Hull City vs. Chelsea: Your Running Commentary

Jozy Altidore 2 (Getty Images)

It might seem like just another mid-week EPL match, but today's Hull City-Chelsea match (2:45pm, Setanta USA) is so much more.

You have all the John Terry controversy swirling, but you also have U.S. national team striker Jozy Altidore coming off his best game for Hull. Can Altidore make things even more difficult for Terry? We will soon find out in what could be a World Cup match-up preview.

Then there are the implications in the standings. Chelsea is trying to stay ahead of Manchester United atop the EPL standings while Hull is trying to escape the relegation zone.

If you will be watching today's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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208 Responses to Hull City vs. Chelsea: Your Running Commentary

  1. Andrew says:

    Jozy starting

  2. Brian says:

    This would be a great game for Jozy to bag his 1st league goal.

  3. USMNT says:

    Craig Fagan as RM?

  4. DC Josh says:

    Any streams other than and atdhe? Both are haters.

    This is the 1st game in a couple years I have to stay at work to watch. The tough economy was good for one thing…

  5. ahm says:

    wouldve rathered geovanni but at least its not garcia right?

  6. Isaac says:

    Jozy starting for Hull.

  7. JR says:

    feed has been removed at the request of the copyright holder…

  8. Eric says:

    Thank god i have setanta.

  9. Dakota says:

    I think the premier league’s website has match commentary. It sucks, but not a whole lot of options.

  10. TJPierce says:

    try myp2p(dot)eu

  11. harry balsac says:

    yuk, watch shaking JT’s hand… especially that lass

  12. ahm says:

    cmon jozy put in a corner!

  13. Eric says:

    Hull is pretty good at getting corners. Its a shame they cant do anything with them.

  14. bigdeadbat says:

    hull taking it to ’em!

  15. Isaac says:

    I think Jozy just dragged Lampard down by the neck…talk about fearless.

  16. malkin says:

    “Alteeeeedore…plenty of power, not quite the control”

  17. bigdeadbat says:

    commentator “altidore, plenty of power, not quite the control.”

  18. RedLine55 says:

    pretty ugly match so far… chelsea letting hull have the most possession, but they haven’t been able to do anything with it yet

  19. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Jozy sure it not a hustler like Charlie Davies… would be nice to see him close a defender down at pace for once in his life…

  20. Darwin says:

    ( link to )

  21. Isaac says:

    The brown tigers have been on Chelsea physically and disrupting their build ups but haven’t gotten any of their own going.

  22. jonny c says:

    any links for the match????

  23. malkin says:

    iraq goals dot net and atdhe dot net both work.

    Don’t post full links here, people. The EPL bots will find them

  24. jonk says:

    vipcanal dot com solid thus far

  25. Shark says:

    Altidore the past few games seems to have woken up….playing the best football of the season for him….glad I have Setanta to watch it on a full screen…

    Would love to see Altodore put one in past Terry….would be poetic justice…:)

  26. Shark says:

    Altodore is going straight at the defenders…his name is being called a lot and for good play not screwing up…:)

    Hull scores…!!!

  27. Isaac says:


  28. Isaac says:

    Another set piece goal against the Blues. 1-0 Hull.

  29. Shark says:

    Chelsea has really struggled on set pieces….Terry has really been susceptable to the crosses on corners…

  30. JSmiley says:

    Jozy split two defenders, drew yellow card on Ivanovic. Goal Hull!

  31. Seth says:

    1-0 hull

  32. Metrohooligan101 says:

    Was it Jozy who scored?

  33. wilyboy says:

    My stream froze, thought it was Jozy. Damn.

    p2p4u is working alright, link 1 or two.

  34. Sean says:

    John Terry, susceptible to crosses on corners and other teammates’ WAGs

  35. jonk says:

    just to be clear, jozy didn’t score the goal. it was Mouyokolo

  36. EvertonBrian says:

    Ok, so this is stretching it, but I dont care… Jozy wins the free kick, that leads to the corner, that leads to the GOAL!!! Hey, I’m tryin, here…

  37. matt dillon says:

    jozy just tried a sombrerito on the chelsea defend and it nearly leads to a chance. Every Terry touch is booed

  38. Eric says:

    I can see why Jozy is so lazy. You can see the frustration after every ball swept away by opposing defenders.

  39. Isaac says:

    Wow, anybody see Terry shank that clearance? Didn’t lead to anything but it was almost as bad as Hull’s own goal last week.

  40. Fred says:

    Stephen Hunt is a madman

  41. Shark says:

    Terry is toast as the England Captain….my English relatives and friends all want him gone…getting booed everytime he is involved in the play…

  42. Eric says:

    I think everyone knew that Drogba was going to score on that free kick.

  43. Isaac says:

    GOAL! DROGBA!!!! 1-1 off a free kick. Rounds the wall and the keeper with a low strike. Well hit.

  44. Nick says:

    Anyone else notice the Hull player on the end of the wall jump out of the way of the shot? Unacceptable

  45. OmarVizquel says:

    Haha Drogba forms heart outlines with his hands and then blows them to the crowd. Wtf kind of celebration is that…

  46. Darwin says:



    link to


  47. scott says:

    i say 3-1 chelsea

  48. Cliff says:

    Jozy DOES play for Hull, right?

  49. montana matt says:

    Man, Hull is just horrible to watch. So boring.

  50. Shark says:

    Hull has the worst defense in the BPL….just showed why…still a good showing by HUll in the first half…look at all of the money player s at Chelsea and the record signign for Hull was 5M and he’s hurt again…

  51. OmarVizquel says:

    Wow Jozy is adept at losing the ball and then drawing a freekick…

  52. Sean says:

    John Terry definitely doesn’t look completely focused. I guess that’s what happens when you shag your mate’s girlfriend and get her pregnant.

  53. RAW says:

    Nice attempeted header by hull….just over the net

  54. Steve C says:

    I know its the wrong game, but Keane & Kamara are starting for Celtic today. 1 days after signing… so much for getting acclimated w/ teammates.

  55. Isaac says:

    Not really stretching it too much. Every little bit of the build up counts and is important

  56. ahm says:

    jozy doing his best brian ching impersonation!

  57. Rekro says:

    Jozy has done absolutely nothing.

  58. Jorge says:

    Does Phil Brown dislike Giovanni? Or what’s the deal?

  59. Isaac says:

    I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Saying he loves the Chelsea fans. Nothing wrong with that. Classy even.

  60. Isaac says:

    Dude, I know they’re long but you’ve got to find another way to post your links. If you post them in their original form, the EPL bots close down the video stream.

  61. MVK says:

    status quo

  62. USMNT says:

    The English are highlighting the fact that Jozy Altidore does not look as though he is playing with passion. He has been sluggish on the field relative to his team.

    With no EPL goal to his name and the poor work rate, the future for Jozy Altidore does not look bright.

  63. Austin says:

    Jozy has been a real annoyance to Chelsea’s backline

    he has shown a good combo of skill and strength to help his team this half

    Hull weakened after 30 minutes and he really only saw the ball once after that, drawing a free kick for cairney to cross to gardner only for gardner to head over

    decent 1st half for Altidore

  64. Jorge says:

    If Jozy does not start producing, Hull will send him straight back to Spain. They will not waste money.

  65. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Somebody tweet Jozy real quick and get him pumped up and passionate about playing Chelsea…

  66. ahm says:

    he’s created some scoring opportunities though. i agree with the assessment that he’s been sluggish and looks disinterested, surprising especially for an american abroad usually the work rate is twice as high as the talent (i.e. brian mcbride). overall though i think there are some signs of improvement with the chances he’s generated. i’ve watched probably 3/4ths of his games so far and that first half was not bad at all in comparison

  67. anovato says:

    weird first half

  68. Adam R. says:

    He’s 20 and starting in England. You’ve got to be kidding me.

  69. D says:

    I’d like to see Jozy get a little more agressive in this next half. Hunt is a pitbull too.
    I hope terry breaks down and cries and no one helps him up.

  70. Isaac says:

    So holding the ball up, distributing well, drawing fouls, latching on to headers, and showing good footwork…..I don’t really see all of those.

  71. OmarVizquel says:

    Yeah, but it’s lame. I want back flips, somersaults, pointing to the sky thanking God for letting me score a goal! (I’m being sarcastic, obv. Chill.)

  72. Erik says:

    That’s how he always looks… It’s just how he plays.

  73. madmax says:

    Jozy shows that he didn’t play much basketball growing up as he takes down a long ball with his chest but loses contact with the defender behind him who steps around to take away the first touch.

    I believe Boateng ducked to allow the Chelsea free kick to go in on a bounce.

  74. OmarVizquel says:

    “….not scoring…”

  75. Jorge says:


    Sure he is 20. But remember that football is also a business. Plus, given Hull’s financial situation, they won’t spend a dime if you are not worth it or producing.

  76. OmarVizquel says:

    He score the winner the other night. Unless by “doesn’t look completely focused” you mean “his face looks like it’s melting like one of the bad guys in Raiders of the Lost Ark,” then you’d be correct.

  77. Neumannator says:

    I see a lot of similarities between Jozy and Clint Mathis, except that Mathis occasionally scored goals…

  78. ahm says:

    isaac youre a champion grump. i commend you. as for drawing fouls that did happen and there were free kicks around the area because of them. good footwork was never a hallmark of brian ching and his distribution skills were mediocre at best. why don’t you get the fig newton out of your behind and come back after you clean up the mess

  79. ahm says:

    thank you sir

  80. Lee says:

    Jozy is getting there, drew fouls at least. Without question Hull is a better team with him out there.

    Is he perfect? Nope, and a healthy CD has passed him in development, but this experience in the EPL will help him in the WC and beyond. If Hull doesn’t sign him he will have a job elsewhere next season. When Drogba was his age he was in Ligue 2 (Not comparing him to Drogba but just pointing it out).

  81. Tony T says:

    No respect for John Terry after reading this article,

    “In 2001, Terry and three team-mates were fined two weeks’ wages in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, when the players were accused of drunkenly mocking American tourists at Heathrow.”

    link to

  82. Duderino says:

    Yes, it must be pure luck that he continues to get starts on an EPL team with a number of other strikers on the bench. The coaching staff must be really disappointed that he keeps assisting goals and winning free kicks and penalties. His future is dim indeed.

  83. pd says:

    I am not watching the game, so I can’t really comment on this game, but I often find myself questioning his work rate. If you look at strikers like Villa and Rooney they are always running after loose balls and defending for their team. Oh yeah, they score a lot of goals too. Jozy always comes off as a little lazy to me. Yes, he is only 20 and he will learn how to score goals, but he is at the age when he should be running his butt off for the team.

  84. Adam R. says:

    Any 20 year old playing regularly at this level has a bright future. Even it means dropping down a level or two for a few years.

  85. jts says:

    Where were all of you guys this weekend? Then, all of the comments were about how dominant Jozy was and how criminal it was when Brown removed him.

  86. PJ says:

    Ching is garbage… never would have seen the field in England. Take your comparison back right now. And Isaac, you’re a homosapien without the sapien.

  87. Barry U says:

    WOW what the hell is up with you guys. The 20 year old American starting/playing against Chelsea in a EPL regualr season game has won two free kicks and lost the ball a few times. And all we say he is – WOW he is lazy and loses the ball. Just had to say that.

    Keep trying KID!!!

  88. Ace says:

    Jozy’s stride and size make him look different than Davies and other players like that. He had an assist and drew a PK last game. Haters back off!

  89. Isaac says:

    Jozy is clearly a better target striker than he is second striker. He seems to switch on and off and choose when he wants to show the work rate and hustle required from game to game. It seems to be just how he was raised, especially last summer when he was playing next to Charlie. There are games against lower table teams where he can be the second striker, like against Wolves, but the games against teams like Chelsea will require him to be playing next to a smaller, quicker striker or to come off the bench to replace either of the two. Right now, I don’t know if his play will improve during this game, but Phil Brown is at least figuring out how, where, and when Jozy needs to be played.

  90. JSmiley says:

    Jozy draws foul again from Terry.

    Jozy decent header but easily saved.

  91. Duderino says:

    So assisting your teammates and winning free kicks and penalties isn’t producing? I’m so confused.

  92. Sg says:

    F Chelsea

  93. Eric says:

    I must say Altidore has had some great passing and some solid touches on the ball.I would not be surprised if he didnt score by the end of the game.

  94. Nick says:

    Did he hustle enough for all of you on that tackle on Terry?

  95. DC Josh says:

    following espn’s match commentary. Jozy has drew 3 or 4 free kicks, and just had a header saved. “Soudns” to be playing well, at least involved in the attack.

    He’s a work in progress. People who are jumping the gun about Hull dropping him should open a cold one, sit back and relax.

  96. matt dillon says:

    Jozy teed up Cairney, who misfired.

    Then Jozy stole the ball from Terry. The sequence ended with Jozy getting the ball again but unable to find the trigger.

  97. Matt says:

    I don’t think there have been many loose balls for Jozy to run after. Hull seem to like to bomb the ball down to their strikers and – if they don’t get there (which they usually don’t) – they go back the other way with no defensive help to keep it bouncing around the midfield.

    I think Jozy’s done an excellent job fighting it out with one of the world’s great defenders in this game. He has wasted a couple of opportunities to scare the goal, though.

  98. OmarVizquel says:

    3x better from Jozy this half. Better service!

  99. DC Josh says:

    Chelsea with 2/3 of the possession. The avg. player positioning was interesting for both teams. You could see Hull applying a lot of pressure on the left wing with Jozy and Hunt, while Chelsea had their core in the middle with the fullbacks overlapping.

    Very cool features.

  100. PJ says:

    I hate your comments. Have you ever kicked a soccer ball?

  101. DC Josh says:

    For the USSF’s sake, let’s hope Terry doesn’t take advantage of Altidore, if you know what I’m saying.

  102. Milkshake of Despair says:

    What features are you referring to?

  103. matt dillon says:

    57th minute, Jozy bulls by Carvalho who fouls him in my opinion — but no call. Then another, even worse no call in favor of Chelsea as Ivanovic obstructs Boateng. Ivanovic is already carrying yellow for foul on Jozy

  104. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Jozy is most effective when he can dribble at people. Most of the best moments I have seen from him with Hull have been when he was either out a bit wide and got the ball in space, or was able to steamroll up the middle. Asking him to stand in the box and head balls is a misuse of his skill set. However that is what the Neanderthal tactics at Hull call for.

  105. bigdeadbat says:

    prepare to be surprised

  106. Shark says:

    Some of the folks on here flaming over Altidore need to realize the club he is playing for does not have world class players like Chelsea etc. and the y have to scrap for everything they get….

    Just think what Dorgba or Rooney would do if they had to play for Hull City….not much I’m afraid…they are great players, but it helps to have the likes of Lampard and Ronaldo playing next to you….

    Jozy is getting better and growing as a player…

    Funny on this web site how hard many are on American players because they are not instant stars when they step on the pitch in England…Jozy is getting playing time in the EPL and that in itself is very important for him and the national team….he just turned 20…the future is bright for him and the USA…

  107. Isaac says:

    ehm….what exactly is wrong with my comment dude. Instead of just saying something like that provide reasoning behind it, unless you’re joking. You’ll find that I do that with all my comments, whether or not you like them.

    Yes, I’ve kicked a soccer ball. Love playing the game.

  108. matt dillon says:

    now Lampard fouls Jozy. Announcer says Lampard could not avoid it but ref had to give the foul. Nothing comes off free kick.

  109. JSmiley says:

    Terry and Lampard seem to enjoy fouling Jozy. Be patient lads…there will be time for more of that in June.

  110. bigdeadbat says:

    he’s getting better at running into defenders and falling down!

  111. LC says:

    Jozy is a striker….His main job his to score. Doesn’t matter if he is 20 or 27. The final objective is to score goals.

  112. Topher says:

    Anyone have a link that works at this point?

  113. Pete says:

    Not able to watch, but the BBC text feed has him drawing five fouls at this point. If you’re “lazy” and have a “low work-rate” and manage to draw five fouls in the first 60 minutes, you must be extremely lucky (to be in the right place at the right time) and clumsy (to consistently go to the ground so easily).

  114. Fred says:

    Look who’s not coming off for Hull!

  115. ahm says:

    not a small moment! jozy being left on with hesselink coming off instead, usually the other way around, good stuff

  116. bigdeadbat says:

    oh my, and jozy stays on

  117. Dakota says:

    Zaki and Altidore both on!

  118. Derek says:

    Whatever Josh, obviously, you don’t know anything about how to be a US Soccer fan who posts on the Internet. Ridiculous criticism and wild statements only please.

  119. Adam R. says:

    He was responsible for 2 goals last game. Would you say he didn’t do his job then?

  120. Isaac says:

    I was just stating an opinion. How exactly does that make me a grump ahm? I know Ching wouldn’t have really made it in England, but he does display all of those things. I also said that Jozy doesn’t display ALL of those.

    Sorry if I sounded like a jerk or other deplorable person. Didn’t mean to. Honest.

  121. IMSYE87 says:

    Zaki for JVoH – jozy hopefully the full 90 now

  122. matt dillon says:

    if Zaki is on facebook, Blanco could be his doppelganger.

  123. anovato says:

    we can see jozy transforming before our eyes, even over the last few matches it has been clear that he is starting to understand how to use his body

    he showed up to play today… or maybe john terry is just pissing him off to a point where he is running on pure hatred

    things that make you say hm

  124. ahm says:

    it was tongue in cheek and using homo as an insult is stupid

  125. Mig22 says:

    Actually, that is a bit of an oversimplification and English announcers harp on it all the time. It is the job of striker to play in the attack. That usually means scoring goals, so I’m not really disagreeing with you, but there are strikers who are very successful but don’t score many goals. Four years ago, Drogba was criticized for lousy finishing but led the EPL in Assists while scoring 11 goals. He was clearly valuable. Rooney strayed too much for many pundits’ liking but he had CR7 to score the goals…he just worked.

    Just some thoughts.

  126. Pete says:

    Chances are pretty good that Emile Heskey is starting for England in June. He has all of…..two goals in ’09-’10.

  127. LC says:

    Yes, I agree. Production is important. However, Europeans are fickle, they want their strikers to score goals. Especially when it comes to football.

  128. LC says:

    I like Jozy & Zaki upfront.

  129. Rory says:

    Still beats having to touch John Terry.

  130. Isaac says:

    ANybody got a link for this game?

  131. Mig22 says:

    Also, the two games since the Haiti earthquake have shown a more intense Jozy. Kinda like after Davies got hurt. The kid might just need a bit of outside emotion to drive him.

  132. Neumannator says:

    if you were watching this game, you’d only confirm your beliefs.

  133. A Guest says:

    Maybe Terry also knows Jozy’s gf.

  134. Rory says:


    Although it should probably note that others WAG’s are susceptible to John Terry.

  135. Rroy says:

    The infamous assist to the assist.

  136. Rory says:

    He must be watching Johnny Weir at the Olympics. Could a bird suit be far now?

  137. Rory says:

    I think the idea is that if you’re the ref and you see a big guy hit the ground as often as Altidore you have to think, “Man, he MUST have been fouled, right?”

  138. sarnold says:

    really, it shouldn’t matter if you have or haven’t kicked a soccer ball before. If you follow and know the sport, you should be able to comment on it knowagably.

  139. matt dillon says:

    must be surreal to be marked by a guy who has banged half the skanks in the country and is on the front page of every paper. ironic, though, that this has put terry’s world cup hopes in question — the president of host nation south africa has 3 wives and just sired child no. 20 out of wedlock.

  140. Rory says:

    Ching was very good in his day, but he’s past it now. No shame in that. Still not a bad option if we have a slew of injuries but he’s behind Jozy and Casey on my list of want to see forwards.

  141. That’s a good one.

  142. Rory says:

    Using homo as an insult is stupid. Using “you’re a homosapien minus the sapien” is both stupid and 6th-graderish.

  143. Fred says:

    THis ref sucks. I can’t believe he made them play the advantage there.

  144. Haus says:

    Say no to racism in football, unless its an Arab anti-semite. F#!k Amr Zaki

  145. Tom says:

    Stop knocking Terry.

    If your teamates wife looked like Wayne B’s you would be sorely temped too.

    Now if you want to knock his”I’m not going bold” haircut then I’m on board.

  146. Mig22 says:

    Yeah, that prison cut has to go.

  147. “this has put terry’s world cup hopes in question”

    Not really, just gives the tabloids something to write about and generate clicks to their sites.

    The Football decision will be to play him. Tempest in a teapot when it is all said and done.

  148. anovato says:

    i’ll knock him for mocking americans about 9/11

  149. Isaac says:

    Jozy off. Considering the score and that Jozy played at the weekend, bringing a defender on is a good idea.

  150. USMNT says:

    Jozy Altidore off. Much improved second half and appreciated by the Hull supporters.

  151. Polish Wonder says:

    I seem to remember passion/attitude being a bit of a problem in the beginning in NY/NJ, and some vets had a talk with him.

  152. Matt says:

    Jozy coming off (goalless, again) but with a nice ovation.

  153. ahm says:

    i think zaki and jozy could be a good partnership. he had a clever pass right there that i think jozy couldve put a foot on. that being said i still think hes a disgusting racist and phil brown showed some serious moral flaw in grabbing him when hull are near the bottom of the table. have some principles man

  154. Yet to be cap-tied says:

    jozy off, couldn’t understand the announcers but got a nice round of applause from the faithful. kid is a bull

  155. Sergio of SF says:

    I only caught the second half until Jozy was taken off. He looked dangerous, and the crowd sure did seem to like him.

  156. Dank says:

    Agreed. Zaki is an unapologetic racist who refused a move to Portsmouth because he would be under Israeli Avram Grant.

  157. shark says:

    Are you an American? This is OK with you:

    At a Heathrow airport hotel bar, the day after the 9/11 terror attacks, Terry and three other young Chelsea players hurled abuse, stripped naked and vomited as weeping American guests watched footage of the destruction.

    The footballers had been on a five-hour drinking binge and the hotel manager described their behaviour as ‘utterly vile’.

    Terry and his colleagues were heavily fined and made to apologise. The then Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri said: ‘They had no decency or respect.’

    link to

  158. wilyboy says:

    Hull showed much improved play, and they’ll soon have Bullard back. Jozy looks like he’s about to score.

  159. FulhamPete says:

    I’m don’t agree with the inclusion of Rooney in that statement.

    Rooney is the soccer version of Chuck Norris.

  160. Rory says:

    Right… and we Americans are sooo much more patient with out forwards when they don’t score a lot but help set up other goals. That’s why Conor Casey and Brian Ching get so much love out of this crowd, right?

  161. Shark says:

    Jozy with his best two performances of the year these past four days….well done….:)

  162. LC says:

    I could care less what he did or who he did. In the end it will cost him half his fortune. He should have never married and had kids, if he knew he couldn’t control it. What type of society have we became if your BFF does it with your wife, while he is married.

    I wouldn’t expect anything different from the 3 lion squad. No wonder the tabloids love’em

  163. Derek says:

    Great Link Sergio

  164. torporindy says:

    I agree with that and I am no flag waver either. That was uncalled for. He certainly doesn’t seem to be fit for the captaincy.

  165. Rory says:

    Britain has a deep run of anti-semitism that pops up from time to time. A friend of mine was at University of Glasgow and had to hear a Professor go on a rant against Jews on a regular basis… and this isn’t some drunken hooligan, it was a PhD.

  166. Jorge says:

    It bothers me too that he is racist. But Phil Brown right now does not have much of a choice as his team faces relegation. He’ll get his hands on as much as help he can get.

  167. El Michael says:

    Jozy has started to pick his game up in the last two. His minutes increased today, he was one of the better players on the pitch today as well as last week

  168. Brett says:

    Why are people still surprised to see Jozy get tired quickly? Look at the guy. He’s ripped! Big guy + lots of running + sprinting = FATIGUE His lungs have to provide enough oxygen to his blood to fuel all of those huge muscles. Endurance training will get him where he needs to get, but it is going to take a lot of time.

    I’m glad he is playing, but I do look for him to get more active. Not scoring a goal against Chelsea is something that happens to the best players, so I am not at all disappointed that he didn’t bag one in this game.

  169. ko'd says:

    I disagree strongly. Playing FIFA and watching soccer on tv is no substitute for having played the game, at least when it comes to tactical and technical knowledge. I welcome comments from new fans who have never played, but they lack important perspective.

  170. GMD says:

    Right on man. Not many people are bringing this up. F JOHN TERRY.

  171. EkstraBen says:

    But it still made me smirk.

  172. Hokie_Futbol says:

    As Bullard goes, Hull goes. Before he got hurt, HC was half decent. Impressive result today though.

  173. EPL Hater says:

    Who would have thought that ManU would have a chance to lead the standings ?

    I tell you, you never know in this league.

    Next big game is right around the corner. Hardly wait for April 3rd, Chelsea-ManU.

  174. OmarVizquel says:

    Well… know going into the season every year that only 3 (sometimes 4) teams EVER have a chance of winning it. Not exactly an unpredictable league…..but I know what you mean….I can’t tell if ManU or Chelsea are going to take it.

  175. Chuck says:

    Thats funny considering he “seriously considered” playing for Beitar. I’m tired of this Jewish=Israeli and vise versa stuff. Keep the politics and anti-semite baiting out of sports. And what is this singling out of Arabs above? Gross. Would you go play for a club in Iran?

  176. Austin says:

    who else votes for Jozy and Zaki starting up top next game?

    i think Hesselink isnt quick enough to be Jozy’s partner….anybody that watched the full game saw that Hesselink didnt do much of anything

  177. EkstraBen says:

    I know that they’re two completely different sports, but I’d love to see LeBron and Jozy in a fitness contest.

  178. Isaac says:

    I second that movement. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Brown trot that out this weekend. They bought him, they have to give him a fair shot at some point.

  179. Eurosnob says:

    Altidore has his flaws, but I don’t understand your suggestion that he does not know how to score goals. Jozy was the leading goal scorer for USMNT last year. And it was not just against weak opponents unless one considers Spain to be a bad team. His lack of scoring for Hull has more to do with Hull’s putrid midfield (and lack of service to strikers) than with Jozy’s skills or work ethics. If Jozy was starting for Arsenal or another EPL team with decent midfield and could not put the ball in the net that would be a different story. I agree with you that he is not as good as Villa or Rooney yet, but that does not mean much. Donovan is not as good as Messi or C. Ronaldo, but nobody holds it against him.

  180. ETGoodyman says:

    I’m disappointed in the negative comments on SBI today. I watched the entire game and thought Jozy played a fine match. Chelsea had to foul him several times to confine him. He doesn’t get decent service from his teammates either. Other than Hunt & Boateng I don’t think any other Hull player did as well. I agree he doesn’t look like he’s trying hard a lot of the time, but I think that’s just how he plays. He saves his energy for when he thinks he can make a difference. Like I said, I’m disappointed with the comments I’ve read here today….they show a certain bias and lack of understanding of the game.

  181. John says:

    keep your hommosapien (without the sapien) phobia to yourself jerk

  182. vivavilla says:

    you guys must be blind. Jozy played very well today and obviously gave Chelsea’s back line (one of the best in the world) a lot of trouble today. I bet the player ratings in the British press will agree. If there was one knock, its that he was being too unselfish and should rip more shots from distance.

  183. NateinSF says:

    I think Zaki has fitness issues, he probably wont be able to play that long for a while. I dont see him starting anytime soon due to that.

  184. Kevin_Amold says:

    Same here. You just can’t make some of these people happy.

  185. tz0n3 says:

    GREAT play by Altidore up top. This is why I say Hull need him despite his big fat 0 in the league goals this year.

  186. garsh says:

    arabs are semites

  187. El Michael says:

    sky sports rated Jozy a 7 only Hunt with an 8 had a higher rating. No one for Chelsea was higher than 7

  188. fritz says:

    Wow, never cared much for him before but this shines a new light on Terry – he’s not bad for and English Island Monkey!

  189. Josh D says:

    Never seen a player divide opinions like Jozy! Half say he played well, half say crap!

    Fact of the matter is he has to score soon or he won’t be there next season. Even the likes of Heskey, used like Jozy, gets a few goals.

    I also agree that Jozy looks lazy and sluggish out there, and has been quite frankly, all season. Not sure why with reason to play (i.e. Haiti, being 20 in England, Davies, etc) and he continually says because of this or that, I appreciate and will train very hard – show us Jozy, show us!

    Not a bad performance but not good enough to earn a contract which is what he has to do. Heading back to Spain, at this point, I think gets him transfer listed any way….

  190. Sergio of SF says:

    Jozy’s got a powerful shot, I too would like to see him take more shots.

  191. Ben says:

    I read through most of the comments and I don’t think this has been mentioned but last week we were all talking about how jozy isn’t fully fit especially after his short hiatus…watching the game it seriously seemed like jozy had been instructed not to chase the ball all over, he looked like he was intentionally saving his energy for the offensive side of the ball, when jozy is fully fit i.e. game against costa rica we saw him passionate and chasing down every ball like the chance he created for conor casey that casey yoinked…give him a couple more weeks and i think we could definitely see a more total energy on both sides of the ball from jozy

  192. anovato says:

    jozy played great

  193. away goals says:

    There’s a lot less reward chasing chelsea defenders than there is chasing costa rica defenders. Against world-class teams, two forwards chasing the ball around four backs is a fool’s errand. Gotta decide when it will actually be dangerous and when it’s just a waste.

    That’s why I didn’t understand all the casey bashing during the group stages of the confed cup. Playing as a lone forward with 10 men, you’re never going to take the ball from the brazilian back four. Your job is to dictate the direction the ball goes, but you’re not gonna cause any turnovers.

    There are reasons to be critical of casey and jozy, but their lack of pointless sprinting isn’t one of ’em.

  194. kenny_b says:

    Good point, although I’ve played with many players that have zero ability to see the game.

  195. kenny_b says:

    PhD’s can’t be drunken hooligans?

  196. kenny_b says:

    Thank you! That is spot on!

  197. madmax says:

    On Jozy’s lack of goal scoring? On my intermittent feed Jozy didn’t take one shot on goal. So for today, no goals seems quite appropriate. He did make some nice passes in attack which his teammates squandered 100%, which explains no assists.

  198. Brett says:

    Basketball trains mostly fast-twitch muscles (jumping, sprinting) so I would have to assume his level of endurance is pretty low.

  199. El Michael says:

    could not agree more. The Drogba comparisons are being made on numerous sites. I don’t think they are quite the same player, but the idea that it takes a while for a young forward to develop, i believe is the point being made.

    I hope he stays in ther EPL post WC, Everton?

  200. speekeasy says:

    yea he set up his teammates a few times. gotta love that he’s a willing passer

  201. Hush says:

    Jozy had a decent game. I’m very happy seeing him improve week after week. 20yrs old and playing in the best league in the world, you have my respect.

    It’s sad to hear the Jozy bashing, it shows lack of knowledge of the game.

    I give him a B- for todays performance. Considering he has below average midfielders.

  202. ThaDeuce says:

    ummm. how do EPL bots work???