Feilhaber suffers ankle injury

Benny Feilhaber 1 (ISIphotos)

Benny Feilhaber became the latest U.S. national team player to be bitten by the injury bug on Monday, and could wind up missing the United States' upcoming friendly vs. the Netherlands because of it.

Feilhaber picked up an ankle injury during AGF Aarhus' training session on Monday, and is undergoing scans to determine the extent of the injury. Aarhus manager Erik Rasmussen told Danish outlet Bold that Feilhaber was injured without any contact, and the best case scenario would see Feilhaber out for two weeks.

If Feilhaber can't play vs. the Netherlands on March 3, it could leave U.S. coach Bob Bradley with an interesting decision to make regarding his starting midfield. Ricardo Clark is still sidelined with a calf injury while Maurice Edu has been also battling his own injury issues. That could leave the door open for Jose Francisco Torres to earn a start alongside Bradley against the Dutch. Torres has not started for the United States since the team's 3-1 World Cup Qualifying loss to Costa Rica last June.

Who would you like to see start vs. the Dutch if Feilhaber is out? Hoping for a Bradley-Torres combo?

Share your thoughts below.

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105 Responses to Feilhaber suffers ankle injury

  1. BadWolf says:

    Torres, Torres, Torres

    Get well soon Benny

  2. Eric says:

    The hell? Do we have to start wrapping our players in bubble wrap soon?

  3. William the Terror says:

    this blows. again.

  4. Brian says:

    it’s ok, give torres a chance, we all know what benny can do.

  5. Joamiq says:


    This is RIDICULOUS.

    Who let the MNT catch 2009Mets-itis?

    JFT probably is the next best choice, though I’d like to see Edu if he’s healthy.

  6. attenborough says:

    Paco. Duh.

  7. pardon me says:


  8. JustinG says:

    Sad to see Benny get injured like this but it HAS to open the door for Torres to get the nod against the Dutch. With Dempsey being hurt, Holden trying to entrench himself at Bolton and Rico Clark battling injuries, who could he pick otherwise? This is not a game against Honduras or El Salvador, one in which you try out young new players. The game in March should be a measuring stick game to see where we are with all of our current injuries. I don’t see anyone else being more deserving of the start than Jose, and it looks as though Bob won’t have much else of a choice and will have to start him. With that said, here is (in MY opinion) a lineup I would like to see against Netherlands.


    Obviously, this is a lineup hurt by many injuries. If Dempsey is back healthy in time he slides into RW, Donovan to LW and Torres inside with Bradley while Beckerman is a sub. I don’t like Altidore and Ching up top together, but currently we are hurting for forward support. You could slide Findley or Cunningham in for Ching, but I favor him over both of them.

  9. JustinG says:

    Let the hating begin…

  10. SD says:


  11. gmonsoon43 says:

    I am thinking those Mexican Voo doo dolls from the WC Qualifier are on a year time delay.

  12. kyle says:

    again, Torres should start if we believe in his defensive abilities

  13. Nick says:

    Yea Beckerman? Comon…

    Donovan on the left, Holden on the right, Torres and Bradley in the middle. Not sure what the status on Dolo is but I think he could be ready to go with at least a full 90 under his belt before the March 3 game. So I put Dolo on the right and Specs on the left

  14. Matt says:

    This lineup isn’t that far-fetched. However, I would rather see Torres slot centrally for Beckerman, with Robbie Rogers playing out wide. Beckerman is serviceable but is simply not international quality.

  15. Idaho Brian says:

    With injuries to Clark, Feilhaber, Edu, and Jermaine Jones…It is probable that Beckerman is at least called up for the Dutch friendly… If the injuries continue in the midfield…KB5 could very well find himself on the plane to South Africa.

  16. Matt says:

    If Holden is available, obviously play him before Rogers…

  17. Freddie Footballer says:

    I count the following as being currently injured from our likely 23 in SA:

    Beasley (just returned)
    Jones (I know he hasn’t played for us yet)

    Even if you take Beasley and Jones out of the equation, this is absolutely ridiculous!

  18. William the Terror says:

    Beckerman? No way. I’ll take a half-fit DMB or Adu over Beckerman any day.

  19. 4now says:

    Really excited to see Torres get a good look, as he has shown glimpses of being the best of the lot on the ball.

    Depth chart when all are healthy:
    Attacking/Possession-Bradley, Torres, Feilhaber, Beckerman, McCarthy
    Defending- Jones, Edu, Clark, Cameron

  20. William the Terrier says:

    I know. What is the next headline we will see? “Donovan bitten in thigh by rabid Liverpool dog, out twelve weeks for injections.”

  21. soccerroo says:

    I go with Torres. It gives him the opportunity against better competion be for the three game send off. Lets hope everyone else is getting bitten by the injury bug so that we have a chance this summer.

  22. El Michael says:

    Is Marcus Tracey totally out of the picture. Would love to see him in March get some minutes. He should be healthy by then

  23. Dennis says:

    If Benny cannot go, I suspect that Torres will get the call-up and start vs the Netherlands. I think the midfield will look something like :
    Donavon, Torres, Bradley, Holden.

    But I would not rule out a recall of Beasley. I’ve only seen two games with Edu for the Rangers and he really did not impress me. I have not seen Beasley so …

    The only issue with both Bradley and Torres in the middle is that while each of them can defend, each really seems to think of himself as an attacker and can get caught in bad spots to defend from.

    Forwards, the usual confusion. Backs the 4 listed above would be OK, hopefully dolo will be back to add some depth or at least a bit of choice.

  24. Dennis says:

    Shouldn’t have said “the only issue” should be “an issue”

  25. Isaac says:

    I’d go with this:






    There won’t be any more chances to use Castillo so I wouldn’t be shocked to see him start against the Netherlands. At the least we should see Bornstein get the first half at left back and Castillo get the second half.

    From what I’ve seen of Hollands play, they throw a lot of numbers in the attack quickly. This will seriously test how quickly Torres can release the ball from deep positions and set the USA attack in motion. Bradley will of course help, especially if his passing is as sharp as it’s been with Monchengladbach. People have been calling for us to play with an attacking midfielder next to Bradley against bigger teams for a while, this is a good chance to see if they’re right. Personally, while I think those people are wrong, I’m interested to see how this works out.

  26. Isaac says:

    Yes, but did you see how Torres sat in a deep position against Costa Rica while Bradley made dynamic runs forward? They’re both very beneficial and key to the attack, at least within their own teams, but at the same, they influence the attack in different ways.

  27. r.benjamin says:

    I like Benny.. i hate injury.

    But.. I will be happy to see JFT get a shot at a team like Holland.
    the best ‘finds’ of 08 we’re injury produced not Bob genius.. here’s thinking / hoping here’s another.

    Plus if Paco is the deep MF it allows baby b. to push fwd which is his best role..

  28. Joamiq says:

    I think it’s the opposite – Bradley needs to play with a more defensive midfielder so he can get forward more. Luckily Torres does indeed generally seem to prefer sitting deep.

  29. Avon Barksdale says:


    Play this kid already!

  30. AG says:

    Now both Bradleys might have a reason to start their buddy Sasha. I still remember Torres being one of the better American players during the first half in Costa Rica but failed to apply full pressure on an attacker’s missed shot causing Michael to throw a brief fit of anger at Torres. Bob witnessed the grief Torres caused his son and subsequently subbed Torres for his fav Sasha.

    Hopefully that’s history to coach Bradley and he starts the obvious selection…JOSE FRANCISCO TORRES!

  31. HBO2003 says:

    Agree, Castillo needs to play against Netherlands for two reasons: 1)A fair tryout…Bradley has seen Bornstein play more than any other player over the last 8 months and hes not going to show anything new…while Castillo is still an unknown. 2) If another injury occurs between now and June, they may need to rely on Castillo to play big mins and it would be a shame to waste a chance for him to gain valuable experience.

  32. Freddie Footballer says:

    Not only do I believe Torres will be on the plane to SA but he will play an important role on this team during the group stages.

  33. Jorge says:

    The NT needs a good “limpia” from one of those Santeria ladies.

  34. RLW2020 says:

    next weeks paper headline … “tim howard abducted by extraterrestrials, availability for world cup unknown”

  35. Isaac says:

    I think that Bradley needs to play next to a defensive midfielder against teams that will hold more possession. That way, we break up more attacks, so in a way you’re right. But against teams like Algeria and Slovenia, we’re looking to control the game and keep the ball, which is why Torres is in there. He has such great skill on the ball, makes himself available for the whole midfield as a passing outlet, and keeps the attack moving with his quick thinking in tight situations. Bradley will be allowed to get forward with Torres sitting deep making sure that the USA keeps the ball and has somebody to pass to. Bradley will do most of the physical heavy lifting by assisting on both sides of the ball. Think of the Pirlo-Gattuso or Pirlo-DeRossi pairing in central midfield for Italy and Milan. Those teams are typically possession holding teams and understand how to move and keep the ball. De Rossi, the more athletic, gets forward and back. For instance, his goal against USA. Pirlo floats around a bit more and tries to help the team keep the ball. Another example would be his assist on Rossi’s goal against USA

  36. USMNT says:

    The USMNT may have lost Benny Feilhaber this week, but has been fortunate enough to regain the health of DaMarcus Beasley, Jose Francisco Torres, Stuart Holden, and Maurice Edu.

  37. war says:



    I’d rather see guzan up front before ching. If Beckerman goes to Amsterdam he’s probably not coming back to the states.

    In all seriousness.





    subs- EJ, Beasley, Cooper, Bornstein, Guzan, Hahnemman, Goodson, and Demspey, Davies, and Onyewu on crutches so Sacha, Rogers and Beckerman wont shos.

    I’m not a fan of Torres just because of his horrible showing in Costa Rica, but if he’s on form, he should be given the chance.

  38. war says:

    i meant show

  39. Franky says:

    Bring on SAM CRONIN!!!!!

  40. ZacIndy says:

    I don’t think Ras Kyle is the answer. It seems like a no brainer to start Gringo Torres and bring along Adu as his sub that never gets in the game.

  41. einar says:

    this sucks that we may not not have him for the dutch friendly but i am confident in what torres can do in the midfield so no worrys should come out from anyone

  42. Avon Barksdale says:

    This kid is the future.

    Seen here channeling Nadia Comaneci:

    link to youtube.com

  43. Glass says:

    This is REALLY depressing. I was so pumped for this world cup after all of the success in the Confed. We would have had the most depth and several players at top form if they weren’t injured. I’m not saying to I’m not excited for the US at this world cup, but I don’t think we’re going to have our best team out there, which is really sad. Looking at that list there are six people that could be starting if they were healthy. I’m sorry, but unless they get the best luck in the world with returning from injury in the next month followed by getting time and doing well in the next two months, US will not be sending an A team to the world cup. This is just an extremely pessimistic view on the situation we’re in right now.

  44. SD says:

    i’m thinking holden would get the call on the wing…torres plays the middle of the field…

  45. No llores, man….Everyone should be back by the World Cup…and this is Paco’s big opportunity to prove that he can tear it up as a starter…….Sad about Benny though.

  46. japan says:

    I don’t think Torres-Bradley will work against a team like Netherlands but I guess it is worth a try especially if next in line is Beckerman.

  47. SD says:

    the first costa rica match or the second…i would think he redeemed himself (not that he needed to) with the second match…he is a good possessor of the ball, which is what we need….

  48. Spike says:

    Considering Torres has barely gotten any playing time with the MNT I don’t see him starting the Netherlands game. He should certainly be available. In the 5 US MNT games in 2009 he was on the roster he didnt get any starts and only played twice. So he doesnt seem to be on Bradley’s top list. I wish he had gotten into the last game to show what he can do.

  49. A.S. says:

    Haven’t we already seen enough Bradley-Feilhaber combo to know that it doesn’t work? I think each of them individually is fine, but as a pairing they are less than the sum of their parts.

  50. Freddie Footballer says:

    bet you he does if Clark and Edu are not there. Who would start over him then, Beckerman? Don’t think so.

  51. TimN says:

    I would say Torres or Holden.

  52. Randall says:

    With the way our wings attack and Bradley going forward whenever he feels like it we can’t really afford another attacking player in the midfield (which from what I’ve seen is what Torres is). If Feilhaber and Clark are both still out I’d expect to see Edu or Beckerman.

  53. Josh says:

    Although I hope Benny gets well soon, I don’t see his injury as a problem when the Netherlands game is only a friend. If anything, it’s absolutely an opportunity to give Torres and some other faces a look. In fact, it’s a great chance for a couple of A-team bench players to try and step up their game for a historical power of world soccer.

  54. Pablo says:

    Hey Ives,

    What about Michael Hoyos in the midfield? He is having an excellent season at the Copa Libertadores’ winner Estudiantes de La Plata. He was born in California and he is in the starting 11. You should do some research on him. I wonder if Bradley knows about him.

  55. sef-one says:

    I would say central pairing of Edu- Bradley is more likely. W/ 65th minute sub for whoever fairing worse for Torres.

    Benny, while good, didn’t earn that many starts never really laid claim to start over Clark consistently. That being said, Edu a better replacement for Clark and will most likely get the nod.

    I would love to see Torres though.

  56. Isaac says:

    Yeah and that’s a huge downside. The thing is that Torres lays back and works his magic from deep in midfield so positionally and defensively that works out for Bradley and the defense, especially considering that there might be no healthy options.

  57. Stephen says:

    Yeah dude. Your lineup is more delusional than Justin G’s. Simek? (As much as I’d like to see him get a chance, it’s doubtful that he will) and Edu on the left? He’s a central midfielder. Also, if we put Donovan up top we lose all offensive spark from the midfield. give Finley, Tracy or Cunningham a run out, and maybe rest Altidore and go with Ching or Casey on the other.

  58. dunbar says:

    I really dont think bradley needs to give castillo a start. Just because he has hype, i mean look at the other defensive standouts (Orozco and Spector) at the ONE tournament (CONCACAF Olympic Qualifier)castillo was good at. I have lived in Mexico and attended and am a USA fan, born and bred, and if anyone has watched castillo’s games not the highlights, he is more like a midfielder. He basically is a converted left back. I am all for a fair chance, but he is one kid who chose Mexico and said he didnt want to join the US until he became out of favor with the Mexican team,

  59. David says:

    I want to see Torres start even if everyone else is healthy. Torres has better touch than anyone in the squad.

  60. TimN says:

    Right now I think we need to begin to focus on bringing guys in who have a legitimate shot at going to SA, as the team needs to begin to take shape from a chemistry standpoint.

    The most difficult issue I think we have right now is not in the midfield, but up top. We just don’t know what Davies’ status will be, but we have to assume that even if he is “recovered,” he will not be match fit by June. The forward pot as I see it:

    Ching, Altidore, Casey, Adu (yes, Adu), EJ, and Robbie Rogers

    Other than Altidore, none of these choices really excite me. Adu does seem to be finding a place at Aris. Very nice assist to EJ two games ago, and a very nice goal in the last game. Nothing like PT, a little success, and a coach showing you some confidence to boost your game.

  61. dino1er says:

    he did say he would never play for the us screw castillo

  62. Stephen says:

    Yeah. I don’t like Feilhaber as a starter. I like him off the bench. Offensive spark. If he doesn’t play the whole game he can’t disappear for long stretches. He can be effective in small amounts.

  63. HoneyHell says:

    Move Torres inside to a Central Midfielder with Bradley and put Beasley, Castillo Bedoya out on the Left Wing and I’m OK with this line-up. Or Move Donovan to the Left and place Holden on the Right Wing.

    Either Way whoever is Playing the Left Wing Midfielder will have to provide some defensive support as Bornstein is one of our weekest links.

  64. HoneyHell says:

    If that’s the case BB better be on the Phone to Brad Friedel Pronto. If he’s offered the TOP keeper slot I think he’d come back for the World Cup.

  65. Ted Decker says:

    I hate you.

  66. Jorge says:

    You sound like John Lennon… :-)

  67. wilyboy says:

    Agreed. Beckerman is a US fan wet dream; rebel hairdo, hard tackles, steely resolve. But he has shown Poorly in games with high tempo and high pressure on his end.

  68. Andrew says:

    Our national team’s fate hinges on John O’Brien.

  69. Matt C Tampa says:

    “Bench clearing brawl in Everton/A-Villa match. Tim, Brad, Brad, and Donovan all break jaws. Marcus H breaks his sole patch while celebrating his new #1 status”

  70. wilyboy says:

    In my opinion, of all the midfield combinations, the best chemistry has been when Torres and Bradley played together.

    The second best combo is Feilhaber and Clark.

    What makes them work is that the roles are clearly defined, one the passer, one the enforcer. Torres and Bradley work best because they have a certain amount of skill in both categories, though clearly Torres sets the tempo and Bradley provides mettle box to box. I really wish it would happen, at least against the Netherlands.

    But, the way injuries are going, Bob might have his hand forced by providence-similar to the Confed Cup, when Klejstan and Beasley proved weak and Ching wasn’t available.

  71. HoneyHell says:

    dunbar…having a versitile player who can potentially play multiple positions is key.

    If Castillo does make the trip I wouldn’t be suprised to see him line up as a Left Midfielder to lend some defensive support to Bornstein, while having the ability and creativity to contribute to the attack. Expecially if we move Landon or Dempsey up top as a striker option. Just something to keep in mind…an OK versital player will make the team before an OK single position player.

  72. Greeksurfer says:

    Please, please, Please, let Bob see the latin light and put Torres in as our creative midfielder with either his son or another enforcer. Forget Adu, Rogers, Holden, Beasley, for now and realize folks, Torres is the only guy that we have had on our team that can play the role of a John O’brien or Claudia Reyna…we absolutely need him in SA. Do you think that every player on the field must be a defensive force? Look at some of the top teams of the world, and you will see that most of them have a creative midfielder whose primary role is to calm the rest of the team down and pace the attack. Yes, it would be advantageous if this person was also monster on defense, but Torres isn’t exactly a pu**y in that regar, he’s decent at D. I like Benny, Beas, Clark, Edu, Rogers, Holden, but Torres is the guy I would put on my team sheet for SA in the midfield after Michael Bradley. Don’t even get me started on Klestjan or some of the other randoms getting a shot during the January camp…if they make the team I’m ready to straight up call racism on Bob Bradley;) I am a Greek American and not from Mexico, but I have a love for the country of Mexico and the soccer that is played there, much more skilled than the MLS. Gringo Torres has made the decision to play for the United States and that was not an easy choice, I will be very sad if he is not rewarded for his bravery. Ok, I’m off to drink some Ouzo and eat feta cheese like a good Greek!

  73. Greeksurfer says:

    BTW does anyone know if Gringo Torres has a web presence of any sort? Twitter, facebook, etc… I would love to send him some support and show him what people think of him on this board. I imagine him down in Mexico waiting by his phone wondering why some of the skill-less wonders of the MLS(M. Wynne to name one) are getting call ups when he is so much more worthy. I know there are greater causes in the world, but it could help inspire him. I mean I don’t hate Adu or anything, but the guy has like a million people blo**** him on twitter and it obviously has kept his head up. Torres needs a few Gringos to show the love or Gringettes;)

  74. Edwin says:

    Exactly how did Torres have a bad showing in Costa Rica? The players that played bad for the US are called Pablo Mastroeni, Beasley, Michael Bradley and even to a certain extent our CB’s didn’t do a good job of closing the gaps.

    Torres was probably the only one keeping posession? Where do you get off saying he played bad? The goal he was involved in was Beasley losing posession and then Pablo getting outmuscled in despite him being a “destroyer” by a skinny Costa Rican?

    Seriously bro, look up the game in El Salvador, in Nashville vs T&T and also vs El Salvador in Utah and the last one vs Costa Rica like someone else said, he more than made up for it on that one

  75. Hush says:

    Sad to hear about Benny. I hope is no beggie.

    Start Torres. Call Adu. Plain and simple.

  76. Carlos says:

    At this rate our wc startin 11 will look like

    Alan Gordon. Connor Casey


    DMB. Beckerman. N.Gravaboy

    hejduk. Califf. Conrad. Wynne


  77. war says:

    Attacking and possession were good, but not defending as much. I did say he should be given another chance… We do need a creative player with so many out.

  78. stever says:

    We need to look to players with consistent playing time at the highest level – Torres fits that bill but I sense there is more to the lack of his selection to date? The fact we have so many core players coming back from injuries could be an advantage as they will be rested and fresh – cud make for an interesting picture.

  79. understood says:

    and bornstein is a converted striker…whats your point? neither one is gonna make anybody forget about roberto carlos anytime soon

  80. rob says:

    The point of the game is to score goals. Those lot can’t do that on anyone outside of CONCACAF (aside from one Cunningham goal). Keep edu on the left. Put him up front!! With the injuries we have, we need to tinker with what we’ve got. If Dempsey was fit would you want him in mid as he usually is with the US, or up front where he’s more effective and has been scoring with Fulham. Cunnignham and Findley are not realistic options although casey will probably end up starting in Amsterdam b/c of bb. Can you realistically see any of those forwards giving the England back-line problems? These players are mainly used as Target men, and Altidore does it better than both of them, and can turn and face goal. Ching and Casey. Suggesting giving Altidore a break is alright, but we don’t have the players to do any better. I’d rather stack the mid and go 4-5-1 than see them get on the field.

    Aside—Is the only serious “A” friendly the Netherlands game? We need more prep. I say Croatia, Ivory Coast and Russia to prep for England, Algeria and Slovenia

    Rant over, coming back to senses…

  81. war says:

    SORRY. I can’t spell today. Edu, Adu, give a guy a break. Casey and Ching should only get on the plane as flight attendants. That way, they can stock up on food so they don’t have to leave the stadium and bring us down to 9 men. US v Mexico is a good example. Where was ching, grabbing a twinkie?! I’m suprised they knew where he was so he could get subbed. If BB can constantly bring up the Failures of MLS over and over, he can call up simek, grella(leeds), edu, adu, and EJ. Even give Hahnemann a shout.

  82. Goalscorer24 says:

    Please God no Beckerman. Torres, and Adu. Anybody other than Beckerman and Klejstan.

  83. Goalscorer24 says:

    The only good thing is it forces coach Bradley to try other players he would never tyr, the same way Davies ended up getting his chance in the Confederations Cup. Torres!

  84. Brad says:

    we need to get a shaman or curandero (do you know any peruvian ones Ives?) to lift the curse that was put on the USA team…

    and/or get them all hyperbaric chambers and horse placentas…

  85. Chris in Belfast says:

    He made (possibly) one defending mistake that half. Possibly. Other than the one (possible) mistake he made that half, he was easily the best thing on the field wearing an American shirt.

    But this is symptomatic of American fans. If a guy makes a mistake (even imagined) that they can blame him for, he’s persona non-grata forever. Orozco still gets bad-mouthed for the Olympic red, and people seem to have an irrational hatred of Bornstein that is blind to what he actually does on the pitch. Even when he plays well people say he’s horrible.

  86. Isaac says:

    Most of the reason Torres doesn’t get call ups is because of Pachuca. I get sick and tired of these kinds of posts. Wynne gets call ups because he doesn’t have a great club to raise him into a real prospect. Torres, on the other hand does, so leaving him at home, against most teams, is no big deal. Pachuca didn’t even let him go to the Gold Cup or the Guatemala friendly, or January camps. Blame them.

  87. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    … and I hate you more than you hate Justin G. I wish you ill and I hope all of the worst things in life befall you and all your kin.

    Did I mention that I hate you?

  88. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Best laugh of the day!


  89. Jose S. says:

    Charlie Davies just tweeted that today is his last day in the US and that he is now going back to France to rehab.

  90. war says:

    Bornstein was a good defender in qualifying, but he hasn’t really shown what he has abroad. Vlad Weiss was basically mugging him when we played slovakia, and he was only in Man City reserves at the time. In amsterdam, most of the MLS players will be given another chance to our dismay. But, they can either shut us up and do well, or just reaffirm that they are not up to international standard. Again, I said Torres should be given a go!!! Hear that everyone! Start Torres with Bradley! Sheesh

  91. Greeksurfer says:

    Isaac, I realize that Torres has been out of camp b/c of Pachuca, but I still don’t see why he is not the first choice next to a Bradley or defensive mid? Wynne will never be a prospect, speed is great, but when your crosses are as horrific as his and you have a soccer IQ of 5…well, you can’t teach develop that in time for a world cup in our lifetimes. I’m just sick of Bob Bradley giving opportunities to players that we should be past using at this point. I believe some players deserve a second chance, but a third, fourth and fifth look when others are more qualified, is frustrating to watch. I just want the best players to go to SA and not only the one’s that have been in the system for a while(i.e. Ching, Casey, Beasley,kljestan,)

  92. DaveW says:

    There’s only one FIFA date before the WC, so the only other time you can get players from there clubs is after their seasons, almost time for South Africa. So yes, this is the only A friendly.

    Not that this is news to regular readers of SBI, but as some are not aware perhaps it bears repeating again.

    Incidentally, the USSF has to negotiate terms with other countries for these friendlies, so they can’t just pick whoever they want, the other team has to be available for their own ends and be happy with the money part of it too.

  93. alexV says:

    adu adu adu

  94. hernandez says:

    Agreed……this seems like the most obvious line up. I’m not even sure how Beckerman entered this conversation. I would like to see Beasley on the left, Donovan on the right, and MB and JFT in the middle long before a midfield with Beckerman. Honestly, I wouldn’t even mind seeing Bornstein at LB….I know its trendy to hate on the guy but I think that for the most part he does a decent job.

  95. sir coble says:

    I am glad to see all the support for torres on here, it is obvious the guy can play. I agree he isn’t the most sound defender, but as far as smart football, he is the real deal. I hate it that he might get a chance to prove himself, and that chance is against the netherlands (maybe el salvador). I would love and hate to contain arjen robben(if my name were torres) I personaly would take off my shoes and club his fragile body.

  96. Isaac says:

    I’m not talking about his speed or whatever, Greeksurfer. I’m talking about his amazing potential and the fact that it won’t be fulfilled at a club like TFC and bringing him in to the USMNT camp will help evaluate him and let him know what needs to be worked on to reach a starting spot. Bob Bradley isn’t using Wynne, he’s trying to help grow him, especially with depth being an issue. Torres has an excellent club to develop at.

    Torres? a defensive midfielder? When we play teams that have more possession you think that Torres should play? We need players like Clark to help us WIN possession, and guys like Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, Davies, and Bradley, who delivered that excellent pass in the Monchengladbach game last Friday, to help us keep it in dangerous areas. That’s the kind of thinking that got us a 2-0 victory against Spain.

  97. Stephen says:

    I’m all for putting Dempsey up top…love the guy, but he is a defensive liability in the midfield. I have another option for him in the formation, but I know Bradley is going to either run the 4-4-2 or the 4-5-1. I am not for putting Donovan up top. I’ve never seen Edu play on the left, if he can play there that’s cool, all I’ve heard is that he is a def. mid or reserve CB. I would love to see the US go with a 4-3-3 or a 4-1-3-2 or a 4-1-3-1-1.

    Looking like this:


    Or play a 4-1-3-1-1 with Dempsey playing at the top of a “diamond” midfield as a second striker playing off of Altidore.

    Like this:

    I know that is probably idealistic or unrealistic, but I like that formation…I think it uses the best of who we have and it gets the best out of them at their positions.

  98. Stephen says:

    I’d love to see all of those people get call ups. We’ll just have to wait and see. If Adu can produce his U20 magic, then yeah he should for sure get a call up. Speaking of the U20’s when are Zizzo and Szetella going to get a fair chance, they were just as much a spark to that team as Adu and Bradley and Altidore. (I know Zizzo is hurt and I know our midfield is stacked right now.)

  99. Stephen says:

    To be fair, our CB’s got worn out in both Costa Rica games. Bryan Ruiz is world class.

  100. ThaDeuce says:

    Sad for Benny. Awful. I hate it when a good player is injured. Even if Torres deserves the start, i wouldn’t want it this way. However, for Torres,
    as they say in Nepal, Karma.
    It was meant to be that he and Bradley should begin pairing up.

  101. ThaDeuce says:

    What country are you from?

  102. ThaDeuce says:


  103. ThaDeuce says:

    Too bad he is too high to hear them calling, “John, John…”

  104. Stephen says:

    I think Beckerman at least deserves a call up. I like him more than most I guess. I know he’s not the fastest but he is solid in the midfield and makes good passes and stops the ball. What’s it hurt to give him a look, a least as a sub?