Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Landon Donovan Everton (Reuters) 

Landon Donovan's first home game for Everton will see him face red-hot Manchester City.

Everton-City is can't-miss action for American fans, but all soccer fans will want to be watching the La Liga battle between Barcelona and Sevilla. If you want some non-European soccer, then Boca Juniors-Estudiantes should provide enough spice in one of Argentina's top rivalries.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


7:30am- ESPN2- Stoke City vs. Liverpool

9:30am- Setanta USA- Manchester United vs. Burnley

9:35am- ESPN Deportes- Mainz vs. Bayer Leverkusen

10am- FSC- Chelsea vs. Sunderland

Noon- GolTV- Osasuna vs. Espanyol

12:15pm- FSC- Everton vs. Manchester City

12:30pm- ESPN Deportes- Wolfsburg vs. Stuttgart

2pm- GolTV- Athletic Bilbao vs. Real Madrid

2:30pm- FSC- Bari vs. Inter Milan

4pm- ESPN Deportes- Sevilla vs. Barcelona

5pm- FSC- Portsmouth vs. Birmingham

5pm- Setanta USA- Tottenham vs. Hull City

6pm- Azteca America- Jaguares vs. Cruz Azul

6pm- Telemundo- Monterrey vs. Indios

7pm- FSC- Cagliari vs. Livorno (Delayed)

7pm- FSE- Boca Juniors vs. Estudiantes

8pm- Telemundo- Chivas de Guadalajara vs. Toluca

8:30pm- Setanta USA- Wolves vs. Wigan (Delayed)

10pm- Telemundo- Atlante vs. Queretaro

11pm- FSC- Boca Juniors vs. Estudiantes (Delayed)

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302 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. SG says:

    Bayern Munich back on top in the Bundesliga.

    Interesting to see how LD does today at Goodison Park and the response from the home fans

  2. RNG says:

    Not quite awake, but pretty sure Boca Jr is in Argentina, not in Spain….

  3. Austin says:

    dont think Ives was awake either

  4. Mig22 says:

    Lot of good ballin going on today. Stoke putting a final nail in Rafa’s trip to the unemployment line would be nice. However, it might be nice if Cesspool wins today and we get to hear one more round of ‘Our season starts today.’

  5. Mig22 says:

    Announcers have the right of it in this Stoke-‘Pool game…nobody expected a glowing offensive display here and we are not getting it. :)

  6. Fred says:

    I guess Beasley is still injured . . . but it’s nice to see Edu get the start.

  7. Beckster says:

    flshes of the old liverpool in some of the passing sequences but overall not a lot happening in this match.

  8. SG says:

    clean sheet by Stoke today or what?

  9. USMNT says:

    Maurice Edu has yet to show he is an improvement over Ricardo Clark this season. His first half performance against Hamilton was not impressive.

  10. Alexandria says:

    Honest question, if the premier league didn’t have guaranteed contracts how many of the guys on liverpools team would still be playing today? I say three Mascherano, carragher,daegan thats it.

  11. Fred says:

    Edu needs a strong cup of coffee. As do the rest of Rangers.

  12. Fred says:

    Boy, you know the game’s boring when there’s a shot of three guys standing on the grass eating pizza.

  13. tz0n3 says:

    Hey, does anybody have a stream for any of the matches?

  14. is it me or do people avoid edu like the plague…. dudes been open made times and the guy will look at him and pass it to someone else

  15. OmarVizquel says:

    Considering they’re missing the best striker in the world, one of the top midfielders in the world, and a guy who knocks in some important goals every season (Benayoun), I’d say 1-0 would be a pretty good result for Liverpool today.

  16. jspot says:

    Thoughts from Stoke Pool:

    -Stoke has a GREAT long throw in… That is their most dangerous offensive weapon, just like my high school team.

    -Pool is pushing their defense all the way up to attack the bunkered down Stoke, which means we get to watch Carragher make some runs, which is hilarious.

    -Stoke’s supporters can sing.

    That’s all that this game has.

  17. Fred says:

    You can’t blame Edu too much for this. Rangers have relied almost exclusively on long balls over the top.

  18. USMNT says:

    Poor performance from Maurice Edu today. Bob Bradley was never a supporter of Edu and poor displays as seen today will not change his opinion. Bob Bradley has several medfielders ahead of Maurice Edu (Dempsey, Bradley, Clark, Donovan, Holden, Jones*, Torres, Feilhaber, Beasley*).

  19. wilyboy says:

    Edu is not competing with Donovan, Dempsey, Holden or injured Beasley, he is an idiot and thus Torres is unused, Jones is not going to be fit, period, and Feilahber is an attacking option in the center. That narrows the list down to three defensive midfield spots. In my book, he regains form and easily makes the trip.

  20. Kyle says:

    Hull is supposedly signing Egyptian striker Zaki on loan. Not good for Jozy boy at all.

  21. Zaki is a liability. Hes walked out on two club teams as well as the Egyptian National team if I recall correctly. If hull does sign him it would be a HUGE risk for them.

  22. jspot says:

    Great ending to that game… worth watching the first 85

  23. USMNT says:

    You are correct in your assessment, however Bob Bradley has not shown much indication of including Maurice Edu when healthy into the national team. Jermaine Jones, much like Oguchi Onyewu, is capable of returning to form prior to the World Cup. Jose Franciso Torres is well ahead, in terms of skill defensively and offensively, of Maurice Edu. In my opinion, based on recent performances, Maurice Edu will have to wait for 2014.

  24. Matt Dillon says:

    Mike Bradley and BMG losing 1-0 at home in the first half — 12th minute goal for Bochum by Slovakian Stanislav Sestak. Another Slovakian in Bochum 1st XI is Zlatko Dedic.

    Also in Bundesliga, Steve Cherundolo starting for Hanover. Still 0-0 vs Hertha Berlin.

  25. Dylan says:

    I saw that too and thought the same thing…uh-oh. Also, Jozy does not make starting XI or the bench today. Bad bongos.

  26. michael wright says:

    thats his first start since being back i think we can give him some time….

  27. michael wright says:

    he was givin a leave of absence to track down friends in haiti

  28. ahm says:

    ricardo clark has also yet to blow out his knee in the rugby-ball of the SPL. give edu some time, he could very well be the midfielder we crave who tackles, keeps the ball and makes strong runs forward. if he gets healthy he is exactly who we want next to bradley

  29. Kizz says:

    Thats cos they don’t trust him to do anything with it

  30. brian says:

    does anyone know why fsc isnt full screen for this chelsea sunderland game

    and its like that fake HD stuff

  31. ahm says:

    honestly i’m kind of relieved jozy isn’t playing today. i would invariably have to watch hull vs. spurs. i would invariably get angry at hull’s style of play. i would invariably be disappointed at jozy’s lack of opportunities and the few missed ones he had. and i would invariably leave the game less fulfilled as a human being than when i entered it

  32. Kizz says:

    That’s why it is a loan. He is way better than Jozy so Altidore might not smell the pitch for a while.

  33. froboy says:

    so true on the long throw in, i always wondered why we didn’t see that more often in the pro game, my team in high school was more dangerous on a throw in than on a corner

  34. USMNT says:


    Against M’Gladbach

    Sloveia is the team to scout, not Aleria.

  35. Kyle says:

    And that’s why he’s not doing much of anything for Hull. I understand the whole Haiti crisis but what is he going to do? Call people? Go over there and search? This might have been one of the last weeks he would have had the chance to see the field and he’s tracking down friends in Haiti from thosands of miles away. I don’t care for this at all.

  36. JAuch12 says:

    Zlatko Dedic is Slovenian but Stano Sestak is Slovak

  37. Ted in MN says:

    ouch for fagan

  38. OmarVizquel says:

    Zaki refused to sign with Portsmouth b/c he won’t play with Israelis. He’s a cancer and an a*****e.

  39. simms21 says:

    Wow…. definitely done watching that chelsea game… looks like it could easily end 6-0

  40. OmarVizquel says:

    We play Slovenia at the WC. It’s a different country from Slovakia.

  41. Zach says:

    Is Jemal Johnson still alive? He never even makes the bench for MK Dons. I still don’t understand the drastic fall from grace from this time last year to now.

  42. matt dillon says:

    My bad on the Slovak/Slovene confusion — not awake yet, I guess! Yes, Sestak is Slovakian. But Dedic is Slovenian and will likely start vs USA in South Africa. Hanover also down 0-2 to Hertha Berlin at half. Bad day for Yanks in Deutschland.

  43. Zach says:

    I’m not 100% sure that JJ is healthy but I’m pretty sure he is…

    He needs a new club. Hello MLS? He’d tear it up.

  44. Andy in Atlanta says:

    You guys are truly clueless… Zaki will come in and play but is a cancer far worse than Geovanni and Fagan has been seeking a move along with Cousin… JVH has not been the answer either… Jozy will still play.. he was given compassionate leave today.

  45. TomM says:

    He’s tracking down family. They could be dead for all he knows. His priorities are in the right place- give it a rest.

  46. Andy in Atlanta says:

    FSC is doing an HD broadcast today but since nobody has a provider that is carrying it yet… you get the down-convert.

  47. Kyle says:

    Ok so he needs 90 more minutes to track down family who he hasn’t heard from all week? I’m seeing it as an excuse to not play. I just don’t see any drive in this kid at all. He’s lucky to make the bench for Hull for the rest of the season.

  48. Spectra says:

    Edu was lined up to go to the confed cup until his injury

  49. OmarVizquel says:

    I kind of agree. Military and relief organizations are having a hard enough time to get there…I’m sure private citizens like Jozy aren’t going to get into the country to….do what exactly? I’m sure I’m coming off as insensitive, but the best course of action would be for the emergency services to do their work, and for Jozy and his family to keep trying to contact the relatives from a distance. He’s a rich young man and I’m sure he feels a duty to help out his poor countrymen and women, but he just needs to sit down and think rationally. My prayers are with his family members. The last thing we need to be concerning ourselves with is the USMNT, but I struggle to see how a leave of absence from Hull is accomplishing much for Haiti and his family there…

  50. OmarVizquel says:

    I wouldn’t put it that way, TomM. I feel for Jozy, but to call this an excuse to not play is WAY out of order.

  51. Jeremy says:

    Dang, Chelsea vs. Sunderland is looking like Chicago vs. Red Bull right now…

  52. Kyle says:

    That’s basically summing up my thoughts in a much better/kinder way lol. I just think he has a job to do like the rest of the world. By taking a leave of absence it just makes him look less dedicated to Hull than he already does. Adebayor was in a bus attacked by rebels and he took a leave of absence, that’s a little different.

  53. Brent McD says:

    Ives, I liked it better when you posted Saturday and Sunday soccer TV listings on Friday — very helpful for planning the weekend. My two cents. Thanks for all that you do.

    (SBI-Been a hectic few weeks with the MLS Combine and Draft stuff. The Soccer on TV schedule will return to normal next week.)

  54. ahm says:

    i looked in to going down and volunteering and the relief services literally said they do not want volunteers, they want money. unless you had a very specific skill (i.e. doctor) they did not want you down there in any way as you were more of a burden to house/feed than to help. I wish jozy the best for he and his family of course but i don’t think he’d even be able to get into haiti, and if he’s just taking time to clear his head it’s understandable but many athletes find going out there and distracting yourself for a few hours is the best remedy.

  55. japan says:

    Sunderland are so poor without Cattermore. Have to feel sorry for Liverpool.

  56. The Dream says:

    I agree. I don’t plan my games until your post and it would be nice to have ahead of time. Cheers!

  57. Joamiq says:

    You are unbelievably selfish. There are thousands upon thousands of people missing. No one is looking specifically for Jozy’s family members except for Jozy’s family. And I’m not sure if you can quite comprehend how it feels when 100,000 people in your parents’ country die. If Jozy feels like he needs to go down there himself, that is 100% OK. There are more important things than soccer.

  58. Mig22 says:

    folks, this is a global level tragedy and the kid is Haitian. A leave of absence for one when there are dozens of people missing that he knows/is related to is pretty reasonable. This can’t be seen as a statment about the kid’s dedication.

    I mean, really, c’mon.

  59. 57Tele says:

    I hope that is not really true, but if it is, Hull (or any other team for that matter) shouldn’t even be considering him.

  60. Kyle says:

    Yeah so very selfish indeed haha. My whole week depends on Jozy and whether he will finally score a goal lol and this whole earthquake just ruined my week. Wow you’re clueless. Tell me one good reason why Jozy isn’t playing today and I will maybe see things differently. What’s he going to do? Start searching through the rubble for his family? Just simply shows he’s not dedicated to his career because when Zaki comes in Jozy is gonna be on the reserve team. I am in no way saying that he shouldn’t be mourning his loss but the joy of playing would be somethiing to help him in moving forward.

  61. OmarVizquel says:

    link to
    “I refused their offer before, but now joining Portsmouth is no longer an option for me,” Zaki said on his official website.

    “After Portsmouth signed an Israeli player and also hired an Israeli football director a possible move was ruled out. On top of that, no way could I play at Portsmouth with an Algerian within in their ranks.”

  62. jig says:

    but wait, doesnt he absolutely deserve a call up from bradley? I thought he was the answer to our attacking problems! What’s that you say? He doesn’t see the pitch in League 1? hmmmm.

  63. Kyle says:

    90 minutes for M. Bradley is good.

  64. afc says:

    Jon Paul Pittman scores for Wycombe. His 2nd goal in 2 games. 9th of the season.

  65. Zach says:

    I’m glad that you used my post as a springboard to promote your pro-Bradley agenda :)

    But yeah it doesn’t seem like he was the answer. Although, it doesn’t really seem like Altidore is the answer either does it? We’re going to be extremely hard-pressed for goals this summer.

  66. wilyboy says:

    I absolutely agree. His soul is in Haiti right now, he wouldn’t have his heart anywhere near the pitch. He needs to focus on finding answers to some very important family questions.

    Seriously, some of you people are sounding scary insensitive.

  67. Austin says:

    According to Univision….

    Michael Orozco is transfering to Philly Union to catch the eye of BB before the world cup.

    very interesting….he would probably play rightback for them

  68. Austin says:

    if that Orozco story is true ives, would Orozco be put in the allocation or is that only for returning U.S. players that were previously in MLS?

    I thought players that were never in MLS previously but were American could be signed by anybody in the league, but people on Bigsoccer are confusing me

  69. OmarVizquel says:

    Sick of my Yanks losing though. The one Yank playing consistently for a winner — Señor Friedel at Villa — doesn’t even play FOR the Yanks anymore!

  70. JS says:

    well played sir…well played indeed

  71. Mig22 says:

    Maybe Timmy and LD will get the win today Omar….it IS getting a little grim out there for the Yanks’ teams.

  72. srfinger says:

    If a player is considered part of the national team pool, then they would have to go through the allocation process, no matter if they have been in the league or not.

    I guess the big question for Orozco would be if he is officially considered part of the pool. When was he last in the Full camp?

  73. dave says:

    Links to the Everton match?

  74. Limo says:

    Wolves may be losing 2-0 to Wigan, but Hahnemann saved a PK right at the end of the half

  75. Jorge says:

    Have FOX Soccer Channel? The game will be there.

  76. Bob Bradley says:

    Donovan in the starting XI:

    Howard; Neville, Heitinga, Distin, Baines; Donovan, Fellaini, Cahill, Pienaar, Bilyaletdinov; Saha.

  77. Limo says:

    It’s not if he’s part of the “pool”. technically any american is considered part of the pool. I think it’s if you’ve been capped by the National team, which Orozco has.

  78. bryan says:

    today is going to be a great day. Lil Everton, then some Madrid topped by Sevilla beating Barca and deflating the gigantic heads that have now filled up the Camp Nou. talk about egos…

  79. Kyle says:

    As long as the guys are getting there minutes that is all I really care about. Winning is good and all but just stay away from relegation and keep playing 90 mins and I personally don’t care haha. Bang in some goals whle there at it is also a plus. Donovan will score today I’m calling it.

  80. EricJ says:

    I think they earned those egos…

  81. George says:

    Even though Anti-semitism is common in the Arab world, guys like Zaki need to be banned from football,

  82. jig says:

    ahahahah and I thank you for that opportunity. but yeah, altidore is not going to be scaring anyone at the World Cup. Only Donovan and Dempsey are capable of that on their day. That’s the reality, unfortunately.

  83. jig says:

    agreed, best side of the decade. no one can hang with them on their day.

  84. bryan says:

    didn’t say they didn’t earn them…just said they had them. i think a few people who barca fans say have large egos deserved theirs as well…

  85. bryan says:

    alright, game time…come Everton!

  86. kp says:

    anybody have a feed for the everton game for those who don’t have fox?

  87. Jorge says:

    Is this the same Zaki who played for Wigan until the manager sent him home packing?

  88. MikeHoncho says:

    I love the City third kits

  89. Ed says: has one (look on the sit, I don’t want to post the actual url or they might take it down)

  90. Tele57 says:

    It shouldn’t even need to come this. If I was a Hull fan and they were picking up a player like this, assuming the quotes posted by Omar V. are correct, I would be pissed. Teams shouldn’t even be considering him. You think there are players on any team in the EPL that don’t have jewish freinds. He’s gonna rip the locker room apart and be a complete cancer. It’s beyond me that any team would even be considering him if he really said those things.

  91. Joamiq says:

    Ha, you hypocrite. You can act like you care (as in your previous four comments) or you can act like you don’t (as in your last one), but you can’t have it both ways, so pick one. You clearly don’t understand what’s going on over there. Maybe Jozy will actually aid in the search, or maybe he’s there provide support to all of his family members who have lost someone. Either way, it’s a very good reason to not be playing a game. This is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. Are you really naive enough to believe you can step into his shoes and know what will bring him “joy” and “help him in moving forward”?

  92. John says:

    Some good passes by Landon

  93. ShaggyReAL says:

    perfect cross by Donovan

  94. FulhamPete says:

    Donovan looks very nice up the right wing. A couple of crafty, threatening passes.

  95. ShaggyReAL says:

    Everton just dodged a bullet. Horrible marking by the everton defenders.

  96. ahm says:


  97. FulhamPete says:

    LD with a scary looking cross…almost goes in on its own. He looks best on pitch right now.

  98. froboy says:

    donovan needs to stay in the EPL, he’s too good for MLS, looking good so far today, nearly had his first goal

  99. CrispyST3 says:

    Nice play by Donovan, shoulda had that one though, although i think it was those half crosses half shots that could work either way. It was good

  100. Joamiq says:

    Oh man. Landy looks dangerous. Wish he’d chipped the keeper earlier.

  101. SKing says:

    I think he was going for goal, very close by Donovan.

  102. Jorge says:

    Hear the USA, USA chants?

  103. Brent McD says:

    chants of U-S-A from the Goodison Park faithful. gotta love that!

  104. jig says:

    to be honest, i think phil brown just wants someone to score goals.

  105. Brent McD says:

    I agree, they look fantastic. Nice the way the shirt sponsor is reduced in size and placed beneath the club badge too. Very classy. Not a fan of City, but I do like this shirt

  106. froboy says:

    please come up with the cash Everton, some how miraculously to be able to buy Donovan

  107. OC says:

    I don’t know if it’s just cuz I’m a huge fan but I feel like the crowd really gets behind LD when he has the rock.. They anticipate great play from him, which says a lot about the caliber player they feel he is!

  108. Yinka Double Dare says:

    Donovan is already installed as the guy taking all the corners. That didn’t take long. And the great delivery on the set corner play to Fellaini at the far post shows why.

  109. andrew in tampa says:

    What are the chances of donovan getting a pass on the right from phil neville today?

  110. froboy says:

    not that it matters, but when will Landon finally be the captain of the USMNT, presumably our new coach after the WC will give him the band

  111. ahm says:

    for not being a real CM pienaar has done a helluva job dictating the pace of play against a strong duo of barry- de jong. if edu isn’t 100% ready this summer i’d be happy to see if feilhaber or torres could function in a similar role

  112. froboy says:

    everton definitely dominating play right now

  113. jig says:

    this game is a lot of fun! great from donovan to track back and win the ball. he looks switched on.

  114. OC says:

    I really have always thought of Pienaar as one of the most underrated players in football. He always looks solid… I agree.

  115. OC says:

    Pienaar right on cue!

  116. Brent McD says:

    goal! pienaar. great near post sneaker!

  117. ShaggyReAL says:

    Nice free kick Peanut!

  118. Jorge says:

    That’s a beautiful goal…

  119. Joamiq says:

    Wow. Excellent kick.

  120. jig says:

    ewwwwwww pienaaar. he is sick!

  121. Tony in Quakeland says:

    It is ridiculous how personally we take this stuff sometimes, but as a long time Donnovan supporter, I feel like telling the Donovan doubters to form a line and kiss my hairy behind.

  122. Brent McD says:

    lucky for everton that is not playing in the cup of nations :)

  123. OC says:

    This game is about to get a lot more exciting. You hear that crowd? This is great for LD

  124. froboy says:

    Mexico should be afraid of Pienaar in their first game, much prefer our group to Mexico’s

  125. ShaggyReAL says:

    Fellaini is a badass

  126. Ian says:

    if only MLS had some 3rd kits… Sounders owner Adrian Hanauer says there should be a “surprise” whenever we ask him about it.

  127. FulhamPete says:

    So MEX and URU give RSA set pieces at their own peril with Pienaar hitting shots like that.

  128. Brent McD says:

    Agreed. And I think he’s much better in midfield instead of up top.

  129. Kizz says:

    Its a loan deal. What part of loan deal does not register in your head?

  130. Kyle says:

    Donovan not at his sharpest. Fellaini is a beast and a great goal by Pienaar.

  131. ahm says:

    donovan is playing very well! his chemistry with neville is a bit off but he’s looked very dangerous so far. i think city paying him a lot of respect on the right has opened things up on the left and middle

  132. jig says:

    fellaini is bossing it at the moment. immense.

  133. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Where is Fellaini from? Can we invade his country, annex it as the 51st state and insert him into the US midfield?

  134. Alexandria says:

    Gareth Barry = overrated

  135. ahm says:

    not nearly as impressed with tim cahill right now as the rest of the squad.

  136. ShaggyReAL says:

    what the hell was neville doing there? you cant lethim get that shot off.

  137. jig says:

    belgium. they are going to be ridiculous in 2014. fellaini is 22, kompany is 24, lukaku is 16, hazard is 19, they have arguably the world’s best crop of youngsters coming through for the next cycle.

  138. Brent McD says:

    penalty. wow, seems a bit harsh to me

  139. ShaggyReAL says:

    isnt Felliani from Belgium or Germany?

  140. Joamiq says:

    I don’t think we’re annexing Belgium anytime soon…

  141. JSmiley says:

    Does Landy get the PK?

  142. Jorge says:

    The guys on FOX Espanol are have said that Garrido is not pushing forward for fear of being punished by Landon. That made me laugh.

  143. jig says:

    forgot witsel (20) and vermaelen as well.

  144. JSmiley says:

    guess not. gol.

  145. dantheblue says:

    Donovan is playing very active football. Had a real good chance but opted to loft the ball to the far post but the run wasn’t there. A couple good corners and playing solid defense… Everton up 2 nill!

    GO LANDON and the LA GALAXY!

  146. Joamiq says:

    Harsh but fair. Them’s the rules, don’t break ’em

  147. Jorge says:

    He’s from Belgium.

  148. froboy says:

    definitely was a foul, just stupid defending to pull the jersey like that in the box, everton deserves their lead

  149. fischy says:

    That 2nd Everton goal doesn’t happen if Donovan doesn’t win the 50/50 ball to start the break.

  150. ShaggyReAL says:

    RSL>LAG 😛

  151. japan says:

    Donovan started off really well but started to die off in the end. His set piece are looking good though. Pienaar is top class. Felliani has been played as behind the striker, box to box, and now holding mid. He has finally found his position. What a performance by Everton this half.

  152. fischy says:

    Not to defend the indefensible, but Richards first grabbed the jersey OUTSIDE of the box. I could see why he might argue that the foul was outside the box.

  153. ShaggyReAL says:

    everton sucks at holding leads though. 2-0 is not nearly a big enough lead.

  154. Mig22 says:

    Good point, Fischy. I was wondering if anybody noticed that nice piece of play in as he came to the middle.

  155. Austin says:

    I hate that my citeh is down 2-0 at half, but Donovan’s done well so far….a few mistakes, but he has been involved through corners and making good dangerous plays….he almost scored as well getting off 2 shots for himself

  156. timmy_u says:

    This would keep allocation trades hot. DC went top to grab Perkins, Philly would have to go top or near top to grab Orozco, and Dallas is trying to finagle Lee Nguyen home. Anybody else wanna come to MLS? Things could get really interesting in the trade market if these players start comin home.

  157. Mig22 says:

    Fellaini and Pienaar were….stunning.

    LD performing well. Biggest point about LDs play is that he is keeping City from attacking on their left….that means that he and Neville are controlling Bellamy who was the best player on the pitch for City for the last two games. Good stuff.

  158. bryan says:


  159. 57Tele says:

    Although not involved in the attack much 2nd part of the half, Donovan is doing great defensively; City cannot attack down his side – same as Arsenal. I hope he gets a whole 90 because I think he is best in the last 20 minutes when he is still going full speed. He was involved in the play leading to the PK.

  160. madmax says:

    Fellaini is dominating the mid-field for Everton. Half, Everton 2 City 0. In the few games I’ve seen, he’s one of the best CMs in the EPL.

  161. Austin says:

    actually agree with that….I hope Vieira replaces him instead of De Jong

    Barry has been a big dissapointment for us since coming from Villa

  162. bryan says:

    yeah, his pass to pienaar allowed him to get forward and get it to saha. LD has been good today, he looks dangerous.

  163. jig says:

    welp, considering they havent blown a two goal lead yet this season, not sure there’s any reason to believe they won’t hold on today.

  164. speekeasy says:

    Landon’s been alright, but i agree Fellaini has controlled the game

  165. soccerdude says:

    2-0 Everton

  166. Jorge says:

    There are rumors that Chelsea wants him.

  167. Brent McD says:

    MLS should definitely do 3rd kits. If Dynamo ever came out with a simple, all-Houston-Oiler-blue adidas shirt, I know me and all my buddies would buy it in a heartbeat.

  168. Nick says:

    Not good, but not the end of the world…Hull could run Ronaldo up top and still not find a way to feed him the ball.

  169. ahm says:

    i’d pay a lot of money to know what mancini just told benjani. from benjani’s face it looked as if mancini told him there were aliens landing outside goodison park

  170. over there says:

    So I guess Zaki’s non-existent chance at going to Chelsea is gone now. What a complete turdburglar he is.

  171. over there says:

    I wish he was on the same side as Baines

  172. ShaggyReAL says:

    He told him if he didnt score he’d be shipped of to Hull City!!

  173. over there says:

    I thought he hurt Villa as much as he helped last year. He tends to screw of the flow of attack. His play always seems somewhat out of synch with everyone around him.

  174. ahm says:

    just thinking the same thing. baines is an actual threat.

  175. kc says:

    i cant stand Bellamy.. Id love to pop him one in the nose

  176. Yossarian says:

    pathetic dives by City on clean steals by Everton (including one by Donovan). Shambolic officiating. City doesn’t look interested in doing anything but diving on the turf (I’m talking a out you, Mr. Tevez).

  177. Tony in Quakeland says:


    Donovan has been substatintailly better than “all right”. In fact his control of his sided of the feild has freed Fellani to stay in the middle.

    It’s obvious that he has added shape to the mid field. Everton is a great fit for him

  178. Brent McD says:

    For some reason, I’ve always liked Belgian football — probably from watching their 1990 World Cup team in Italy. The game against Uruguay in that competition was fantastic.

  179. rob says:

    who scored everton’s 2 goals? i just turned the game on now

  180. Ian says:

    haha geez, Fellaini just turned that guy around

  181. Jorge says:

    Mancini showing some guts. :-)

  182. Brent McD says:

    Robinho = “a little boy lost” — hahaha, perfect

  183. Yossarian says:

    no advantage on that?

  184. JSmiley says:

    Pienaar (FK) and Saha (PK)

  185. jig says:

    from the guardian commentary…great stuff

    58 min: Robinho is walking around and moaning a lot, yakking in the referee’s ear about what appears to be bugger all. He is proving himself to be a complete waste of space.

    60 min: Robinho – the substitute – is substituted! What a lacklustre clown he is. Shaun Wright-Phillips replaces him.

  186. ShaggyReAL says:

    weak sauce!!!

  187. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Wow. Ref plays advantage there and Donovan probably scores.

  188. over there says:

    Landon is getting beat physically. Clear not as big or strong, but at least he is using his quickness to make an impact. He could be even better in Spain.

  189. Yossarian says:

    LD has become a much better defender than he used to be. He backtracks so well now and, while he certainly won’t provide a crunching tackle, he is quite capable of harassing the opponent and winning the ball on occasion. I hope Freddie Adu is paying attention.

  190. ahm says:

    landon looks like he’s tiring. his normal crispness on the ball isn’t there right now, footwork getting a little sloppy

  191. over there says:

    Bellamy picks his nose more than anyone else in football

  192. ShaggyReAL says:

    has everton had many clean sheets this season?

  193. Joamiq says:

    Man, Landon really should have done better there.

  194. over there says:

    no where close to last year

  195. ShaggyReAL says:

    he should have hit donovanHo in the middle…..damn

  196. jig says:

    just 3 in the league, tied for fewest in the prem

  197. froboy says:

    landon didn’t take one of the corner kicks, but still a solid showing for him and everton, he should only get better as he gets more match fit and used to the team

  198. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Yeah, doesn’t seem 90 minutes sharp after the lay off. I could see taking him off for a more defensive mid

  199. kc says:

    My only gripe is that LD has played it a little “too safe” today.. Like hes afraid to make a mistake.. he needs to run at people more, and take the shot when u have a chance IMHO

  200. froboy says:

    “donovan won a few more friends today” from the British commentator on the feed i’m watching

  201. ShaggyReAL says:

    Wow 3 players in front of goal and he hits it way over the bar. selfish shot.

  202. froboy says:

    beautiful corner kick from Landon, fellaini nearly finished it

  203. ShaggyReAL says:

    Does saha ever pass the freakin ball. I know he’s a striker but come on……

  204. Brent McD says:

    I don’t remember Landon’s corner kicks looking this good when he plays for the U.S. or for Galaxy. I wonder, is it just a matter of having better targets?? (e.g., Fellaini, Cahill)

    Of course, Gooch and Boca aren’t slouches in the air, but still it makes me wonder….

  205. ShaggyReAL says:

    rumor is mancini is fired after this match.

  206. ShaggyReAL says:

    id take felliani over either of those two.

  207. froboy says:

    obviously, fellaini is a beast, shocked if he doesn’t land on a big 4 club in the next 2 years

  208. CrispyST3 says:

    Whatever happened to Anton Peterlin? Isnt he still with Everton Reserves

  209. froboy says:

    he’s a project, Moyes has no intention of him seeing the pitch for a while

  210. ahm says:

    was not a huge fan of fellaini coming into this game, i think i’d only seen him playing more forward behind the strikers, but today’s match has been nothing short of dominant for him

  211. over there says:

    David Moyes…pure class

  212. Mike Litoris says:

    Lando-Great first 20 minutes, average 70 minutes. He gets a great ovation when subbed on 90min.

  213. ec says:

    Guardian MBM: “Donovan – who has put in an impressive performance tonight – is replaced by Jose Baxter, allowing the USA international to receive a standing ovation on his debut.”

  214. WhoIsJacopoBelbo? says:

    according to anton perlin has started 7 reserves games so far this season. looks like he is one of regular reserves …. jose baxter has the most starts with 9 for what that’s worth

  215. mcjones says:

    Classy move by Moyes. Subbing Donovan off in the 91st to a standing ovation.

  216. WhoIsJacopoBelbo? says:

    according to anton perlin has started 7 reserves games so far this season. looks like he is one of regular reserves …. jose baxter has the most starts with 9 for what that’s worth.

  217. Yossarian says:

    Lando’s first touch looked a little off today. He also had trouble connecting with he teammates and beating his man cleanly. Part of this must be due to rust and legs. He still backtracked extremely well and shut down his side of the pitch. His corners were also very good and he provided good pressure on the wing. This is excellent practice for him to figure out how to beat English defenders this summer!

  218. Kyle says:

    Ok dude you know everything. All I know is dude is weak and wouldn’t be in my starting XI for the World Cup anymore and not just because of this week. His whole stay in England has been weak as well as his stay at Xerez.

  219. Kyle says:

    And there probably isn’t much joy in playing like shite so I guess that’s why he opted to leave.

  220. Austin says:

    Jeremiah White almost came back but went to the midddle east instead…..Clarence Goodson’s contract is up in 2010 but i dont think he would come back just yet, maybe Demerit, Boca, and Cherundolo will think about it once this world cup is over

  221. spaz says:

    Landon played the full 90. (I think they pulled him out in the 91st just to get a little love from the crowd at Goodison Park.) Donovan certainly strikes a corner well, doesn’t he? He certainly seemed to pick out the towering Fellaini with every one.

    After years of saying I think Donovan should play in MLS, I’m going to change camps now. I now think Donovan should play in the EPL. He looks capable. I think he could “figure it out,” as Wynalda would say.

  222. Joamiq says:

    Baby steps forward for Landon today. I think he’s still trying to get used to the quickness of the game in England. There were a few times today where he’d pass and then stand around, and you just can’t do that in the Premiership – have to always be moving. He also gave it away too easily a few times. He needs to correct that before his teammates stop passing to him. A promising start to the game though, and something to build on.

  223. froboy says:

    the fact he can come in and play two top 6 teams and play a quality game both days speaks quite highly of him, many “world class” players have had trouble jumping into a team/league like that

  224. Mike says:

    I think we all like to over analyze every American playing abroad. Donovan had a fine game, the team won 2-0. Like every player some good and some bad touches. Yes he belongs. Enough said.

  225. Ted in MN says:

    From Skysports player ratings:
    Marcus Hahnemann 7- Wolves’ best player
    Tim Howard 7- Had very little to do but did it well
    Landon Donovan 7- Adapting well to the Premier League well
    Jozy- Understandably wasn’t there. Whether or not he can do anything matters little to me. Somethings are slightly more important, and, lets face it, did anybody really want to see Jozy go up against Tottenham. That could have been really bad. Get back soon Jozy and best wishes.

  226. Joamiqjunrealistic says:

    Right, so Moyes should drop him right now and send him back to LA.

    What a fool he was to start Donovan!

  227. Hokierama says:

    Landon has done a great job at Everton so far. He needs to stay there at Everton. Great club, great supporters and the best league in the world.

  228. TimChap says:

    Torres isn’t nearly as good as edu defensively, but thats not what makes Torres good. Torres range of passing, creativity, and ability to keep possesion. Edu on the other hand is much more a defensive midfielder.

  229. John says:

    Kyle, shot your trap, you’re an a**hole. How can you even compare a game to maybe the worst natural disaster in human history. You have NO IDEA what Altidore may be going through, yet you judge. Had Hull thought in more important to play, they would not have granted him leave. They obviously HAVE a clue. Yours are as despicable as Rush Limbaugh’s comments. Put a sock in it.

  230. jig says:

    i dont think the “english” matters so much. the level of play is high, that’s all he needs.

  231. Kizz says:

    You guys are jokers. If Richards does not pull Saha, the so-called ball your golden boy won is irrelevant. PLEASE stop the BS, he was okay. Had an opportunity in the 1st half and did what shanked it. Typical MLS product.

  232. jig says:

    agree with you, joamiq.

  233. Kizz says:

    Best in the last 20 minutes? Really where was he then in this game? Wearing the blinders as usual.

  234. MikeHoncho says:

    Landon played well today. True, his first touch did let him down a few times and he definitely looked a little gassed the last 20 minutes, but I am proud of how he played.

    Real Madrid is down 1 nil at half to Athletic-Aupa Athletic!

  235. John says:

    A 3 second shirt pull in the area is harsh?

  236. Kizz says:

    He better be playing defense or else his behind will making appearances on the bench. Moyes will only tell him once.

  237. John says:

    Ref gave advantage to Saha initially, but he just kept on tugging.

  238. John says:

    I thought I was the only one who noticed that.

  239. John says:

    Let’s see, he was “okay” in 90 minutes against the hottest team in the EPL. If that’s a “typical MLS product”, I’ll take it. But obviously you know more than Moyes, that’s why you’re on this site.

  240. Kizz says:

    This is the EPL not MLS.Run at who? Garrido was able to play him square. He got a gimmie against Arsenal wth Traore, Clichy would have taken care of business. He had a chance n the 1st half and what did he do with it? He is an okay player, nothingout of the ordinary.

  241. Tom Patton says:

    Is anyone else worried that our team captain has not got a minute on the field in 12 matches -while healthy- at Rennes?

    I just can’t believe people are not freaked out about this turn of events.

  242. Kizz says:

    At least someone is objective

  243. Kyle says:

    Hull let him go because he has been playing like crap.

  244. Joamiq says:

    Uh… wait what? I’m pretty sure I didn’t say anything remotely like that. He made mistakes, but he’s acquitted himself well so far. It’s extremely difficult to come from MLS and immediately get thrown into the starting lineup in the Premiership and perform to the point that the manager takes you out in the 90th so you can get a hand in just your second game. Hopefully next time he can make quicker decisions, move off the ball more, and sharpen his touch. He certainly looks like he belongs.

  245. sportsjuke says:

    Let’s go Barca!!!

  246. ec says:

    The US Soccer boards are tougher on Landon than the British media! Jeez, those guys are looking for a chance to make fun of our players, had plenty of doubts before he made his debut, and have been overwhelmingly positive. And the Everton fans are obviously appreciative.

    I hate when people defer to one or two random Brit opinions (“I was watching at the bar with an Arsenal fan, and HE SAID…”) because in most matters I think we’re just as smart and watch/read as much as any fan base in the world. But the overwhelming opinion, dare I say consensus, is that Donovan is playing great, and they’ve seen a long line of top shelf players fail in year one of their EPL careers. Watching critically is good, but keep it in perspective.

    And the comment that Donovan isn’t running enough is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. There is something called a team formation, and you play within it. LD makes great runs, and is beating people with his speed, but he isn’t going to just tear up the field on every play or Everton would be exposed to counter attacks.

  247. Joamiq says:

    I’m worried, but he went 120 in the last League Cup game. Hopefully that gets him back into the picture. I think part of the reason we’re not freaking out is because DeMerit is a strong deputy. But I’d still rather have both in top form, of course.

  248. Joamiq says:

    If you’re referring to my comment, I didn’t say he wasn’t running enough. He ran a lot, especially on defense. His motor is a big plus for him. I think he has just had a tendency to make a pass and watch it rather than staying in motion, and that’s not a good thing. He did this a couple of times when he moved into the middle of the field, and it clogged things up.

  249. Joamiq says:

    One other note about today’s Everton-City match – how annoying was it that the ref didn’t play advantage that one time when Landy came away with the ball and was streaking in on goal all alone? Infuriated me. Could have been a big play for him.

  250. ec says:

    Gotcha, sorry for scanning comments. You definitely know what you are talking about.

  251. Joamiq says:

    It’s all good. You still make good points

  252. Rocco says:

    Can somebody block this idiot troll?

  253. Paul says:

    Those in the Arab world would contend that there is a diffference between being anti-Israel and anti-Semitic (not saying I agree)…

  254. soundersfcfanboy says:

    How did Landon do today? I missed the game ARG!!!!

  255. Tim says:

    I’m pretty sure Orozco is left footed, and prefers playing CB. But is capable of playing LB.

  256. Tim says:

    I’m surprised Zaki is willing to go to Hull considering there is an Algerian internationl at the club in Kamel Ghilas.

  257. Kizz says:

    The hottest team in EPL is Birmingham City. Not Everton, please why do i bother on these people developing when it comes to football? Bunch of bs as always, typical.

  258. Tim says:

    You also forgot Steven Defour.

  259. bryan says:

    you are the joker. the point is, the ball wouldn’t have even made it that far if LD hadn’t split the defender and got it to pienaar to pass on to Saha. from there, Richards can be bad or good…either way, it doesnt take away from the chance that LD helped create.

  260. Marlon says:

    Don’t forget Defour.

  261. Joamiqunrealistic says:

    You say that now that you’ve been called on your condescending tone but reading your posts on this thread you sound like Donovan was doing poorly.

    Frankly, in terms of a first and second games I’ve seen far worse debuts in the EPl. The fact is, not every player in the EPl is flawless.

    Compare LD’s to Robinho. That guy has twice the talent Donovan will ever have but you tell me who you’d rather have on your team. There is a lot more to being a player than just skill. At the EPL level LD is showing himself to be a direct, honest, straight forward player. Moyes likes guys like that.

  262. ETJ says:

    Zaki is a true thug, as someone who was an exchange student in Egypt and follows Egyptian footy i can assure you that he is a bigoted selfish prick

  263. Joamiq says:

    What on EARTH are you talking about? I made two comments about Landon during the game, one of which was “Oh man. Landy looks dangerous.” Then in the comment you replied to, I started it by saying he took steps forward today and ended it by saying “A promising start to the game though, and something to build on.” Just because I pointed out a few things he needs to work on doesn’t mean I’m not impressed by his start. We’re on the same side here!

  264. ETJ says:

    John clearly meant Man City not Everton smarta$$… which was hotter than Birmingham. Take your arrogance elsewhere please

  265. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Askn his coaches, Everton fans and the British media, very, very well.

    Ask web-dwelling US soccer fans, he played like a club-footed hunchback with jock rot.

  266. Arcticrules says:

    You Donovan defenders are an uptight bunch. He did ok, had several nice corners but he was invisible for large parts of the game. I think it was a confidence thing. The game was played around him quite a bit with his teammates not passing to him. That said he had a few nice one touches that showed vision. I think he can adjust to the high tempo but it would take more time than he has on this loan.

  267. speekeasy says:

    overall a middling performance by donovan. he can play much better and more confidently on offense. he did work his ass off on d though

  268. agnigrin says:

    I liked your post. Thanks!

  269. Andy says:

    Considering Hull has an Algerian player, I’m surprised he’s considering going there…

  270. Brooklyn Dave says:

    The Donovan critics who are now saying he was “just average” were the same ones who were saying he’d get his jock handed to him two weeks ago. When he gets his first goal, it’ll be a lucky one, and when he makes the weekly EPL first XI for the first time it won’t be deserved. Donovan (and probably all of the other Americans overseas) can never please these type of soccer know-it-alls. Donovan played well, not spectacularly, in his first two games at Everton. But one thing he has clearly done is show that he can play at the EPL level, as a starter, something that any objective USMNT follower knew with a certainty already. Are some people getting OVER-excited about his performance? Sure, but so what? The naysayers are off by a mile, the over-excited folks are off by a foot.

  271. Josh.2 says:

    You’re so right in so many ways. I love how people on this site like to cheer basic stuff a player should already be doing. Now they’re giving second assists. If Richards doesn’t pull the shirt, there’s no penalty. Anyone who actually watches the game on a regular basis knows that. Apparently when you win a 50-50 ball and pass it to a teammate, you’re instantly the catalyst for a goal which is the result of a penalty. I know these people love LD, but c’mon. If you want to give anyone on Everton a credit, give it to Piernar, or no one. Glad to know there’s an actual soccer fan on this site, instead of these losers who are only watching because the NFL is not on.

  272. paul says:

    WTF are you smoking?

  273. r.benjamin says:

    Landon looked good. No denying it. The fans acknowledged it when he came off. Plus it’s probably not a coincidence that Everton looks like a top 10 or better all of a sudden.

    He wasn’t GREAT.. ok we accept that but Landon is proving that he has what it takes to be a good EPL player.. not bad.

    On that specific play Everyon was fortunate to get the PK. I think if Landin keeps that ball he has space to run and the play is actially more dangerous than it should have been.

    Anyone notice Landon delivering the planned long corner to opposite six corner to be headed back in the mix the way the USMNT does to success?

  274. BrianK says:

    Bottom line is that Everton is 1-0-1 with LD in the line-up and he is fitting in. He is definately adding a little spark to a team that was in desparate need. Some nice combos with Saha.

    Good for LD.

  275. Chosun says:

    What about being there for his parents who potentially lost their entire families? How about a little sensitivity towards that? I’m not directing this to you, ahm, probably a bit more towards Kyle. Whether or not he has been playing well is irrelevant. You’re saying that he’s not showing dedication to his team when his parents have potentially lost their brothers and sisters. Ok, he probably can’t be in Haiti right now, but he can be there for his parents who are probably grieving and going through hell. Perhaps you don’t understand what it means to have a close family and/or you don’t understand what tragedy is like…or maybe you’re just a cold and insensitive p.o.s., but I sure as hell hope that you’re in no position of power over people in your daily life.

  276. Kizz says:

    Mike well said…

  277. Brett says:

    People hating on Donovan’s performances to this point must have forgotten how tough it is to come off of a club season, take a couple of weeks off, and then plop into a new environment and hit the ground running.

    The fact that he doesn’t look lost is astonishing to me.

  278. davidaubudavid says:

    Ricardo clark also plays in a better league though. Outside of the top 3 teams the spl is below mls standards.

  279. Strider79 says:

    What a wanker you are!
    I love soccer, play it year round. Snow, extreme humidity, I play! but family is more important! If you think that your career is more important? Then I pity you.

  280. chg says:

    and some American racists would claim there is a difference between hating African-Americans and hating black people in general. In both cases, the bigots are wrong.

  281. chg says:

    Josh, maybe you’re not very good at math, but the very definition of 50-50 ball precludes winning it from being something every “player should already be doing.”

    If you win a 50-50 which generates a possession resulting in a goal, you deserve some credit for the goal. Coaches certainly notice and reward such results.

  282. Condescending arcticrules. says:

    Donovan joins a team that is 21 games into a 38 game league schedule. He hasn’t played a game with these guys, hasn’t ever played in this league and hasn’t had a game himself for nearly a month or so. so you criticise him for being”invisible for large parts of the game” and lacking “confidence”.

    What did you think, that Moyes was going to make him the focal point of the offense in his first two games? That he was going to come in and score two hat tricks in his first two games? I’ve been watching the EPL since it started and Donovan had a fine debut, especially when you consider all the expectations, hype and hoopla. As others have pointed out, people on US boards are far less generous than the Brit media critcs who are famous for being especially condescending in the extreme. Well, they can’t hold a candle to you.

  283. Chris says:

    He came off to a standing ovation in his second game because the coach subbed him out expressly for that purpose. I’d have to say his little loan spell is going extremely well so far. (Keep in mind he had an assist early in his first game as well).

    The credibility of our country and league has probably grown by miles in the last 2 weekends – and right at the time when we need to get into the Brits heads. They’re now going to be a lot more scared to face us!

  284. Scott A says:

    Yes please. 98% of his comments are snarky rebukes to praises of national team players. Prick

  285. Everybody hates the US says:

    Hate to burst your bubble but it would have been better to take them by surprise. I don’t want respect or credibility for the USMNT. I want for them to win as many games as possible.

    One very, very big reason we beat Spain in the Confederations Cup and ran Brazil so close was that, in spite of everything, they just couldn’t believe the US belonged on the same field with them and played accordingly. Had our goals in the Brazil game come much later,Brazil might not have had the time to recover from their refusal to take us seriously. We scored too early.

    Unfortunately, if Donovan and Dempsey keep playing the way they are right now, the English will learn to respect them, learn how to cancel them out and proceed accordingly. Damm that David Moyes! And I thought Scots hated England.

  286. Paul says:

    Don’t conflate Israeli and Jewish players. I think his position is stupid, but in European Union it is considered anti-Semitic to conflate Israel and Jews. Zaki, if the quote is true, said Israeli, not Jewish. To pretend they are one and the same is ignorance or hasbara.

  287. Paul says:

    Your theoretical racist would be a rare bird indeed. I doubt any racist pretends that distinction, but in any event a false analogy.Israel is a foreign country, and a nasty one at that,see Gaza, and it certainly doesn’t represent all Jews, not to mention that 20% of Israelis are Arab.

  288. reverb says:

    “Unfortunately, if Donovan and Dempsey keep playing the way they are right now, the English will learn to respect them, learn how to cancel them out and proceed accordingly.”

    Nah. Bob Bradley’s transparent tactics have that covered already.

  289. jpc says:

    Donovan did disappear at certain times, but I think that’s more how he (and the Russian kid accros from him) are being deployed by Moyes. He doesn’t seem to have the freedom yet to drift into the middle at all, he was really hugging the touchline the whole game..

    This is the opposite of how Dempsey is used, as Hodgson has him really play as a Left Central Midfielder in the attacking third

  290. smokeminside says:

    It’s pretty clear from your series of posts, Kyle, that you don’t understand the Haiti crisis at all, let alone Altidore’s response.

  291. Turgid jacobian says:


  292. Everybody hates the US says:

    “Bob Bradley’s transparent tactics have that covered already”

    That implies that other managers have tactics that are opaque.

    You can try all the various tactical strategies you can come up with it still comes down to how well the players execute those tactics and how good those players are. Who is the smartest tactician managing today? Hiddink? Wenger? Mourinho? At the end of the day those guys all have the players. Bradley has a lot less of them.

  293. Stephen says:

    Um, to be considered Israeli officially, you have to be Jewish.

  294. Stephen says:

    When people like Zaki speak of Israeli’s they mean Jews, why would he hate Muslim Israelis?

  295. Stephen says:

    Sorry, these add-ons keep coming to me one at a time. A Muslim who lives in Israeli territory is actually a Palestinian. He would say Palestinian if he meant Muslim. It’s clearly anti-Semitism.

  296. John says:

    go crawl back under your rock, you slime ball.