

    probably take Goodson.

    Midfield: (10) Donovan, Bradley, Jones, Dempsey, Holden, Feilhaber, Edu, Beasley, Clark, Castillo

    Castillo makes it for versitility as both a LM

    and a LB. Both Donovan & Dempsey could be moved

    up top as strikers if needed. Need multiple Def

    Central Mid due to the tendancies of ours to be

    Red Carded.

    Striker: (3) Davies, Altidore, Findley

    Finley get in as a sub for Davies as I don’t see

    him being ready to play 90 minutes

    consistently. However Tracy or Johnson could

    move him (Finley)out if they shine with their

    clubs. Don’t see the need for a TARGET striker

    like Ching/Cooper/Casey with the versitility of

    some of our other players. Besides they aren’t

    good enough to go up against the worlds best.

    CONCACAF their good enough but not for the likes

    of what they’ll see in the WC. However, BB will

    probably take at least one of them.

    Alternates: (11) Perkins (GK), Pearce (D), Simek (D), Goodson (D), Torres (M), Rogers (M), Davis (M), Bedoya (M), Casey (F), Tracy (F), Johnson (F)

    Basically chose the players I either liked

    (Torres, Davis, Bedoya) or those that BB has the

    HOTS for (Casey, Rogers, Pearce).

  179. TargetMan says:

    I’m not big on strictly defined roles. The definition of target man starts with the holding up the ball in the attacking third and passing it off to other attackers, but then you adapt to the player’s additional abilities. England’s Alan Shearer was a tremendous target man, who also happened to be a deadly goal scorer ( he holds the Premiership record).

    To answer your question Dempsey would be the best target man on the USMNT but then who would he pass the ball to allow them to score? Without an equally( or close to it) lethal threat, the other team would just shut him down and wear him out.

    Shearer had people like Chris Sutton (who most US fans would call a target man) Teddy Sheringham and Michael Owen to pass to and take the pressure off of him. Donovan, who clearly operates better out wide and with a little freedom, isn’t that kind of player

    It’s easier to find someone who can play that target function than it is to find a goal scorer. The US talent pool is very thin so Bradley is trying to free up and maximise Dempsey and Donovan, his two best attacking threats.

  180. FrancoS says:

    I still see better an aging McBride than Ching: more leadership in and out of the field, more experience, more everything

  181. Greengrass says:

    You are right about Torres’ biggest asset; he hasn’t played much so no one has anything to criticise him about yet; the classic backup QB, grass is always greener syndrome, that USMNT fans love so much. When he starts to play more you’ll hear comments about him being “lazy” and “not hustling”. Right now he’s still the new kid in town.

    Try and catch Pachuca on Mexican TV some time. They were on just before the US-Honduras game. Torres looks very comfortable on the ball but I notice the Mexican league doesn’t exactly pressure the guys with the ball. In other words, it’s a wide open league that doesn’t seem to care for defensive play. Torres won’t have that luxury in the world Cup or Europe if he goes there. I’m paraphrasing here but it also explains Ives’ comment re Orozco that just because you are a starting defender in the Mexican league, it doesn’t mean you are a good enough defender for the USMNT.

  182. DevilUSAfan says:

    If you chart the history of Under whatever teams (regardless of the country) you’ll find that success at that level doesn’t necessarily translate to the next level.

    The best players, for many reasons, aren’t always on these teams, so if a country does well in a tournament against Argentina or Brazil, for example, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was your best against their best.

    As for Bradley picking talent,there are only so many players available for Bradley to pick. He has issued caps to 88 players in his four years so you can’t say he hasn’t cast a wide net. The US talent pool is good but it’s not great right now. We have no outfield players playing for top flight (Everton and Fulham are not top flight and Gooch is a scrub at Milan) teams right now. It’s much better than it was even 5 years ago and it will be even beter in the next few years but, and this is the key, this is also the case with most of our opponents.

    If you know of American players that haven’t been given a shot that can take us to the next level, let us know. Who are they? Is there some great left back that you know of who should replace JB, Spector or Boca? Does Zinadine Zidane have a son with an American women who has his talent and no one has seen yet but wants to play for the good old USA?

    Please tell us who are these guys and where are they? They need to report to the Home Depot Center right now.

  183. Christian says:

    At least our midfield will not be starting Chad Deering and Brian Maisonneuve.

  184. Stephen says:

    Who shut down Messi?

  185. Jason says:

    Thanks for the update Ives! This feature is so Joe Lunardi of you.

  186. Mike Litoris says:

    HaHaHaHaHa…I thought you just said Bornstink (i like it too) totally shut down Messi.

  187. Mike Litoris says:

    Donovan? Left side? Really?

  188. Brian says:

    not sure which Mexico game you’re referencing because I’m pretty sure neither of them played in the WCQ against Mexico in February 09, and neither of them played in the Gold Cup 09 final against Mexico, and only Davies played against Mexico in the Azteca.

  189. r.benjamin says:

    my point being that I think Torres is best suited to find a streaking Davies making a run. Landon delivered a beautiful ball. to maximize the speed Davies had/has we need someone in central mid to deliver those or be a threat to. neither Bradley or Clark will.

  190. der der says:

    yes I agree, any forward that has ever missed a goal, much less a wide open net, ever, needs to be OFF the roster.

  191. Jeff M in Houston says:

    Ives…the guy from my team I think should be in the mix for MNT is Brad Davis. Injuries at bad times have prevented him from being camps & qual matches. IMHO, he’s a more consistent player than Robbie R, the player I see him in competition against; more D, better dead ball, etc.

    As for Geoff Cameron, he is not close to a half-way decent article, let alone finished one. IMHO folks see his athleticism and ignor the negatives in his game…hospital passes (rugby terms where guy puts his teammate in the hospital or the morgue b/c of a stupid pass), rash tackles like Rico Clark, lack of timing in stepping up (flip-side…he looks great recovering, but it’s his fault).

  192. says:

    John Obrien is playin beach soccer i heard?

  193. Roy Lassiter says:

    i thought JOB was retired and done?

  194. Roy Lassiter is a hero says:

    im sorry but i just went to see usa play at carson and rogers played very well…
    i disagree hes not worthless.
    IF adu can prove himself in greece he might get a call up but hes hasnt done anything.
    beasley has more of a chance getting called up.

  195. Roy Lassiter is a hero says:

    Perkins? nahh…

  196. Roy Lassiter is a hero says:

    agree kenny cooper…
    lets see how it goes for him at plymouth and BB can take it from there

  197. Roy Lassiter is a hero says:

    hejduk was horrible last time he played…he just lacks ball control
    eddie gaven just has too much competition to go up against in the mid.

  198. Micah King says:

    HAHA your sarcasm is very amusing. If you all want Casey to be on the World Cup roster by all means let him on and when he does something stupid in the match and it effects USA badly I will be on this board telling you I told you so. That eighteen year old American we have playing for Cagliari Calcio reserves is better then Casey.

  199. john says:


    Spector Onyewu Bocanegra Bornstien

    Holden Edu Bradley Donovan

    Altidore Dempsey

    That is the best case scenerio line up for the US. BB can’t rely on both Davies and Dempsey to start up top when both are coming off significant injuries. Look for Fielhaber, Davies and Rogers to come off the bench

  200. Pedro says:

    The window open for Onyewu and Davies to recover match fitness is very small. The final chance to show match fitness is the friendly before naming the WC roster on March 3rd. They have 6-7 weeks in which to train with their club teams and play some competitive games to be invited to the March 3rd match. This assumes they can beat out the current starters for their clubs – tall order.

  201. Evan says:

    Adu. Ching.