Wizards win Luis Gil lottery

Luis Gil 1 (ISIphotos)

The Kansas City Wizards acquired U.S. U-17 national team midfielder Luis Gil through a weighted lottery on Monday, but Gil may not end up playing for them.

According to the Kansas City Wizards, Gil's contract with MLS has special considerations that should accomodate a trade to either Seattle or Real Salt Lake, but the Wizards will attempt to get Gil to reconsider.

What do you think of Kansas City landing Gil? Where would you like to see him wind up?

Share your thoughts below. 

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117 Responses to Wizards win Luis Gil lottery

  1. matt says:

    Guessing kc not his first choice

  2. Brian says:

    I’m hoping he ends up with my LA Galaxy, but if not either Seattle or Houston. Sigi and Dom would be great for his development, as would Bruce.

  3. Gary says:

    Glad he’s in mls in the short term, it puts a spotlight on player devlpmt when guys like him come in. Hope he makes progress and sees the field.

  4. Isaac says:

    I wanted him to go to Houston, or wherever Dominic Kinnear goes for that matter. Big Dom has a way of developing players that is incredible so I think Houston is the best place for him to go.

  5. Only my NYRB could be favored to get him based on the weighting and still lose out. Some things never change as the Metros/NYRB curse lives on…

  6. David K. says:

    Wow that sucks for Luis… Hope they trade him somewhere he has a chance to succeed.

  7. Keith says:

    His agreement with the league is that he will only play for RSL or Seattle. KC is currently trying to talk him into staying, my guess is he will force the trade.

    link to hillcrestroadblog.com

  8. Rory says:

    Supposedly he has a deal with MLS that he will be traded to a west coast club. He’s from LA but people are saying Seattle and RSL are acceptable to him.

  9. Erik V says:

    KC getting Gill. Does that mean New York passed on him? And what is stopping other young talents from holding off on signing until after the draft if that means you can decide were you play?

  10. BSU SC says:

    I hope this kid can live up to the hype…

    e.g.; Freddy Adu and Danny Szetela

  11. Osvaldo Alonso says:

    The league determined Gil was a special enough prospect that they felt it was okay to bend the rules a little bit in regards to signing him. MLS gets the pass to make up a few things as it goes since there are so many contract situations that aren’t covered in their archaic CBA. I would imagine most players coming into the league won’t have the bargaining chips Gil has(that he’ll bolt to Arsenal) so the league won’t have to make special arrangements for them.

  12. Ross says:

    I don’t understand why MLS makes these teams go through these formalities if they are just going to force a team to trade him anyway. If MLS wants a young player bad enough to agree to put him on a team on the West Coast, then they might as well let those teams bid against eachother for his services outright.

  13. A.S. says:

    Why was there a “weighted lottery”? Is this standard operating procedure for players like him? Have they had such lotteries before? Why didn’t he simply go through the allocation procedure like other players?

    (SBI-A.S., you are hardly a newbie, so I can’t imagine that you are unfamiliar with the fact that youth national team players signed post-draft go into weight lotteries. From D.J. Countess to David Arvizu to Kyle Davies, this isn’t a new thing for MLS. Still seems a bit odd, but it’s hardly a new development.)

  14. a says:

    welcome to MLS Luis, you don’t always get what you want, but if try sometimes….

  15. gstommylee says:

    The lottery is for draft-edible players.

  16. dunbar says:

    Go to Europe!Go to Europe!Go to Europe!
    Really wished US MLS academies were like europeans so he could be apart of the academy and train with the first team or get a contract like that so he goes where he wants.

  17. gstommylee says:

    That signed after the super draft.

  18. Josh D says:

    Whose would it be?

  19. Josh D says:

    Really hoped he would go overseas as he’s such a good talent and would be perfect under Wenger’s watchful eye. Though if he’s already crying about playing on the East Coast, hopping the pond may bring proper tears to his eyes…

    Just hope MLS doesn’t give him the Adu/Danny treatment and we see him develop in a way beneficial to the player not just the league.

  20. Luis F says:

    Man, if he ends up in Seattle I’ll be pumped… but I’m not sure when he sees the field here. He’s so young, and he needs minutes. Where in MLS will he get them?

  21. Thorpinskii says:

    I believe Gil has said that he would like to play for Seattle or RSL

  22. Moose says:

    mmmmm….edible *drool* (homer style)

  23. KChad says:

    You can’t decide. KC won the lottery for Gil.

  24. jpc says:

    Kansas City??? Maybe he’s rethinking his decision. Lucky for him he didn’t go to the Red Cows

  25. A.S. says:

    I may not be a newbie when it comes to actual soccer, but when it comes to MLS player allocation, collective bargaining agreement, salary cap, etc., I never understand what’s going on. I hadn’t heard of this weighted lottery before, but you never know what the rules are with MLS – the league has some of the strangest rules around, and they seem to bend them arbitrarily from time to time.

    It would seem to me that MLS should use the same rules for up-and-coming US national teamers like Gil as they do for the somewhat more established players. But that would be waaaaaaaay too logical for MLS.

  26. Charles says:

    So if a player has options he can avoid playing in KC ?

    Just negotiate it upfront.

    I am a Sounder’s fan and that seems a little wrong.

    How is KC supposed to get better with an unlevel playing field ?

    Makes you wonder if there were not draft picks that “chose” their own teams too ?

  27. realslfan says:

    Ives- It doesn’t have anything to do with him being youth national team does it? From the MLS regs:

    Some players shall be assigned to MLS teams via the weighted Lottery process. Any team assigned a player through the lottery in any particular season shall not be assigned another lottery player that season unless and until all teams have received a lottery player or have agreed to waive their option to participate in a Lottery. The players made available through lotteries include:

    (i) Generation adidas players signed after the MLS SuperDraft;

    (ii) Draft eligible players to whom an MLS contract was offered but who failed to sign with the League prior to the Draft.

  28. John says:

    Yuck, KC…disappointment for him and MLS fans! I bet you he’s rethinking his decision now. Hopefully there will be a trade and he’ll go to a major market…

  29. gstommylee says:

    John his contract states Seattle or RSL there will be a trade.

  30. TJPierce says:

    The Sunshine Band?

  31. Reece says:

    Umm Danny Mwanga…

  32. John says:

    I didn’t know that. Well, doing some further investigation I read that he will end up on a “West Coast team.” Where did you read that it will specifically be Seattle or RSL?

  33. the rick says:

    ……go where MLS tells you to go and shut your mouth.

  34. gstommylee says:

    KC’s official blog the Hilcrest Road confirms that its Seattle or RSL.

  35. John says:

    Nevermind, found it right here in the comments section. I’m a dummy, forgive me :)”

  36. bigvic says:

    say, what about SJ? West coast is where he wants to go, except for SJ?
    The bay area is more beautiful then LA, SEA, RSL combined, so it must be the owner he is weary of. Come to think of it, so are the fans weary of Wollf. People eat up soccer like crazy here, just not the half-baked MLS-Wollf variety. Good thinking in avoiding SJ Gil.

  37. BigWave says:

    Where’s the evidence that his contract states Seattle or RSL? Can somebody provide legitimate evidence? Why not LA or Chicas USA?

  38. Eric says:

    Gil’s choice of teams is certainly interesting. Espeically the choice of RSL. Both teams have good coaching staffs but Salt Lake is hardly a big market team compared to New York or Los Angeles.

    If anything Gil’s preferred destinations seem to indicated he’s looking for a place he can develop at under a good coaching staff rather than trying to simply find the biggest market possible.

  39. The King of Norway says:

    It’s simple — KC gets better through the player or benefits they acquire from Seattle or RSL. Which is more than they had before the lottery occurred.

  40. Zack Lewis says:

    I’ve looked for some good vids of this kid, but I can’t find much. I only found one where he nutmegs a defender and a simple interview. Handsome kid. Is he anything special?

  41. Carlos says:

    I just text him he told me that both Seattle and rsl r going to submit offers to kc and whatever offer kc likes
    is where he’s gonna go cause his contract
    said he’d play in eitjer those 2

  42. Not Ives says:


    Do you think we will see the Beckerman starting behind Findley and Cunningham starting in front of McCarty in Florida? I think it could lend some stability and speed to the attack. We have seen plenty of Ching and Casey, and Casey wins that battle. So lets see some new guys get a final look. I like Rogers and Pontius on the flanks. Clearly Bornstein will get the nod. Same with Marshall and Goodson. What about RB? Who besides Wynne could we see? At 65 you have 3 subs and have too use them … what do you do Ives? Why? (based on my starting 11 of course … how would you fix it?)

    ((Could Cameron make it to South Africa?))

  43. JohnC says:

    Without the lottery KC never has a chance at Gill but now because of it they will at least benefit from someone trading for his rights. I guess not entirely fair that KC loses Gill but realistically they never had a shot and he doesn’t sign with the league if they dont include that provision. KC makes out better then say all the other teams that didn’t win him and get to use him for trade fodder.

  44. Al_OC says:

    Now, if we can just trade Beckham for Gil… ;-D

    Seriously, who’d be traded for Gil from Galaxy, Chivas, or Sounder? The only one I can think of is Klesjtan for Gil?

    Or has the league twisted the Wizards’ hands by telling them to accept any player as a trade?

  45. alexandria says:

    I’d rather him go to RSL, i think Kreis’s system fits him better than sigi’s and the midfield isn’t as stacked, they have a good mix and he can mingle with national team guys, but either way I think the teams are a good pick.

  46. seth davey says:

    If Gil wants to play for an L.A. team I say he goes to the Lakers. Kobe is getting up in age and Little Luis could learn a lot from Bryant’s experience.

    If he does go to the Galaxy hopefully Galaxy will trade one of their 40 year-old midfielders for him.

  47. Moose says:

    Who on either side are Nat team regulars?

  48. John says:

    Tell him to go to Seattle! Pressure the KC administration to give Seattle the edge. Under Sigi Schmid, the impressive Seattle Market, etc, the kid will shine.

  49. Idaho Brian says:

    classic :)

  50. Bart Simpson says:

    Hope he plays near Springfield that’s all that matters to me.

  51. Idaho Kevin says:

    Jason Kreis= USMNT Head coach for 2014 World Cup. Why not go there and make friends

  52. Sgc says:

    That is definitely the way, uh huh uh huh, he likes it.

  53. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    Wouldn’t it be better for the Wizards if they could swap Gil for someone who could help them this season? Gil is found money, go ahead and exchange that money for something shiny.

  54. gstommylee says:

    Gil doesn’t have the choice since he wants to be either RSL or Seattle. KC will choice the best offer that Seattle or RSL will provide. And it has nothing to do with who’s coaching USMNT.

  55. Phil says:

    I think SSFC have enough matches this year between the MLS season, USOC, and CCL to get this kid on the pitch if he’s ready.

  56. MVK says:

    yuck yuck yuck…. i will say that KC could be the only team MLS team sending a young player to the World Cup (Espinoza, I do think US team will have 2 but hey its something and he has grown in KC)

  57. madmax says:

    With the leverage that Gil had, wouldn’t a ‘west coast team’ have been part of the signing agreement?

  58. bob says:

    no way that statement is false

    by my own account and something ive heard mentioned every time someone from seattle is on ESPN is that the pacific northwest is the most beautiful region in the nation :)

  59. RLW2020 says:

    this allocation lottery/draft/random crap is hilarious. the player Never ends up on the team he wants to be on. why can’t he just sign with who he wants?

    if its a single entity then why not, its like I apply for a finance dept. job but HR gets the rights, so finance needs to trade with HR so I can work in the department I applied for originally… I hope the new CBA comes quick and gets rid of this crap!

  60. werner says:

    Ives, who do you see Seattle, Chivas, and LA trading for Gil?

  61. Cyrus says:

    That puts too much power into the players’ hands and goes against the single entity philosophy…but I do agree that he should be able to go where he wants and teams should bid for him like any other league. but nooooo, MLS doesn’t like players having control, which is why we may not have a domestic soccer league this year.

  62. Jon says:

    Send Jaqua or Vagenas + allocation money.

  63. Reece says:

    No! Jaqua actually does some good. And is a quality garbage man. Plus just ask RSL how bad them want him. the one who WOULD bid the most should offer a 3rd round pick the other a 4th.

  64. gstommylee says:

    Why would Seattle send their 2nd most goal scorer last year for someone that won’t have any impact for 3 maybe 4 years.

  65. acj says:

    The problem with your analogy is that HR and finance aren’t competing with one another. They’re trying to keep the teams relatively equal in skill while still attracting young talented players. I bet the league insisted he OKed signing with more than one team. That way in theory the winner of the lottery still gets better because the two teams bidding for him will have an incentive to offer real value.

  66. Dakota says:

    Yeah, that’s against Spain in the U-17 world cup. That video doesn’t even show the whole thing. You can see the whole thin at 2:20 of this video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T–FE4bUYQ8. And yes he definitely seems to be something special.

  67. acj says:

    Im going to go out on a limb here and say that if Seattle and RSL tried to colude like that the league would come down pretty hard on them.

  68. Idaho Brian says:

    Last year, RSL accepted a 2nd round pick from Dallas in return for Kyle Davies, (a US youth team player…and I believe captain). I would not be surprised if that is what is offered to KC for the services of Gil. It will be interesting to see how much negotiating power KC has in this situation, (i.e. when does the league step in and say…this is an acceptable trade offer?)…

    I understand the complaints that KC needs a player now, (as opposed to a future draft pick), but in the end, KC will have come out of this situation with more than what they had in the beginning, (perhaps a free additional draft pick as a result of a lottery)…

  69. alexandria says:

    I never said regulars. I said National team guys, You can admit their are guys on either side who have played international soccer right? So, therefore what I said was true.

  70. alexandria says:

    Yeah all these rules suck, we should just have no rules where fake owners can come in buy a team and not pay the players wages. I mean who does this player think he is he doesn’t want to play for the vancouver grizzles and wants to play for an east coast team, defying all the rules, why can’t he just sign for the team he wants… oh wait because it doesn’t work that way.

  71. Tris says:

    I think the FA home grown talent goals as well as FIFA limiting players from signing abroad before age 18 had a greater effect. I may be wrong. Somebody wanna back me up on that lingering question?

  72. jig says:

    Have you ever seen him play? If you let him on the field, he will contribute much sooner than that. Like, maybe immediately.

  73. DC Josh says:

    He needs to go to the Galaxy. He’ll have the best coach in MLS to tutor him, and learn from Beckham, Donovan and the rest of the veterans. I’ll cry if he goes to Seattle. The last thing American soccer needs is another reason for Sounder fans to gloat 😉

  74. jaded says:

    he cant bolt he signed a contract with MLS. KC owns his rights. if he doesnt like it then he can sit out but that wont help his development

  75. scott47a says:

    I’m guessing we will see something like a draft pick and the rights to a young player or something, nothing more.

    I would say that someone like Sturgis is a possibility from Seattle except that Sturgis is actually playing really well so far this winter.

    Please remember that Gil is still very young and seems unlikely to play for either RSL or Seattle except in U.S. Open Cup and whatever reserve matches they can muster.

  76. gstommylee says:

    He is ready enough to handle MLS veteran players?

  77. jaded says:

    sounds like your describing the RB academy. =)

  78. alexandria says:

    You know what I find funny is that a month ago everyone was clamoring for the league to sign up our young players, and how the league needed to bend a little to get these young guys to play here. And the league does it, and people complain about it. I just don’t get it. This league needs Gil and guys like him, in the right environmment he could be the first 15 to 20 million dollar guy the league sells, its a precedent the league is looking to snap up all the young guns and pay them more then what they would make at academies overseas. Does, this take away from the hartmans and van den bergh’s, unfortunatley yes, but who would you rather see play?

  79. Jon from Chicago says:

    Any word on where the Czech game is gonna be played? I heard the Hartford rumour but I need to know when its def so I can buy my plane tickets. Gonna do a train trip and do both games, but plane ticket prices are going up by the day…

  80. kfly says:

    Well played.

  81. muijskens says:

    Seattle might have the best leverage has in allocation money and the current rights to Jeff Parke who is on trial and has looked okay. Sounders actually have a dire need for an adequate right winger added with needed players at the position due to Champions league play, Sounders would seem the better destination.

  82. JP says:

    WRONG!! Dom Kinnear = USMNT coach for 2014.

  83. 3VIL L33T says:

    So as a recap for those of us that don’t follow the wizards, what do they need or might try to trade for.

  84. I don’t find any logic in that at all. A prospect is NO WHERE near the same thing as an established player. That’s why he’s a prospect. He MAY turn out to be good. He may not.

  85. fischy says:

    Ives is confused. Returning national team players are subjected to the allocation draft. I don’t think that applies to youth internationals, but I could be wrong. Szetela went by allocation to DCU because he has a cap at the senior level.

    Kyle Davies, like Luis Gil, signed a Generation Adidas contract with MLS outside the SuperDraft. Per the rule you’ve quoted, they enter via the weighted lottery, rather than the strict allocation order.

  86. LOL! That is flat-out ridiculous. There is ZERO chance of that happening.

  87. einar says:

    the contract has him going to the galaxy too as stated

  88. Carl says:

    I hear he is going to rsl

  89. RLW2020 says:

    alexandria, i did not understand anything you said, expect for the last line which is the point of frustration.

    new, more important question, what happens if RSL or Sounders can’t or don’t reach an agreement on the trade for him? do they have to? does his contract end if nothing happens? if the contract is voided for that reason is there any point to doing this lottery then?

  90. RLW2020 says:

    ya he wants out of LA!

  91. RLW2020 says:

    ya im suprissed that LA is not one of the teams that has been quoted as where he will go.. LA seems like the perfect situation but maybe he wants to get out of the city…

  92. Edwin says:

    You know funny thing is both of those guys along with Sigi and even Steve Nicol with his consistant run of MLS cup runner ups and SuperLiga win, are all more qualified than Bob!

    I hope that LA who is the only team to win CONCACAF I believe, not sure maybe DC too? But LAG, Seattle and RSL should give Concacaf hell in their CL! Also Columbus should get out of the group as well, it would be funny if it’s 4 US & 4 Mexican teams in the quarters! LOL

  93. sammysounder says:

    We don’t know that one way or t’other. No way does Seattle send Jaqua. Maybe Vagenas (no allocation).

  94. RLW2020 says:

    ya Ives, any explanation why Sheanon Williams did not have to go through the lottery to find his job?

  95. sammysounder says:

    Whoever brings victory to Seattle? 😉

  96. carlos says:

    nah man luis is my bud he told his agent that when he was negotiating his contract he wanted seattle or rsl and this was over a month ago when i hung out with him hes a chill dude eager to play

  97. The King of Norway says:

    If I’m SSFC, I trade Parke. It’s not like we’d miss him.

  98. eric says:

    IVES “youth national team players signed post-draft go into weight lotteries.”

    Tell me where he said anything about an allocation draft, or about returning national team players.

    fischy “they enter via the weighted lottery”

    …so, you agree with Ives

    Now Sheanon Williams, thats another story…

    (SBI-The rule, as it is written, is that players signed to Generation adidas contracts (and before that, Nike Project-40 contracts) after the draft were assigned via weighted lottery. It just so happens that A) every player who was ever assigned through a weighted lottery was a U.S. youth national team and B) no established youth national team player that I can remember has ever been acquired by an MLS team via the Discovery Process. It’s all very fishy (no pun intended). Williams wasn’t even on the list of draft eligible players this year, meaning he was NEVER eligible for the MLS draft despite being a U.S. youth national team player and a highly-regarded college player. There would really be no reasonable explanation for how a player who fits these criteria would just wind up with any team and not have to go through either the draft or a lottery.)

  99. pat says:

    why so he can fail under the microscope of the media or progress incognito in kc?

  100. fischy says:

    Not quite. Players who sign a Generation Adidas contract go into the weighted lottery. It has nothing to do with whether they are youth national team players. I was pointing out that there is a rule — the allocation draft — that applies to “national team players”, but none that applies to youth national team players. The crux is whether they’re signing a Gen Adidas deal — or whether they qualify by the other subsection. Was Sheanon Williams a draft eligible player who was offered an MLS contract which he then turned down and skipped the draft? I don’t know about a contract offer, but if he was never invited to the Scouting Combine, he wouldn’t even have been draft-eligible, since he still has college eligibility left.

    So, he probably is not covered by the weighted lottery procedure rules. He could enter the league via allocation, even though he’s not a national team player, if MLS in its discretion thinks he should go by allocation. Otherwise, it seems to me, he’d be free to sign with any team at any time. Per MLS’ guidelines, he could be brought in as a “Discovery signing” or added to the “Developmental roster”.

  101. sammysounder says:

    Parke might end up being our best ‘new signing’ though.

  102. toropug says:

    Your right, sorry. The only coach we should have is an overpriced Euro-coach. They can come in screw up the team, then take the money and run (like Sven did to Mexico). Oh I got a better idea, why dont we get Arena again.

  103. carlos says:

    if he’s from california why wont he like to play here in california and not seattle or rsl

  104. Not Not Ives says:

    how do you figger Casey beats Ching? i don’t see it. count the championships? or the World Cup experience? or the career goals? curious

  105. evan eleven says:

    Carlos how come wants to play for the Sounders and Real instead of Galaxy and Chivas? is it because he wants to play quality attacking soccer instead of boring L.A. longball?

  106. evan eleven says:


  107. Justin says:

    Kansas City better get equal value for him. People were saying he would have been a first round draft pick. They must get that or the equivalent in any deal.

  108. Justin O says:

    Hmmm….maybe, just maybe, the people allegedly complaining about signing Gil aren’t the same people who complain about the league not keeping young talent?

  109. Rory says:

    You could count the MLS goals last season where Casey beat Ching.

  110. Carlos says:

    So why doesnt he want to come to LA

  111. The Dream says:

    They could use a keeper now that Hartman is gone (though they got another guy), a quality defender, midfielder, or forward. Other than that, they are set :)

  112. SeattleStan says:

    He’s going to RSL, looks like for a cash, 2nd rounder, and an international slot.

    link to twitter.com

  113. SeattleStan says:

    whoops, cash, not a cash

  114. Shad says:

    Real Salt Lake picked up his rights a few minutes ago.

  115. Idaho Brian says:

    The Deseret News, (Salt Lake City based), is now reporting that RSL has completed the trade for Gil…Report is RSL sends 2nd round pick in 2011, an International slot, and a portion of any future sale to KC…

  116. Sin2r says:

    I think Jason Kreis would be more likely 2018 or 2022 when Gil will definately be the engine for the USMNT. Good pickup for RSL, but I am not sure whether they gave to much for Gil.