Report: Manchester United set for North American summer tour (including MLS All-Star Game)

Wayne Rooney 1 (Getty IMages)

Manchester United is coming back to the United States this summer in what could be an unforgettable tour for American (and Canadian) soccer fans.

The Sports Business Journal is reporting that Manchester United is working on a summer tour of North American that would include visits to Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto and Houston for the 2010 MLS All-Star Game.

The 2010 MLS All-Star Game is scheduled for July 27th at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

The tour would be Manchester United's first tour of the United States since 2004. United played matches in the United States in 2003 and 2004.

What do you think of this news? Excited about the possibility of seeing MLS All-Stars face Wayne Rooney and Manchester United?

Share your thoughts below.

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60 Responses to Report: Manchester United set for North American summer tour (including MLS All-Star Game)

  1. JWR says:

    Bad year. SAF doesn’t really play any players who take part in the World Cup until late in preseason.

  2. Alex says:


  3. kyle says:


  4. Stpauljosh says:

    Still wouldn’t mind saying we beat man u.

  5. Shark says:

    Pretty much east coast only….Seattle and LA would have been cool a place where fans actually pack the stadium unlike New York who had a brand new stadium and only half full….

  6. JSmiley says:

    Rooney won’t play. He’ll still be sore from the numerous crunching Gooch tackles on June 12.

  7. I think M.U. got kind of roasted for playing a B squad last time out, including a much-anticipated game against Bayern Munich at Soldier Field. I’m guessing they’ll get everyone out there for a cameo because the substitution rules will be relaxed. I’m sure Houston will do us proud and get a lot of folks out there.

  8. Guess who has two thumbs, is a United fan, and has many friends to stay with in Boston? This guy! I’m pumped!

  9. ScottY says:

    The game needs to be played at Rose Bowl like the Galaxy vs Barcelona game in August…Man U has the most to gain if the game was played in Southern California……..The East Coast stadiums won’t have more than 75K, but LA will easily have over 85K

  10. ga-gone says:

    Sold out, then 500 short of Sold out = half full?

  11. john.q says:

    do i sense jealousy?

  12. Paul says:

    BMO field is too small to host Man U for the All-Star. Shoulda chosen Red Bull Arena. Bad move MLS.

  13. Jacob A. says:

    All Start Game is at Reliant Stadium, in Houston.

  14. Adam says:

    I live in Austin TX, and I’ll definitely make the 3 hour drive with friends for this one!

  15. grubbsbl says:

    Don’t expect to see Rio, Rooney, Carrick, Evra, Park, Vidic, Nani or anyone else that features in the World Cup to play in the first couple games. There will still be Evans, Scholes, Giggs, Fletcher plus some young guns like Macheda and Wellbeck. I would understand if people are upset if the first team doesn’t feature predominantly but I am way too big of a United fan to care. I just want United to win trophies not entertain people in preseason games. I’ll probably make the trip from DC to Philly to see United play live (but I also made the trip to Old Trafford). Overall, this is great news to me.

  16. RedLine55 says:

    You’re thinking of the MLS Final, which is supposedly in Toronto this year. (and at this point I would like to reiterate your previous comment of, “Bad move MLS.”)

  17. Tony says:

    Red Bulls doesn’t want to be considered for the all star game anymore.

  18. JayMah says:

    Are you blind or just ignorant? Two matches in Red Bull Arena were practically FULL!

    LA would start to “dwindle” once Beckham and Donovan are gone – just like they were before!

  19. Luke Cbus says:


  20. Martek says:

    Speaking as a Dynamo season book holder who already has a ticket to the All-Star Game, all I have to say is Thank You Unca’ Don.

  21. Don says:

    BOOORRRRRING! Just what we need–a bunch of tourists.

  22. herzog says:

    Another Euro club that’s here to make money ZZZZZZZZ.

    I could care less about a match with 70K people, halk of which are euro snobs that dont give crap about MLS.

    I hope MLS makes a pile of money with the all star game, but otherwise, who cares.

  23. EmpressDL says:

    Totally Glad I bought Season Tix for the Houston Dynamo…cause the pack also came with MLS All-Star Game Tix…Here’s Hopin’ it All Works Out! I would Love to get the opportunity to see Man U!!! =)

  24. herzog says:

    Damn straight!

  25. OmarVizquel says:

    What was the last club to play any match without wanting to make money?

  26. bigvic says:

    they have to play MLS teams! even if its a massacre. This whole Euro vs Euro friendlies in the States does nothing for MLS. At least with the chelsea vs tfc or sea games last year, I came away with a respect for those MLS teams. Its gotta be against MLS teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Russ says:

    I watched the game on Saturday. No way that place was full. “Sold out”, maybe, if they have tickets away to a bunch of people that didn’t come. I was disappointed to see that, but hopefully it will pick up if NYRB keeps winning.

  28. bigvic says:

    get lost! I’m a galaxy fan just outside of quakes’ country, but LA has way too many international friendlies. Spread the wealth around man. Dont you want the league to survive? So what if its just 50k in Philly or even 30k in Cincy or Cleveland against the Crew.
    Other MLS teams need this exposure too.
    Hell, maybe if Dallas played some Euro teams and not some other Mexican club fans would start to show up…probably not, just a thought (can someone please put FCD out of their misery).

  29. Shark says:

    Wow classy….No where near full on Saturday….go put your glasses on bro….

    Yeah New York has drawn big crowds through the years…when?

  30. Shark says:

    Exactly my point…no where near full…a brand new stadium and they can’t even coem out…sold out….yeah right….

  31. Shark says:

    What of the east coast? Give me California anyday…:) I lived in England, my mother is from the Manchester area so I’ve seen them up close in Old Traford…many times…now whose jealous…:) I thought so…:)

    Bottom line is MLS is not just an east coast league….

  32. Shark says:

    Sold out doesn’t mean attended….go watch the game….if that is only 500 people short of sold otu then I’m missing something…as are you….:)

  33. Shark says:

    Neither…you obviously didn’t watch the game…but your class knows no bounds…full…really? Are you sure?…sure didn’t look that way to me…you need to put your glasses on…:)

    Yup you know all about LA too….I bow to your knowledge….ever been to a game on the west coast? Curious to know….

  34. Shark says:

    It is about $$ for the MLS teams and a preseason fitness for the visiting teams and hoepfully selling a few more shirts in the USA to boot…

  35. This Guy says:

    Argentina vs. USMNT
    You said New York not RBNY

  36. This Guy says:

    My rec league but we are God awful!

  37. Didier says:

    Manchester United alone will fill up Reliant Stadium, which is good for MLS in terms of exposure. Also, an obvious upgrade over West Ham or Everton, no offense.

  38. BrooklynFC says:

    Shark I would like to know where you live?….. Cause I was at the game and I had to wear a sweater, a coat, a hat, a scarf and gloves and I was still cold…… Tons of people didnt sit at there seats they just stayed by the concessions to keep warm…. and by the way if you do make the trip to the New Mecca of Soccer in America you will see how much passion we have and how loud the stadium gets

  39. John says:

    The Houston pitch is aweful. Its kind of embarassing that Man U is playing there instead of a RBA, Rio Tinto, Toronto, or heck maybe even at the Cowboy’s new stadium.

    (SBI-John, the Dynamo play at Robertson Stadium. The All-Star Game will be at Reliant Stadium. Slight difference.)

  40. erockchalk says:

    you thinking of robertson stadium maybe? dynamo’s home pitch. MLS allstar game will be at reliant stadium (texans)

  41. patiently waiting says:

    anyone have an idea of when tickets may go on sale?? im definently saving up for SUPREME seats!

  42. Jank says:

    Awesome news……I wrote Ives an email like 2 weeks ago, I believe, wondering exactly this. I was hoping it was maybe Bolton (obvious ties to Houston with Stu Holden) or Everton because of the american flair and greater familiarity to americans from Donovans Loan stint. But Man U is one of the biggest clubs. Reliant will be packed!!

  43. Shark says:

    Lived in Salt Lake until this past year, when I moved back to California….so I know about cold,wet, snowy and windy games….my daughter and I braved some misrable weather in our five seasons attending RSL matches….have warmed my hands over a few hot dog stands…:) So now I understand more what happened Saturday Night…and you were actually their…thank you for the explantion…it now makes sense…Oh and I’m stil and RSL fan even out here in LA…:)

  44. BrooklynFC says:

    Shark much respect for still being an RSL fan……. Bunch of people would have switched to the Galaxy……

    By the way I agree on Seattle and LA being able to fill huge stadiums……. Red Bull arena is the mecca in terms of Stadium Beauty but Seattle packs a stadium with extremely hard core fans at this moment they are mecca in terms of Soccer Experience from what I have seen on tv………

    On another note I really hope that all stadiums that are being built can expand to accomodate more seats in the future…….why the unions stadium is only going to fit 18500 is beyond me…….. All mls stadiums should seat between 25000 and 30000…… But I see the logic of a smaller stadium right now…….its better to have a smaller packed house than a bigger half full house……
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  45. bryan says:

    dude, you have a BRAND new stadium. HDC is a few years old. in a few years, if you dont have henry, and you still “sell out” the stadium, we can talk. until then, you in NY are still riding the wave of a new stadium. i PRAY that i am wrong…but the truth is, you will probably get Henry. which means we will never really know…

  46. bryan says:

    you are stupid.

  47. David says:

    United won’t be playing at BMO Field when they can easily sell out 50,000 Rogers Centre, they’re not even going to be playing TFC, more likely another European team from what I’ve heard.

  48. ceasr says:

    their were so many people walking around the hallways and eating at the consetions also out side the stadium under the stands

  49. Joe says:

    it was 35 degrees in New York, kept some people away … there wasent an empty seat in the place for an exhibition last week … but yes, half full seems to be a fair observation … idiot

  50. ga-gone says:

    I did watch the games, in person. Place was packed both nights. Go troll somewhere else.

  51. Shark says:

    Thanks man….we are loyal RSL fans….:)

    Seattle is amazing….the wife’s brothers live up their….it’s like being in a stadium in England and I’ve been in a few of those…:) Fans are very passionate and loud…RSL fans are passionate too, but much more quiet…

    Yeah I wonder about some of the stadiums too…Rio Tinto (RSL)is 22,500 wit the usual open end on oen end for concerts so room to add on if they had too….like you said for now th eright size with crowds of 16-18,000 at most places….

  52. Shark says:

    Internet tough guy…would loved to have had you in my unit when we deployed to the middle east…wonder how tough you would have been under my command…:)…God Bless you and enjoy your football at that great new stadium….very impressive indeed…:)

  53. Shark says:

    Thanks for caring….LOL….:) Enjoy your awesome new stadium…hope to visit it someday in my travels….;)

  54. John F says:

    If this works out, I’m driving all the way to Houston from Birmingham!

  55. Phil says:

    spectacular news!

  56. I know I’m late to this story and no one will see my comment, but last time Man U came to USA they just signed Tim Howard. $10 says they sign Michael Bradley this summer. Any takers?

  57. rkupp says:

    Boston Globe mentioned that there’s talk about “Euro” teams playing at Fenway Park this summer.

  58. markm says:

    there is still massive depth in the united team, so while rio, rooney, evra and others may not be featured, there’s nothing like ryan giggs, scholes, fletcher, etc. add in macheda, valencia and evans, and it will be a great spectacle. too bad seattle is not in the mix.

  59. Joe says:

    @Shark – Wow. What a comeback. Congrats on being a baby killer. God bless the souls of all of the innocent people you murdered.

  60. Torontotonto says:

    We would welcome my 2nd favorite Red team here in Toronto with open arms.

    We support our home town team (TorontoFC) through rain, sleet, or snow. It’s not always that balmy here in the great white north.

    Man U surley would have an unbeliveable time at the best soccer field (BMO), fans, and supporters group (Red Patch Boys)in North America.

    However with 21,000+ seats, I think it most likely be staged at our baseball concrete monolith (Skydome).

    The Man U support here in Ontario and Canada is huge and would surely sell out a stadium 3X the size.

    Sure hope Rooney comes… (Thanks Parkdale)