New York Red Bulls vs. Toronto FC: Match Night Commentary


Good evening folks. We are here in Orlando for tonight's Disney Soccer Classic Final between the New York Red BUlls and Toronto FC.

I will be providing commentary throughout the night so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


HALFTIME– Subs in for Toronto are Ali Gerba, O'Brian White, Marvell Wynne, Emmanuel Gomez and a trialist. We'll figure out who is coming out shortly. I would imagine that the two trialist strikers are out.


HALFTIME– Caleb Patterson-Sewell, Luke Sassano, Seth STammler, Austin Da Luz and Connor Chin are in. Coundoul, Jaager, Ubiparipovic, Agudelo and Oebster are coming out for New York.


HALFTIME– Apologies for the low audio on the video feed. That was probably my fault for not speaking up. We're in an outdoor press area, as opposed to a closed radio booth, so I didn't want to be the guy yellow on a broadcast. I'll work on that for the second half.

If you couldn't hear it, you missed some great jokes. Okay, maybe not.


HALFTIME– New York Red Bulls 2, Toronto FC 0. Juan Pablo Angel with two goals. Joel Lindpere looks good, as does John Agudelo. Roy Miller looks solid at left back, while Tim Ream has been steady at centerback.

For Toronto FC, the tandem of Nick Garcia and Ty Harden just isn't good enough, but the combo of Sam Cronin and Julian DeGuzman could be very good. Not impressed at all with either striker.




33rd minute- I'm getting ready to switch over to do the audio commentary along with Toronto FC TV's video. We'll make that move soon, see how that works.


32nd Minute- GOAL RED BULLS!!!! Juan Pablo Angel heads home a corner from Lindpere. Red Bulls 1, Toronto FC.


28th minute- Agudelo looks very confident on the ball. Not sure what the hold up is on him signing. He looks ready to go.

(Please keep comments limited to comments, NOT to play-by-play. Thanks)


26th Minute- Another good sequence from NY, but can't put a shot on frame.


23rd Minute- Agudelo torches Harden before unleashing a shot that's deflected for a corner. Tim Ream heads the corner kick high.

Agudelo and Ream have looked very good in pre-season.


21st Minute- Okay folks, here's a proposition. Not sure how many of you are following tonight, but I might swap this commentary for a live video feed accompanied by my audio commentary. Who is up for that? Let me know in the comments. 


19th Minute- Not convinced that the Ty Harden-Nick Garcia centerback tandem could hold up come the regular season.


18th Minute- Jaager with a very nice run down the right wing and good cross that just misses Angel. Promising stuff from the right back.


15th Minute- Juan Pablo Angel misses with a soft bicycle kick that goes wide but still sends the crowd into a frenzy.


14th Minute- The Cronin-DeGuzman central midfield could be tough for teams to deal with come the regular season. Two high workrate players with good passing skills.


11th Minute- DeGuzman's glancing header is wide.


10th Minute- Toronto FC is playing with two trialists up top as its search for strikers continues. Neither has had a look yet.


8th Minute– Frei with a save on Angel. Frei's rocking the bald head now.

Agudelo hit with a crunching tackle from DeGuzman.


7th Minute- Here is Toronto FC's lineup:

———-Peter Ijeh—-Kosta Bajic———–







4th Minute- John/Juan Agudelo is in the lineup after missing Thursday's match vs. Houston. The kid has filled out and looks strong since his U-17 days.


3rd Minute- Here is New York's starting lineup:






1st Minute– We're under way. Lineups coming shortly.

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74 Responses to New York Red Bulls vs. Toronto FC: Match Night Commentary

  1. Texar says:

    there’s a live feed (no commentator) at:
    link to

  2. michael wright says:

    i am so excited to watch this soley because its MLS mls season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. michael wright says:

    shoulda been a goal from angel there

  4. Dale Mills says:

    Is Tchani a bust already?

  5. ec says:

    I’m hoping for big things from Jeremy Hall this year, I hope he’s a real part of their plans. Loved his game at UM.

  6. G says:

    If you wanna check out the action go to

  7. agnigrin says:

    Angel misses a point blank opportunity as he shoots straight at Frei in the 7th minute. A bike by Angel goes wide in the 14th… Jaeger misses a wide open header of a corner kick in the 16th…

  8. agnigrin says:

    Argudelo blows by the TFC defense and his shot is parried by Frei for a corner

  9. agnigrin says:

    Argudelo blows by the TFC defense and his shot is parried by Frei for a corner

    Bulls look like a much better team but they still have trouble finishing…as I type that Angel misses a point blank shot from 10 yards out!

  10. michael wright says:

    does anybody else feel like they’re enjoying this more than they should a mls preseason match.

  11. John says:

    yeah….live commentary +1

  12. Ed says:

    Audio commentary would be nice Ives, half the time I don’t know who the players are that are shooting/crossing/etc.

  13. Dannyc58 says:

    Ives, go for that! (the audio/video)

  14. Trex says:

    The Audio commentary would be awesome!

  15. RealPSL says:

    Definitely although my video feed froze 2 minutes ago

  16. Amit says:

    Yes please

  17. michael wright says:

    mine freezes sometimes too just refresh.

  18. PsuedoNEmous says:

    Seconded, sir. Bring on Ives’ mellifluous pipes.

  19. Cindy says:

    i’m down

    Roy Miller’s looking pretty good, Agudelo and Angel too

  20. Bruinfix says:

    Audio would be great. I can’t identify the players.

  21. michael wright says:


  22. Gene says:


  23. Lenny says:

    JPA!! I’m already thinking this will be a better season.

  24. PsuedoNEmous says:

    GOL Angel!!!

  25. Chris says:

    I wish this game was on TV but I can’t find it.

    I have DirecTV in the NY area. Anybody know any information?

  26. agnigrin says:

    “Okay folks, here’s a proposition. Not sure how many of you are following tonight, but I might swap this commentary for a live video feed accompanied by my audio commentary. Who is up for that? Let me know in the comments.”

    Go for it Ives!

  27. south says:

    I would like a video feed very much!

  28. Ed says:

    Turn up the volume Ives, it’s hard to hear.

  29. Pico says:


    need to put the audio up to 11. feed is to low

  30. Trex says:

    When you get on, tell them to turn up the volume for the audio, its really low

  31. Lenny says:

    Wow, it’s like RBNY is picking up where they left off in last season’s finale.

  32. michael wright says:

    not sure if ives has started yet, can faintly hear someone talking

  33. smorebs says:

    Ives, is there any way you could turn the Gain up on your mic or reposition yourself closer…right now you are just a whisper.

  34. south says:

    Found one, sorry passed over the earlier comment with the Toronto link.

    Hope to see Tchani at some point, is he on the bench?

  35. B1879 says:

    Frei is bald? Maybe he does want to play for the U.S.

  36. Dannyc58 says:

    Ives, only complaint is you aren’t loud enough!

  37. Speck says:

    The audio commentary volume should be doubled at least. I thought it was just someone talking in the background until I put on a pair of headphones.

  38. CrispyST3 says:

    This feed looks good, i wish the internet feeds we try looking for every weekend were this great, that way i can watch EPL, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A and Bundesliga on my laptop, nicely and without having to search for good feeds

  39. GO USA says:

    speak up please

  40. Chris says:

    No TV Broadcast!

    Broken internet feeds!

  41. agnigrin says:

    Don’t be shy Ives… Speak up!

  42. Isaac says:

    Ey yo Ives, I don’t it’s the mic, I think you’re just not speaking loud enough. Don’t be afraid to get a little base up in there, you won’t blow our ears out.

  43. Wow redbull looks like they might do something this year. Good to see.

  44. Chris says:

    Red Bulls up 2-0 at the half

    The prize for the winning team is a brand new stadium.

  45. Speck says:

    Quality of the commentary itself is quite good, but the volume is just too low (any crowd noise drowns the commentary out).

  46. Pico says:


    did the feed go out at halftime? Or did we kill it?


  47. RBNY Fan says:

    How much can it possibly cost to stream the games on the internet? Not sure why RBNY does not have this on it’s website as opposed to having to go to the Toronto website. I hope they are reading this or someone can pass along the message. They look great so far though. Angel and Agudelo need to be playing together Opening Day.

  48. Aengus says:

    I am pretty sure he is not playing because of a minor injury he picked up. Dont quote me on that though

  49. Dannyc58 says:

    Yeah the feed is killed, ever since you embedded it, Ives 😉

  50. Browner says:

    Feed up again.

  51. redbulls says:

    feed is back

  52. agnigrin says:

    it’s back!

  53. redbulls says:

    speak up if you can please

  54. RBALbany says:

    Mikes need to go up. Get closer to them. Too much audience noise.

  55. Schteve Town says:

    Ives – louder if you can man.

  56. Trex says:

    Still can’t hear you Ives. Turn it up more if you can.

  57. michael wright says:

    missed angels third, can anyone describe it?

  58. Zach S. says:

    Ives, be louder please!

  59. michael wright says:

    WOW red card

  60. NYCJERSEY says:

    LOL toronto is TERRIBLE

  61. Chris says:

    Ives, sounds like your far from the mic. I heard you pretty well for a brief period towards the end of half time and it sounded like you were talking to your tech there (something about the feed being black, did anything change). You sounded very low at the start of the second half, and now I can barely make out that you’re talking at all. I do hear the PA and individuals in the stands. You just seem to be very far from the mic that we’re hearing.

  62. Trex says:

    I think the only mic picking anything up is the camera, just stand next to it.

  63. Speck says:

    Who is the NY right winger (number 16)?

  64. el says:

    I dont think anyone can hear you.

  65. noploplease says:

    Stammler makes too many dumb passes… works hard but no vision, imo

  66. Christopher says:

    Now hearing a few other people having a conversation (think one of them is named Paul).

  67. Texar says:

    well, I went to the grocery store, and now that I’m back I cant get any video or audio :'(

  68. Chris says:

    Cuz there is none anymore. The game ended.

  69. Texar says:

    lol tho! Ididnt notice the time, I just saw “halftime” as the last ives post…..

  70. Chris says:

    since it was at Disney World,

    wouldn’t it be funny to see game with

    guys in Disney mascot costumes. Or watching

    Mickey Mouse getting a straight red card

    for a hard tackle on Donald Duck.

  71. Ivan Ivanov says:

    Just got back from the games. Good crowd; about 700 to 1,000 people or so, despite the chilly weather.

    NYRD looked good tonight.Young 16 year old kid who played the first half alongside Anjel was very impressive(Agudelo is his name). Lindpere could be the playmaker the team has so desperately needed; the rookie central defender, Ream, was fantastic. Anjel was, well, deadly.

    Toronto were just awful. De Guzman made a couple of nasty tackles early in the game that could have brought him an earlier expulsion. De Rosario had 5 touches on the ball b/f being substituted. Preki played him right outside mid in the first half, and left mid in the second half. Why? That’s not where DiRo is at his best. I don’t see Toronto being anywhere near the playoffs w/ these players.

    Houston looked ok. Ching, by minute 45, could hardly walk on the field, but he showed crafty touches several times. Francisco Navas (never heard of him before) also played a good game as an outside field.

    Dallas’s only bright point was Dax McCarty; they were missing Cunningham. Don’t see them making the playoffs (yet again)…

    All in all, both games were quite entertaining. Bring on the new season!

  72. Matt says:

    Irving Garcia

  73. Brian says:

    Did Ives fall asleep on the commentating here?

  74. Tim F. says:

    Ives. Is everything okay? What happened?