Van Den Bergh in limbo as FC Dallas preps for draft

Dave Van Den Bergh 1 (

When FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman told SBI earlier this week that he was open to offers for midfielder Dave Van Den Bergh, the news came as no surprise to MLS teams. However, when he said that the team's assist leader was still in Dallas' plans, that statement came as news to one person.

It came as news to Van Den Bergh.

"If I'm in their plans they have a funny way of showing it," Van Den Bergh said. "I haven't even been offered a contract. You would think if I were a part of their plans I would have at least gotten some sort of offer. I haven't even been offered minimum."

FC Dallas declined to pick up the option on Van Den Bergh's contract and has been shopping Van Den Bergh's rights for some time. Dallas has yet to find a taker, but that could change on Thursday at the 2010 MLS Draft. The New York Red Bulls are one of several teams believed to have interest in the Dutch winger, but no deal has yet to be reached.

Van Den Bergh posted three goals and 11 assists (third-most in MLS) in 2009, helping FC Dallas enjoy a strong second half of the season. Those results weren't enough to earn him a new contract on a team that has handed new deals and picked up extensions for Jeff Cunningham, Dax McCarty, Daniel Hernandez and David Ferreira, who had his option picked up by Dallas on Wednesday.

"I can understand if it's a money issue, but if it's about the salary cap, why haven't they even made a low offer yet" Van Den Bergh said. "It's pretty obvious what is going on so everybody should just be honest about it."

Despite the lack of a contract, MLS rules give FC Dallas the rights to Van Den Bergh. The question is just what it will take in a trade to pry away the 33-year-old midfielder.

Sources tell SBI that FC Dallas is shopping around in an effort to move up the MLS Allocation Order to select midfielder Lee Nguyen, who has returned to the United States after a stint in the Vietnamese League. As a one-time U.S. national team player, Nguyen can only be picked up via the Allocation process. With several teams ahead of FC Dallas in the order, the club's best chance of securing Nguyen's rights is to make a trade with one of the team's higher up in the order.

One of those teams is the New York Red Bulls, which Van Den Bergh spent two seasons with. He helped lead New York to the 2008 MLS Cup Final and admitted that he is open to a return to New York.

"Not a single part of me wanted to leave New York when I left," Van Den Bergh said. "That situation was out of my control."

What does seem clear at this point is that Van Den Bergh has played his last match for FC Dallas. Van Den Bergh doesn't know where he will play next, but he knows he isn't ready to retire.

"I'm too fit and still have too much soccer in me to retire," said Van Den Bergh. "I know I can still play and hopefully something can get done so I can keep playing the way I know I can."

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63 Responses to Van Den Bergh in limbo as FC Dallas preps for draft

  1. Dale Mills says:

    We will welcome you back with open arms in NY, Dave

  2. Ben says:

    didn’t he want to go to dallas for some family & health related issues?!

  3. gerald says:

    That the “spin” I got with an emphasis on spin

  4. Mecra says:

    Come back to NY!!!

  5. afrim says:

    “Welcome to Harrison Mr. VDB…right here is the left side of the field where you will be working…to your right is Mr. Tchani and those two fells up front are JPA and sure you guys have met before.

    I’ll be in my office if you need me”- Eric Soler

  6. jonk says:

    Could be some interesting wheeling and dealing to change up the allocation order with Troy Perkins and Lee Nguyen both coming into the league.

  7. This Guy says:

    He’ll go to RBNY.
    Dallas will give up DVB and No. 6 pick
    RBNY will give up No. 2 pick and a piece of toilet paper (can be new or used)

  8. patrick says:

    why would they give up their 2? red bulls have all the leverage. I’d say RBNY give petke or ubiparopovich and the allocation spot for DVB. Fair trade if you ask me.

  9. They are def not giving up the second pick….. At this point i see us giving them allocation money and thats all….. Red Bulls are going to low ball FC Dallas…

  10. Mark says:

    I love DVB. I know assist numbers are inflated in MLS, but he scored 3 goals and chipped in 11 assists, so he’s still productive. Moving into a stadium with a grass field rather than the turf at Giant’s Stadium should help to keep him fresh. Also can spell him from time to time with Hall or Borman. Even as a 65-70 minute player he can definitely contribute on this team.

  11. art says:

    Classy player and seems like a classy guy, shame on FC Dallas and coach Hyndman (still amazed that man has a job in MLS) should be ashamed of themselves. Go somewhere you’re wanted, Dave. Any number of teams will take you, I am certain.

  12. Isaac says:

    plus, the need that toilet paper to clean up the piece of **** that was last season….

  13. Van Den Berg would be even more amazing once Henry came…… Hans Backe says he wants to play an attacking style ala Barca so i def see him playing a 4-3-3


    and defense is sure to be anyone’s guess….

    Ives, is there any way of making a forum section on the new website you are working on…. I would love to talk Red Bulls all day and I feel bad when i am reading peoples comments on non Red Bull issues and express my feelings about the Red Bulls….. I find myself always trying to led the conversation toward the Red Bulls…. If there is a trade proposed i immediately try and make the trade applicable to the Red Bulls…. am I crazy or do other people do this in favor of the team they Support?

    P.S. Ives your site is a way of life…. first and last site I check everyday, Keep up the great work

  14. south says:

    I do not want to see FC Dallas get rid of VDB.

    Cunningham only makes scoring look so easy because he’s playing with top talent around him, any forward would be bagging goals with the midfield we have.

    But he didn’t go to SMU, so I guess we have to get rid of him.

    That said, we have back up for left midfield in Benitez and Pearce (both of whom I do not think ar nearly as smart on the ball as VDB)

    And if NY is going to get him, the only way I would want that to happen would be a move up the draft table, and pick up a player whose going to fill the gap left by VDB.

    Now Schellas may have different plans, if we’re changing our formation, or style of play this next season, then he obviously knows something I don’t, and it may work to the teams favor to deal VDB away.
    But if he wants to see the team producing goals in the way that they were this past season, VDB is a key cog in those gameplay mechanics.

  15. Smith says:

    DVDB to RBNY for “Future Considerations” – an old MLS Standby, baby.

  16. A. Ruiz says:

    Chicago should trade Justin Mapp for him. It’ll be just like the Barret trade, with Dallas thinking they got the better end of that deal.

  17. ga-gone says:


  18. David says:

    This situation is evidence of the reasonableness of the MLS players’ unions demands as the CBA negotiations continue. It is absolutely apalling from a legal perspective that this man is out of contract and yet the business that declined to keep his contract in force has a say over his LIVELIHOOD.

    Quite frankly, the lawyers of the MLS players’ union must not be too sharp – I can’t imagine how this situation has survived court challenge (other than the antitrust case, has there been a court challenge to the previous CBA?), let alone a negotiation.

  19. Isaac says:

    ehhh…..who’s going to do the defensive work in that midfield? Neither Tchani, van den Bergh or Dane Richards are defensive midfielders. I would say this:



    —–V.D. Bergh—–Ubiparipovic–




    van den Bergh is getting to where David Beckham is in his career. He hasn’t got the pace or excellent skills but has great tactical awareness and technical abilities. He can still deliver great service, pass the ball well, shoot well, works hard, understands and reads the game very well. I feel that if Hans Backe is going to play an “attacking style” he’d go with this.

  20. simms21 says:

    Hey Ives this is a little off topic but have you been to the new Red Bull Park recently? If so how’s it looking?

  21. Clayton says:

    Fire Schellas, keep VDB

  22. Claud says:

    Van De Kamp is no Beckham. There is no interest because he looked washed up with Dallas. Like Eddie Lewis, too slow for MLS at this point in his career. Becks still has some wheels and quickness.

    (SBI-Who said there is no interest?)

  23. Tom says:

    This is what needs to change in the new CBA. He doesn’t have a contract (a.k.a. he’s a free agent) yet Dallas still owns him. Awful.

  24. alex says:

    Despite the lack of a contract, MLS rules give FC Dallas the rights to Van Den Bergh. The question is just what it will take in a trade to pry away the 33-year-old midfielder.
    uggh this comes up again and again. VDB is good enough to play in MLS, has NO contractual obligation to FCD, but will probably end up in some foreign league because for some MLS team to sign him they have to overpay his former club.

    They need to scrap this way of doing things asap

  25. Camjam says:

    um…. I think He did pretty well with the assists and constant running and all. He’s not worth his old contract, but not washed up

  26. Allegre says:

    I think I read VDB’s words as “now that the Professor is gone, I can come back to New York”. As I remember, VDB’s pace with the ball was well above what else is on this team as midfielder!

  27. Josh D. says:

    I’d take him at DC. Put him in a nice roaming role where his awareness and ability to get in crosses does the work for the strikers to tap it in. We have hard workers at DC but few tactically…

  28. Allegre says:

    Oh, yeah……No more Agoof in the Front Office!

  29. Smith says:

    Ok, Dallas, you give us DVDB & your #5 & 6 picks and we’ll give you our #2 allocation spot so you can add Lee Nguyen. We will even through in future considerations and a lovely, autographed photo of Juan Carlos Osorio scribbling in his notebook.

  30. This Guy says:

    Best idea I’ve heard all day!

  31. Tom says:

    Ives – I’d love to see your MLS Over-30 best XI.

  32. Stephen says:

    So this is completely off topic, but I saw on ESPN that Rangers and Everton are both going to be on ESPN on Saturday, but now I can’t find it anywhere…did I imagine this?

  33. Speedball says:

    We could throw in our Director of Scouting and Player Recruitment to help sweeten the pot.

  34. RLW2020 says:

    are you all assuming that Henry will be moved in the January window? because that is NOT happening. maybe after the 2011 season when his contact with Barça is up and he is not longer on the French national team.

  35. Scott A says:

    yeah seriously

  36. Mike from linden says:

    Give up Ubi or Cepero never Petke. That trade makes too Much sense. With Dallas trying to get of him and his contract and rbny wanting (or at least they should) Duka and VDB, this needs to happen now.

  37. Lee says:

    Why would the Redbulls Give up our pick they want out allocation spot for Lee Nguyen we get vandy and there #5 pick and there slot and they get the slot..then we get tchani and duka and vandy they get out spot and we move on … they are trying to get rid of vandy ……….

  38. Brian says:

    Hey what? Perkins is back?

  39. sean says:

    Hey, this guy has haunted RSL in the past, maybe they can pick him up to replace Yura… The champs could use you!

  40. Brian says:

    Damn that’s a lot to give up.

  41. Tim M. says:

    Dallas doesn’t need anyone New York would be willing to offer in a trade that involves NY’s allocation pick and Van Den Berg.

    Stammler is coming off a horrible year and were set at the holding midfield position for at least another year, plus with his contract a deal involving him wouldn’t make sense for Dallas. The only player on the Red Bulls i could see Dallas being interested in would be Kandji, and thats about it.

    NY’s Allocation pick straight up for the rights to Van Den Berg is great for both sides. You could look at it like Dallas trading for Lee Nguyen. Were essentially just upgrading our wing with a younger, more talented attacking player.

  42. Tim M. says:

    You clearly don’t follow Dallas

  43. Tim M. says:

    I beg to differ. Lee Nguyen or Van Den Berg? mmmmm Leeeeeeee

  44. Tim M. says:

    van den berg and mcbride would be perfect for each other. chicago fans would get the privilege of seeing players rot before their very own eyes

  45. Tim M. says:

    how to hell does 11 assists equate to washed up?

  46. Tim M. says:

    Wow, NY’s new management would have to be complete idiots to give up the chance to draft Tony Tchani or Ike Opara

  47. aristotle says:

    This is the kind of problem you see all of the time and wish they would clean up. Van Den Bergh seems like a class act and is a solid player. There are far too many players like him being treated this way in MLS. At the same time they bend over backwards to accommodate obnoxious jerks.

  48. DC Josh says:

    He’s not that good, that’s why Dallas doesn’t want him.

  49. aristotle says:

    He was one of their top four players for the season, but he’s no good? Anytime I saw him play he looked excellent.

  50. Army of Dad says:

    He might not have been offered a contract right now because FCD is waiting until the league and the players come to an agreement first. Hard for FCD to assess his value when they don’t know the wage structure.

  51. Didier says:

    I agree. I was always under the impression that family issues was entirely the reason he left, and that it was entirely his decision. Oh well. Would love to see him back in New York. Definitely one of my favorite MLS players.

  52. Scott says:

    TFC Needs a winger. We could use his talents.

  53. Didier says:

    Wow. That must clear a lot of cap space to sign Perkins AND somebody else, right? Otherwise D.C. got hosed!

  54. Bohawk says:

    He is a class act. Would welcome him back to NY with open arms.

  55. inkedAG says:

    I would love for VDB to come back to NY. But since this makes sense, RB will mess it up.

  56. Mile High Outpost says:

    DvDb for RBNY co-captain with JPA!

  57. Terry says:

    I thought DVB added a great dimension to the FC Dallas attack. He consistently dropped good balls in the center for Cunningham and others to feast on. Only 2 other players in the entire league had more assists. It will be a loss to the FC Dallas if/when Dave departs.

  58. Tony T says:

    Obviously the whole story is not being told here. I also thought the main reason he came to dallas was because of family issues and he chose to leave the Red Bulls, and now he’s saying he wanted to stay in new york but it was out of his control???? Hmmm… It’s a mystery but I’m sure someone that knows the “real facts” will talk. In the mean time take everything you hear with “several” grains of salt.

  59. Sean says:

    Yes, replace an up and coming striker with a 33 yr old MIDFIELDER.

  60. Tobin says:

    Stories like this are the reason that I end up with so much sympathy on the players side of the CBA negotiations. To sum up, DVB is out of contract what would essentially be a free agent but FC Dallas still own his rights. If another team wanted to sign him then they would have to negotiate compensation with FC Dallas for this ‘free agent’. If FC Dallas only offers a paltry contract that the player deems too low, what recourse does he have if he wants to continue playing in the MLS?