MLS Cup 2010 is headed to Toronto

MLS Cup Logo

The news broke last week, but Don Garber made it official this morning, announcing Toronto as the host city for the 2010 MLS Cup Final in November.

We had already mentioned it this morning, but we wanted to post about it again so we could show off the MLS Cup 2010 logo.

Our thoughts on Toronto? It's a great city with a fanbase that has earned the right to host the league's marquee event. As tough as it will be to top the fun festivities of MLS Cup 2009 Weekend in Seattle, something tells me the people in Toronto will throw one heck of a party.

Here's my question to you. Will you be making the trip north for the big game? Is the 2010 MLS Cup on your list of things to do, whether your team is there or not?

Share your thoughts below.

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46 Responses to MLS Cup 2010 is headed to Toronto

  1. Brian says:

    Do Canucks know how to party?

  2. Ryan R. says:

    My concern is that it’s a small stadium that’s packed with season ticket holders so if a lot of fans from the participating teams make the trip, will there be enough tickets to satisfy them all?

  3. Shark says:

    The only real issue is the weather in late November in Toronto….other than that should be a great experience….very late start time too (somewhere around 8:30 to 9PM), on a Sunday Night, which will take it close to midnight for east coast viewers….glad I’m in CA…:)

  4. I think season tickets can only be used during the regular season. I could be wrong though.

  5. Hoser says:

    No way eh, radiation has made TFC the enemy of civilization eh.

  6. Shark says:

    Toronto and teh surroundign area is a great place to visit…have some good friends up their….very nice folks up in the city

  7. says:

    There are a lot of companies with product capable of increasing the capacity of the venue temporarily. Not all of the season subscribers will opt for the tickets as they will be more than regular season prices so I think there will be room for everyone who wants to go.

  8. Optimist Primer says:

    Cold weather? Please… Omar don’t scare.

    Me and my crew will be converging on Toronto from all corners of America and Europe. Yearly tradition, baby.

  9. rideacruiser says:

    All I know is that they better reserve more space for visiting teams than they did in Seattle. Nosebleed seats for the Cup Champion Fans was a terrible move on Seattle’s part. When RSL makes the final again, we’ll be demanding at least 2,000 seats, easy.

  10. peterjh says:

    Toronto is on eastern time. Time in Toronto is the time on the East coast of the US.

  11. jloome says:

    THere’s a poll on RPB site in which about 70% of season ticket holding respondents say they’re going, and they get first dibs.

    But TFC only has, I think, 16,000 season ticket holders, so that leaves 5,800 seats available (although, of course, many will be sold and given out locally before they’re available elsewhere.)

    So there’ll be some room.

  12. MASSIVE says:

    Oh, how sweet the Cup will taste for the Crew when we win it on TFC’s home turf.

  13. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    weatherd be no different than columbus, chicago, new england and new york. i do believe it was warmer than seattle at that time last year

  14. Mr. Derp says:

    Great, now our entire fanbase gets to hear our National Anthem get booed again. At least we know that, since it’s the MLA Cup, Toronto fans won’t have their own club to cheer on.

  15. DC Josh says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Canada and what better way to burst my cherry than in Toronto for an MLS Cup. As long as I can afford it I’ll be there.

  16. jloome says:

    Great, now our entire fanbase gets to hear our National Anthem get booed again. At least we know that, since it’s the MLA Cup, Toronto fans won’t have their own club to cheer on.

    They didn’t boo your anthem, they booed the league because nobody said there would be three different anthems played, and the fans thought the Canadian anthem was being skipped.

    Get your facts straight.

  17. incider says:

    ..hey hosers, we know how to host and throw a big bash here in Canada, eh.

    Bring your own beer only if you like the taste of water…

    Bring your parka only if you think you will find accommodations in an igloo…

    Bring more money than you think you’ll need as the US currency will be below the Canadian Beaver Buck…

    MLS Whitecaps in 2011 ….woohoo!!

  18. BlueWhiteLion says:

    ahhhh, geeesh, how can ANYONE follow a post like that? I guess I will be the straight man (not to imply . . . ): I live south of Detroit, and if I can get tickets at a decent price, I am there. Toronto is a great city and the TFC fans and stadium should be rockin. I have been to the all star game and now I want to make the Cup. Regardless who is there.

  19. peterjh says:

    Maybe. Presumably the seats will go on sale before we know who is in the final.

    Toronto is a big ol’ city and likely has lots of folks interested who are not season ticket holders. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them go fast.

  20. incider says:

    Hey BWL, you’re a good man. Being loyal to the beautiful game carries more currency than Fort Knox.

    Good luck in getting an MLS franchise in the Silverdome.

  21. Clayton says:

    Like it. I’d rather have the title be decided on grass in CA than turf in Sea any day. Hope the weather doesn’t ruin the day. C’mon FCD!

    Next year’s gotta be in NYC tho. MLS stadiums are lookin damn good these days.

  22. ciscokid says:

    Living 3,000 miles away in Seattle, I’m pretty sure I’m there only if my team makes it. So I guess I’m there! :-)

  23. TheUltra says:

    If/when the Crew make it to the Cup Final I will be there, by hook or crook.

  24. mike says:

    I’m a Quakes fan so trust me no need for me to book a flight to Toronto in November.

  25. Cade says:

    chances of them announcing Montreal the day of the game or days leading up to the game in Toronto? hmmm

  26. jai_brooklyn says:

    Great news. The Canadians deserve it. They’ve embraced the team from the word go and its going to be on grass this year. Cool logo too!

  27. bigvic says:

    if you go there, dont drink the water.

  28. Tim F. says:

    I think Toronto FC fans are great but won’t it be cold there in November?

  29. Shark says:

    Sure I know that…the game is set to kickoff at around 8:30 PM EST….

  30. Kjesare says:

    Americans should get their passports ready.

  31. WiscFan says:

    If the Fire make it, I would try to make the game. Plus it would be one hell of a birthday present.

  32. Chris says:

    Average temp for Toronto in November is about 45F

  33. GoGunners says:

    born and raised in South Detroit?

    DID you take the midnight train going anywhere?

  34. gerald says:

    Toronto is a fun town to visit

  35. derrick says:

    not exactly gonna draw the fans like Miami or San Diego.

  36. C-note says:

    I was in Toronto a year ago, the addidas store and the independent sports store are crazy full of TFC (and other) Soccer gear, more so than the addidas store in Chicago. The TFC banners are all over the street lights. Jack Astors and the Loose Moose have big screen tvs and a good game viewing vibe. China town, Greek town, and the pubs are great. Congrats to Toronto.

  37. Eurosnob says:

    November game in Toronto? Perhaps the Commish decided to show those sissies from NFL, who favor warm weather SB locations, that real football is played in any weather, in any climate. Anyhow, Congrats to Toronto! Cold weather or not, they will stage a classy event.

  38. chupacabra says:

    And prepare to get turned away at the border if they’ve ever been arrested (doesn’t matter if it happened 30 years ago and there was no conviction). And maybe visit your proctologist a few times before November to prepare for the cavity search.

  39. Charles says:

    Agreed, MLS needs to make it so the winning teams can watch their team.

    Seattle has a stadium that can fit demand, but I was sitting in my great seats at QWest, while you were sitting in the level above me….not really what MLS would want ideally.

    I will try and go there to watch my Sounders ( SL better qualify out of the East if you want to be there 😉 )

    BUT will there be tickets in such a small stadium ?

  40. Will says:

    Are the Canadian fans idiots? Were they expecting fliers outside the stadium that said “Three Anthems Will Be Played”?? It is a predominantly American league with a game in Toronto, MLS clearly would not forget to play the anthem of the host!!!

    Unbelievable and the reason why I root against TFC

  41. Matt C in tampa says:

    which 3 anthems? US, Canada ____?

  42. Will says:

    England for West Ham I believe?

  43. Lee from NYC says:

    “real football is played in any weather, in any climate.” – amen to that

    congrats toronto. can’t wait til it’s in RBA.

  44. Myles B says:

    Soccer is Canada’s 2nd sport, of course we’re gonna be up for it!

  45. Bawls says:

    you mean when Cowlumbus lays a massive turd on TFC’s home turf.

  46. td says:

    Went to MLS Cup last year because I’m a Sounders season ticket holder and the event far exceeded my expectations. It had a real buzz to it. I’d love to go to it again. However, with 21K seats and 16K season ticket holders, I suspect it may not be easy to get seats.