Wednesday Kickoff: Kansas City stadium approved, Chicago bolsters roster and more


The Kansas City Wizards stadium project cleared its final hurdles on Tuesday night after funding for the project was approved by the Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Kansas.

The vote clears the way for construction to begin today on a stadium that will be the crown jewel of a $400 million development project in Kansas City, Kansas. The Wizards expect to be playing in their new stadium at some point during the 2011 season. The stadium will be the 10th built by an MLS team.

On the field, the identity of one of the two international players we have linked to moves to Kansas City was revealed. The Back Post reported that Guadeloupe national team captain Stephane Auvray will be joining the Wizards. A tenacious central midfielder who can provide bite as well as attacking elements, Auvray should help bolster a Wizards midfield that includes Jack Jewsbury and Davy Arnaud.

So who is the second international player slated to join the Wizards? Sources have told SBI that Colombian defender Pablo Escobar will be joining the Wizards upon receipt of his international clearance. Escobar was one of three Colombian defenders signed by Major League Soccer last month.

Here are some other stories to get your Wednesday going:

Fire set to make international additions

Fresh off a strong performance at the MLS Draft, the Chicago Fire looks set to bolster its roster even further with the addition of two foreign players. Reports out of Poland have linked the Fire to a loan move for Polish fullback Krzysztof Król while the arrival of Salvadoran midfielder Julio Martinez is expected in the coming days.

Krol is projected to take over as the Fire's starting left back, replacing Cyprus-bound Gonzalo Segares, while Martinez is expected to take over on the right wing for Denmark-bound Chris Rolfe.

The Fire isn't done. Reports have linked Chicago to Dutch striker Collins John, a former strike partner of Brian McBride at Fulham. Sources tell SBI that the Fire is in serious talks with John, who would not count as a Designated Player.

Chivas USA extends loans on Padilla, Cuesta and Santos

New Chivas USA head coach Martin Vasquez is likely to shake up his roster, but three players who won't be leaving just yet are forwards Jesus Padilla and Maicon Santos and defender Yamith Cuesta. All three had their loan deals with Chivas USA extended on Tuesday.

All three players served key roles in helping Chivas USA overcome a mid-season slump to reach the MLS playoffs.

One player who is leaving is Paulo Nagamura, who moved to Mexican side Tigres on a free transfer after three seasons with Chivas USA. Nagamura's departure was no surprise to Chivas USA, which drafted midfielder Blair Gavin to help compensate for Nagamura's departure.

Clarifying the Philly-D.C. United trade

There was a bit of confusion regarding the details of the Philadelphia Union's deal with D.C. United last week that gave D.C. the Union's top spot in the MLS Allocation order. While it was not mentioned in the details of the deal, Philadelphia did, in fact, swap Allocation Order places with D.C. United in the trade. Philadelphia now holds the No. 6 spot in the MLS Allocation Order.

Why is this significant? The Union has been linked to a move for defender Michael Orozco and sources have told SBI that if Orozco does sign with MLS he will go through the Allocation Order process as a U.S. national team pool player.

Orozco isn't the only American player who could be selected via the Allocation Order in the coming days and weeks. Midfielder Lee Nguyen has been linked to a move to MLS, with FC Dallas the team most likely to sign the former PSV winger (UPDATE- According to Nguyen's Twitter account, he is heading back to Vietnam after failing to reach an agreement on a deal with MLS).

As for D.C. United? It holds the last place in the Allocation Order until another team selects a player via the allocation process.

Here is the current Allocation Order:

1. New York Red Bulls

2. San Jose Earthquakes

3. Kansas City Wizards

4. Toronto FC

5. FC Dallas

6. Philadelphia Union

7. Colorado Rapids

8. New England Revolution

9. Chivas USA

10. Seattle Sounders

11. Columbus Crew

12. Chicago Fire

13. Houston Dynamo

14. Los Angeles Galaxy

15. Real Salt Lake

16. D.C. United


What do you think of these developments? Can you believe MLS will be building a 10th soccer-specific stadium? Impressed with what the Chicago Fire is doing with its roster? Wondering when Vasquez will make some new additions to the Chivas USA squad?

Share your thoughts below.

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105 Responses to Wednesday Kickoff: Kansas City stadium approved, Chicago bolsters roster and more

  1. Mike says:

    When does the MLS schedule come out?

  2. Joe says:

    We, the Fire, will be better this year than last year. This season will not be considered a rebuilding year. Now, hopefully, without Blanco we can actually have an attack and play some free flowing football like we should have been doing the past couple years with the teams we had. Klopas is on fire this season, no pun intended…

  3. Felix says:

    Another SSS is a good thing – and it looks like a nice stadium. I hope it is somewhere somewhat close to major population centers and isn’t in the middle of nowhere like Pizza Hut Park.

    As a Fire fan, I’m glad they are re-tooling with what appears to be some solid young players. I’m not so sure on the Collins John link, but at the same time the best year he ever had was at Fulham, when his strike partner was Brian McBride.

  4. Keith G. says:

    I think the Fire moves look good, and they continue to look in Poland for there tallent. If the Fire can get all 3 players, the team will look good for the new season.

    Now I just wish I would hear some news on the Red Bulls making a siging or 2.

  5. Erik V says:

    here’s a link to a a dutch soccer site also reporting the potential signing of Collins John. link to Not sure if its a good move. He has not done well at the last three clubs he was at. Feels similar to the Victor Sikora situation and that did not work well for Dallas.

  6. NYRBislame says:

    Pizza Hut Park is hardly in the “middle of nowhere”. It is in Frisco the fastest growing suburb of Dallas.

  7. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    So the Wizards are getting a Colombian named Pablo Escobar? Hmmmm……

    Naaaa…..too easy. 😉

  8. otergod says:

    Collins is a high risk, high rewards type of player. We always have Nyarko and Lowry to fill the void if worst comes to worst.

    These signings have been talked to death on many forums. Still its good to see the attention and respect given to the moves we are making. Hopefully we’ll see some good payouts this season. Winning anything will be a step in the right direction

  9. JohnC says:

    What are those cornfields behind the KC stadium- I think I’ll stick with my new Union stadium with the Deleware River as my backdrop…however, KC might have us beat because they probably don’t have to worry about the neighborhood surrounding their stadium. Go Union!

  10. Mike from linden says:

    The picture looks alot like red bull arena if that’s is the stadium plan.

  11. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    Pablo Escobar – that’s awesome.

    Congrats to Wizards fans. They had to go through some rough years and have earned this good news.

    Now if they can just get their heads out of their collective arses down in Houston.

  12. Rory says:

    yeah, the “middle of nowhere” is just a nice excuse for why FCD can’t draw a crowd to save their lives.

  13. Adam says:

    Chicago, from a marketing stand point, may be one of the BEST teams in the league. They play to the ethnic diversity of Chicago perfectly. The Polish community will go nuts for Król.

  14. froboy says:

    some day I hope to see a picture like that in downtown DC, is that too much to ask??

  15. timmyg says:

    It’s 30 miles outside of Dallas.

  16. Rory says:

    Uhm… it’s called corn. It’s what feeds you city boys and once fueled our entire economy.

  17. soccerroo says:

    Totally agree. It was not in the middle of nowhere the first season or two when they were drawing good crowds.

  18. Rory says:

    Time and time again teams have thought they’d turn out the ethnic communities in their city by picking up a national team playr from that country. And time and time again it failed if that player wasn’t named Blanco. For years the Rapids tried to woo the Asian-American community of Denver to no avail.

  19. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    I have pushed the DC stadium debacle out of my mind. Just too disappointing. Why doesn’t DCU just remodel RFK? Baseball is never going to be played there again. They can tarp off the upper deck like Seattle for league games and open it up for USMNT matches or MLS Cup.

  20. Bloody Confused DC Josh says:

    So the traded top allocation spot won’t go to DC until one US player is picked up? That doesn’t make any sense. Philly traded their top allocation pick to DC, DC should be sitting in pole position right now, not LAST.

    (SBI-You can’t trade away your allocation spot, you can only trade to swap spots with another team. D.C. is last because it traded to move into Philly’s spot (No. 1) and then used it. Once you use your allocation spot, you go back to the bottom. D.C. can always move back up by trading with a team at or near the top.)

  21. soccerroo says:

    yes unfortunately that we probably be to much to ask considering it is Washington DC. It is pretty hard for teams from Houston, New York, and Dallas to get downtown stadiums. So it will probably be impossible in DC

  22. froboy says:

    if only it were that simple, DC won’t let them do anything to RFK b/c they are hoping that Dan Snyder will get tired of FedEx field and build his own stadium in DC where RFK is now, doubtful the Redskins/Snyder will care to have the inconvenience of the United

  23. Lucy says:

    Jackass…no cornfields, just tons of retail, restaurants, and hotels. And oh, there is a also a NASCAR track next door as well. This is in the same development as CAB is now, just down the street.

  24. froboy says:

    in the trade they switched spots in the allocation order, so Philly got DC’s spot and DC got Philly’s so that means DC is last

  25. GT says:

    DC used their top allocation spot to grab Perkins.

    So now they’re last.

  26. DC Josh says:

    Sorry, completely forget about picking up Troy Perkins.

  27. DC Lee says:

    GREAT news about Dempsey.

    Congrats to the Wizards and for all MLS fans that enjoy a good atmosphere.

    DC Josh – We got the top pick from the Union then used it to claim Troy Perkins last week so we are now last and will move up as every team picks in front of us unless we do another trade.

  28. fischy says:

    Because it’s a rat-infested, crumbling ruin? With lousy sight-lines and seats too far from the field? Because the team doesn’t have that kind of money? Because the city hasn’t ponied up the kind of money the team needs for a new stadium or remodeled RFK? Because city politicians really want to tear it down and build the Redskins a gleaming new 90,000-seat palace?

  29. ELAC says:

    I fear, once again, that Chivas USA will be limited by a small purse to spend on center backs, back up goal keepers, and a replacement for Nagamura.

  30. DC Josh says:

    I’m pumped for Kansas City. Living in DC and having to deal the city council, I live vicariously through other teams when they get stadiums. I’ll be making every road trip to Philly and New York this year for the DC games.

  31. JT says:

    Collins John…that name brings me back to playing FIFA and managing Fulham back in the day. What on earth happened to him in the last few seasons?

  32. Danny says:

    Lee Nguyen via twitter:

    “back to vietnam yall .. wasnt able to get anything worth coming back for from the league disappointed but gotta look forward”

    Looks like he’s not going to FC Dallas after all. Too bad. He would have been a nice signing for MLS and for that franchise/fan base.

  33. Brian H says:

    Why are some players not considered “DP’s” (ie: Dutch striker Collins John)

    Why are players already linked to teams in the MLS Allocation, when there are plenty of teams ABOVE them in the order. Why couldn’t Nygen & Orozc go to:

    1. New York Red Bulls

    2. San Jose Earthquakes

    3. Kansas City Wizards

    4. Toronto FC

    Veeeeery confusin!

    (SBI-Not really confusing at all. If John isn’t a DP it’s because Chicago has convinced him to play for 400K or less. Players who should go via allocation are already linked to players because usually there’s a specific team that deals with a player and then that team has to make the deal to get in position to select him. That is assuming the teams at the top of the order are even interested. Teams can’t just block an allocation move, they either have to select the player, trade their slot, or pass. For example, I don’t think New York is interested in Orozco, so if they don’t want him and there aren’t other teams in the mix for him who might be willing to trade up to beat Philly to the punch, then NY can pass.

    Still confused?)

  34. Aaron in StL says:

    From what I know of KC it’s by no means right in th emiddle of everything, but it’s not far either. Plus it’s easily accessible on the interstate which helps a lot.

  35. Henry says:

    I drive 2 hours for Red Bull games, I wish I had a team only 30 mins away. FCD front office just aren’t doing their jobs.

  36. south says:

    As far as the DFW metroplex is concerned, Frisco is in Oklahoma, it also doesn’t help that you have to pay a toll to even drive there.

    Lots of places in the middle of nowhere are growing fast.

    I had to drive out to PHP to play my league games when they switched them from the Richland College fields. It sucked.

    seriously though, the atmosphere at the Cotton Bowl was better, as far as fans, you move the stadium out to Frisco w/ a tollroad, and you lose a lot the fans you had at the Cotton Bowl.
    I think in the long term as the area grows it will be a good move, but I’m talking 10-12 years down the road.
    I do like Pizza Hut Park, its a great stadium, but in a bad location for the area. IMO.

  37. Eric says:

    Which is easily an hour to an hour and a half drive each way. It’s too bad they couldn’t afford the Cotton bowl. Average attendance back in those days was 14,000 and with the DART green line bringing public transportation to the area, I can only imagine that that figure would explode. In 2030, after 300 miles of DART expansion, it still won’t even get near pizza hut park. PHP is IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. As for “fast growing suburbs” every time I go, I feel like I’m in disneyland. 8,000 of the average attendance must be the brats that run up and down the stairs the whole game. Their parents are screaming at them the whole game. Maybe I should check out the supporter section…

  38. Eric says:

    try 1.5 hours. I live in Fort Worth (pop. 1 million) and we all have to drive close to 2 hours to get there as opposed to 45 min to Dallas.

  39. Brian H says:

    Why wouldnt a team at the top of the list lay claim to a player in order to nudge a trade/$$ from a team who wants the player?

  40. eric says:

    Regardless of his recent form, 20 EPL goals is good enough…not to mention leading Fulham for a season. He will settle quickly and will be in the Conor Casey mold, but with better feet.

  41. afc says:

    NY, Seattle and Dallas all wanted him. I’m assuming “anything worth coming back for” means salary.

  42. Brian H says:

    And since I have your ear…

    Any comments on the Raul to NY rumor?

  43. Josh D says:

    Moronic decision from a guy who thinks he’s bigger than himself. Left Vietnam in the most unprofessional of ways to come here hoping we would pony up large sums of money for his salary. We told the little boy, playing the last bit of your career at Vietnam means teams can hardly gauge how well you can play which means they can’t be arsed to risk it. Instead of biting the bullet, playing in a better league, and potentially gaining the contract he wants in a couple years – he runs back to the league he screwed over…. His playing generation does come across as whinging babies when they can’t get what they want..

  44. MVK says:

    close access to water rich in PCBs, chlordane, mercury, dioxin and DDT is always a plus

  45. Josh D says:

    Looooooved Kansas’ soccer specific t-shirts they released a couple months back. Really wish I had gotten one. If anyone knows where you can find them, please help me out!

  46. south says:

    (UPDATE- According to Nguyen’s Twitter account, he is heading back to Vietnam after failing to reach an agreement on a deal with MLS).

    Should have just kept that #6 pick to draft Corben Bone,
    hope Ferreira or Dax don’t get hurt!

  47. Andy in Atlanta says:

    But is the most arrogant punk with no desire to train… terrible fitness etc… be prepared for Denilson #2 only not as skilled.

  48. MVK says:

    And we are know as a wheat state numbskull, Nebraska is the corn state (Huskers ring a bell?), though I think Iowa produces the most corn.

  49. Eric says:

    These SSS’s will eventually kill MLS. Waay out in the suburbs, they’ll bring the yuppies and rugrats, but the die-hards feel out of place. Toronto and Seattle are the future (unless Seattle builds a SSS out in Sammamish).

  50. Andy in Atlanta says:

    They are called the Dallas Burn not the Fort Worth Burn…. The Colony and Denton have some of hte highest youth soccer pops in the country… Dallas front office is the problem…not the stadium local…

    Lots of stadiums are well outside the “city” ask the New England Patriots or Phoenix Cardinals…somehow they are always filled…

  51. fischy says:

    Hmmm. Maybe he wanted to play for Dallas, but Hyndman couldn’t swing a deal with NY? Or, maybe it’s the money. If it’s the latter, I suspect Dallas is kinda pissed. It was my sense that the draft day trade of the 6th pick for allocation money was meant to make the Nguyen signing. Bye-bye, Lee….

  52. Ives, any idea why RB would pass on Michael Orozco? Wouldn’t you agree he would be a good addition and add depth to a weak position?

    (SBI-Depends on whether you think he can play CB in MLS. As far as I can tell, Philly would play him at right back. New York has Carlos Johnson and Chris albright who can play right back, with Roy Miller and Jeremy Hall also capable of slotting in there. Orozco is a promising young player, but anyone who thinks he’s going to dominate MLS because he started as a defender in Mexico is mistaken. Mexico has great attacking talent, but the quality of individual defenders in Mexico is a notch below the attackers. All that said, I also think the Red Bulls would rather wait and see who else might come along, either now or in the summer. If someone like Beasley or Bocanegra comes to MLS, that top spot suddenly increases a TON in value.)

  53. fischy says:

    It does seem like Hyndman was counting his chickens a bit early. Also seems like Nguyen has probably burned his bridges here. Hope he’s cool with a career in Vietnam.

  54. Brent McD says:

    There’s a reason why Dynamo are looking to put their stadium downtown, not in Sugarland or Katy or the Woodlands. Houston looks at Dallas’s half-empty stadium with soccer moms and snotty-nosed kids running around, and we laugh! I’ll never forget going to a PLAYOFF game at PHP where there were almost as many Dynamo fans as Dallas fans in the house. Pathetic support, but almost understandable when you look at the stadium location. Cotton Bowl was great atmosphere. You North Dallas suburban dorks dropped the ball. LOL

  55. BK says:

    DC got hosed in that trade, IMO.

  56. Steve C says:

    Great news for MLS & the KC Wizards. Now to get that Houston stadium built.

    Who else is left that needs to a SSS? New England, DC United, & San Jose?

  57. DDT5583 says:

    even if you’re right, he won’t be nearly as highly paid, and Denilson didn’t have a Brian McBride or CJ Brown on the team. You can rest assured that any slacking will be swiftly and thoroughly dealt with by two of the toughest and hardest-working locker room leaders ever to grace MLS. The Fire have a strong, united and experienced clubhouse, which FC Dallas lacked for the last few years.

  58. bryan says:

    im sorry, but for me, DC United did an AWFUL job in the draft and now with this allocation order business, i’m really bummed.

    i think we have a good core, but we need more depth, depth that isn’t 30+ years old. perkins is great and all, but i’m starting to think we overpaid for him…

  59. MVK says:

    for sure, not having them really helped the NASL………. lol

  60. fischy says:

    Because they might not want to be stuck with the player, or they might actually want to hold on to their slot in the allocation order, in case a player they actually want comes back home. When you use your allocation, you move down to the bottom of the list.

  61. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    SSS’s will kill MLS? Just because SSS’s don’t produce instant sell-outs now doesn’t mean they won’t be packed ten year from now. It takes time to build a real fan base. “Bandwagoneers” come and go – real fans take time, but once you have them you’ll have to beat them off with a stick.

    “Fair-weather” fans aren’t worth their weight in junk. By all means, take their money, but don’t count on them for any real commitment.

    10 years from now MLS will be just fine, thank you very much.

  62. fischy says:

    The allocation business — Frankly, I don’t understand the confusion. MLSnet’s piece announcing the deal did say the teams swapped allocation spots.

    More importantly, it’s an inconsequential part of the trade. Getting Perkins with an allocation was awesome. He will be, by far, the best USA player signed thru allocation this year. Philly isn’t likely to get anyone very good, with the 7th allocation slot. DCU isn’t missing out by not having that slot. What was costly was giving up hte draft pick, but Philly needed an inducment to swap the allocation picks. That was their price.

  63. afc says:

    I would have to agree. He probably felt he deserved more money because of how “well” he did in Vietnam. He also feels he deserves a call up to the Nats. He is a bit disillusioned with all of this. He was the same way when he was training with Arsenal. He honestly felt they were going to sign him.

  64. eric says:

    Might want to call them the Frisco Burn, or FC Frisco. I think FC Yuppie would also fit the bill. As for youth soccer…to rely on this crowd, is a problem. If this league wants to grow, then its fan base needs to be accommodated as it ages. F’in dancing mascots will not be found in the EPL, nor will brats that run endlessly up and down the stairs. You wont find them in the Colaship, league1, France, Italy, Scandanavia, Portugal, ANYWHERE. Maybe in the Bundesliga, but they are mocked there. MLS wants a different fanbase than the rest of the world and wants to grow. pipedream.

  65. Eric says:

    Well, I am a “real fan” then. In the Dallas area, I cheered my heart out for the Sidekicks in the 80’s, the Burn in the 90’s, and FC Dallas today.

    The move to Frisco changed the atmosphere so much. It’s like a playground.

    Maybe I should hedge my complaints on management, but I can imagine fans like myself feel the same elsewhere.

  66. Judging Amy says:

    It worked for DC (Raul Diaz Arce, el Diablo, Jaime) bringing out the Bolivians and Salvadorans in the early days.

  67. JohnC says:

    Im surprised with such passionate responses considering how little fans go to the game.

  68. Cavan says:

    Also, RFK and the land underneath it is owned by the federal government. Anything that you want to do there would require and Act of Congress to allow it. Good luck getting that passed.

  69. Cavan says:

    FCD’s location in Frisco is a bit of the exception that proves the rule. Red Bull Arena is located just outside New York on a subway line from midtown Manhattan. Bridgeview borders the political limits of Chicago. BMO Field is adjacent downtown Toronto and on a rail line.

    I agree that location really matters. However, the SSS’s aren’t the problem. Some of their locations might be problematic but controlling your own schedule/revenue and having a stadium with a field with proper dimensions for soccer is not something to sneeze at.

  70. Matt in Detroit says:

    I’m sorry, exactly when did the Vietnamese League start becoming wealthier than MLS?

  71. Must be the Vietnamese lifestyle, or he didn’t like the allocation order.

  72. Another Big Mistake says:

    It’s gonna be Colorado 2.0 – Another team with very poor support building a stadium far away from anywhere anyone wants to be. Don’t kid yourselves. This stadium is actually a step back for MLS. It will fall in line with Colorado and Frisco.

  73. MVK says:

    doesnt take much to respond to ignorance….

  74. Really?? says:

    Another idiot comparing America’s most popular sport that’s been around for almost a hundred years to MLS. It never gets old.

  75. Best. Soccer. Specific. Stadium. (next to New York of course). From what we’re hearing in KC this place will be a state-of-the-art fan experience and a desirable place to play professional. To bad I can’t make it magically appear Sim City style.

    FTR, I feel bad for DC supporters. The District doesn’t want a stadium built for MLS’ historically most successful club yet they build one for a baseball team that is actually worse than the Royals. Only in DC.

  76. south says:

    LOL the NASL sold out stadiums, it wasn’t stadium problems that wrecked the NASL, it’s that the NASL brought over aging stars, paid them way too much money and ran it financially into the ground before the sport even started to maybe grab a mainstream audience.

  77. Joe says:

    Is there anything that DC United didn’t give Philly in that deal? Will they be sleeping with anyone’s wives? Were there any first borns involved? WOW! We didn’t even keep our allocation spot? Fred, 1st pick, allocation money, and our allocation spot. That is a lot!

  78. MrDot says:

    You could always be Baltimore United.

  79. Charles says:

    they aren’t going to draw LESS than 10k ( last years attn ) are they ?

    IF not, and they have their own stadium it is a plus right ?

  80. jig says:

    please explain why it will be colorado 2.0, as you clearly seem to know what you’re talking about.

  81. DadRyan says:

    You noticed that KC consistently “sells out” their games at the baseball stadium which is just down the block from the Wizards stadium site right? It’s also across the street from Kansas Speedway, I’m having a hard time believing this location that “nobody wants to visit”.

    Good for the Wizards. Now I’ll have a legit reason to visit Kansas someday…

  82. DadRyan says:

    Wizards sell out a lot of their matches. Maybe just over 10k but it’s still a sell out.

  83. Charles says:

    Agreed, plus you forgot the most important element of the SSS. They need to house 20k or less. Philly only holds 18,5000.

    So basically Philly has said that the average team can draw around 15k and afford a salary of about $2.5 million and we want that to grow about 20% or so and be done.

    It is a stepping stone and people say these stadiums are expandable, the revenue is much better, but it seems to me to be shooting so low MLS teams are going to fail even if they succeed.

  84. Charles says:

    The NASL Sounders would have been limited in a SSS, not helped by it.

    They drew close to 30k, and have crowds of 50k plus many times.

  85. evan eleven says:

    does anyone else think the dumbass MLS allocation system is totally retarded? MLS should just let the teams sign their own players already. they already have a salary cap, what do they need allocations for???

  86. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Fulham have Billy Badger… so I beg to differ but I do see your point… I am the guy sitting in the supporters sections not the sidelines with soccer moms and snot mose kids…but I do realize that those moms and kids pay for tickets which is what is needed to keep me afloat… I will agree that a great “Euro like” atmosphere can go a long way towards building a follwoing but I think the Dallas front office thought they would get the best of both worlds as the hardcore fans would go anyways and then they would get all the concessions and ticket sales form the “family day out” crowd…

    Also I am far from an idiot and was not comparing NFL to MLS… I was saying that the truly passionate go no matter how far the inconvinient drive is when they love the product… perhaps the product is the real problem?

  87. Murphdog says:

    Hardly think he is being idiot… he was not comparing the lenght the sport has been around… I know guys that are just as serious about their MLS teams as guys I know who support an NFL team… If you love the sport and your team… driving 1 hour+ is not that big of a deal… try living in a city with traffic… we sit in our cars for 2 hours a day just to go to and from a job we hate… hardly much to ask when going to something they enjoy…

  88. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Well said…being a former KC native… I am so excited that this is happening for you all you old die hard KC Wiz fans… Wish the Bannister Mall site would have worked but this may be better in the long run and get some of the hispanic population out to the games.

  89. Chase says:

    Is he serious? Have fun back in the Vietnamese league, racked with corruption and match-fixing…

  90. Chase says:

    Despite being worse than the Royals the Nationals still consistently outdraw DCU on their best nights.

    I’m a DCU supporter and am appalled by the stadium issues, but have never bought into this line of reasoning. Economically, DC stood to make a lot more money on a Nats Stadium then they did on a DCU stadium…

  91. Brian D says:

    FWIW, the Union has said that the stadium could be expanded to about 30,000, if needed, down the road. That is how you plan for the future and the present, my friend.

  92. Joamiq says:

    Ives – I don’t know about dominating MLS, but wouldn’t Orozco be an immediate upgrade at CB for the Red Bulls? Surely no two CBs from their mix are both better than Orozco…

    I mean I agree, there might be much more valuable players coming back down the road so it’s probably wise not to use the spot on Orozco, but I still think he’d help the Red Bulls.

  93. Mitch says:

    I drive around the same distant for to see the Fire… I’d love it if I only had to drive 30min… They don’t draw a crowd because they are not well supported… no because people can’t drive 30 mins from Dallas.

  94. Charles says:

    Same with Toronto, my friend, in the meantime they play in front of 20,000 with 10,000 begging to watch a game.

  95. Being Negative is Negative says:

    Because playing in a minor league baseball is much better for fan support than a SSS for the city and state of KS & MO and their soccer club.

    In related news: the glass is always half-empty and despite it being sunny out, it isnt sunny enough, etc.

    I’m absolutely elated you aren’t affliated with any MLS brass in anyway shape or form.

    ” This stadium is a step back for MLS “….wow, this kid has jokes.

  96. Charles says:

    MrDot said…

    “You could always be Baltimore United.” -Mr.Dot

    I just read that Baltimore approved a $100,000 feasibility study to see if they could lure DC there. Not a joke, serious. As a person who lost his SuperSonics to the middle of nowhere I would be nervous.

    I also saw that Raul is seriously thinking of coming to the MLS, with interest from NY and LA. It is like the MLS teams already know the DP will expand from one to two. (Why don’t I hear the Sounders interested in anyone yet ?)

    I think you are going to see more and more of this. Guys who can definitely play well in a Major first division, but don’t want to play for the other loser 15-18 teams and aren’t in need of money, coming to MLS.

    MLS may have very limited money, but at least we don’t have a joke of a league.

    Good for us and great for US soccer.

  97. Charles says:

    Major league baseball outdrew the EPL by about 6-1. Same amount per game, but baseball plays 162 games a year.

  98. mike says:

    nguyen needs mls more than mls needs him.

  99. Austin says:

    it would just be too much depth to have on an MLS team since cap room is such a big deal in this league

    NY needs midfielders more than defense now guys….they did their Defensive shopping

    I think this will be how the defense looks next year….

    RB-Johnson,RCB-Albright,LCB-Goldthwaite(or petke, whoever is playing better at the time),LB-Miller(yes, he can play left back)

    i honestly think they could have used Nguyen

  100. Austin says:

    i would put NYRB on the 100th most likely american team to sign him, lol

    no, its possible….but Henry looks like he will sign after the World Cup and to be honest they already have to capable strikers in Angel and Kandji, my guess if Henry comes he might be played mixed at left mid and striker

  101. kfly says:

    Terrible news about KC! I hate the be That Guy, but I will be for a sec. I was holding out on the hope that they would pack it up and move to St. Louis, which would most likely actually support a team. Keeping a team names the “Wizards” in an area that has no interest in supporting them (outside the Cauldron, which is always great, and to whom I apologize profusely for the nature of this comment) is a terrible move for MLS’ image and financial future. BOO!

    That said, I am happy for the Wizards fans that are passionate. I would rather have a stadium than Curt Onalfo any day. Unfortunately, we only have the latter (which isn’t so bad, but I’d like a damn stadium, too!).

  102. Oranje Mike says:

    Here, here!

    It’s hard not to support the players in the contract dispute when a skilled player can make more green in Vietnam. WTF!

  103. JS says:

    Thank You!…maybe have some form..but I think Nguyen isn’t coming back because he wanted to be in Dallas.

  104. Jason says:

    Because it creates a fair means of distribution. If it weren’t in place, NY, LA, and DC would be signing players left and right.