Who should the USA start vs. the Netherlands?

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The first chance to see a close to full-strength U.S. national team in 2010 will come on Wednesday in the Netherlands, and while there are still several top players recovering from injuries, the match vs. the Netherlands should provide a good measure of how strong the U.S. squad is just three months from the World Cup.

The Dutch will provide a stiff test, particularly to the American defense, and playing at Amsterdam ArenA will be the best overall combination of competition and atmosphere the squad has seen since the World Cup Qualifier at Azteca in August.

Injuries are still an issue for the Americans, with Charlie Davies, Clint Dempsey Oguchi Onyewu, Ricardo Clark and Benny Feilhaber all sidelined, but that will mean golden opportunities for play.ers to impress against very tough competition on Wednesday

So who will U.S. coach Bob Bradley start vs. the Netherlands? Here is our take on the Starting XI we see taking the field in Amsterdam.

USA Projected Starting XI vs. the Netherlands






So what other variations could we see? DaMarcus Beasley could get the nod ahead of Stuart Holden, and Jose Torres could get the call ahead of Maurice Edu. The Beasley-Holden decision is a tough one since both have had limited action in recent weeks, but Bradley could be tempted to give Beasley the nod to see just where he is in terms of form and fitness right now.

The Edu-Torres decision is a tough one to call as well. Edu is healthy and hasn't had a proper look in a long time because of injury. Also, a Bradley-Edu tandem could be considered a better defensive match-up against a Dutch midfield likely to be led by Wesley Snjeider. That said, Torres has been with the team steadily for the past nine months and is playing well in Mexico.

As far as the forward spot alongside Jozy Altidore, we'll give the nod to Johnson, who in season with Aris FC. Findley wasn't that impressive vs. El Salvador either, but that doesn't mean he won't get some playing time.

The defense is set, but you have to wonder whether Bradley saw enough from Heath Pearce against El Salvador to want to see him go up against the Dutch. It's probably more likely that he'll come in as a substitute.

What lineup would I like to see face the Dutch? Here's the group I'd be interested in watching:





I'm torn between Edu and Torres in this group, but think Bradley-Edu is a better match-up against the Dutch and Edu hasn't had a look in so long that I'm interested in seeing him start. Torres could be a halftime sub in this group.

Who would you like to see start? What do you think of the above lineup? Think the Americans can get a positive result in Amsterdam?

Share your thoughts below.

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301 Responses to Who should the USA start vs. the Netherlands?

  1. JT says:

    I was thinking the same. How may subs are allowed? 6? I am looking forward to seeing Edu. I haven’t seen him play since the Olympics. Hopefully he is in good form.

  2. usmnt pwns says:

    hey i have a question about carlos bocanegra. does anybody know how much playing time he is getting with stade rennes and how he is doing there? is he in form?

  3. Rainstpub says:

    Agreed. Although I think it will be Beasley only because he has a few more games with Holden being out.

    Also, This will be Johnsons last shot. Ching had a very nice half against El Salvador and looks to be going to SA. Still not a big fan but hopefully he proves me wrong.

    And lastly, No Freddie? I guess BB sees what the rest of us see and that is a player not ready to do anything with the USNT yet.

    Peace and hair grease!!!

  4. JDuck says:

    It sounds like Edu has been in good form as of late, with Rangers. I would look forward to a Edu, Bradley pairing.

  5. pal says:

    This just shows how shallow our pool of strikers really is. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bob play Landon as a withdrawn striker and set up as a 4-5-1. That way you could get both Holden and Beaz in the match to see where they are form-wise. However we line up, this one could be ugly.

  6. Chris in Belfast says:

    Please, Bob, lots of time for Jose.

  7. Murphy says:

    that looks right because of our options at forward. i still think eddie johnson isn’t really dangerous right now. but bob is probably using this as his last chance to see how he does vs. good competition. we all know bornstein will start because bob wouldn’t have it any other way. i do think he’s better than pearce though. pearce looked good the other night but that wasn’t enough to put him ahead of bornstein and the other outside backs we have. hopefully bornstein doesn’t get exposed vs. the dutch. if he plays well, i will reduce my anti-bornstein comments significantly.

  8. William the Terror says:

    ugh. this is a game where we have to focus on solid defense and counterattack, or we will wing up losing by three or four goals. that being the case, the Davies and Dempsey absences are a seriou blow to our counterattacking options. Bunker down boys.

  9. Felix says:

    I know many will be screaming for a Bradley-Torres CM tandem, but I agree with Ives, but with our CBs not being in the best form at the moment and going against a team as prolific as the Dutch, I don’t know if Torres and Bradley can control the midfield. Putting Edu will solidify the middle somewhat and let Bradley roam and push up more.

    As for the Holden vs Beasley argument. Neither have played much lately, and both have come off recent injuries. I can see valid arguments for either player starting.

    I’m not crazy about seeing EJ though, that ship has sailed for me.

  10. Felix says:

    He’s not in the best form, in their last game he was subbed off at halftime while playing at LB.

  11. I agree with “pal” above. Why are we married to this 4-2-2-2? Why not play Altidore as a lone strike up top with Donovan in a withdrawn role? Our strength is the depth in midfield. While a 4-5-1 doesn’t make for very attractive soccer, it may be out best chance given that Dempsey and Davies are out.

  12. AngelUSAfan says:






    I think the the foward are Altidore and Findley on top and (Johnson) as Sub.
    Midfielder I think he will start Beasley and Donovan with Torres and Bradley subs will be (Edu, Holden and Bedoya). and for the Denfend will be Bornstein, Bocanegra, DeMerit and Spector and coming up for sup will be (Pearce, Goodson & Semik)since there are only six subs in this game.

  13. Rex says:

    We know what what little bradley can do. Lets try out something different. Or will Bob keep his “Michael starts and isnt subbed” streak alive?

  14. Monkey Boy says:

    I think BB will likely go with Beasley out left and Donovan right. Bedoya will likely get a shot as a sub out left at some point and maybe Holden for Donovan. I agree Edu will likely start ahead of Torres, but Torres will likely get a shot as a sub. We’ll probably also see Finley get a run out at some point as well as Pearce.
    Note: it’s good to have 6 subs for a friendly.

  15. Dubs says:

    Move up Donovan and put Torres on the wing. I don’t want to watch EJ skip around ineffectively while Torres rides pine. It would just make my head hurt.

  16. EA says:

    ———-Anybody but Ching-Cooper———
    —Anybody but Kljestan-Adu-Torres-Bedoya—
    —————Shep Messing————-

  17. montana matt says:

    I’d prefer a 4-5-1, with Torres in at CM instead of starting with EJ up top. Glad to have Edu fit again though. I think he brings a lot to the table both defensively, and in terms of distribution and maintaining possession. I’d like for Beasley to get a chance to redeem himself too.

  18. Aaron in StL says:

    I thought it’d be a cold day in hell before ever seeing EJ in the starting line up again. If he doesn’t take this opportunity by the throat he should be out of the pool.

    I like the idea of two ‘defensive’ guys like Bradley and Edu, especially as Bradley tends to drift forward anyways. At least allows our outside MF’s to get up.

    I just hope they can avoid the same result they had vs. Germany in the last go round before ’06. A solid performance is more important than the result. Excited to see how Donovan plays after this Everton run. If injuries don’t go our way this could be the type of situation he’ll see plenty in SA.

  19. montana matt says:

    I think the consensus is that Torres isn’t really effective on the wing.

  20. Russ says:

    I was pretty shocked to see Findlay on this roster. Haven’t seen anything from him at the international level that suggests he should be on the SA roster. I’m surprised Ching is not making the trip, but I guess that’s because Ching and Alitdore play similar roles, and we’re searching for the “speed” striker. So–I can’t believe I’m saying this–I’d like to see EJ up top.

  21. ec says:

    But he did get a number of starts in a row going 90, so the situation has improved in the past few months.

  22. Mig22 says:

    let’s all just go into this one with realistic expectations: we’re real(istical)ly going to get killed. :)


  23. ec says:

    I hate when people say one formation is more attacking than another. It’s all about the attitude out there. Everton played a 4-5-1 vs Man U and was universally praised for the swashbuckling style they rolled out with.

    So I totally agree, if our 5th MF is better than our 2nd forward, let’s do it.

  24. Joe says:

    I’ve said this on a few threads… But would anyone be surprised if we saw a 4-5-1?? Also I wouldn’t be shocked to see Guzan start to keep Timmy fresh

  25. JT says:

    Agoos? Oh boy, here comes an OG

  26. JavaLavaJoe says:





  27. bryan says:

    i agree about the tough decision for the Torres/Edu spot. i, for one, would like to see Jozy and EJ up top with LD and Beasley on the wings. That is a TON of speed on the wings. and EJ would be the fast striker and Jozy could kind of fall into the target striker role.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a 4-5-1 as well, to be honest.

  28. JavaLavaJoe says:

    Bad news…Shep pulled a hamstring in training…he’s a scratch, but Campos has applied for citizenship so may be ready by match time!

  29. DC Josh says:

    My formation is the same as Ives:





    This formation has the best defensive and offensive potential. If Beasley lights it up then we’ll finally have some quality ”wingers”. Bradley will probably go with something else. He may not put Donovan up top because of consistency. He needs to find a formation of players and stick to it. Chemistry is so important leading up to the World Cup and leaving players in consistent positions will help build team unity.

    It’s crunch time. Although this is a friendly, it still feels as important as the last game in DC against Costa Rica.

  30. Jeremy says:

    A question about kits- will Netherlands and US both be wearing their away kits that Nike unveiled yesterday? Or will we see the Dutch orange?

  31. Spectra says:

    I agree with you, bob needs to see what a bradleyless midfield looks like. I would start Micheal every single game but what happens if he gets injured or he gets carded?

  32. ZacIndy says:

    You gotta think that in Amsterdam they’ll wear orange and we should were blue, but I wouldn’t be suprised to see us in white.

  33. wilyboy says:

    First Half:



    Bornstein-Boca-Demerit-Spector, GK Howard

    Second Half:


    Bedoya-Torres/sub 65 Edu-Bradley-Holden

    Pearce-Boca-Demerit-Simek (late appearance Goodson, sub out either Donovan or Holden late to give Findley a run).

    This should provide vital comparisons; Beasley vs. Bedoya, Donovan forward+ right mid, Bornstein vs. Pearce, and give both Edu and Torres a good run.

    Of course, won’t happen.

  34. wilyboy says:

    Oh yeah, Guzan second half.

  35. Matthew E. says:

    Whatever lineup we have out there, I hope that Landon is given the left wing spot. It’s where Landon’s most effective, and his effectiveness is really the 1, 2, and 3 most important things about any USA lineup.

  36. montana matt says:


  37. Thorpinski says:

    I think Torres has an edge in form right now over Edu, so I would like to see him get the start. Also, it would give us a good indication of his defensive ability against a strong team like the Neth. If Torres can hold his own in this match, I believe he will earn the starting spot heading into the WC

  38. ThaDeuce says:





    At Half Time:

    —————Altidore———Eddie Johnson————-




    That is what I’d like to see!
    No one gets stood up, and everyone who needs and deserves a look gets one. As good as it gets.

  39. Betinho says:

    I for one am excited to see EJ back in the squad. I’m anticipating him having. His game has come a long way since we last saw him with the full squad. He’s working harder, his vision and passing have improved and most importantly he’s playing with confidence.

    If Charlie D is able to make the WC and BB brings four true forwards (LD and Deuce would be Wingers in this case) I would include EJ and Ching (best palyer in the pool at holding up the ball and his passing is as good, if not better, than the rest of the forward pool as well) . Maybe I’m alone on this. Maybe I’ve drank too much of the Kool Aid but I truly believe these are the best forwards we have to do the jobs required.

  40. Matthew E. says:

    Luckily, Bradley’s gotten red carded enough that we’ve had plenty of chances to experiment without him already!!!!

  41. fubar says:

    I would love to see Simek on the right for the entire match. Reports out of UK say he is now back at full strength. He was heading to the EPL before the ankle problem.

    Frankie on the right and Jonathon on the left vs. England

  42. ThaDeuce says:

    or right wing, where he has been very effective in the EPL.
    Agree that he needs to be on a wing, and agree that his effectiveness is important…he needs to be able to play the whole field, not just up top.

  43. Matthew E. says:

    No Goodson or Simek out there? I hope they get looks as well. I guess you’re not too interested in Bedoya, either.

  44. Matthew E. says:

    I like your thinking with Torres.

  45. Matthew E. says:

    That’s an interesting lineup. Defensively stacked up and stranding Altidore up top. I wonder if we’d have any chances with that lineup. It would be interesting to see.

  46. Matthew E. says:

    My prediction: Eddie Johnson starts and scores in the first half on a header delivered by either Donovan, Holden or Spector.

  47. montana matt says:

    I think Landon has said on more than one occasion that he prefers the left wing so he can curl in shots and crosses with his right foot.

  48. coyb says:

    I know dolo’s hurt….but why not Spector at left back???

  49. wally says:

    Hey, he didn’t start v. el salvador.. Against the dutch, friendly or no, you need to bring out the big guns or it could get embarassing. that means bradley jr.

  50. Soccer Fan says:

    Beasley is quite possibly one of the worst players on the U.S. squad. I’m not sure why he keeps getting called up. He’s had plenty of chances to redeem himself, and each time, he is a huge disappointment. I don’t know why Bradley continues to call him up. The rest of the squad looks alright though.

  51. montana matt says:

    With Bradley coaching it would probably be used defensively as a 4-5-1, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. The formation I’ve just described could just as easily be used as a 4-3-3, similar to the formation used by both Arsenal and Barca (hardly defensive teams).

  52. Colin says:

    Looking forward to watching Bradley and Edu play together, I think BB is going to deply 2 holding midfielders in the WC, this is a nice preview. If Eddie Johnson starts, I am going to snap. Would love to see LD play up top with Jozie, slide Torres into the LM spot instead of Beasley.

  53. Lee from NYC says:

    For once BB, put Torres in.

    I agree with a post from above, let Torres start and see how he handles this type of game. I think many people are going to be surprised on how well he’ll handle the pace.

    I also agree to NOT put bradley jr. in. Let Edu take the DM reigns for once. This is a friendly with a topflight opponent, we should not squander this opportunity by putting the same old midfield that, without landon and dempsey, has shown to not hold up as well. We should test new players and new combinations. I keep reading people posting a Bradley/Torres center mid. I think that has potential, as long as Bradley stays back and doesn’t get too greedy by going up and leaving Torres (who I think is the closest player we have to a playmaking #10) to create the spaces and attacking flow.

    Unfortunately, I think BB will leave Torres out and have his son play a full 90. I really really really hope I’m wrong.

  54. montana matt says:

    You are absolutely right. A 4-5-1 is not an inherently defensive formation. The beauty of a 4-5-1 is that it can easily transition to a 4-3-3, but you’re right, mentality is more important than the formation on the field.

  55. Aaron in StL says:

    It’s definitely a different train of thought than we’re used to in soccer, especially USMNT. I think it’s more like a baseball-style idea where maybe he’s the piece of the puzzle that works as opposed to a guy who has really proven much.

  56. Thorpinski says:

    Replace beasley’s name with Johnson and i would agree

  57. Mig22 says:

    I agree in Part, Lee. I’d really like to see Torres get some work (at least 45 minutes, preferably 60) with the rest of the team vs. good (great) competition.

    But I’m okay with BB playing MB the full 90 because whatever else we do in the middle, MB is going to be there. That is, unless health or REALLY bad form interferes.

  58. Andy in Chicago says:

    Torres deserves the start. I don’t know why so many of you want Edu playing in his place.

  59. USMNT says:

    Jose Francisco Torres deserves the start ahead of Maurice Edu. Maurice Edu has struggled for playing time since making his return to Rangers. In his previous game he was obviously the weakest link in the midfield.


  60. wally says:

    Hey ives. i’m not a fan of long winded poorly written posts either, but i think blocking them would be a mistake. isn’t it part of the democracy of the internet that everyone gets their say, whether rambling or concise, insightful or obtuse, knowledgeable or ignorant?

    (SBI-There’s a difference between democracy and anarchy. Democracy has rules, anarchy doesn’t, and we certainly don’t just let people say whatever they feel like it regardless of content. That would be crazy. Truth is I doubt the long-comment issue will be a problem, we just want people to be aware that they shouldn’t just be rattling off long manifestos. I’ll be sure to reach out specificially to anybody who makes it a habit, which I have done in the past. Hopefully that will keep us from having to block comments or ban people.

    We plan on incorporating a community forum soon so hopefully that will serve as an avenue for the over-written comment folks to write their long-winded comments.)

  61. B1879 says:

    I’d like to see Spector at left back and Simek at right back. Boca and DeMerit in the middle.

  62. montana matt says:

    Because then we would have to start Simek at RB.

  63. Jerome says:

    You think your fooling anybdoy with that comment..”sees what the rest of us sees”

    One person does not = Rest of us.

  64. Mig22 says:

    One thing about Edu and his playing time at Rangers: it’s clear that with the large number of games in Scotland and with the large roster maintained by Rangers, that the majority of players seemed to be platooned a bit. Just a suggestion but it MAY explain why he doesn’t get consistent minutes. Plus, he’s been off-and-on injured, yes?

  65. Lee from NYC says:

    Bradley JR. SHOULD be on the starting team come the world cup. He is the best DM we have at this moment.

    I’m just saying to give other players a chance and see how they handle the role. We know what to expect from MB, but what happens if he gets hurt? or gets carded? who do you have to fall back on? I think this game can help with answering those questions. I would like to see Edu and possibly another DM get a crack at it.

    Again, MB is the best option we have, but I feel as after him, there’s no clear B or C plan.

  66. USMNT says:

    Bob Bradley would not play Jonathan Spector at eft back unless absolutely necessary according to his SBI interview. He basically states Spector is capable of playing on the left in limited minutes, but does not have the ability to cross the ball from deep positions there.

  67. Mig22 says:

    Ah, got it. I thought you had implied that maybe Junior should be replaced. Sorry for the misread.

    And on that note, there is ALWAYS the chance that he gets suspended for cardage…he does have a history of oopses. So yeah, let’s see some different d-mid and central-mid pairings.

    I figure out things eventually. Cheers!

  68. fubar says:

    and what’s wrong with that?

  69. ZacIndy says:

    i guess he had a change of heart.

  70. DC says:

    Was I the only one who thought Pearce was our best player on the field against El Salvador??

    I’m not a Bornstein fan. He’s not big, fast enough, or good enough on the ball in my opinion.

    I want to see Heath against world class competition to validate what I think is our best left back option.

  71. fubar says:

    See my post at 11:02 AM

  72. USMNT says:

    Maurice Edu does not have the possession game that people claim he has! Watch Rangers on Sunday atdhe.net! Maurice Edu plays similarly to Ricardo Clark without the work rate and long distance shot. He struggles making accurate passes in tight positions.


  73. JAuch12 says:

    I agree… I’d love to see if we are really so horrible defensively with Torres in there. The best defense is keeping possession which Torres does better than any of our other center mid options.

  74. Josh G in NC says:

    I’ll take in a 4-3-3, with three central midfielders, one attacking, two holding.







  75. Lee from NYC says:

    All good man. My real fear with MB is that he commits silly fouls that get him sent off and leaves the team with a huge hole to fill. I hope there’s someone who can do a decent job replacing him if this ever happens.

    Anyhow. Go USA! :-)

  76. Mig22 says:

    Nope, you’re not the only one DC. I thought Pearce rocked the other night. And yes, I would like to see him play in this game, at least 45.

  77. montana matt says:

    A Spector/Simek pairing is quite a bit weaker than a Borstein/Spector pairing. In my opinion anyway.

  78. USMNT says:

    Bob Bradley is the USMNT manager, thus there will be no change in formation from the 4-4-2

  79. Dan says:

    Not sure if it’s been brought up, but what might the Netherlands side look like? I’ve always been a fan of watching them play.

  80. r.benjamin says:

    I would like to see Torres start. I think his dimension will add to the team.

    However, if Edu starts for Rangers this week and plays well, I don’t mind seeing where he’s at and have JFT come in at 55′.

    I think JFT is the best option of the US to play well. But I think Edu just might be the better matchup v England where out best chance might be a down and dirty9 behind the ball effort.

    I’d like to see Simek get good minutes. Dolo and Spector are our best back tandem but not sure that Simek is worse than Boca (having spector shift depending on which backup is playing better) in case Dolo cant’ go.

    Who ever plays and/or plays better this weekend between Beasely and Holden.

  81. montana matt says:

    Amen! Preach brother, preach!

  82. montana matt says:

    Amen to the 4-3-3 that is.

  83. Igor says:

    Does anyone here know that Edu has barely seen any time with Rangers since he came back from his injury? He should still get a look but I don’t think he’s fit to start.

  84. Lee from NYC says:

    I really like that lineup. It’s kind of a 4-3-3 that can become a 4-5-1 when the pressure is on.

    I have a feeling that BB tried this in the costa rica qualifier game, but it backfired on him. Perhaps this time it would be different.

  85. Igor says:

    Braldey isn’t a holding midfielder.

  86. tom v says:

    the best defense is being able to relieve your defenders of pressure, which means keeping some possession. and edu-bradley midfield has proven miserable at holding possession (as has a bradley-rico midfield). we need a possession player otu there. TORRES please! he plays a holding role in mexico and is not a defensive liability, especially when you consider the defensive abilities of our outside midfielders (who are in no way true wingers) donovan and beasley

  87. Sean says:

    I would never play Jozy up top alone. He has struggled as a target striker at Hull this year. When he was paired with Vennegoor of Hesselink, his form really started to pick up. Personally, I would go with Ives but you have to think BB needs to give Torres a run in this game. He’s played regularly for the past year and he’s in good form. He should stop playing these people who get two starts and all of a sudden are good to get capped(not capped ala East LA).

  88. tom v says:

    defense isnt all about incredible tackles. our CBs are weak as everyone has noted, and therefore they can only take the bombardment for so long before they concede – we need to keep the pressure off of them by putting pressure on the other team. not by just making a tackle, kicking the ball out,a nd letting them come at us again. remember brazil in confed cup? the only teams that can pull of this type of pure counter attacking are the ones with rock solid defenses – i.e., italy, inter milan, and chelsea. we have a good all round team, for us to do well we need to use our all round abilities and not focus on strengthening or d at all positions.

    lame to reply to my own post i know, but i had a few more thoughts i wanted to get in

  89. USMNT says:

    Agreed 100%

    Maurice Edu will soon show everyone his poor form.

    Jose Francisco Torres deserves to start.

    For the USMNT to progress a different dimension in the midfield is needed (enter JFT)

    (SBI-Watch the all caps please. Thanks.)

  90. David says:


  91. Lee from NYC says:

    Amen. Without possession we cannot win nor play to a respectful result.

    I think many (a majority perhaps? its the feeling I get from the forums) US fans agree with your assessment.

    The sad part is that BB doesn’t. At least that’s what it seems to me as of this moment. Hopefully he changes his mind in June.

  92. USMNT says:


    However, people uneducated in football assume because Jozy Altidore is built like a target forward he should have those skills.


  93. baquito alyeska says:

    This, although I might put Torres back on Edu’s line.

  94. DCD says:

    I’m newish to Ives terrific blog (or at least the comments section), but I don’t see why people are so abrasively defensive of Adu. (Granted, it could be because people all over the Intranets are abrasively defensive of every position they take.) We all wish he was a phenom, but he isn’t, or hasn’t been yet. He’s still very young, though, and there’s plenty of time for him to accumulate a body of work that eventually makes the case to take someone else’s place with the MNT. I really can’t see how two goals make that case now.

  95. John from Philadelphia says:

    PLay to out strengths. Midfield. 4-5-1.


    Holden – Bradley – Torres – Donovan


    Boca – Goodson – Demerrit – Spector


  96. Rory says:

    I surely hope the rest of us see that Freddy Adu is not worthy of getting anywhere near this team right now. He’ll have four years to work his way back into the picture but we’ve all wasted enough words on him.

    Of course I’m not sure Robbie Findley is anywhere near ready for being on this team either.

  97. Tuncay is my hero says:

    this would be my lineup as well. maybe with beasley in place of holden though. gives good defensive shape, but allows us to get numbers forward IF we can keep some possession

  98. Freddie Footballer says:

    ditto to all three of you. Put Torres in.

  99. John from Philadelphia says:

    this is how we get our best players on the field. love it.

  100. green says:

    Then get ready to see a 4-0 scoreline. Not in our favor.

    3 CM’s will get completely overrun trying to cover the width of the field. See failure @C.Rica as reference. Now just imagine the Oranje unleashing on us.

  101. Lee from NYC says:

    Agree. Partly.

    Jozy is not a pure target forward, but in the last few games I’ve watched, he’s gotten better at holding the ball.

    I would have him a lead striker, with donovan being a recessed striker/attacking mid.

    Ideally, Jozy would be the top lone striker, but not a target man. Attacking possession would run through the mid field to feed Jozy with crosses and through passes.

    But, if all you plan to do is long ball, then yes, Jozy should not be alone up top.

  102. Jody says:

    I’m hoping Beasley gets the start.

  103. sarahsmooth says:

    Well, at least with Johnson when can play the drinking game whenever he passes or dribbles backward.

  104. Dave says:

    Altidore does not play well as a long striker, either with the USMNT or Hull. He needs a target guy like Ching or Vennagoor up there with him.

  105. HoneyHell says:

    I think Ives line-up is likely to be what BB uses.

    Personally would perfer to have Torres Start and have Edu subbed in around the 60 min mark.

    Bornstein starts at LB…but bring Pearce in as a Sub around the 60 Min mark.

    Start EJ up top…then sub in someone else at Half-time.

    Left/Right wing midfield subbed at the half as well.. either Holden for Beasley or Beasley for Holden depending on who starts.

    Anyway that’s my 2 Cents……..

  106. baquito alyeska says:

    MB only has 3 YC’s and 0 Reds this season for BoMo according to the Bundesliga website.

    link to bundesliga.de

  107. Lee from NYC says:

    Not really. Like I said, this lineup can become more defensive when needed. with two dedicated DMs, your mid actually runs less. your wingers will have to do a lot of running though, but that’s better than leaving the whole middle open.

    It also lends to counter attacking up the flanks, feeding Jozy with crosses and through balls.

  108. Peter says:

    I wish that to but I am almost certain that Edu will play and torres may get 5 to 10 token minutes.

  109. Betinho says:

    This was the line up for their last qulaifier – they were already in…

    1 Michel Vorm (G)

    5 Giovanni Van Bronckhorst (D)

    4 Joris Mathijsen (D)

    3 Andre Ooijer (D)

    2 Gregory Van Der Wiel (D)

    11 Arjen Robben (M)

    8 Nigel De Jong (M)

    10 Wesley Sneijder (M)

    6 Demy De Zeeuw (M)

    9 Dirk Kuyt (ST)

    7 Robin Van Persie (ST)

    16 Piet Velthuizen (G)

    12 Johnny Heitinga (D)

    14 Edson Braafheid (D)

    15 Rafael Van der Vaart (M)

    13 Stijn Schaars (M)

    18 Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (ST)

    17 Eljero Elia (ST)

  110. baquito alyeska says:

    I didn’t read your post but I’ll assume it was very important since you used all caps.

  111. philmatt24 says:

    Maybe you weren’t in Kaiserslautern, but DMB had a heck of a shot that had all of us USA fans at the opposite end of the stadium screaming and jumping in ecstasy for at least two minutes because we were BEATING ITALY AT THE WORLD CUP… granted, eventually we realized the goal was disallowed because McBride was in an offside position, but still… we came that close to beating the eventual champions.

    Don’t get me wrong, Beasley’s had many poor showings, and his game has flaws (not very strong, for one thing). But when he’s in form, his speed and shots like the one I described are certainly at least worthy of consideration. If he keeps playing well, I’d say he’s far from the worst option to have on your bench.

  112. AG says:

    Well said and I agree, however, I sympathize with Ives for all the work he puts into articles and communicating with his readers but then has to deal with “rambling, obtuse, ignorant” thoughts from some. It can be vexing but something he has to contend with for being so dedicated to his site.

    Ives, you’re appreciated for all that you do for American soccer. Shake off the small stuff. Sorry for the lengthy comment.(joke)

  113. Sninho says:

    So, how does Eddie’s one goal (assisted by Adu) allow him on the team instead? Just a question…

  114. Lee from NYC says:

    MB has never really been in card trouble in the bundesliga, but it seems to me he gets carded OFTEN in international tournaments.

    Again, I hope he doesn’t get carded/hurt/poor form, but as a manager I would like to see BB give other players a chance in the event he needs to replace MB, whatever the reason.

  115. The bums will always lose says:

    I gotta wonder about Edu getting the start. He’s only played a handful of games since coming back and although he’s showed some decent form, he hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve the call up or doesn’t deserve to get a good run in this game, but starting? I’m not so sure.

    There are two reasons, imo, for a Bradley-Torres combo. First, Torres is extremely comfortable playing a deep-lying midfield role and maintaining possession from that spot. This takes pressure off of the back four, and more importantly allows Bradley the freedom to roam all over the field, which he’s gonna do anyway.

    Second, there’s been so much back and forth around Torres – he’s the best possession player we have/he’s not strong enough defensively – that it’s time to see, for better or worse, what he can do given a solid run with the (almost) full squad against a quality opponent (on a decent pitch).

  116. primoone says:

    Taking into consideration that El Sal. was not that organized couple days ago, Pearce was effective going forward and covering his mark. One game does not make a great sample in wich to lead to a conclusion. Having said that, I do feel that Bob will use this friendly as a real test for Pearce. Should he play with consistency, then he is well on his way to SA. You can say the same thing for the other 2 guys that were brought in from the last game. However, I don’t think they get to start. Goodson will most likely be subbed in at the half as opposed to getting that starting role. With regard to the Midfield, LD has been switching off from right to left at various times in the match for Everton and has been much more effective on the right. I wouldn’t be surprised to see LD on the right to start with Holden replacing him at the half. We all know Junior will be getting the start as it is sort of a homecoming for him. However, the Torres/edu decision is pretty interesting taking into consideration that Torres is in form and playing well for Pachuca. On the other hand Edu was playing well for the nats prior to being injured. Edu is fit but has not been sharp for rangers. Edu will lockdown that midfield much better than Torres can but you wont get the ball movement that torres offers. I have a feeling that Edu will get the start with beasley starting on the left and torres replacing him at some point in the 2nd half. Bedoya will most likely replace either Edu or Bradley.

    I dont have a clue as to what the hell is hapenning up top. Only sure bet is Josi starting…and getting fatigued at the 65 th minute mark.




    ——Josi————– ?————

  117. BSkillz says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with both of you on this one. I really don’t understand Eddie Johnson. He has his moments but he is extremely streaky and unpredictable.

  118. seriously says:

    despite no one ever seeing him play there

  119. Jose S. says:

    Netherlands Squad

    Goalkeepers: Maarten Stekelenburg (Ajax), Piet Velthuizen (Vitesse), Michel Vorm (FC Utrecht)

    Defenders:Edson Braafheid (Celtic), Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Feyenoord), John Heitinga (Everton), Joris Mathijsen (Hamburger SV), André Ooijer (PSV), Ron Vlaar (Feyenoord), Gregory van der Wiel (Ajax)

    Midfielders:Ibrahim Afellay (PSV), Mark van Bommel (Bayern München), Orlando Engelaar (PSV), Nigel de Jong (Manchester City), Stijn Schaars (AZ), Wesley Sneijder (Internazionale), Rafael van der Vaart (Real Madrid), Demy de Zeeuw (Ajax)

    Forwards:Ryan Babel (Liverpool), Eljero Elia (Hamburger SV), Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (AC Milan), Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool) en Arjen Robben (Bayern München).

  120. cesar says:

    really? I think it’ll be the other way around. Torres is going to be in much better game shape (he’s been playing all season) versus Edu, who only has a few games under his belt this year.

    then again, let’s say something crazy happens and we’re leading going into halftime. Bob then subs in for more defense – perfect time to slot Mo in for José, if you ask me.

  121. war says:

    Two left footed CB’s is a bad idea or just plain awkward….

    Robben or Sneijder will make a fool of Bornstein. I wouldn’t trust him on the field outside of the US.

    Robben>Sneijder>Vlad Weiss> Borstein.





    Subs. Guzan, Torres, Liability… oops I mean Bornstein, Beasley, Bedoya

  122. PetedeLa says:

    Despite his many weaknesses Eddie can hold the ball a bit and make space for Altidore.

    To put it another way, the other player are not much better. So he wins out on the fact that he has experience coupled with a bit of speed.

  123. PetedeLa says:

    But we’ve proven to be better when we play with two forwards. Just saying.

  124. lasoccer says:

    I think it’s reasonable that we’ll see Findley up top to start with Altidore. BB needs to see what Findley can do if he’s getting the type of service, runs and more coherent play that comes with our guys who have played together and who will be on the field in SA. So far, we’ve only seen Findley with a varied mix of MLS selections who haven’t played much together. BB also needs to see if Findley will be agressive and confident against a team like the Dutch.

  125. DCD says:

    Well, with all due respect, my main point was that we need to take a longer view than their past few games with Aris and counting their goals in that span. Also, “Eddie” has 12 goals in 39 senior team caps — more significant games than Adu, as well. They also play different positions.

  126. PetedeLa says:

    But that’s just not the way Bob thinks.

    I also wish Torres would start, but he’s not the classic destroyer type (physically sturdy, capable of dirty tackles) that Bob prefers.

  127. PetedeLa says:

    We were doing that in the first games of this World Cup cycle. It was no where near as effective as the 4-4-2 or 4-2-2-2 that we’ve been playing.

    Even Carlos Puyol stated that we play better using 4-4-2.

  128. wally says:

    That makes sense Ives. I’m all for encouraging shorter and better comments, thus enhancing the user experience for all. Perhaps devote a full blog posting to that end? However, I think you should let most comments stand, even some of the manifestos. Commentors say whatever they think on this site, and that’s a good thing.

  129. DC Josh says:

    Am I the only one here that thinks Michael Bradley is actually a very good player, deserving of a full 90 for the USMNT, and is not inferior to Torres?

  130. Agreed. Jozy needs some support up top.

  131. Soccer Fan says:

    And you’re right, that would have been freakin’ amazing, however, in the past four years, he has continued to disappoint me, and I think his skill level plateaued at least 4 years ago. The kick and sprint move that he loves doesn’t work in international play.

    He does have World Cup experience, so I will give him that, too. However he is not my favorite.

    Eddie Johnson better be aggressive.

  132. makie332 says:





  133. Will C. says:

    I’m curious, Ives, or anyone else: what are the Dutch media/pundits saying, if anything, about this upcoming match?

  134. This is what I would like to see, doubt we will though.

  135. DC Josh says:

    We got to see Pearce against CONCACAF competition (not world class) last year and he sucked. So I don’t think he will do very well against the best players in the world. I still want to see him since our depth at LB is pathetic, but for now Bornstein is the starter. One game against a HORRIBLE team won’t make you a starter over a guy who has been consistently better than you.

  136. ryan scott says:

    Our best 4-5-1:

    dolo/spector gooch boca bornstein

    dempsey clark/edu donovan

    bradley Torres


    Torres is the best passer besides Donovan. Of course Torres will back track and play D. he will be the CAM.

    Our best 4-4-2:

    dolo/spector gooch boca bornstein

    Holden Bradley Torres Donovan

    Demps Jozy

    Sub in Clark/edu for who ever is doing poor in mid, prolly holden or torres (based on the coach hating youth) and Chingy for Jozy if he ain’t doing anything.

  137. Soccer Fan says:

    Why not use a system that rates posts? This method would make sure bad posts get sent to the bottom and good posts get seen at the top, with replies to comments together with the original comment (ala Digg).

  138. DC Josh says:

    You really don’t like Maurice do you?

  139. cesar says:

    I think I read on the USSF facebook page or something that we’re for sure wearing our blue aways to Amsterdam.

    I guess it doesn’t matter what the Dutch wear, then, but orange would make the most sense.

  140. A Guest says:

    No, I completely agree. I’d like to see more of the players with a reasonable chance at seeing the field in SA, and less of those who have a mortal lock on the first XI, however.

    Also, for the love of the FSM, please Bob, please please, come close to using all 6 subs! Let those who MIGHT come, and those who WILL come (but only maybe see the field) get some time against opposition better than CONCACAF.

    I beg of you Bob.

  141. DC Josh says:

    Maurice Edu and Bradley were paired together in the middle against the Netherlands in Beijing right? They were both definetely starters, maybe this was the game Edu played CB. I’m just throwing this out there.

  142. Lee from NYC says:

    MB is really good, but if you only play him, especially in friendlies such as these, you will never get a chance to see other options. Also it’s always healthy to have competition between players.

    As for Torres, you can’t compare his skillset to MB’s. Different players that go about things differently.

    I think the problem is not that most people think Torres is better than MB, but that Torres is really good, but yet doesn’t get chances. Not as much as Klejstan, who is, in my opinion, overrated and not in form, but is a favorite of BB.

  143. ryan scott says:

    this is for WC, not vs the Netheregions

  144. Ives,

    I would like to see your choice for Starting XI in a 4-5-1 and see what happens when Jozy is up top on his own and Landon playing as an aggressive attacking midfielder.

    Halftime subs: Pearce, Torres, Johnson (got to give Eddie at least another look, I think)

  145. Goalscorer24 says:

    I don’t get how people can say they don’t see a player that is ready to play on the US in Freddy Adu, but Johnson is?

  146. B1879 says:

    I’m not sure about starting that way against England yet, but this match vs the Lowlanders would be a decent time to try it.

  147. Goalscorer24 says:

    No not the 4-5-1. That is what the US team use to do, and it amounted to zero offense!

  148. Neuwerld says:

    How about:






    With maybe Pearce getting a look over Bornstein.

  149. seriously says:

    earning a spot has nothing to do with it. if you are latino your chances for pt are less under bb

  150. Thorpinski says:

    Nice post AG

  151. kenny_b says:

    I think that is spot on. Bradley seems to favor the Strength/Speed combo up top, which I do too.

    Slow and Big up top has proved to be remarkably ineffective.

  152. ec says:

    Beas has as much big game experience as anyone in the history of US soccer. Leading scorer in Champ’s League for a semi-finalist, anyone? We aren’t deep enough to write him off, and recently between injuries he was lights out (for 3 or 4 games, sadly) for Rangers.

  153. kenny_b says:

    Exactly what I was thinking. Or put Edu up with Bradley and slot Torres behind them.

  154. What the hell does Torres have to do to start!!?!?!??! Damn, the kid has been busting his ass for a year, plays well at Pachuca, will be able to hold the ball, play offensively, and pass properly….Edu is hurt for a year and suddenly may start!??!! Sorry, but is Edu the Second Coming or something!?!?! If I am correct shouldn’t we also be trying to score in the beginning of the match and then become more defensively minded towards the end of the game? It would make more sense for Torres to start and then Edu come in as a sub and hold down the fort……then again, Torres did come in to the Costa Rica match and stole the ball which eventually led to Bornstein’s header…..

  155. Jerome says:

    Except that Adu is playing and scoring on a team that is higeher rated than any MLS team and under a coach who is considered to be one of the top 15 in the world in Cuper.

    All the coaches that have pursued Adu have actually played him (Ellinger,Nowak,Santos,Camacho, and now Cuper. Thats what people forget. All the coaches that did not pursue Adu, never played Adu.

  156. Matthew E. says:

    It’s sort of ironic that this complaint surfaced. I’ve often commented on Big Soccer boards that Ives has almost made them obsolete, but apparently Ives doesn’t want that (or maybe he does as his removing the post may indicate). Will be interesting to see where this leads as far as the evolution of this website.

    Ives, love ya man, but what do you want? (Notice this post has become lengthy.)

    (SBI-Matthew, it’s not that big a deal. There are a few absurdly long comments and I just want people to know that they should be aware of this and try not to turn the comments section into their own personal website. I just think it gets pretty pointless for people to post 400 word comments. The comments section has always been a good place for discussion, but overly long comments can turn the section into a clunky place to read through and navigate.)

  157. Brian says:

    Start Torres! Please!

  158. Isaac says:

    It’s not even about preference, it’s about who suits this match more. Edu is better for a team where we need to be defensively more sturdy.

    At the same time, this is a friendly, and we’re not going to get many more chances to get Torres on the field right from the start without devastating consequences to some campaign, especially not against top competition.

    It’s a tough call.

  159. Fred says:

    Edu has started about two games for Rangers all season.

  160. Matthew E. says:

    Our best starting 11 (and I’ll bet Ives would agree) was the team that took the field against Spain. With Davies likely out hurt, I say put Dempsey up top and move Holden to right wing. Problem solved.

  161. Jerome says:

    They dont because there are alot of people who coach U-6 and think they know what they are talking about. You think the the US has a chance to do anything in a World Cup with a squad of predictable players of kick and run? You need a Joker or two off the bench to imbalance defenses. Adu is a Joker.

  162. pete says:

    Torres holds a spot in a competitive league. Edu seems to not be able to catch a regular gig.

  163. montana matt says:

    Really? What about Bornstein (Mexican) for whom Bradley has exhibited dog-like loyalty. Use a little discretion when playing the race card.

  164. kenny_b says:

    I’m going to have to disagree. This is the first game where the experimenting stops and the starters and subs that will be expected to play in WC start to get a chance to gel together.

    Like him or not, Michael Bradley is one of our top two CMs and deserves to start.

    Pre-season is over boys. It’s time to get to work.

  165. scott47a says:

    It’s Torres time.

    Or at least it should be. With the exception of the minor injury he had, he’s in good form.

  166. ThaDeuce says:

    IVE’S, Who will likely be starting for the DUTCH??


  167. 'Ello Govna' says:

    your opinion is shite mate

  168. BFBS says:

    That would make sense, may reduce the redundant comments(where people are too lazy to scroll down to see if there is already a debate pertaining to what they had to say).

  169. ThaDeuce says:

    no idea why i put in an apostrophe……i’ma wierdo

  170. kenny_b says:

    I think you are being a little harsh with Edu. He’s been hurt. He is just now playing his way back on to the squad.

    However, I think that reason in itself is plenty to give the nod to Torres.

  171. Matthew E. says:

    True, and he had the assist on the one goal our team did score (this after getting a tongue-thrashing in the media by Il Bruce)

  172. kenny_b says:

    I thought he was certainly one of the best. Ching did a pretty nice job as well.

  173. Josh D says:


    If we’re going for the win, we can’t compete 4-4-2, our midfield will get dominated. They will look to Sneijder to make things happen and we have to close down the middle which is something the US has a difficult time of.

    Bornstein will get taken to the cleaners by Robben. He can’t play against fast, skillful players. We need someone with speed on the side. We also need workers and Donovan is the hardest so we should see him on the wing rather than wasted up top. Jozy can cause their weakened defense a few difficulties and with the right support from Bradley and the wingers, we will get chances.

  174. scott47a says:

    This is basically what I would say too, but only reluctantly putting Beas in there. He has been beyond terrible in all of his recent Nats appearances. And he still is struggling with injuries in Scotland.

    I’m actually torn on whether it would be better to start Johnson up with Altidore instead — just to see if there is any chemistry there — and put Donovan at LM.

  175. BFBS says:

    Based on the limited highlights I have seen from Greece, EJ seems to have gotten a lot better at posting up defenders and winning long balls Bobby Zamora style. In addition to his other attributes, maybe he can bring something to the team finally.

  176. Matthew E. says:

    I like Maurice Edu, but it seems like he’s been injured FOREVERRR!!!!! All the more reason to give him a run out to see what he can do.

    I say give Torres a half and give Edu a half, but start Edu.

  177. scott47a says:

    This is a pretty strong accusation.

    Few people are stronger advocates for Torres than I am. And I believe he deserves to start.

    But I don’t think you have the proof to back up such a profound and accusatory statement.

  178. ThaDeuce says:

    not really. eddie gaven maybe, but he didn’t make the cut. Maybe simek, but he is 3rd string after dolo heals, so not too important there…but if he is better than wynne or hejduk…i guess that would be good to know… oh kay sure.. you talked me into it, give simek a look at halftime when beasley, pearce, and edu come in….No Goodson in my opinion. Not like it matters…

  179. Skinn says:

    In terms of mids and Fwd, this is what I was thinking, except, at least for a half, I’d like to see Donovan on the right and Beasley on the left. I’m not convinced yet that Beasley has something to contribute, but–like with Holden–I’d like to find out.

  180. kenny_b says:

    While I agree with your remarks about Robben or Sneijder making a fool out of Bornstein, I think it is a little unfair to single him out since they make fools out of most defenders.

    Tell me who on our squad is capable of shutting down Mr. Robben? How many defenders in the world can shut him down?

  181. cesar says:

    oh, you mean like Carlos Bocanegra, Jonathan Bornstein, Jose Torres, and now Alejandro Bedoya?

    naw, man. you’re totally right. Bob HATES the Latino players. The only two notable players in the pool who didn’t get invited to this camp were Castillo (who’s been really lackluster ANYWAY) and Gomez, who is only just now starting to come into his own in Mexico.

  182. Isaac says:

    It’s simply to cope with Holland’s offensive onslaught. Now, Torres has been in good form for Pachuca, so Bradley starting him wouldn’t shock me. On the other hand, if Bradley knows that Torres is in form, then there really is no point in starting him to see what form he’s in. We’ve seen him pair next to Bradley against Costa Rica and El Salvador with good results, so we know what we get out of that pairing. For all the talk of how few chances Torres has gotten, Maurice has only gotten 4 more, and the majority of them weren’t when he was with Rangers. Either one could start though.

  183. ThaDeuce says:

    We have a right to hear informed opinions that are not grating to the ear also.

    I tend to read every single comment made on most of the pages here, and the redundancy of the completely misinformed is annoying. ala brian ching sux & Damarcus Beasley has never played well for the USMNT and doesn’t deserve a look.

  184. Isaac says:

    We got to see Pearce in 2008 against Argentina and he rocked, against Sergio Aguero nontheless, so I think that if he’s showing that kind of confidence and skill, even if it’s against El Salvador, we should give him a chance. Willingness to try things, defensive positioning, and bite don’t change, no matter what team you play, and Pearce showed all of those things against El Salvador.

  185. kenny_b says:

    No you aren’t. I think he is really one of our best players, probably third behind Donovan and Dempsey.

    I don’t think they should be an either or selection, I would like to see them paired together. The speculation is that because Bradley likes to push forward that Torres may or won’t pick up the defensive slack behind him.

    I’ve never read where Bob Bradley stated that. To his great credit, actually he always takes the high road and I haven’t read where he has ever publicly singled out a player for poor play. But it does make him difficult to read as a coach.

  186. Chris says:

    Will this be shown on tape-delay at any point wednesday for people busy during the afternoon?

  187. montana matt says:

    right, because he’s a central midfielder, and not too pacey either. torres doesn’t play out wide for the same reasons that edu and bradley don’t play out wide.

  188. Isaac says:

    I don’t know who told you Edu is a possession player, but they were wrong. Edu is certainly better on the ball than Clark, and more tactically sound on both sides of it. We don’t want Edu for possession game, we want him for his defensive poise and ability to shut down attacks, which is important against a team like Holland.

  189. BurlingtonChelsea says:


    Donovan Bradley Torres Holden

    Spector Bocanegra Demerit Simek


  190. ThaDeuce says:

    source please

  191. sandtrout says:


  192. kenny_b says:

    To say Maurice Edu is getting spotty playing time is just ignorant. He made his first appearance for the entire season, after coming back from a long recovery from injury, at the very end of the year. He isn’t fully fit.

    I really want Torres to start. But the notion that Edu isn’t even starting for Rangers because he isn’t playing well isn’t true.

  193. montana matt says:

    Very civil Hello Governor. Sweet cockney accent btw “mate”. It must suck for you that your from Omaha (or some other equally non-British location) and not Merry Ole’.

  194. ThaDeuce says:

    Ives, please delete this post from seriously!!

    These racist allegations are SERIOUSLY getting old.

  195. war says:

    well noted, but in terms of liability in Def,

    Bornstein is the greatest threat we have to ourselves. He’s not used to facing top talent and it shows abroad. I think landon would do better stopping Robben than our D which is unusually slow…

  196. goforgoal says:

    Hope the picks are not based name, and on what they used to be. Hope it is based on who is match fit and holding down a starting position in a competitive league. If you cannot win a starting position or at least play 20 – 30 minutes, you should not be taking time away from players who have won regular playing gigs with their team. In the end the focus should be on team play and the only way to stay sharp in combination play is by playing competitively on a regular basis. This is our best chance against teams like England. Edu thinking is defensive (fear) and Torres thinking attack (confidence).

  197. war says:

    we’ve seen enough of what findley can do. He’s not confident or aggressive against El Salvador or Hondorus, he’s not going to be against van bronckhorst, mathijsen or ooijer.

  198. Jennifer says:

    It should only be 3 subs since it’s a FIFA date.

  199. ThaDeuce says:

    You must be a fan of the Dutch!

    I agree, you are going to get killed!


  200. ThaDeuce says:

    got a source? just curious, i’d like to read it.

  201. wally says:

    Yes! I like that idea. I rate your post highly.

  202. BetaMale says:

    I’m with you on this. Why we need a bench full of people who can boot the ball and lose possession whilst pressured is beyond me. Why not take a chance and leave a spot open for Adu? If worst comes to worst he’ll never play a minute like Chingy last time around, but if you need a late game spark, why not?

  203. Jennifer says:

    Dolo should be back in a few weeks. And he hurt his shoulder not a knee/leg so he should be back to full strenght quickly. Think it’ll be him and Spector in SA (barring any new injuries) over either Frank(ie).

  204. chris says:

    Why is everyone so down on Simek? He is def better than Bornstien and Pearce.

  205. hernandez says:

    I think that freddy has a lot to offer the USMNT. I agree that freddy is no “phenom”….but since when do you have to be to play on the USMNT. If we only played phenoms on our national team we would have maybe 2 players in our pool(being very generous). Is freddy the next pele? No. Is freddy good enough to play for the USA? YES.

  206. Isaac says:

    The issue seems to be that the USA has gotten a lot worse at defensive play towards the end of the game. Whether that’s due to lack of fitness, work rate, or the other teams just being good, I would say a change has to occur somewhere. That could be Torres.

    I think that someone like Beasley or Holden is more like the change the USA needs. Both these guys have excellent defensive commitment and great offensive ability.

    If you look at the Brazil game, the USA came out with an attacking midfielder in Benny Feilhaber and that didn’t really do much to help the defensive effort of the team. Jose Torres being in there wouldn’t have really made a difference either. Michael Bradley was out and Torres next to him against Brazil just wouldn’t have stopped or defended well against the onslaught they threw out, especially considering that the Brazilian attack came from the flanks and stretched the USA. Another thought is that Bocanegra and Spector really don’t deal all that well against faster players. I’m not going to say Bornstein would have done too much better, but Brazil’s fast paced 4-2-3-1 attack was made no easier to defend against by the lack of pace of our outside backs and the lack of help from Donovan and Dempsey. Yes, Donovan didn’t do his part in helping control Maicon, even with his huge offensive game.

  207. montana matt says:

    link to sportsillustrated.cnn.com

    it’s towards the bottom of the page:

  208. Betinho says:

    All this clamoring for Torres reminds me of all the clamoring for Cooper. I hope “the fans choice” turns out better this time.

  209. wally says:

    After Pierce’s intense showing against El Salvador, I think he deserves a shot to prove his worth against the dutch. At least some pt.

  210. montana matt says:

    God help us in Findley sees the pitch.

  211. Rory says:

    BB is racist. He hates players that choose USA over Mexico lol.

  212. green says:

    Then it’s not a 4-3-3.
    Where does the third CM play? Wide? Good luck with that. We don’t have the players to run a 4-3-3.
    4-4-2 it will be, not the time for playing around with it.
    BTW, 4-3-3 is not a counter attacking formation.

  213. Isaac says:

    I’d like two lineups going out there.





    This one provides a very good source of service from the flank and ability to get in and out of the attack quick enough to possibly match Holland in that aspect. Donovan won’t be playing in his preffered position on the left, but he’s done a better job of finding the game, especially against Italy when he played in that position alongside Altidore.






    I think if we match Holland with our pace, athelticism, work rate, and swagger(Bradley, Edu, Donovan, and Beasley) and we put a little extra something to spice things up out there(Torres) we can do well. Altidore clearly has done better next to another forward, but he has also clearly gotten better so I’m curious as to how that works. I doubt this last lineup will work, it’s just a thought of mine.

  214. Mig22 says:

    Well, I like the Dutch team but I’m US fan first and always.

    I was mostly having a laugh but I do think it’s a rare day when we can play with the Dutch at their house.

    Here’s hoping!

  215. Bobeto says:

    I have no problem with the Bradley choices. Shocked that Kljestan didn’t get the call. I believe that Ching will be on the final team and that it’s between EJ and Findley (one won’t stay) My Lineup:



    Beasley Bradley Holden Torres

    Pearce Boca DeMarit Spector

    I know Bornstein will be there but my lineup would leave him out!

  216. Rory says:

    “the fans choice” only scored in 40% of all the Nats games he has played in. These weren’t even all starts. I am pretty sure there arent too many other USA forwards who can say the same thing. BB just hates Cooper, but the fans do know better.

  217. Rory says:

    I love how if a fan thinks a certain layer should not play for the Nats or not start for our beloved team….this means you automatically hate said player.

    I wish people would stop crying over this. Some players/coaches just aren’t good enough on the international stage.

  218. Bobeto says:

    Probably see this lineup:

    Altidore EJ

    Donovan Bradley Edu Holden

    Bornstein Boca DeMarit Spector


    Findley for EJ (2nd half)

  219. Isaac says:

    I think if all the players that people felt were “snubbed” were white someone would probably state something about that….hehe.

  220. Bobeto says:


    We have never done well with a single striker no one knows how to play that position and midfielders have trouble moving forward into the spaces. What ends up happening is that balls are constantly chipped forward to the single striker and the midfield play is forgotten. I am in agreement about Bornstein on defense but Spector is not faster but smarter when it comes to defense.

  221. war says:

    shame Simek only has 1 game to prove he should be in S.A., and he probably wont start it. why is BB picking the lineup so early? Well, that’s how ching and sacha are making it so I guess he has a fair shot. on top of that he’s trying to give Findley ANOTHER chance. EJ put him in his place please. Go out of yourself, get a miracle shot, anything to keep Findley off the plane. Actually, findley’s on the plane,flushing his int’l career down the toilet and no one can get him out. BREAK DOWN THE DOOR EJ!!

  222. montana matt says:


  223. Bobeto says:

    I have grown to like him….He is the best we have for his position. I would like to see him taking shots and more give and go’s. He is kinda one deminsional – Forward or backward….

  224. Jayrodicus says:

    Here is my team for the match…and i dont see this squad winning unfortunately!

    This would be a nice little 4-1-2-1-2


    Spector Demerit Boca Pearce


    Holden Beasley


    EJ Jozy

  225. MattinMemphis says:

    I just want someone to go up to Eddie, slap him right across the face, and say “Last chance” right before the first whistle. He’s got all the ingredients to make a difference with Chuck D sidelined. He needs to play with some confidence, or at least feign it with some serious anger.

  226. war says:

    Anyone think Marcus H should play? We’ve seen guzan alot in the past, we know he’s the number two, or should he be, given Hahnemann plays every week?

  227. stever says:

    I believe US team needs to select players that have regular playing time at the highest level. This means Torres makes more sense and Bradley should take care to start the likes of Beadsley, Edu and similar European based players who have not had much game time or proven at the international level.

    I real hope we get back the seniors players from injury in a timely manner, otherwise we may struggle to get beyond the initial stages. Our results against Spain and Brazil prove we can make an impact but we need to be at full strength.

    The likes

  228. montana matt says:

    dude, the wingers (donovan and holden/beasley) track back on defense.

  229. montana matt says:

    Green, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. A 4-3-3 can transition to a 4-5-1 on the fly quite seamlessly. And as for not having the personnel to play a 4-3-3 you’re just dead wrong. CM is our deepest position, while striker is our weakest. If anything our squad (especially without a healthy Charlie Davies) is better suited to a 4-3-3/4-5-1 than any other formation. After Altidore we really don’t have anyone capable of playing forward at the Intl. level. Without Davies, or at least a healthy Dempsey, there is no way the US should use a 4-4-2.

  230. bizzy says:

    Bornstein—-Bocanegra—–DeMerit——Spector. Is there no one else? do we have soccer scouts?? Isn’t that the line-up brazil, denmark, mexico and costa rica dismantled? Are we ever going to changed in up anytime soon?

  231. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    I don’t really care as long as they win because I will be in the Amsterdam Arena athcing….wooohooooo

  232. DCD says:

    I wasn’t suggesting that he needs to be a phenom to get a call. I was instead suggesting that he may attract this kind of vociferous support because people are still holding out hope that he is a phenom. Frankly, I’m still rooting for him. The idea that the ship has sailed for a 20 year-old is silly. That said, you have to be more realistic. The guy has been invisible for two years and his MNT cameos haven’t been great.

  233. Dan says:

    Oh, NO! Not Eddie “Lead Feet, but Cement Boots” Johnson. I pray that his usual bad form will surface against the Dutch, so that Bradley is not deluded into letting him make the squad.

  234. Tyler Talk says:





  235. Dan says:

    Torres has mad skills, but he does that Mexican dance-around-the-midfield thing. Bob Bradley likes midfielders to directly prosecute their attack. Torres will have to adapt his style, and I hope he can. In the mean time, BB has been sluggish to accept the guy with open arms for the reason mentioned.

  236. montana matt says:

    Ha! I like it.

  237. Rob says:

    I think people have a short memory. US was using a 4-5-1 and everyone was complaining. Then in the confederation cup or just before it they started using the 4-2-2. I think people just try find things that they can complain about regarding Bob Bradley. The same thing goes for Adu. Everyone was saying start playing Adu and the coach plays him and he does nothing and then leaves the gold cup early. Now people are saying play Adu again – when he really has never done anything to help the Senior National Team.

  238. lasoccer says:

    I think it’s reasonable that we’ll see Findley up top to start with Altidore. BB needs to see what Findley can do if he’s getting the type of service, runs and more coherent play that comes with our guys who have played together and who will be on the field in SA. So far, we’ve only seen Findley with a varied mix of MLS selections who haven’t played much together. BB also needs to see if Findley will be aggressive and confident against a team like the Dutch.

  239. the Brad says:

    Ives, I have ZERO interest in watching Johnson play up top.. As far as Im concerned, his chances have officially run out..

    Give me Ching/Altidore/Donovan/Adu/ and when they come back Dempsey/Davies

    I believe going deeper into the player pool then this is not smart at this stage…

  240. Rob says:

    Good comment – we need to get the starters playing together so they are ready for the world cup. Most of the experimenting should be over for the most part.

  241. The brad says:




  242. Jody says:

    No kidding. The majority of this board has just become a bunch of negative naysayers who bitch and moan if they’re favorite player isn’t starting. They then resort to bashing whoever is starting over their favorite player. Saying things such as “If Sasha starts god help us” or “Maurice Edu is a horrible human being”. Just root for the guys on the field. Bob knows what he’s doing.

  243. The Brad says:

    Matt..i’ll be in charge of slapping him..

  244. Chad says:

    I think this formation would do better than most people realize. I’d probably start Pearce over Bornstein, though. I liked what I saw in the ES game.

  245. Josh D says:

    But Ives I would argue that half of the reason to come on here is that the “comments” section is no longer for comments but debate about the articles written on this site.

    Your information is generally very informed and one of the first to release information but you rarely have an inside scoop no one else has so the benefit of this site is in part your readers. Websites fail by not enhancing their readers. It’s not a newspaper, it’s a conversation and as the writer you are really the moderator for the conversation.

    Now the site wasn’t developed for this but I hope to see it change to keep relevant. I come here for the US specific news but what keeps me checking 10 times a day (increasing your revenue) is the conversation from others. Without that the site becomes just another news site like 100 others…

    (SBI-Mostly fair points Josh (I’d argue against the rarely having info no one else has part), but it should be noted that part of the reason the discussion on SBI has been able to maintain a good atmosphere for readers is because of our continuous work to keep the conversation in a good place. People can call it censorship, but we’ve all seen what can occur when anybody with an absurd thought is given free rein to spout whatever they want. The long post thing isn’t that serious and we’re not about to make drastic changes (in fact, one of the first really serious practioners of super-long comments was more than gracious when we approached him).

    We realize the comments section is a place people like to interact in, and we want to keep that going, which is why we’ll do what we need to in order to keep it a place people like going to rather than a place that turns people off.)

  246. ThaDeuce says:

    Thanks man, that is a great article I had missed. Too bad though, because it would nice to have the option of an in-form Beasley on the left and Donovan on the right and Deuce up top with Altidore. I think we still have that option though, and we might should consider it because I feel that in-form Beasley needs to be on the field more than Stuart Holden, and adding him to a squad with Deuce, Donovan, and Altidore will only make them that more potent.

  247. Josh D says:


    And that is the reason we ended up losing to Brazil after being two goals up – the team is not set up to change.

    Brazil’s system wasn’t working but they knew how to shift gears and change – we kept our same shape, way of playing, and mostly formation and fell.

    A good national team needs to know how to change and when to change. That comes down to the coaching staff working those kinks out.

    We also don’t play players who can control a tempo in a 5 man midfield. We put in bombers (Clark) who can’t make passes or find space. Someone like Torres and Feilhaber don’t need to bomb it up field because they can control the space and see the simple passes.

  248. Rainstpub says:

    Freddie is not a forward. EJ is. I am not happy EJ either BUT what else is there?

  249. RNG says:

    One general note about team selection:

    The goal here is NOT to win this game.
    The goal is to set the team up to win in SA.

    That means picking players with an eye towards: 1/building confidence by playing well as a team (not necessarily winning, although that’s always good) 2/giving a handful of “on the bubble” players a chance to show if they belong on the team or not and 3/seeing who plays together as a unit best….

    Those are the goals in Holland….

  250. ThaDeuce says:

    i’m not, but he plays on the right and has limited experience with the team due to injuries…he is understudy to spector and healthy dolo right now….

    pearce and bornstein play on the left

  251. ThaDeuce says:

    Just curious, what was the comment deleted? Doubt I will get an answer.

  252. AG says:

    What formation do they normally play or probably will play versus the USA? That’s a big determining factor of whether we go with a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1. Either way I’m nervous because things don’t look good with our back line, namely Boca and DeMerit in the middle…emergency defending and poor start-up offense and distribution all game. Get well Gooch.

  253. Jamie Z. says:

    Agreed. I’m hoping halftime/60 min. sub. for Torres.

  254. Josh D says:

    Thanks for the reply. I meant nothing by the “rarely has things no one has” except to point out that the moment you post something, the other 100 US soccer blogs copies it and posts it themselves (as you do to other blogs – vicious cycle!) so the only thing that separates blogs is the ability for the host to provide conversations about the pieces he or she is writing and the quality of the said conversation.

    I’d rather see the pointless “I want ICE CREAM!” and “I want f**ing sprinkles!” kind of posts deleted to make room for the longer ones with more information and an opinion.

    Why would long posts turn people off in the comments section? If they don’t like it, they can ignore it and move to the smaller ones. I prefer the longer ones because I care about what others think and enjoy coming across a differing opinion or new way of seeing something. It’s the ones that offer nothing that ruins the conversation others are having.

    Longer posts help flesh out the stories. We’ll take the site’s newest post on DC’s 5-2 win. It’s not mentioned who scored the 5 goals which is something I care about. So now I’m left with two choices. Leave the site to find the information (yikes!) or read the comments to look for someone who has mentioned it. If we don’t allow people to have longer posts, we lose that insight looked over by the initial writer (at no fault to the writer).

    “One can’t do the work of All” i.e. it’s the combined knowledge and ability to reply to one another that makes the site worth coming to multiple times a day. We can’t rely purely on a long post from the writer to tell the full story.

    Another example is your Yanks Abroad Rewind – you don’t mention How they played so for those games that I have missed, I rely on the comments section where people write long posts on their performance.

    (SBI-The main point is that people don’t need 400 words or more to make their points or pass on information in the comments section. It’s overkill. That’s all. Not much else needs to be said about it.)

  255. ThaDeuce says:

    I think he said that long posts are not really the problem, but long, uninformed, offensive posts are (more so than short uninformed offensive posts).

    But I don’t know what was deleted, so I digress…Though I have had a few of my own posts deleted usually for something that was a tad offensive. It is usually deleted without a public delete, just taken down quietly. They usually deserved it, and I don’t usually raise a stink about it either.

  256. Eric says:

    Torres could really pair well with Bradley in the middle i want to see him for at least a half. Also this could be an opportunity for Beasley to continue his revival.

  257. Big Chil says:

    I’m not a fan of calls to put LD up top and remove him from his most productive team position. If our best player is sitting up there waiting for service, guess how much offense we’re going to have?

  258. ThaDeuce says:

    and there might only be 3 subs. Bedoya is doing well to get a call up and go to camp…doesn’t really need playing time first time in with the A team against the A team dutch…go with some experience on the A team here, which is why i didn’t have simek on there at first.

  259. Big Chil says:

    I think BB is going to start the lineup he’d start if this were a World Cup game and let the bulk of the ‘Nats get 45′-60′ together, then transition later in the game to working out extra players. Torres will get his shot. Hopefully at least 30′.

  260. Wes says:






  261. AG says:

    It was essentially Ives’s announcement directing excessively long comments to be shortened for reasons he’s reiterated in the responses he wrote above. Those who did not abide would risk their comment being deleted or banned for frequent offenses. It was all said in a gracious manner by Ives.

    Soccer Fan first responded with similar sentiments of wally and Josh D also suggesting to limit the number of characters allowed per post. Both comments were removed shortly after.

    (SBI-It wasn’t meant as a formal announcement, which is why I removed it shortly after posting it. I’d rather deal with it on a case by case basis and address folks individually who are abusing the long post thing. I didn’t expect it to go much further after removing the comment, but some people didn’t/don’t want to let it go.)

  262. Big Chil says:

    The Big Chil, for one, is really looking forward to watching this match.

    I think BB will start the team he would start if this were a World Cup match, which is Ives’ lineup up top, blatantly copied from my prediction under the ‘Netherlands Roster Announced’ post. The core ‘Nats will get a solid 45′-60′ together, then BB will transition to working out other players.

    We have a near-complete Starting XI playing against the Dutch. In addition, the injury situation is almost beneficial, in the sense that we’ll likely see how Stuart Holden can hold down the right wing, and if Mo Edu can provide Ricardo Clark some serious competition for June.

    I think it’s likely we’ll see all the midfielders in this game, meaning Beasley, Torres, Bedoya get some time as well.

    As for striker, I was a bit surprised Brian Ching was not called up after El Sal, because it’s a strong possibility we’ll have to return to Ching-Altidore up top in the World Cup. No speed striker option has yet emerged, and Davies’ recovery, while ahead of schedule, is uncertain.

  263. primoone says:

    You know Brad…thats interesting because I have a funny suspicion that Eddie Johnson has ZERO interest in Playing Up top….

    Im not sayin…im just sayin…

  264. hernandez says:

    To me the fact that freddy has been riding pine for two years is a non issue. You have to look at his, or any player’s, current form. The WC tournament only lasts for a month…the point of assembling a WC team is to have the players that will perform the best in that 1 month time frame in your squad. So much of player selection boils down to timing. Some great players will miss out on the WC team because of drop in form or injuries leading up to the WC. By the same token, players that are in exceptional form leading up to the WC should be considered. I am not saying that freddy should be on the plane to SA b/c of his recent performances but I do think that he has earned another look from bradley.

  265. Jon from Chicago says:

    Torres should get the start. He wont. We will be playing kick and run counter attack soccer.

    We will not be holding the ball at all in the mid, developing an attack. For anyone who thinks that this huge hole in our game isn’t gonna hurt us in S.A. your mistaken.

    But I know. I know. Bradley is god. His stragy makes perfect sense. And before you say it, I’m AWARE that we finshed second in the Confed Cup. Ive been told many MANY times…

  266. Sean Heffernan says:

    Torres deserves to be in 11 without a doubt

  267. Stephen says:

    Demerit’s not in form?

  268. Stephen says:

    Um, he was subbed out in the Denmark game. Also, he is one of the most in form players.

  269. Stephen says:

    Let’s face it…Donovan is not coming off the field.

  270. Stephen says:

    Anybody got a pic of the new Dutch kit?

  271. green says:

    So they should play around with something they have no intention of applying at the WC?
    Sorry, I don’t see the logic in that, sounds like a waste of everyone’s time. Thankfully, our coach know this.

    BTW, you think our CM depth equates to having the horses to play a true 433? Wow. Ok guy.

  272. John V. says:

    Right now Jr. is our #1 CM. This is a WC tune-up game. He’s gotta play.

  273. Isaac says:

    I’ll say this: It’s just a matter of which team we play. The best thing as fans that we can do is try to be as open-minded as reasonably possible. I think that Torres could, and maybe should start seeing as how the Netherlands seem to focus a bit more on attacking on the flanks. With players like Beasley, Holden, and Donovan looking good out wide, Torres could be played in the center since there is less pressure.

    The problem with that is that Holland throw a lot of numbers in the attack quickly. So Torres will have to think quick and be sharp with his passes for the USA to challenge against Holland. Bradley will help the wingers/wingbacks stifle Hollands flank play by covering the regular amount of ground he does and try to cancel out any midfield playmakers.

    I understand the pleas of fans who want Torres/more possession, but you could understand playing Edu as well. A defensive presence out there would really help and Edu is exactly that. It’s a tough decision and fans who claim that it’s any sort of clear cut answer are either biased or kidding themselves.

  274. Josh from GA says:

    lack of FORWARDS…Adu is a Midfielder

  275. Felix says:

    Watford seems to be losing alot lately and giving up alot of goals, and in DeMerit’s last game I believe he fouled for a penalty and got a card.
    You could question my logic on this one, that’s fine. But to me he doesn’t seem to be lighting it up lately.

  276. Felix says:

    But the point is to play these guys in preparation for the World Cup, not to be playing funky formations we’d probably never use and playing players in spots that we will rarely see.

  277. FulhamPete says:

    Looks great on paper…

    …except the last time we were serious about that kind of line up, we got out hats handed to us at Saprissa.

    Which, not coincidentally (if I’m not mistaken), is the last time we’ve seen Torres for >45 min in a game.

    If we can actually get that lineup to perform as a 4-3-3, then give it a shot. It’s only a friendly, after all, and we’ve already been placed into the WC.

  278. Felix says:

    They still need a speed option at forward. We have no idea how Davies is going to look if and when he’s back for the World Cup. Cunningham hasn’t impressed at all (besides that fluky goal against Denmark, Findley hasn’t been great, but at least he’s active, and EJ has the experience and has been playing, but we’ve seen that movie before.
    Bradley is still giving these guys chances cause he needs someone who can somewhat do what Davies at his best did.

  279. Felix says:

    It would be interesting to see how a speed/strength freak like EJ would look next to Jozy. I’m not a EJ fan anymore, but at the very least, he would provide space for Jozy has someone would have to keep an eye on EJ.
    I hope he’s in form with the Nats, but I’m not holding my breath.

  280. Micah King says:

    I don’t care about the whole Adu and Johnson debate. All I care about is two words, NO CASEY!!!!!!!! XD

  281. kd says:

    El Gringo Torres. Period.

  282. UPthaTOON says:


  283. Jags98 says:

    Why do we want to center mids from the same block? MB is the better of the rest, but why does he always get the nod like he is some big offensive threat. The best he has given us is going box to box. He doesnt take control in the middle and set everyone up. Let someone like a Torres pair with him for most of the game. Give them time to figure each other out. I liked the style Torres gives to us, possession. I really dont think MB and Edu will give us that control, they will just give us a good effort running around. Their passes can get away from them time to time.

  284. juan says:

    this has been posted before, but it deserves another look…


  285. Stephen says:

    I’ve been saying that for 6 months.

  286. Stephen says:

    Well, first of all I think the term “Lighting it up” is bad analogy for a defender, haha. But I also think that we can’t judge his “form” based on his performance in one game, and giving up goals doesn’t reflect on just one person, especially if they weren’t his fault.

  287. chg says:

    And it’s still funny.

    However, I’d rather see a midfield of


  288. Lil' Zeke says:

    Anyway Adu has a sore hammy!


  289. Lil' Zeke says:


  290. Micah King says:

    Have you all seen Hollands roster it is stacked. I am scared for the game.

    Goalkeepers: Maarten Stekelenburg (Ajax Amsterdam), Piet Velthuizen (Vitesse Arnhem), Michel Vorm (Utrecht).

    Defenders: Edson Braafheid (Glasgow Celtic, Scotland), Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Feyenoord), John Heitinga (Everton, Everton), Joris Mathijsen (Hamburg, Germany), Andre Ooijer (PSV Eindhoven), Ron Vlaar (Feyenoord), Gregory van der Wiel (Ajax Amsterdam)

    Midfielders: Ibrahim Afellay (PSV Eindhoven), Mark van Bommel (Bayern Munich, Germany), Orlando Engelaar (PSV Eindhoven), Nigel de Jong (Manchester City, England), Stijn Schaars (AZ Alkmaar), Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan, Italy), Rafael van der Vaart (Real Madrid, Spain), Demy de Zeeuw (Ajax Amsterdam)

    Forwards: Ryan Babel (Liverpool, England), Eljero Elia (Hamburg, Germany), Klaas Jan Huntelaar (AC Milan, Italy), Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool, England), Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich, Germany)

  291. Josh D. says:

    Well Ives I’m disappointed by that. I can’t see the logic in stopping your readers from discussing the news in length especially as it’s a self imposed rule, not one your readers have fought to see. It’s a bit backward thinking in today’s “discussion” world.

  292. Bryan says:






    I like the lineup however I feel that Simek should start over bornstein because I want to see how this kid play. He plays in England for a reason so he must be good, but he plays right back so him and Spector and switch position since Spector plays left back for West Ham United. With this lineup I can see USA tie with Netherlands this should be a great match.

  293. Bryan says:

    However after noticing Edu starting already is kind of strange I rather have him sub in and put Torres in starting 11 but Edu is a defensive midfield, since we don’t have clark or jones edu is our next best choice for that position unless we put bradley as defensive midfield and my lineup would look like this:






  294. Tim K says:

    That makes no sense! Just caus ea guy scores 2 years ago doesnt mean his form is the same now. Johnson has not warranted such a call up. If we go by that logic we might as well call up Mcbride or bring wyanlda back from retirement. He scored alot of goals too. You play the best players who are in form at your disposal. And in their respected position Adu has proved to be more inform than Johnson has. Thus the call is not warranted.

  295. marksoccerking@yahoo.com says:

    Why do we keep on about Fuc….kin adu. He’s a child prodigy who isn’t good enough. Period. He can’t cut it in any league. Period. He’s hype, with a capital “H”. His time has come and gone. He’s full of himself, to be frank, he’d struggle to make a starting team in the MLS. Which is another thing, I’m sick and tired of people pissing on my league. Last time I looked, Landycakes, clint d, tim h, carlos b, and on and on the list goes, are not that bad of a player after all?

  296. soccer goals says:

    FYI….Freddy has a hamstring injury and said so on Twitter, which explains why he was not called up.

  297. Scutum says:

    Hopefully BB can defy all expectations and somehow find the strength to break free of the 4-4-2. Looking at that roster, why is the choice between Edu and Torres? Why not both?





    It’s too bad some guys get 47 looks and Castillo can’t even get ONE at left back. He may not be any good at this level, but we’ll never know, will we?

  298. Warren says:

    Torres has earned a start, to have a chance at running with the Dutch we need to hold onto the ball a bit longer than USMNT usually manages.

    Edu keeps getting nicked up and missing games because of injury. Rangers would rather he not go the full 90 I’m sure. Edu should be the second half sub for MB or Torres.

  299. Ian says:

    i would like to see Goodson maybe for a half coming in for bornstien and moving Boca out to the left or demerit straight up. I think he gives the US there best scoring threat out of the back.

  300. seanie blue says:

    Wish you were the manager rather than Bradley! To be starting Johnson while sticking Donovan on the left side would be a travesty. The problem is, even if we lose 4-0, Bradely will get away with it. Unbelievable. And having Bornstein at LB means nothing has changed in Bradley’s thinking. We’re the same old same old. Edu and Holden are hot right now, so those should be easy choices for Bradley. But that LB, whew. We end up covering for Bornstein, get no offensive smarts from him, and compromise the rest of the field. It’s tough. Why isn’t Danny Williams in camp?

  301. seriously says:

    boca and bornstein played for bob. ergo bob sticks by them b/c he goes with what he knows.

    (they are also mls guys, why do you think orozco is taking a step down in competitive play, in a league that plays less)

    torres doesnt get opportunities .. neither does orozco, gonzalez, and castillo

    we will see in the long run re bedoya.. but it sure does help his cause that he doesn’t play in the mexican primera