Red-hot Gomez is on Bradley’s radar (UPDATED)

HerculezGomez (Reuters)

There isn't a more in-form American striker in the world right now than Herculez Gomez, something that hasn't gone unnoticed by U.S. national team head coach Bob Bradley.

Gomez told his club's website that he has had contact with Bradley during his recent goal-scoring binge (seven goals in 12 matches), and he acknowledged that he just keep scoring and playing more to have any realistic chance of playing in this summer's World Cup.

"The United States only has two friendlies left before the World Cup," Gomez told "The only chance the coach has to see me is to see what I do with Puebla. There has been contact, but he has the mentality that if I can't help my club then I can't help my national team, and for that I have to get on the field."

(UPDATED- Gomez contacted SBI on Monday and told us his comments were mis-translated by the Mexican media (in this case, the Puebla website), and that he has not actually been in contact with Bob Bradley recently. He did say that his agent, Richard Motzkin, has told him that Bradley is aware of his exploits and recent success in Mexico.)

Gomez scored his seventh goal of the Mexican League season on a free kick in Puebla's 2-1 win vs. Club America on Sunday. The goal proved to be the game-winning score.

While it remains unclear just what level of contact there has been between Gomez and Bradley, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering Bradley stays in touch with dozens of players in his player pool. Gomez is no stranger to Bradley, having been a part of the U.S. national team that played in the 2007 Copa America. Gomez has earned two caps under Bradley, but none in more than two years.

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129 Responses to Red-hot Gomez is on Bradley’s radar (UPDATED)

  1. kpugs says:

    I don’t care how many goals Herculez scores for Mexico. He doesn’t fit into the national team. He never has. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. Look at Ante Razov.

  2. freddie footballer says:

    We don’t have to whittle the roster down to 23 until early June so if you have a provisional roster of 30 to 35, call in Herculez and see how he does in camp in May. If he’s a good fit and playing well, give him some minutes vs. Czech and/or Turkey then go from there.

  3. K-Town says:

    sounds reasonable to me. heck i would bring him in to camp anyways just to light the fire under some people. Competition is good.

  4. Christopher Davis says:

    UMM, can u name to me any american players scoring goals right now? Until MLS starts playing week in and week out, there is no american striker, not even Jozy, that is scoring on the regular. Bob can bring him to the two friendlies and give him a look and then cut him before June 1. Jozy and Ching are probably on the plane. Wouldnt kill Bob to bring a in form striker too.

  5. bf says:

    His fitting in, at this point, will depend on how well he can match up with Altidore. At the same time, it is hard to ignore somebody in/on a scoring streak.
    I would like to see more footage of the build up to his goals. His last goal (the free kick) was somewhat lucky as it bounced off the keepers hands. The highlights look good, but it seems he usually has either a great ball played in or all kinds of space. It’s possible he might get good service with US, but he will not find defensive space against the best teams in the WC. He is definitely worth keeping an eye on though.

  6. jig says:

    how do you know he doesnt fit in if he’s never had the chance?

  7. nate says:

    I know, it’s strange for me too to see an American forward who knows how to score goals. But you never know – maybe scoring goals could have a positive impact on the national team?

  8. elmatador says:

    May I remind everyone that Charlie Davies was part of that Copa America as well, and since we exited in the 1st round, the whole team fell out of favor. If it wasn’t for a Brian Ching injury we would never have see Davies or giving him a real chance as well. My point is one tournamnet was way too early to write off Gomez.

  9. bigvic says:

    in terms of contact, what are we talking about? Everyone and their grandmother knows that Bradley is a racist. He probably called up and said, “Hey mexican, you know where I can get a good taco while I’m Pueblo on my way down to Acapulco?”
    Too bad he cant call up Guisseppi Rossi

  10. blokhin says:


    You should take a crack at the 30 man roster that USMNT will have going into the friendlies,

    I think this looks about right, considering that unless Sacha is out injured, he’ll get a look regardless of his play, same with EJ…..

    Howard, Guzan, Hahnemann

    Spector, Dolo, Gooch, Boca, Demerit, Pearce, Barfstein, Simek, Goodson, Marshall, Conrad, Hejduk

    Edu, Clark, Bradley, Beasley, Donovan, Dempsey, Holden, Feilhaber, Jones, Klestjan, Rogers, Bedoya

    Altidore, Ching, Casey, Johnson, Gomez, Findley (hopefully Davies instead)

    If Sacha Klestjan and Eddie Johnson somehow warrant inclusion in Bradley’s 30 man roster, then Herculez should be a lock…

  11. baquito alyeska says:

    Can someone describe Gomez’ style of play? Hard to tell from just watching highlight clips. Thanks.

  12. Felix says:

    Exactly. He is playing well in a position we are thin at in a quality league like the Mexican First Division.

    At the very least, he warrants a call-up in May when Bradley brings in the preliminary 30 man squad to see how he fits in.

    Of course there is a chance that he is a player who plays well in a certain league in a particular system, and it will not carry over well with the national team.

    But as we ALL KNOW, we are very thin at forward, and it warrants a look. I’m not advocating starting him up front against England on June 13th. But if he continues this form, I find it irresponsible to disregard him because of his past form in MLS and not call him in to the next camp based on his present form with Puebla.

  13. anon says:

    drop Kliestjan or Rogers and add “Right Said Freddy” Adu.

  14. freelancer says:

    Lets not go there vic…you’re just being dumb.

  15. Scott says:

    yeah his style of play is…. TERRIBLE. ANOTHER lucky goal for Gomez.

  16. Dr.Gonzo says:

    Drop the racist card….seriously enough with it already.

  17. JeffM says:

    I wouldn’t say he “doesn’t fit”, I’d just say that he’s not good enough. I mean, we saw him play for years and years in MLS and he never struck me as someone who was good enough to play for the national team. I hope that two good months in Mexico aren’t enough to trick Bob into taking him.

    Jeff Cunningham scored a ton of goals at the end of last season, and when he was called in to the national team…not so good. Sometimes goals just come in bunches – it doesn’t always mean that the player has stepped up his game or that he can replicate that success on the national team level.

    I’m a Mariners fan. One year Willie Bloomquist hit .455 in the last two weeks of the season and then we stuck with the guy for the next three years.

  18. Shmenge says:

    Has a rocket of an outside shot. A howitzer. Has since his Galaxy days.

    Scrappy, goal poaching, good header, great in the box.

    Quick in short bursts, not fast over distance.

    Not a U.S. starter, but definitely the kind of guy you want on the field when you need a goal and have it around the opposition’s 18.

  19. euroman says:

    The two friendlies are NOT to pick to roster, they are to prepare the 23 ON THE TEAM for SA. There will be 7 alternates announced on May 11 and they are only ones that can replace any of the 23 in the event of in jury. Perhaps Gomez could be psrt of that 7 who knows. There are no more chances to make the 23 by playing in any friendlies, that ship sailed but good play with ones club could influence BB.

  20. steve says:

    Not true. Bradley said that he was going to announce his world cup roster BEFORE the two friendlies. This means that for Gomez to play in the friendlies, he would have to be on the WC squad.

  21. Mingjai says:

    Drop Conrad, Hejduk, Kljestan or Rogers and add Torres.

  22. baquito alyeska says:

    Thanks, Shmenge. Helpful.

  23. TJPierce says:

    You know, I’ve heard that scoring goals often has a positive impact on your team’s results…

  24. Really, because JFT is a Mexican and gets call ups all the time. Hell, most of our pool are immigrants or the sons of immigrants, and technically, the entire pool has immigrants somewhere down the line, so if Bob were racist, then he wouldn’t be able to pick a team. If he doesn’t like Herc does or how he fits into his team, then he won’t pick him.

    That being said, I do think Herc needs a look before the WC given his goalscoring form, something that no one else in the pool is doing right now for their clubs.

  25. EA says:

    “Scrappy, goal poaching, good header, great in the box.

    Quick in short bursts, not fast over distance.”

    So, Taylor Twellman?

  26. Spectra says:

    Please stop saying EJ and Adu like they’re locks or something and then not mention Bedoya or Torres.

  27. Wispy says:

    “The whole team fell out of favor”? Seriously? Off the top of my head I can name Bornstein, Wynne, EJ, and Beckerman as members of that team that continue to get call ups (unwarranted, in my opinion) despite how that tournament played out. The reason Gomez fell out of favor is because he stunk it up in MLS for the last two years.

  28. Who the hell said Klejstan!!?!!? Did you see the Chivas USA game?! Horrible! Orale, Gomez…Time to get the Black and Brown party started on top (hopefully!) Either as a sub or a starter if Chuckie D ain’t back!

  29. Spectra says:

    Taylor without the injuries

  30. aby c says:

    mikkel diskerud playing well

  31. Spectra says:

    Baring a miracle change Klejstan will never see the field for USMNT again. There are too many better veterans in front of him. and too many better skilled younger players coming up behind him. He’s done with the USMNT.

  32. The question about Gomez is whether he has matured in his game. He started strong with LA Galaxy, but everyone figured out how to take him out the game.

    Is the same going to happen in Mexico? Once teams learn how to defend against him, his production goes down again?

    I am not sold on him either.

  33. He was also underutilized in the MLS and used as a wing instead of a forward, he also fell out of flavor with Steve “oh, I think running a 3-6-1 would work fantastic in 98′” Sampson…..Imagine if Gomez had been used properly in the MLS during his time there.

  34. dudeinho says:

    better shooting from distance than twellman. or anyone else we dont have many who can do that actually.

  35. thorpinski says:

    Thats how I feel about Mr Adu

  36. Thank God!!! I’m a Chivas USA fan and tend to like Klejstan for club, but certainly not for the Nats…

  37. dudeinho says:

    Stevo actually told him to pursue another career, and then reluctantly gave him a chance. reason hes doing so well is because for one they dont knock him off the ball down there as much and he’s used to the physicality from MLS. even if they do figure him out hes still gonne be tough to knock off the ball. I met herc when he was playing for the G’s. really cool person. Wish him all the luck.

  38. Dougs says:

    If we are going to take more than two certainly healthy true forwards (Jozy and Ching)then why wouldn’t Bradley seriously consider Gomez? Findley and Cunningham have shown that they are not there yet. From all accounts Gomez is playing like a man possessed. Even if Davies is back, he probably won’t be in full 90 shape, much less for multiple games over two weeks. The question is whether Bob is sufficiently comfortable win the midfield to use Donovan or Dempsey instead of Ching or (tbd) as the second striker. Without a healthy and fit Holden, I would guess he will want a third true striker.

  39. Stunk up? You mean he got stuck in Colorado and Kansas City….7 goals in 12 matches in a slightly better, offensive minded league would say either wise.

  40. Jon says:

    Typically I might scoff at this, but something should be said to the idea that you succeed at the World Cup, not by bringing historically proven players, but rather players that are the most in form and on top of their game going into the cup. If he’s still banging them in from now til May – Bob has to consider (although he doesn’t seem to have that “hot player” mindset.

  41. Altidore-Gomez-Davies(if healthy, if not Ching) We can always slide Deuce on top….Just my honest opinion…Please no more EJ, Findley, Cunningham…they have shown they are not Nats level.

  42. Sampson actually told him that? Wow, he should have told Sampson that he was a failure at life……I was so pissed when there was a rumor flying that he was going to be the Chivas USA coach this year….Thankfully, we got Vasquez!

  43. wildchild says:

    not fast over distance? that’s laughable. watch the highlights of last night. or read my post above, describing how he outraced the defender onto a lobbed through ball. fast as balls.

  44. Rory says:

    And we have to hurry and cap him as he has stated he will play for Norway if they cap him first (and they have Euro qualifiers against Cyprus and Iceland that might be a perfect time to cap-tie someone like Mixie.

  45. Rory says:

    If he couldn’t get starts over Conor Casey (and Omar Cummings for that matter) in Colorado, why would we take him over Conor Casey for the Nats?

  46. rory says:

    Conor Casey had no problems putting up a dozen goals while he was “stuck in Colorado.”

  47. bigvic says:

    yeah, I know. Our “mexican” team (bocanegra, bornstein, orozco, torres, castillo, gomez, bedoya) is probably better then the actual Mexico team. hehe

  48. Nick says:

    I think its a pretty safe assumption to say that Jozy would be scoring plenty of goals if he played in a league as defensively poor as the Mexican League.

  49. Nick says:

    Feilhaber was also part of that squad

  50. bigvic says:

    oh wait, bedoya is colombian descent. My bad. I’d hate to cross a colombian that way, by mistaking him for a mexican

  51. dinomitedan says:

    your dumb. id take in-form striker over conor casey/ching/findley anyday. come on now. let use logic here. he deserves to play in friendlies and get a shot on how he does then we can see if he “fits in” or not. he has grown over the last (2) years since he was last on it.

  52. Rocco says:

    all those in favor for deleting this race-baiting garbage say aye…AYE

  53. Scott says:

    hes running against mexicans… show me a mexican thats ever won… a race?

  54. Scott says:

    GOMEZ IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE ON THE USA NATIONAL TEAM… HE WILL BE A WASTE OF SPACE ON THE BENCH. Why not throw someone like Findley, Cunningham, or Johnson there instead… they atleast have speed (and with a little luck could make something happen).

    Personally I’d take Adu though!!!

  55. ELAC says:

    Everyone knows that I’ve said Bob has his “preferences” but that doens’t mean the man is racist. C’mon people.

    BTW, not all MLS coaches are a good judges of talent. I’ts not like the MLS has Wenger, Ferguson, Benitez, Redknapp, or even Bruce in the league coaching.

    We play differently than other leagues in the CONCACAF(fast and physical).

    I hope he gets a shot, just like anyone else playing in the FMF or abroad.

    I had my doubts, but maybe Bob prefers Mole Poblano after all.

    ChicanoGeek520 is the man.

    BTW, what about Chelis the coach of Puebla. Trippy dude always saying he’s gonna quit and now he’s got “Little fish” and Herc scoring winning goals against the mighty Club America.

  56. kenny_b says:

    Thank you!

  57. ELAC says:

    Comedy post of the day!

  58. kenny_b says:

    I agree that goal had some luck to it. The shot was absolutely crushed though…you create your own luck sometimes.

    The guy is playing with a lot of enthusiasm. He isn’t another big slow forward… he deserves a look.

  59. kenny_b says:

    Yes very funny Scott.

  60. Hold On says:

    No direct contact has been made between Bradley and Gomez. Story confirmed by the horses mouth and you can read it on Seltzer’s website either now or in depth tomorrow. Won’t post the link cuz Big Brother will probably erase this comment and find a way to clear-up the mishap later. Ives, in all seriousness, I don’t really understand why you don’t want to give credit to a journalist for scooping the story. After all, we’re all family and so everybody on here should have a chance to get the full story before blowing their lids here.

  61. Lost in Space says:

    I’m of the mind that with the Pool of players we’ve got for the USMNT, and certain players versitility (Donovan, Dempsey, Spector, & Boca in particular) I’d recommend selecting 7 defenders and 3 forwards (Jozy, Ching, Davies (or whoever’s HOT – Gomez, Ching, etc..), giveing us 10 Midfielders to chose from.

  62. Chris says:

    didn’t Cunningham score a goal in his one appearance?

  63. That’s good stuff. I’d love to see him get the chance to add some depth for us at forward. I’m of the opinion that if we want to be a real player in the WC, we need Donovan and Dempsey in their midfield spots. Anything thing that we can do to ensure that, I think we’ve got to consider. Besides, if Jozy got hurt our hands would be tied. We need the depth and the confidence that he would bring to the offense.

  64. Timmmmy says:

    Here’s the link ladies and gents:

    link to

  65. Davie D. says:

    How do you know they’re Mexican? I thought everyone knew the Mexican league has the highest number of foreign players in Latin America… I guess not.

  66. derrick says:

    on the subject of strikers. I find it interesting that people are always down on Jeff Cunningham up on others given the fact that since the charlie davies got hurt the only U.S. stikers to score for the U.S. were Cunningham and Ching.

    I actually like Findley but just on potential and i don’t know if i’d take Cunningham to the Cup. But of the players called in to fill Davies spot. Cunningham and Ching are the only ones that scored. I would add Cunningham’s was well take as well in a game where like the others he played in the midfield created few chances (which is the U.S. biggest problem. More so then it’s defense which will have issues precisely cause it’s midfield tends to struggle to hold the ball and create chances).

    But my point is even Findley kept getting the starts in recent games, but it was Cunningham that took his shot on goal when it was presented and scored.

    There are a lot of national team fans that will always pick a guy that looks like he should be good over a guy that does score and will often wrongly equate a gut that scores 10 bungled tap ins to a guy that can strike 10 goals with either foot from outside the box.

    i’m not really argueing for cunningham. More for taking a very critical look at, one, whether in the run up the U.S. gave any of these guys a real chance to shine by not creating chances for them, and two, for, judging all of the strikers like most in the world score them, not on do they try hard or hold the ball up but do they score. anyways my two cents.

  67. derrick says:

    by the way not really intended as an argument for Ching either but i think the chance of him not going are close to nil.

  68. Josh D says:

    Those that cross the border… (sorry it was too easy….)

    My Grandmother is Mexican before all the hate comes pouring in…

  69. Josh D says:

    Who is still younger than 98% of those who get called up to the national team…

  70. JeffM says:

    He scored a goal in one appearance and sucked in a few others.

  71. Manny F says:

    Unlike Jeff, Hercules didn’t ever rely on his athleticism. He relies on his technical skills. And he played on crap teams in KC and Colorado and out of position so how do you score on those teams. Those teams were supplying him great chances either. The only team that he was good on was LA.

    He could be a good option off the bench at the WC. Bob just needs to know how he can use him if at all.

  72. Josh D says:

    If it were today: I’m bringing Jozy, Ching, Gomez, and Johnson.

    Jozy for obvious reasons.

    Ching may not be great (he isn’t) but he’s been in tournament situations before and is someone who doesn’t rely on confidence to play well and works his socks off.

    Gomez – You bring your most inform striker. He has scored goals with free kicks, shots outside 18, cherry picking, and headers. His array of goals is more than any of our strikers at the moment.

    Johnson – Now with added time, he’s looking confident again. Has pace to burn but when it comes to knockout stages, he gets to ride the bench hard as he can’t compete with a Germany or England.

    My formation: 4-5-1. Our midfield is far more compiled than our offense. If we can’t score but 1 in 20, then we sure as hell will make us the toughest team to break down.

    Sadly Bradley has us playing somewhere in the middle: “Hmm I think we can play offensively in a 4-4-2 and try to score goals against quality players but maybe we can’t so why don’t we tell the players to just play where they like!” – Failure.

  73. Steven says:

    At this point I would take Gomez over Altidore to the world cup. Think about it, Altidore hasn’t done squat in thee last two years while Gomez has been excelling in a strong Mexican league.

  74. Brian says:

    You’re wrong my friend. Bob told IK Start’s website when he was checking out Goodson in some Swedish league action a few weeks ago that he would name an initial 30 players for the camp in May (for the two may friendlies) and submit his final 23 on June 1st.

  75. LouisZ says:

    I was taking him seriously until he said Adu, then I realized he is either kidding or on drugs.

  76. Blokhin says:

    you’re right, I left off Torres, forgot about him, now I understand how Bob Bradley feels…

  77. JeffM says:

    I don’t really see how his skill set – athletic player vs. technical player – makes any difference. I’m also not judging the teams around him. I’m judging a player whom I’ve seen play 25 or 30 times, whom is 27 years old, and whom never at any point struck me as national team caliber.

    If Steve Lenhart scores six goals in the next four games – many of them unimpressive tap-ins – are we all going to start clamoring for him to get a national team call up? Sample size, people. Sample size.

  78. BrooklynFC says:

    Please stop saying Bedoya and Torres like they should be locks

  79. Yeah and Casey did so well when he played overseas and on the National Team (Honduras game being the exception)

  80. sir coble says:

    whoa. tell me that is a joke steven. I wish someone would event a sarchasm font.

  81. BrooklynFC says:

    Ives, can we sensor people that call bad a racist.

    People like BigVic want only Mexican-Americans on the team.

    BigVic’s line-up would look like this

    Coach- Martin Vasquez
    GK- (Could not find one)
    CB-Bocanegra (Capitan = Captain in Spanish)

    Good Luck with that…. Bradley tries to field the best team possible and if your fav Mexican-American can not cut it you should not be mad

  82. Steven says:

    Not really. Based on what he has done in the last two years Altidore should not have an automatic spot in the NT squad. Even worst, he is turning into a major diver which it’s going to come back and bite us in the arse at he wort time.IMHO

  83. Alex says:

    Two words: Toto Schialli. Dont know him? look up his story. This guy could be our Schialli.

  84. garbaggio says:

    Herc has done enough to get called in to the pre-WC training camp.

    Hopefully, Bradley will use the opportunity to evaluate his final options for South Africa instead of naming the final roster before those last 2 stateside friendlies.

    We’re not going to have a bunch of world class strikers available as the deadline approaches and Herc is one of several players that deserve consideration.

  85. BrooklynFC says:

    Dude…. Altidore would be scoring hat tricks every week in Mexico…. Gomez would be on the bench for Hull City Reserve games…. Gomez over Altidore is simply mad

  86. garbaggio says:

    Schillaci is closer to the correct spelling, Alex (still not sure if I have it right).

    Anyway, I thought of him too. He was a journeyman forward that made the Azzuri’s cut and wound up scoring a bunch of goals at Italia’90.

  87. garbaggio says:

    EPL is singificantlyh better than the Mexican League.

    But no player in the world would be scoring hat tricks EVERY week there.

    Anyway, no rational observer should be proposing Herculez Gomez as Altidore’s replacement. But Herc does belong in the conversation about trying to find a Davies-like forward for South Africa if Charlie Davies isn’t fully recovered.

  88. Shabadoo says:

    It wont hurt to give him a shot. Heck If Sasha K and Wynne were given opportunities I would be suprised if an invite were not extended to Gomez. That being said who knows maybe he’ll take advantage of this opportunity much like Bedoya has once given a shot. There would be no point in taking Casey and Ching since Ching does everything Casey does but with more pace. Might as well have a forward who offers up something Different.

  89. 340234958203 says:

    I agree, although I think Ching will go for sure, I’m sick of seeing Findley and Cunningham, they had their chance. I don’t care about Gomez from years ago in the MLS, I care about his form right now and right now he is scoring goals. If he scores three or more goals in April I say bring him, even if he doesn’t play we need a 4th forward.

  90. 340234958203 says:

    Gomez over Altidore.. I’m sorry but just no

  91. Jorge says:

    Or the tight uniform.. :-)

  92. DingDong says:

    Why censor it? A lot of people suspect it, so you might as well let them say and then let you rebut them.

  93. Shabadoo says:

    Bobby Convey does not appreciate the Gomez hate. End of sentence

  94. The Manwich says:

    GK – Rimando

  95. VBB says:

    Quick to blow your own trumpet there, weren’t we Ives?

  96. phil says:

    hedjuk, our very own energizer bunny…. bwah ahahahahahaha….

  97. Steven says:

    Dude, Altidore looks bad even when surrounded by Hull City players. LOL

  98. phil says:

    put down the crack pipe while you’re typing at least….

  99. phil says:

    look i hate diving but it’s part or what a forward does to gain filed position and advantage. he’s learning the game quite well and earning his keep in a struggling EPL side. It ain’t pretty but it’s just what he needs to be doing (other than shooting more). Goals are important and I say give Gomez a run out, he can’t be any worse than Findley or Cunningham. But please do not compare Mexican’s first league to the EPL. and expect to be taken seriously. That would be like comparing MLS to Serie A.

  100. Brian says:

    Salvatore Schillaci

  101. BrooklynFC says:

    I was exagerating of course……. But altidore would easily have as many goals as gomez. And he would make a lot of defenders get red carded.

    ASide- If Jozy were taken all of the penalties he has earned for his team he would have at least 8 goals right now.
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  102. BrooklynFC says:

    Steven, wat games are watching……. Defenders in england are pooping their pants when jozy is running at them…….
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  103. patrick says:

    not sure how he blew his own trumpet? he reported that a player spoke to his club’s website, and linked to the comments. It turns out there was a miscomunication or mistranslation, not ives’ fault

  104. BrooklynFC says:

    Oh word……. Forgot about Rimando

    By the way this team is not a half bad side…….. They could probably make the playoffs…… Their defense would be stout
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  105. Warren says:


    Still I am guessing Ching makes it no matter what, as ‘veteran presence/leader/BBguy.’

  106. Warren says:

    Jozy, Ching, Davies and Gomez actually sounds the best we can do.

    No Drogba’s or Higuain’s among them,on good days decent role players.

    I agree it is best if we can keep Dempsey and Donovan in their wide spots. Then slide Dempsey up about the 6oth minute to bamboozle a tiring defense, taking off whichever role player was having a worse day. And bringing in fresh middie legs.

  107. bryan says:

    i just dont get the logic behind looking over the only american scoring goals. dont give me the “if jozy was playing in mexico” excuse. it does not matter. this is about Gomez. and right now, Gomez should be going to SA.

  108. bryan says:

    Gomez > Ching >Casey > Findley > Cunningham

    sorry, but if bob does not call him up, it furthers my opinion Bob is not up to the task.

  109. Hush says:

    Cunnigham,Sasha,Findley,Johnson,Rogers??lol You guys are funny. I’ll take Adu and the new Gomez anytime over these bums.

  110. patrick says:

    well its a good thing your opinion doesnt matter.

  111. Shmenge says:

    Fine, then defend the selection of Findley, Cunningham or Eddie Johnson instead.

    You can’t.

    The fact is that with 20 minutes to go and needing a goal vs. Slovenia or Algeria, Gomez is a better choice right now than any of those three because he’s on form and confident.

    Current form outweighs everything else when talking about our 3rd/4th striker, because the overall quality of ANY of those guys simply isn’t there.

  112. Dominic says:

    Bradley has to take a good look at Goodson, Bedoya, Torres, and Gomez. If he sticks with “the regulars” … we’re in big trouble.

  113. LouisZ says:

    That is not true. according to fifa rules, the replacements (alternates) don’t have to come from the 30 player roster, although it would be highly unlikely that BB would do that.

  114. bigvic says:

    a little info for the gringo from NY: Mexicans think of mexican/americans as bastardized versions of themselves. There is also envy since chicanos make more money, and because some of their countrymen (not all, but some) would like to jump over the other side of the rio grande. In other words BrooklynFC, my “our mexicans are better then your mexicans” line was a joke intended to pour salt into the wound of fans of the sputtering and dying Mexican national team. They are our mortal enemies, and dont forget it BrooklynFC. Hell, I’ll even make you an honorary chicano.

  115. bottlcaps says:

    The US team is not as deep in many positions as a lot of the traditional soccer powers so filling every position with the best players is crucial. Gomez proves that he deserves a look-see at least, but unless the US can schedule another friendly game to look at fringe players, it might be too little, too late. The fact that when playing out of his best position as forward, Gomez was not that great. I think unless you bring a ton of talent to a position, you need to have a capability to play at least two positions well, at least with the forwards and midfielders. Having a winger play forward like Donovan and Dempsey, or having a defensive Midfielder play well as an offensive one, like Bradley, is a definite plus for the US.

    I’m still of the belief that the US needs to be looking at more depth in the back line or at least have a defensive midfielder who can convert to cover the corner back position.

    But if Charlie Davies cannot make the comeback, you will need another striker. There are several I would have picked before Gomez, but when a striker is in form and confident, they should be given consideration.

    With all the injuries, I hope Bradley doesn’t waste a position with a player that may have had a great career but if injured or recovering, takes a spot from a healthy player. I am referring to John O’Brien who wasn’t recovered from his injuries and played for only 30 minutes and injured himself again in the 2006 WC.

    The players selected must be injury free or else be of absolute indispensability to the team.

  116. Give Gomez a shot says:

    hey dork pugs.. Razov would have never started for Puebla. bring him in for a look.

  117. sandog says:

    I don’t think Bradley will call Hercules. It’s too late. I live in San Diego and can pick up the digital Mexican stations. I’ve watched most of the Puebla games and the key element for Gomez is that He’s motivated. He’s become one of the go-to guys on the team. Even the commentators like him. None of that gringo stuff with him. Puebla beat America 2-1, and it was the first time in 14 years that they were able to defend their home turf against the Aguilas(Eagles). The manager had promised to quit if they lost. America was all over them, but with some luck and great defense at the goal Puebla was able to repel the attack. Very entertaining game. By the way, the other goal was scored by “El pescadito” Ruiz. I guess the MLS can win in Mexico after all.

  118. Jess says:

    One thing I will never understand is bringing in a player that doesn’t get minutes for his pro team. Eddie Johnson for instance. If Johnson is still getting call ups then Herc definitely deserves a look. He not only is getting minutes but he’s scoring in droves. He may have stunk it up in the Copa America but he is a much different player today.

  119. Der_Amerikanische_Kaiser says:

    K-Town – Are you in Kaiserslautern?

  120. bizzy says:

    It is very interesting the way people analyse things on this forum. Here you have a guy scoring goals and is put down…almost immediately. If we are so quick to dog our own player what about people in other countries. You have players that are having a hard time playing overseas just because they are Yanks….they are dogged….the players having a hard time because his style of play is different from the immediate needs of the team….he is picked apart…or a player that was brought in to just be a strong quality replacement is seen unfit by many. The way American soccer has been a joke to so many overseas…so are our players. We have to work twice as hard, unless you are very lucky and a manager just likes your style of play.

    Its not all about “RUN..PASS..SHOOT”, cause once you get blocked off it’s a rap, no skill or talent to get yourself out of trouble. It’s not all about “play time” also because not all coaches are looking for the same thing in a player. We need a coaching staff that looks at the skill and talent level of the players and effectively combine them together. Bradley has a way of trying certain players with a “B”or “C” team and when they dont do well we act supprised. A player should be given several REAL chances before been written off because one game is not enough.

  121. Brooklyn Dave says:

    If you’ve got an example OTHER THAN ROSTER SELECTION of Bradley being a racist, lay it on us, otherwise please keep that kind of slanderous nonsense to yourself.

  122. Scott says:

    This is professional soccer… I think all pros have the ability to “crush” a shot.. All of Gomez’s goals are crap. He will def NOT be on the USA roster come World Cup, or ever for that matter.

  123. Scott says:

    and if Gomez plays for us we won’t win a game.

  124. Tony T says:

    I don’t think the Mexican League would be one of the most successful leagues in the CONCACAF region if they had poor defense ….. The bottom line is Jozy would score goals if he wasn’t playing at Hull.

  125. bryan says:

    nice addition to the conversation. how exactly am i wrong? based on current play (and a little history), this is not far fetched. you could argue between Casey and Findley, but the point is clearly that Gomez is above ALL of them right now. findley had his chance, and he failed. Gomez could also fail, but right now, he is at the top until he is given a chance. it’s simple, really. so quit being an a$$ and use your brain.

  126. bryan says:

    it’s coming down to comparing MLS to Mexico. to a lot of people, Gomez scoring this many in mexico isnt a big deal. they prefer Casey who scores in MLS. if findley, casey, ching, and cunningham all get a chance, you would think Gomez would. and that is because Mexico is a good league. rivalry aside, you still have to recognize that. as well as recognizing it isn’t the best defensive league either.

  127. BrooklynFC says:

    I would gladly accept that honorary chicano hood, I am Puerto Rican/Dominican so I can already speak the language.

    I wanna clarify that I have no personal beef with you, I just get bothered by the racist talk, for the most part bradley tries to put the best players on the field, he just so happens to not be the greatest at evaluating talent. Anyone that has watched Torres can see that he is extremely gifted and yet to have reached his peak. I would love to see Torres in MLS against more physical players, I think his game would grow exponentially.

    Furthermore, MLS needs a lot more young americans with skills playing in our league, Sal Zizzo comes to mind as a player that should be back in MLS. All the americans playing in mexico should come play in MLS so they can develop the physical aspects of their games…… Marco Vidal, Castillo should come play in MLS

    Sorry for the rant.
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