Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Wayne Bridge (Reuters)

Chelsea and Manchester City are both trying to win key races in England, but they are slightly different targets for the two clubs.

For Chelsea, the goal is to win the English Premier League title, and a win today vs. Man City can help that cause. Manchester City's goal is fourth place, and the lucrative UEFA Champions League berth that comes with it. Beating Chelsea at home won't come easy, but City will need to take at least a point if it wants to avoid losing ground to all the teams chasing the Citizens in the race for fourth place.

Chelsea-City is just one of today's many matches. Both Real Madrid and Barcelona are in action today, as are Americans Jose Torres (with Pachuca) and Stuart Holden (with Bolton).

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's Soccer TV schedule is after the jump):


7:45am- ESPN2- Chelsea vs. Manchester City

9:30am- GolTV- Mainz 05 vs. Werder Bremen

10am- Setanta USA- Bolton vs. Wolverhampton

10am- FSC/FSE- Birmingham City vs. Wigan

10am- Watford vs. Newcastle United

10am- Setanta USA- Montpelier vs. Rennes

Noon- GolTV- Getafe vs. Real Zaragoza

Noon- Setanta USA- Burnley vs. Portsmouth (Delayed)

12:15pm- FSC/FSE- Stoke City vs. Arsenal

12:25pm-ESPN Deportes- Bayer Leverkusen vs. FC Cologne

1pm- Setanta USA- Lyon vs. Nice

1:45pm- PSV Eindhoven vs. Waalwijk

1:45pm- Setanta USA- Bolton vs. Wolves

2pm- GolTV- Tenerife vs. Real Madrid

2:45pm- FSC/FSE- Lazio vs. Fiorentina

3pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Independiente vs. Racing Club

4pm- ESPN Deportes/ Barcelona vs. Malaga

4pm- GolTV- River Plate vs. Penarol

5pm- FSC- Catania vs. AS Bari (Delayed)

6pm- FSE- Cruz Azul vs. Atlas

6pm- Telefutura- Queretaro vs. Santos Laguna

6pm- GolTV- Cucuta vs. Nacional

8pm- Telemundo- Chivas Guadalajara vs. San Luis

8pm- Telefutura- Pachuca vs. Pumas UNAM

8pm- Mun2- Tigres UANL vs. Morelia

8pm- FSE- Catania vs. AS Bari

8pm- Azteca America- Cruz Azul vs. Atlas (Delayed)

10pm- Telemundo- Atlante vs. Monterrey

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266 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Mig22 says:

    The coverage of the non-handshake was hysterical. Kinda points out the silliness of the whole thing.

    (SBI-It was silly, but you have to admit there was some obvious drama leading up to that moment. I was half hoping Bridge would smack Terry in the face. Now THAT would have made the excessive coverage justifiable.)

  2. Edwin says:

    But nobody who’s a Chelsea fan is willing to admit how wrong Terry’s behavior is when HE is the one that mixed his off the field antics with the team. Not just by sleeping with a teamate’s wife but also all the other stuff about the private tour for a fee and what not? I hope they go down and this is the beginning of a free fall for Chelsea!

  3. Mig22 says:

    Hey, wait a minute. I’m a Chelsea fan and I am fully aware that Terry is a git. Just because he’s a tool doesn’t mean that the whole team is screwed up or whatever.

    And don’t hold your breath regarding Chelsea’s free fall.

  4. Mig22 says:

    Yeah, Ives, I understand the real drama between Bridge and Terry…Bridge is truly and justifiably aggrieved. It was the coverage I found a bit silly and the world’s lurid fascination with the ‘affair’.


  5. Edwin says:

    Finally a reasonable Blues fan, sorry Mig22, just have dealt with a lot of Stuck up nonsense and straight believers that their squad is the 2nd coming of God’s Football team.

    Cheers bro, just not very fond of some of your fellow followers! Plus I can’t root against my boy Tevez and the Gunners, love their style, just wish they would use more than 1 freaking English player!

  6. Mig22 says:

    fair enough, amigo.

    I’m a Tevez fan also…just not today.

    And are you suggesting the Blues are NOT the 2nd coming of God’s Football Team? 😉

  7. Mig22 says:

    AND, I find the fans booing Bridge to be detestable. It is really the ugly side of English soccer that they could boo HIM.

  8. Chuck Z says:


  9. Off topic but I really love the Sounders excellant scouting of Colombian talent….. Colombia has the cheapest talent available to MLS…..

  10. Mig22 says:

    Lampard is a beautiful man. 1-0 Chelsea.

  11. Edwin says:

    LOL Did he just shoot that without even taking as much as a glimpse at the goal?

  12. Mig22 says:

    And there is Tevez with a stunning individual effort. The guy is simply possessed sometimes. Tie game.

  13. canchon says:

    The confused look on Terry’s face after the goal was priceless.

  14. Mig22 says:

    Chelsea fan or not…I kinda enjoyed him getting schooled. And Tevez is on my fantasy team. :)

  15. Ives, is it too late to join the fantasy league?

  16. Tevez is def a beast…. by the way veetle feeds are the best

  17. Donovan is gonna do a numba on John Terry in the world cup…… as good as terry is his positioning is questionable at times

  18. Edwin says:

    I am surprised there’s only 6 different people commenting on this game, is there not that many people stateside willing to wake up at 7AM or 6, or in my case 4am, to watch this so called soap opera of Football match?

    I wonder if Stuart Holden will get a shot at playing today? Ives is the Bolton midfield that good? They’ve looked aweful enough to warrant at least an option of substitution in the 2nd half? Any updates on today’s game for Bolton and if Holden might go?

  19. I think Holden will def get the start and score a goal today….. he was head, shoulders, knees and toes above everyone else in bolton’s midfield on wednesday……

    P.S. Anelka’s move in the 40th was special

  20. Mig22 says:

    It is kinda thin in here this morning. All of the soap opera aspects aside, these are two f’n good soccer teams out here AND it’s an important game.

    Stuey should see time. I was one of those not that impressed with him but I’m slowly (and happily) being proven wrong. I hope he excels in England.

  21. Mig22 says:

    Bellamy? Really?

    Hilario is going to be a problem, I think.

  22. Boulder15 says:

    sorry i missed it guys, but just to be sure, did bridge and terry not shake hands?

  23. Mig22 says:

    Bridge snubbed him. Terry didn’t look surprised. It was tastefully done actually.

  24. Boulder15 says:

    nevermind just looked video up

  25. Edwin says:

    No, Bridge pulled his hand back and held it when he came around to face Terry

  26. Mig22 says:

    This game is pretty spicy right now.

  27. canchon says:

    Jozy and CD9 should be taking notes.

  28. montana matt says:

    Any predictions for Arsenal-Stoke? Stoke is pretty tough when they’re at home, but I’m going with 2-0 to the gunners.

  29. Mig22 says:

    wow, what a disaster for Chelsea. Defensive frailties.

  30. ManicMessiah says:

    Terrible penalty, borderline dive by Barry.

  31. Mig22 says:

    And Ives is having a jolly good morning, I’d imagine.

  32. johnbo says:

    Can’t help but think that Cech would have at least gotten close. Not that it was a penalty in the first place but whatever.

  33. Edwin says:

    Tevez is a beast! He’s making me think twice about my Messi/Higuain match up! Maybe have Messi on the wing and play a 4-3-3 if I was Maradona?

  34. Mig22 says:

    Some of the Chelsea fans are cheering Bridge….which is refreshing.

  35. Tom says:

    Commentators bitterly disappointed that Bridge won’t be around at the end of the game.

  36. canchon says:

    Smart move by Mancini – taking out Bridge before anything nasty happens in the final 15.

  37. Edwin says:

    How was it not a penalty? He rode the guys back like a teenager in the summer before high school!

    He certainly didn’t dive! Did he allow himself to fall a bit easier than usual, maybe but when you’re on full stride and someone’s riding your a$$ like that one touch of your feet and your legs are all tangled up! Is not like Higuain who literary got feet tangled while running, Belletti got all up his back!

  38. Mig22 says:

    Ballack is so past it as a footballer. He deserves to be sent off.

  39. canchon says:

    And the wheels have officially fallen off the Chelsea train. Down to 9 men.

  40. Mason says:

    Holden in the starting 11 for Bolton!

  41. montana matt says:

    definitely enjoying watching chelsea drop 3 points.

  42. Tony in Quakleand says:

    I just looked at the live score on soccernet – is Chelsea coming apart at the seams?

  43. Mig22 says:

    Yeah, it’s a horrible day for Chelsea. Of course, they’re still on top of the table but wow, what a horrible day.

  44. Edwin says:

    Who scores again first?

    Tevez or Bellamy? I see one more goal from one of the two, I hope Tevez but the way Bellamy was exposing Belletti and now with only 9 men, I see Tevez setting up Craig again and 2 more yellows, Terry will be one, Drogba the other

  45. Thorpinski says:

    His career path is a bit like Dempsey’s but I believe he will eventually be a better player than Dempsey and that’s saying a lot

  46. Edwin says:

    Any source Mason? Thanks by the way

  47. Justin says:

    I love myself a good Chelsea whipping.

  48. canchon says:

    Wow, was that just 4 Man City players in alone on the goalie?

  49. Mig22 says:

    Bellamy it is. Sigh

  50. Mig22 says:

    When a team is down to 9 men and still trying to score, of course the leading team is going to get scoring ops. Don’t know why the announcer is so surprised.

  51. Justin says:

    Even when Chelsea is losing 4-1 they still get RIDICULOUS calls.

  52. Mig22 says:

    Lampard and Drogba are still playing hard, not being cheap and thuggish. I love those two guys.

  53. johnbo says:

    So as not to appear biased Anelka went down easily as well. I hope we can at least agree that Belletti didn’t deserve a red card.

  54. Edwin says:

    Mig22, did I call it or did I call it?

    And did I not say Bellamy? LOL

    I’m telling you, sort of called it yourself with Hilario’s performance, they better watch out or Eto’o, Milito and Bollatelli will make them pay!

  55. Dylan says:

    Rico Clark in the subs for Frankfurt. Will be watching Stu, hope he builds on his good debut.

  56. drogba could single handedly lead ivory coast out there group

  57. Mig22 says:

    You called it. Now go to hell. :)

  58. I was trying to watch monchangladbach vs freiberg… but the feed is hella crappy….. bradley made a couple good defensive stops….. Bradley really is one of our better players…. I would love to see him in the EPL

  59. Mig22 says:

    Quite a statement. Heck, I hope you’re right.

  60. Joe says:

    Cmon Stuart!

  61. Thorpinski says:

    Holden in the starting 11

  62. USMNT says:

    AGREED Michael Bradley is impressive in the Bundesliga!

  63. USMNT says:

    STUART HOLDEN starts in central midfield once again for BOLTON!

    RICARDO CLARK in uniform on the bench!

  64. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Listed on the soccernet match tab.

  65. K says:

    Anybody know a site where I can watch the bolton-wolves stream live for free?

  66. Get well Jermaine Jones says:

    Daniel Williams not in the 18!

  67. Edwin says:

    I think the ref is just applying the negating the scoring opportunity criteria, which is why FIFA is looking into tweaking it by updating it to where if there’s such a foul inside the box, you don’t get a red card, if it’s outside the box, well the team defending gets to stop the goal for sure but if is inside the goal box, then you have an almost sure thing, the red card for such defender so is like you get raped by the rule

  68. To think is is only gonna be 23 this year….. Imagine the 2014 wc. He is gonna be almost 27 just entering his prime he is gonna dominate at that world cup…….. With a good world cup this year ……. He will def move on to a good team in the epl or serie a
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  69. Stephen says:

    So…Craig Bellamy just said, in the post-game interview, “I know what JT’s like. Nothing surprises me about him.” He did add, “I think he’s a great player and a great Captain for Chelsea.”

  70. Thorpinski says:

    charlie tweeted

    Week One Complete.. 2 more to go. Let’s go!!!!

  71. Hokie_Futbol says:


    What’s with this interviewer? He does realize Tevez doesn’t speak the best english, and he uses the word galvanized. Tevez looks to Bellamy for the response haha

    (SBI-I thought the same thing. Was expecting to have Tevez say, “Galvan Rey? He’s a good player.”

  72. Edwin says:

    Not based on what he did today!

    Some forget he played in 06, and well he wasn’t exactly a rookie, what is he like 30 or 31?

    Brazil and Portugal will give him all he can handle! If they give him the ball!

  73. thorpinski says:

    Williams has the flu per Ives

  74. Dude, Ivory Coast is gonna do a numba on brasil because brasils wingbacks insist on get forward…… Drogba will expose the two centerbacks
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  75. WOW at charlie davies actually making it back….. he is a beast and will be the driving force behind our success this summer

  76. johnbo says:

    I guess it’s the rule, I definitely hope FIFA wakes up on that one. Man City outplayed Chelsea for the last 30 minutes so one soft penalty (which Anelka got as well) wasn’t going to change that.

  77. Hokie_Futbol says:

    Left mid says espnsoccernet

  78. Thanks bro….. I was looking for his frost tips….. But the feed is so choppy
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  79. Boulder15 says:

    poor stu’s gel doesnt hold up as well in the england weather, its harder to pick him out

  80. jd says:

    any feeds? whats that one feed, i cant remember it correctly like or something like that?

  81. seth says:

    i can’t find any feeds. help plz

  82. Hokie_Futbol says:

    oops my bad. attacking mid.

  83. Zach says:

    Any good streams for Bolton? :/ myp2p and my other usuals don’t have the game. And the only one working on atdhe is going reaaaaally slow.

  84. Hokie_Futbol says:

    my bad man. its attacking mid. you would imagine those things would be like a beacon despite the feed.

  85. Adrian says:

    In my head, I am m listening to the Folgers commercial, but instead of a nice cup of coffee, it is Chelsea losing.

  86. K says:

    I got my feed at but the feed keeps shorting in and out (very frustrating). Haven’t found a good feed anywhere else. Anybody have a better suggestion/link for the bolton-wolves game? I understand why he colored his hair: his natural dark hair makes it hard to pick him; i also think he’s lost his tan.

  87. Yup u would…… He needs to dye them purple or sonething
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  88. Zach says:

    a t d h e (dot) net

    There’s only 2 Bolton threads on there, one is dead, and the other one sucks :(

  89. Zach says:

    My thread is doing it too. It’s really not even worth watching if it’s gonna keep doing this.

  90. Brian says:

    Why does the feed have ESPN in the corner but yet you can’t see it on 360? Holden is having some nice touches though

    (SBI-It’s an ESPN UK feed. ESPN doesn’t have domestic EPL rights, they buy rights to some matches from Fox. They DON’T have domestic internet rights to the EPL either.)

  91. martha says:

    no sure what the big deal is werent Bridge and his ex broken up when Terry nailed her?

  92. alexandria says:

    Wow, muamba stinks he won’t pass the ball, and wilshere looks like a boy among men right now, he doesn’t look nearly as promising as he does when he plays with Arsenal.

  93. Edwin says:

    We’ll see come June, last time I checked Lucio pretty much did a number on Drogba last Wednesday and so did Maicon!

  94. K says:

    Do you think Holden will be playing in the match next saturday? Because that Bolton game is actually on FSC and only a power outage will keep me from watching that. I’m only asking because of the travelling he’s going to be doing; after today’s match he gets on a plane, trains for two days, leaves after the match on wednesday, then has to get back to more training. I know it’s sad but I won’t watch if he’s not playing but I think he’ll be exhausted.

  95. K says:

    Holden just had a fantastic strike but missed it wide! Had a lot of power though!

  96. Dylan says:

    Yeah, great opportunity for Stu off some good play from Wilshere. Stu is getting in good positions it seems, though my feed has been spotty.

  97. Nicole says:

    Holden taking set pieces for Bolton.

  98. 57Tele says:

    The Bolton/Wolves game is pretty bad. I think Holden looks like one of the better players though. I might be the only person watching.

  99. K says:

    Holden with strong free kick. Bolton had a chance but doesnt go through. my feed sucks!

  100. Josh.2 says:

    I wonder if Wilshere has figured out that Bolton is not Arsenal.

  101. Justin O says:

    Fantastic save from the USA #2!

  102. Dank says:

    Miles better than their tie vs tottenham

  103. alexandria says:

    I watched SPL highlights the other day and the motherwell pitch was the worst field I have ever seen in my entire life, even worst then the dynamo field when they are reseeding it. This pitch looks chopped up as well, they need longer grass on the island. I wonder if Blugrass will grow up there.

  104. Holden is showing good form. He’ll be in the lineup next week. He’ll rest on Thursday and train on Friday. He’ll be ready for the game over the weekend

  105. K says:

    Does anybody have a better feed than or be aus my f ed s cks.

  106. Justin O says:

    Free kick from Holden evades everyone and almost goes in – diving save by Hahnemann.

  107. Judging Amy says:

    Someone posted that Rico subbed in for Eintracht. Anyone have any idea how he looked?

  108. K says:

    Why am I getting the feeling that Dynamo could take on both these teams and dominate? And the english press still belittles MLS.

  109. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Bolton – Wolves is further proof that outside the top teams, EPL can be pretty fricken ugly…

    Holden looking good enough considering his first start and the general lack of quality.

  110. alexandria says:

    Wow, this is not a game for the purist.

  111. Dank says:

    On the bench, but he hasn’t gotten in yet (46 min)

  112. RedLine55 says:

    you guys should try veetle (dot) com today. The other usual trusty streams aren’t so hot, but veetle is always good, and today’s no different. their setanta stream is crystal right now for this match.
    you have to download a player, but it’s absolutely worth it.

  113. K says:

    Team is slightly better than the team that took on Tottenham and Holden is still doing pretty well, still being one of the bright spots, providing (if i may quote the announcers) “quality” set pieces.

  114. Tony in Quakeland says:

    You get that feeling only because you are right…I think that at least half the MLS teams would give either Bolton or Wolves trouble. And a couple could dominate them

  115. Yea but that was in mourinhos defense not dungas
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  116. MB says:

    @ Martha

    I think Bridge assumes at this point that Terry may have been sleeping with her while she was still his girlfriend and continued after they broke up. I have no proof, just speculating.

  117. Its not just the english press, we have haters here on our own shores that do the same thing. Honestly, I think even RBNY could beat this team.

  118. Judging Amy says:

    Ah I see. Thanks.

  119. Boulder15 says:

    bolten gets one! stu not involved

  120. K says:


  121. Judging Amy says:

    This is right and what the press has reported (that the affair was taking place while Bridge and his gf were still together).

  122. I think the best league 1 to 20 has to be spain, there is no way a team like bolton,wolves,west ham, hull could play against the bottom four in spain.

  123. RedLine55 says:

    veetle (dot) com

    sorry Ive posted this a few times, but it’s worth it.

  124. RedLine55 says:

    veetle (dot) com

    sorry Ive posted this a few times, but it’s worth it.

  125. Isit jeffries that is at Maniz?

  126. K says:

    Random thought: has Holden beefed up since he’s been at Bolton? Saw some pics of him from that game at Tottenham and he looked like he had packed on some more muscle. Maybe I just haven’t seen him in a long time; not since the semi-final with Galaxy. OK, random thought over.

  127. Aaron in StL says:

    Give it time… first Terry, then A. Cole…if one’s a coincidence and two is a trend, wouldn’t surprise me in the least for another to pop up.

  128. veetle feed is like watching tv…. its beautiful

  129. Braden says:

    Except he sent in the excellent corner that started the whole thing. Seriously, his corners have been spot on and struck with tons of venom.

  130. True and spain being more complete….. but the top ten in England are all extremely good….

  131. K says:

    which feed on veetle is the bolton game on?

  132. BooThisMan says:

    Isn’t “galvanizar” a word in Spanish? Maybe they don’t use it metaphorically like we do.

  133. Stephen says:

    No sign of Clark.

  134. ryan says:

    You have to be impressed with young Stu. He’s obviously forced himself into the reckoning. The game doesn’t necessarily suit him, or anybody for that matter; very ugly. But he’s getting himself into great positions. He’s a true box to box midfielder. I’m very impressed. He shows great promise

  135. Austin says:

    somebody keep putting updates up if RICO comes in please

  136. Boulder15 says:

    gladbach pull it back raul 1-1

  137. Aaron in StL says:

    Think about it, it wouldn’t be a big deal if it was like that. They say it was his “ex-girlfriend” however she’s his ex now, as opposed to when the affair happened. Timelines have been pretty well defined at this point.

  138. Boulder15 says:

    haha holden just got clocked

  139. K says:

    Holden is still doing great; getting his kit dirty in the process.

  140. Jorge says:

    Commentators praising Holden. Way to go, Stu!

  141. john.q says:

    what is holden’s number?

  142. Jorge says:

    25… i think

  143. afc says:

    JJ scores for Stockport.

  144. K says:

    Holden is #25.

  145. Dank says:

    Just check the gamecast on soccernet

  146. Boulder15 says:

    all three subs used no rico clark

  147. Nick says:

    Because I chose Setanta over HBO I get to watch Bolton on my television. The announcers are thoroughly impressed with Holden though, after he had a nice ball played to him which Hahneman got they commented that he’s had a great touch all day and wondered where Bolton would be had he not been injured. Good words for Stuey.

  148. K says:

    Holden was in the perfect position for a goal if it had been served to him.

  149. K says:

    Holden is proving to be very dangerous.

  150. Spectra says:

    are the tips still clean?

  151. Judging Amy says:

    This is excellent news. Good ups to Stu.

  152. I am more impressed with STU’s adaptation to this horrible team then Landon’s, adaptation to everton. it says a lot about MLS to me it miight not be the top ten of the epl yet, but it sure as hell is 11 thru 20.

  153. Turgid Jacobian says:

    The ESPN gamecast has it as Bolton Wanders vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers. Ha!

  154. Braden says:

    I just love the effort he’s putting into it. When you watch Eddie Johnson or even Altidore sometimes you think, does he really want to be playing for such a crap team, but Stu just looks like he wants to win. Watch out Dempsey, if you slack off in a World Cup game I know the player who’d gladly take your place!

  155. bryan says:

    veetle dot com feed is perfect for Bolton.

  156. Rocco says:

    Happy for Holden but Dempsey is not in any danger of losing a place. Let’s not get carried away.

  157. Erik says:

    Um… I think that’s correct..

  158. smokeminside says:

    Sorry, guys, but we’re dealing with a Tsunami warning so the game’s taking a back seat…not that I would have added anything intelligent to the conversation anyway…

  159. bryan says:

    been watching the bolton game since the 60th, Stu has looked very good. i think we’ll see him starting from now on.

  160. bryan says:

    what a tackle by Holden to hold off the 6 striker attack!

  161. RedLine55 says:

    Not that I’d like dempsey to “lose” his place on the team, but sometimes i do wish Holden would take his right wing spot, so dempsey could stay up top without having to worry about tracking back much.

  162. Dank says:

    Marcus was great for Wolves. Holden was good, but better on his set pieces than in the run of play. Lee or Wilshire for MOM

  163. Holden will def be starting from now on…. to think we were scared he would get minutes when bolton got wilshere and weiss….. weiss just played 48 seconds lol

  164. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Good game for Holden.

    I regard him as one of life’s little soccer intelligence tests. When I read a comment saying something like, “Gee, I don’t see the big deal with Holden” I pull out my “Must Ignore” book and write the name down.

  165. USMNT says:


    CRAIG BELLAMY my favorite non-American footballer!

    “Everyone in football knows what that guy’s like.” Craig Bellamy on John Terry. Anyone notice Bellamy looked away when shaking Terry’s hand


  166. Tony in Quakeland, please forward that ignore list…. i havent had the time to start one but would like to do so

  167. K says:

    I thought DaMarcus Beasley was the one who was challenging Holden for a spot? If Holden keeps playing well and as good and or better than he is now, I don’t think Beasley can take his seat on the plane. His set pieces have been more on target than David Beckham’s have been as of late.

  168. japan says:

    Very good game by Holden.

  169. Hush says:

    Holden had a good game today, good job on the defensive side. His corners were pretty decent. But my player of the game has to go to my boy “Marcus el Martillo”,.. he was pretty sick today.

  170. Mig22 says:

    Dude, stay safe and dry. You in Peru or Chile?

  171. ahm says:

    interesting to see stuey in the middle of the pitch today. i know he was listed as an AM and that muamba is a DM but they basically were in a 4-4-2. nice to see that side of stuey’s game

  172. k says:

    off topic question: have to do an informative speech for one of my college classes and am thinking about doing soccer; what would y’all focus on?

  173. Chuck Z says:

    yeah dude, it’s wolverhampton wanderers f.c.

  174. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I don’t see Holden as a fringe player for the WC. he can play three mid field positions and free up Dempsey or Donovan to move up top. He can also be a key part of a five player mid when needed. I think he is just about a lock. Versatility is key for a WC roster. It’s why Spector’s been a lock for a while, too

  175. afc says:

    Yanks Abroad duh!

  176. smokeminside says:

    Hawaii, on high ground, trying to figure out if I should top off my gas tank, or get water…last time this happened the tsunami was about an inch high. We’ll see.


  177. Dank says:

    I agree. With the World Cup coming up, a lot of my friends are becoming more interested in the USMNT. Talk about the key players, their strengths and weaknesses, and the current issues facing the team (Davies’ accident and the competition for his spot for example)

  178. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Wanderers vs Wanderers isn’t funny? Man, you guys are solemn.

    I should have been more specific.

  179. smokeminside says:

    Hawaii…trying to figure out whether to try to top off my gas tank and get water…last time one of these happened, it was about an inch high, so who knows…can’t imagine what’s going on in Chile…at least we have time to prepare and it’s daylight…


  180. Mig22 says:

    Well, play it safe until the warning is over.


  181. smokeminside says:

    Hawaii, on high ground, but still wondering if I should top off my gas tank and get water…last time we had one of these the wave was about an inch high, so who knows…everything is cancelled though…

    can’t imagine the suffering in Chile right now…sheesh…


  182. Wow! Holden gets the start and goes the full 90. Anyone know how he did?

  183. schalke 04 destroyer says:

    From soccernet

    “While Knight got the plaudits, Aberdeen-born midfielder Stuart Holden had much to do with the victory.

    The United States international was rewarded for his display in midweek against Tottenham with his first league start.

    He responded superbly and Wolves had difficulty dealing with his set pieces.”

  184. OK, jut saw all your comments above. Thanks.

  185. Hush says:

    Buahhh. You are far from the truth. The EPL is the most competitive league in the world. Hull,West,Bolton,etc.. have put in some great games against the best teams in this league this year. Where have you been? La liga 3-20 are all dry teams, no fire unless their playing the top “2”. Xerez,valladolid,tenerife, would have all been moved to the coca cola do to lack of La liga is like the new NBA, all you have to do is touch a player in the arm to get a foul… players faking injuries in la liga is a joke and drives me crazy.

    Sorry, but la curuna is not that impressive to be at the top of the league fighting for a 4th spot. They wouldn’t be a top 10 in the EPL I can assure you of that. It shows you the lack of depth in their league.

    Viva el futbol y la EPL,.. LA MEJOR LIGA DEL MUNDO!

  186. madmax says:

    Holden looked good. As the new kid, some team-mates looked away at times when he was open.

  187. Stephen says:

    No debut for Clark.

  188. Hush says:

    LOL First you say la liga is much superior to the best league in the world, now your saying MLS teams can hang in the EPL 11-20?!lol Sorry, I’ll make sure I never reply to your posts again. :)… I see your knowledge of the game.

    Ahhh dios mio!lol

  189. madmax says:

    I think Holden is better than wilshire, weiss. and davies.

  190. And I agree…… Holden is so composed……. I said this the other….. American players have so much poise
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  191. WhiteHart says:

    Soccernet’s article on the Bolton game makes me believe Stu did pretty well.

    “While Knight got the plaudits, Aberdeen-born midfielder Stuart Holden had much to do with the victory.

    The United States international was rewarded for his display in midweek against Tottenham with his first league start.

    He responded superbly and Wolves had difficulty dealing with his set pieces.”

    Did anyone actually get to watch it?

  192. john godfrey says:

    Holden was, in a word, great. He played box to box all game, and was both dangerous in attack and useful in defense. His corners and spot kicks were consistently good and he almost scored on one of them. For a Premier League debut, you couldn’t have asked for more. His EPL debut was as good as Donovan’s a few weeks ago.

  193. war says:

    Terry- aside from the obvious, no one with a faux hawk deserves to win… glad bridge had a hand in 2 of city’s goals

  194. john godfrey says:

    Would LOVE to see Stu stay in the middle of the pitch, attacking. With Bradley as a destroyer, Landon on one of the wings and Clint on the other, that’s a world class midfield.

    Hurry back, Charlie!

  195. USMNT says:

    Stuart Holden has been a lock for South Africa for some time now. DaMarcus Beasley gets his chance to challenge Robbie Rogers and Alejandro Bedoya starting tomorrow against CELTIC

  196. Isaac says:

    Great to see Holden fitting in at Bolton. To be honest, it’s no shock. His teammates back at Houston called him the Chameleon for being able to adapt to his surroundings so well. I suppose that applies to where he plays on the field AND where he lives. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; Holden is the American Frank Lampard.

  197. Aaron in StL says:

    Yea, he’s definitely a top 14 guy with the Nats…if we used three subs (purely based off skill and contribution to the game, not injuries) he’d be one.

  198. Stephen says:

    Demerit looked pretty good in the middle today for Watford (at least the first half).

  199. Goalscorer24 says:

    Any place where I can see a replay of the Bolton game, or Holden highlights?

  200. Tony in Ninerland says:

    He’s also been our best crosser for some time now, too.

  201. Isaac says:

    I can see that happening. Holden was great for Houston in the center of midfield and when he played in the attacking midfield role against Holland in the Olympics he did very well. I think the issue is how Holden pairs with Bradley. Michael isn’t going to sit deep and just make tackles. It’s not only unlikely, if it were to happen, it would be a waste of what he can do. Holden, however, seems to be really good at picking times to make runs out of the midfield and follow up the play. Plus, his unique combination of bite and vision is well suited for a central midfield position.

    Who knows? The two seem to be having a great time overseas, so anything could happen.

  202. KyleRote says:

    Montaño to Seattle

    link to

  203. Rodrigo Rodriguez says:

    Does anyone know when Fantasy MLS starts on

  204. FGB says:

    Poor Aaron Ramsey. That was clearly a compound fracture of his leg….it was dangling about 4 inches above his ankle. Don’t know how bad the actual challenge was, but terrible result. Shawcross (who committed the tackle) was on the verge of tears, he knew how bad it was.

  205. FCD says:

    Aaron Ramsey Broken ankle. on the high side. that was sickeningly ugly. Brought tears to my eyes just seeing it and thinking about his future. I am not even an Arsenal supporter. Thought I saw a definite bend right under the shin guard

  206. Jorge says:

    It looks as if an Eduardo-like injury just happened to an Arsenal player.

  207. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    Shawcross just broke Aaron Ramsey’s leg in the Stoke-Arsenal match.

  208. Jorge says:

    Shawcross was in tears.

  209. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    The break looked like it was about 8 inches above the ankle. The announcers said it was the knee but it didn’t look that high.

  210. Bryan J. says:

    Why didn’t they replay the Shawcross challenge?

  211. Dylan says:

    Really brutal stuff there…as the commentators pointed out, the game has not had the same bite since the injury.

  212. Jorge says:

    It must be horrific like Eduardo’s.

  213. Jorge says:

    Even the BBC guy on the Live Text Section is saying that he’s having a hard time focusing on the game.

  214. MemRook says:

    Awful just awful. I don’t think Shawcross went in with any intent but he did go in recklessly with no control and there was NO time for Ramsey to react and avoid the tackle. Just sux to happen like that again to Arsenal. You know Wenger will have some things to say afterward. Poor Ramsey tho. So young and promising. That break was nasty looking, disgusting. As a soccer player it makes me just not want to play until I erase the image from my mind. Horrible. How can anyone gather themself to continue playing the game after something like that?

  215. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    It was bad. I rolled back the dvr and after seeing it again I just went back to live.

  216. Jorge says:

    So Rico was on the bench but did not play.

  217. Lil' Zeke says:

    Maybe everybody’s knowledge of the game is beneath yours… yeah! Maybe you should never reply to anyone, YEAH YEAH! Hasta luego mooo chaaa choooo lmao

  218. Isaa says:

    Handball. Penalty for Arsenal.

    It denied a VERY good scoring chance.

  219. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    Handball given – Arsenal get’s a chance to win it from the spot…

  220. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:


  221. Isaac says:

    Goal. Fabregas BARELY converts it.

  222. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    7 minutes added time

  223. Isaac says:

    Odd. Bendtner looked like he was clearly pushed down but no call. Seemed a better shout for a penalty than the last one. Bendtner has been great though.

    GOAL! Vermaelen!!! 3-1 Arsenal.

  224. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    3-1 Arsenal!

  225. dan says:

    3-1 Arsenal!! Great response from the awful injury….I hope it isnt replayed much, it was pretty nasty.

  226. war says:

    not trying to be gross, but soccernet has a pic of ramsey’s leg on the home page. As McFadden said about eduardo’s broken leg, “it didnt look to clever”

  227. japan says:

    I was wrong. Arsenal is going to go on and win the league. Ramsey’s unfortunate injury rallied the team together, something we didn’t see in Birmingham. This is exactly what was missing from this team.

  228. Lil' Zeke says:

    Talk about growth of soccer in this country as a concerted effort by a number of key individuals and groups. Stuff that worked, stuff that didn’t. Failures that led to eventual strides. Compare it to other phenomena (outside of sports maybe) that caught on not because the public was initially receptive, but because seeds were sown and an enlightened minority wanted it badly enough. If possible, I would like to attend the debut, thanks.

  229. viva nashvegas says:

    Here is the ramsey injury… ugly

    link to

  230. Isaac says:

    My God. That is a tear-jerking sight. Unbelievable. My thoughts go to Ramsey.

  231. Zach says:

    They already took the link down. It was gross :/ I feel so bad for Aaron. Next to Wilshere, Ramsey is my favorite young talent on Arsenal (younger I guess, they’re all young).

  232. Alex says:

    Boca in starting 11. Good test for him against Montpellier

  233. Isaac says:

    link to

    This is a video posted not too long about of all of DaMarcus Beasley’s goals for the USA(17). Good memories.

  234. viva nashvegas says:

    didn’t get the whole thing copied…

    link to

  235. japan says:

    maybe not. Song is out the next 2 games

  236. ThaDeuce says:

    This would be ideal since Dempsey’s correct position is actually striker!!! He plays where his teams need him. We also have to option of Beasley on the left, Donovan on the right, and deuce up top, or Beasley on the left, holden on the right deuce and altidore up top (or deuce and chuck) and put donovan in the middle… ha, is he any good there? our attack is looking potent! sorry for the ramble sentence.

  237. madmax says:

    Although Real can score a ton of goals (5-1) their back line looks shaky. Tenerife could easily have had 3 or 4.

  238. ThaDeuce says:

    Talk about the frost tops

  239. Katatonia says:

    as great as Holden played today i think i was most impressed with his tackling. seems like he doesnt get a lot of praise for that. he made great runs forward but was there to make important challenges in his own box. hope Stu gets a chance to pair with Bradley in the middle.

  240. FCD says:

    Ives should be happy to not be working for ESPN. They have the picture showing the break on the front page of soccer****.com Absolutely sick. Should not be up. Of course Fox Sports doesn’t have a story on it that I can find.

  241. ThaDeuce says:

    that is a world class midfield! Another option for fan consideration. Donovan and Dempsey up top! Now that is a world class strike force… that is if Beasley is able to maintain his form…

  242. war says:

    they have a story of shawcross being called up for England…

  243. CrispyST3 says:

    What is going on with Messi, he’s been really off his game lately

  244. madmax says:

    Xavi heads the ball over the first defender, then boots it softly over the next, then back heels past a third ending with a 360 spin and through ball to Leo, and all of this without looking like a showboat.

  245. Brian says:

    I did mine last year on the 2018/2022 World Cups

  246. THaDeuce says:

    great video…this is why he gets called him when he is healthy and in form… for those too young to know. He still has it too.

  247. USMNT says:

    Carlos Bocanegra played 90 minutes at LB today with 3 GOALS against him coming from RM and RF… INTERESTING

    Frank Simek managed 00 minutes (dressed on the bench) as Reading ripped Shefield Wednesday 5-0… DON”T UNDERSTAND WHERE ALL THIS TALK OF SIMEK DESERVING WORL CUP CONSIDERATION COMES FROM IVES

  248. ThaDeuce says:

    Hey IVES, will you be up at 7:00 a.m. to tell us if Beasley and Edu are starting??? Can I come here, check it, and then go back to sleep if they aren’t ; )
    It will be 6 a.m. for me, ouchie

  249. john godfrey says:

    this says it all for Stuart:

    link to

  250. AltiCooper says:

    Per espn:

    “While Knight got the plaudits, Aberdeen-born midfielder Stuart Holden had much to do with the victory.

    The United States international was rewarded for his display in midweek against Tottenham with his first league start.

    He responded superbly and Wolves had difficulty dealing with his set pieces.”

  251. killagorilla says:

    Dark clouds swirling around the English Nats. I would think Howard, Spector, Bocanegra, Guzan, Donovan, Holden, Altidore, Dempsey, E. Johnson, Demerit, Simek, Hahnemann, Onyewu would approach the June 12 WC game in Rustenberg with much more hunger and vigor than their opponents. Look out my lads…The Yanks are coming..and WE FEAR NO ONE.

  252. bgnewf says:

    here is hard play and there is intent to injure. Both are two very different things.

    Shawcross did not intend to break Ramsey’s ankle. Period. End of story.

    Was he reckless? Perhaps he was, maybe not…. It is a split second kind of thing. If it was deemed reckless rather than just a hard tackle then there will be a long suspension for the guy, and rightly so.

    As a Gunner I will leave it at that, and focus on wishing Ramsey a recovery from what could be a career ending injury. It looks like a really bad break, maybe even (heaven forbid) a compound fracture from the photos I have seen.

    I for one really jumped onto the Birmingham player that broke Eduardo’s leg two years ago. And in retrospect I think I may have I overreacted with the anger of the moment. It was a hard tackle then and I think it was a hard tackle now. You can only look and judge these kinds when your emotions are not so raw. This is the third Arsenal player in three years to have this kind of horrible thing happen to him and it is real hard not to let anget get the best of you. No other team in England has had to endure as many severe injuries like Arsenal has had.

    However I think there is not much difference between the two most recent unfortunate incidents in my opinion.

    Ironically it was announced earlier today that Shawcross will be in the squad for England versus Egypt on Wednesday. Whether that happens is up in the air now I guess.

  253. DanTheGooner says:

    He has been on fire this week.

  254. einar says:

    maybe it wouldnt of been 5- 0 if he was playing

  255. ThaDeuce says:


  256. BrianK says:

    It is a compound fracture.

  257. martha says:


    Since thats the case big difference. I lost respect for Bridge since he didnt slug Terry after the game. Lost his girl and his spot on the WC because the guy bagged his girl and HE quit the WC team. He should stayed on and forced the coaches to kick Terry off.

    Terry should have had class and withdrawn from the world cup. I dont fault him that much for the affair. Trust me with you life but not your money and your wife they say.

    …but when you get caught you gotta take what comes like a man.

  258. Andy says:

    Good game by Holden. He took all their corners and attacking free kicks and delivered some nice ball. He was box-to-box, arguably better defensively than he was on the attack (and that’s not a knock on his attacking). He had a couple of shots. Hahnemann looked solid in goal for Wolves.

  259. Andy says:

    Kenny Cooper dressed by did not play for Plymouth. They made 2 subs at half-time and their last at 50 minutes in a 4-3 loss to Sheffield United.

    Mike Grella dressed but did not play in Leeds 2-2 with Huddlesfield. Only 2 subs were made by Leeds.

    Michael Bradley played 90 minutes for ‘Gladbach, 1-1.

    Rico Clark was an unused sub for Frankfurt in their 2-1 loss.

    Bocanegra played 90 minutes in Rennes 3-1 loss.

  260. BCC says:

    I agree 100%.

  261. r.benjamin says:

    I came away impressed by Holden today. He played well and as the announcer said he looked comfortable on the ball. But what i really liked was his hustle and energy. he made good tackles and always got involved and made good runs. Even on one of Wolves free kicks off the post If the player beside Holden leaps as he did it’s deflected.

    I like Jozy’s progress but I could see Holden with more premier league goals at the end.

    CM is interesting but Holden is the RM inthe USMNT.

    MLS is more like the 10-20 in the cola and that’s generous but you have to admit it maybe should get more credit than it does.