Afternoon Ticker: Argentina to play in U.S., Ronaldo’s retirement and more

Argentina 1 (Reuters)  


The World Cup won't be the only place American fans can catch Argentina men's national team in action this year.

Argentina has scheduled to play a friendly in the U.S., and will do so sometime after the World Cup. According to USA Today, there are four FIFA-sanctioned international dates from which Argentina will play on.The four dates ares: Aug. 11, Sept. 3-7, Oct. 8-12 and Nov. 17.

The last time Argentina played in the United States was in a friendly against the U.S. men's national team in June 2008 at Giants Stadium, a game that ended in a scoreless draw in front of 78,682 spectators.

Here are more stories from Monday:

Ronaldo plans retirement

One of soccer's all-time greats is soon calling it a career.

Brazilian legend Ronaldo has signed a new two-year deal with current club Corinthians, and plans to retire when the contract expires at the end of next season. Ronaldo, who has 97 caps and helped Brazil lift the 2002 World Cup trophy, also has not ruled out a chance of playing in this summer's World Cup, although Brazil manager Dunga has yet to call him up.

Tevez aiming to return for Chelsea match

In Argentina dealing with the premature birth of his second daughter, Carlos Tevez is hoping to return to Manchester City in time for the club's match vs. Chelsea this weekend. Tevez has missed the last three games due to his daughter being in intensive care, but she made progress over the past weekend, making it possible for Tevez to head back to Roberto Mancini's squad.


Who would you like to see Argentina play? Sad to hear Ronaldo is retiring? Think Tevez will return in time for the Chelsea match?

Share your thoughts below.

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51 Responses to Afternoon Ticker: Argentina to play in U.S., Ronaldo’s retirement and more

  1. malkin says:

    still can’t believe we didn’t win that game at giants stadium. Some of the best soccer I’ve ever seen our boys play.

  2. JSmiley says:

    Can Maradona get a travel visa to the US with his drug record?

  3. Isaac says:

    Very entertaining match. Heath Pearce and Tim Howard had the game of their lives. I remember the excellent build-up Bradley, Beasley and Pearce had that led to the best shot the USA had the whole game. Onyewu’s header off the cross bar was close, but that was a good play all around.

  4. mike says:

    AFTER the world cup, meaning we’ll see youngsters from the Argentina league. Plus Maradona will probably get canned once they get bounced in the quarters.

  5. Erik says:

    They won’t get to the Quarters…

  6. Don says:

    I’m only interested, if they play the USMNT. I’m sick of national teams playing friendlies in the US against other non-US teams. You rarely, if ever, hear of such practices in other countries.

  7. OmarVizquel says:

    Ah, the old “taking a #$%^” crouch in pre-match photos. Where did this venerable tradition begin?

  8. Jorge says:

    Will Argentina even make it out of the group stage?

  9. Isaac says:

    I don’t see why it’s such a problem. Didn’t England and Brazil play a friendly somewhere in the Middle East a while back? Then Brazil and Italy played a friendly in England at the Emirates.

    Besides, the USA is so huge, it’s not like we’re taking up space for something else to be happening. Football season is over. I would think it’s a complement that they want to play in the USA.

  10. BooThisMan says:

    Yeah, it really sucks having more opportunities to view international soccer live.

  11. WhiteHart says:

    Brazil v England was played in Doha, Qatar. November 13th, 2009.

    This was more of an effort to show that Qatar should be considered a serious bid for 2022 World Cup, but it does happen.

    I however see your point, because it’s not as if the Qatari national team would make it a game, ours definitely could.

  12. john in FL says:

    they’re acttua;;y being propped up from the back.

    A Argentina Friendly in the U.S. does not mean it wil lbe against the USMNT, in which case this story blows.

  13. Isaac says:

    I would imagine it started with the poor guy who was dumb enough to make a visit to the hot dog before the game…

  14. WhiteHart says:

    I also agree that it’s good to see high level international soccer played in the States, but I doubt the USMNT will be able to land a top quality opponent for those international dates, which is why I’d like to see us playing in it.

  15. Lunt says:

    I was there when they played, and it wa amazing!, I remember the header and the entire stadium was like ohhhhhhh.

  16. Isaac says:

    Wait…..Argentina qualified for the World Cup?

  17. Tony says:

    Part of the reason for that is that most other nations don’t have the size and diversity in their migrant populations to sustain such matches. Its far from a bad thing, its just that the US has a unique and diverse soccer fanbase that, fortunately, can be catered to with or without the USMNT being involved.

  18. SBI Troll says:

    I would like the US play Argentina. If not the US, then Brazil (obviously), or then France. The France game would become the “We barely qualified for the WC” bowl. An instant classic 0-0 draw. Over/under for Henry handballs is 2.

  19. Jorge says:

    I’m talking about the group stage once at the World Cup. :-)

  20. fischy says:

    Don’t buy into this Ronaldo retirement story. It’s time to start a new Ronaldo to MLS rumor. ut him in LA — a short drive into Nevada…..

  21. Manny F says:

    Maybe you should close the borders off so other people don’t bring the love of their national teams. Maybe that will help in the US.

  22. fischy says:

    Goff’s reporting on SI that the Wizards won the Gil lottery but will be trading him to a West Coast team, per Gil’s wishes.

  23. Matt (NES) says:

    So Gil is going to the Wizard.

    Wor is they are shopping him around.

  24. Ghost says:

    I assume youre being serious and talking about the cocaine not the ephedrine. If these charges occurred in the US then maybe. but they didnt.


  25. Ted Decker says:

    Idk apparently it was bring your kid to work day too.

  26. KP says:

    Ronaldo–top 3 to ever play

  27. JSmiley says:

    link to

    Section 212 B.1.B.

    People can be granted exceptions, but there are still hoops you have to pass through.

  28. fischy says:

    Well, maybe at his playing weight. Top 3 heavyweights….

  29. Josh D says:

    England hosts a lot of international games that don’t include them, including a game with Brazil against some African team last year. We should be proud to host these games especially as we are trying to get the World Cup here.

  30. Aaron in StL says:

    Teams play in England all the time that don’t include England. When you’re in a country that has large diasporas from around the world, it’s an idea you’ll probably have to get used to.

    If anything it’s a compliment. They come here because we have top notch everything. Of course teams don’t want to travel to some third world country for a match… Go ‘Merica.

  31. Al17 says:

    It’s called a Million Dollar per team appearance fee. They played there for the money, Qatar was never a serious threat to hosting a World Cup.

  32. Al17 says:

    Teams play in England a few other European countries due to the large number of their first team players based in Europe. Guys come to the USA to make an easy buck -see Mexico. Personally, I’m sick of it. If they’re not playing the US then F… em is what I say. Let them go make a buck in Canada, oh they won’t make as much.

  33. bryan says:

    Ronaldo, we all know you are coming to MLS! :)

  34. Mig22 says:

    Simply amazing striker.

  35. USMNT says:


  36. rastafari says:

    He’s been denied before

  37. Scott says:

    It does nothing for them before either… let them get their rest. Netherlands/Turkey/Czechs are quality opponents. Fix your caps lock.

  38. RLW2020 says:

    there are 4 FIFA intl dates after the WC but only 1 leading up to it? okay?

    hey good games in the US i am down.

  39. DC Josh says:


  40. ThaDeuce says:

    ding ding ding…Ladies and Gentleman, we have a winner!

  41. ThaDeuce says:

    what in the hell is your problem)?

  42. ThaDeuce says:

    Dude, we played argentina in 2008 in the U.S… I believe it was mentioned in the article… and if you follow the USMNT we play lots of strong and top sides in the world on the FIFA dates…usually our weakest competition comes from World Cup qualifying and the Gold Cup…which aren’t always gimmes anyway (honduras, mexico, el salvador)

  43. ThaDeuce says:

    nobody will remember what happened before the actual world cup after it…the soccer world will be a different world after July.

  44. Edwin says:

    MARK MY WORDS! Not only will Argentina get out of their group which is very weak by their talent standards, they will win all 3 games 2 of them in great dominant fashion against Nigeria and South Korea and a semi close one vs Greece.

    They should play South Africa, Mexico or Uruguay!

    You really see them having trouble with those 3? Uruguay couldn’t beat them to make sure they wouldn’t go to a playoff IN MONTEVIDEO & barely beat CR! SA might be the toughest match up but I don’t think they will be it.

    Mexico, see 06!& see current Mexican FW pool! Their best bets are an out of form& seldomly injured with small injuries Carlos Vela that can’t get PT past Reserves, West Ham’s Guillermo Franco who could had a shot this past weekend but seriously vs Hull City he doesn’t take the shot IN FRONT OF THE GOAL past the PK spot? Oh and he’s old as hell!

    Then you have the 2 local guys in Mexico’s league, Miguel Sabah who’s been scoring but can’t do much against Peruvian teams& well he only scores in Gold Cup!& the crown Jewel, Javier “El Chicharito Hernandez” now I know he’s supposed to be some savior but he is very young and extremely inexperienced, he’s supposed to get his 1st cap Wednesday in SF vs Bolivia, he’s hurt though.

    Argentina has an easy draw, just like Brazil did in 02, when they sturggled like hell in qualifying and most people, myself inclued thought they would struggle past the group. Not saying Arg will win it, but they’ll make their usual quarters appereance!

  45. ThaDeuce says:

    are you sure?

  46. ThaDeuce says:


  47. Edwin says:

    I can see them coming to the US& play someone else than the US in Aug, but what if they play the MLS All Stars in Houston huh?

    The All-Star game is most likely going to be held on July 24-25th, I could see MLS re-arrange their schedule a bit, but maybe I’m just hoping?

    I could see the US playing Argentina, the US can provide a good test since u know we’ll field our best team & give them an amazing test like last time, plus I have a feeling they’ll want to get a little revenge on us.

    Even if is their bench, wow Milito & Lavezzi or Aguero or even Tevez if Messi &Higuain stay as starters. Di Maria & Maxi? Or Gago? Barca’s Milito & Inter’s Samuel to go with Coloccini & Liverpool’s Insua not exactly push overs!

    Hell I can even see Veron giving us hell! I’m excited if it’s near LA I’m there, hell I might even travel!

  48. Edwin says:

    Damn I rambled! Sorry guys!

    Ives, won’t happened again, sorry I been trying to limit my essay-self to 2 sentences per statement, no more than like 3 per post! LOL

  49. rick says:

    One of the all time great USA Nats performances.

  50. Pablo says:

    Hey Franco,

    I thought Diego Maradona can’t enter the US, because he does not qualify for a visa (same case as Amy Winehouse). That this means that AFA is already planning not to have Maradona around after the world cup?

  51. Pablo says:

    No… You are right. He can’t enter the US, same as Amy Winehouse. I was just asking Franco if this means that AFA is not planning to have Diego around after the World Cup. Or maybe, they will come without him… Unless the organizers got a special permit for him (same thing they got for WC 1994)