USA announces roster for Netherlands friendly (Updated)

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U.S. national team head coach Bob Bradley named the 20-man roster for Wednesday's friendly vs. the Netherlands in Amsterdam and, as expected, the roster is loaded with European-based players.

Just three of the 20 players called up for the match are MLS players, four counting Landon Donovan, who is currently with Everton on loan from the LA Galaxy. Veterans Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra and Michael Bradley will lead the squad.

Another veteran to get the call is DaMarcus Beasley, who has been out of the national team mix since the Confederations Cup. He is joined on the squad by Glasgow Rangers teammate Maurice Edu, who has been out of the national team mix for almost a year after knee surgery sidelined him for nine months.

Here is the squad that will face the Netherlands at Amsterdam Arena on Wednesday:

GOALKEEPERS– Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Marcus Hahnemann (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Tim Howard (Everton) 

DEFENDERS–  Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA), Carlos Bocanegra (Rennes), Jay DeMerit (Watford), Clarence Goodson (IK Start), Heath Pearce (FC Dallas), Frank Simek (Sheffield Wednesday), Jonathan Spector (West Ham United) 

MIDFIELDERS– DaMarcus Beasley (Rangers), Alejandro Bedoya (Orebro), Michael Bradley (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Landon Donovan (Everton), Maurice Edu (Rangers), Stuart Holden (Bolton Wanderers), José Torres (Pachuca)

FORWARDS– Jozy Altidore (Hull City), Robbie Findley (Real Salt Lake), Eddie Johnson (Aris Thessaloniki)

Here are some thoughts on the roster:

Brian Ching's absence shouldn't be seen as a snub. Bob Bradley was careful to point out last night that just because a player isn't called in doesn't mean he's suddenly out of the mix. It could mean he wants to see other players in those roles. Eddie Johnson clearly needs to get a look and this is his best chance. No need to bring in Ching with Johnson needing a look and Altidore likely to start up top.

Robbie Findley getting the call would seem to suggest that he has beaten out Jeff Cunningham, at least early on, for the top speed striker role. Findley didn't have a good game vs. El Salvador, but he probably outplayed Cunningham over the course of the past six weeks in camp.

Heath Pearce getting the call shows that Bradley was impressed with him vs. El Salvador. The fact that Pearce got the call and Castillo didn't should probably put to bed the Castillo for the World Cup talk. Doesn't look good for the Tigres defender at this point.

Alejandro Bedoya getting the call is very promising. He's a talented young winger with some goal-scoring punch. Robbie Rogers' struggles certainly open the door for Bedoya to move up the depth chart.

Don't assume Freddy Adu was snubbed. He stated on Twitter today that he's carrying a hamstring injury. That probably ruled him out. Only Bradley knows for sure, but considering Adu is playing regularly now and Bedoya is still in pre-season, it probably isn't a stretch to say that Adu's injury opened the door for Bedoya.

Surprising absences? No real glaring ones come to mind. Kenny Cooper being left out isn't a surprise considering he's only seeing sub minutes for Plymouth.

What do you think of the squad? Which call-up surprised you the most? Who do you think should have been called up that wasn't?

Share your thoughts below.

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305 Responses to USA announces roster for Netherlands friendly (Updated)

  1. matt dillon says:

    I think Freddy Adu got jobbed. He has scored 2 goals and set up EJ’s only goal, but EJ is called and Freddy is not? OK, they play different positions. But Bedoya over Freddy? Not in my book.

  2. RevsFan says:

    Gotta say the forward selections puzzle me. There isn’t any target men, or guys that are gonna hold the ball… Yeah Jozy will probably be forced into that role, but if his play at Hull shows us anything its that he’s better running off of other guys.

  3. John John says:

    No Freddy Adu??

  4. Steve says:

    I think Adu should be called up. Face it, he will play a part in our national team in the future and should gain as much experience as possible. He was also on the Confederations Cup roster which is a sign that he should be on the WC squad.

  5. petaluman says:

    Good to see Simek and Bedoya. Looking at this group I would say Adu could have been called in too.

  6. Eric says:

    First thing I thought after being relieved Sacha was left off. Also thought Ching deserved a call.

  7. Jon from Chicago says:

    Forget Adu. NO L.CASTILLO!!! Bradley gives the guy 5 mins of time and he’s seen all he needs to see. Before I’m totally gonna go on a rant, is he hurt?

  8. Jerome says:

    No Freddy Adu? This is a joke Right?

    There better be an explanation for this.

  9. Zack Lewis says:

    I guess we’re playing one up top?

  10. JC says:

    Where’s Edgar Castillo? JBornstein needs to go he can’t cut it.

  11. RevsFan says:

    Bedoya was really the only person who showed a pulse against Honduras… probably came down to wanting to see more of what he can do vs freddy who is a bit of a more known commodity

  12. werner says:

    Ives, are you surprised that adu isn’t included on this list? I’m just curious, because it seems that bradley is giving some players who hadn’t been doing well, but now are playing minutes a chance such as e.johnson, beasley, and edu (cause of injury). So why not adu?

  13. Lieutenant in Sam's Army says:

    Start Jozy with Eddie up top, see how they work together. EJ’s pretty quick too so it’s almost (almost) like Charlie’s there but not quite. I think EJ could be a real possibility for SA if he shows up against the Netherlands and contributes the rest of the Greek season.

  14. Brian says:

    Woooahh no Ching?

  15. soccerUSA says:

    Looking at the roster, unless Bradley is planning on starting Donovan next to Jozy up top, it looks like he may give the start to Robbie Findley. Which I think is a good thing. Because I think Findley will excel when he is playing with better players. He is not the type of player to create an opportunity out of nothing. He needs good players around him to be super effective…. Hopefully he gets the start.. I want to see him with the first squad.

  16. Mike says:

    Yeah, Adu has done jack squat for two years straight. Two goals in the Greek league and you guys are freaking out? Jesus Cristo.

    Findley’s on the roster but Ching isn’t? Suggests to me Ching is officially “in” and Findley is still on the bubble

  17. werner says:

    geez, when i started to write a comment there were 0 comments… then i click post and see all these comments about adu haha. good to know i’m not the only one.

  18. BSU SC says:

    It takes more than 2 games for Freddy Adu to earn a call up. He hasn’t played on a consistent basis for his club team in more than 2 years. Bedoya played very well during his time on the field against Honduras. Let’s see what he’s got when he’s on the field with world class talent.

    I’m surprised Edgar Castillo didn’t get called into camp.

  19. Martek says:

    If there’s a pattern in Bradley’s call up strategy, it’s that there is no pattern at all.

    What exactly has Findley done to merit any further call-ups? I mean, he has loads of speed, but you saw again last night that the guy is a poor finisher.

    Why wouldn’t Ching get the call-up after what he did last night?


  20. Nick says:

    Ching really deserves a call. Findley never did anything last night.

  21. Jerome says:

    im sorry but Freddy Adu is going strong right now. What a joke, to not call him up.

  22. Barry U says:

    No Freddy is iffy! Other than that it is OK.

  23. scott47a says:



  24. Darian says:

    A Bob Bradley managed game with no Ching??? Where is Freddy though?

  25. Toumba says:

    Looks like a good roster to me. I would like to see what kind of possession game Edu could add to our midfield.

  26. dwitty says:

    I don’t know why Bradley gets a boner over Beasley. The guy sucks (pun not intended). Bradley should be fired if Beasley’s name shows up on the roster for S. Africa. Beasley proved that he is done in the Confed. Cup and shouldn’t keep getting these chances.

  27. Josh D says:

    Castillo is my biggest surprise though Bob didn’t give him a proper chance last time – maybe he thought why bother this time around???

  28. Jon from Chicago says:

    Bornstien must have something on Bradley. Maybe a sex scandal, location of a buried body. I dunno. Sumthing. No Castillo makes me sick…I guess the US team is only made up of players in Europe or MLS. South of the border? sorry.

  29. No Ching? What the hell! How does Findley get a call ahead of Ching? Especially after he limped off last night. This angers me. Glad to see Johnson, Pearce, and Goodson though.

  30. Jerome says:

    Except that Adu has something that is rare to find on this team and that BIG-GAME confidence. I’ll take Adu any day of the weak if he is playing and is in form.

  31. johninatl says:

    Eddie Johnson? Ohhh nooo. Is he REALLY going to show us something we haven’t seen and suffered through already? Sorry but it’s doubtful at best. Wish him all the luck in his club career, just prefer not to see him in the US squad.

    At least Sasha didn’t get called in.

  32. Why? He’s been a miserable failure for years. What do you need to find out about him? He isn’t a for-real player on our team. I’m glad he wasn’t called in.

  33. JavaLavaJoe says:

    Wow…EJ but no Freddy….this is WRONG…in light of what Holden has NOT done!

  34. Jerome says:

    So does this mean freddy Adu is “in” like Ching.?

  35. Yuck. You can have him. I’m glad he’s not in consideration for a WC spot. He’s terrible.

  36. rastafari says:

    Ching won’t have control of the airspace in the Dutch box.

    Good call BB.. go with swift feet over lobbing pointless crosses in all night

  37. Joel says:

    Good move by Bob Bradley. He used the El Salvador game to take a look at the MLS contingent, and the game against The Netherlands looks to be an opportunity to check out the European-based options. I hope to see some of the fringe players (Edu, Torres, Bedoya) get a 30 minute runout.

  38. Sko says:

    Weird. Findley does poorly and gets in. Freddy does well and he’s out. I guess we’ve got depth a Mid.

    I agree with Revs Fan is EJ a target man?

    If Borstein screws this up punt him. We are going to get bounced from the WC unless we have consistant play at LB.

  39. Scott says:

    Only carrying three forwards and Kenny Cooper can’t get a look?

  40. Change your tag from dwitty to dimwitted.

  41. Bill says:





  42. BooThisMan says:

    Charlie has a decent touch and is a great passer. EJ’s nowhere close.

  43. Jerome says:

    Riggggggghhhhttttttttttttttt. In the little minutes of club play he has got..he still comes to USA games and is one of the best on the pitch for USA.

  44. jb says:

    Most surprised by Findley’s presence. I can only assume BB has decided to take Ching to SA and is still undecided on Findley. Personally I have been far from impressed with Findley and think he needs to add to his skills, decisions, and touch before joining the nats. I wonder a little about Bedoya over Adu, but to me this is a minor quibble. Should be the first glimpse in quite awhile of something approaching our SA starting 11.

  45. JJ says:

    I like that a lot. Agree completely.

  46. Adam R. says:

    I’m pretty sure that there is no possible roster Bradley could announce and not have every message board poster bitching and moaning about something.

    Players like Brian Ching and Freddy Adu have been around the first team enough, that there is no reason they can’t be selected to the World Cup team based on their club form the next 2.5 months, irregardless of this game.

  47. Jerome says:

    A guess we found a severe Adu-hater.

  48. Jay says:

    I’m kind of surprised to see Freddy didn’t get a call, but he also is fighting a hamstring problem, according to his Twitter feed. Plus he needs more first-team football than just two or three games.

    I would have liked to see Castillo get a call, but I haven’t heard much from him lately so he’s probably not showing well in Mexico at the moment.

  49. USMNT says:

    Robbie Findley has been a complete disappointmnet and Brian Ching deserved the call, especially against the Netherlands where a target striker woul be more valuable.

  50. dwitty says:

    Yeah, cause I’m so wrong about Beasley sucking major a$$. Lest you forget, he nearly cost us our run in the Confed. Cup until he got pulled. The guy is amateur compared to some of our other talent.

  51. Brian says:

    Glad to see Frankie Simek back in the fray. This must come as a pleasant surprise to him

  52. Jon from Chicago says:

    I think B.Bradley has a magic hat that he pulls names out of. He such a maverick when it comes to choosing his players…

  53. Zac says:

    i like the roster. Adu has had two good games in the past three years. That doesn’t deserve a call up. Ching and Altidore are too similar and it’d be a waste to bring them both up. I’m pretty sure by now Bradley knows what he’s gonna get from Ching. He probably wants to see what Findley can do away from the lumbering idiot of Casey.

  54. Drew says:

    In response to this comment and the above, perhaps Bradley has already decided that Ching is on this roster, and he needs to see more of Findley to know. This is a 20-man roster, and the WC roster is 23.

  55. RevsFan says:

    EJ is definitely not a target man, he’s one of those speed players.

  56. dwitty says:

    Nevermind, I see from your other posts that you’re just the normal d-bag that knows nothing about everything.

  57. dinomitedan says:

    ok so im not liking the Beasley/Edu call ups right now. they have both been nursing injuries and have dont squat for the club in the last 2 months.
    Bedoya getting called i like.
    our forwards are very thin right now and it shows for what bb called up against a powerhoouse! im not sure altidore or findley/johnson scares a MLS team? i know we dont have much options but, i think BB is thinking maybe findley or johnson speed can measure up to a davies speed. but they dont have skills like davies. i sure hope davies gets better soon. i mean real soon!

  58. RevsFan says:

    Wait Ching and Altidore similar? I disagree, Altidore has better feet taking on guys, and Ching is better in the air.

  59. Thanks for the update Ives, I almost lost it, when I didn’t see Ching on there. You are right, Bradley knows what Ching is about, and probably has penciled him in for SA. Assuming he stays fit and on form that is.

  60. Brian says:

    Pearce played well, but Bob is loyal to Johnny B. Our diminutive Mexican Jew gets the start at LB and Pearce comes in as a sub for him. Other than that I agree with the lineup.

    I wonder if Bob will try a 4-5-1 to start the game. Maybe something like this.





  61. That would be my starting 11 as well, with Pearce playing the second half.

  62. bryan says:

    well, i really dont like that Castillo wasn’t called up. Ridiculous. At first I was upset to see no Adu, but if he is injured, what can you do? Overall, I’m happy with the call ups considering injuries.

  63. Brian says:

    Edu went the full 90 against St. Mirren in the Scottish Cup on Feb. 17th

  64. Brian says:

    And Beaz played the first half against the Hibs on Feb 14th and went 90 min in a Rangers reserve game

  65. Mike says:

    Jeez, Jerome, get off Adu. Dude hasn’t played in years, and now he scores 2 goals for some random Greek league team and he’s all of a sudden Pele. Furthermore, last time he was on the field for the Nats, he sucked in the Gold Cup. Why does he deserve a call up?

  66. Todd says:

    I do like the new jersey.

  67. RevsFan says:

    You’ve gotta admit, Bornstein has held his own, albeit against weaker competition, the past few friendlies. Far out playing much of the other candidates (Marshall, Wynne, etc.). His added value of late at CB definitely helps his case too.

  68. madmax says:

    Robbie Findley? Terrible game, but more importantly terrible effort.

  69. JP says:

    I can’t figure all the people calling foul for Adu out . . . did you not read the whole article where it states he has a hammy injury and that it’s not a snub? Did that get added after you posted? Did they completely stop teaching reading comprehension in schools?

    Just can’t figure it . . .

    (SBI-JP, to be fair, the original post just listed the roster. Our standard practice when rosters are coming out is to first post the roster, then include our thoughts and other details about the roster. That said, some folks should probably calm down and wait a sec before firing off angry missives about snubs and bad call-ups until they can get the full story, or at least more than just the roster.)

  70. Josh D says:

    I wish the media (both of you journalists who care) would have the opportunity to openly question him about his choices. The US media has no chance to question him and that needs to be put to a stop. I want to know why Adu and Castillo isn’t there.

    My original formation stands:






    Subs: Johnson, Simek, Bedoya, Goodson, and Beasley.

    For all those saying “Adu has barely played in the last two years” please see Johnson’s appearance record – not much better.

  71. Isaac says:

    I’m sorry but players who suck don’t end up setting the goal-scoring record in the Champions League for the USA. So what if Beasley was in poor form in the Confederations Cup? That was half a year ago. Now, we’ve seen him doing well for Rangers. People rag on him playing in the Scottish league, but for all the talk of mediocre leagues, Charlie Davies came out of one, so I don’t understand the logic behind that argument.

  72. jts says:

    This seems to be more of a dress rehearsal, so I am not convinced that the game is a situation where Ching is in and Findley is in a try out. And, based on his performance, I think leaving Ching off is a mistake.

    More, the 3 roster spots are for Dempsey, Gooch, and Davies.

  73. Josh D says:

    I didn’t see that about Adu. Not written in the original article here. Really should of been…

    (SBI-Josh, settle down. I put the roster out first, then added the details.)

  74. Martek says:

    I think you may be right about this Drew. Good point.

  75. Josh D says:

    I think Ching is more an 18 yard predator (see his goal last night) whereas Jozy is a linking forward. Johnson and Findley prefer to get behind the defense with runs. Casey likes to bulldoze…

    Big difference!

  76. Spectra says:

    He was pretty out of form at the confed cup and he came roaring back in december for rangers. Do you watch football or just comment on USMNT. Beasley has some of the best experience at top football than most of the team. If he is in form I’ll take him over sacha, rogers, adu,gavin, beckerman, bedoya. He probably wont start but a really fast winger with great experience will be incredible off the bench

  77. RS says:

    What about Benny? Is he hurt?

  78. Isaac says:

    Bob’s loyalty will mean very little in my opinion; it’s time to test players against big competition and we’ve seen Pearce do well against big competition(Argentina, Spain). I wouldn’t be shocked if he did give Bornstein a look, but Pearce showed a confidence and skill against El Salvador, something that is very much welcome in somebody trying to get back on the national team.

  79. jts says:

    I assume you mean Adu over Bedoya or Holden. Fitness and performance-wise, Adu is all potential and not much performance in the past 2 years when compared to Bedoya and Holden.

    And I think Ching belongs ahead of both EJ and Findley

  80. Brian says:

    My guess is Bob left Ching off the roster because his performance last night CONFIRMED that he will be bringing Ching to South Africa. I mean think about it, Bob not bring one target striker (Ching or Casey) to South Africa? Yeah…right. Ching is getting to the age where he really needs rest. Because of all his injuries Ching was severely limited last year. He didn’t go to the Confederations Cup and didn’t play in any World Cup qualifiers after the game in Azteca.

    All this means is that Findley has beaten out Jeff Cunningham for the speed striker role. This Netherlands match is going to be competition between Findley and EJ. Bob won’t be bringing both of them to SA.

    As for why Casey isn’t on this roster, maybe Ching has officially beaten him out, or his situation is similar to Ching’s.

  81. Spectra says:

    you also have to admit that edgar castillo seems to be the mexican version of Jhonny. The problem is that castillo has no superb skill set that says he must be on this team and certainly has no experience at any level above the mexican league

  82. Brian says:

    he is hurt, ankle problems. probably a few more weeks.

  83. cfig says:

    I know Bradley commented that a choice of Casey/Ching would be made based on their form closer to South Africa, maybe he saw enough last night to not need another look?
    Very glad to see Holden and Torres in there, Stu apparently looked very good in his Bolton debut and Torres has been playing quite well, I hope we at least see Torres as a second half with Holden most likely starting on the wing opposite Donovan.
    I’m a little surprised on Simek and EJ as well, no real other surprises for me other than Findley who I felt looked a bit lost v El Salvador. Guessing we’ll see Findley and/or EJ playing as the speed option opposite Jozy. Good to see Pearce earn another look after his solid play last night.

  84. Spectra says:

    Why is Ching really going to be the centerpiece of this team. No if bradley leaves off dempsey or donavon than please go ahead and lose it then.

  85. ELAC says:

    CAstillo is no saviour, but give the man a chance, Bob.

    GIVE HIM A CHANCE. You give Bedoya and Jojnson a chance.

    You are not biased, are you?

    (SBI-He must be biased. I mean why else would he “snub” Castillo and call-up Alejandro Bedoya. :-)

    Seriously speaking though, we don’t know what happened when Castillo came into camp. We don’t know his attitude or his form. I also think there are questions about Castillo’s defensive qualities. Yes, he’s quick getting forward, but defensively he’s not nearly as polished as some would like to think.)

  86. Danny says:

    Castillo didn’t make the roster?


    Serves him right. Go back to the Mexican National Team. We don’t want you.

  87. Brian says:

    Pearce played well, but one good performance against the Sallies in a February friendly isn’t gonna put him ahead of Bornstein.

  88. DuckYank says:

    Agree 100%. I think Ching is a lock to make the final 23. No need to bring him in when BB wants a look at EJ.

  89. Spectra says:

    Holden played great at dynamo, great in the gold cup, played well in the qualifiers, left for Europe and the moment he was over an injury started and played a great game.

    EJ played great for 6 months for the USMNT left for fulham and sat on the bench for most of three years. Went to greece and is playing now. Adu the same except we don’t need any more short midfielders landon and torres have that covered

  90. away goals says:

    Are ching and altidore really all that similar? I think we might be a little too quick to categorize our forwards as “target guys” or “speed guys” based on their build. I don’t know if we’ll have a lot of success playing with altidore as a target.

  91. SKing says:

    Adu plays in midfield which is our deepest position, while Johnson plays at forward, which is our weakest. Johnson also has a much better track record on the national team (even if it is against weak CONCACAF teams).

  92. brian says:

    i have mix feeling about this roster. first, yes yes yes!!!! we ALL(including you ives) know that freddy adu should be on this roster. he is only X-factor US player(flair,creativity,ability to take on MULTIPLE defenders) but bedoya has been playing better(actual playing time!) for the past year than f.adu. demarcus beasley has ALOT more experience than him. i understand to certain degree. edgar castillo is TOO similar too bornstein in size!! Borny has TOO much experience!

  93. EkstraBen says:

    DMB had a good run at Rangers prior to getting hurt (which happens way too often). I see no harm in Bradley testing him in a friendly against Holland. The thought here is to extinguish all options until you have a set roster. DMB is still an option because of that good run. He plays poorly in camp/Holland, he’s out. Pull that wedgie out of your butt and loosen up a little.

  94. Isaac says:

    Yes, but Johnson is in a position where depth is key and lacking at this moment for the USA. Adu has an injury anyways. Castillo really isn’t anything special to be honest. He’s a good left back, but defensively speaking, is he any better than Bornstein, or Pearce for that matter? Pearce last showed his ability on both sides of the ball, and that’s something Bradley could use in a left back. Castillo is just another flashy wingback with very little in the way of defense.

  95. Brian says:

    Yeah and it allows Ching to participate in preseason with the Dynamo. He can get back in shape, and get fit so he isn’t hampered by injuries so much this year. If you watch the post game interviews from yesterday, it’s clear that Bob consults and talks with Dom Kinnear about what is best for Ching and how much rest he needs.

    link to

  96. Katatonia says:

    when has he ever done anything for the full nt? please give me a specific game.

  97. Brian says:

    uncalled for

  98. wilyboy says:

    Findley lacks any quality other than speed.

  99. cfig says:

    As we posted at the same time, agreed. I think a healthy and in form Ching is clearly doing more of what we need a target striker to do than Casey did.

  100. EkstraBen says:

    I’m hoping that Bradley keeps playing him – hopin’ and prayin’ that he truly deserves the starting LB spot. Otherwise, Spector gets it and ‘Dolo has the right.

  101. Lester says:

    I wanted to see him…

  102. Sean says:

    Well, I guess you don’t have to be smart to post comments.

  103. Dinho says:

    “should have” or “should’ve”

  104. EkstraBen says:

    “Diminutive Mexican Jew” killed me. Couldn’t have been said better. I have to stop reading this at work, I laugh too hard and the day becomes unproductive.

  105. K1p says:

    I agree with your Ching assumptions, I think a healthy Ching will be in SA. Bradley needs to look at speed in the likely event that Davies isn’t ready to go.

  106. jh says:

    I’m kinda with Jon on this one, but at the same time I’m not too upset he’s included on the roster for this game.

    I hope he gets the start or some quality minutes because I think the Dutch will be the first team he’s faced (maybe ever???) with high-level attacking talent. The way I look at it is maybe this will be the game he gets exposed for the overrated player I think he is (I’m sure Elite Hunting will call me a dumb@$$ for that comment and tell me I don’t deserve to live. Oh well.).

  107. seth davey says:

    Jerome, you must be sniffin glue. Because not only is MLS not very good, but Freddy Adu was never one of the star players for MLS. Ever.

    The dude couldn’t even get minutes at Belenense! Did you watch them play? England would laugh us off the field if they saw Adu on our roster come June. Trust me… I live there.

  108. Brian says:

    Altidore, Ching will be definitely be going to South Africa.

    Who fills the one or two remaining stiker spots kind of depends on where Charlie Davies will be in the next couple months. If he’s healthy and playing with Sochaux, he will be there in South Africa. Then Bob has to decide whether he wants to bring 3 or 4 strikers, and whether or not he wants another speedster (EJ or Findley) or another target man (Casey).

    However if Davies isn’t ready, then for sure Bob will call up EJ/Findley (need a speed option) and then probably Casey if he wants a 4th option.

  109. Ives,

    Did you just post the roster initially and then edit it with your commentary? Because otherwise the only explanation I have for the comments on this thread is that they don’t bother to actually read what you wrote. Annoying.

  110. wilyboy says:

    I hope Bedoya gets a half, Beasley gets a half. I have no faith whatsoever that Beasley will be healthy and in form for the WC; he was healthy going into 06, then mysteriously faded in the months going in. Bedoya is stronger, has more foot skill, can cross. Beasley has experience, but the only thing that experience has indicated is that he’s incapable of being a consistent performer in the long term.

    I too wish Freddy had been called up, and that Findley had been left at home, but I still think Freddy can play his way into Bradley’s attention still.

    I’m glad to see that Edu and Torres are the only real options to partner Bradley in the middle. Hope Torres plays at least a half.

  111. Jonesta says:

    And some people who seriously like to ride his nuts even though he is usually riding pine.

  112. Hush says:

    Well, a little disspointed in Freddy Adu picking up a minor injury. If this is not the case, than I’m very dissapointed in BB player choice over Adu.

    Those who say what has Adu done lately? I answer back by saying, what has Holden,Johnson,Bedoya done lately? C’mon, I’ll take a 50% Adu before any of those 3 players.

    Pearce over Castillo. Simply wow.

    I knew Finley would get a call up, he was the only one hustling against El Salvador before he got injured.

  113. Dinho says:

    Anybody know where/what time this game will be televised? (assuming it is) :)

  114. Al_OC says:

    I’d say I’m pretty happy with the roster, with the exception of Ching being left out. I understand the argument that he’s already locked in and that BB wants to see EJ and Findley compete for speedy striker spot.

    But if Ching is locked in, then it should be more reason to include him in this roster. I think at this point ALL the healthy ‘locked in’ field players should be on the field together. So, I would’ve brought in Ching and left Hahnemann.

  115. Stuart Holden absolutely killed it late in the season for Houston and at the Gold Cup, and last night he was the best player on the field for Bolton.

  116. Army of Dad says:

    Argentina ring a bell?

  117. Steve says:

    @SoccerByIves “Effective at midnight tonight, our collective bargaining agreement with MLS will expire,” MLSPU executive director Bob Foose said. “While we expect that negotiations with MLS will resume at some point, there simply hasn’t been enough progress made in the negotiations to date to warrant an extension of the old agreement. We have advised our players to keep working for the time being, but as of Friday they will be doing so without a CBA. In the meantime, all options are being considered as the process continues. We are completely committed to forging real changes to the way MLS players are treated.”

  118. Brian says:

    Haha. It’s pretty much who and what he is. It’s even better when he’s rocking the Jew ‘fro.

  119. drock says:

    dude Donovan is an LA Galaxy player and he is being whored out to the Everton for 10 weeks. Get it right USSF.

  120. Rory says:

    Please get over the target forward idea.

  121. angela says:

    Yeah – Bradley’s determined to stick with Bornstein despite his play against better teams being completely unacceptable. And please, Heath Pearce? He’s worse. Castillo should get a shot – even though he’s as big a defensive liability (equal to Bornstein and better than Pearce) he brings more to the table offensively. But he seems to be out. I’m beginning to wonder if those saying Bradley doesn’t like Latino players may have something.

  122. Tomas says:

    Pretty sure its ESPN 2 at 1:30 PM Central. Could be wrong tough.

  123. cfig says:

    Stop bringing up relevant points. We want Adu dammit! :-)

  124. Army of Dad says:

    So you are arguing for Beasly based on what he did several years ago while saying his form last summer doesn’t matter?

    Interesting way to try to prove a point.

  125. BK says:

    “Eddie Johnson clearly needs to get a look and this is his best chance.”

    ummmm….”Clearly needs”? Really? Why? He’s been crap for over 4 years…why exactly does he need a look?

    “Kenny Cooper being left out isn’t a surprise considering he’s only seeing sub minutes for Plymouth.”

    And considering Bradley hates him

  126. Rory says:

    I wonder if Torres or Bedoya will see the pitch at all under racist Bradley.

  127. Rory says:

    It’s sad that BB hates to play hispanic players.

  128. EA Scott says:

    I too would have liked to see Castillo get more of a look, but that being said, I have not been super impressed by his play in Mexico lately. Would like to see Adu too, but maybe he hasn’t done enough to warrent a callup. Maybe if he keeps playing well he can get a call in a future friendly… is there still time?

    Ching doesn’t need to be on this roster – Bob wants to look at his speed options for forward.

    Psyched to see Bedoya and Beasley; I hope the old run DMB is back!

  129. Fireball says:

    Jerome, please. Give it a rest.

  130. Hush says:

    C’mon man, that’s a cheap blow. BB is not racist, he just doesn’t know what talent is. :)

  131. Al_OC says:

    You do know that Bornstein and Bocanegra are half Mexican, right? I’m pretty sure Bedoya is a Latino. And there’s no question about Torres.

    That’d make 20% of the roster. So, I’m not sure your point about Bradley doesn’t like Latino players has any merit.

  132. matt dillon says:

    in long run, it is best for Adu to stay with his club and better establish himself there, especially if he is injured. I think Ives is right — Adu would have been picked before Bedoya and Adu’s injury opened the door.

  133. Chris in Belfast says:

    I get that you’re being tongue in cheek here, but the attitude above really annoys me. Look, I want Freddy to do well, too, because if he plays well that means the US has more depth, but to slag off these other players just shows ignorance. Yes, Johnson hasn’t done much lately either, but who on this board has ever watched Bedoya play? I’d venture a guess that the percentage is in single digits. Bob has. Bob has also watched him train. Stuart Holden WAS the midfield for the US during the Gold Cup. Underestimating our other players out of blinkered adoration for Freddy freaking Adu really annoys me. This is the same kind of person who’s convinced Michael Bradley isn’t good enough to start at midfield for the US, despite logging more playing time by a factor of ten with top tier teams over the past three seasons than Freddy.

  134. Fireball says:

    I only understand those labels for our forwards because of the system USMNT has played lately.

    But I agree. It annoys me to hear Altidore mentioned as a target forward..he’s expected to do a lot more than hold up at Hull…he’s more Drogba than Heskey.

  135. Isaac says:

    I’d like to see something like this:





    Bradley can get two things out of Beasley on the right. First, he gets to see if Beasley can get transfer his form for Rangers to the national team. Second, Beasley’s tracking back should be welcome to a Jonathan Spector who has had to play on the same flank as Clint Dempsey. Another good thing about this lineup is Edu being back next to Bradley; Edu sits deep like Clark and covers ground like Clark, but his ball movement, passing, and ability to read the game, on both sides of the ball, is much more polished than Ricardo’s. That’s important against a Netherlands team that likes to throw numbers into the attack and pressure the opposition. Not a bad team at all.

  136. Rory says:

    Bad judge of talent…racist….same thing =P

  137. war says:

    FINDLEY!!! NO ADU???? MLS favoritism sucks. I’d put Adu up front over Robbie ain’t got no game Findley. I’d give Cooper a try over this loser.

  138. K says:

    Agree with Spectra; Holden played great for Dynamo and was one of, if not the only, bright spot for Bolton yesterday.

  139. cpd says:

    No Connor Casey!????

  140. war says:

    Anyone else find it kind of bad that we only have 4 forwards playing in Europe?

  141. Isaac says:

    You’re both wrong. How ’bout that? 😛

  142. Fireball says:

    Don’t Benny with Brazilian blood.

    Oh, Landon speaks Spanish, and Clint likes Mexican Food.

  143. Fireball says:

    (Don’t forget…)

  144. rob says:

    So 20 on the roster for Dutch…plus Gooch, Dempsey, and Davies (if healthy) this is your world cup squad…unless someone plays their way off…robbie findley and Eddie johnson…

  145. war says:

    OH YEAH!!

  146. dunbar says:

    I mean Castillo did turn his back on the US and pick Mexico and then chose the US again, very late.

  147. Thorpinski says:

    Is it safe to assume that Tracy is out of the picture. I was hoping he would get a cahnce

  148. war says:

    Findley off, Coop on.

  149. Rory says:

    Can you provide us with some facts?

  150. Michael Vann says:

    “Big game confidence” is something that our roster is full of. The Conferations Cup comes to mind and all the numerous comebacks the last few years. We have no problem elevating our game for the big opponents. The problem is we play down to minnows and inferior opponents. Basically we play to our opponents abilities way too often. I’m a little bewildered to see Adu not called up but if he is indeed carry a little hamstring injury there’s no need.

  151. DCD says:

    Is it really that surprising to see Ching left off? I’m with Ives on this one. BB may want a look at EJ and Findley — he probably knows what he has with Ching.

    You have to wonder why Castillo has received so little attention. I find it hard to believe that Bradley thinks he’s a pile of crap based on very little exposure. I wonder if there’s something else going on.

  152. DCD says:

    No, I really doubt it’s “your World Cup squad” barring huge miscues or injuries. You’re talking about a March 3 friendly. I really doubt Bradley has made up his mind on a lot of these guys (e.g., Edu, Findley, Johnson, Beasley, Pearce, Simek, etc., etc.) It’s still a tryout.

  153. Al_OC says:

    Now..that’s just stupid. Besides, Landon doesn’t speak English, he speaks Spanglish.

  154. war says:

    Finally Simek!!!





    Guzan for Howard-duh

    Simek for Spector

    Torres for Edu

    Beasley for Holden

    Findley for Johnson( I hope EJ scores so Findley coming on wont prove anything. I hope that when he does come on, he gets owned, hard)

    Pierce for Goodson/Demerit, Boca in the middle(or straight swap)

  155. bigdeadbat says:

    i think i like this one

  156. Al_OC says:

    (English = Spanish)

  157. montana matt says:

    I don’t want to, but I think it needs to be said; DANIEL WILLIAMS!. Also would’ve really like to see Castillo called in. Whatever.

  158. war says:

    it posted twice……=P

  159. Tom in Ohio says:

    I will say one thing, you guys are at least good for a laugh. I’m assuming the “Bradley hates so and so,” and “Bradley is a racist” comments are meant as jokes, because otherwise they are thoroughly idiotic. Bob Bradley’s job depends on the team performing well and winning games. To assume that he would make roster choices based on anything other than trying to optimize the chances for a good performance in South Africa is ridiculous.
    Adu: Is a known commodity and is injured. If he is healthy and in form, there is a good chance he will make the roster. Otherwise, he gets a chance in the next cycle to earn a spot.
    Castillo: I guarantee you Bradley has watched him play quite a bit over the last several months, be it in practice or club games. He doesn’t feel comfortable with him at this point. I definitely haven’t seen anything to prove he is better than our other options.
    Ching: Again, he is a known commodity. If he is healthy, he makes the roster.
    Beyond that, he is obviously using the El Salvador game to test domestic players and the Netherlands game to test European based players. I would say that is a fairly sound strategy. It gives him a chance to get a look at a wide variety of players and gives him a wide perspective data set to use as a basis for his decisions.

  160. war says:

    IVES, Adu just said “lol im not injured i just said my hammy is sore”

  161. Isaac says:

    Listen, the reason Cooper isn’t here is because the national team can’t really utilize him. What I mean is that Cooper is the kind of forward that plays on teams that already have loads of possession against other teams(see Ibrahimovic, Barcelona). They count on him for the majority of their goals, whether he is creating them for himself or others. I think the issue is that the USA doesn’t/won’t have most of the possession, at least not against Holland, so Cooper is rendered useless.

  162. bigdeadbat says:

    where’s stevie c.? one of those spots is prob his

  163. bigdeadbat says:

    and benny and clint

  164. johnnycougar says:

    This whole team is biased! Only 4 of the 20 players have surnames in the 2nd half of the alphabet! The man blessed with double B’s is racist against late namers!

  165. Lester says:


  166. Isaac says:

    Yes but Ching needs rest. Notice the injuries from last year that. Plus, Ching most likely won’t be starting in the World Cup. I would imagine that he would come off the bench, like he did against El Salvador last night.

  167. K says:

    If Holden gets playing time with Bolton in the next couple of weeks, when they will be playing Man Utd, Chelsea, Everton, and he does well (after last nights performance he can only improve) there is no way he won’t be in the final 23. On a side note, it was kind of sad for Bolton that a

    player who was playing his debut played better than over half of his team mates. Sorry that thoughht just popped in my head thinking about that game last night, had to voice it :)

  168. pete says:

    Adu and Johnson are soccer gypsies. It seems that they are in a constant state of bench sitting or being loaned to another club. I guess they have not found a coach that thinks highly of them.

  169. WonsanUnited says:

    Big game confidence? Let’s see how he performs against PAOK, then we’ll talk.

  170. Felix says:

    I’m glad Kljestan was left off, I don’t think he can play at this level.

    I’m surprised at Bedoya’s inclusion, I don’t have a problem with it, just pleasantly surprised. He might be this cycle’s Bobby Convey (a young winger comes out of nowhere and impressed to the point where the manager had to include him).

    I’m not too thrilled with EJ’s inclusion, I think we know full well what you will get with him. I would have preferred Herculez Gomez if he wanted to bring someone a little more obscure who is in form. Even over Findley.

  171. DCD says:

    Odd to read something so . . . SENSIBLE!!! Instead, let’s volley hateful, ill-considered, and baseless accusations of racism because the grass is always greener under the cleats of the back we haven’t seen much of.

  172. cfig says:

    Totally agree. The guys that are there right now are ones that have earned it with consistent play over the last one to two seasons, and Bedoya is a guy that’s played consistently well and been on the radar for a while now.

    Adu is starting on a good run of form but he just doesn’t have the body of work right now. I’d love to see him have a good season or two in Greece and then move onto a bigger club as he becomes a key part of the 2014 squad, this just isn’t his time.

  173. Chris in Belfast says:

    How exactly do we prove that Bob isn’t a racist? Show all the statement’s he’s made that don’t have a hint of racist undertone? Statements like yours are simply ridiculous.

  174. Boss says:

    first of ching is awful, second sacha could barely connect a pass and yes his goal did please me as well did chings, but they just aren’t talented enough to play against a dutch side.

  175. pete says:

    Pearce? He lacks technical ability. Looks good when running and tackling but sucks at ball pssession.

  176. war says:

    Raymond Domenech’s team selection strategy pays off more than Bradley’s…Maybe I wont go that far but still, Adu says he isn’t injured on his Twitter. Findley left all his self-esteem and respectability in Florida. He’s shown to be trash in the last 2 games. But, he’ll end up playing a half coming in for EJ. Unfair to me. If EJ does well the first half and/or scores, play him the full 90.

  177. Rory says:

    How many hispanics do we have on the team who get regular minutes? How many get 5 minutes show some flair and then are never heard from again?

    My statement is no more ridiculous than the statements of fans wanting Terry and Co. to sleep with Rooney’s wife, so that he may quit the English team.

  178. Adrian says:

    irregardless is not a word

  179. Tom says:

    Adu laughs at the idea he’s injured on his twitter. Says his hammy is a little sore, that’s it.

  180. Isaac says:

    I’m kind of surprised this is the first Daniel Williams post I’ve seen today. I’m not saying I want/don’t want the guy near camp but I was expecting a flurry of posts about the kid.

  181. Isaac says:

    Why would you want a player to play poorly? That decreases our depth, something that we sorely lack.

    Are you conspiring against the USA or something?

  182. USMNT says:

    When will the Netherlands roster be available Ives?

  183. colin says:

    trade gooch & dolo for pearce, goodson or simek
    add dempsey and feilhaber
    trade davies for findley, add ching

    world cup 2010 roster

    if davies can’t go, add tracy

  184. Chris in Belfast says:

    The US team is already unbelievably diverse. Look at the last names of the guys who play for us: Howard, Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Clark, Altidore, Kljestan, Rogers, Ching, Casey, Edu, Adu, Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Torres, Beasley, Bornstein, Bedoya, Guzan, Holden, Onyewu, Demerit, Jones, Findley, Bedoya, Hannheman, Rimando.

    Our team is a cross section of the United States, demonstrating all the diversity we contain, and it is wonderful for that.

  185. Isaac says:

    *transfer his form from Rangers to the national team.

  186. sef-one says:

    let’s write to sunil to tell him that he should fire bradley.

  187. brentmcd says:

    it is time for the Grown Ass Man to step up

  188. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    You and the previous two posters once again prove my theory that half the folks who post comments on this site, don’t actually read what they are commenting on. As they use to say back in the day….Reading IS Fundamental.

  189. Jerome says:

    What the hell does MLS have to do with my repsonse? So typical of haters. use Tangents to prove points. Plus hers not at Belenenses anymore..he is at Aris getting minutes and scoring. Aris> belenenses and 98% of every MLS team. Shows ho much you know….. i bet you care about what English fans think than what you personally think.

  190. Rory says:

    Good job not answering my questions.

  191. Jerome says:

    Give what a rest?

    how many times is Adu actually talked about? Rarely at least from me. outside of his game days and roster selections.

  192. Jerome says:

    But he is not riding pine right now. So your attempt to counter, was crap.

  193. war says:

    trade gooch and dolo for pearce and bornstein

    add dempsey and feilhaber

    trade davies for findley, add cooper

    wrodle cup 2010

    we are also forgetting clark.

  194. war says:

    First off, Adu is not injured as he said on his twitter. He was just snubbed. Why? Who knows. You cant say consistency and playing time because Findley, Bornstein, Ching, Casey, and Marshall dont fall into that category and yet they’re picked over and over. If Adu is hitting form which he is, it’s best to give him a chance. You may never have the chance to pick someone when they’re on a run or on confidence

  195. Jerome says:

    Who is calling him pele? Weak response. Intentions discovered. And who is on Adu? What is this? Only Adu has people on Him? So when Ching gets worshipped *with a bible description included of his play in games……its ok?

  196. einar says:

    i love this roster. findley being there puzzles me because he could of given grella a chance or pittman. Castillo should not be ruled out at all because he has not been given a good chance to show what he has.

  197. Jerome says:

    are you talking about the Injury that was posted AFTER most of the comments in the beginning were posted? Funny people complaining how some can read when they cant comprehend.

  198. SO, where does torres play?

  199. Jody says:

    Beasley’s played well before, he can play well again. He’s one the best players in USMNT history. He’s actually played well for Rangers when not injured. Why not call him up for a friendly?

  200. Jody says:

    I’d like to see him too, but he’s no Heath Pearce. Pearce was the best player on the pitch last night.

  201. Chris in Belfast says:

    Your questions are immaterial, quite frankly, and I’m not going to go back digging through all the match reports since Bob took over to figure out how much PT he’s giving latino players because your line of reasoning Is. Not. Sound.

    The absence of lots of Latino players on the team doesn’t make Bob a racist.

  202. Andolini says:

    You are a doosh.

  203. Andolini says:

    You are a doosh.

  204. Eric_the_King says:

    A valid point. Sometimes Ives pulls a sneaky one on us and throws in those latest updates. Makes reading the occasional post (such as this one) a bit tricky.

    What I don’t understand is why half the people on here treat each other like children. Yes everyone has an opinion and that’s what this site is all about. But why do we throw in personal attacks when there’s a disagreement in opinion.

    As a general rule for all…. use this medium to share your thoughts, make a joke, ask a question…. or whatever. Just don’t be a “weenie”. For the love of Ives, let’s be respectful.

  205. EA says:

    Some of these comments are comical.

    I bet a lot of these posters KICK ASS at FIFA 10.

  206. CaliNick23 says:





    My hopeful starting line-up

    Subs: Edu,Bedoya,Findly

  207. Rory says:

    So, Torres who is probably one of our best midfielders doesn’t get play time because he is bad?

    Castillo? let me guess he is bad as well. That is just 2 examples.

    I wonder if Bobby Bradley has an agenda to keep out the hispanics.

  208. Zack Lewis says:

    Where the hell is Rogers? Yes he’s out of shape, but he’s created his own shots and hit the frame from distance like three times in the last two matches. He’s a different look than any of the other players.

  209. Eric_the_King says:

    That being said… I would find it difficult for BB to bring in Castillo at this stage. He’s definitely talented, but he’s seen no more than a few minutes on the pitch with the USMNT. And it’s not like he’s been in our player pool for years so that BB could show some trust in him. Just too short of time to get involved. It’s unfortunate.

  210. Eric_the_King says:


  211. ThaDeuce says:


  212. Chris in Belfast says:

    I love Torres on the field for the US, too.

    Bornstein is Latino. The captain of the team, Bocanegra, is Latino, Bedoya has been named to the squad for this upcoming game. Jose has been named for this game. Feilhaber gets regular PT. What in God’s name more do you want?

    But I get it, this is more about you hating Bob and trying to find anything wrong with him. From hence out, I’m done feeding the troll.

  213. Eric says:

    I said I was relieved to see Sacha was left off the squad. Who’s a better option than Ching? He’s smarter and works harder than EJ, Casey, and Findley, Cunning.

  214. tnnelson says:

    i thought klejstan would get the call for sure after el salvador. im glad to see torres on there though ive always thought he was legit

  215. Eric_the_King says:

    +1 to ElkstraBen

    I think too many people posting are getting hung up on this one game. I’m sure BB has roughly 18 guys solidified for South Africa. He has to take into account a lot of other alternatives for the remaining bunch. I was giving Beasley tons of poo last year. But it has to be said that he’s been much more effective in recent weeks (injuries aside). If he’s healthy he has good speed, decent skill and more experience than most. An in-form Beasley would be a nice addition.

  216. Forget Ching. If Bradley doesn’t move Dempsey to forward alongside Altidore in the final lineup, we won’t go very far.

  217. Goalscorer24 says:

    I don’t mind those callups. Bummer, Adu is having no luck, it is a bad time to pickup an injury if that was the issue. If it wasn’t, I don’t think Johnson deserves a callup before Adu.

  218. Stephen says:

    I wonder about them, too.

  219. Stephen says:

    Ives, do we have word on whether Ricardo Clark was called and declined (electing to stay with his team for a possible start this weekend) or if he wasn’t called at all?

  220. ETJ says:

    What a dumb comment for both questioning why Freddy isn’t in the roster and for forgetting that Ching hasn’t played for the USMNT in a while

  221. war says:

    I wouldn’t say conspiring… I would say i’m undermining a player’s ability to succeed at a top internationl level. If he cant do it against CONCACAF teams at home, he’s not going to pull it in Amsterdam. I’d like our SA team to be one that has players who can contribute. Findley has shown he cant offer anything to the team that anyone else already has and then some. For all the criticism EJ gets, he goes into a different frame of mind for the US and I hope he can do it. Findley is just Wynne playing up front.

  222. Rory says:

    Atleast someone caught on.

  223. war says:

    He’s home wondering why he chose to “create” a shot into the stands instead of passing and why he cant deliver a decent ball. You dont get credit for hitting the post. His different look is that he looks like scrub. We dont need out of shape players for the cup, especially with the whole MLS ordeal

  224. war says:

    he’s injured and just came back to light training last week. No sense in putting him in against NED when he hasn’t been deemed fit by club yet

  225. Jank says:

    Hmmm…..Curious as to why Ching was not included. He is almost 100% fit and would be great to see him up top with Altidore. A 100% fit Ching is probably our 3rd best striker option behind Altidore and Davies (not including Dempsey or Donovan).

    My guess is that BB probably is set on bringing ching to WC barring any injuries since he knows how he fits in with the rest of the regulars. have a game in florida.
    Nice to see EJ and Edu. I don’t think Findley has a chance but I think BB wants to see how he fares against Euro players.

  226. * Yawn *

    That’s the best you can do? To make the same insult twice?

  227. You never stop with that nonsense, do you? Don’t you have ANYTHING else of interest to say?

  228. Your questions aren’t legitimate. They don’t deserve answers.

  229. THaDeuce says:


  230. $herman Maje$ty says:

    ON WHAT EXACT DATE does bob bradley announce the FINAL World CUP 2010 South Africa Team USA MNT players?

  231. ThaDeuce says:

    true dat.

    only one change i would offer if beasley is in shape…maybe at half time, take stu out, move donovan to the right, put beasley on the left.

    Other than that this is great…well bob will probably want to evaluate mo at some point. and simek.

  232. Jimbo says:

    I think Scott Garlick should have been called up instead of Howard. By the way, is Sacha Kljestan Mexican?

  233. Ching is the best target forward in the pool.

  234. Rory says:

    Yes, under BB, Americans will always be shite at soccer.

  235. If he had any kind of agenda…why even call them into camp?

  236. nolan says:

    OMG! Eddie Johnson???!! WTF?! He is so last year! Also, Jozy Altidore really sucks. Both of them are the biggest primadonna’s on Earth. They have a horrible work rate, never fight for a ball and by the way, they NEVER score goals! Why not give Cunningham one last chance? He has only had a couple of caps whereas Johnson has had soooooo many frickin’ chances and produced nothing!I would rather have Cooper up there than Jozy or Johnson!

  237. DC Josh says:





    This should be the starting lineup.

    Bornstein has outplayed Pearce in ’09. One good game against a TERRIBLE team doesn’t mean Pearce is No. 1.

    I picked Edu over Torres because I think Bradley is a better offensive weapon than Torres, and Edu is a better defensive player than Bradley. Plus, the triangle of Donovan, Jozy, and Bradley is very decent. I’ve always wanted to see Bradley play in the hole behind the strikers. He has a hard shot, and will cause trouble if he can keep his shot on goal.

    Also, this formation is very flexible. Donovan can drop back into the hole, pushing Bradley back with Edu to help our weak backline. But Bradley has used the 4-4-2 exclusively.

    I can’t wait for this game. I’m skipping a very important class for it so they better show up and give it their all against an underachieving powerhouse.

  238. DC Josh says:

    First day of supporting the US obviously. Jozy was our leading goal scorer last year.

  239. seth davey says:

    I said he “couldn’t” get playing time for Belenenses. “Couldn’t” denotes past tense… meaning I was referring to the time when Freddy did play for Belenenses but couldn’t get time. Besides, I don’t hate Adu. I want him to succeed and I always have. My only thing is that he isn’t National team quality yet and he’s proved that over the past two years.

    I only mentioned MLS to say that during his time there he wasn’t even a star. And we’ve seen how well the MLS ‘stars’ have done on the US team. Well, okay, Donovan, Holden and Clark had a really Confederations Cup. Sorry for offending you. I still thin Adu isn’t the answer to America’s problem.

  240. Ken says:

    The list is due on June 1.

  241. John from Philadelphia says:

    well done. this gets the best players on the field.

  242. Carlo says:

    I think Spector will start on the left, and Simek will get the start on the right. Anyone want to take any bets?

  243. Marcus Tracy says:

    what about me ?

  244. EA says:

    “It’s sad that BB hates to play hispanic players”

    Like our Norwegian heritage captain, CARLOS BOCANEGRA.

    Sometimes this place is like Big Soccer, without all the reason, and accountability.

  245. Pete Rose says:

    Odds? 5 to 1 Simek doesn’t start

  246. EA says:

    Ives, can you give this guy the “harry” treatment?

  247. phil says:

    yup yup

  248. julio says:

    I’m a bit surprised that E. Castillo is not on the roster only because the kid is talented. He might not have gotten a call for MEX for whatever reason, but is not because he is a scrub, he plays in a league and starts for a L that is a bit higher in quality of talent than the MLS. Not knocking the MLS, I love the USA and bleed red,white and blue but let’s face it we are not at the MEX level of leagues just yet. They have many top talented Arg & Bra players playing in their league. The ARG and BRA that play in our league are at the end of their careers or are “never had beens”. Getting back to my point, E.Castillo should have been given a look. Not sure over who, but we have seen other players and given multiple guys time and time again only to be dissapointed with lack of consistency, at least this kid has untapped talent. Just my 2 cents.

  249. Bob Bradley says:

    Who are you?

  250. St. Addi says:

    Is annoying a word?

  251. tom v says:

    i’m not convinced that either jozy or EJ are true goal scorers. this isn’t a question of skill so to speak, but there are guys who are just good at putting the ball in the back of the net (inzaghi anyone?). davies was one of these guys. i like the concept of jozy and EJ theoretically, both are tough and both have pace and should be able to play well off each other, but im worried we would lack that killer instinct. if charlie’s not back, i think we will have to start jozy + landon/deuce…

    torres should start this game, but im sure BB will find some way to leave him out or play him out of posiiton.

  252. If it came down to between Cunningham and Findley, I would go with Cunningham. I thought he played better than Findley and was more consistent throughout the various friendlies. In last nights game, Cunningham connected well with Ching and other teammates and made overall better decisions regarding holding ball vs turning up field to attack. Some of that comes from experience and we’ll need that. Findley has good upside, but needs more experience that will come with 4 more years of pro ball.

  253. Yannis says:

    rofl at the posters bashing Jerome, he actually knows what he’s talking about compared to what you guys are saying from the looks of it – I like how one guy said Adu was only scoring goals for some ‘random Greek team’ when EJ is on the same team (scored 1 goal to Freddy’s 2 I might add) and got called up. It’s a snub, and a bad one.

  254. Yannis says:

    from Adu’s Twitter page: huh? lol im not injured i just said my hammy is sore – He replied to someone saying that him being injured was a possible reason for not being selected – seems like there’s miscommunication going on or Bradley is stretching to keep Adu off the plane

  255. Adam says:

    Guys, last time we all got on this fire Bradley, and BB doesnt know what he is doing kick, we finished second in the Confed Cup. None of us is seeing what he sees in camp, and none of us are involved in the conversations he is having with these guys prior to his decisions being made. I would like to think that he is leaving Adu with Aris in order to keep his fitness up and keep the consistency there. Face it, Freddy wont be starting in SA, but a super sub he definitely could be.

  256. Big Chil says:

    He won’t, and you have to switch Paco and Bradley in that formation, anyway.

  257. Big Chil says:





    BB tends to prefer players with more recent ‘Nat starts, which means Robbie Findley may actually start instead of EJ, and MB’s partner in central MF is probably up for grabs.

  258. Bizzy says:

    when people start dogging Freddy Adu it just makes me realize why he’s finding so much problems in soccer. I mean are you serious???? Who do we have that has dominated (in any competition) like freddy adu!!! No one. EVERYONE IS JUST TRYING HIM, TESTING HIM AND NOT REALLY GIVING HIM A REAL CHANCE. HE’S ALWAY PROVIDING HIMSELF OUT THERE INSTEAD OF JUST LEARNING THE GAME. US U-20 had all of the so call players: Edu, Holden, Bradley, Altidore..etc and who made an impact in that U-20 world cup? Who scored goals to put the USA on the map, striking with deadly accuracy and passing with precision? In the mist of the worlds best (italy, spain, brazil) who gave defenses problems…took defenders on, made dead on passes and FINISHED to put the US on the map?? Adu gets more play time than eddie johnson at Aris, gave him his first goal and has score 2 goal in three games and didn’t get called!!!! I cant believe what I’m reading!!!!! Training with Monaco, benefica and beleneses gives you more soccer experience (and better training) than playing a full season in MLS!!!!! We keep on putting blanks up forward and blank sheet is what we’ll get. Altidore! Johnson! findley! FINDLEY!!!! Wow, we will not score a goal except off a set pieceS, COZ all I see is speed, a little ball control, physical strenght and NO FINISHING…..

  259. ruckus12 says:

    I completely agree, Beasley does not deserve anymore time on USMNT. He folds under any spotlight, can’t play D what so ever, and seems like he loses possesion 70-80% of the time he touches the ball…if he makes the WC squad there is something seriously wrong with US Soccer. I can’t believe he is even on the squad against the Dutch.

  260. bizzy says:

    Jerome you are one of the few people on here who know what they are talking about. Respect man..

  261. ruckus12 says:

    Anyone know what’s up with Jermaine Jones? I thought USMT was going to try and get him a look for US?

  262. Lester says:

    Still hurt

  263. Berkeley says:

    You’re the best Ives. I want to have your babies.

  264. RevsFan says:

    At the very least we need a Forward who’s gonna hold on to the ball. As much as a like Jozy, I think we all have to admit he can be soft and give up the ball easily with his back to goal. It’s just not a role that he’s set up to play at Hull, so he isn’t getting better at it.

  265. wichin says:

    To those of you who want proof of Bradley’s racism and favoritism,
    “What you do thunders more than what you say”.

    Bradley has continually ignored the talent and has gone with favorite people like sasha and his son, who can’t hold a ball can’t pass under pressure. Torres is so much better, Castillo needs to be looked at, Adu will be on the team because he needs someone to come off the bench and do stuff that his favorites can’t because they are not talented enough, just mediocre while waiting to fall down and mess up like they did last summer. The world cup is to send our “best players, most talented ones” not our favorites!

  266. bizzy says:

    with that forward attack mark my words the Netherlands will dismantles us…big time. England is one of the teams to at least reach the quarter finals and we’re still fielding player that can’t score goals!!! We are getting out class by teams like Honduras and Denmark that are lower in the FIFA rankings because we insist on playing the same “blank” players. “Same ol’ same ol”. Edu, Holden, Clark, Johnson and Findley put together can’t have the impact that Adu has on a game and everyone around him. We’ve only seen a tip of the iceberg from Adu, in a league far more superior to MLS….The United States has a lot to lose by not fielding Adu. Refresh your memories by watching the U-20 world cup in Beijing and pick all the players on that team that Adu out shined (everyone) and helped make better….

  267. bizzy says:

    Amen Wichin!!!!

  268. wichin says:

    Amen bizzy Amen.

  269. Tim M. says:

    you are a doosh. and im sure you hate yourself

  270. reverb says:

    Holy smokes Ives, there are a few loonies posting on your board! Wow, some of these opinions on racism and wanting players to fail are pretty far out there. Not pertinent to your stories and definitely not productive or meaningful.
    Makes me think you need a rating system here.

  271. bizzy says:

    People who don’t have much knowledge of the game or didnt grow up playing the game should keep their comments to themselves. Thats the problem with the systems in the first place like talking about whatever first comes to mind, and also putting people where they dont belong!!!!

  272. ed says:

    Not sure if this has been asked or not, but I’d like to know who the Dutch have called up. Any news?

  273. cfig says:

    You’re doing a whole lot of ranting for someone who thinks other people should keep their opinions to themselves :) People on here have differing opinions and that’s what makes the conversation interesting.

    A lot of us don’t doubt that Adu has ability but don’t think that he has the match experience and fitness at this point to perform at the level that’s needed considering he hasn’t played regularly in several seasons. He’s started on a good run at Aris (albeit only a few matches) and I’d love to see him progress, but the other players in competition for spots in a crowded midfield have a stronger and much more consistent body of work over the last several seasons. Adu has had flashes of brilliance along with some not so great performances for the USMNT.

    I do think Adu is going to play a big part in the future of US Soccer, I just don’t think it’s going to be this summer. I think he, along with guys like Cameron and Rogers, are going to do some fantastic things in 2014.

  274. Tim M. says:

    those of us who clamor for these league one strikers to be brought into friendlies and camps need to face reality. their not going to be called in…ever. at least not during Bob’s tenure as head coach. Unless their playing like jermaine beckford at leeds, its simply not gonna happen

  275. sir coble says:

    I agree completely that findley and johnson are in competition with each other for our fast forward spot. If Davies is able to withstand constant play this spring, who is to say how much speed he still possesses? I know people will rip on me, but I didn’t think findley played bad last night, a little lost yes, but play bad? nah.

    I do pray that torres gets 60 minutes, we as a nation need to see what he can bring. I hate it that he must prove his worth against the dutch though. I think donovan should sub out at after 60. We know what he has, we should wait for the full squad against turkey and the chechs(sp). I havn’t seen bedoya! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him. Edu(maurice) will suprise people, and if anything he should be one of our best in 2014. p.s. please god don’t let kuyt and robben make our left d look terrible.

  276. seriously says:

    he is a latino. do you really expect anything different from bob?

  277. cfig says:

    I’m willing to bet that Bradley doesn’t rely on Twitter info when picking his roster.

  278. Scott A says:

    Get un-injured soon Cherundolo. I like the stability he brings, but even more so, I like when he grows his hair and we have Art Garfunkel in defence

  279. wichin says:

    Get adu and castillo in there and give them the experience of world cup even if it is for the future. Most of the players now will be out so we need to prepare for the future….

  280. Brian says:

    I could not agree more.

  281. understood says:


  282. NIk says:

    Would love to see torres get minutes and the start.

    Has Holland announced thier roster?

  283. DaveW says:

    Could be that Castillo’s play with Tigres combined with Bradley’s observation of him in training and on the field indicated he wasn’t what the USMNT needed? Do we really need another left sided player with defensive deficiencies?

  284. DC Josh says:

    ZEIST, Netherlands, Feb 26 (Reuters) – Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk on Friday announced the following 23-man squad for the international friendly match against the United States on March 3 in Amsterdam.

    Goalkeepers: Maarten Stekelenburg (Ajax Amsterdam), Michel Vorm (Utrecht), Piet Velthuizen (Vitesse Arnhem)

    Defenders: John Heitinga (Everton), Joris Mathijsen (Hamburg SV), Andre Ooijer (PSV Eindhoven), Edson Braafheid (Celtic), Gregory van der Wiel (Ajax Amsterdam), Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Feyenoord), Ron Vlaar (Feyenoord)

    Midfielders: Nigel de Jong (Manchester City), Demy de Zeeuw (Ajax Amsterdam), Stijn Schaars (AZ Alkmaar), Ibrahim Afellay (PSV Eindhoven), Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan), Orlando Engelaar (PSV Eindhoven), Mark van Bommel (Bayern Munich), Rafael van der Vaart (Real Madrid)

    Forwards: Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool), Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich), Klaas Jan Huntelaar (AC Milan), Eljero Elia (Hamburg SV), Ryan Babel (Liverpool)

    Any shots at a possible Netherlands starting XI? The midfield battle will be fierce. De Jong is going to be hard to avoid, he is a monster.

  285. madmax says:

    Not only did Findley play poorly but his effort was also poor. He could play with Xavi and Iniesta and still look bad. He is my mystery selection.

  286. These Colors Do Not Run says:

    Bob Bradley is not a racist. That sort of accusation is silly.

    But Bradley is conservative to a fault. Bradley has repeatedly stuck with his favorites when better players have been waiting in the wings.

    It took Ching’s injury for Davies to get into the side.

    Jonathan Bornstein has been given far too many opportunities to show us that he is not in the same class as, say, Spector as a left back.

    Sasha Kljestan got repeated games over Jose Francsico Torres, despite the fact that Torres is a far better player.

    Castillo? He is not altogether convincing. But Bradley has not given him a proper shot.

  287. bizzy says:

    cfig people should keep their opinions to themselves when they want to start insulting other people and not staying on the topic at hand!!!!

    Adu has been training with teams far more superior than anything MLS has to ofter(he was running circles around people there at the age of 16!!!), so even if he doesnt have the fitness you’re talking about, he’s better than most people on the team bar none. Aris relies on him more than they do Johnson(he gave johnson his first goal!!), that alone should tell you he brings alot to the tables.

    The reason why Donovan is so good is he’s able to see the big picture, make the pass when it counts, supply the ball accurately….thats what Adu will bring. Fitness is a thing you can work on and we have some of the best trainers to do that. Talent/ability/skill is something that comes naturally. Fitness without control is just like a good gun with no bullets…useless

  288. scott says:

    Ummm, Torres and Bedoya are both on the roster, and you post this comment? Seriously, seriously?

  289. ronniet23 says:

    if assuming what ives reported about freddy adu carrying an hamstring injury is true, than it would only make since that adu is not on the roster….don’t want to chance further injury with the nats and risk reducing club playing time. There are 2 more friendlies after this one against czech republic and turkey for freddie adu to show his worth!

  290. cfig says:

    Well, he never really dominated in MLS, he was a good but not exceptional player. He’s made one appearance for the US National Team over the last year and he wasn’t that impressive. He’s been playing regularly for a total of 3 of the last 150 or so weeks. (BTW, “he’s better than most people on the team bar none” is kind of contradictory.) I think at his best form, in top fitness and having gotten lots of games, he can be very good, but he hasn’t been at the level in the last few years.

    He does have talent (though skill ISN’T something that comes totally naturally and has to be developed) but he just hasn’t played regularly for a really, really long time. It would’ve been nice to see him get a callup but I can understand why he didn’t. There are other players in an already very crowded midfield with a much stronger body of work over the last two to three seasons.

  291. bizzy says:

    you have a lot of good points man. He did doninate MLS (it was almost comical)and was the poster child too. There was even a BBC world service article on him, titled FOOTBALL’S FORGOTTEN SUPERSTAR. BBC!!!! Which player (apart from Donovan recently) do we have that can attract that much attention!!! No one. Who around the world wants to know about findley…holden…bradley….johnson…Edu or ching. To have US fans bash him instead of support him (please, not saying you)is more sad than sorry.

    Conversely, his biggest problem is that he has been famous since he was a boy and this has arguably hindered his development more than helped it. To face the facts, some players thrive under certain coaches and some don’t (that evident with BB!!!!) and being a Yank mans it even harder

    He’s trained with some of the best teams in the world (including manchester united) but has to compete with the best in the world, not the best in MLS, the world. Does everyone on the bench of Real Madrid or Manchester united or barcelona get to play? negative. But how many of them play for their countries…a very huge percentage. If BB doesnt break out of selecting his regulars/favorites, countries that are below us in the FIFA Rankings will always have the upper hand…denmark, mexico, honduras to name a few…Now we go up against the no.3 in the world, and even if they bring their C team, with who we are fielding, they’re bring an ass wupin with them!!!

  292. MC says:

    What’s up with Frank Simek? Has he ever been called up before? How’s he been at Sheffield Wednesday?

  293. bizzy says:

    What most people don’t realize is there was even a BBC world service article on him, titled FOOTBALL’S FORGOTTEN SUPERSTAR. BBC!!!! Micheal Essien tried to recruit him to play for Ghana. Which player (apart from Donovan recently) do we have that can attract that much attention!!! No one. Who around the world wants to know about findley…holden…bradley….johnson…Edu or ching. To have US fans bash him instead of support him (please, not saying you)is more sad than sorry.

    Conversely, his biggest problem is that he has been famous since he was a boy and this has arguably hindered his development more than helped it. To face the facts, some players thrive under certain coaches and some don’t (that evident with BB!!!!) and being a Yank mans it even harder

    He’s trained with some of the best teams in the world (including manchester united) but has to compete with the best in the world, not the best in MLS, the world. Does everyone on the bench of Real Madrid or Manchester united or barcelona get to play? negative. But how many of them play for their countries…a very huge percentage. If BB doesnt break out of selecting his regulars/favorites, countries that are below us in the FIFA Rankings will always have the upper hand…denmark, mexico, honduras to name a few…Now we go up against the no.3 in the world, and even if they bring their C team, with who we are fielding, they’re bring an ass wupin with them!!!

  294. Jon from Chicago says:

    and BTW I don’t think Bradley is a racist. That some strong words. I just think hes a fool. One good finish at the CONFED cup and fans are ready to erect statues of the guy.

    If SASHA AND CHING get constant callups please tell me why you wouldn’t call up Castillo when LB has been a torn in our heal for awhile.

    Thats why I think hes a fool…

  295. Foppol says:

    Is Benny Feilhaber still hurt?

  296. Supsam says:

    Its Castillo’s fault. If he committed himself to the US much much earlier, he would have had more chances to impress Bradley

  297. Matthew E. says:

    Boy, Freddy Adu sure gets this crowd worked up. Maybe Ives is right. Maybe Adu wasn’t called in because he’s hurt. The thing is, even if he were called in he’d be a long shot to make the squad of 23 for South Africa…. but who knows? If Adu keeps up the form he’s been showing of late, it might be hard to leave him off the roster for South Africa!!!

  298. Matthew E. says:

    Yes. Ankle injury was announced earlier this week to be more serious than earlier thought. Sometime next week I understand they will re-image the ankle to get a better idea of where he stands with the injury.

  299. Matthew E. says:

    Had me for a little while, then you didn’t go anywhere with it. What are you trying to say? What solution do you propose? In two sentences, what do you see is wrong?

  300. Matthew E. says:

    Simek played well in the 2007 Gold Cup but has been fighting injury for much of the time since then. I understand he’s been in good form of late for Sheffield Wednesday, and it’s probably good to bring him in, especially with the poor form Hejduk exhibited at the end of last year and the injury problems that Spector’s had over the years and that Cherundolo currently has.

  301. Matthew E. says:

    Thing is, both of those friendlies will be after the final roster for South Africa will have to be submitted, I believe. Ives, can we get a confirmation on this? Is there a set date yet for final roster submission? I was trying to search for it on, but I came up with nada.

  302. ron says:

    Maybe the preliminary Dutch roster would help?

    Note: Van Persie still injured. Van Nistelrooij did not want to be selected (yet?).

    Ibrahim Afellay M(PSV), Ryan Babel F(Liverpool), Otman Bakkal M(PSV), Mark van Bommel M(Bayern München), Edson Braafheid D(Celtic Glasgow), Wout Brama M(FC Twente), Giovanni van Bronckhorst D(Feyenoord), Eljero Elia F(HSV Hamburg), Orlando Engelaar M(PSV), John Heitinga D (Everton), Klaas-Jan Huntelaar F (AC Milan), Nigel de Jong M(Manchester City), Dirk Kuyt F(Liverpool), Joris Mathijsen D(HSV Hamburg), André Ooijer D(PSV), Arjen Robben F(Bayern München), Stijn Schaars M (AZ), Wesley Sneijder M(Inter), Maarten Stekelenburg GK (Ajax), Rafaël van der Vaart M(Real Madrid), Piet Velthuizen GK(Vitesse), Ron Vlaar D (Feyenoord), Michel Vorm GK (FC Utrecht), Gregory van der Wiel D (Ajax) en Demy de Zeeuw D(Ajax).

  303. Dick says:

    I really don’t like you. Go on, say something clever.