MLS Team of the Week: Kansas City Wizards

WizardsCelebrate (GettyImages)

While Peter Vermes took over as interim head coach of the Kansas City Wizards last season, the Vermes era in KC didn't officially begin until Saturday when he and the Wizards faced off against former KC head coach Curt Onalfo and D.C. United.

The Wizards throttled D.C. United, 4-0, in what was the weekend's most impressive performance, and a game that should set a great tone for what the revamped Wizards will be able to do this week.

Here are highlights from Kansas City's Team of the Week performance:

What did you think of the Wizards' performance? Share your thoughts below.

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55 Responses to MLS Team of the Week: Kansas City Wizards

  1. afc says:

    Ryan Smith is gonna be a star. I hope he can keep this going.

  2. Jay says:

    I still want to know who that team is and what have you done with my real Wizards! 😉

    This is going to be an exciting season. We have a bunch of new players that no one knows who they are but they are all going to get familiar very fast.

  3. Jay says:

    Agreed. He is top class. He has ball control skills that most MLS players only dream about.

  4. DB says:

    YA, because RSL didn’t spank SJ @ SJ. DC was all injured and missing starting players so of course KC had the weekend’s most impressive performance.

  5. DC Josh says:

    Note to MLS: stop scheduling season openers and closers @ Kansas City for DC. DC has lost all three games in either situation I believe, and the weather has been abysmal.

    We’re typically a slow starter, but DC looked so bad Saturday night that I don’t see how they will make the playoffs. It’s a long season so I’m not throwing in the towel, but I was surprised by how bad they were after a very good pre-season.

  6. morry says:

    poor RSL- i will keep you in my prayers

  7. Jay says:

    You’ve got Onalfo as your HC, my friend. Get use to being frustrated.

  8. jig says:

    waaaaa, my team didnt get team of the week on Soccer by Ives, waaaaaaaa!

  9. bryan says:

    oh DC….

  10. Jimbo says:

    It’s a matter of opinion. He didn’t say he wasn’t impressed with RSL. The season is just beginning. I’m sure someone, somewhere, will mention RSL in a good light.

  11. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Smith is eligible for the US through father… He looks a very slick little player… and can plat left side MF….

  12. wk says:

    geez, the PK couldn’t be helped- and why GK’s guess is still a mystery to me, but Perkins coughed up a lot of shots right into the path of of KC players. definitely not #3 on the US depth chart.

  13. wykell says:

    Whoever those announcers are should be fired. Just getting rules completely wrong, and awkward pauses and stepping on each other’s transmissions is unacceptable for a professional match. I could have done a better job drunk, and I don’t even know any of the KC players’ names.

    Good for KC though – they made DC look like last year’s Red Bulls.

  14. Spectra says:

    Why in the world do they not have highlights on ESPN still. This is ridiculous. Sportscenter right now is thirty minutes of NBA teams that have already clinched playoff spots, 25 minutes of NCAA, 2 min of Tiger woods, and 2 min of Baseball. This is the slowest sports time of the year for ESPN and they still wont shows MLS highlights.

  15. Jay says:

    I am sure RSL had a great performance. However, San Jose is the worst team in the league.

  16. Ike says:

    As a United Fan I’ve decide to use this math for the season…

    Carolina Challenge Cup > MLS Cup

    Still bringing home the hardware.

  17. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Could not agree more.. I have heard announcing of cable access fraternity club league Ultimate Frisbee games called better… Hard to believe that people can’t find announcers dedicated enough to learn how a match is commentated from the pros like Martin Tyler… the accent is not everything… less is more especially when you have not clue what you are doing…

  18. Jammer says:

    In his defense, it was raining, and there were twelve shots on goal.

  19. chupacabra says:

    If the season keeps up like this you’ll be bragging about the participation trophies that DC stole from an 8-year-old girls’ AYSO team in Fairfax.

  20. Frank says:

    Ives, I really liked this part: “a game that should set a great tone for what the revamped Wizards will be able to do this week.”

    I guess you do realize that this was just a fluke. KC is not going to make the playoffs.

  21. Dave says:

    Any word on if the league will ever complete their “improved” website before the end of the season. Holy crap it sucks, and no journalists have even asked any questions about it.

  22. Jammer says:

    Yet another thing the web site lacks — statistics about the game. Such as shots and shots on goal. What’s more, I can’t find accurate statistics on yahoo, espn, or foxsoccer. They all have different numbers, which are obviously wrong in some categories.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Even though I’m not a fan of either team, I have to agree that RSL was more dominant. Kansas was at home and 2 goals came from keeper rebounds and 1 goal from a PK. RSL was on the road, and all 3 RSL goals came from great skill shots and excellent build up. Just my opinion at least.

  24. Too Bad says:

    I’d like to fast-track Ryan Smith to the NT set-up. Too bad we can’t. We rarely have American 23 yr-olds who come into MLS and exhibit that type of skill on the ball in the midfield. If we did, they’d probably already be in Europe.

  25. Tired of getting your butts kicked by KC huh? Not our fault your team is slow, it’s Onalfo’s. He’s the one who started Kurt More-Suck in the DC midfield. BTW, great class from DC in taking down Smith from behind when you’re down 4-0. Classy.

  26. I Like This. Smith is class, but it is just one match. Hope he can keep it up. KC scored 4 without India’s top goalscorer who is still waiting on visa stuff to make his place in KC official. Replace Wolff with Sunil and I’m feeling pretty good about things early on this season. But I know at some point clubs will find a way to stop Smith and KC, just hope it doesn’t relate to classless DC like acts including take downs from behind. Great start though.

  27. Smith says:

    As an RBNY fan, the only thing better than watching DC get pounded is knowing that they will never get a new stadium & that, within two years, they will have to move.

  28. jimmie says:

    uhh, that doesn’t look like whinning. It looks like DB actually typed the truth. I don’t see any whinning except for Morry and Jig.

  29. ELAC says:

    East coast bias! East coast bias! East coast bias!

    It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

  30. Eric_the_King says:

    I don’t see that as much of an excuse. It wasn’t as though KC were putting lasers on net. They were decent shots/crosses, but as a professional GK, whether it’s raining or not, Perkins has to do much better. He looked like a rookie out there. Granted it was only the first match of the season, but it makes me wonder why DC gave up so much for his services.

  31. KChad says:

    You sound pretty closed-minded Frank. Nobody is saying my Wizards are going to win the MLS Cup, but to rule them out of the playoffs at this point of the season after a good result is simply absurd.

  32. Paul says:

    As a Fire fan I was delighted NY got that fine stadium, and hope the same for DC’s great fans who deserve much better. A league full of real stadiums and not music venues would be a thing to behold.

  33. Judging Amy says:

    Agreed. ESPN’s become complacent in its role as the “Worldwide leader” on american sports. It used to be a truly edgy and quality network. Now they’re just focused on maintaining their status quo so they dumb everything down and keep it as superficial as possible.
    On a slightly different note Sportscenter has gotten more and more annoying to watch. Its a legendary show, but the jokers who do the show nowadays are more schtick than substance. I remember loving that show as a little kid.

  34. McSmurf says:

    Yikes. hearing that anouncer exclaim “Wizards” realy drives hope the point that no professional team should ever be called wizards.

    As strange as it may seem, things were acoutstically better when they were the Wiz.

    Can’t we get that name changed to something reasonable?

  35. Brennan says:

    Being a RSL fan I’m probably a little bias, but I would give it to them. RSL was away, and most of the KC goals were just lucky deflections, while the RSL goals were a better performance of skill.

  36. Hincha Tim says:

    That comment makes no sense to me. I can understand that you don’t want DCU to win, but why would you want them to move or not get a new stadium? How does that make your experience as a RBNY fan better. Don’t you want a rival who plays in a nice stadium?

    I can’t stand the Flounders, being a Timbers fan, but I’m happy they’re drawing 30k plus fans and that they have a nice stadium (minus the field turf). It would bum me out if Portland went in the league and somehow Seattle lost its team. All the fun of the rivalry would disappear!

  37. plug 713 says:

    One shot on goal (!)and four goals conceded. And this to a team that is far from the best MLS has to offer. DC United are in for a long, long season.

  38. DadRyan says:

    In one breath you use an eleven year old’s name calling to try to get your point across and then try to talk about class.

    Real Classy.

  39. DadRyan says:

    Goff was critical of it in his latest post.

  40. DCLee says:

    Ohhh and you left out the five minutes of Mel Kiper and Todd McShay telling us why frosted flakes is better than wheaties and why Tim Tebow is the greatest athlete in the world. And don’t forget about the 15 minutes of NFL mock draft coverage or NFL news/transactions that appears in the back page of sports sections yet ESPN has to highlight it constantly. They have the noses so far up NFL’s_________ that it is sad! There is never an NFL off season anymore.

  41. You must be a poor DC supporter also. Sorry about that. Enjoy your season.

  42. DadRyan says:

    Sheesh last time I checked you missed the play offs two years in a row too. Only difference, we still won an Open Cup. If you think one rainy blow out means KC is going to win the League you’re in for a long season… I don’t need any apologies for what’s happening up here. Thanks.

    Again, Stay Classy with one win under your belt.

  43. Jerome says:

    Maybe he will finally reach that debuting with Arsenal at 16 Potential( that has yet to come to Fruitation) that would easily be a Top Lethal Weapon for the US national Team.

  44. Smith says:

    I would love United to get a stadium. I would just like it to be in St. Louis.

  45. Francisco says:

    LOL, James got all ball that’s why no foul was called. Just thought I’d fill you in not all guys that watch soccer have actually played it, so I don’t know if you knew. Good luck this season you all wont be beating to many teams like this.

  46. Sheesh, I ain’t stupid, and I’m not the one crying over one match or missing the playoffs, just like DC did last year. It is what it is. Congrats, you won the Open Cup, woopty-doo. This is why nobody likes DC, you all think you’re so much better then everyone else. Whatever dude, it’s a long season so enjoy it and I’ll do the same. Stay Classless DC.

  47. Retro says:

    Sunil would not be a good replacement for Wolff, Bunbury is a better choice. In his limited time on the field, he looked like a true target forward. Sunil is 5″ 6″ 140 lbs. He would flourish as a target forward in that system. My guess is: Vermes will use different personnel based on who they are going against, but Bunbury should get a good look as the deep forward.

  48. Classless, and damn proud of it says:

    We don’t “think,” we “know.” It is quite literally a fact. More hardware than anyone else? Yeah, I’d say we’re the best there is. Suck on it long and hard.

  49. fischy says:

    US team? When? The 2018 Cup? He’s not a citizen.

  50. fischy says:

    Perkins should have done better on the first 2 goals, and probably the first 3.

  51. fischy says:

    Nobody watches the games when they’re on TV. Why would they want to show the highlights? Not to mention that most MLS fans probably aren’t regular Sportscenter watchers.

  52. fischy says:

    If Smith was really all that, why was he bouncing between third-division and second division sides — and not doing well anywhere? Does he have more ball skill than most MLSers? Probably. That’s why Bob Bradley looks outside of MLS for his team.

  53. fischy says:

    You don’t understand adolescent efforts to bait people on internet sites? This is what 13-year olds and 14-year olds do.

  54. inkedAG says:

    DC playing that hack and foul game? No, you don’t say! Not DC!!


  55. Patrick says:

    Nice info and links. Thanks for the highlights.