Williams emerges as latest potential USMNT prospect

Daniel Williams (GettyImages)

Daniel Williams has never set foot in the United States, but the SC Freiburg defender had begun making waves among U.S. national team fans as the latest USA-eligible player to emerge as a potential national team prospect.

The son of an American serviceman father, Williams was born and raised in Germany, but recently stated in an in-depth interview with Yanks Abroad that he is open to the idea of playing for the United States. That revelation has American fans excited considering Williams' recent emergence as a starter at right fullback for the Bundesliga relegation battlers.

Early reviews of the 20-year old are positive, though it should be noted that Williams is being played at right back despite being a natural defensive midfielder. Freiburg's need for defensive cover precipitated calling Williams in from Freiburg's reserve team last month and Williams has made the most of that opportunity, starting four straight matches.

Williams is not yet officially eligible for the national team, but the Yanks Abroad feature suggests that this is a mere formality. While a shot at the U.S. World Cup team is highly unlikely, his age and early success with Freiburg bodes well for a potential role on the U.S. national team in years to come if he chooses the United States over his native Germany.

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115 Responses to Williams emerges as latest potential USMNT prospect

  1. Nick says:

    I’m interested to see if him and the Hoyos brothers are game to join the national team.

  2. IMSYE87 says:

    the kid does have game and he best stay healthy lol

  3. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Maybe this was the ultimate purpose of hte Marshall Plan….

  4. grubbsbl says:


  5. Father of Francesca says:

    Sweet a Freiburger SC player on the USMNT!! Das Waere echt cool! Attending SC Freiburg games in 1990 is what made me a fan of the game. i had no idea he was an Ami.

  6. DC Josh says:

    I’m sure the USSF knew about him before any of us did. They (USSF) should be fighting for every good young American-eligible player in the world. If they are not, then we are in trouble. After losing Rossi and Subotic, It would be disheartening to lose another young prospect, and then meet them in a FIFA competition!

  7. unternehmen says:

    Mi-chael Ma-son…clap, clap, clap clap clap.

    Mar-co Ma-son…clap, clap, clap clap clap.

  8. smits says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Parentage is the cheapest way to get citizenship.

    C’mon the guy hasn’t even stept foot in the USA let alone lived here. I’m all for getting the best players possible but this is an afront to US born and bred players.

  9. dealer2 says:

    The guy hasn’t set foot on American soil? I know this happens from time to time, but I’m an American before a American soccer fan and rolling out a red carpet for an obvious carpetbagger isn’t cool with me.

  10. Mark says:

    Unless this kid has no shot of playing Germany, I hope he doesn’t pick to play for the USA. We’re just being hypocrites if we complain about Rossi not playing for us, but love the idea of Jones and this kid joining our squad.

  11. senevada says:

    he’s not. read the article.

  12. senevada says:

    No more David Regis es please, that nonsense already helped wreck one US World Cup team.

  13. HoneyHell says:

    Agree completely. The question is and has always been is the USSF actually trying to attract these players to actually agree to play for the USMNT. If they’re yet unsure about which country they’d like to play for…the USSF should at least be contacting them to invite them to the US for a camp or two…in order to give the players something to think about.

  14. Santastico says:

    Good find, Ives.
    Hey what’s the latest on Jones playing for the US?

  15. scott says:

    his father is in the US Military, if that doesnt make him american i dont know what does

  16. Ben says:

    SC Freiburg! Badenova Stadium is awesome! As someone who lived in Freiburg and went to many matches, I say this is awesome! I would be interested to see how he performs at D-mid as the article states is his natural position.

    I don’t care if he wasn’t born in America or hasn’t set foot here. If he has a viable and legit way to gain citizenship he should get a look. We need to get as many quality players as we can with experience in an international league.

    I mean every other country does this so why not us!?

  17. Steve says:

    Yea this is too weird. So what’s next, we start plumbing military records to see if we can find a bunch of footballing kids with American dad’s all over the world? I get it if you come here from another country, become naturalized and play for the US, but guys who’ve never even been here pulling on the Stars and Stripes? And we’re basically the sloppy seconds because the Germans haven’t called im up? It just doesn’t feel right.

  18. Steve says:

    yes several gramatical errors in there, still jittery from the AM coffee, just getting ahead of the haters…

  19. John says:

    He may call himself a natural defensive midfielder, but his performances may warrant a permanent switch to right back. A 20 year old making the team of the week in his first 3 appearances in a top european league is nothing to scoff at.

  20. RLW2020 says:

    sounds like a young Jermain Jones…

    wish him and Hoyos could have participated in the U-20 cup.. good job FIFA organizing a tournament that most players in clubs that recognize the fifia calender could not work with..

  21. SD says:

    We didn’t lose Rossi, he never wanted to play for the US…he had been asked and kept declining because he wanted to play for Italy, particularly after he had been on the Italian youth teams…Let’s remove Rossi from the list of Yanks lost…Subotic I agree…if anything we should be talking about Ibisevic as lost since he played in the US and went completely under the radar…….

  22. Black Tide says:

    If you really believe that Regis, whom was the last good left back we had was what wreaked the 98 world cup team you sir are an idiot.

  23. SD says:

    c’mon….thomas dooley didn’t even speak english and played for the nats…he was one of the better players available at the time….i don’t care where we find them…if they can contribute, we should go after them…let’s face it the US scouting system seems to work if a player came up in the system….jay demerit was not on the US radar until after he was in england….

  24. BooThisMan says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say we “lost” Rossi. He never played for the US at any level and never showed any interest in playing for us. Maybe we had a real chance at landing Subotic, but it has to be said that the USSF actually has a very strong record of landing dual-nationals. Right now, we have at least six players (Torres, Holden, Castillo, Feilhaber, Jones, Adu off the top of my head) who had reasonable options to play for other countries.

  25. SD says:

    that is exactly what happened for the 1994 world cup team…there were at least 4 players in the pool that had never been to the US but had german mothers and american military fathers……

  26. BadWolf says:

    Snag him now – plan for WC in 2014

  27. Michael Vann says:

    I saw a clip of a recent interview, in English, with Williams. You got the sense he embraces his heritage. Very much so. He’s not of these kids that his US serviceman father knocked up a German and isn’t in the picture. Quite the opposite. His family has continued to live in Germany after his Pops retired and left the service. Don’t let his remark about not ever being to the US sway your thinking that he isn’t “American”. That’s ridiculous. I know several “military brats” who had never been to the US until they moved back here in their late teens. It happens. It’s not as uncommon as you think. I have no issues with williams representing the US if he’s good enough. None.

  28. BCC says:

    We’ll know the US is a true contender to win the World Cup when we don’t have to read stories like this anymore. I don’t think soccer fans in Brazil or Spain or Italy spend a lot of time excitedly wondering whether a converted right back for a cellar-dwelling Bundesliga side might be eligible to play for their country.

  29. SD says:

    just to be clear…i am not saying that williams should be playing in SA…i’m thinking of the bigger picture known as the player pool…..if we can get talented people to play then why not…this happens everywhere….higuain could’ve played for France and France tried very hard to get him, but he chose argentina…david trezeguet could’ve played for argentina (he was born and raised there) but wasn’t good enough to play for the national team (so it seemed and there was already a long list of very good strikers), played for france and helped them win the Euro championship in 2000…….

  30. dunbar says:

    I guess serving your country abroad to make sure there isn’t a draft so you can have your daily job “isnt cool” with you.

  31. BigB says:

    Williams is very much an American citizen since he was born to a US Military serviceman. He is merely a citizen who just doesn’t have his passport.

  32. CSD says:

    Read the YA article. He is a US citizen and he was going on a trip right around 9/11 to the US and his dad canceled the trip. Who plans trips on their own to other countries when they are under 20 years old? It;s not his fault he hasn’t been to the US. His name is Daniel Williams. It isn’t like the article is about some guy in Germany named Gunther Amadeus who’s father was a US businessman over in Germany for Oktoberfest and hooked up with the beer girl and was never seen again.

    (SBI-Gunther Amadeus. LOL. Great name.)

  33. Steve says:

    I don’t think it’s a matter of whether or not they view themselves as being American despite never having been here. It just sounds off that you have players who aren’t able to get a sniff from the country they’re actually in and thinking… well I guess I could play for my second option. I read the article, here’s his quote – “If I get a chance to play for the US team I wouldn’t say no if I had no chance at the time for the German national team,”

    I mean I’m not saying, forget this kid, I’m saying it’d be way cooler to be first choice.

  34. Stephen says:

    Dude, chill out. He was born in Germany because his dad was an American soldier. If that’s not American then I don’t know what is. Also, he probably got professional offers and just stayed in Germany.

  35. Stephen says:

    That was different because we spent US Soccer money on him and then he decided to play for Italy. Plus we always kind of knew he wanted to play for them.

    (SBI-“We spent U.S. Soccer money on him”? Really? When was that? He left for Parma’s youth academy at age 12)

  36. CSD says:

    Yeah, because if Rossi scores the winning goal for Italy in the World Cup final they won’t get excited about some little guy that played at Clifton High School.

    (SBI-Not to get too technical but Rossi never played for Clifton High School. he moved to Italy to join Parma’s youth ranks before high school.)

  37. Patrick says:

    The first line in the article is that he has never set foot in the US. I can understand this kind if thing in Luxembourg or Andorra or something but come on we are a huge country, I think we should worry about creating our own talent not importing it from Germany. I respect that his father is in the military. But that fact that he has never set foot in this country just rubs me the wrong. way. I suppose if I were in his shoes I might see it differently.

  38. Joamiq says:

    Dude, I’d be hella stoked if we had a guy named Gunther Amadeus on the team

  39. r.benjamin says:

    And we’ve said it before if his father is good enough for our armed forces he’s good enough for us. Besides considering bases are US territory who knows what when where how.

    Plus the reality is these go back and forth.. you take the ones that go your way.

    Stevie C has been a good mainstay for USMNT.. could be nice to see a ready replacement in the wings not named m.wynne :p

    (SBI-Agreed completely on your first point. To your last point, last time I checked Jonathan Spector was still on the team, and he’s only 23, and he’s actually the first-choice RB at this point.)

  40. CSD says:

    He was a superstar, he was dynamite and whatever he did (it)
    Seemed to be alright.
    And he drank (and) he cursed and he fooled around
    But when the women would shout:
    “Score for me” Amadeus,
    Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus,
    Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus,
    Oh oh oh Amadeus.

  41. CSD says:

    Ok, how about. “Who watched his dad coach soccer at Clifton High School.” Will you give me that?

    (SBI-Of course. I interviewed Fernando enough times to fall into that category. Would have been great for Rossi to play for the USA, but it was his choice and he just never developed that connection to American soccer. That’s not the fault of U.S. Soccer.)

  42. Freddie Footballer says:

    Ives, you mentioned in the comments section in another post that there were potentially holes in this story. Since you’re posting this story, does that mean all is alive with Williams getting his passport and that he is eligible? What were those holes and what did you find out exactly? I’m sure you’re readers (myself included) would like to know. thanks!

    (SBI-There are some unanswered questions that need to be addressed (and that isn’t an indictment of the Yanks Abroad story, which is what some folks tried to turn it into). I am working on getting those questions answered, but decided that it was time to get this post up so everyone who isn’t aware of Williams knew about him. I’m hoping to have a follow-up later this week.)

  43. Sean says:

    Gunther Amadeus would fix everything.

  44. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    I find it amazing that I have followed this guy for the past three years over here as well as other Yanks, and no one has bothered to give him a shot over much weaker MLS candidates. Great scouting USSF!

  45. BetaMale says:

    well we know how much Bradley likes defensive midfielders, should be a lock based on that alone

  46. Clayton says:

    Personally, I don’t want to see anyone who has never set foot in the United States to play for our team. Sorry if you feel otherwise, but it doesn’t feel right to me.

    We already have one of the best teams in the world. Last year we beat #1 ranked Spain and nearly knocked off Brazil in major competition. I’d rather focus on developing talent in kids here.

  47. fischy says:

    Good point about Ibisevic, but Subotic was in our youth pool and Rongen gave him a shove out the door.

  48. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Dealer2: You wouldn’t want to go back home after living here either. They breathe football in Germany.

    If you only knew how many more Williams-like players we have over here that are heads and heals above the Bornsteins and other MLS by-products. But don’t blamethem,blame USSF fornottracking them down sooner.

    Hmm…lemme think about this? Go to USA and play MLS or learn from the best in Europe….

  49. SD says:

    Thomas Dooley!

  50. SD says:

    You must not be old enough to have watched the 1994 world cup….

  51. LukeInNC says:

    Considering our current “great needs” at both right back and d-mid, lets hope he has a long career….

  52. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Hmmm? Lemme think about this if I was an American kid with aspirations of playing football and growing up in the following: Germany, Italy, Spain, England and dreaming of playing for a professional club in ??? the USA (NOT) Germany, Italy, Spain, or England.

    Clayton: His father is doing something you would probably never consider–serve this great nation called the United States of America. And if you think like that, I wouldn’t want you serving by my side.

    BL: Blame the USSF scouting system…

  53. PetedeLa says:

    I see your point, but have you ever been on a US Army base abroad?

    No matter where they are you feel like you’re in Texas.

    As far as not having a passport, I’ve read that 70% of Americans don’t have a passport, so no big deal there.

  54. jig says:

    ahahahah what an idiot

  55. ZacIndy says:

    i’d be the first in line for a Guenther Amedeus jersey. Rock Me Amedeus!!

  56. John says:

    We should not be considering Ibisevic as lost. He moved to the United States when he was 17 years old and never had any desire to represent the US.

  57. SD says:

    As I said, I agree about Subotic

  58. jig says:

    any other guys like him over there you care to let us know about?

  59. einar says:

    thanks ives for putting up something about daniel williams who i know can make the world cup team if he stays healthy and continues to start till the end of the season

    (SBI-He’s never been with the U.S. team before, and won’t be for the Dutch friendly, but you think Bob Bradley will pick him for the World Cup team despite never having had him in camp? I don’t see it happening unless something happens to Spector or Cherundolo, and even then I’d call it a longshot at best. Hey, I’m sure the kid could play out of his mind the next two months and make people call him the next Maicon, but even then, at what point does he then consider Germany? Way too many variables here for people to be even thinking about him being on the U.S. World Cup team.)

  60. SD says:

    I read an article some time ago and didn’t get that impression, but I’ll go with with your thinking….but my point is that Rossi should not be considered ‘lost’

  61. John says:

    I agree that I would love to be a first choice for players like this, but the fact is it might take some players resorting to their second choice for us to become a first choice.

  62. GFame7 says:

    Can we open a military base in Brazil?

  63. Jerome says:

    Ives, why did you not tell fernando that Italy was his country of birth and not his sons? or did Guiseppe already believe he was in Italy and not USA, before he actually moved to Italy. I wonder how Guiseppe must have felt when he arrived in Italy at 13 years old and he said “Why is this country called Italy as well” his father replies, “ohh that country you were born in was just Little Italy”, sorry for the Confusion son”. haha.

  64. John says:

    Fair enough. I do agree that Rossi should not be considered lost and it is time for USMNT fans to forget about him

  65. Frank says:

    I wonder if the presence of Phillip Lahm, a relatively young talented right back, will influence his decision on who he decides to play for.

  66. Jerome says:

    Sorry, but until we have soccer played in the US Urban city environments we are going to have to accept some American Citizens born overseas from Military Serviceman. Soccer-Mom suburban soccer is not producing World Class players and most likely never will, maybe( a big big maybe- 1 every 40 years.)

  67. b-hags says:

    thank you tony…that was pure gold

  68. Jerome says:

    So basically Ives you know the Dutch roster already? If he gets his passport and continues to play…how could he not be called up to the Dutch match. Bradley should relize getting him now, is our best chance and a call-up would do that.

  69. Stephen says:

    Yeah…and we did better than we had ever done in a WC before.

  70. Stephen says:

    Did it say when he was going to get his passport?

  71. baquito alyeska says:

    For the record, I don’t care if the person is one-legged, three-armed and produced in a test tube via a Mongolian laboratory run by Cher and Spongebob Squarepants. As long as the Department of State considers him a fellow citizen and the dude runs (in this case, hops, I guess) his ass off for the Nats, then count me as a fan.

  72. gerald says:

    Bingo, Enough said

  73. Stephen says:


  74. Stephen says:

    Good thing we have two players from the USMNT on club rosters in Germany that may be able to influence his decision. (Granted there is an even bigger German presence.)

  75. Steve says:

    Well, dang. Good point. That’s probably a very accurate picture of the landscape of the USMNT right now in regards to these types of situations.

  76. HoneyHell says:

    If he truly considers himself a Defensive Midfielder, than the presence and age of Lahm is a none issue. The issue becomes who does Germany have playing the Defensive Midfield roll? I think its Ballack (33 yrs old) as the primary…but who is Ballack’s backup? and who is in the Wings to potentially play Def. Mid for Germany. J. Jones basically jumpted to the US because he was unlikely to make the German National Team, but he’s 27…with a smaller window of opportunity. At 20 Williams has time to decide. Hopefully he’ll decide to join the USMNT.

  77. unternehmen says:

    What about David Wagner? Can we call him back? Remember Sampson prattling on and on about he plays well with his back to goal?

    In all seriousness, if Bob is looking for cover, I’m all for doing a little looking around to see who’s out there. But nobody we find this late should have a realistic chance of playing in SA.

  78. BCC says:

    Rossi has played for Manchester United and Villarreal, two well-known, established teams.

    My point is this: countries that have a legitimate chance to win each year have talented players playing for major clubs.

    We’re moving towards that. I am a huge USMNT fan and I always will be. I am simply tired of reading stories about guys who are fringe players with tenuous connections to the US being considered potential national team players. We have to be better than this.

    The other issue is this: I want players who love the US and WANT to for America. To guys like Subotic, (who was torched by Bayern this past weekend, by the way) who hem and haw, I say good riddance. I’d rather lose with guys who are proud to play for the team than win with players who have to be begged and cajoled.

  79. dunbar says:

    Everyone is harping over this kid that has never stepped foot in the US but is undecided on what country he wants to play for, yet loves the fact that Edgar Castillo chose the US after saying that he would only play for Mexico. Anyone else see something wrong.

  80. El Michael says:

    But Ives that’s what we do. In with the new and out with the old

  81. anm says:

    He sounds like an exciting prospect and if he commits to the US we should think seriously about him in the future. But with regard to 2010, the problem is that his skill set is in the areas in which we are the deepest. At RB, he is not going to be an upgrade over Cherundolo and Spector, both of whom have more playing time at better teams. Likewise as a defensive CM, he’s behind Bradley, Clark, Torres, Jones, Edu and maybe Beckerman right from the get go.

    If the injury crisis is still serious this time next month, then perhaps he gets a call-up.

  82. fubar says:

    Like the height of both Williams (5″11″) and Michael Hoyos (6″1″). Anyone outside of a person with the last name of Messi (5’5″ on a good day)just ain’t cutting it nowadays. Yes, I am talking about you Freddy Adu.

  83. Machista Gay says:

    My thoughts exactly!

  84. understood says:


  85. Tim says:

    For now on, if something goes wrong with the national team we should just say Gunther Amadeus will fix it.

  86. Tim says:

    It says in his article that he can get it whenever. He just needs to go to the embassy and pick it up.

  87. Jamie Z. says:

    Well played, sir.

  88. Catch and release says:

    It’s far from clear the Rongen gave him a “shove out the door”. He apparently was critical of Subotic but what I was able to read about it didn’t make it sound like anything over the top.

    Are you going to tell me that from now on this means the coaches have to handle every potential dual citizenship kid with kid gloves and pamper tehm and blow smoke up their….guaranteeing them nights with the USWNT?

    Particularly at an age when you have no idea just how good a kid can be?

    That could be just as counter productive as losing Subotic. From what I could find it was pretty clear Subotic always had a list of countries he was always going to choose and the US was about 3rd or 4th on that list. You are always going to lose some kids, get over it.

  89. ClarkAirBase says:

    I’d say California. Northern valley. Stockton or Fresno.

  90. Clayton says:

    Something I wouldn’t consider … ok dude. I just think he’s looking for a spot on an international team to play for. Not good enough to play for Germany, but good enough for US. Win – Win. Come play in MLS if you want a legit shot to play for the USMNT

  91. Clayton says:

    Don’t like that either.

  92. Hush says:

    Williams dad served our country proudly, that’s all I have to hear to consider him American. I hope I see him in a USMNT jersey sometime in the future.

    Rossi: We never had Rossi to begin with, although I find it funny how he has all the attributes of your stereotype American, yet he doesn’t play for us.

    Subotic: I can care less for this cry baby. I hope he enjoys his time in Serbia.

    I believe the U.S will win a W.C before they do. :)

  93. timbull00 says:

    cap him!!!

  94. timothy says:

    Maradona :5’5
    Pele: 5’8
    Xavi: 5’7
    Tevez: 5’8
    David Silva: 5’7
    Iniesta: 5’7

    This could easily go on

  95. timothy says:

    and as a frame of reference, Freddy Adu is 5’8

  96. Alexandria says:

    Why bash MLS? This has nothing to do with MLS. Unfortunatley for some people they don’t have the chance to learn from the best in europe, but that doesn’t mean they have to give up their dream of being a professional, they will just take a different route. But I guess when all fails blame MLS, makes your argument sound better.

  97. Alexandria says:

    Why do people say this? Why? There is no special kool aid in urban markets. I mean just because your parents work and bust there butt dosen’t mean your not going to be a good player because you weren’t poor. This isn’t Brazil, I mean the idea of kids playing in the street barefoot, honestly would you let your kid do that? I mean love for the game isn’t born in you because your poor its born in you because someone in your life exposed you to it. My son is 6 he’s playing his first season this year, I’m a single mom, I dunno if we’ll be rich but I know I will not raise him in an urban setting, I will not raise him to believe that the only way we’ll make it is for him to be pro and take care of me, but I will raise him to love the game and respect it, and if it works out that he’s good enough and he becomes pro then great if not then great too, because we’ll be able to enjoy it together.

  98. Alexandria says:

    Ahhh!!! the european bias… doesn’t change your mind that the euros suck outside of europe?

  99. Thetruth says:

    Freddy Adu is barely 5’4 or 5’5 in real life if you’ve seen him in person. His listed height is bogus.

  100. dealer2 says:

    You need to stop with “coward” stuff, really unnecessary.

  101. RLW2020 says:

    haha finally it makes sense

  102. understood says:

    Ahhh!!! american ignorance…

  103. RLW2020 says:

    i read some FIFA article about how taller players are much more likely to get fouls called against them. after watching about 5 minutes of any US game you can see that become apparent when our 6’+ CB’s and Midfielders take on 5′ latin strikers

  104. Alexandria says:

    Ignorance is not backed by facts! The euros do horribly outside of europe. And how do you know I’m american?

  105. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Clayton are you serious …

    You believe that if he was playing in MLS he would be “prepared” to play for the Nats? you think that he could make the Kicker best XI?

    What is he supposed to do in MLS? Get inferior coaching, training, preparation and competition to prove that he is American enough for the Nats?

    Never heard of that one before, The MLS American purity test? Glad you were not around for Dooley, Stewart, etc.

  106. freelancer says:

    As a direct dependant (son) of a US Military family (father) all Williams has to do is go to an American Embassy in Germany to pick up a US passport…He is automatically duel-citizenship at birth, and no less of an American than ANYONE else living here that has duel citizenship or has 1 or both parent(s) not born in this country…I hope the USMNT considers him sooner, rather than later, for a viable option even for this World Cup!

  107. derrick says:

    i always wonder. Would Brooklyn Beckham ever pay for the United States if he ever grew up and didn’t suck. I almost want him to grow up playing and to be good just to see what happened. Even funnier if after being born and raised here if he said no to England. Doubt it would happen though. The pressure from the English would be ridiculous. Personally, i’d take up like American Football instead.

  108. jonas says:

    good find Ives? I love Ives too (that’s why I visit 3 or 4 times a day). But how Ives gets credit for finding this guy when all he did was link a five day old article on another site is beyond me.

  109. chg says:

    While they weren’t international level soccer players, I have several cousins who were born and raised in Indonesia while their parents worked as missionaries. A couple got tennis scholarships (stole ’em from REAL ‘mericans!) and none of them lived in the US til college. Three of the four stayed for good. One is back in Indonesia, though his two oldest daughters are now US college students.

  110. chg says:

    They say “urban markets” because they don’t feel comfortable saying black kids.

    They are right though. Most of the top American athletes in every major sport are black, so it is pretty easy to figure out that it would greatly improve our talent pool if there were more diversity on the soccer fields that produce American players.

  111. chg says:

    I would love to see Brooklyn Beckham get a football scholarship to Alabama and become an All-American S. I’m not even an Alabama fan, it is just the scenario that I think would most anger English soccer fans.

  112. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    Dealer 2: Who said anything about “coward” I have bleed Red, White and Blue for you.

    Some comments in this thread and others like this quite frankly, just go to show why some Yanks are perceived as we are in the world. It doesn’t help those of us who try to impress our good qualities.

  113. HoneyHell says:

    “Come play in MLS if you want a legit shot to play for the USMNT”…has got to be up there as one of the stupidest statements ever. Why would a young player take a pay cut to play in a feeder league when they’re currently playing in one of the top leagues in the world. Seriously!

    It’s proven we’ll take a Bundas defender over a MLS defender any day of the week. Should Dolo play in MLS to insure he’s on the Squad.

  114. Felix says:

    I forgot whom it was, perhaps TIAS, but I read a good story about Subotic and how out of place he always felt here in the US and with the US U-17/20s (also remember how many countries he’s lived in). He was a loner on those teams, so when a 19 yr old Subotic gets criticized publicly by the coach, then gets dropped from the squad for hacks like Ofori Sakordie and Julian Valentin – he is understandably upset. He’s just a kid and people here expect him to handle the situation with maturity that guys older than him don’t deal with well.

    Rongen messed up, in my mind, if he brings him and plays him to the ’07 U-20 World Cup, he would have naturally transitioned to the senior side, instead of being left out in the cold and open to making up his mind in Germany.

    To me, of all the potential US players we have “lost”, he is the only one whose mind we could have changed if the situation was handled better.

    Rossi was never interested, Ibisevic was never on the radar, and Castillo came back around is in with us due to a loophole.