Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Landon Donovan 5 (

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Landon Donovan isn't waiting long to take his chance during his new loan with Everton.

The U.S. national team star is starting for the Toffees today in their match against Arsenal. Donovan just joined Everton but has apparently made enough of an impression to get the start.

Everton-Arsenal is just one of the matches you can watch today. If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump).


12pm- ESPN Deportes, Real Valladolid vs. Atletico Madrid

12pm- AS Roma vs. Chievo Verona

12:30pm- FSC, FSE- Birmingham vs. Manchester United

2pm- GolTV- Sevilla vs. Racing Santander

2:30pm- FSC, FSE- Inter Milan vs. Siena

5pm- FSC, FSE- As Roma vs. Chievo Verona (delayed)

8:30pm- FSE- Santos Laguna vs. Atlante (InterLiga)

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244 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. ole! says:


    decent feed at

  2. Beckster says:

    anyone have a feed for the Everton match?

  3. ShaggyReAL says:

    I get audio but no video.

  4. Brian says:

    Thanks ole.

  5. Johnbo says:

    link to

    It’s decent quality and has english commentators.

  6. Kyle says:

    LETS GO LANDON!!! Make us proud.

  7. agnigrin says:

    Lost the feed any others out there?

  8. ms says:

    lost the feed @

  9. Andres Iniesta says:

    link to Visca Barca!

  10. japan says:

    assist for Donovan

  11. Johnbo says:

    link to

    Here you go, it’s not in english but whatever.

    Donovan with the assist from a corner.

  12. agnigrin says:

    Landon with the assits on the Osman goal! Woo hoo!

  13. Colin says:

    Goal Everton. Donovan with the corner which is headed in. 13th min.

  14. john.q says:

    DONOVAN ASSIST! great corner that osmond heads in everton 1 arsenal 0!

  15. Matt says:

    assist Donovan off a corner

  16. Biebs says:


    Goal off of his corner!

  17. the feed is delayed compared to the one that was on

  18. agnigrin says:

    I meant to type “assist”

  19. mcjones says:

    Donovan’s corner and Osmond scores!

  20. kahlva says:

    damnit! The feed goes out just when Donovan gets an assist???

  21. ShaggyReAL says:

    I got the feed back…with video.

  22. ZacIndy says:

    very well played corner.

  23. Glass says:


  24. ms says:

  25. RS says:

    Sopcast Channel 69850. Perfect video and in English.

  26. Kyle says:

    Who scored for Everton? My feed went black for 5 min and when it came back it was 1-0. Too much to hope Landon played a part?

  27. bryan says:

    goal was off the corner kicked by LD. osman scored.

  28. bryan says:

    later gallas.

  29. RK says:

    What happened to Gallas there?

  30. ShaggyReAL says:

    I cant get the feed to work on my laptop (mac) but it works just fine on my 1999 PC….Damn!

  31. mcjones says:

    sucks if you’re a Gooner..

  32. Ferris says:


  33. adenovato says:

    he came from such an offside position

    how is that a goal, offside much?

  34. RK says:

    LD’s poor clearance led to that goal…but that’s being really picky.

  35. ZacIndy says:

    Yuck. You let them dick around in the box there and thats what happens.

  36. Biebs says:

    Bad clearance by Donovan leads to Arsenal goal

  37. Ted in MN says:

    bad luck for Howard

  38. Gerraraldiño says:

    that spinning deflection couln’t have gone much worse for timmy. terrible lunk there

  39. Panos says:

    Yeah, you should never clear the ball straight up the middle with a weak header . . . up the sides Landon!

  40. adenovato says:

    everton’s defense can’t stop anyone :/

  41. John1 says:

    You can not blame Donovan for that goal. Come on!! Picky is right.

  42. over there says:

    did anyone else just lose atdhe?

  43. bryan says:

    i still can’t believe saha missed that wide open net. should be 2-1 everton.

  44. Zak1fck says:

    Hey dummies, do not post the direct link to a feed, just the parent site. There are bots that search forums for direct links and take them down.

  45. adenovato says:

    donovan has been really dangerous so far… cannot say much for the disgraceful backline

    i feel for timmy

  46. benniebomber says:

    Yeah, atdhe isn’t working well right now.

  47. adenovato says:

    landon just TORCHED the right back

  48. adenovato says:

    edit: left back

  49. ZacIndy says:

    Donovan’s made some good conservative decisions. Traore has marked worse.

  50. DC Josh says:

    Donovan has looked very good in the first half. Gets behind Traore, making smart decisions. Make it consistent Donovan and you’ll be back in Europe in July.

  51. Mike says:

    Commentators said he has been somewhat quiet but effective when he’s had the ball. They also think everton should use the right side more. I would have liked to see him in better position for the Cahill header across the goal mouth, he didn’t anticipate that well but not bad for your 1st premier league game and against Arsenal

  52. Spectra says:

    Wow this Landon can’t play with these big boys at all. Go back to the little kid MLS. (Sarcasm, lots of it)

  53. japan says:

    Traore looks well out of depth. The worst performance I’ve seen from an Arsenal player this season along with first half Diaby vs Tottenham.

    Donovan has been playing fine but considering he is going up against Traore, it really is his chance to shine. Cahill was just as much as in fault for the goal as Donovan. He would have been at fault if Gallas would have scored few minutes before that when he tried to dribble his way out on a counterattack and lost the ball. Cahill was having a go at him for that.

  54. Alexandria says:

    Where else was he going to play it look at the direction of his body?I mean physics is involved her people and if you look both pienaar and fellani are standing right there they just get beat to the ball, blaming that on Landon is lame.

  55. MemRook says:

    It’s true he has been playing a little conservatively, but I think that’s smart of him. His first game in the premier league? Let him get a feel for the tempo and style of play before trying to put the moves on everyone. I think you’ll see him grow more confident in the second half and try some more stuff. If he had been too adventurous in the first half and failed too many times, coach would have told him to play more conservative; rather coach is now telling Donovan to be more daring and take some chances.

  56. Alexandria says:

    I meant HERE

  57. Hush says:

    Great frist half from Donovan. The assist and the great distribution, I can’t complain.

    Donovan’s fault that Arsenal scored? C’mon!! HE headed the ball as far as he could and Mr.Pie couldn’t kick it out, than it reflected of a defender, things like that happen in soccer guys. Just a case of bad luck.

  58. adenovato says:

    he’s been more than effective, with the ball he’s been probably the second best attacking option

    everton is not stringing passes together on a regular basis, a few times they tried playing the ball over the top to landon… he is too small to hold the ball up or win a long ball in the air

  59. madmax says:

    Landon understandably doesn’t seemed to be in best form, but he’s causing Arsenal problems. Saha continues to be out of sorts, commentator nailed one where both Cahill and Landon were open on right and he played back left into traffic.

  60. japan says:

    Let me also add that Arsenal needs a new keeper

  61. adenovato says:

    and to lay blame on donovan for the goal is really reaching, don’t you think?

    you can only head a ball so far. you should probably look to the backline which allowed arsenal to dribble around inside the box for awhile before that even happened

    it was clearly not landon’s fault

  62. ahm says:

    the chat room on that site is truly staggering. not a lot of variety in their dialogue eh?

  63. Kizz says:

    What right back Sagna? Hell no…

  64. Spectra says:

    On replay he lunged for the ball as it was going by he didn’t have time to send it to the sides or anywhere for that matter. He just got his head on it.

  65. Torporindy says:

    “1555: Landon Donovan had a good first half, I thought, although an Arsenal fan sitting near me reckons that’s all down to Armand Traore’s abilities as a left-back.”

    From the BBC

  66. i love that he has put the ball in great positions for everyone….. it is no wonder that the USMNT struggles when he does not play…. dudes distribution is world class

  67. OC says:

    He was pinpoint on 2 long passes; one to find an open man at the top of the box and another right after to switch the play to Pienaar. He is looking very technically sound!

  68. FulhamPete says:

    Landon will become much more effective when his teammates trust him more and get a better feel for his game. LD ABSOLUTELY belongs at this level of play, his fitness and speed enable him to bring a dimension to the wing on defense that teams will appreciate…or dread.

  69. Exactly….. my feed was slowing all i saw was donovan was running at his marker and out of nowhere he was ten yards past him…. dude has blinding speed

  70. Dave says:

    Blaming him on the goal is ignorant. It was actually a very good clearing header, Felaini and Cahill both thought the other were going to get it and neither went for it. Had one of them collected the ball, they couldve started the break the other way.

    Very happy w/ Donovan’s play-keep it up.

  71. Calvert says:

    Donovan’s passing looks very sharp. First time I’ve watched Everton this year. Fellaini is involved a ton in the midfield. Cahill’s a bruiser.

  72. togo is not gonna play in the african cup of nations

  73. ShaggyReAL says:

    thank the lord for my PS3..the only thing i cant get to show a live feed….

  74. ShaggyReAL says:

    I havent seen fellaini much, but he kicks ass for me on Fifa10 so he must be good, right?

    and I can only get the live feed to work on my PS3.

  75. Ted in MN says:

    Wow Everton has serious backline problems

  76. Alexandria says:

    if only pienaar was david beckham!

  77. Ted in MN says:

    great work by Landon, too bad he couldn’t find it

  78. ShaggyReAL says:

    Nice ball handling to get into the box by LD

  79. adenovato says:

    donovan just ran threw the arsenal backleft

    he is simply running around people… so much for EPL superiority

  80. fischy says:

    Great run by Donovan. Anyone who doesn’t think he belongs at this level has another think coming. A star is born….

  81. Fireball says:

    Everton really going up the right side now. Donovan-Cahill-Saha looking dangerous.

  82. jb says:

    new link anyone?

  83. OC says:

    Good foray into the box. Poise, pace, and confidence. I hope we get to see him take a shot on…

  84. adenovato says:

    dailyfun is bad now

    new link?

  85. ShaggyReAL says:

    Did donovan miss hit that or did he slip, my feed is choppy so I couldnt tell?

  86. Fireball says:

    Howard beastin in the box.

  87. OC says:

    A little bit of both, kind of an awkward angle for a right-footed cross

  88. Alexandria says:

    The only thing I hate about everton is they hold the ball way too long.

  89. adenovato says:

    oh my god everton’s back four is worse than hull city

  90. ShaggyReAL says:

    horride defense for everton….

  91. adenovato says:

    saha is a waste of space

    he doesn’t pass the ball to anyone on his team, how many good opportunities can be blow trying go 1 on 4

  92. Fireball says:

    Pittman scores for Leeds.

  93. Arcticrules says:

    do NOT use dailyfun. I just got a virus from that site and now cannot use Internet explorer without it starting a search of my computer. For what, who knows. Sending this from my iPhone.

  94. ShaggyReAL says:

    hull city….lol not even close.

  95. Carl says:

    Thanks for the warning

  96. OC says:

    Leeds vs??

  97. Carl says:

    are there any good links?

  98. adenovato says:

    again saha

    why bother passing TO A WIDE OPEN CAHILL FOR A GOAL

  99. Fireball says:

    leeds v wycombe

  100. ShaggyReAL says:

    any word on where beckford is going?

    To bad he wont stick around to see if he can get leeds back into the EPL

  101. bluexmas says:

    Saha completely blew that chance. That was UGLY.

  102. OC says:

    Talks of Newcastle is all I’ve heard. The Setanta commentators have been won over by Donovan, safe to say

  103. good looks on the virus tip…..closed it asap

  104. Ted in MN says:

    I feel so sorry for howard

  105. ShaggyReAL says:

    can PS3 get viruses? daily is the only feed i cant get?

  106. Brandon says:

    And Landon is off

  107. Nick says:

    Donovan is out…is second half wasn’t as strong as his first

  108. OC says:

    Donovan out in the 69th. Howard is having a great game despite his poor backline.

  109. MemRook says:

    Donovan out. Some Russian dude with long name in.

  110. agnigrin says:

    Landon off at 68 min. He looked very good and made Everton better, no question. With a bit more confidence he will score goals for them. Bravo!

  111. njrepin says:

    not if you have a mac

  112. adenovato says:

    donovan played great

    saha is incredibly selfish, everton had several chances with either donovan or cahill being wide open to goal and saha refuses to pass to them

    i don’t get to watch many everton matches, but their back four is, for lack of a better word, disgusting

  113. Nats fan says:

    Very solid if not spectacular start for Donovan. Certainly held his own, showing speed and control in terrible weather conditions against a top Premier League team. Hopefully more performances like this can continue to prove that top American field players can compete against the best in the world.

  114. Ted in MN says:

    and that ought to be a red

  115. bryan says:

    jesus, howard. please get up.

  116. jcd says:

    Screw you Eduardo

  117. Alexandria says:

    That should havve been a red, studs up on Howard! And we think MLS refs are horrible this guy blows.

  118. Brandon says:

    What the hell was that?! Some guy comes flying in with a kung fu kick and he doesn’t even get a yellow?!

  119. afc says:

    Wenger said he would like to set up an Academy in the states but its hard because of the work permit issues.

  120. JR says:

    the veetle feeds are solid, you have to download the player but its the fastest stream ive seen

  121. roysterer says:

    You obviously don’t watch too many Everton matches

  122. afc says:

    Pittman plays for Wycombe

  123. adenovato says:

    what the hell

    where’s the red card… howard!

  124. Carl says:

    Anything new happening?

  125. j says:

    didnt watch the game how was donovan compared to the other everton players?

  126. madmax says:

    Landon had a decent first outing. Saha continues to be the worst player on the pitch for Everton.

  127. adenovato says:

    it is time to break eduardo’s leg again

  128. OC says:

    Somebody has to break this deadlock

  129. jcd says:

    It’s good, maybe better than FSC

  130. Alexandria says:

    If everton would learn to pass the ball better they would be a better team, they hold the ball way too long. its so frustrating!!!

  131. Alex says:

    Donovan had a fabulous outing considering the obstacles

  132. adenovato says:

    he played great

    got an assist and showed great poise and control

  133. andrew in tampa says:

    is donovan off?

  134. Master of the Obvious says:

    posting a link = link going of line

  135. Ted in MN says:

    Goallllllllllllllllll! brilliant by cahill

  136. Torporindy says:

    You cursed my veetle feed. I just lost it!

  137. adenovato says:

    yeah, came off a few minutes ago

    should have been saha, he’s an absolute waste of space

    goal pienaar with the chip

  138. ole! says:


  139. benniebomber says:

    Not to bring up this debate again, especially during Landon’s debut, but my confidence in Howard is dwindling. Freidel’s decision making seems to be much better; I kind of wish he came out of retirement for the WC.

  140. Alexandria says:

    Ok so How many people thought pienaar was going to screw that up? Be honest people.

  141. fischy says:

    Guess it was a good move o bring on Piennaar.

  142. Gabe says:

    Good, solid outing from Donovan to start the loan spell. Great delivery on the corner, nice runs, and nice distribution overall. I think he looked dangerous and caused some definite problems in the back for Arsenal. Cold have done better on the final ball in the box, but these thing happen, especially in the middle of a snow storm. Rating: 7

  143. ahm says:

    pienaar started. are you new to soccer?

  144. JayR5 says:

    Wow. Argentina in 2008. Spain in 2009. Many, many other times. Howard has been the best player for the national team the past few years. Lets focus on actual discussions.

  145. ShaggyReAL says:

    whats the score now? my ps3 links are dead.

  146. MemRook says:

    lol, and all the non-Everton or Arsenal fans immediately stop commenting the moment Donovan is subbed out of the game (myself included).

    Which brings up a question I’ve wondered for some time: are American soccer fans unique in the way we follow our players, especially the ones for our national team and even more so the ones playing abroad? We hardly follow teams, but rather the American player.

    In other words, do other countries have message boards and blogs solely devoted to following how their players are doing abroad? I’ve seen lots and lots of stuff for various teams (say, in the EPL) but never anything for the development of national team players.

    I think we’re unique because we want the sport to do well in our country, and while MLS is entertaining for some of us, it just isn’t there yet, and the national team is our one true outlet for Americans to show our united support of soccer in our country. I dunno.

    In other words, I think we’re the most unique fans in the world.

  147. over there says:

    and they love to call Americans racists. Gotta love the Brits and their fetal alcohol syndrome.

  148. ahm says:

    i wonder how much merida’s contract situation played in his getting substituted on in the 84th

  149. adenovato says:

    it’s too bad that was denilson

    i want someone to crack that idiot eduardos fibula in half again

    he has no respect for the beautiful game or the other players

  150. andrew in tampa says:

    everton up 2-1 . Pinaar break away goal. delightful finish

  151. Jorge says:

    I bet David Moyes is so happy now… Proud of Landon.

  152. Fireball says:

    Probably less than Denilson going down and Arse looking at dropping points.

  153. ShaggyReAL says:

    Oh okay….I was thinking it was 3-1 everton….

  154. JR says:

    its back up now

  155. ShaggyReAL says:

    so when is everton going to throw LD a parade? haha. kidding.

  156. benniebomber says:

    Hey, Friedel hasn’t been scored on today. Just sayin’.

  157. ahm says:

    guess thats a good point, forgot how thin arsenal’s options are for attack-minded players with all their injuries

  158. Ted in MN says:

    Oh SOAB another deflection

  159. adenovato says:

    wow if i was tim howard i would just quit this team

    absolutely disgraceful defending…

  160. bryan says:

    a second deflected goal for arsenal…

  161. Brent McD says:

    @adenovato: you are a low-life piece of sh!t. wishing injury on a player is disgusting

  162. JR says:

    arsenal score, rosicky gets a shot off, deflects off a defender and floats in

  163. MemRook says:

    lord, I’d consider buying an Everton Donovan jersey, possibly, but Everton’s jerseys are so effin’ ugly. What’s with that faux-Vneck??? It looks like their all wearing oversized granny bras or something lol

  164. fischy says:

    What a run by Diaby!!! Too bad about the deflection — HOward might have had the save.

  165. Yinka Double Dare says:

    Just awful luck for Everton and Howard. Another goal on a deflection, this time Howard looked to be in great position to stop it without the deflection.

  166. roysterer says:

    You do realize that they’re missing both of their starting center backs…

  167. And Everton fall apart, wow!

  168. United says:

    No, pretty much every country outside of the top 4 or 5 leagues do this.

  169. roysterer says:

    the away jersey’s look pretty good in my opinion

  170. MemRook says:

    yeah, good point. i DO like the aways; i forgot about them because i haven’t seen everton play in them once this season. Some people probably hate the pink, but it’s so different from anything else in the EPL that I like them.

  171. Ted in MN says:

    Well everton know what they need: centerbacks. I don’t follow Everton all that closely; so, who are the two starters that are injured?

  172. OC says:

    Howard would have saved it. That’s terrible. The end of this game was crazy.

  173. Limo says:

    he’s requesting a transfer to Newcastle who’s very interested in him, and having a good chance of moving to the EPL next year

  174. adenovato says:

    when you want to come off your little pedestal, come back and have a conversation with people who are better than you

  175. I agree, I like Chelsea I follow them but when they play against Fulham I have a conflict of interest because I feel like I should be rooting for Clint, its crazy that way but I think it is just that we all as fans feel our players don’t get enough respect.

  176. japan says:

    please leave this site

  177. japan says:

    Jagielka(sp??) out for another month and Yobo away on ACON

  178. matt says:

    Jagielka has been out since last spring with an ACL injury, and Yobo is at the AFCON with Nigeria.

  179. adenovato says:

    a player who has been out for an entire year cannot be used as an excuse

    two transfer periods have passed since then, and the problem is definitely not limited to the center backs

  180. patagonia says:

    Seriously? Howard blocks those goal if they aren’t deflected off his own defenders. Those aren’t his fault at all.

  181. ShaggyReAL says:

    Just saw all the goals on fox match day. Pienar’s goal was a nice chip. evertons defense was bad but they got unlucky with both deflections on the goals.

  182. yank abroad says:

    The announcers are saying that Donovan had a brilliant debut on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday show here in the UK. The announcer said LD played well, especially for someone who has only been in the country for a couple of days and had to play in snow. Announcer adds that the weather is probably a little different in California (ha ha).

    Wasn’t the second goal an own goal? Why did they credit the goal to Rosicky when it was clearly a two footed shot by the defender?

  183. fischy says:

    You do realize Villa’s game was postponed, right? You’re making a joke?

    Of course, Freidel is the best goalie. Old story. We needed him more in ’06, though.

  184. MemRook says:

    It is possible, BUT I bet most of those other countries you mentioned also have a domestic league that is THE league in their country (not the NFL, NBA, MLB leagues that MLS has to compete with). What I’m saying is, I live in Memphis, where we ain’t got sh*t for soccer! So I follow the national team and its players like crazy. I have an affinity for Fulham because I was at the Fulham/MLS all star game and Fulham’s propensity for having US players. But I don’t have a single-minded devotion to one club as I’m willing to bet a lot of US national team fans do not either (with no disrespect to MLS, but it’s not the top domestic league in our country, it just isn’t). Every other country like Russia or Sweden or Scotland, they have soccer as their top domestic league.

  185. Ted in MN says:

    If anybody is still here… does neville play any center back because they could move him in and then play Young Coleman (Seamus) on the right back. might solve some problems if that is possible. Once again I don’t follow everton all that much

  186. japan says:

    Everton’s defense is not bad. Sure they’re not Chelsea but you compared them to Hull City, which makes you look like an idiot. 2 goals today were off deflections and Howard didn’t have much to do today.

  187. japan says:

    forgot about Distin. He’s out as well.

  188. e says:

    looks like donovan won’t be as dissapointing as jozy

  189. japan says:

    No. Neil and Heitinga are more than capable. I think people here (not saying you are) are exaggerating on how bad they are because Howard is the keeper. It is no worse than US’s defense.

  190. Joe says:

    Donovan played well today. He will be happy with the assist, had some good moments. To be fair he didn’t make some runs in the first half that I thought he would. Overall, solid performance.

  191. adenovato says:

    the deflections never should have happened

    everton lets players just dribble around inside the 18, there is no pressure, nobody steps up

    neither shot should have been allowed, period

  192. I think Landon played it safe today he’s only been with the team for a week, you can’t just come in and take over the team, guys will run you out that way. I thought it was a great sign of respect for LD to take the corners on his first day. The guy is class, there was a mmoment there when everton where flying all over the place and he just calmly spotted a run in the middle and played the ball right on the mark, I don’t get all the disdain for him, I really don’t.

  193. glenburniesoccer says:

    Saha is a quality player for sure. I hope adenovato was just joking if not he/she probably doesn’t follow the EPL on a regular basis. Saha does have class but he hasn’t shown the form he once had when he was with Fulham due to multiple injuries. Overall, a decent game, and a decent debut for Landon.

  194. Joamiq says:

    No, he’s right. I hate Arsenal, but I would never wish something like that on one of their players. Grow up and show a little class.

  195. japan says:

    First goal was a shot outside the box. Good quick feet from Arshavin and a first time lay off from Eduardo. No dribbling involved.

    Second goal started near the half. Basically everything was one or two touch. Good movement up front tucks the defense in and Rosicky comes from behind. It was a great goal. You’re a Barcelona fan right? If that was them that scored the goal, you would probably be saying that’s how “football” should be played and how no one can stop them.

  196. Fireball says:

    My bad. I meant ‘on’.

  197. Brett says:

    Teams that typically don’t have a lot of players in foreign leagues do the same thing we are doing here.

    Mexicans in particular are very similar. Many Mexican fans were die-hard Barcelona fans, but when Marquez fell out of the first team that support dwindled. Same with Dos Santos and Tottenham, Pardo and Stuttgart, Salcido with PSV, etc etc..

    But when it comes to a country like England or Germany, most of their national team stars play in the domestic leagues, so the fans tend to follow their main club only. But if, say, Wayne Rooney were to play for Bayern Munich, the English fans would only follow BM games if he was playing.

  198. Eric says:

    not saying landon didn’t play very vell, but do remember that traore is arsenals 3rd choice right back. not taking anything away at all, he did play well, and i hope he lights the league up, but do take that into consideration.

  199. Donovan got the highest rating on Sky Sports between both teams. 7.7 with the comment “Good Debut”

    He looks more comfortable than he did for Bayern.

  200. ec says:

    Guardian review of Donovan in the match report:

    “With Louis Saha’s clever runs and Tim Cahill’s waspish presence augmented extremely well by the expert dribbling of Landon Donovan on an eye-catching debut, Everton caused Arsenal serious concern from the off.”

  201. chris says:


    “And with Arsene Wenger’s side missing Alexander Song, they struggled to impose themselves in midfield allowing Everton debutant Landon Donovan, in particular, to take advantage.

    The American gave Gunners left-back Armand Traore a torrid time throughout, and it was from his corner that Everton opened the scoring.”

  202. adenovato says:

    donovan was great

    birmingham scores! up 1-0 on man u

  203. Dominick says:

    On a lighter note—so much for my fantasy team’s cup run….damn these cancellations. C’mon Boyer!!!!

  204. Blair says:

    Is it safe to stream from

  205. EvertonBrian says:

    Me: Sure, honey, we can go go to breakfast… As long as we are back by 11ish… (assuming Landon would be a 60th minute sub)

    **after learning Landon was starting**

    Me: Actually babe, let’s get the food to go, I’m not feeling too hot…

    Decent game from my boys… The entire defense (aside from Baines, of course) is out of form and/or playing out of position, making it difficult to hang on to a 2-1 lead.

    If only James Vaughan could’ve kept his composure on his breakaway late in the game! We rarely take 3 points against any of the big 4. However, if you would’ve offered me a point before kickoff, I would’ve gladly taken it.

    LD looked to tire just a tad toward middle of the 2nd half, which i am positive can be attributed to adjusting to his new surroundings and being a few weeks removed from “match” fitness.

    Overall, so f’ing excited to see the star of my favorite national team playing for my favorite club team!!!

  206. GunneRR says:

    You are an idiot

  207. japan says:

    I got knocked out last week when Arshavin(Capt), Diaby, Eduardo, Lee, Davies all did not play thier second game and lost by 15pts

  208. Kizz says:

    Howard beast in deed. Is that a beast’s performance today? Poor positioning as always for the Toffees goalie

  209. jig says:

    agreed, japan.

  210. Kizz says:

    Stars are born as teenagers not 27 year old former European flops. He play well, nit extra ordinary, The corner was a good one, that Arsenal should have cleared and it showed they have problems when small Baines heads in the goal.

  211. DingDong says:


  212. patrick says:

    if you scroll down there’s an interview with donovan after the game

    link to

  213. ericJ says:

    watching inter vs siena and they have had more errant passes and blind crosses than an mls match. Still fun and high scoring though at 2-2

  214. EricJ says:

    The game cleaned up and Sienna started to dive so the 4-3 inter win was great to see! good game.

  215. madmax says:

    I can’t see Moyes playing an out of form Saha, over and over again , but Yakubu is in poorer form. Perhaps Jo will get another shot. Saha destroyed many attacks today.

  216. madmax says:

    Both goals were scored by Everton defenders. Howard would certainly have stopped the first easily, and had a chance on the second if not for deflections.

  217. madmax says:

    Sorry shaggy, this was a reply to Japan.

  218. Tim says:

    shut up jizz

  219. Isaac says:

    link to

    Everton v Arsenal highlights; The corner from Landon was excellent.

    While I’m waiting for some guy to post highlights Donovan against Arsenal, and someone will do it, from what I heard, Landon showed his tactical and technical ability, speed, and a pretty good workrate. This is exactly what we expect from Landon against CONCACAF teams and the fact that he’s doing it against one of the best teams in the EPL is exciting. Just as exciting is Moyes’ clear faith in him, and the only reason that he took him out at the 69 minute mark was most likely for fitness purposes. If this is what Donovan can do in his first game, then he’s got a good 10 weeks ahead of him.

  220. mike in nashville says:

    memrook, i totally get what you were saying. im an arsenal fan but only because my whole family is from n london. however i find myself cheering for teams with american players when they arent playing arsenal. the nats fan in me was glad to see landon do so well- and with man u drawing it isnt all that bad for the gunners. also, i didnt realize there were so many arsenal haters on here- you’re gonna be a frustrated bunch over the next few years!

    whoever would wish for eduardo to lose his career and get injured again is nuts. chill out dude, it was obvious that he wss going for the ball and running on an icy surface. he apologized to tim immediately and tim acknowledged it. relax.
    and btw, traore may be third string but he’s no slouch and is better than at least half of the starting left backs in the epl. landons performance was fun to watch and it was great to see him do well.

  221. japan says:

    They were not scored by Everton’s defenders. They were deflected off of them. But yea I agree, Howard would have saved the first and maybe the second one too. I wasn’t blaming Howard. I was just telling adevanoto that the defenders weren’t really at fault.

  222. You go to Germany at 17 and become a star! Not many people leave there home countries without playing professionally and become stars. Where donovan is now is a testament to the type of player he is, he’s not a flop he’s been in 2 1/2 bad situations. Besides look at two players who were on that team berbatov and donovan whose the better player now? 27,28,29 are athletes prime years, not their early twenties.

  223. Josh.2 says:

    Don’t know what you’re getting at here, but Berbatov is def a better player than Donovan. Just because Landon is considered the best out of an American bunch does not make him a great player. And 2 1/2 bad situations? the kid had his chance and Leverkusen and didn’t pull it off. Bayern was a bad idea to begin with, better players ahead of him, but I stopped being a Donovan fan after he left Leverkusen the second time, he had a chance there, he just didn’t pull it off. I want the guy to succeed, but the Arsenal he played against today should not go to his head. Arsenal played a bad game today, and that’s a testament to the high standards they’ve set. I would have liked to have seen him play against a full strenght Arsenal side. He had a decent game, but he wasn’t the best on the field, but he surely understand the Everton system, pack up behind the ball and wait for your chance…and for my money, Clint Dempsey is the best American player.

  224. Josh.2 says:

    having a couple of good passes and an assist against an under strenght Arsenal team makes you a star? There are players in the EPL who do that with some regularity in the EPL and not too many people consider them stars…Dempsey is scoring goals, getting assists, dribbling people, and hardly anyone speaks of him in the same sentence as Fabregas, Gerrard, Torres, Lampard and the like.

  225. Josh.2 says:

    They played Arsenal…Everton does not have a horrible defense. Even Chelsea’s defense has trouble against Arsenal. If not for king Drogba, Chelsea wouldn’t have beaten Arsenal.

  226. Josh.2 says:

    You do know Saha is a forward right? they have one thing in mind.

  227. Josh.2 says:

    I don’t think there is disdain for Donovan, I think some people (myself included) just can’t stand how people on this site like to exaggerate his performances. Nobody goes crazy when a guy like Dempsey is putting in good performances on a weekly basis, but Donovan plays a game in which he isn’t particularly spectacular, and certainly wasn’t any better than anyone on his team, and everyone wants to congratulate him on a great game and all that. He was average today, and that’s from a neutral’s point of view. Everton as a team was pretty good, Arsenal’s was poor.

  228. madmax says:

    The Donovan haters have shifted and fallen back. No longer ‘Donovan can’t play in Europe’ the new mantra is Donovan can’t star in Europe. And they’ll shift again based on his few games with Everton, how silly.

  229. DC Josh says:

    I didn’t know Eric Cantona was back!?

  230. DC Josh says:

    pretty messed up. you should feel ashamed of yourself.

  231. peter_tfc says:

    Being Canadian and a Reds fan I hated Landon Donovan. But that now he’s in the EPL I appreciate his skills and hope he does very well. His success, and Clint Dempsey’s, make MLS stronger (and help’s us to forget about Johnson’s, Adu’s and Altidore’s failures).

  232. Nicole says:

    Geez, Josh.2….make up your freakin’ mind.

    You down play what Donovan has done because it’s only against an underperforming Arsenal. Then when someone points out that Everton’s poor defense…you say they’re defense isn’t bad because they’re playing the mighty Arsenal.

    So which is it: crap Arsenal or great Arsenal?

    I think your bias against a certain player with the initials LD is showing.

  233. Scott A says:

    ha so true

  234. Josh.2 says:

    I don’t think i’ve ever hidden my bias against LD. I don’t think he’s the best US player. And a poor Arsenal is still better than the majority of teams.