Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Kaka (Reuters) 

If Real Madrid is going to stay within striking distance of Barcelona, it will need to lean on Kaka to make that happen.

The most expensive team in the world faces Deportivo La Coruna today in a match with serious La Liga title race implications and the 'Galacticos' will need to win without Cristiano Ronaldo, who is serving the first of a two-match red card suspension.

The EPL will feature some quality matches as usual, with Fulham-Aston Villa and Wigan-Everton among the ones that will attract the most interest among American fans. Another match Americans will want to keep an eye on is Pachuca-Atlante, with Jose Francisco Torres taking his first steps toward trying to earn a World Cup roster spot.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


9:15am- Setanta USA- Liverpool vs. Bolton

9:25am- GoltV- Bayern Munich vs. Mainz 05

10am- ESPN2- Fulham vs. Aston Villa

10am- FSC/FSE- Birmingham City vs. Tottenham

10am- No TV- Wigan vs. Everton

11am- No TV- Algeria vs. Nigeria (African Cup of Nations-3rd Place)

11:55am- GolTV- Espanyol vs. Athletic Bilbao

Noon- AS Bari vs. Palermo

12:20pm- USA- Leicester City vs. Newcastle

12:30pm- ESPND/ Schalke 04 vs. Hoffenheim

12:30pm- FSC/FSE- Burnley vs. Chelsea

2pm- GolTV- Sporting Gijon vs. Barcelona

2pm- Telemundo- Argentina vs. Costa Rica (Tape Delayed)

2:30pm- FSC/FSE/ Napoli vs. Genoa

3pm- Setanta USA- Montpelier vs. Marseille

4pm- ESPND/ Deportivo La Coruna vs. Real Madrid

4:30pm- GolTV- Santos vs. Oeste

5pm- Setanta USA- West Ham vs. Blackburn (Delayed)

5pm- FSC- AS Bari vs. Palermo (Delayed)

6pm- Azteca America- Chiapas vs. UANL Tigres

6pm- Telemundo- Monterrey vs. Cruz Azul

6:20pm- GolTV- Millonarios vs. Medellin

7pm- FSC- Wigan vs. Everton (Delayed)

8pm- Telemundo- Chivas de Guadalajara vs. Estudiantes Tecos

8pm- Telefutura- Pachuca vs. Atlante

8pm- FSE- AS Bari vs. Palermo

8:15pm- GolTV- Independiente Medellin vs. Independiente Santa Fe

8:30pm- Setanta USA- Hull City vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers

3am- FSC- Perth Glory vs. Central Coast Mariners

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130 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Justin O says:

    Togo banned from the next TWO African Cups of Nations by CAF.


  2. Paul says:

    Well 915 for ‘pool/bolton is wrong it seems. 10 AM can not get here fast enough!

  3. Hush says:

    Cahill wants Donovan to stay permenant at Everton. Good way to start a ball game.

  4. Gary says:

    Pre game quote?

  5. Hush says:

    Donovan, Altidore,Spector starting once again for their teams, for the exception of Jozy who will start today. Woohoo!

  6. Beckster says:

    Hahnemann as well. No Holden for Bolton, however.

  7. A.S. says:

    Togo’s personnel get killed in a terrorist attack and CAF bans them for their reaction? Really??

    I don’t think I can find the words for my contempt for CAF.

  8. Darius says:

    Looks like jozy is starting. If he is going to get a goal this season, this game is really a great chance.

  9. Paul says:

    I like jozy with vennegoor up top…Jozy needs someone to play off of. A faster guy would be better but jan is better than nothing.

  10. wilyboy says:

    Alright, people, make the threads rain!

  11. matt says:

    anyone have a stream for the everton game?

  12. Austin says:

    yea…..but why is Holden nowhere in Bolton’s squad?

  13. green says:

    yes. go find it and don’t post it.
    Save Our Streams : )

  14. wilyboy says:

    Please, I want to see our boys. Everton and Hull, anyone have a reliable stream?

  15. ko'd says:

    Yo–he hasn’t played a competitive game in a long time–8-9 weeks, right? He needs to get fit. Plus, he picked up a quad injury training with Bolton, if I recall.

  16. baquito alyeska says:

    There’s something unsettling about Brad Friedel dressed head to toe in canary yellow.

  17. Spectra says:

    guys come on with the stream people post the same sites here week in and week out remember them and don’t post them again

  18. Spectra says:

    Goal for vennegoor assist Jozy

  19. J mann says:

    assist Altidore

  20. malkin says:

    Jozy just plowed right by some defender and played it nicely off for the assist!

    Hull 1, WOlves 0

  21. Alex says:

    Goal for Hull City in the 11th. Gamecast indicates Jozy had the assist.

  22. Paul says:

    It’s an indication of things to come!

  23. Beckster says:

    From the BBC:

    Jozy Altidore shows fabulous strength to hold off his marker and he cleverly tees up Jan Venegoor of Hesselink to lash in a fine low shot from 20 yards. Cracking goal.

    Bummer for Hahnemann

  24. malkin says:

    and then Donovan just dicks a defender pretty hard and follows it up with quite possibly the worst cross ever

  25. boludo29 says:

    seriously post a link to a good stream, but dont post it like a real link

    post it like








  26. Spectra says:

    a t d h e . n e t
    almost every game every week

  27. chris says:

    “Hull goal: Hang on, wasn’t this supposed to be the shot-shy derby? Jozy Altidore shows fabulous strength to hold off his marker and he cleverly tees up Jan Venegoor of Hesselink to lash in a fine low shot from 20 yards. Cracking goal.”

  28. How much effort does it take to make a favorite?

  29. chris says:

    Oops. Overlapped/didn’t see Beckster.

  30. My hull stream went down…. super wack

  31. ericJ says:

    Saha off the post.

  32. Fred says:

    If I knew how to write computer programs, I would have one that automatically posted for me every Saturday morning, “Why no Beasley or Edu in the 18″?

  33. these black and pink jerseys are so hot

  34. JS says:

    anybody else disappointed that Monchengladbach has 4 goals at half and none belong to Bradley. I don’t have highlights but here is to hoping maybe he has 4 assists

  35. ericJ says:

    bah, now the stream is down.

  36. wilyboy says:

    Thanks. Got em. Won’t ask again. First week streaming EPL. Although, at the moment, the only video link has gone down. I have audio, though.

  37. max says:

    here is a good everton stream at

  38. Lu says:

    did any1 else’s stream of everton wigan just black out??

  39. ahm says:

    find them yourself

  40. ahm says:

    find them yourself

  41. ericJ says:

    Yes, neither stream seems to be working.

  42. keep says:

    Love the Prem in HD….anyone know if FSC HD will stay on the same channel or move to an “HD row”

  43. Fred says:

    Gladbach 4:2 over Bremen at the half . . . looks like a crazy game

  44. ericJ says:

    I love the bundesliga!

  45. brad says:

    who has a stream for any of these games…

  46. Chris A says:

    Soccer Saturday-“Atidore (mispronounced) been causing problems best on pitch”

  47. max says:

    make sure your in internet explorer

  48. bbc live text is all i have left… imma go back to bed

  49. ericJ says:

    my thoughts exactly ha.

  50. Fred says:

    The Everton game has been a choppy affair, with lots of switching around and long periods of inactivity.

    Oh wait, that’s just my feed.

  51. Dude Phil Brown looks like a House’s retarded cousin

  52. Shark says:

    FWIW Holden is still on the mend from a minor thigh injury thus the reason he is not in uniform today.

  53. Fireball says:

    Not really. Neither are his job.

  54. Calvert says:

    I, too, am perplexed by the Beasley-Edu situation. The competition at these clubs must be ridiculous.

  55. Joe G says:

    Go JOZY! He is having a solid game. It’s against a week opponent but it’s something.

  56. looking at the replay over and over…. is just me or is altidore freakishly strong…. when he is in his prime dude is gonna be the best target forward in the world

  57. Kyle says:

    No Cherondolo for Hannover. Anyone know if he is injured again?

  58. freelancer says:

    Nice muscle, get out of my way assist for jozy.

  59. Judging Amy says:

    Beasley’s injured. I think Edu might be nursing a slight knock too.

  60. Sean says:

    Let me get this straight. Jozy Altidore is playing up top WITH Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink? Who would have thought that would be effective? What a revelation!

    (Also if you can’t read it through the internet, I’m being extremely sarcastic)

  61. Beckster says:

    Who knows but at this rate, Spector will be first choice for right and left back.

  62. peter says:

    world? and since when did the simple attribute of being strong make someone the best at anything in soccer.

  63. Fred says:

    No, it’s yellow card accumulation.

  64. madmax says:

    Donovan looks very sharp. Official missed a PK call for Saha, and then lets a Wigan player kick out at Landon after the whistle.

    ESPN shows that Edu, and Beasley did not dress again.

  65. El Michael says:

    post of the week…for some reason I find funny

  66. Barry U says:

    BMG game is wide end to end action. I think Michael Bradley’s next team should be Everton. He has a Felaini kind vibe to him.

  67. MiamiAl says:

    Bayern up on Mainz 2-0 in the 76th.

  68. darn whomever just messed up my hull city link

  69. Judging Amy says:

    Has Bob played Spec on the left? Ideally we could get both Cherunds and Spector on the field at the same time. Spec Boca Onyewu Cherundolo. It looks ok on paper.

  70. Sean says:

    Jozy just won a penalty. He’s been troubling all day. Good to see that from him.

  71. wilyboy says:

    This kid is a specialist, destined to earn Donovan several more free goals.

  72. anovato says:

    let jozy take the PK!

  73. SD says:

    not sure if anyone mentioned this….jack wilshere signed with bolton….how does that effect holden? could’ve sworn wilshere is a medfielder…correct me if i’m wrong….

  74. Kyle says:

    Thanks dude

  75. both of these streams are pissing me off

  76. pown master says:

    jozy has an assist, has won a penalty, and at least 3 free kicks.


  77. Zach says:

    Yes, Wilshere is a Left winger who can also play central and even as a forward. He’s only 18 but has huge potential and Coyle loves the kid. Thus why he’s on the bench for today.

  78. wilyboy says:

    Marcus, do you want to make it on the team? You let him score.

  79. Judging Amy says:

    wolves ties it up.

  80. Fireball says:

    Jozy out for Zaki.

  81. Chris A says:

    Jozy gets stopped on a 1 on 1 Wolves scores on the break soon after

  82. Judging Amy says:

    and jozy’s off.

  83. Zach says:

    Of course, Brown takes Jozy out to put in that **** Zaki. I hope he breaks his leg.

  84. jozy should have chipped that shot attempt….

  85. Judging Amy says:

    Hows Landon lookin?

  86. jdeezy says:

    Altidore w/ a fantastic breakaway down the left, saved by our 3rd string keeper….aaarrggghhh!! Very impressive acceleration Jozy displayed there.

    Then Wolves go back & equalize. And Jozy gets subbed for the Egyptian madman.

    Assist on 1st goal, created penalty for 2nd. Commentators full of praise for Jozy. VERY encouraging.

  87. Zach says:

    I’m not watching the game, just gametracking it. Was Jozy at fault for the breakaway that resulted in the Wolves’ goal? Is that why Brown took him off? Or did he just want to put Zaki on

  88. Dakota says:

    Donavon off for Everton

  89. Chris A says:

    Dude from Soccer Saturday has no clue why either if Vennegour scores I don’t mind if Zaki does I’ll be pissed

  90. Judging Amy says:

    EFFF. He just came off didn’t he?

  91. kofi_x5 says:

    How’s Everton doing? Is Donovan still on?

  92. Calvert says:

    Donovan subbed out. Difficult game for him to get involved in. A little sloppy, ball bouncing around a lot.

  93. back to work it is then

  94. anovato says:

    why would you possible sub jozy out

    that makes no logical sense whatsoever

    he had an assist, earned a penalty, and was probably the best hull player on the field

  95. Zach says:

    Jozy needs to keep having games like this (albeit against better opponents than Wolves) to force Brown to keep playing him. It really does seem that every time Jozy starts, Hull plays well and good things happen.

  96. I3iZerK says:

    He was starting to looked gassed after that break away I think.

  97. Rob Usry says:

    Here is Jozy’s assist if you haven’t seen it yet:

    link to

  98. when jozy gets the ball at his feet he is so good…..his teammates need to get him the ball on the ground…. his strength makes him seem alot faster than what he is because the guy running with him can not get past his physical frame

  99. anovato says:

    phil brown never ceases to amaze me

  100. matt dillon says:

    no doubt a voice in his headset told him, “Take off your most dangerous player.” Hull deserves to be relegated for keeping that tool as their coach. And they will be relegated if they can get no more than a pt at home off Wolves.

  101. d1ddy says:

    Strength (and mobility) + Talent + Good Attitude = Best target striker in the world. Jozy has the physical tools and the talent, he just needs the attitude and work rate to step in. If he gets those together, he could be one of the best in the world.

  102. anovato says:

    just went back to crunch some numbers… and since donovan has joined the team

    everton is 2-0-2, 6-3 on goals (2 games agaist arsenal and man city)

    4 games prior

    everton was 1-0-3, 7-5 on goals (1 game against chelsea)

  103. Nicole says:

    Difficult, yes, but Donovan was quite involved and very dangerous, IMO. He tracked back on defense very well as well. Physicality tired him out, I think, not to mention the 3 games in a week and all the running he does. He played well, despite a few mis-touches.

  104. Ed says:

    Did anyone see the guy wearing a Jets beanie in the Fulham-Villa game…I thought that was pretty funny.

  105. Nicole says:

    Good game from Jozy. Hope he can follow it up next week. Give him the start again!

  106. Jose S. says:

    FSC is finally in HD

    Burnley – Chelsea today

    Arsenal-Man U tomorrow

  107. MemRook says:

    Can someone with FSC explain to me how I’m supposed to watch it in HD? It SAYS HD but I’m watching it and it is definitely NOT HD. Is there a new channel???

  108. DC Josh says:

    Watching Chelsea Burnley, it says HD in the corner, but it’s not in HD. I can’t find FSCHD on FiOS, anyone else?

  109. DC Josh says:

    Is your feed in HD? Who is your cable provider?

  110. Aristophanes33 says:

    It’s definitely a better quality feed than previously, but it’s hardly HD.

  111. Ferris says:

    that replay brought back memories of him powering over the spanish defender when he scored against Spain in the confed.

  112. Jose S. says:

    Actually it is not.

    I have a regular receiver in my room and I just noticed the difference between FSC and Fox Sports en Espanol, so I assumed the game would be in HD on a HD receiver but it is not.

    I’m guessing most(if not all) cable/satellite providers don’t have a separate channel for the HD feed yet.

  113. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    Yes I was wondering the same thing. I have an HD reciever and have Direct TV but this is definitly not HD. If this is what FCS has been pimping over the past couple of months then I am sorely disappointed. Its only in 480p for christs sake!!!

  114. BurlingtonChelsea says:


  115. Eric says:

    So, who do you think gets cut from the English National Team for the world cup now? Wayne Bridge or John Terry? I would think that one of them isn’t going to make it to South Africa after this whole incident.

  116. Will says:

    Everton is 3-1-1 since Donovan joined, with the loss being to Birmingham in the FA Cup

  117. Chris says:

    I don’t get why people omit demerit from the line up. At this point I think he’s our most obvious starter on defense.. at the least he is a much better option than boca

  118. Christian says:

    Jozy is strong, he’s somewhat mobile, horrible first touch, good attitude (though he lacks motivation most of the time), decent passer & poor 1v1 skills.

    All in all, he’s got a lot of work ahead of him in order to reach the pedastal people like you have placed him on.

    At this point, he’s a poor man’s Balotelli.

  119. YO says:

    Capello is Italian — wife swappping is common in Italy!

  120. C|3 says:

    Wilshere is just on loan.

  121. madmax says:

    I can understand, because Landon’s wide play gives Cahill and Saha much more room.

  122. Andy says:

    Where did you read/hear Cahill’s comments? Do you have the link?

  123. Stephen says:

    Actually, I heard that Beasley’s injury was better.

  124. Stephen says:

    Has anyone ever noticed that Donovan looks taller in an Everton uniform than he does in MLS?

  125. Carl says:

    How did Everton do?

  126. Chris says:

    Everton won, 1-0. It was a physical and tad sloppy game, nobody on either team looked particularly awesome. Donovan was involved, and the announcers never had anything bad to say about him.

  127. BCC says:

    Ha, keep crunching.

  128. sir coble says:

    Great for Jozy! I’m glad to see how he does when his mind is focused. I just don’t know why he constantly needs a push to play his best? Donovan is still showing strong games, it is hard to believe he is still new in everton, but I’m not sure if his playing on the left today was a good thing or not. Anyone else prefer him on the right for everton, and why change it around to add confusion? Also I’d like to add Robben played out of his mind today for Bayern Munich!