A move to Fox Soccer


If you follow the SBI Twitter Feed then you know I have some good news to share this morning. I am joining Fox Soccer as full-time writer/columnist.

The move ends a more than five-year stint with ESPN Soccernet, a tenure that included five MLS Cups, four MLS Drafts, a World Cup and countless U.S. national team matches. I enjoyed that time but am very excited to be joining Fox Soccer, which most of you know has been making major moves to boost its already unmatched coverage of soccer. I'm looking forward to doing my part to help that coverage be as strong as it can be.

What does this mean for SBI? There will be no drastic changes. I will continue to operate the site in the same way, though SBI will have an established relationship with Fox Soccer now. As I have said for some time, the plan is to strengthen the editorial staff in order to provide more thorough coverage of American Soccer, as well as the international game.

Thanks to all of you for supporting my work through the years, from the Herald News to ESPN Soccernet to SBI. 2010 is shaping up to be the best year yet so be sure to keep following along, both here and at FoxSoccer.com.

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135 Responses to A move to Fox Soccer

  1. Matthew N says:

    Congrats Ives

  2. Matt in Detroit says:

    Congrats, sounds like a good career move.

  3. Martek says:

    Well-deserved Ives. Also, I’m sure it’s nice to get back to having a more regular gig!

  4. Ben says:

    Congrats on the move! Keep up the outstanding work!

  5. petaluman says:

    Congrats Ives…now if you can convince the Fox brass to make a FS Plus a free channel you would be a legend!

  6. malkin says:

    congrats ives

  7. promise us you’ll still Kick Murdoch in the shins if you meet him.

  8. Shovel says:

    Make that money Ives!! Congrats

  9. Chris says:

    Congrats Ives. It’s good that you’re getting away from a company where a good portion of their on-screen talent can’t seem to stop mocking our game

  10. Al17 says:

    They finally have someone who’s actually competent when it comes to discussing the game.

    Congrats and this journey continues to get better.

  11. Chris says:

    Congrats… now can you tell them to truly roll out HD? 😉

  12. Pico says:

    Congratulations Ives. Well deserved. Are you also going to contribute to Fox Soccer en Español?


  13. Lenny says:

    Terrific news, Ives. Best of luck to you, sir.

  14. El Toro says:

    Felicitaciones Ives!

  15. OmarVizquel says:

    Congratulations, Ives. This move should soften the blow of that horrible Super Bowl prediction!

    (SBI-Like I’m the only person who picked Indy. Hey, I’m happy for the Saints, but I’m also not afraid to make predictions or express opinions, unlike some people.)

  16. Raghu says:

    Congratulations Ives. Best of luck, looking forward to reading and seeing your expanded role in covering the US game!

  17. STX81 says:

    Awesome! Congrats! Does this mean FSC will have a full-time east coast presence or will you be moving to LA?

    (SBI-I’m staying on the East Coast.)

  18. baquito alyeska says:

    seconded. grats Ives.

  19. Hush says:

    Congrats, i wish you the best of things ives.

    Hopefully we get a posting area on this board soon for people who want to gather up for U.S game meets… or exchange gamertag names for a FIFA 10 battle. :)

    Viva el Futbol de los ESTADOS UNIDOS!

    (SBI-That’s coming soon actually.)

  20. Marc Silverstein says:

    to Mark E. Evans…was thinking about a kick somewhere else a bit higher

  21. OmarVizquel says:

    Good move if he plays.

  22. Steve says:

    Hurrah!!! Give ’em hell!

  23. ZacIndy says:

    Ha Ha. As long as Roger Ailes doesn’t get involved than we can expect nothing but solid insight from Ives. Congrats Ives.

  24. PJ says:

    Congratulation Ives. Well deserved. Looking forward to enjoying the benifits of your new relationship. First project…tackle HD on FSC! :-)

  25. Steve says:


  26. Micah King says:

    This is cool news. I got an internship for Fox Soccer channel in there LA location for the summer, but the thing is I have no place to stay once I get out there, lol. Looks like I will have to sleep on an park bench. :( LOL.

  27. Matt says:

    Congrats Ives. Now get us the scoop on when we will have HD! :-)

  28. Jonny B says:

    Very true, we’ll need to see if he can compete at the fast paced, physical level of FSC. I see him coming of the bench at first, but once he gets acclimated to his surroundings, he’ll be starting in no time (injuries excluded).

  29. brant says:

    Hear! Hear! HD Soccer for the win!

  30. AlexS says:

    Congrats Ives, just don’t let Trekker start spouting off on here, neh?

  31. Erik says:

    Congrats – but how many hits does Fox Soccer get as opposed to ESPN?

  32. Derek says:

    Congrats Ives…always love your coverage of American soccer…keep up the good work.

  33. The brad says:

    Congrats Ives..Thats great news, Fox Needed your Help..

  34. Erik says:

    My feed looks more horrible than ever with the faux HD stream going on. I couldn’t even watch the Arsenal game this weekend because of the blur.

  35. Dannyc58 says:

    Congrats and well deserved, Ives.

    Now find out about FSC HD & FSC+ please? 😉

  36. TJ says:

    This is a dream come true for FSC! Within the past few months they gain the best soccer columnist in the country, and got rid of the most irritating noise on the planet. (YYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHH!!!)

  37. Arcticrules says:

    Congratulations. While I think Espn is moving in the right direction on soccer, it seems like they are still doing it reticently. I think Fox has always embraced it more so it makes sense for you to be there.

  38. Charles says:

    The timing couldn’t be better, I was really getting sick of the ESPN soccernet coverage. The LD article about Saturday’s game may have pushed me over the edge.

    Obviously I will still catch you here, but where on fox soccer dot com do we find you ?

  39. Hincha Tim says:


    Suerte, mi amigo. Does that mean you’re going to finally realize your dream and move west to the heart of soccer, as you’ve periodically pondered in the past? 😉

  40. dena says:

    When will we see you on TV?!

  41. Erik says:

    I just read the LD article and it was pretty bad.

    I thought Landon looked decent on Saturday. He set up a header for Cahill, who missed, set up that far post header that was cleared – schooled Insua and Carragher on the same play, nutmegged Mascherano… What else do you want?

  42. wally says:

    Always thought he’d be a better fit in la liga, with his lyrical prose and visionary insight. But I think he’ll step it up with fox..

  43. Mike Caramba says:

    Congrats! Good move–no doubt about it.

  44. OmarVizquel says:

    I hope this is a step for FSC to create a site to rival ESPNsoccernet, which — other than stuff by the American writers — I really dislike.

  45. ajr says:

    I can only say I never go to foxsports.com

  46. Lee says:

    Grats Ives!

  47. Michael Vann says:

    Ives, how did you manage to make a move outside the transfer window? Are writers exempt? FSC must have paid a hefty transfer fee to ESPN—-especially to their rival!! They certainly got a star. It’s great to see FSC creating a all-star lineup. FSC will be top of the table in no time. LOL!!

    All jokes aside, it’s a great move for you professionally. We are all excited for you and wish you the best of luck. We will all continue to be your biggest supporters. Real soccer journalist in this country are hard to come and you are one of the best.

  48. Judging Amy says:

    haha one of the best posts I’ve seen. Well played. Congrats Ives!

  49. Mike Caramba says:

    Lots of Trecker hate here. While I disagree with him 90% of the time, I think someone who has spent as much time as he has reporting on American soccer deserves a little respect. And I have to say, in the few exchanges I’ve had with him–times at which I was pretty critical of what he’d written–he was nothing but friendly to me.

    Over the top? Yes. Alarmist? Yes. Sometimes factually incorrect? Yes. But I appreciate anyone who is willing to report on a sport in this country that was so unpopular for much of my life.

  50. Greg says:

    Five year contract most likely, what’s the annual fee for a Player of this caliber? Assuming a large transfer fee it’s safe to say we’ll see him in action soon given his current form and fitness

  51. Lunt says:


  52. Cindy says:

    Congrats Ives! i’ve been following you forever so i’m glad you’ve been making big moves lately! i’m particularly glad you are staying in the East!

    question – does this mean no more Red Bulls coverage? match commentary, practice updates, etc? i mean i can live with it but i’ll miss it if so.

  53. jai_brooklyn says:


  54. gas huffer says:

    Well done Ives. Wishing you the best success at Fox Soccer and beyond.

  55. gas huffer says:

    Danny, you in NYC on TWC? I called them last week. The person @ TWC told me they are in negotiations for the Fox Soccer HD channels. We’ll see hopefully soon…

  56. johnie says:

    I second that. I really don’t like foxsports website, which is a shame because I don’t have anything against foxsports. I just think their website sucks. I hope Ives can help change that, cuz they just got the best writer in the biz.

  57. ELAC says:

    This is your time, Ives. Be great. Congratulations, Hermano.
    Does this mean you will you be on TV more now?

  58. Kutama says:

    Congratulations on your move Ives, I hope your next move would be on the TV screen reporting on Fox Soccer Report…..from the way their TV reporters are dropping like flies, don’t be surprised they promote you to be a TV announcer……that would be awesome, you’d be making a cool six figures ( not to say you ain’t making that now, but a lot more on TV). Congrats once again, Soccer’s the way to go.

  59. William the Terror says:

    While I congratulate you personally, and while I like watching the games on FoxSoccer, I must say that I am very disappointed with the recent redsign of the FoxSoccer web site. I don’t mind Trecker so much, and I like Nick Webster, but I also liked Robert Burns and John Juhaz and their great “Side Kicks” Q&A, which seems to have disappeared from the site (leading me to believe that these two were probably let go). Hopefully, you will bring a little more depth to the current coverage.

  60. MemRook says:

    I can’t find the LD article y’all are referring to. Maybe link me to the story?

  61. K-Town says:

    I don’t like the redesign either. I wish they had coverage of the lesser leagues like soccernet does. I like to follow 2. Bundesliga for example. Why is espn the only site that shows fixtures and tables for non top flight leagues? Go Kaiserslaughtern! K-Town in Bundesliga next year!

  62. Dannyc58 says:

    Gas Huffer,

    I’m Comcast in NJ. Thanks for the heads up though…

  63. DJ Barnett says:

    Be Champions!!!

  64. Jose says:

    Now you will be doing it to us on the FoxSoccer. Very nice, Ives. Shut up, Bristol!

  65. K-Town says:

    lol! That would be great if Ives could get Sven and Rooney on as guest writers.

  66. kpugs says:

    This is awesome. Their tv station is great. Their writers? A bunch of morons. You will be the voice of reason in a sea of stupidity, this is going to be great for you and the fans. Congratulations Ives.

  67. moosecat says:

    YESSSS!!!!!!!! please some clarification on this. TIA

  68. ThaDeuce says:

    Way to go Ives! CONGRATS

  69. Texar says:

    Congrats Ives!

  70. Alex G says:

    Congrats Ives you deserve it, you are by far the best informed soccer reporter in the US. Hopefully you can teach Wynalda a thing or two lol… Keep it up Ives.

  71. Bill says:

    Congrats Ives – best wishes and keep up the excellent work.

  72. Jon says:

    Wow. I was going to post this exact same thing.

    Congrats Ives!

  73. guillermo says:

    Nice work Ives!

  74. Erik says:

    Front page of the Soccernet USA site.

  75. Kutama says:

    Ives, so this is the good news you kept all of us in suspense throughout last week……I was going with the news that Bob Bradley would add Kobe Bryant to replace CD in the WC team roster (guess I was wrong)….Now that would have been shocking……..now I dunno which news would have been good news, certainly yours but that of KB, hmmmm, only that would have meant coverge & interest of soccer in the US balloning to new heights due to basketball fans crossing over to soccer……..just a thought

  76. DC Josh says:

    Out with Max Bretos, in with Ives Galarcep. Schwing.

    Congratulations Ives.

  77. francescoperri@gmail.com says:

    great, but can you do something about their supposed HD channel?

  78. DCD says:

    That’s the problem. ESPN dismisses American fans on its front page. It’s all EPL, — sorry, BARCLAY’S PREMIER LEAGUE — all the time as they try to build their UK “brand.”

    Also, Donovan was one of Everton’s better players Saturday.

  79. A-Lott says:

    Congratulations, Ives. I’ll definitely be following your work at Fox Soccer.

  80. Beckster says:

    Wow…me three….or maybe Ives move means no more Trecker?

    Hope to see you on live TV which by the way, can you use your influence to get HD at fox soccer?

    Congrats Ives – very well deserved….

  81. JR says:

    Makes sense after Fox Soccer Report gave him some shout outs a few weeks ago for his interview with CD

    Was this move in the wings for weeks?

  82. The Hammer says:

    Congrats Ives. You have done alot for American soccer. Thanks and well done!

  83. johninatl says:

    Are you still planning on attending the World Cup in person now that you’re with Fox instead of ESPN?

    (SBI-Of course.)

  84. Josh D says:

    Well done! But don’t forget us!! Maybe you can use your new-found contacts to get more interviews, exclusives, and opportunities.

  85. Udi says:

    Congrats, well deserved.

  86. John in not too hot FL says:

    Congrats man

  87. Cock Johnson says:

    yes…how about that HD!

  88. Kudos to you Ives! Best of luck with FSC

  89. Tomas says:

    Congrats Ives!

  90. YO says:

    While you there, let them know that the new website is horrible. FSC’s website is always been boring!

  91. Nando says:


  92. PJ says:

    Congrats Ives. Well deserved. Since general agreement is that FSC HD fix is “Issue #1″ I believe #2 should be bringing back Special 1 TV. Didn’t FSC just buy Setanta? Make it happen! 😉

  93. gas huffer says:

    For those interested in FSC HD & FS+ HD, I just received this from TWC in NYC. I will be sending a letter today to the person below. Do the same if you’re in the city!

    Please send a letter with your location and channel request to:

    Robert Watson
    VP Programming, New Business Development
    Time Warner Cable
    120 E 23rd Street 9th Floor
    New York, NY 10010

    Let’s do it!

  94. r.benjamin says:

    congrats Ives. shrewd move by Fox.
    when is the start date?

  95. Also moving... says:

    First off, congrats Ives. I hope this move lets you spread your wings as you see fit.

    I also saw at the bottom of Greg Lalas’s most recent article on SportsIllustrated.com that he said he is leaving SI for “other opportunities”. Anyone out there know if he is moving to?

  96. jjraines says:

    Yeah, because he’s done such a terrible job at taking nothing, into the most popular channel on cable. Get your partisan head out of your ass — FSC could use a LOT of help in making their belated transition into the 21st century. And I doubt Murdoch even knows it exists.

  97. I saw that Greg Lalas was leaving SI as well. With Ives now at FSC, a new channel, and HD coming soon does this mean Fox is starting to finally get really serious about spending $$$ on the sport? Now if only I could get FSC on tier 1 list then I would be set.

  98. Jorge Caamaño says:

    Congrats and WELCOME to the team, I work for Fox Sports en Español but we are a big family, hope to see you around soon.

    Jorge Caamaño

  99. steve healy says:

    congrads Ives!!

  100. Brad says:

    FYI, your little bio on the right side needs a little updating now. Congrats on the move!

  101. inkedAG says:

    So you’re now going to be a suit like your boy SF is for MLS Insider?? 😉

    Just kidding Ives! Congrats on the move and Fox Soccer just got better for it.

  102. Didier says:

    I also saw that Jonah Freedman is leaving Sports Illustrated. From his Twitter: “After 5 years, I’ll be leaving SI. Big move ahead, but suffice to say if you’re an American soccer fan, you’ll dig it.”

    Anybody have any ideas?

    Grant Wahl also announced that he is doing full-time soccer coverage for SI now, too. Exciting times.

  103. Ken says:

    Ives, please tell FSC to put Terri Leigh on more Fox Soccer Report shows. She is HOT.

  104. Ives,

    Here are some suggestions you can take to Fox Soccer:

    1. Website Sucks – woo hoo, they redesigned it by shuffling the chairs on the deck a little differently. Why not add some interactive features and more integration into social media platforms.

    (If they are going to put up a Facebook page, do something with it)

    2, Lara – She sucks, but I have a feeling they are not going to get rid of her.

    At minimum, go to Calgary and teach her how to pronounce Iker Casillas – it’s not “Eyekar”. She butchers so many names it’s like she just shows up and starts reading off the que cards or something.

    3. If I am subscribing to their content through my cable provider, why am I being asked to pay for the same content on a website? That is one thing ESPN has right.

    Just some suggestions and frustrations with FSC. (Actually, with all soccer sites)

  105. Jamie Z. says:


  106. Chupacabra says:

    Congrats Ives! Very good news for every US soccer fan. Add my name to the list of SBI Mafia members who would like you to help us get FSC and FS+ in HD on Directv. Don’t know if you’re still hanging out in North Jersey, but if you are I hope you will have a celebratory meal at Uncle Paulie’s in Maywood (best Peruvian food I’ve found in the area so far – try the jalea and they serve the requisite cancha with their ceviche).

  107. Nicole says:

    Congratulations, Ives!

    Can we look forward to a guest appearance on Fox Football Fone In?!

  108. toddaldinho says:

    congrats! A marriage made in soccer heaven!

  109. joshstpaul says:

    congrats! i feel like i keep waiting for soccernet to turn a corner for the better, but it usually seems to be lacking. i’m not as much of a reader of foxsports, but i’ll check it out on the regular now. soccerbyives stays as my home page though.

  110. KevNYC says:

    congrats ives! and good luck!

    speaking of HD, the chelsea arsenal match had ‘HD live’ in the upper right of the picture but still only a non-HD feed for me in westchester county ny with cablevision. does anyone yet have a FSC HD channel? thanks.

  111. Aljarov says:

    Congrats Ives!

  112. RedStateJim says:

    #3 Find a LB for the NATS
    #4 More DP’s in MLS
    #5 Soccer Specific stadia around the country
    #6 Ban diving throughout the world
    #7 Goal line replay
    #8 Oust Jack Warner
    #9 Reduce the federal deficit
    #10 Peace on earth, goodwill to all mankind


  113. agnigrin says:

    Mazel tov Ives!

  114. brentmcd says:

    Congrats Ives! Will we be seeing your mug on TV with Max and Cristofer? The weather is much nicer here on the west coast 😉

  115. Chris A says:

    Congrats Ives

  116. brentmcd says:

    Same thing here with TimeWarner in San Diego. I guess the cable provider needs to create a separate channel for the HD transmission?

  117. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Congrats Ives! Great to have more MLS knowledgeable people working with north american soccer channels!

  118. Mingjai says:

    Maybe it’s really just a 10 week loan…

    At any rate, awesome Ives!

  119. Jamoke says:

    Somewhere Jen Chang is crying…

  120. jb says:

    Trecker is based in Chicago…

  121. jb says:

    Bravo, golf clap

  122. Dominghosa says:

    Awesome. Congrats man. Looks like a great move. The full-time gig can fund SBI even more. Great stuff.

  123. juan says:

    yea, ESPN has refused to take soccer seriously, and I am sick of being treated like a second-class sports citizen…frankly, I’m no huge fan of FSC but I appreciate their commitment to taking soccer seriously.

  124. Nicky says:

    Ives, transfer deadline day was last week! Are you pulling an Arshavin and sealing a move a long time after you were supposed to? 😉

    (SBI-MLS transfer window is still open.)

  125. EricFC1980 says:

    Congrats Ives looks like all the hard work you put in keeps paying off. The new Red Bulls stadium looks good, I saw it about month again while my boss was driving me back to Newark airport. We have an office in Totowa. Go Fire

  126. ShaggyReAL says:

    HD on a non-HD FEED = FAIL in Salt Lake. No plans for Comcast to get FSC HD or FSC+HD. I’m so disappointed. I wanna throw a tantrum and drop Comcast. But I won’t.

  127. JR says:

    GOAL 4: An LA Story. Fox Soccer Intern wakes up on LA park bench at midnight by the sounds of a rioutous pickup game. Juerggen Klinsmmann’s squad is missing a left back. After wowing Klinsmann Bruce Arena shows up at the park bench the next night to offer you an MLS developmental contract with the Galaxy(Mind, on a developmental wage you’ll still be on the park bench every night). At your first practice you catch the eye of Victoria Beckham’s cute personal assistant. At the end you are MLS MVP, star on Bob Bradley’s World Cup winning squad, beat Chivas USA, and get the girl. Don Garber calls to offer you a 4 year contract at $35,000 per. That’s Goal 4.

  128. SD says:

    hey ives,

    congrats on the move….sorry it’s coming so late….can’t post from work…………

  129. Joamiq says:

    Whoa, congrats man. I always read Soccernet more than Fox, but hey, I’ll read your stuff wherever you are. Hope you got a nice raise out of it!

  130. Darwin says:

    Congrats Ives!!!

  131. Jose S. says:

    Congrats Ives

    I just started my internship at Fox Soccer Channel/Fox Sports en Espanol yesterday as well.

  132. Pico says:


    Are you still going to cover the Red Bulls?


    (SBI-I plan to ramp up the Red Bulls coverage as we get closer to the season but the reality is I’m just never going to be able to personally cover the team like I used to when I wrote for the Herald News, when the Red Bulls were my sole focus. That being said, I have a prospective writer who appears ready to come on board and help me with the Red Bulls coverage, so I’m confident that SBI will be covering the Red Bulls pretty thoroughly as we get closer to kickoff.)

  133. Bryan Byrne says:

    Congrats Ives, I just heard the good news (a few days behind!). Keep all the great work.