Gomez forcing his way onto U.S. World Cup radar

Herculez Gomez (ISIphotos.com)

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 For most Major League Soccer fans who have followed the closely for the past few years, the following sentence may not make much sense, and may leave many wondering if April Fool's came early this year, only it has not.

Herculez Gomez cannot stop scoring goals.

The former Kansas City Wizards forward/midfielder has scored six goals in his past seven matches for Mexican first division side Puebla since joining the club on a free transfer in January. Some goals have come as a starter, some as a substitute. Some have come in blowout losses, some have come late in matches to either win or equalize. Some have been headers, others with his feet.

Regardless of how they're coming or when they're coming, the fact is goals are coming in bunches for Gomez and now the inevitable question must be asked.

Should he be considered for the U.S. World Cup team?


Gomez's hot streak hasn't punched his ticket to South Africa just yet, but his form cannot be ignored and regardless of the defensive frailties of the Mexican league, Gomez is doing something that no other American forward is doing regularly at the moment. He is scoring goals.

The U.S. national team doesn't have the luxury to look past a prospect like Gomez, not when the other options in the forward pool have done little to secure their spots. Aside from Jozy Altidore, who projects as a starter, who else is a lock to make the team? You can argue that a healthy Brian Ching should make the squad, and everyone knows that Charlie Davies will and should be on the team if he's fully recovered in time, but after that it is a wide-open race.

Jeff Cunningham and Robbie Findley both scored in droves in MLS last season, with Cunningham leading the league in goals, but neither did all that much to impress in game action in recent friendlies, leaving the race wide open at forward.

Bradley is no stranger to Gomez, having called him up to be part of the 2007 Copa America squad, but the coach has had little reason to keep following Gomez considering he became a relative non-entity during stints with the Colorado Rapids and Wizards, which has made Gomez' recent renaissance all the more stunning.

It's not as if Gomez has never been a quality goal scorer before. He scored 12 league goals on the 2005 MLS Cup-winning Los Angeles Galaxy (including playoffs), but he could only match that total in his next four MLS seasons combined.

So which player is Gomez, the ineffective player we saw in MLS the past two seasons, or the fearless striker and quality finisher we saw glimpses of in 2005 and are seeing again in Mexico now? While Bradley is currently in Europe scouting national team players, he has probably already dispatched a scout to Mexico to see just how real the red-hot Gomez is. If Gomez keeps it up, Bradley will probably need to head to Mexico himself to find out.

Bradley will need to find out because as unsettled as the forward position is, the U.S. team can't afford to overlook anybody, least of all a player who has clearly found his goal-scoring form.


What do you think of Gomez's recent scoring streak? Think he deserves a look for the U.S. national team? Still not convinced he can help?

Share your thoughts below.

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232 Responses to Gomez forcing his way onto U.S. World Cup radar

  1. Dannyc58 says:

    He stinks.

  2. Scott says:

    All of his goals have been pretty weak, mostly headers and just being in the right place at the right time. It seems to be working for him in Mexico but I don’t think it would work anywhere else, ESPECIALLY at the World Cup

  3. Chuck Z says:

    any chance of calling an impromptu camp or some crap like that just to get some guys together?

    or what about a reality show… America’s Next Starting Forward

  4. Dumpus says:

    Gomez is a good forward. He played too often in the midfield in MLS which was the problem. He deserves a look because he obviously has a nose for the goal

  5. Billy Sepe says:

    He just shows how much the Mexican league sucks. The MLS is a far superior league despite CCL results.

  6. dudeinho says:

    Wow Awesome Analysis!!!! you get a cookie

  7. dudeinho says:

    Wow Some people are Dense! Despite CCL results really?!!!!? ill have some of your cool aide!!!

  8. jonk says:

    I think he just suffered from being misused during the last few years in MLS. If i recall correctly, he was playing striker for LA when he was scoring, then had some falling out with the coach. After he got traded, Colorado and KC played him out of position. That being said, he’ll need to keep scoring a goal per game if he even wants a chance to impress at the Turkey or Czech games.

  9. Saulo says:

    Hahahahaha… good one billy. Man you are funny!!! Are you available for parties???

  10. K-Town says:

    Thanks Ives, I have been waiting for a while for Gomez to get some media respect these last few weeks.

  11. Matt says:

    Gomez sucks.

  12. Aubie4Prez says:

    It doesn’t matter if the league sucks or not. The point is he is putting in goals and the 2 top scorers from MLS couldn’t do that in a few International games so we have to move on and try him.

  13. Arkansas says:

    Scott…being in the right place in the right time is the number one skill set for a striker. All goals count the same. I’d rather have 20 ugly goals than 10 pretty ones.

  14. Scott says:

    This is exactly true, Gomez is not that good. He might be decent in the Mexican league but he IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY FOR THE USA!!!

  15. JCC says:

    Um, isn’t being in the right place at the right time a part of being a striker?

  16. Coach Beck says:

    You can think the Mexican league sucks of you want but are you so excited about our other forward options that he doesn’t deserve a look of some kind? I mean I’m big on team unity but if noone can score up front we are gonna be chasing and playin defense for 270 minutes and coming home!

  17. kpugs says:

    For maybe the third time ever I completely disagree Ives.

    We are not England, Holland, etc. We cannot afford to bring some random guy because he’s hot. The fact of the matter is that he has had his shot and proved to be awful for the national team.

    Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I equate Conor Casey with Frankenstein and insist any goal he scores is out of sheer luck. But I’d rather have Conor Casey in the world cup squad than Herculez.

    You don’t have to look too far to find other players who have been hot for a couple of months who suck. Collins John anyone?

    (SBI-Kev, I said the guy deserves a look, I didn’t say put him on the plane already. Are you really opposed to him even being scouted or checked out by U.S. scouts? Really? Seems pretty foolish to me to just ignore the guy.

    And Kev, if every player who “had his shot and proved to be awful for the national team” was ruled out, Bob Bradley might not have enough players to field a squad in South Africa.)

  18. BSU SC says:

    Any news on how Jeremiah White is doing in Saudi Arabia?

  19. ZacIndy says:

    Now thats there is a write up on SBI, this is the part where he goes on a scoring drought for the rest of the season.

  20. Murphy says:

    come on this post was put up to spark intense reactions, because everyone knows he’s not that good. i’d rather take another good midfielder than reserve a place on the bench for gomez. its good he’s scoring goals but its too little too late to be considered for the world cup. gamble on jermaine jones instead of taking a forward like gomez. the only forwards bradley should take are jozy, davies (if healthy), and ching (or casey). landon and clint can fill in up top.

    (SBI-I don’t disagree with your forward options to take to the World Cup, but to say I wrote this up to “spark intense reactions” is silly. Gomez has scored six goals in seven matches in a good league. Yes, the defending is suspect, but goals are goals and the rest of the forwards haven’t looked so great so why not give him a look?)

  21. ELAC says:

    Too Latino for Bob. Plays in the wrong league, too.

    But seriously, Hercules has something only Donovan has right now at forward, CONFIDENCE.

    Realistically, all those years in a physical league like the MLS have given Mr. Gomez a physical advantage against soft FMF defenses and weak defenders. The one goal he scored against Guadalajara was amazing. He outjumps and outhustles just about every central defender.

    Like I said, wrong color, wrong league.

    BTW, I agree with Ives, US Soccer head honcho Bob can afford to overlook him, but he will.

    (SBI-John, you’re my guy, but this whole “Bob is racist against Latinos” undercurrent you’ve got going on is laughable. Let it go my man, nothing worse than using the racism card to explain away decisions you don’t agree with.)

  22. Michael Vann says:

    Gomez is tailormade for Mexico. He has the space to operate in Mexico. The game is a little more wide open down there. I’m not surprised Herc is having success. His time in MLS the last few years was frustrating but he simply wasn’t at a club that was condusive to his style. I think Bob would be smart to monitor Herc. It hurts nothing. Maybe Herc can impress and be a surprise selection. Who knows. We just need some strikers who can score.

  23. EA says:

    What do you think of Gomez’s recent scoring streak?
    – He’s on a bad team where SOMEBODY has to score, like Cunningham and Casey, who scored TONS of goals in a similar league (MLS) last year. Neither of them have made a difference.

    Think he deserves a look for the U.S. national team?
    – If we had another friendly, maybe, but I fear he’s another position-less player. He’s not a international level striker OR midfielder. At this point, Cunningham, Casey or Findley are better options, because they’re more ingrained in the team. You can game plan for their strengths and weaknesses because you know what they are.

    Still not convinced he can help?
    – It’s great to see Americans scoring goals abroad, regardless of who or where. Can he make a difference in South Africa? Like the rest of our forward options, probably not.

  24. Murphy says:

    i don’t think you can say wrong color–the US team is very diverse right now, especially when you compare it to 20 years ago.

  25. ZacIndy says:

    the bad part of that is, we aren’t Mexico, and haven’t schedueled friendly every week leading up to the WC. By the time Turkey and Czech Rep. come over the squad will have been determined.

  26. EA says:

    Luckily, THE US CAPTAIN isn’t “too Latino for Bob.”

    This schtick gets REALLY old.

  27. kop of the pops says:

    why is brian ching never at the right place at the right time… (okay, unless he is playing lesser central american competition…)

  28. einar says:

    call him up! should be way better than findley right now.

  29. SaintJude says:

    I never had the best shot or the best moves, but for several years I was the leading goal score on my team just by playing smart. I’ve never been impressed by HG, but don’t underestimate how much different a player can be when they are riding a hot streak.

  30. Barry U says:

    You guys are funny. We have a guy scoring goals in a decent league and most people’s comment is “he sucks”. Think about this. The Mexicans are drolling over that 20 year old that has ton of goals for Chivas and he is scoring in the same league as Gomez.

    If he continues to score he needs at least a look in the build up games. I’ve seen a few of his goals and he is playing smart and getting in good spots. I wish a certain Eddie Johnson would do that. Eddie still got minutes versus the Dutch so he could give the ball away a few times.

  31. Blake says:

    JF Torres plays decently in Mexico for a while at our deepest position and the comments section goes bonkers. Herculez puts it on beast mode in Mexico at our weakest position and everyone says “no thank you!”

    What’s the deal?

  32. Murphy says:

    maybe if he scored these goals in december he could have been called in for the january camp. but its too late now. when will you give him a look? may 25 is too late. and he doesn’t have a long track record of success like jermaine jones.

    i was joking about the intense reactions because i knew there would be lot of them–look at the evidence from the posts: 1) gomez stinks 2) bradley is racist (ridiculous–what about torres? to name only one example) 3) he must be good if he scored some goals recently…

    its nice he’s playing well but he shouldn’t be considered for the team at this time.

  33. Mike Caramba says:

    Honestly, if we have a healthy Davies, Altidore, and Ching, I’m not sure we really need a fourth forward with Dempsey and Donovan on the roster. He deserves a look, but I’m not sold. Obviously if he can maintain a 1.0 gpg average for another couple months, it’s a different story.

  34. madmax says:

    If the MLS’ Gomez continues this pace and leads the Clausura in scoring, a new unbiased look must be giving to the differences in the leagues. The standard measurement of the CONCACAF tournament must be given less weight.

  35. jig says:

    love the people ragging on the mexican league. Yeah, Gomez kills it because the mexican league is weak, but somehow JFTorres is considered the second coming of Xavi.

  36. kop of the pops says:

    herculez gomez – brian ching

    edgar castillo – heath pearce or jonathan bornstein

    jose francisco torres – ricardo clark

    you pick’em

    i am going with the left side of the column.

  37. Sam Nishi says:


    He is the only USA striker who can be considered a poacher – Opportunistic as all get-out, he’s the only true two-way forward we have .. ..

    He’ll hustle until he bleeds and can finish as well as anyone .. ..

    He’s not a MF and is misused if he’s not on the frontline .. ..

    We can’t afford not to start him .. ..

  38. Betinho says:

    C’mon people….what’s the problem with calling an in form player into camp before the next friendlies. It’s pretty short sighted to just leave a guy that on fire out of a camp. See what he does in camp, if he passes that test, put him in the friendly and see what happens.

    Right now we only have Jozy and Ching. Let’s throw them all against the proverbial wall and see if any stick. If not we have LD and Deuce as other options…but it doesn’t hurt to check out the in form guy.

  39. Frank says:

    Mexican League >>>>>>>>>>> MLS. And Ive’s whatup with the slight at the defensive quality of the Mexican League? They have some talented defenders over there but with the offensive firepower over there it overshadows the defense. This is a league that has offensive weapons the like of Humberto Suazo, Salvador Cabanas, Chicharo Hernandez, Emmanuel Villa, Chaco Jimenez, Matias Vuoso, Luduena, Zinha, Dario Bottineli, Itamar Baptista, Quintero, and many others. These guy make any defenses look bad. This just shows your ignorance.

    (SBI-SBI-Frank, I get that you’re a Mexican league fan, but come on. It’s a widely-held opinion that the quality of defending in Mexico isn’t anywhere near the quality of attacking play. Mexican clubs spend far more money on attacking players and there isn’t exactly a pipeline of defenders leaving Mexico for Europe (yes, there are some who have made the move, but those are exceptions to the rule). It’s just a wide-open league, no shame in that.)

  40. Frank says:

    Ives – the ignorance part was directed at the poster Billy not you. Just want to clarify.

  41. KChad says:

    In a very real sense, he does have more room to operate. The Wizards play on a VERY small pitch inside a minor league baseball stadium.

  42. ELAC says:

    Bait taken. Sorry, I was making the point that Bob would rather watch 3rd division soccer in Finland that give a blue collar guy like Herc a legit chance.

    (SBI-So Bradley watches a Norwegian first division game to see one of his centerbacks play and you call it third-division Finland? come on man. The guy coached CHIVAS USA. Do you really think he has no respect for the Mexican game? That’s a bit of a stretch.)

  43. Frank says:

    Stop it with these Mexican soft defenses and week defenders already. Almost all the defenders in the FMF could walk in and start for an MLS club and about. Why can’t MLS players beat these defenders enough to get an MLS team the victory over a Mexican team? This board is full of ignorance. Oh and Bob is not racist. And Gomez is not good enough for the USMNT.

    (SBI-You mean like Duilio Davino, who was horrendous in MLS, then went back to Mexico and was an effective starter again?

    Just sayin.

    Seriously though, nobody’s saying every defender in FMF is bad, but the style of defending in Mexico involves much less pressure and more more positioning, and allows attacking players much more room to operate. It’s just a different style Frank, and that style just isn’t all that strong defensively.

    As for your “Why can’t MLS teams beat Mexican teams” nonsense, you do realize MLS teams are either in the heart of their playoff races, out of season or just getting into season when they play in Champions League, just like MLS teams do much better against those same Mexican clubs in SuperLiga, when it’s the Mexican teams who are just coming into their pre-seasons. Unfortunately, there is no time of year when MLS teams AND Mexican teams are in full season mode other than the fall, when MLS teams are focused on the playoffs.)

  44. Betinho says:

    IMHO your side would not hold up on the international level. It would be outscored 3-1 while the other side would only be outscored 2-1. Point being Ching and Clark play better D giving the US a better shot at an upset against top tier competition – i.e. Spain.

  45. dinomitedan says:

    seriously, he needs a look at the very least, cause right now a in-form striker (gomez) over cunningham/casey/ching/findley/cooper<–none of these guys should go to S.africa. serioiusly this is are Achilles heel right now, we can keep up with the world, we just CANT score like the world.

  46. Scott says:

    being in the right place at the right time is not always a skill, as a matter of fact it is almost always “luck” and you will not see 20 of these kinds of goals by one player. A striker that can score that many goals in one season will have to do more than sit inside the 6 yard box and wait for a deflection or be on the back post waiting for a header. The best forwards CREATE SOMETHING, OUT OF NOTHING. I’m not going to say Gomez is terrible, but he simply is not DANGEROUS enough to be considered for the National team.

  47. Aubie4Prez says:

    Kpugs…normally I would agree that the closer you get to the WC the window closes on “hot” players. However there is 1 position that you always look at a hot player and that is forward. By far the most difficult thing in soccer is scoring and if someone can score (even if they are ugly goals) you have to look at them. Plus playing up top you don’t hurt the harmony of the team as you would on D.

    Now…if we had 3 strong forwards that had been playing and scoring (in international games) then it’s a different story but hardly any team in the world has that.

  48. Scott says:

    yes it is a part…. now should I tell you all the “parts” he doesn’t have???

  49. Scott says:

    what PRO team did YOU play for? because playing high school and playing PRO are 2 totally different things

  50. Jorge says:

    Plus, it would not be a first time for Herculez to play for the US, if given the chance.

  51. ELAC says:

    Ok Ives, I never called Bob a racist.

    My argument is that there are many posters here that tend to easily dismiss the efforts of many American Latinos plying their trade down south. The one player with the most talent (JFT) gets limited playing time with the Nats and gets hammered cause he doesn’t fit into Bob’s “scheme”. That argument could go both ways except on this board.

    FMF is not that great of a league, but Bob shows little or no interest in helping guys like Herc like he does everyone else.

    Eddie Johnson against Holland? Sacha? Bornstein? C’mon. Give players like Herc an honest chance too, but don’t hate on him ’cause they makes there money in Mexico. Edgar Castillo = invisible man. Is that much worse than Johnny B or Heath P.?

    Bob is no racist, but I wouldn’t be surprised to here him order mac ‘n cheese at a taco truck. He knows what he prefers. He’s not prone to taking chances. I’m just sayin’.

    Sorry Ives, I guess I’m too radical for this borad. :)

    (SBI-Come on John, you know you’re always welcome here. I did like the “he’d probably order mac’n’cheese at a taco truck” line by the way, though I’d probably do the same, so what are you saying? LOL)

  52. Eric_the_King says:

    Thank you Barry for bringing some much-needed logic to the debate. Couldn’t agree more.

  53. over there says:

    I think he is probably enjoying the shambolic defending he faces in Mexico, and is likely not the real deal. That being said, he at least deserves a call-up.

  54. bryan says:

    most ignorant comment of the day.

  55. bigvic says:

    c’mon keep on topic here, give him a taco

  56. angela says:

    good analysis Scott, now explain to us how a forward who has scored no goals recently is a better thing than a forward on a hot streak

    and sorry, man, but saying that “being in the right place at the right time” is luck for a forward exhibits a lack of knowledge of the game. That’s more than half of what makes any great forward great, the rest is icing on the cake

  57. bigvic says:

    i’m gonna miss your comments dude

  58. Robinswood says:

    Gomez’ problem has always been his inability to match the physicality of MLS play. At best, he disappears when things get tough and, at worst, he over-reacts and draws a red card. So, no, he’s not in the national team mix as far as I’m concerned. He can set a scoring record while there and I still wouldn’t change my mind one bit. because if you think MLS is a tough league, wait until WC play.

    Look, go ahead and hate if you want, but the fact is we compete straight up with Mexico because we are both mentailly and physically tougher than they are. Gomez is a reflection of that. Frankly I consider it a joke that you’d even say that he should be considered in the mix. Slow news day?

    (SBI-You’re entitled to your opinion, though flawed it may be. Gomez has scored six goals in seven matches in a good league. Considering the options at forward for the U.S. national team, that merits a discussion on any news day.)

  59. Jorge says:


    Great point about Herculez and Chicharito.

  60. Robinswood says:

    ain’t and never will be.

  61. Of course Bob isn’t racist … it’s more a product of the US soccer system. We are just not good at incorporating players with a latino / hispanic soccer background. According to wikipedia, Gomez came up through the Mexican club team Cruz Azul’s youth system … and Torres came up through Mexican club team Pachuca’s youth system. Neither came up through the US soccer system and hence, they do not quite fit in. Bocenegra came up through the US system (UCLA to MLS).

    In general, the US needs to do a better job of reaching-out and making in-roads to the huge latino / hispanic communities that are here.

  62. Jerome says:

    Yea he makes it seem like Gomez hasent showered in a long time.

  63. john.q says:

    i say put him on the plane. this is going to get me in troulbe but i would choose him over ching. ching is just up there in age, and has shown against stiffer competition that he cant cut it. gomez is on form and confident. rather take a chance…

    findley has shown he does not yet have all the skill and smarts necessary. he’s fast and thats it. cunningham and johnson have fallen flat every chance they get. casey is too slow.
    its too bad our striker pool is this shallow. dear god please let davies get back to full strength!

  64. Richard, UK says:

    Right. Consider him, then forget about him. He’s made an awesome start to his career in Mexico, but how does that suddenly elevate him above everyone else and warrant taking him to the World Cup? It’s a pretty weak analysis and reasoning for taking an untested player to the World Cup, isn’t it?

    Apart from one good season (a long time ago) for LA Galaxy, he has never impressed in Major League Soccer.

    I can just imagine how lost he’d look at the World Cup. It’d be embarrassing.

  65. SaintJude says:

    Now why did you have to go and break a 36 yr old’s aspiring dream of becoming a pro! ­čśë I didn’t play pro, but I did play with a college ranked in the top 20 and still play with and against ex-pro players. What are YOUR qualifications?

    That said, you don’t have to have played pro ball to know that being in form makes a huge difference. As a team the US was in form for their late run in the confed cup. I was simply pointing out that even though he hasn’t impressed previously he shouldn’t be ignored. You don’t need to be a (jerk) while you pretend to know more than SBI and BB.

  66. kop of the pops says:

    If Brazil doesn’t hammer Italy in the Confederations Cup we probably have a different National Team coach now… I hope this is the last World Cup where the United States is run by a subpar, stick to “his guys” manager.

    Ives, if someone like a Guus Hiddink (I am in NO WAY suggesting that we could or should have Guus Hiddink right now) were managing the United States what do you think the roster would look like?

  67. bigvic says:

    perhaps a related questions, can Bob Bradley speak spanish? As most of you know, the US head coaches job used to require the speaking of spanish. Much was made of Bruce Arena’s rebellion against this rule. I’m guessing technically that rule was never done away with given the importance of the US/Mex rivalry.

  68. Sean Farrell says:

    I am all for a Davies, Altidore, and Ching forward pool to the world cup, but if this kid maintains the pace then honestly it doesn’t matter what league he is in. Goals are goals. He has to at least get a scout. The US team would be stupid not to at least consider a kid who was red hot. Look at how Connor Casey made the team? Granted he is not the answer but he got the US qualified. So what if this kid comes in as a super sub and plays well?

  69. Fuegofan says:

    I will echo what at least one other poster said, which is that Gomez was forced to play in the midfield for many of those seasons after he scored 12 goals with Galaxy. And really, with Rapids it’s not as if he was going to get stellar service even when he did play up top. Not having seen the games he played in, I’ll reserve comment as to whether he should be called up for the World Cup.

  70. bigvic says:

    I hope El Chicharito makes it to S.Africa, I love his nickname

  71. Lester says:

    He deserves a look, maybe not a plane ticket. Even if he just makes it into the camp and doesn’t make the squad for the tune-up games. Give the guy some recognition.

  72. To quote a famous goal scorer,

    “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”

    Same rule applies in Football.

    That being said, the question is, has Gomez grown as a player, or have Mexican defenses just not figured out how to shut him down yet?

  73. Jorge says:

    The kid is good. No question.

  74. Robinswood says:

    You’re probably right–there’s always going to be haters but I don’t believe Bradley is one of ’em. The fact is Gomez played for four years in MLS. Aside from one strong season (his first), he has done very little. Montero in Seattle blistered the league for about half a season until word got around that he doesn’t like contact and he’s slow, slower, and slowest. He’s been pretty much shut down ever since.

    So he goes to Mexico (no one’s slamming the Mexican League here) and explodes. I’d point out that you’d be hard put to find a better scoring streak anywhere in the world than the one Cunningham had last season (Rooney?), yet the man has been zero for the national team. Zero. Not even any moments.

    Good point on E. Johnson, btw. Why he keeps getting called up I’ll never understand.

    So now Gomez is playing well and we’re supposed to disrupt our national team rotation, desperately plug him in there, and hope that it works? Really? Because I’m not feeling nearly as desperate many of you seem to be. We’ve got two perfectly workable options in Dempsey and Donovan and, hey, who’s to say Cunningham or Findley, or whoever, won’t start out the season hotter than a biscuit and score 18 goals in 15 games?

  75. Idaho Brian says:

    Despite the harsh criticism from most posters, he has put up goals in a league that is at least at the standard of MLS, (if not better). His recent performance coupled with the US dearth of options at forward justify him receiving late consideration for the NATS. He may be a long shot to go to SA, but he deserves the look…

  76. DC Josh says:

    What do you think of Gomez’s recent scoring streak?


    His hot streak is evidence that the coach is pulling the best out of him. He has to be high on confidence.

    Think he deserves a look for the U.S. national team?


    Absolutely. To leave him out of the preliminary camp just because he used to suck is stupid. There are still 4 weeks before the 30-man rosters are submitted to FIFA, so he has a long time to prove his worth or put doubt in Bradley’s mind.

  77. Patrick says:

    Are some of you related to EJ, Ching, Casey, Findley, Cooper and Cunningham?

    Why all this bashing of a possible U.S.M.N.T. foward who actually plays and scores goals outside the MLS?

    Go get em Herc!

  78. DC Josh says:

    *6 weeks till May 1st, when preliminary rosters are due.

  79. Scott says:

    First off, I apologize if I came off as a (jerk). However, don’t take it personally when I say that it is ridiculous for someone to compare themselves to a professional player. I never said I know more than you, or anybody else for that matter, but I do know that the LUCK (not form) will run out for a player like Gomez. I just don’t think he is elite enough to play for our squad.

  80. dave me says:

    the reason he is scoring goals is because he is actually playing as a striker. with colorado and kansas city the genius coaches had him on the wing. with the galaxy he was playing at the number 9 position and he promptly scored a ton of goals.

    really think about it is findley better than gomez? findley is fast but damn he’s looked like an amateur against the international teams.

    and what is this talk about mexican defenses, last i’ve seen the mexican club teams own mls teams in international competitions.

  81. Jorge says:

    Funny comment. Sorry.

  82. Sean says:

    Scott, please tell us how you really feel.

    Anyway, I think regardless of past performance, if a guy is on a hot streak, he has to be looked at. Maybe he cools off before a final roster is announced, but as it is right now, he’s probably a better pick than Findley or Cunningham (and I’m a RSL fan who’s seen both up close).

    I just hope we have Davies back and in full form before the plane goes down to SA.

  83. Matt says:

    Give me a one armed, one legged Charlie Davies over this Gomez joker.

  84. Scott says:

    HAHAH okay.. so your saying because Gomez has scored 6 goals, he should start over Jozy because he has only scored 2? Mexican defenses tend to be weaker, where some of our other guys are playing against stronger defenses.

    I didn’t say that “being in the right place, at the right time” IS luck, I said that it is ALMOST always luck. This usually happens when a ball comes deflecting at you off a post, or when the ball just happens to pop out to you.

    Good players know how to get open. ELITE players score when they aren’t open.

  85. Feix says:

    If we had 3 or 4 other forwards in the pool who have been in good form and scoring goals regularly, Gomez would not be in the conversation.

    But considering the only forward anyone feels comfortable with at the moment is Altidore, and he’s the only guy he’s been starting regularly at the moment in the USMNT pool – how do you not warrant a closer look at him.

    We are very thin at forward at the moment, even thinner than we are at LB, and we need to find some players who are in form.

    Seriously, look at the other options:

    Ching: veteran target forward, does well against weaker competition but the jury is still out against top-tier opponents.

    Casey: target forward, coming off a good season in MLS, but in his chances with the full national team, he has had only one good game. Other than, his work rate and production have left alot to be desired.

    Findley: young and fast, looked inexperienced and out of sorts in his games against Honduras, El Salvador and Netherlands. Possibly in four years he can develop into a better option, but for now – he’s not there yet.

    Cunningham: veteran with pace, but is in a renaissance at the moment in MLS, but internationally, he hasn’t done anything or impressed at all except that one game against’s Denmark.

    E Johnson: young but with lots of experience, fast and strong, with good technical ability, but has been given multiple chances with little affect. Last time I remember being impressed with EJ is in the ’06 World Cup game against Czech Republic.

    Davies: we all know this story, but despite our best hopes, we have no idea what kind of fitness and form he will have. A total wild card at this point.

    Cooper: someone I consider to be a sort of Altidore-type of player, but has not even registered a blip since his father forced the move to Plymouth Argyle. He doesn’t even get off the bench for most games. This guy’s career has really taken a hit since his injury late last year.

    So with all these options being listed, who else would you say warrants a look:

    Gomez is in great form, and is brimming with confidence and we don’t have any other options. Send a scout and get a closer look, he has done at least that.

  86. Frank says:

    More defenders have come out of Mexico to Europe than the MLS lately. Maza Rodriquez and Salcido to PSV, Hector Moreno to AZ Alkmaar, Paolo Da Silva to Sunderland, Mosqueda went to Sevilla is now back, Diego Colloto to Deportivo La Coruna. This in the last three years alone. How many MLS defenders have gone to Europe in the last three years?

    (SBI-Salcido-four years ago, Mosquera-3 years ago, already back in Mexico, Moreno-3 years ago. Seems to me like you’re reaching a bit when you don’t even have to. Da Silva, Rodriguez and Colloto have made more recent moves and yes, all three are good defenders, but having three defenders move from a league that spends as much on players as the FMF isn’t exactly a high rate.)

  87. Jammer says:

    What is the final date for the world cup squad announcement? Would Bradley be able to put Gomez in one of the scheduled friendlies beforehand? I don’t think you bring a player who has not played with the team the last few years.

  88. ELAC loves mac 'n cheese says:

    I love Mac n’ cheese, too. I also like Armenian/Lebanese/Thai to name a few. Point is I wish I had the confidence in Bob to go “abroad” and look outside of the usual places for American talent playing professionally. This is a big a$$ country, there’s a lot to choose from, if you look for it.

    Thanks, Ives for this forum.

  89. Scott says:

    First off, I’d take Findley or Cunningham over Gomez.. Saying that I don’t think ANY of them really deserve to be on the roster. I was very optimistic about Findley, but obviously he is not the answer.

    We NEED Davies :(

  90. Spectra says:

    I just have to say even though Wayne Rooney is an amazing striker many many of his goals are easy headers or easy put ins. On saturday against Fulham he had two goals that were placed at his feet in front of goal with the goalie off balance and out of position. When you have amazing service you just need to be in the right place at the right time. This is why Jozy does so much better with service from landon, dempsey, and spector.

  91. Jersey says:

    well said dave I honestly believe some people and i’m not saying all of you just some don’t want Gomez in the team because he’s Mexican stop hating on him because of that I could careless how you score goals or where you’re from as long as you do your job by scoring goals as a striker you look good for my team lets take Altidore for example, yeah he only has 1 goal in like 20 games in the EPL but remember Hull City sucks if he was in an average team he would probably have 6 or 7 goals just wanted to bring that up I don’t like Findley or Ching they look lost when they play an international friendly yeah they do well in MLS but that’s because MLS isn’t a top league like the EPL and I really hope CD9 comes back in time we really need him badly

  92. Jersey says:

    I rather have Johnson and Cooper over Findley or Ching any day I would even pick Adu over them I don’t understand why everyone like Findley and Ching so much they done nothing for the USMNT besides Ching 11 goals he’s not the same player anymore he’s old and dry lol and for Heath Pearch I can see him playing CB in a team in Germany leave MLS please you’re better than that

  93. Tony T says:

    six goals in his past seven matches in my humble opinion has to do more than luck. You can easily take yourself out of a goal scoring position, seems to me that he is constantly looking to be in the best position possible, so called “luck” is just a myth in my opinion.

  94. arpeggio says:

    Mexican League teams are way better than MLS teams – offensively and defensively. The CONCAF champions league is evidence. Columbus Crew is the only survivor but that will be taken care when they go to Mexico for the return leg. I guess some assume that you do not have to score goals or play regularly just look like potential like Fredddie Adu, Edu, etc. to make the national team.

  95. Scott says:

    no wonder he did so good in the MLS….

  96. Jersey says:

    well said Feix great points

  97. Frank says:

    I am bewildered that the discussion of MLS being on par with the FMF has not been put to rest yet. Totally shocked. Can anyone refresh my memory on what the Head to Head record is between MLS and FMF? There are only a handful players in the MLS that I would consider stepping in and starting in Mexico, but there are tons of players in Mexico that would step right in and start in MLS. MLS get Mexican League rejects like Landin, Blanco, Padilla, and Davino and you guys judge the league that way. I know this blog is heavily American leaning but I am still shocked at the ignorance and total lack of respect at our neighbors south of the border shown here. The Mexican league has been rated around the 10th in the world consistently.

    (SBI-Okay Frank, I don’t think anybody asked you to come here and play Defender of the FMF, so give it a rest. Putting down MLS to make your point about how good FMF is doesn’t make you any better than the people who don’t respect the Mexican League, which is a good league.

    BTW, if Blanco and Davino were “FMF rejects” why did they go back to Mexico and play again? Just a thought.)

  98. angela says:

    “Good players know how to get open. ELITE players score when they aren’t open.”

    Yeah we’re sayin the same thing, no need to argue. Who have we got that’s elite, then?

    Just think by american forward standards Gomez fits the bill as well as anyone else right now. Jozy’s fine but other than him, what are we talking about?

  99. obxfly says:

    It is not going to happen unless Bradley delays his decision to name his WC roster since Coach Bradley’s saying he wants his team set prior to the May 25 game. He’d be taking a big risk to name him to the team without having a chance to play a game against international competition with the rest of the guys.

  100. Chuck says:

    “…and you will not see 20 of these kinds of goals by one player…”

    Au contraire mon frair:

    Pippo Inzaghi FTW!!!

  101. JL says:

    Tell that to Pippo Inzaghi, who made a brilliant career out of goal poaching.

  102. fischy says:

    ” The best forwards CREATE SOMETHING, OUT OF NOTHING. I’m not going to say Gomez is terrible, he simply is not DANGEROUS enough to be considered for the National team.”

    That might be a telling criticism, if you couldn’t say the same thing about everybody else the USA lists at the forward position in our player pool. As it is, it doesn’t disqualify him.

  103. Tony T says:

    Great point Kung Fu Kangaroo….SO the question is ” Is it a coaching issue? Would the NATS be that much better if they had a coach that could incorporate players from different country systems or would it be a disaster? How are other coaches in other countries doing it? IVES any insight on this subject???

  104. JL says:

    haha. I guess Chuck beat me to that one.

  105. Scott says:

    I think the time has come that ATLEAST our starting 11 should be considered elite. (I don’t think Bornstein, should even be on the roster)It sounds like you want to “settle” for a player like Gomez, where I just think there are more dangerous players out there than him. Donovan or Dempsey should be moved up to forward before Gomez is added to the roster.

  106. fischy says:

    Who said he should start over Jozy? Straw men, beware! This guy’s gunning for you….

  107. Scott says:

    I said in a season, not a career.

  108. fischy says:

    He has a “cool aide”? I need one of those….I’m tired of having to do everything myself and “cool” help is hard to find.

  109. Scott says:

    Altidore, Davies, Dempsey, and Donovan can all create something out of nothing.

  110. jamesey says:

    He was pichichi in 2005 with the galaxy. He scored about 19 goals (mls, us open cup, playoffs) in what was really just half a season of play. In the 2005 MLS Cup final, he scored that amazing goal in the first half that was wrongly called back as offside. Then Frank Yallop came around and fucked everything up. Herc was shipped to Colorado, and he wasnt used right. He got shipped to KC, and the same thing happened.

  111. AngelUSAfan says:

    hey scott, I’m with Saintjude. I know there is a different playing PRO the just in Amature or just a regular league. But when you play in any position is either as a striker, midfield, Defense or Goalie. I think you know or have an Idea of how the game is been played or have knowledge of the game. I don’t play Pro either but I do play every Thrus. and Sat. in a league in Los Angeles. I play striker and as for strike you have to have good instinct, play the ball well, and have luck and been at the right place and the right time. Look at Augine From Real Madrid. Miss a good goal and that was bad luck, but this past weekend he had a hat trick that cause he was at the right time and at the right place. Plus Maybe just Maybe Gomez is getting good training and been coach better when he was in the MLS.

  112. fischy says:

    What does WIKIPEDIA suggest the USSF do to address this situation?

  113. Isaac says:

    Wait…Casey…..the guy who scored two goals and drew a foul to get us to the World Cup…..never made a difference???


  114. fischy says:

    All these commenters are bigots. They hate anyone tainted by the MLS stain.

  115. JRuff says:

    If Gomez is hot and scoring, he at least needs to get a look in one of the last two friendlies on the schedule.

    What does Bob have to lose? It’s not like Eddie, Cunningham, or Findley have shown all that much. And please, no lead-foot Connor Casey.

    If Gomez doesn’t workout, then we have a known quantity in Brian Ching. Ching may not set the nets on fire, but you know he’ll fight for every ball and cause havoc.

    In my personal experience, watching MLS clubs vs. FMF clubs, you can see the FMF teams bring the offensive firepower, and if Gomez is starting and doing well, he could be a good pick-up for SA.

    BTW- Any youtube clips of Gomez’s recent goals?

  116. Isaac says:

    Best post on here today.

  117. fischy says:

    Great! Because Algeria’s defending is shambolic. We need someone who can actually take advantage of that and get us thruto the next round.

  118. Isaac says:

    Yes it is…..we wouldn’t want the pitch to catgh fire would we?

    but yeah. I agree.

  119. Scott says:

    I never said he doesn’t have knowledge of the game. But you can not compare yourself scoring goals to that of professionals who play against other professionals and score goals.

    All that I am saying is that I THINK Gomez is not good enough to play for us. Everyone keeps bringing up other players but the fact is they are not Gomez, and they did not FAIL in the MLS.

  120. Robinswood says:

    Fair enough, it deserves discussion. How flawed? There’s no denying that the USMNT’s strength is team play. Bringing any player onto the team at this point would be a disruption at best, quite possibly a morale buster at worst. I didn’t say the streak isn’t impressive–but it’s irrelevant in light of being just 90 days out from our first game. How is Gomez’ streak any different from Cunninghams last season? Yet Cunningham has done zero. That’s my logic and I’m not seeing much in the way of flaws there. If Hercules has a fine season, continues to play this way, he absolutely deserves a shot at the team. Next year.

  121. fischy says:

    Not really funny. Maybe just too soon.

  122. Scott says:

    I was just giving an example that just because he is scoring goals in the Mexican league (and has scored more than Jozy) doesn’t mean he is good enough to play for the national team

  123. Let me know when Herculez scores in Azteca, then we’ll talk.

  124. fischy says:

    Dempsey — maybe, but BB insists on playing him in midfield. Donovan can hit some nice shots, but he needs space to do that…space he cannot create on his own — and, again, he plays in the midfield. The others you mention — cannot create something out of nothing.

  125. fischy says:

    Actually, he sometimes is, but he lacks the speed to separate from defenders. If he had more speed, he’d be a pretty devastating target guy.

  126. kenny_b says:

    Your analysis of Rooney’s goals are right and wrong. His second goal was a tap in that was a result (mostly) of great work by Berbatov. On the other hand Rooney exhibits what great strikers do, which is an overwhelming desire to get to the right spot over and over and over again even if you don’t get the service.

    Every time Rooney makes a pass out wide he bust’s his a@@ to get into a spot that is good for scoring. He is fearless when it comes to getting to the ball.

    I haven’t seen Gomez play. The few goals I have seen him score this season the defense was amazingly lax. I would be a little higher on him if one or two of his goals were from him creating something for himself. I admit I haven’t seen all six but i have seen four and they were basically tap-ins or unmarked headers….so I do have reservations.

  127. einar says:

    sorry ching’s fighting equals nothing against opponents like England. Casey has a lead foot but he wins balls in the air just as much as ching and actually is the best forward right now who knows how to pass the ball to his fellow forward with his crafty passes. also casey has experience playing against the toughest teams in europe. just because he has a lead foot Casey cant go? plz….Casey is a good fit against the euopean style of play like Enlgand and Slovenia. for algeria maybe not. has ching ever scored or assisted against a team thats not from concacaf region? u tell me

  128. kenny_b says:

    That would be a great show.

  129. fischy says:

    No — you were talking about the starting XI. And, for what it’s worth, I think Jozy may be a great, ELITE, player someday. He’s not there yet. When he starts scoring consistently against good competition, then your argument might hold water.

  130. EA says:

    I guess the words I’m looking for are “made a lasting impression.”

    He played well in Honduras. But I got to see him in person in Chicago vs. the same Honduras, and it’s a pretty big drop off between Ching and Casey.

    Either way, the point I was trying to make was that JUST scoring lots of club goals doesn’t always lead to international success.

    You can look all the way back to the Roy Lassiter days if you need more examples.

  131. Coach Beck says:

    Hey Ives or anyone else tell me why we have to have 2 up top? midfield is by far our best player pool. why not a 4-5-1 put Dempsey and Donovan wide and let them play high? Am I way off base here would love to hear some opinions on this scenario?

  132. Isaac says:

    I really don’t think Ching has had the chances against stiffer competition. He’s had to play next to Landon, who was as much, if not more of a playmaker for most of Qualifying. The partnership made sense because Ching is great at bringing different players into the game which is key when you have the highest goalscorer for your country just behind you/ right next to you. Landon could run off of Ching and find spaces to operate in, but could also take up positions alongside Brian and he would act as a shield or target for more physical defenders. That worked fine against Guatemala, Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago, but he needed a partner whose sole job was to work with Ching and not so much operate the whole attack/midfield like Landon had too. Altidore and Ching paired well and I don’t think it’s too much coincidence that from te minute he and Jozy were paired together against El Salvador and Trinidad and Tobago it led to 5 goals consecutively. Altidore also worked well next to a bigger striker with Hull when he played off of Jan Venegoor of Hesselink and started getting scoring/involved in goals. I don’t think the Altidore-Ching pairing got a fair look against tough competition and I personally think it would have operated about the same as the Davies-Altidore pairing; Bigger striker who does the more physical work and brings other players into the game, smaller one who dribbles at players, finds different guys to combine with, and annoys the crap out of the defense. I think Davies-Altidore is the best forward pairing we’ve had in a while, but Altidore-Ching wouldn’t be a ridiculously significant drop off in ability.

  133. AngelUSAfan says:

    Ok Scott why are we are wasting our time. Sorry but I not mad at you or anything else, but we feel like if we asking you to give us the ok or the blessing to bring Gomez to the USNMT, and the only one who can say or think he is good or not is Bob Bradley. I respect your Opinion now let us have our own too. Give this guy a chance, a lots of people especially Bob Bradley hardly gave Charlies Davis a chance to play until Brian Ching Got Hurt and look what he turn out to be. Maybe just maybe now that GOMEZ is getting a better tryining, and is Fit cause he is playing in a better league than the MLS (even tho I support the MLS (Galaxy) He is been Coach better. I seen Gomez played when he was with the Galaxy and for some Stupid reason the trade him cause dumb as LALAS send him away.

  134. Isaac says:

    I think Rosters are due June 1….

  135. kenny_b says:

    I’m not discounting that game….wait yes I am…Casey is a bull in a China Shop. He slammed into the keeper, and I am not saying it was a foul, for one goal and I think he had a header on the other.

    He has two goals in 19 appearances both in the same game. Apart from that he has been borderline useless.

  136. Kevin says:

    What the hell are you talking about? Have you seen many of Rooney’s goals recently? He knows where the ball is going to end up and he knows how to put himself in dangerous positions. The majority of his finishes lately have been headers and tap ins. I’m not saying Gomez is anywhere near Rooney, but he must be doing something right.

  137. EA says:

    Great comment. It’s not even about recognition. It’s about pushing the guys who are there, especially the fringe guys to bring their best, day in and day out.

    You can bet that you’ll see Beckerman, Rogers, Evans, Hejduk, etc. in the pre-WC camp, and you can bet they’ll be pushing the heck out of the guys right in front of them.

    Ben Olsen and Jimmy Conrad were a couple of those kinds of players in ’06, and they ended up making the team. Pablo Mastroeni and Hejduk and Wolff were those guys in ’02.

    Perhaps Gomez will be that guy for the forward pool this time around.

    As much as everyone complained about the Gold Cup last summer, you can see now that guys were being auditioned to be “pushers.”

    Amazing what happens when you take a step back and look at the National Team from a “big picture” perspective. Everyone who gets a cap has a role, of some sort.

  138. kenny_b says:

    Not sure what your point is. Torres has received significant playing time over the past two seasons in FMF. People on this thread are comparing Gomez with his form in MLS. I am a big Torres fan because he has composure with the ball. These are two different players. You are the one making a generalization. You assume all the folks ragging on Gomez are Torres lovers.

    Gomez had a long drought in MLS and has suddenly found his form. I have reservations about his scoring. I think he certainly deserves a look even if his scoring rate cuts in half. I’m just not sold right now.

  139. Herbilicous says:

    What are you talking about :-/ .. Rooney is always at the best place at the right time, it’s what a striker does and suppose to do.. I doubt u will see strikers trying to dangle everyone n create something… Most likely they will let the midfield find them making a great run getting open to receive a pass or await a rebound or go in for a header… All those consist of getting open n being at the right place at the right time…. You must be new to the sport
    :-/ .. Hopefully you continue to watch more soccer n play less FIFA

  140. dudeinho says:

    damm fat fingers!!!!!!

  141. AngelUSAfan says:

    Bocanegra has never call himself Mexican Descended or anything else. He doesn’t speak Spanish. Heck he might even been racist to his own kind. So please don’t use him as an example. Just look who got the USA from what it is now. (C.Reyna, Tab Ramos. Marcello Balboa, Clavijo, Hugo Perez, Mastroeni and mamy more.) I not saying that the USNMT should be made by Latino/Hispanic but it need more in the roster to give that flavor,style of playing then the way European play.

  142. Will C. says:

    I’m curious what the Mexican media are saying about Gomez…any spanish speakers or Mexican league followers here that can testify to this? Or is Gomez’s rise too recent for any sustained coverage?

  143. vivavilla says:

    best rule of thumb for these tournaments–go with the player that’s hot. If gomez keeps up the pace and stays healthy, he should make the squad and probably play.

  144. kenny_b says:

    Coupled with the thought…..where would Mexico be without Blanco? IMO, not in the world cup.

  145. FulhamPete says:

    I snorted reading that. Hilarious.

    We can get Mike Adamle to host. Come up with ridiculous drills, get Nike, and Gatorade, and Coca-Cola to sponsor…

    WHO’S WITH US?!?!

  146. CSD says:

    Since there are no friendlies left before the World Cup squad has to be picked I wouldn’t even consider him as an option at this point.

  147. kenny_b says:

    That’s a really good question.

  148. dbag says:

    Gomez has found his form, but if you look at his goals as a whole, many mls players would make these goals. He really hasnt created goals a la dempsey, davies, he has finished them like ching and casey by bening in the right position. He isnt the solution to our forward problem, but if he keeps it up he might beat out casey or ching since they havent played. However, i think bob bradley should look at maybe more midfielders unless charlie davies finishes his miraculous recovery. i hope he looks at diskerud and bedoya.

  149. Scott says:

    stop comparing Rooney and Gomez… that’s all I have to say about that.

  150. primoone says:

    FTW <——–that was funny. Andy Cole, Bent, Gabriele bautistuta,Luca Toni…Klose…the list goes on.I think if your hot…you get a shot…

  151. Scott says:

    I’ll say it again, DO NOT COMPARE GOMEZ TO ROONEY. Go back and watch all of Gomez’s goals… To be on our national team I feel like you need to have something special. Gomez is solid but not GOOD ENOUGH. Simple as that.

  152. dave me says:

    that’s a dumb ass statement, he’s scored 6 goals in 7 games in a good league (EJ can’t get more than 10 minutes in Greece), nuff said. the point of the article is if he should be given a look not automatically be taken to sa. anyway my point is, why the hell not give him a look, all the other forwards we have suck.

    if davies comes back then done deal he’s the guy but if he doesn’t bradley needs to keep looking because he doesn’t have the answer for a true second forward.

    unless you got drogba or f torres a 4-5-1 will not work for the us. altidore will get creamed against england or any other good team.

  153. kenny_b says:

    There are two more friendlies.

  154. I’m a believer that the U.S. is in a different class when Donovan and Dempsey are on the wings, although they certainly can move up top. If we could find another guy to pair with Jozy, it would be an enormous boost for the team. Holden was a great insurance policy to slide in on the wing if we had to move D or D up top, but we don’t know if he’ll be healed up and in form come World Cup time.

    I think that we’ve got to give the guy a look. Ives headline was perfect. His form right now should “force” him to be considered. He’s just playing too well not to be.

  155. bf says:

    I’ve seen some highlights, but can anybody tell me if he is really better than Cunningham or Findley?

    I can vividly see Findley getting abused by the Dutch defense. It wasn’t that he lacked speed or some skill, he was just outclassed. When he got the ball he was just forced backwards and eventually dispossessed.

    Question is: Can Gomez create something out of nothing? That’s who we need in the WC. I just hope Bob finds the right guy.

  156. berp says:

    would you accept 19 ugly goals over 10 pretty ones?

  157. Scott says:

    “I would be a little higher on him if one or two of his goals were from him creating something for himself. I admit I haven’t seen all six but i have seen four and they were basically tap-ins or unmarked headers….so I do have reservations.”

    This is exactly my point.

  158. bf says:

    Long… but I think you have something

  159. Josh D says:

    Errr that’s the tactics that brought Ruud 40+ goals in two separate seasons for Man United…

    Goal poachers are something we’re desperately missing and haven’t had in awhile.

    Saying one of a striker’s best attributes is based on luck is like saying a great defender like Rio is just a lucky defender because every time he reads the ball and intercepts a pass, it’s only because he just “happened to be at the right place at the right time.”

    It’s called reading the game and is something very hard to actually learn. Learning to shoot and head is just from practice, having the ability to read the game comes from experience and at his age, it’s a good feat to have accomplished.

    It’s up in the air on whether he can fulfill what he’s doing but I’d rather see him in the starting 11 than anyone else.

  160. JRuff says:

    Are you serious? Casey. Our best forward? I can understand arguing Casey over Ching, but that’s a step to far. It’s not like Casey has done much scoring for the national team outside of Concacaf either.

    Ching is much more mobile if he gets the ball at his feet. With Casey, you might as well just stop and let the defense recover

    Granted, neither Ching or Casey are world beaters, but Casey’s Euro rep is over rated, otherwise he wouldn’t have landed back in the MLS.

  161. Robinswood says:

    Wow….. two weeks in a row I’ve had my posts deleted by Ives with nary a swear word, an ounce of racism, or a single insult. All I was trying to do was clarify my point and suddenly I’m out of here. Way to win over your fans, man, and way to provide balanced journalism. The guys over at NAS are going to be saying “we told you so….”

    (SBI-What the heck are you talking about? All your comments are in this thread. You haven’t had any comments deleted or blocked so would you like to share what in the world you’re talking about?)

  162. Jorge says:

    I’m talking about Chicharito.

  163. Josh D says:

    Let’s be honest, we have no one, absolutely no one, who has stepped up as a striker to take a solid crack at the starting line up.

    Our best was injured. Our second best is riding on name, Jozy (in what other circumstance would a striker scoring 1 in 22 be in the national team?), a few who can’t get off the bench (Johnson and Cooper) and the rest who can’t score when we need it.

    Instead we rely on midfielders. I for one say “What’s the worst that can happen?” No one is going to lose anything by giving this guy 45 minutes. He does nothing and no harm done, he does something and we have another tool in our plastic tool case.

    Shoot, at this point I wouldn’t mind seeing Grella! He fits exactly what we need and he’d work wonderfully with Jozy or Davies. Saying that, he just hasn’t started enough (but has scored a few tasty goals) and I fully expect us to see him after SA.

    Today I would bring Ching, Jozy, Adu, and Gomez to the next friendly. I’d also play a 4-5-1 so we don’t rely on two strikers who can’t score. If we can’t win out with strikers, let’s make it hard as concrete to get past our midfield. Edu-Torres-Bradley all in the middle. Clark if Torres has another bad performance.

    A year from now, let’s see: Jozy, Gomez, Grella, and Davies. All play different, all compliment each other and we don’t have the same cookie cutter striker (the kind that works his butt off but no end product).

  164. Will C. says:

    Thanks. Well, I put him in a quick Google advanced search under the domain .mx, but I can’t understand it well and don’t really have time at the moment to try and translate…

  165. garbaggio says:

    I’ve seen several folks, including Ives, say Mexico is a much more wide open and scoring league than MLS but the difference is pretty minimal in actual goals scored per game.

    According to my calculations MLS averaged a total of 2.54 goals per game (both teams) in 2009. Mexico’s Primera Division averaged 2.65 goals per game in the 2009 Apertura (their most recently completed season).

    I used the end of season tables at MLSnet and Mediotiempo.com as my source.

    To me it seems the Mexican league does seem to allow midfielders more time on the ball but that does not apparently result in a huge difference in goals scored.

    Anyway, I agree with Ives and others that Herculez deserves another look in the final friendlies. Bob Bradley, make it happen!

  166. freddie footballer says:

    There are no games left for Bradley to watch him (at least National team games). He hasn’t really played with the current Nats team as well. Can you just take him without seeing him mesh? I guess, if a lot of people here would consider Jermaine Jones. Just some things to consider. You might tear it up in club, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to the national team. Ask Findley or Cunningham.

  167. Scott says:

    Van Nistelrooy, Gomez, Rooney…. who doesn’t belong???? you guys need to stop comparing Gomez to some of the best players to ever play the game. And although Ruud and Rooney may be goal poachers they also had many BRILLIANT goals… these forwards are very versatile while Gomez seems to ONLY score these types of goals.

  168. SJQUAKES408 says:

    “mac ‘n cheese at a taco truck” CLASSIC!!!!!

  169. Gacm32 says:

    Davies with his speed can create something out of nothing. You must of not followed him throughout his career.

  170. Gacm32 says:

    Scott, look at Ruud Van Nistelrooy. He is arguably one of the most prolific and deadly strikers EVER, and he made his name on scoring inside the six-yard box. Look him up, that’s where he makes his living. Positioning is key as a striker, and being in the right place at the right time is what strikers get paid to do.

  171. Scott says:

    thank you.

  172. Dave says:

    Its players like Gomez who deserves another try out for why I hope Bradley brings a nucleus of players for the last couple friendlies rather than declare his roster beforehand.

    I’m not saying have a wide open camp, but bring the no-brainers and 3-5 bubble guys to determine the last 3-4 slots.

    Herculez Gomez deserves a shot with the 1st team, because if he can deliver the goods in those friendlies then his Mexican league form surely isn’t a fluke.

    It beats giving Findley and Cunningham their 3rd, 4th and 5th chances to do something.

  173. Scott says:

    you must not of read what I’ve said previously… you CAN NOT compare Gomez to one of the best players to ever play the game in Ruud. You “seem” to know about Van Nistelrooy so I’m sure you’ve seen some of his incredible goals, beating defenders or striking from outside the 18. I just don’t think Gomez is capable of creating any such “magic” something we are going to need to be successful in the World Cup.

  174. kenny_b says:

    z’It beats giving Findley and Cunningham their 3rd, 4th and 5th chances to do something.”

    That’s very true….and I believe Bradley has some flexibility to make changes after he has named his world cup roster.

  175. Bentonville says:

    Horse poopy.

    If it was so easy,everyone would do it.and a lot more frequnetly than it is done

    Obviously you’ve never played the game.

  176. hernandez says:

    Who do we have in our forward pool that can create something out of nothing? The US is not blessed with world class forwards….why not try someone out who can at least get the ball into the back of the net.

  177. TimN says:

    We’re VERY THIN up top, especially with Davies being very questionable to be ready by June. I’ve been more concerned about this than the left back position. At the end of the day, scoring goals is the name of the game, and you have to have finishers. I personally don’t care if it’s “pretty.” If he’s scoring on headers, beautiful “highlight reel thunderstrikes,” or simply being in the right position and cleaning up rebounds, who really cares as long as he could be an effective goal scorer for the MNT. 6 goals in 7 matches in the Mexican Primera Division deserves a look anyday, easily as much as somebody scoring goals in MLS, such as Findlay and Cunningham.

  178. Bob the Tomato says:

    Please get some education and check out this Herc Gomez highlight compilation. Dude def deserves a call up: link to youtube.com

  179. Ben says:

    I think Ives said “consider,” not pencil in as a starter. It is Bradley’s job to evaluate EVERY player that could possibly help the National Team, no matter where they play. Gomez seems to be in very fine form and is doing what strikers are supposed to do: score goals. What would it matter if Bob and staff took some extra time out of their week to watch the tapes of Puebla games, speak with the Puebla manager, etc., to try and evaluate if Gomez could help us win games in South Africa. The past is the past and the present is the present, and in the present, Gomez it is putting them in the net.

  180. Jack Johnson says:

    To be fair Ives, Duilio Davino was terrible before he left to the MLS. C. America’s defense was in shambles when we was there and was practically thrown out. It was no surprise he failed at FC Dallas. Davino doing well at Monterrey is part of the inconsistency that plagues Mexican players.

  181. Chosun says:

    Ok, so who do you propose to use in our starting XI, assuming Davies is injured? What if another player gets injured during World Cup play?

    You can absolutely compare players like Van Nistelrooy and Gomez when it comes to playing styles. Perhaps Gomez can’t create goals out of nothing, but if 75%+ of your goals are coming from poaching the goal, and it’s working, then I’ll take it. Granted, RVN is leaps and bounds better than Gomez, but it sounds like he’s capitalizing on some of the same situations. Also, to ignore a player who has been on a hot streak seems like a horrible move. I think the part that you’re missing here is that past performances don’t necessarily equate to your full potential for the rest of your career. Perhaps Gomez has grown as a player, or perhaps he was just incredibly lucky…but to not consider him solely based on his past performances is just idiotic.

  182. kfly says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa… why am I seeing so much hating? You guys DO realize that the alternatives are Jeff Cunningham, Brian Ching, and Robbie Findley right? At least this guy is scoring at a nice clip in a much better league than MLS. Garbage goals or not, he’s putting the ball in the net, something we have had trouble doing of late (i.e. since the Davies accident). Why the hell shouldn’t he get a shot?

  183. CSD says:

    Those friendlies are after the World Cup roster has to be submitted to FIFA.

  184. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Ives, how is Bradley going to get a look at Gomez in international competition when the only remaining friendlies will take place after the World Cup team is chosen? Scoring in a domestic league is one thing; going against world-class defenders is quite another. It would be a considerable gamble for Bradley to choose Gomez — perhaps more of a gamble than Sampson choosing Regis in 1998.

    If any of you are thinking “Jermaine Jones,” remember that the German Bundesliga is a far better league than Mexico’s first division.

    (SBI-Joe, who said he has to see him in international competition before picking the team? That’s why you go scout players. Will it happen? Maybe not, but to already rule Gomez out for that reason is silly. Also, the final roster isn’t due until June 1. Bradley will name his team sooner, in mid-May, but he will also have a training camp and who knows what he will do with that camp. Not sure what would stop Bradley from bringing Gomez to the camp to have a look.)

  185. What would be the best way to bring him in while still getting your team chemistry together also what about a jermaine jones what’s the difference?

  186. So how would that effect the team chemistry? Same question goes for bringing in a Jermaine Jones? Is it the same situation?

  187. rick says:

    Maybe the Mexican league is really not that great.

  188. rick says:

    Ives-why is Bradley going to pick his team before he has to (and before the last two game)? I don’t get it.

  189. einar says:

    @ JRuff as said Casey is the best forward that knows how to pass to his fellow forward. not that he is our best forward in the pool. learn to read.

  190. andres says:

    I agree there’s a huge Latino population in this country with amazing talent ( the system in this country neglects a large chunk of them for financial issues), you might laugh at this but I believe we can make an all Latino USA national team and be better..I’m just saying

  191. bottlcaps says:

    No doubt Hercules is having a “strong” season. I would put several leagues ahead of the Mexican top Division. In his limited minutes at Leeds, Mike Grella has had as many as or more goals the Gomez, and let’s not forget he has to play second fiddle to some young up-and-coming UK stars like Beckford. His accomplishments far outweigh what Hercules has done.

    And don’t forget Galaxy’s Edson Buddle, his season last year wasn’t so good but he had more goals that year for the Galaxy than many of the USMNT wanna-be’s had before their call-up’s. Plays well with DONOVAN which is a BIG PLUS!. His outstanding season two years ago made Gomez surplus to the Galaxy’s needs.

  192. einar says:

    well Buddle has been healthy so far this preseason and has been scoring goals. its sad though that he got hurt in either before or during (i cant remember) the USA camp last year to start the year. Same with Sean Franklin and same with Alston this years.

  193. DaveW says:

    We might point out that Gómez and Nagamura both transferred to Mexico and immediately got significant playing time, albeit for teams that have their problems. Daniel Hernández also managed to play a lot. Heck, Alain Nkong helped Atlante in a run to the championship, filling in for an injured Maldonado for a while if I remember correctly.
    As far as movement of top players in the prime of their careers between the two leagues, they’re going to try to go to Europe first, so it’s not likely to happen soon.
    Not knocking FMF, I like to watch the league, just pointing out the difference isn’t all that big.

  194. Jay says:

    Being in the right place, which is called positioning, is a big part of a strikers’ skill set. Many of the world famous strikers racked up large goal totals every season because they knew where to be in attacking situations. I don’t see Conor Casey or Robbie Finley doing these things. Gomez should be looked at.

  195. Dominic says:

    Sir, I agree with your analysis. “…not to consider him solely based on his past performances is idiotic.” And Bob Bradley is the head idiot! To compete, … we need goals. To score goals, … we need STRIKERS! It can’t be any simpler, so c’mon Bradley, … give Gomez a chance.

  196. D says:

    Yes, it is wrong to say Bradley is a racist. Based on what evidence??? He doesn’t play certain players that happen to be of Hispanic heritage? No, I think the more likely scenario, is that Bradley is a defensive first type of coach and players like Torres and Castillo are much more offensive minded and one could even say liabilities on defense.

    I on the other hand think that both those players deserved a lot more pt b/c they play positions of need acm and lb and their strong offensive skills could outweigh defensive problems, if they were given a chance to play.

  197. Lil' Zeke says:

    We can, can, CAN make comparisons to inform the discussion. We can compare the player overall, we can compare the player to other players whose strengths are similar (we could use obscure players if you prefer, but more people will know what we mean if we use famous ones), we can compare the current trajectory of the player’s form, we can compare to USMNT alternatives.

    And you? You can keep shouting people down, hogging column inches and patronizing folk, but the quest to put our best foot forward in the World Cup will continue.

  198. Dominic says:

    I think we’re just spinning our wheels here folks. Boss Bradley is too stubborn to take any advice when it comes to choosing his players. It’s either his way or the highway, and that’s it. We all know that Gomez should be looked at but it ain’t gonna happen. Best thing we could hope for is a new attitude and a new coaching staff to build us a competitor for 2014.

  199. DaveW says:

    I did the search for H├ęrculez G├│mez Puebla Camoteros and got a couple of articles. One(link to depuebla.com)noted that 4 of his goals have been for the tie(3)or win(1).
    Another(link to mediotiempo.com)says that his coach is not starting him because he’s ‘not working for the group’.
    I did see him play against Pumas, he played well enough, had another goal that went in but the keeper fooled the refs by pulling it out quickly. Of course, Pumas are one of a number of Mexican teams who are terribly inconsistent or just plain terrible right now.

  200. Joamiq says:

    You’re counting Scandinavia? Then, Michael Parkhurst, Clarence Goodson, Hunter Freeman, Chris Gbandi, and that’s with MLS spending a lot less on its players than the FMF…

  201. Joamiq says:

    OK, don’t make up lies to support your position. JFT does not get “hammered” on this board. He’s probably one of the most championed USMNT players by SBI commenters.

  202. DClee says:

    Couldn’t agree more Fischy and if they make it in another league they are the second coming of Pele and the MLS is given 0 credit for their development. Most of the people on here like to forget that all these Nat players that they love so much making it in Europe started and began developing their talent in MLS and if not for MLS half these guys might have never been given that chance overseas.

  203. Dominic says:

    I think we’re just spinning our wheels here folks. Boss Bradley is too stubborn to follow anyone’s advice or direction when it comes to player selection. It’s either his way or the highway and we can surely see how that’s working out. All I’m hoping for is a new attitude and a new coaching staff so we can compete in 2014.

  204. Joamiq says:

    Ever seen Altidore play alone up top? If not, let me fill you in: he’s terrible as a lone striker.

  205. Joamiq says:

    I just Ctrl-F’d “Robinswood” and found a bunch of your comments on here, so, uh, yeah… no idea what you’re talking about.

  206. Joamiq says:

    I don’t understand what your comment is saying. Bradley has given chances to a ton of new players.

  207. Joamiq says:

    Ugh, I can’t believe I’m saying this, because I’ve watched him play plenty and I know he’s not very good, but Bob probably has to consider him. How can you not? That said, he’s going to have to score a lot more goals if he wants to make the team. I think he probably needs to remain among the league leaders.

    BTW, whoever said he’s scoring because he’s on a bad team where no one else can score is off base. Puebla has another guy in the top 10 in the league in goals as well.

  208. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Ives, training camp is one thing; actual game action is another. Equating the two is foolish. Besides, I’m not ruling Gomez out. I’m just wondering how Bradley can evaluate him beyond scouting his league games. I know neither Findley nor Cunningham nor Casey (except for one game) have been great shakes, either. I’m just being realistic.

    (SBI-Joseph, nobody equated the two. You took that leap. Bob Bradley’s not bound by any restrictions prior to the June 1 date, so while he may name his 23 prior to the training camp, who is to say he won’t invite some alternates to the camp to train and potentially play in the friendlies?

    You may not recall but Michael Bradley wasn’t on the 2006 World Cup squad, but still trained in the training camp and earned his first two caps in the send-off series. Why couldn’t Gomez wind up in that same situation? He could continue to play well enough in Mexico to merit a call into the camp, a look in one or two of the friendlies, and a potential place on the squad before the June 1 official deadline to name the team.

    It’s possible Joe. Not saying it will happen, but it’s possible IF Gomez can continue to score goals.)

  209. jj says:

    I’ve been watching Puebla games regularly. Here in San Diego, I can pick up the Azteca and Televisa digital channels from Mexico. Herculez Gomez is playing his dream. He’s happy, motivated, and gaining confidence with every game. Bradley should invite him for a look, But I don’t think he will. It might be too late. Bradley is very conservative. He already has his guys. Unless someone breaks down, He won’t change.

    I still think you pick whoever is playing well at the time, and Gomez deserves a chance to be seen. In Mexico, he’s playing forward. He’s expected to find the ball and score. In the MLS when He played for the Rapids and KC, two of the worst teams in MLS, He has played out of position with a bunch of unskilled players around him for years.

  210. bizzy says:

    when compared to altidore, finley, johnson, casey, cunningham….give me a break, that boy is a killer!!! something out of nothing u say???? Nothing in that line up as far as I can tell, can pierce even the defense of Algeria let alone England. Strikers need to score goals period. So far only Gomez is doing that. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king!!!!

  211. bizzy says:

    Now thats what I’m talking about. “Knowing” where the ball is going to be and the “Finishing”. thats whats up kevin

  212. bizzy says:

    “to be on our national team you need to have something special”!!!!! Now I understand. Finley, johnson, cunningham, altidore, casey are all special cases alright…..they cant score goals worth a dime!!!!

  213. JCC says:

    Someone on Bigsoccer posted that Gomez is still eligible to play for Mexico because the Copa America games counted as friendlies because it isn’t the official tournament for the US or Mexico. I wonder if this is in fact the case.

  214. Scott says:

    Finley, Johnson, Cunningham, and Casey are not special. ALTIDORE on the other hand def is.

  215. Scott says:

    I don’t even know what point you are trying to make?

  216. Scott says:

    Starting 11 if Davies can’t make it: Howard — Spector, Demerit, Gooch, Boca — Beasley, Torres, Bradley, Donovan — Dempsey, Jozy. IF Dempsey or Jozy get hurt you move Donovan up and possibly push Torres over (or Holden) and bring in Edu, Clark, or possibly Jones. If it was up to me I would also have Adu on the bench but seeing as Bradley probably won’t do that I’d rather have Findley or Cunningham over Gomez.

    You are talking about hot streaks?!?! if you want to talk about hot streaks or consistency then why are you not set on Cunningham who scored 17 goals in 28 games! Oh yeah because scoring goals for your club team is not all that matters. GOMEZ IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

  217. Scott says:

    you CAN CAN CAN do whatever you want. BUT Gomez still isn’t good enough to be on our National team. Rooney and Ruud are STILL completely different players than him. AND you have one of the gayest “screen names” I have ever seen.

    ANYWAYS Lil Zeke… am I hogging column inches and patronizing folks, or am I simply responding to comments? When it comes down to it in MY OPINION Gomez is not good enough to make our World Cup squad, if you don’t like my opinion and don’t want me “hogging” column space then simply laugh it off and move to the next one.

  218. AngelUSAfan says:

    Funny thing Now I heard in Raza Deportiva in ESPN Radio En Espa├▒ol that The Mexican Wants him to play for the Mexican National Team. See if they want him to play for them and here we have guys talking about he is not good for the US Men national Team.

  219. Justin says:

    No offense scott, but you haven’t made a good point against Gomez. Your argument about his goals being weak or lucky don’t stand. Your only solid “argument” is that Gomez lacks that special something that players like Altidore, Dempsey, and Donovan seem to have. (And thats a very weak argument at that) A lack of some sort of special intangible you cannot define isn’t enough to discredit a forward. We are lacking in the forward department, everyone who follows US Soccer knows that. We don’t have the luxury to ignore a player like Gomez, who is clearly getting very hot in a league that is much better than the MLS imo. He will get a look, and deserves to get a look for the national team, the end.

  220. Scott says:

    “A lack of some sort of special intangible you cannot define isn’t enough to discredit a forward.”
    Why isn’t it? This isn’t just some team, this is OUR NATIONAL TEAM… the BEST players in the country. Players like Gomez are a dime a dozen, to me he is a CHEAP version of Brian Ching. He’s not fast, he can not create goals on his own, and so in turn hes just not dangerous enough to be paired next to Jozy. If Gomez goes to the World Cup, will he play? NO, so why waste a spot on the bench?

  221. Bentonville says:

    That figures.

    Gerd Muller, one of the greatest strikers who ever lived ( for Bayern Munich he scored 398 goals in 453 games and for Germany he scored 68 goals in 62 games, winning the World Cup, and the European Championship with Germany and the European Cup 3 times with Bayern) would never pass your exacting criteria. The majority of his goals were tap-ins, close in, the sort of thing you would probably called garbage goals. I watched him a lot. He was short, stocky built like a bull with a low center of gravity,very strong and almost impossible to knock off the ball. Excellent in the air. I doubt he ever slalomed through 5 defenders Maradona/Messi style.

    He used to say that most chances came to you in the box at an awkward height ( between your shoulders and your knees) so you needed to practice somehow getting some part of your body on that ball to direct it goalward.

    At practice, he would stand in the box and have people rocket passes to him from all angles and at all kinds of speed and then send them all goalward. Do this often enough and eventually you get a feel for things.

    Great goal scorers are very skilled; it’s just that their skills aren’t necessarily pretty ones. If you think a guy like Muller was just lucky that much then you’re a fool.

    A player who scores great goals is not necessarily a great goal scorer.

  222. Scott says:

    hahahahah WOW you are TRIPPIN… we are talking about GOMEZ here buddy… I’m not even going to acknowledge the book you just wrote

  223. Bentonville says:

    This also figures. Let me put this in terms you can understand.

    I’m not addressing Gomez, who is probably just having a run of luck and playing crap teams. Players, even the worst ones, occasionally do that.

    I’m addressing your misguided,naive notion that the best forwards create something out of nothing. Players can do that but it is very rare. Most goals are the result of mistakes by defenders;great goalscorers know how to punish these.

    There are a lot more defensive errors in a given game than “moments of genius”. Since great goalscorers have to score a lot of goals, most of their total is made up of these. The average player ( Jozy Altidore) usually misses these. The great goalscorer ( Batistuta, Crespo, etc..) converts these.

    Simple enough for you?

  224. Scott says:

    Are you drunk, high, or just dumb?

    You go from saying “horse poopy” to now trying to sound smart… that’s the first reason I can’t take you serious.

    Second, my WHOLE argument is about Gomez.. And now you are just saying comments that make my point…
    “Gomez, who is probably just having a run of luck and playing crap teams. Players, even the worst ones, occasionally do that.”
    — This is almost exactly what I’ve already said —

    AND lastly: “I’m addressing your misguided,naive notion that the best forwards create something out of nothing. Players can do that but it is very rare.”

    You want to know why its so rare? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST FORWARDS IN THE WORLD!! We are not talking about how most goals are scored, we are talking about what the BEST forwards in the world CAN do. The BEST forwards CAN create something out of nothing regardless of how many of their goals are easy tap-ins.

    Simple enough for you??

  225. Bentonville says:

    Bad day for you,huh? You ought not to get so stressed.

    I’ve seen Dempsey, for example, produce the occasional moment of genius but he is not a great goalscorer. This is something most good players can do once in a great while. No outfield player in the US pool is a great player.

    Watch the best players often enough and they too can give you that odd moment of genius, but mostly they are efficient at doing what they should do which is punish mistakes. Being able to come up with genius every once in a while does not make you a great player. Consistency does.

    The best forwards have the ability to perform consistently at the highest level on a regular basis to go along with the ability to pull one out of their rear ends every once in a while.

    Nobody in the US player pool even begins to approach that. Have a nice day, silly boy.

  226. Scott says:

    No outfield player in the US pool is a great player?

    Landon Donovan isn’t a great player??

    I never said that “being able to come up with genius makes great players” but I am saying that the BEST forwards in the world not only punish mistakes but ALSO have moments of genius. (something I’ve yet to see out of Gomez)

  227. Bentonville says:

    I could be wrong but I suspect you probably won’t ever see it out of Gomez (just a hunch).

    That’s right, Donovan is not a great player. Not if you are talking about worldwide.

    He could have been ( had things gone well in his earlier European stint) and maybe still could be but he isn’t one right now. He is currently playing at the highest level he ever has but unfortunately he is getting old and doesn’t have much time left at the highest level. My definition would have him perform at that level, maybe at a place like Chelsea, for a few years and I don’t know if he will get a shot at doing that.

    Right now, so much of his best game depends on his speed and quickness and that eventually goes. Plus, knock on wood, he has never been hurt and the odds could eventually catch up to him.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea, as has been rumored, buy him and I could see him doing well there, but the odds seem against it. Mind you, I would love it if he proved me wrong because I think the US public has either undervalued or overvalued him for years and I would like to see him win over the EPL fans for example. People have always said he was more suited for La Liga, which was code for he isn’t physical enough and I’m glad to see him prove those people full of it.

  228. Scott says:

    I KNOW we will never see that out of Gomez.

    However, I disagree with you that Donovan is not a great player. The league you play in and/or the team you play on does not define someone as a great player. (However it is obviously true that most of the great players are currently in Europe)

    I think his quality at Everton is just proof that he wasn’t put into good situations in his prior stints in Europe. He played against some of the best teams in the World this time around and he actually stood out and set up goals. At times, against teams like Chelsea, he looked like the best player on the pitch.

    You seem a little hypocritical when you say he could be considered great IF he played for a team like Chelsea… but then towards then end of your statement you say you wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea buy him. Is this because you think he deserves to be on a team like that, making him a great player?

  229. Nathan Martin says:

    I’m a KC Wizards season ticket holder. So I’ve pretty much seen every pre-Puebla game that Gomez has played the last 2 years. Here is what the casual observer may not know: he had possibly the hardest shot in all of MLS. He was played at right mid with the Wizards which took away his shooting angle. He is also very fast and so it surprised me that he wasn’t able to score more goals in MLS despite being played out of position (he’s a forward, not winger). Seriously, I always talked about getting Gomez in the middle of the field so that he could have more opportunities.

    He is fast, hard-working, has a rocket shot, and is in-form. He should get a look like anybody else but he is not a premiere option — but as the article implies no US forward is.

  230. Bentonville says:

    Donovan has the talent to be a great player but has never had the stage, the opportunity to prove it. Whether that is because he chose not to try or because he wasn’t good enough no one knows. Perhaps he will have his chance soon.

    Yes, he has been to World Cups but greatness is consistent performance over time at the highest level. History is full of World Cup stars who turned out to be busts at the club level.

    A great player needs that big club stage not just to prove it to others but also to have the intense pressure to keep his performance sharp. Donovan does not get that at the Galaxy.

    C. Ronaldo does not become as great a player as he is today if he stays at Sporting. Man U gave him the stage and gave him the testing environment to sharpen him and prove his worth.

    Donovan most clearly reminds me of Henrik Larsson who made his name at Celtic when Celtic were clearly second tier. He later moved to Barca and was loaned to Man U briefly in his declining years to give us a taste of what might have been.