Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Wayne Rooney (Reuters)

Can anybody stop Wayne Rooney?

We will find out today in the weekend's marquee match, with Manchester United visiting Arsenal at the Emirates. The winner of today's match will close the gap on first-place Chelsea while the loser will be at least four points back.

While Arsenal-Man Utd is the high-profile match of the day, the most important match of the day takes place in Angola, where Egypt faces Ghana in the African Cup of Nations Final. The match isn't on TV, but you shouldn't have trouble finding a feed for it on the internet.

If you will be watching any of today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's soccer TV schedule is after the jump):


6:30am- Feyenoord vs. Ajax

8:15am- Setanta USA- Manchester City vs. Portsmouth

8:30am- Vitesse Arnhem vs. PSV Eindhoven

9am- FSC/FSE- AC Milan vs. Livorno

9am- Parma vs. Inter Milan

10:45am- No TV- Ghana vs. Egypt (African Cup of Nations Final)

10:55am- FSC/FSE- Arsenal vs. Manchester United

11am- ESPN Deportes/ Getafe vs. Racing Santander

11am- DirecTV- Tenerife vs. Real Zaragoza

11am- DirecTV- Villarreal vs. Osasuna

11am- DirecTV- Xerez vs. Mallorca

11am- Setanta USA- Auxerre vs. St. Etienne

11:30am- GolTV- Bayer Leverkusen vs. SC Freiburg

1pm- ESPN Deportes/ Atletico Madrid vs. Malaga

1pm- Telemundo- UNAM Pumas vs. CD Toluca

1pm- Azteca America- Puebla vs. Queretaro FC

2pm- GolTV- Corinthians vs. Palmeiras

2:30pm- FSC/FSE- Juventus vs. Lazio

3pm- GolTV- Sevilla vs. Valencia

3pm- Setanta USA- Lyon vs. Paris St. Germain

5pm- Univision- Club America vs. Indios

5pm- Telefutura- Santos Laguna vs. Atlas

10pm- Setanta USA- Arsenal vs. Manchester United (Delayed)

11pm- FSC- Arsenal vs. Manchester United (Delayed)


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97 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Jason says:

    hope Eddie gets a goal and Freddy gets his debut!

  2. Juan Petrovallo says:

    Got this off of the daily mirror:

    EVERTON are set to sign Landon Donovan on a permanent deal when the American striker’s short-term loan spell finishes this summer.

    Donovan, who will lead the USA attack against England in the World Cup, netted his first goal for the Toffees in their 2-0 win over Sunderland in midweek.

    Goodison Park boss David Moyes is confident a bid of £3million will sway LA Galaxy to sell the 27-year-old.

    Donovan, the all-time Major League Soccer leading scorer, could replace Louis Saha, who is out of contract in the summer.

    Galaxy will fight hard to avoid losing another one of their stars to Europe – following David Beckham’s second loan move to AC Milan – but Donovan is understood to want to remain in England.

    “Landon has done brilliantly since coming over here and he’s really enjoying himself,” said a source close to the player.

    “There is a big chance he will stay here permanently but it would have to be sorted after the World Cup.

    “He’s clearly fitted in well and the manager has been impressed with him so let’s see.”

  3. Juan Petrovallo says:

    Sorry, It’s off of news of the world not the daily mirror

  4. Jose S. says:

    Adu makes his debut for Aris in the 64th minute

    Team down 2-0

  5. ed says:

    I saw the first goal … Aris just had terrible defending. A cross came in from the right and the guy had all day to do what he wanted with it …

  6. DC Josh says:

    Good for Freddy. I’m one of his biggest critics, only because I want him to succeed and he’s a local boy. I’m happy he’s finally back on the pitch.

  7. Jose S. says:

    Hell Yeah

    Goal Johnson, assist Freddy Adu !!!!

  8. Toumba says:

    HAHAHAHAHA….Freddy and Eddie combine for one strange looking goal. Freddy was given some time with the ball and sends a pretty decent pass to Eddie. All the Xanthi players seem to just watch it float over them. Eddie was clearly onside….his first touch a bad one…but megs the keeper. He runs around and scores. Good job guys….but it just looked surreal at full speed.

    As I am typing this…Freddy missed an easy chance to tie the game in injury time.

  9. United says:

    DC Josh, you’re from Ghana? Best of luck today!

  10. Jose S. says:

    Freddy Adu had a chance to tie the game but his cross(maybe shot) was inches away from being put in by his teammate

    Adu to Johnson goal

    link to

  11. Abe says:

    Any streams of Man Utd-Arsenal?

  12. anovato says:

    okay, that is something i never thought i’d see

    adu has it… ball to johnson…. the american takes it….. GOALLLLLLLLLLL

  13. ko'd says:

    Ok, fair enough. But you SAW it in the Greek League.

  14. Jason says:

    They’re dreaming if they think 3 million pounds would be enough. They could triple that amount and it still might not be enough.

  15. Jacob A. says:

    No way MLS does it for that money

  16. odoile says:

    How did Eddie and Freddy play overall?

  17. BooThisMan says:

    It does look extremely comical in slow motion. But good to see them both on the pitch and contributing.

  18. Andy in Atlanta says:

    The Greek league is really on par wiht the Duthc, Danish and Belgian leagues at this moment in time…nothing wrong with being excited that they both did something positive.

  19. kelvin says:

    Here is Freddy’s missed chance:
    link to

    What do you guys think? Was it Freddy’s intention to pass the ball?

  20. wilyboy says:

    This is really unbelievable to me. First time they’re both on the field together.

    ps. If these two are in form, they have a good chance to go third or fourth string WC. Again, the competition is Casey (lazy caveman), Findley (who simply doesn’t have a touch at the international level) Cunningham (old, doesn’t partner well).

    Casey or Cooper will take one spot, but Davies is recovering, and the other two just haven’t been eye opening (minus one gifted goal to Cunninham).

    Good news. If it isn’t received as such, ridiculous.

  21. anovato says:

    it makes me smile a bit inside to know that karma exists… now i just want to know what either of them possibly did to deserve such a strange situation

  22. matt dillon says:

    on the injury-time miss, I think Adu would have been blamed for being selfish had he tried to go straight on goal — keeper had near post covered, defender was right on him and there were teammates in the middle. Sure, he put too much on it, and it may have been better to just put it into the mixer and force Xanthi to clear. But he did well to deal with the weird hop on the water-logged field and still get it across the face of goal, where his teammate at far post came closest to nicking it in.

    I believe it was a header by EJ that got the ball to him in the first place. In the process, EJ was knocked down by a classic Greek league kung fu defender, who seemed to make no effort to get to the ball. EJ could not get up in time to get in position to knock that cross in. Too bad, but the boys made things happen.

    When did EJ come into the game and what was the score at that point? I know Adu came on when it was already 0-2.

  23. kc says:

    yeah, not bad but freddy WAS going for goal, far post.. no doubt. Great to have them both playing, and contributing to the mix

  24. bryan says:

    so glad to see Adu and EJ back on the field and playing well.

  25. bougatsa says:

    The newspaper Athlitika Nea says Freddy missed a great opportunity to tie when “he got the ball in the penalty area but could not put the shot on target.” After the game, the coach Cuper was asked about the substitutes and he replied that they have not played much yet still provided a “freshness” to the team that needed it due to the heavy load of games recently. Without mentioning them by name, he said the subs showed that there are other “good choices” that can give a breather to those who play all the time. So it sounds to me as if he still views Adu and Johnson as subs at this point. Cuper added that the club may acquire one or two more players on Monday …

  26. Isaac says:

    I think you can kind of tell by Freddy’s reaction that he’s going far post, but definitely not a bad idea. You can’t really be blamed when your brought in to bolster a team’s offense and you’re taking shots.

    Good to see both Freddy and Eddie getting assists and goals. The funny thing is that even though they get the most criticism of just about any American, if they were both at least half way in form, they’d still be good enough to start or atleast appear off the bench.

  27. Danny says:

    You got it!

  28. A.S. says:

    3 million pounds = ~$5 million. No way. I’d say maybe 8 million pounds. That’s half the price that Arsenal paid for Arshavin, for example – a somewhat comparable player (size, age, position, international experience, etc. – difference obviously is Arshavin’s Euro expereince, and I’d add that Arshavin is probably a little bit better player than Landy).

  29. Jose S. says:

    Youtube video of Johnson’s goal

    link to

  30. anovato says:

    not the response you should hear from a coach about two players who came on and single handedly almost brought the team back into the game

  31. Yet to be cap-tied says:

    absolutely a pass, and the right play too, goalie’s at near post put it into the scrum at the back

  32. A.S. says:

    This ManU-Arsenal game is quite good – open, end-to-end action.

  33. A.S. says:

    Nani just puts on some beautiful moves to score – Arsenal 0 – 1 ManU

    (Edit – goes down as an own goal by Almunia, but really Nani should get credit)

  34. anovato says:

    just watched the video… that field is nasty

  35. Sg says:

    How is Almunia still the starting keeper for Arsenal? Everytime I watch him play I just shake my head. Awful

  36. bryan says:

    nice goal by rooney

  37. Sg says:

    Denilson should be ashamed of himself jogging back towards goal while Roomey was sprinting toward goal.

  38. A.S. says:

    Wow, classic counter attack by ManU to make it 2-0.

    Arsenal has really been the somewhat better side so far, I think but ManU have finished their chances.

  39. Never First says:

    It was a shot (you can tell by how hard he swung his leg), but it wasn’t that great of an opportunity. He had no angle on the goal. Would have been better to cut back to the inside and try with his right foot. Still don’t think he should take the blame for that one.

  40. A.S. says:

    ManU’s second goal seems to have taken the wind out of Arsenal’s sails.

  41. Matt says:

    For anyone who was able to catch the Aris game, where did you find a stream just for my own future reference? I’ve been looking forward to seeing EJ and Adu the last couple weeks but my usual sites have let me down.

  42. Aengus says:

    p_2_p_4_u_._n_e_t (without the spaces)

  43. Emanuel says:

    I would also like to know where people are watching the Aris games.

  44. Isaac says:

    Manchester United have had more chances(5) and more possession(58%) and have looked great. I’ve never thought of Rooney as a target forward, but when your team is possessing as well as United are, you don’t need a target, just someone who can finishes chances, which is exactly what Rooney has been doing all season as he notches his 20 on the campaign, and 100th for United.

  45. bougatsa says:

    this game was on Greek satellite TV, available thru Dish Network. Announcer said “American help” allowed Aris to cut the deficit. He praised the “excellent pass” from Adu and said EJ was “a little lucky” to get the ball past the Xanthi keeper and score his first Greek league goal.

  46. Eric says:

    That Adu to Johnson was kinda funny but that Nani goal was just amazing.

  47. Jerome says:

    OH please. Im not buying your post

    That was a World Class pass from Adu. Lets not downgrade it.

    His last-minute chance was not easy. He had a defender in his face and was at a bad angle. Looked more a quick cross considering his teammate was an inch-away from knocking it in.

    We are going to see alot of back-tracking/ downgrading when it comes to Adu in the next 3 months….LOL.

  48. Eric says:

    What happened to the Arsenal defense on that J.S Park goal?

  49. OmarVizquel says:

    I hope Ghana wins. 0-0 so far. Boring game.

  50. anovato says:

    bad start for the gooners

  51. Stephen says:

    It was a gifted goal, but it was still a nice shot near post, between the keeper who was closing down and still treaded the needle. Watch it, you’ll see.

  52. Jerome says:

    I mean Toumba says a strange goal? Sign of a critic whos trying to cover-up a possible Adu re-surgence so he dosent have to eat crow. Nothing strange about that goal. Adu cuts in, lays off a pefrect 30-yard pass with the outside of his foot on a nice EJ run. Also Adu had some moments where he did something on the dribble. Like when he beat 2 players in the corner with a nutmeg and drew a foul.

  53. Jerome says:

    Arsenal needs an American.

    I would start with Tim Howard.

  54. Stephen says:

    Um, anybody know if Ricardo Clark dressed or got to play or is even eligible to dress yet?

  55. andrew in tampa says:

    That adu pass was pure class. Eddy’s goal was lucky but you take what you get. Josy needs some of that luck. for the sake of the MNT, hope these two guys can put a good run together. they both have so much more upside than most of our other choices.

  56. Stephen says:


  57. OmarVizquel says:

    No one venturing into the box on attack….hopeless crosses that only find the defenders’ heads…slow, slow, slow.

    I’m ‘fraid I can’t see African teams doing much at the WC. Unless of course the qualified teams didn’t give a darn about the ACN….

  58. Hush says:

    Adu & Johnson had a great game!I’m very proud. I said it in the past and I will say it again, I rather have a 50% ADU than a 110% Casey,Finley,Cunning,Rogers,Sasha, on our USNMT W.C roster. Adu hasn’t seen the pitch lately, yet he out shines the rest of the bums I just mention above who have had 100 times the playing time than that of ADU!lol

  59. Eric says:

    don’t know if he is eligible or not yet, but he did not dress

  60. fischy says:

    Praise be Allah — Egypt has scored! Seriously though — it was a really nice shot.

  61. Toumba says:

    Easy buddy….don’t accuse me of hate when there was none. I watched the entire match here in Greece. It was a strange goal. Not one of the Xanthi defenders seemed to react at all to Eddie’s run…Freddie lobbed in a pass…(which I called decent in the OP)…and Eddie’s first touch was bad control that happened to nutmeg the goalie. It was a goal that looked as if Xanthi fell asleep for a moment. If you had seen the entire game you might understand how out of place the play looked.

    And lets not call one pass a “re-surgence”…Don’t you have to be on top at one point in time to experience a resurgence anyway? “World Class pass”????….my you are easy to impress. If that was a world class pass then what was the pass on Xanthi’s 2nd goal?..SUPER DUPER GALACTIC SPACE PASS?

    Of the two players Eddie looked dangerous and beat a defender in the corner on one play…forced another to foul him…and then scored a goal. Freddie was able to come it and get some minutes….he turned it over a few times, wasted a free kick from a dangerous position…made a good pass to Eddie for the goal….then missed a chance he needs to finish at the end. Don’t let my facts get in the way of your argument.

  62. Jerome says:

    I call bluff. You must have been watching another game.

  63. Katatonia says:

    cherundolo out for a month.

  64. OmarVizquel says:

    Was some guy running around on the sideline kissing the Koran like in the previous game?

  65. gabe says:

    “I mean Toumba says a strange goal? Sign of a critic whos trying to cover-up a possible Adu re-surgence so he dosent have to eat crow. Nothing strange about that goal. Adu cuts in, lays off a pefrect 30-yard pass with the outside of his foot on a nice EJ run. Also Adu had some moments where he did something on the dribble. Like when he beat 2 players in the corner with a nutmeg and drew a foul.”

    Mate, you can’t tell someone to eat crow after one match, even if he was the best player on the pitch for the winning team. Do you look at every touch adu has made on a ball since he started as a footballer. Mate, you’re obsessed. I hear Mariah Carey singing now…

    Anyway, there is no Adu conspiracy or any crap like that. If the lad plays this well week in and week out, he’ll merit a call up. If not, he’ll stay out.

  66. In a normal off-season, I’d agree that $8MM isn’t enough.

    However, with the expiration of the CBA, can’t LD do whatever he damn well pleases?

    He’s already a star in that league among the fans, imagine if he stays a while.

  67. japan says:

    What a pathetic performance from Arsenal. I can’t believe I had a little hope Arsenal would pull a little miracle and win the title. We’re going trophyless once again. Alumnia and Denilson doesn’t belong anywhere near this team. Arshavin needs to do better and goodbye Cesc in the summer. Wenger needs to spend and buy already proven world class player and not a teenager that’s going to be good in 5 years. We can pay off the debt for the stadium by with the money we get from winning trophies.

    Good luck to US vs England. I can only see one winner when a fit, in form Rooney is running at our back 4.

  68. gabe says:

    “I mean Toumba says a strange goal? Sign of a critic whos trying to cover-up a possible Adu re-surgence so he dosent have to eat crow. Nothing strange about that goal. Adu cuts in, lays off a pefrect 30-yard pass with the outside of his foot on a nice EJ run. Also Adu had some moments where he did something on the dribble. Like when he beat 2 players in the corner with a nutmeg and drew a foul.”

    Mate, you can’t tell someone to eat crow after one match, even if he was the best player on the pitch for the winning team. Do you look at every touch adu has made on a ball since he started as a footballer. Mate, you’re obsessed. I hear Mariah Carey singing now…

    Anyway, there is no Adu conspiracy or any crap like that. If the lad plays this well week in and week out, he’ll merit a call up. If not, he’ll stay out.

  69. Jerome says:

    I think this probally why Bradley wants Adu on the roster. The fact that in 1/10 the minutes Adu gets than the others you mentioned……he is 10x better on the field than the others. But bradley wantes Adu we can only hope that this is a start of something good for Adu.

  70. Dolo's my Hero says:

    That sucks. Need all the depth we can get at the back.

  71. Sg says:

    Sagna, Denilson, and Almunia should be gone from Arsenal

  72. Toumba says:

    So what am I lying about?

  73. Zach says:

    This is pretty much where I’m at right now too. I’m a die-hard Arsenal supporter and right now I’m just empty.

    Same old Arsenal, all bark, no bite. They can pass you off the pitch, but when it comes to finishing, lord are they terrible. Almunia is garbage, he needs to join a band or a trendy environmentalist group…not be Arsenal’s keeper (although I do dig his hair).

    Arshavin had an off-game, no way around it. He was abusing Wes Brown in the beginning and just couldn’t pick out the right pass or get his shots on target. If he converts any of his early chances and puts Arsenal up 1-0, the game would have been drastically different.

    Keep Gallas, Vermaalen (stud), Song, Cesc (hopefully), van Persie, Arshavin, Clichy,Rosicky and Bendtner…the rest need to go. Eboue / Almunia / Diaby are tied for the most useless players in EPL.

  74. seth says:

    It was a pretty nice pass from Adu but let’s see if he can do it consistently. Same with EJ. He did well to control the ball and find the net, but this is in the 90+ minute. At this point the back line is tired. It’s easier to get goals like that at the end of the game against a tired opponent who’s up by 2.

  75. Zach says:

    and to think Inter is rumored to be interested in Sagna. Maybe they desire a RB who can’t defend and can’t cross accurately.

  76. Jerome says:

    Ok stop right there. Its the point where most people who are objective thinks that was a world-class type pass…and sure you can have opinions…but you can read through obvious posts. Thats funny i never ever rarley mention Adu. So im obsessed now, i guess

    It looks like another hinted bashers vs “obsessed” fanboys argument brewing like we see with other players. So I am going to get out of this before it starts.

  77. Todd says:

    So Jozy, Eddie, and Freddy did all right this w/e eh?

    LD is tearing it up at Everton.

    Guzan is a solid back up to Howard.

    Clint is getting a rest to go along with his rehab.

    If we can just shore up the back line before SA, I’ll gladly take it.

  78. japan says:

    Compeltely agree with Denilson and Alumnia but Sagna? I know he can’t cross but he’s the 2nd best right back in the world!!

    (SBI-He wouldn’t be the second-best right back for Brazil, let alone the world.)

  79. japan says:

    The thing with Arshavin is that he’s not the player thats influential the whole game the way Fabregas is. Arshavin is actually really lazy and makes a lot of bad passes. It’s just that he’s capable of one moment of magic that wins the game for us even if he’s doing f all the whole game. We also have no plan B. Playing 3 mids as our front 3 is not going to work all the time.

    I would also keep Sagna, Gibbs, Nasri, and Eboue. I love Walcott and Vela but they are so overrated.

  80. hernandez says:

    Yezzir……Eddie with the goal and Adu with the assist!!!

  81. jig says:

    90 minutes for daniel williams for frieburg in the bundesliga. ives, franco, avi, travis, do any of you know anything about this kid? I have to think he warrants at least some mention.

  82. jig says:

    you’ve got to be kidding. arshavin is anything but lazy. he was arsenal’s most dangerous player on the day by miles and was the only attacking player who seemed to be on the same page as cesc. nasri and rosicky both offered very little in terms of any incision in the final third.

    overall a clumsy performance from arsenal. not sure vermaelen should have been out there. when fit, he’s obviously miles ahead of silvestre and campbell but he allowed rooney to run right past him for united’s second, which effectively ended the game.

  83. Andrew in tampa says:

    Are you crazy. Sagna’s defending has been suspect. Not even close. Against CHelsea in the first game at theEmirates, he gave Ashley Cole way too much space and that killed Arsenal.

  84. Fred says:

    Wow, are there like five people at that game or what?

  85. Zach says:

    Why would you keep Eboue? He refuses to pass the ball and turns it over more than anyone. Plus he has a nasty propensity to get red cards in important games (as in ANC this year and against tottenham last campaign). Walcott is only being kept because he is English and Arsenal drastically lack Englishmen. I don’t know what happened to him but he is a shadow of his former self and he’s made of glass.

  86. Zach says:

    Has he picked which national team he intends to play for? He’s German and American from what I can find online.

  87. japan says:

    Being dangerous does not make you not lazy. Agree on Nasri and Rosicky. They cannot play as the wide players in teh front 3. Denilson let Rooney go, not Vermaelen.

  88. japan says:

    Outside of Sagna, Eboue is the only player that can play right back. If he is not there, we have to rely on Eastmond or Coqulin as cover. I don’t want to see him anywhere else beside right back, but he is not bad there. He’s also good to have in the locker room.

  89. japan says:

    I disagree Ives. Depends on the opponent but I would probably start Sagna over Alves.

  90. japan says:

    You gave me one example. I cannot think of a right back as consistant as him defending wise. Alves is even worse in the back.

  91. Lil' Zeke says:

    I don’t know, there’s something about representing your continent against the rest of the world that’s going to bring out some serious indignation in South Africa

  92. einar says:

    jig is right ives please investigate about daniel williams of SC Freiburg. All i know is that he is a midfielder and has worked his way up from the club’s second squad or reserve squad

  93. NK says:

    In other news, Steve Cherundolo is out for four weeks with a shoulder injury…
    link to

  94. einar says:

    and is 20 years old

  95. Charles says:

    The EPL season is seriously unwatchable.

    They finally get a game that means something and it is a snoozer.

    The team that has won it 11 out of 17 times, handing it to another “successful” team.

    I realize as an American, I should know my place and root for Bolten not to get relegated. I tried to watch something that mattered, as it only comes along once a moon.

  96. jig says:

    from what I saw, arshavin was the only one making any sort of penetrating runs. obviously he was leading the line, that is his job, but each time arsenal were in possession he was always active and looking for the ball. whenever he was dispossessed, i felt he did an admirable job trying to win it back immediately.

    That leads me to another problem with arsenal today. They didnt defend together, especially when united were in possession in their own half. It seemed like the closest man to the ball would apply strong pressure, but then if he were not able to win it, the rest of the players were not doing enough to cut out the passing options for the united player who had the ball.