Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

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Jozy Altidore and Jonathan Spector will be teammates at the 2010 World Cup, but today they'll be opponents in one of the day's most intriguing match-ups for American fans.

Altidore's Hull City takes on Spector's West Ham on a day with interesting, if not blockbuster matches. Hull and West Ham are battling relegation and a six-point swing could prove vital to the winner today (Altidore is on the bench today while Spector starts for West Ham).

They're not the only Americans in action in England. Marcus Hahnemann will look to stop Chelsea as Wolves take on the EPL leaders.

Looking for some more quality? Try Inter Milan vs. Sampdoria in a battle of Top Five Serie A squads.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


9:30am– ESPN Deportes/ Nurnberg vs. Bayern Munich

9:45am– Setanta USA- Arsenal vs. Sunderland

10am– FSC/FSE- Wolverhampton vs. Chelsea

Noon– GolTV- Deportivo La Coruna vs. Xerez

Noon– Genoa vs. Udinese

12:30pm– FSC/FSE- Portsmouth vs. Stoke City

1pm– Setanta USA- St. Etienne vs. Montpelier

2:30pm– FSC/FSE- Inter Milan vs. Sampdoria

3pm– Setanta USA- Paris St. Germain vs. Toulouse

4pm– ESPN Deportes/ Mallorca vs. Sevilla

5pm– Setanta USA- West Ham vs. Hull City (Delayed)

5pm– FSC- Genoa vs. Udinese (Delayed)

5:30pm– FSE- Jaguares vs. Pachuca

6pm– Telemundo- Monterrey vs. Queretaro

6:30pm– GolTV- Nacional vs. Junior

8pm– Telemundo/mun2- Chivas Guadalajara vs. Puebla

8pm– ESPN Deportes- Morelia vs. Toluca

8pm– FSE- Genoa vs. Udinese (Delayed)

8:30pm– GolTV- Millonarios vs. Cucuta

9:45pm– Telefutura- San Luis vs. Atlante

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104 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. daniel son Williams says:

    Good game cakes!!!

  2. Hokie_Futbol says:

    why is brown messing with his strike partnership that has been working well?

  3. Jonathan says:

    Spector is in the 11, Jozy is not…

  4. j says:

    Is Barcelona-racing santander not on tv?

  5. ewl115 says:

    No Jozy today = No need to search for a Hull City stream…

  6. USMNT says:



  7. Nick says:

    No Jozy and its back to bed…

  8. Gesar says:

    I understand starting Zaki but switching him with Jozy seems foolish to me, you would think V of H would get moved to the bench. Jozy will probably come on around 60 min unless both strikers are playing well (i dont see that happening though) hope JA9 can make an impact late in the game.

  9. daniel son williams says:

    Anyone reckon Holden will get a chance tomorrow??

  10. Fred says:

    Hull feed ?

  11. jp992751 says:

    West Ham up 1-0. What the crap is Brown thinking, the guy is a waste as a manager.

  12. Fred says:

    Hey, say what you want about Phil Brown, but he’s the guy who brought Jozy in in the first place _and_ kept giving him chances even when Jozy wasn’t producing.

  13. Jorge says:

    Hull down 1-0

  14. Jorge says:

    It is on GolTV at 2 pm (ET).

  15. Aaron in StL says:

    My lord West Ham has out shot Hull 11-1 in the first 30… even if he is getting chances from Brown, Jozy has got to get out of there. Get to some mid-table club that could use a big, strong striker and can provide service.

  16. Barry U says:

    I think Brown might out think himself sometimes. Zaki for Jozy makes sense if you look at past success. Zaki scored 11+ times last year. BUT recent history tells you Jozy and JVH have been on a great run as well as the team. I think you go with that until they prove you wrong. At least we know Jozy will sub in for sure in this one. (I hope)

  17. Gesar says:

    totally agree with you there Fred, and its not Browns fault Hull Defense is absolute shite no talent what so ever. Also Zaki hasn’t gotten a chance yet. Hull did spend a decent amount of money on him to bring him all the way from Egypt, plus he is a proven goal scorer in the EPL and Jozy isn’t. Jp992751 how would you run a team with only the quality of Championship team in the World’s best league, I doubt you can do you any better than Brown?

  18. Aaron in StL says:

    I wouldn’t say that they’re spending that much, just salary. He’s on loan

  19. Seriously, have you not been following this board?

    No one posts the feed because they get scanned and then shut down.

    There are several Football p2p listing sites. “My” favorite is a “p2p” site in the “eu” You will most likely find multiple feeds there.

    Try it.

  20. jp992751 says:

    I am not saying I am in any way better than brown rather his odd choices in subs and starters ALL year is part of the reason they are in a tight battle for relagation. Yes he doesn’t have the best talent or a ton of money but he destroys team chemistry with his continual eratic changes. Chill dude we all have opinions and mine is Brown isn’t a very good manager (thought he is by far 100% better than me).

  21. Gesar says:

    highly doubt it depends on if the game is already won or lost in the finally minutes……… unfortunately

  22. Adrian says:

    what in the world, jozy didn’t start?

    if that isn’t injury related, brown is a fool

  23. Adrian says:

    in the past few matches, jozy has been on an absolute tear: a goal, drawing many cards and free kicks, two penalties i believe, and has been dominant in all aspects. his confidence is building immensely and then he is out of nowhere benched?

    wtf is wrong this man

  24. Gesar says:

    they are still paying a hefty salary for Zaki, and regards to Brown it just annoys me that people complain about Jozy not starting. I didn’t mean to lash out so hardly my bad, Its the same Phil Brown comments all the time though……. Hell I would hate have Brown’s job right now

  25. alexandria says:

    I think JP has a valid point, if you look at Hull’s wages, they could have seriously brought in better players, but only young and marginal players would want to play at Hull, but the fact that they kept guys like Mcshane and Dawson and zayatte, it goes to show that someone doesn’t have a clue, they could have bid for mancienne or some of the other reserve players from the bigger clubs, they just have horrible player management and that comes from the manager.

  26. get well Jones says:

    why is Bradley reluctant to play JSpec at LB? Surely JSpec must start there now. Been playing LB all season and doing a nice job, backline:


    Spector Gooch Blackmouth DWill

  27. Nick says:

    Not starting Jozy makes little to no sense. His confidence must have been peaking and he’s looked very good the past few matches…and then Brown slaps him on the bench? Understand there is probably pressure to get Zaki a run but sorry Brown really is a fool…

  28. matt dillon says:

    Anybody know why no Steven Cherundolo in the 18 for Hannover? They are down 3-0 at Borrusia Dortmund and look doomed to relegation.

    Kenny Cooper riding pine in the English second division, behind New Zealand legend Rory Fallon. Great move daddy.

    In the same division, DeMerit and Simek started today but both their teams are losing.

  29. Adrian says:

    Well, good thing I was able to watch that great match this morning. It put me in a great mood, only to once again have it fouled by Phil Brown.

  30. Barry U says:

    Fagan with a red card Hull down to 10. Do we Jozy today?

  31. war says:

    cherundolo’s out for 2 or 3 more weeks

  32. Gesar says:

    looks like Jozy might not get on now……….Fagan just saw red……..

  33. Mig22 says:

    This Chelsea-Wolves game is painful to watch…and I’m a Blues fan.

    Bayern Munich held at Nurnberg 1-1 so far. Just about over.

  34. jp992751 says:

    West Ham 2-0!

  35. Ted in MN says:

    well If jozy makes an appearance and ties this up (possibly a little to hopeful) he will have made a month out of it.

  36. jp992751 says:

    Zaki has done nothing all match except lose balls that start counters (which lead to a goal). Jozy gaining tons of confidence these last few weeks must be wondering what he needs to do to earn a solid spot on the team. The mixed signals from Brown have to be just wreaking havoc on Jozys mind.

  37. Gesar says:

    see ya later hull………. carlton cole puts the finishing touches from a great pass by faubert

  38. jig says:

    I would LOVE that

  39. Nick says:

    Here comes Jozy…

  40. Gesar says:

    Altigoal on!

  41. jp992751 says:

    Jozy on too late to really do anything.

  42. Ted in MN says:

    If Jozy scores two goals today its a year! (now that is definitely too hopeful)

  43. matt dillon says:

    Phil Brown is an eedjit. Hull now will be a point above the drop, just a pt ahead of Burnley and Bolton but those two teams have two games in hand on Hull.

    this is huge for West Ham and Spector, who will move 4 pts above the trap door.

    Wanks Abroad: Subotic with a goal today for dortmund.

  44. aaronblok says:

    Didier Drogba’s 19th puts Chelsea up 2-0 on the Wolves.

  45. Nick says:

    hahaha oh man that would have been an awesome goal

  46. Mig22 says:

    Hahneman’s play on Drogba’s 2nd goal was not quite as tragic as the announcer is making it out to be. Drogba headed that ball to get around him at full pace with perfect touch. Not many guys can do that and it probably surprised Mr. Marcus.

  47. Thorpinski says:

    Drogba > Rooney

  48. Gesar says:

    what a shot almost caught myhill off his line……..

  49. seth says:

    anyone got a stream?

  50. jp992751 says:

    Jozy almost gets behind the defense and scores but it is cleared.

  51. Nick says:

    altidore almost gets one back…should have hit it with his left

  52. Rooney rules says:

    Rooney is way more complete of a player than Drogba

  53. matt dillon says:

    Don’t blame Bradley when Cooper is not on the World Cup team. Paul Merriner, Plymouth coach, just took off his Kiwi starting striker Fallon and replaced him with some dude named Joe Mason. Kenny still on bench with score 1-1 in the 68th. I bet he is daydreaming about the Allianz Arena, or even Frisco.

  54. B says:

    is myp2p a good site for feed? never used it before

  55. Adrian says:

    good season phil brown

    you’ve cost yourself your job

  56. Gesar says:

    JA how do you MISS THAT!!!!!!

  57. Ted in MN says:

    corner for Jozy? couldn’t quite see

  58. Eric says:

    Ohhhhh Jozy almost scooreed.

  59. Nick says:

    you should use myp2p whenever your looking for a feed

  60. matt dillon says:

    jozy gets thru on a pass from Vennegoor of Hesselink. Upson bumps him in the area and Jozy still manages a shot that goes wide.

    Announcer asks, “What is in Phil Brown’s mind now?” I ask, “How can you assume he has a brain?”

  61. juan petrovallo says:

    Jozy is getting a rep for diveing.2 nocalls today

  62. Adrian says:

    funny that jozy comes in and instantly becomes a problem for wh’s back line

  63. Adrian says:

    that’s more because he plays for hull city

  64. Mig22 says:

    they’re both awesome. I think Drogba can be a bit more dominating but Shrek does some things deeper in the midfield. Then again,Drogs is a quality set piece defender.

  65. matt dillon says:

    ridiculous call — Upson climbs all over Altidore’s back at top of box and ref calls Jozy for foul. Announcer says it is a poor call.

  66. Nick says:

    I don’t know about that…jozy backed right into and made no attempt for the ball

  67. jp992751 says:

    Gardner down looks like he is done for the match. Brown already used all three subs 15 minutes ago looks like Hull is now down 2 men. Brown is….well lets just say he is mind numbing.

  68. matt dillon says:

    kenny cooper on in 76th minute, still 1-1. meanwhile, watford have equalized.

  69. jp992751 says:

    Brokenleg for garnder?

  70. Eric says:

    Phil Brown’s already used his 3 subs and his right back and now Gardner are injured.

  71. jp992751 says:

    3-0 west ham

  72. Gesar says:

    what a rocket

  73. jp992751 says:

    Altidore megs two defenders but loses the ball, tackles it back and shoots from about 20 out way high, still he did more in 15 minutes than the other two forwards did all match long. Brown missed the boat on this one.

  74. Gesar says:

    Spector played great at leftback today

  75. jp992751 says:

    Match west ham 3 hull 0. Epic fail from Brwon in every way shape and form.

  76. jp992751 says:

    Agreed. We get caught up watching Donovon and Jozy and forget about our other more role players. Great effort from Spec.

  77. Eric says:

    Spector went the 90 and helped in the clean sheet. Solid.

  78. Freegle says:

    Jozy looked lively… Wish he had more time on the pitch with a full compliment of teammates. Hopefully, Zaki’s display pushed him back behind Jozy in the pecking order.

  79. jackie says:

    because he’s not good enough. villareal overpaid for ja.

  80. jackie_ says:

    got to score that

  81. Jamie Z. says:

    Well played.

  82. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    Top of the League and we’re havin a laugh!!!

  83. schalke 04 destroyer says:

    Need to get Dwill in the fold, ASAP. Why are we not hearing about the recruitment efforts?!!!

  84. fischy says:

    Nonsense. If the ball goes to Drogba on the break, he gets around Howard without losing control of it…and scores. Rooney might be better in the air than Drogba, be he’s not a “more complete” player.

  85. fischy says:

    That’s more because he goes down whenever he’s touched. It’s easier than having to control the ball and do something with it.

  86. Joamiq says:

    Wanks Abroad, ha! This should be an actual category

  87. Joamiq says:

    It’s the best. All you need, really

  88. cesar says:


    would the race for the title still be a two-team race if it weren’t for Everton lately? Think about the results that Everton have pulled out while Landon Donovan’s been at Goodison: they set back Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and now Manchester United. If anything, Donovan’s arrival seems to have brought a total sea change at Goodison, and with it EFC seems to be making a big, big impact on the top four and what they could look like at the end of the season.

    everton won’t take home the trophies this year, but I’ll be damned if they haven’t made things a little more interesting lately for those who will.

  89. unternehmen says:

    Right. And he also took Hull to the top flight for the first time in their history AND kept them there for at least two seasons. It’s not easy to get there or stay there.

  90. DanTheGooner says:

    JEMAL JOHNSON GAME WINNER!!!! From 25 yards out, somebody find the video. JJ is my boiiii

  91. matt dillon says:

    * DeMerit committed a handball in the box in injury time. The resulting penalty was converted with last kick of game and Watford match ended 2-2.

    * Cooper could not score in his 19-minute sub appearance and Plymouth Argyle tied 1-1 at home to stay deep in the relegation zone.

    As for non-Yanks, goals in Espana today for Andres Guardado (Depor) and Rafa Marquez (Barca). Barca was playing Racing, which featured new Algeria recruit Mehdi Lahcen, yet another French-born player for the Dessert Foxes.

    Looking ahead to tomorrow, Aris (EJ and Adu) are in Athens to play AEK, which will welcome back striker Refik Djebbour. He had been playing in the Algerian national team until injured.

  92. Hush says:

    Today was a great day performing wise in the EPL for our Yankees. What can I say about Donovan, simply wow, he doesn’t stop the pace until the last whistle. Great job on the left side today.

    Guardado & Marquez?? Never heard of them, do they play soccer?

  93. Josh says:

    link to

    “[…]both Louis Saha and the excellent Landon Donovan wasted opportunities to put them ahead but they were not to be denied as they more than matched United after the break.”

  94. Adrian says:

    sad day for jozy

    didn’t play much, club falling deeper into relegation worries, confidence probably shot with benching

  95. Edwin says:

    Hey hey, Marquez scored a beauty of a goal for the best team in the world today! Alves is still hurt so Puyol played his usual back up role at RB and Marquez teamed up with Pique in the middle of the defense with Milito backing him up, Chriginsky is hurt so is Abidal!

    But yeah Dempsey and Donovan even Jozy are having much better seasons than Guardado, Vela, Guille Franco who had an assist today and Dos Santos.

    They guy people will be on the look out for Mexico is Chivas’ Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, he went on a tear at the beginning scoring 6 goals the 1st 3 games, then 1 in each of the 4th and 5th games, then missed the 6th, the guy has 8 goals in 5 games, already pretty much at 1 goal every other game and he has 12 games left to play, he might miss today but the guy is on fire!

  96. Brett says:

    I think after that tear you spoke of they just call him “Chicharo” now, lol. Many of my xicano futbol buddies swear up and down by this guy. I still think Franco, Vela, Dos Santos, and Guardado will comprise the Mexican attack.

  97. Jamie Z. says:

    Mmmm…Dessert Foxes. Delicious.

  98. Jamie Z. says:

    Donovan was excellent, and if you look at the SKY Sport player ratings, the fans love him, too. But I groaned when He missed that chance from the 6-yard line.

  99. mexicanbluefish says:

    Man, I hope Jozy is THAT weak and sensitive and vulnerable…

  100. mexicanbluefish says:

    Shyte, I meant the opposite.

  101. Dakota says:

    Holden is in 18 for tomorrow!!!

  102. Jacob says:

    I agree with Dempsey and Donovan but saying Jozy is a bit of a stretch.