Thursday Kickoff: No progress for Jones, United wins Manchester Derby and more

Jermaine Jones (Reuters)

While Charlie Davies and Oguchi Onyewu are making quality progress toward recovery from serious injuries, one potential U.S. World Cup player is not.

Jermaine Jones is still on the sidelines for Schalke 04 and there is still no timetable on his exact return. Schalke 04 press officer Thomas Spiegel told that Jones is no closer to returning to action.

"Unfortunately nothing has changed regarding Jermaine Jones," Spiegel told "He's still injured and doing his rehabilitation."

Jones has struggled with pain in his surgically-repaired leg, which had a metal plate implanted before persistent pain led to having the plate removed. Jones delayed rehab, coupled with a reported rift with Schalke 04 manager Felix Magath, leaves his future in doubt even if he is able to regain health.

Here are some other stories from Wednesday:


Carlos Tevez managed to score yet again versus his former club, but Wayne Rooney provided a reminder of who truly is the best striker in Manchester.

Rooney's 90th-minute header gave Manchester United a 3-1 victory and 4-3 Carling Cup semifinal victory over Manchester City on Wednesday. Manchester United will now face Brad Guzan, Brad Friedel and Aston Villa in the Carling Cup Final on Feb. 28.

Here are the highlights:



The United States-England World Cup opening match will be shown on ABC at 2pm on June 12 as one of the marquee matches highlighted in ESPN's World Cup schedule, which was released on Wednesday.

South Africa and Mexico will kick off the World Cup on June 11 on ESPN. The U.S. team's other matches are Slovenia (June 18, 9:30 a.m./ESPN) and Algeria (June 23, 9:30 a.m./ESPN).

The World Cup Final will air on Sunday, July 11 on ABC at 1:30pm.



San Jose is set to break ground on a new practice facility. The news comes after the Earthquakes re-signed forward Chris Wondolowski.

Chivas USA changed the date of its home opener from Sunday, March 28 to Friday, March 26. Chivas USA faces the Colorado Rapids at Home Depot Center.

FC Dallas has waived back-up goalkeeper Ray Burse.



For those of you who may not have heard, the folks at Soccerlens have nominated me as a finalist for the Best Football Writer award. It's a flattering honor to even be among the nominees and SBI readers are more than welcome to cast your votes for me (or for any of the finalists you prefer).


What do you think of these developments? Starting to lose hope of seeing Jones play in the World Cup? Think Wayne Rooney is the best player in the world right now? Looking forward to watching the entire World Cup in HD?

Share your thoughts below.

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77 Responses to Thursday Kickoff: No progress for Jones, United wins Manchester Derby and more

  1. jmadsen says:

    “will now face Brad Guzan, Brad Friedel and Brad Guzan ”

    Oh, Ives! How can I vote for you with such glaring gaffs? 😉

  2. jmadsen says:

    oh! first post!

  3. Roehl says:

    Yeah, that’s about it for Jermaine Jones and this World Cup.

    And if his name had never come up in talks about the US, our hopes wouldn’t have been so easily raised and dashed shortly thereafter.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Ives, is Jermaine Jones such an asset to the USMNT that he would be added to the 23 without ever previously suiting up?

  5. John in FL says:

    congrats on the nomination Ives, my vote for you is logged for today!!!

  6. Jeff says:

    No mistake. Guzan’s just that intimidating.

  7. DC Josh says:

    Congrats on the nomination Ives. I’d rather have Gooch and Davies than just Jermaine. But is he the best player to never play in a US kit who had the chance?

  8. Josh D says:

    If in the form he was in last year, yes, without a doubt. However, Bradley shows loyalty to the players who bring the team along so I do not see him being chosen.

    There are still months away and if he can make it back within the next month or so I would not write him off.

    He does very well for my FIFA US team : )

  9. Lunt says:

    You got my vote Ives

  10. Easy Answer says:

    Why were your hopes raised over a guy who has never put on a USMNT jersey? Shame on you.

  11. Easy Answer says:


  12. Murphy says:

    My hopes are raised because he is a better central midfielder than any player we have, especially defensively. I’m still hoping he will be back. Having him in form vs. England would make a HUGE difference.

  13. BFBS says:

    Wouldn’t that be the guy whose last name rhymes with Possy?

  14. TG says:

    Perhaps Jermaine Jones should consider doing rehab in Delaware with Gooch and Chuck D. Forget that whole horse placenta European recovery crap and come put in some good old fahsioned American hard work. It might improve his English as well.

  15. ZacIndy says:

    I like that ESPN is really bringing the house with their coverage. The replays every night are huge. I don’t recall them doing that last time, I could be wrong.

  16. wilyboy says:

    This is one guy I just can’t bring myself to care about anymore. We have plenty of depth at defensive midfield, even if the options aren’t as experienced.

    If there’s one injured player who doesn’t make it to the plane, I sincerely hope it’s him.

  17. Smacking says:

    I remember replays from “feature” match-ups or “instant classics”, but I believe replaying all matches is new. I enjoyed the end of the article where they showed the evolution of coverage. Things certainly have come a long way.

  18. ga-gone says:

    He will never play for USA.

  19. wjmooner says:

    Second the suggestion that J. Jones might want to try rehabbing with the miracle workers who are working with Davies and Gooch.

  20. OmarVizquel says:

    Why do people say this? Annoying and pointless.

  21. Rory says:

    Damn, I liked Ray Burse– plus he’s from Louisville, a couple hours from me.

    Also, I’m glad the Rapids-Chivas game got moved up two days, that’s two less days ’till I see my Rapids take the field!!! Hooray!

  22. rory says:

    But can any of theose defensive midfielders shoot like him? No. Could Jones in midfield have meant that Bradley could play a little more offensive style, yes, and that would have been a big boost.

  23. Rory says:

    Two words: Horse Placenta.

  24. dantheblue says:

    Just like David Regis was our best option in back in the late 90’s? Nope, I still pass on Jones… Healthy or otherwise

  25. metro4life says:

    can anyone else not read this article on Jones? Does it go to a site where you have to pay?

    (SBI-It’s a pay set-up, you have to pay for the full access if you want to read the full article. I couldn’t exactly copy the article, just summarized it.)

  26. Aaron in StL says:

    If it was a striker or LB I’d understand all the hope and hype. But we already have a traffic jam of defensive-minded CM’s. I’m sure Jones would probably be an upgrade, but by how much?

    The savior we need is a guy who consistently scores goals on the big stage or a shut down back-line player…everything in between we do pretty well.

  27. Andrew says:

    Speaking of “gaffes,” that was one also.

  28. anovato says:

    something tells me that he needs to get away from the club

    it seems to me like they have no idea how to handle injuries

  29. Fred says:

    Which leads to the obvious question: What is ESPN doing charging for online content, especially when we all know that we get ESPN’s best journalist for free right here?

    (SBI-Flattery will get you everywhere. Now, if only ESPN felt that way.)

  30. r.benjamin says:

    The log jam we have are all up and comers or those with potential at the European level. Jones’ form last year was All-Star or near that caliber at the European level. It’s quite a difference.

    Plus as someone else said, his presence in the middle would mean less defensive responsibility to whoever paired with him. Bradley.. or Torres?

  31. Kosh says:

    I think the point is to annoy.

  32. fischy says:

    Brilliantly argued. I’m guessing that your username implies irony and sarcasm?

  33. TimN says:

    I think at this juncture we forget about Jermaine Jones for this summer. He’s just not going to be able to suit up in any friendlies before the WC, so I really don’t see Bob Bradley gambling on taking him without ever getting to see him play with the team.

  34. fischy says:

    They don’t look so huge on my 26″ TV. I like the idea of bringing a house. I’m tired of apartment life.

  35. fischy says:

    So let it be written! So, let it be done!

  36. fischy says:

    I’m pretty sure his problems are related to his personal condition and the treatment he’s getting from medical personnel. The club wouldn’t have much to do with it.

  37. JJJ says:

    ESPN is smoking crack if they think people will pay for news on the internet. What a crock…..

  38. baquito alyeska says:

    It’s a favorite past time of thirteen-year-olds. It’s best to just ignore it while wishing the best for the poster who is navigating the prepubescent life-stage.

  39. El Michael says:

    Does the article really say anything new? Back in early Dec. Jones started to train with his team and felt pain; so he said he would delay his return to Feb. February is almost here. Is he going to attempt another come back or not? He’s been rehabbing? Does this include running?

    Clearly we need an exclusive one on one with Ives and Jones.

  40. Stephen says:

    Yeah. What’s stopping him?

  41. Stephen says:

    Maybe Bob will bring him to America for the March friendly and he can then go to Delaware.

  42. LI United says:

    Jones is using the same Doctors / Medical team as the New York Mets. He may make it back for 2012.

  43. tj says:

    I give up on Jermaine making it to the world cup. Which is sad, because at 27 (or 28 I’m not quite sure) this would have been the last realistic chance to play his best capable soccer. Not saying he won’t play in 2014, however this would have been his biggest shot at glory. (yes that was a pun for the movie “A shot at glory”, It’s a pretty good soccer movie so check it out!)

  44. Stephen says:

    For those of you who think that he wouldn’t start over any of our other def. mids if he was healthy and on the roster (i know big if now, but he’s still got a little time).

    link to

    Um, also, if we are not writing Dempsey off, why would we be so quick to write Jones off? Dempsey may not be back playing until late April or May.

  45. Milkshake of Despair says:

    Would have liked to see Adam Spangler nominated as well. But Ives gets my vote.

  46. patrick says:

    well played sir, well played

  47. DC Josh says:

    Spot on.

    He’s by far the best defensive midfielder we have. He could hold the spot down by himself, allowing for more offense. Not to mention he would slow the game down and combine with the team to maintain possession SOMETHING WE SUCK AT AND WILL BE THE DOWNFALL OF OUR WORLD CUP.

    sorry for caps having a cranky day:)

  48. DC Josh says:

    Good point. Dunno if he is better. He has had flashes, was deathly last year, and is younger. I would argue Subotic will be the best to never wear one, although he did play for our youth teams. Only time will tell. Depressing to think about really.

  49. DC Josh says:

    Shalke I believe.

  50. green says:

    While in Düsseldorf over the holiday season, where he is rehabbing, I heard him state he was back on track with his rehab. He got to spend a little holiday in the US and then was back at it.

    He also spoke specifically about the trainer dispute rumors, that were just that, rumors. Yet, they still get repeated day in and day out here in the US it seems.

  51. patrick says:

    becasue dempsey is not coming off a setback riddled rehabilitation from a rather serious surgery. Dempsey is merely rehabbing what appears to be a sprained knee or strained ligaments. Entirely different and less to worry about

  52. Sninho says:

    While I firmly believe Jones would step in and be an instant upgrade in the midfield, I think it would be better for him to wait till next WC cycle. There’ll be more opportunity to integrate with the team, and at 32 he’ll be the same age as Landon for Brazil.

  53. Stephen says:

    Yeah, but we can’t guarantee that he will be back to form by then and also his injury could get aggravated or not heal completely and it could wind of being worse.

  54. Stephen says:

    wind up*

  55. Stephen says:

    He should just try to play in MLS for half a season after rehabbing, of course. HAHA.

  56. Stephen says:

    Agreed. Jones is basically Clark, Edu and Bradley in one, only older. Haha.

  57. Stephen says:

    Well if Jones doesn’t play, let’s hope that Clark’s time at Frankfurt will turn him into the type of player Jones is, at least half as consistent and less boneheaded. I think that’s what Jones would bring the most: consistency.

    If Clark could turn into the type of player that can sit back, then that would free up Bradley. I’m banking on him starting with Bradley (for at least one game). Let’s hope he gets some playing time. I like Clark more than most I guess.

  58. Oog says:

    Wish I wasn’t in school all day…gunna have to record the games. But for some reason everybody starts caring about soccer when world cup comes and will start telling me the scores…ugh!

  59. Mike Caramba says:

    Vote cast. Best of luck, Ives!

  60. Eric_the_King says:


    Figured I would break the chain of the ongoing Jones discussion as it tends to go nowhere after 10 posts.

  61. green says:

    Now that’s a comment that’s going places!

  62. Brian says:

    Are you guys sure Kenny Cooper Sr. is his agent? In the 2nd link Ives provided it said:

    “”A loan move to Plymouth is a possibility,” said Cooper’s agent, Kon Schramm.”

  63. evan eleven says:

    what tha hell is going on with Jones’ rehab? it shouldn’t take this long to heal a stress fracture. i think the problem is with Jones vs. Germany, probly related to the same problem that led him to ditch Deutschland for the USA in the 1st place? Germans can be notoriously strict and reactionary when it comes to any kind of indiscipline or dissent, especially with Fussball. that might be the problem. i think Jones needs to get the hell out of Germany and finish his rehab with the USMNT…

  64. BetaMale says:

    I’m agree with this. Though it’d be nice to have him, we won’t miss him. We need a finisher and someone on defense who is a lock

  65. Clayton says:

    Ives, what would you say the realistic chances of him playing this World Cup between Bradley picking him and he being healthy? 25%? 60%? I think if he is healthy enough to sit on the field he has to be on the roster. To win a competition like this you have to gamble. I’d rather have a 60 minute match shape Jones wreaking havoc and making connecting passes in the midfield than a fully fit Klejstian getting run over by the Gerrard and Lampard and disappearing for long stretches. This conservative approach landed us 1 point in WC 2006. Gambling in WC 2002 and the Confederations Cup (after our back was against the wall and we had no choice) paid off. Am I the only one sick of seeing long balls over the top all game long? We have to control and work through the midfield to compete with the best and that starts with a guy of Jones’ caliber.

  66. bigvic says:

    yeah, could germany or shalke interfere with Jones’ rehab or keep him from seeing jim hashimoto? If so, perhaps Bradley should call him in for an upcoming friendly just to be able to get a good medical & physical look at him to see whats possible.

  67. SJultra says:

    Combo b-b-b-breaker!

    Happy to hear about the San Jose practice field. Perhaps Lew is prioritizing the Quakes over the A’s. It sounds like the team is here to stay and the mentality in the locker room is upbeat, if we can move into our own SSS in 2012 even, I think it would be a boon to the team. Go Quakes!!!

  68. Stephen says:


  69. Brett says:

    The C is stuttered, not the B… n00b.

    “C-c-c-combo breaker!”

  70. Brett says:

    USA fans need to stop with the Jermaine Jones pipe dreams. Between Bradley, Rico, Benny, Joe Frank Towers, and Mo Edu we are pretty much set at CMF.

    I called it months ago, and every day it comes closer to fruition… Jermaine Jones will not suit up for the US this cycle. If he had been healthy by last month, maybe, but now, there is no chance Bob would upset the team chemistry by bringing in a foreign player.

  71. SJultra says:

    it’s been a while since my /b/ days, and working so much has made me a little loopy. but I digress…

  72. jmadsen says:

    Touch! :-)

  73. jmadsen says:

    It’s to pull the whiners out of the woodwork.

    Amazing what two easily ignored words can produce. Like digging for worms in the compost heap.

    It was started “back in the day”, when the people who whine about it were still navigating the prepubescent life-stage.

  74. Zack Lewis says:

    Screw ESPN insider. You mean I can watch constantly streaming commercials and read a soccer the occaision soccer headline??? Can subscribe to my local paper while I’m at it? Or maybe I could just hire an old-timey sports herald to shout updates at me. ESPN, please get with the new model of content delivery.

  75. Kevin says:

    based on that video we can do without jones. we’ve already got plenty of guys who can miss long range shots, commit bad fouls, and get sent off.

  76. Stephen says:

    Yeah, but we don’t have someone with killer instinct like him. Someone who’s not afraid to go in for a hard tackle and to pull the trigger on a shot.

  77. Stephen says:

    During the International window, if Bob calls him they have to let him go, if he chooses to. But, I don’t understand why Schalke wouldn’t want him to get well.