Houston Dynamo vs. New York Red Bulls: Match Night Commentary

Good afternoon folks. We're here in sunny (but chilly) Orlando, Florida for the Walt Disney Soccer Classic.

The Houston Dynamo will take on the New York Red Bulls in this pre-season match. Toronto FC faces FC Dallas in the nightcap.

I will be providing commentary throughout the match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


FINAL- The Red Bulls will play the winner of the Toronto FC-FC Dallas match, set to take place now. Houston will play the loser of tonight's second match.

That's all for me tonight. If you want to follow FC Dallas-Toronto FC, you can see a video feed of the match on TorontoFC.ca.

I'll offer some observations on this match on Friday. For now, feel free to share any thoughts on this match below.


PKS- GOAL FOR DA LUZ. New York wins the penalty shootout and will play the final Disney Soccer Classic on Saturday.




















PKS- ANGEL SCORES for NOW, perfect to the right




90th minute- The ref blows the whistle and this 0-0 affair is going to penalty kicks.


89th minute- Peter Maciel earns a yellow card for a hard tackle near midfield.


85th minute – Da Luz plays a through ball to Miller but his shot agonizingly rolls wide.


83rd minute – Jeremy Hall had a look at goal but opted to pass and the Red Bulls waste another opportunity.


75th minute- Was just informed that if this game ends in a draw, there will be penalty kicks announcer.


69th minute – Red Bulls sub in Conor Chinn and Carlos Mendes for Mike Petke and Dane Richards.


67th minute–  Houston subs in David Walker for Cam Weaver.


65th minute– If you haven't found it yet, TorontoFC TV has a video stream of this match at TorontoFC.ca.


62nd minute– David Walker comes in for Cam Weaver.


59th minute– Oduro puts some nice moves on Miller on the right flank and sends a cross in, but Weaver can't get his header on frame.


58th minute– Cruz hits the right post after a great shot and nice sequence. Weaver sprung him with a nice pass before being taken out by Mike Petke.


52nd minute– Tally Hall is also in goal, replacing Onstad at half.

Sorry for the lack of comments, but A) it's freezing, B) there's not that much going on of note.

Tim Ream with a good job to close down Oduro and get the ball off him. The rookie has had a good camp.


50th minute– Eric Ustruck, Samuel Appiah and Eddie Robinson are in. Boswell is out.


49th– Dane Richards is playing up top with Angel, while Hall is on the right flank. Sassano is at right back.


HALFTIME– Several subs this half. Geoff Cameron and Dom Oduro on for Houston. Austin Da Luz, Tim Ream, Greg Sutton, Ubiparipovic and Sassano are in. Wolyniec, Coundoul, Stammler, Jaager, Boyens are out.


HALFTIME– Who looked good in the first half? Navas for Houston, Lindpere for NY. 


HALFTIME– Red Bulls 0, Dynamo 0. 


42nd minute– Danleigh Borman is hurt and looks to be coming out. Jeremy Hall is preparing to come in.


38th minute– Some bad news for RB fans. No Tony Tchani or John Agudelo tonight. Both are carrying minor injuries.


34th minute– Navas with a nice run through the NY defense, but can't get past Boyens.


33rd minute– Lavell Palmer sends a free header wide for Houston. No goals yet.


28th minute– Joel Lindpere has looked shark in central midfield. Good work rate, looks pretty comfortable there.


24th minute– We've got fireworks here. No, we haven't had any goals, there were literally fireworks going off in the backdrop.

Not much action, Houston's trialists are certainly fast. Academy player Francisco Navas looks good.


20th minute– Houston with several trialists in the lineup tonight. Brad Davis, Brian Ching and Geoff Cameron played in last night's USA match so they won't be playing today. Actually, Cameron may.

THose of you wondering why Brad Davis came out at halftime last night should know that he injured his hamstring midway through the first half.


16th minute– Roy Miller is getting a look on the left flank and doesn't look too bad there. He's pretty versatile, capable of playing CB, LB and LM.


13th minute– Angel hit a nice free kick that forced an Onstad save. He spilled it but nobody got to it.


9th minute– Danny Cruz hit the post early on.

Onstad with a great kick save on a Roy Miller chance. Nice sequence between Miller and Richards on the left.


6th minute- Here is Houston's lineup (with plenty of trialists):

————Weaver—–N. Boyd————-

Cruz—–L. Palmer—L. Graffit–F. Navas

——————-S. Saiko———————




1st Minute– We're underway.

 Here is the Red Bulls lineup:






PRE-GAME- It's sunny, but cold. Lineups coming.


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26 Responses to Houston Dynamo vs. New York Red Bulls: Match Night Commentary

  1. Isaac says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how the Dynamo function without Holden.

  2. Texar says:

    is there any way to watch this online or tv?

  3. ETJ says:

    lol what do you think

  4. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Actually, there is an online audio link from the MLS site. I’m listening to the game right now.

  5. DadRyan says:


  6. mulletgss says:

    That’s a real helpful answer.

  7. agnigrin says:

    Thanks for the commentary Ives… How does Woly look?

  8. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Because I have no life. LOL

  9. Wolfgang Depner says:

    I cannot find the radio link :( can you share?


  10. Wolfgang Depner says:

    Found it!

  11. TopGearhead says:

    The Dynamo commentator has a pretty good sense of humor. Nice subtle jabs.

  12. J mann says:

    thanks man

  13. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    For those who care, looks like TFC is going to provide a video link for the second game from their website. Could be our last chance to see MLS teams play for awhile. :(

  14. J mann says:

    HE!! ya

  15. John in FL says:

    good thing I didn’t take the drive from south FL to see da bulls….maybe Saturday if it don’t rain

  16. Red Lion says:

    Hope the Red Bulls make it a fantastic year! (better than the last)

  17. Matt M Arlington, VA says:

    Great job Ives! I am looking forward to this year – Expectations should be modest but we seem to be pulling together nicely! Thank you for the coverage! See you in Harrison!

  18. agnigrin says:

    Wow the Bulls made all their PKs… Good for them!

  19. Cindy says:

    nice job Red Bulls! maybe we won’t be a hot mess this year!

  20. ArsenalFan77 says:

    Who is Peter Maciel? I have never heard of him.

  21. Tom says:

    Does anyone know if the teams plan on playing this Saturday at Disney with this strike going on? Ives?

  22. I’m here in Orlando and yes they will play both games on Saturday.

  23. Scott A says:

    I thought Roy Miller was a defender or was I mistaken?
    Oh, and I don’t know if it’s already been suggested…but a guy named Jaager playing for Red Bull? He needs to be nicknamed Jaager Bomb

  24. DadRyan says:

    what strike?