Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Gonzalo Higuain (AP) 

Real Madrid, Inter Milan and FC Twente all look to keep their grips on first place in their respective leagues today when Saturday soccer action kicks off around the world.

Real Madrid leads Barcelona on goal differential and will be looking for a home win vs. Sporting Gijon to maintain that margin, while Inter Milan faces a tough Palermo side on the road as Jose Mourinho's men look to stave off AC Milan's challenge in Serie A.

Tonight also marks the debut of Red Bull Arena, with the New York Red Bulls taking on Brazilian powerhouse Santos in a sold-out exhibition (6:30pm, FSC).

If you will be watching today's soccer action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


10:30am-ESPN Deportes- Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Bayern Munich
11am-FSC-Everton vs. Bolton
11am- Fox Soccer Plus- Stoke City vs. Tottenham
1PM- Fox Soccer Plus- Fiorentina vs. Genoa
1PM- ESPN Deportes- Deportivo La Coruna vs. Valladolid
1PM- DirecTV Channel 456- Athletic Bilbao vs. Getafe
1:30PM- FSC- Arsenal vs. West Ham
1:30PM- GolTV- Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayer Leverkusen
3PM- ESPN Deportes- Real Madrid vs. Sporting Gijon
3PM- Fox Soccer Plus- Bristol City vs. Newcastle
3:30PM- FSC- Palermo vs. Inter Milan
4PM- GolTV- Palmeiras vs. Ponte Preta
5PM- ESPN Deportes- Espanyol vs. Sevilla
5PM-Fox Soccer Plus- Sunderland vs. Birmingham (Delayed)
6:30PM-FSC- New York Red Bulls vs. Santos
7PM-Fox Soccer Plus- Wigan vs. Burnley (Delayed)
7PM-ESPN Deportes- PSV Eindhoven vs. FC Twente (Delayed)
7PM- Telemundo/mun2- Monterrey vs. Chivas de Guadalajara
7:15PM-GolTV-Santa Fe vs. Millonarios
8:30PM- FSC- Portsmouth vs. Hull City (Delayed)
9PM- ESPN Deportes- Morelia vs. Atlante
9:30PM- GolTV- Atletico Junior vs. Cartagena
11PM- Telefutura- San Luis vs. Toluca

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114 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Emanuel says:

    Looks like jozy picked up an injury. He’s not on the bench for hull

  2. John says:

    No Jozy, not even on the bench. Curses!

  3. Steed says:

    MLS and MLSPU has a conference scheduled at 1pm today. Grant Wahl (on twitter) thinks that a deal is imminent.

  4. michael wright says:

    or new coach isnt a fan of the loan striker who was brought in by old coach. either way sucks.

  5. Dylan says:

    Jozy not even in the 18 today. Wow, anyone know what the deal is? Rico Clark and Jared Jeffrey on the bench for Frankfurt and Mainz.

  6. USMNT says:

    Ricardo Clark and Steve Cherundolo remain on the bench in the Bundesliga while Jozy Altidore fails to make the squad for Hull City!

  7. Emanuel says:

    On hull forum they are saying hes injured but idk

  8. beckster says:

    Very scrappy Villa/Wolves game. Final score at doubt until the end. Fun to watch the US goalkeepers. Good for Wolves to pull out a draw.

  9. CSD says:

    Announcement imminent according to this ESPN story:

    link to

  10. Mason says:

    Been listening to Hull City pregame. Chairman says that both Jozy and Zaki are injured with scans scheduled for Monday, and made a point of saying that the new manager was particularly disappointed that Jozy was out because he “was really looking forward to working with him, in particular.” Injury must have happened within the hour, as he was announced in the starting 11 an hour ago and then was replaced with Caleb Folan.

  11. ahm says:

    thank you!! i was really pissed off but ill relax now

  12. Chris says:

    What is Holden’s status? Still out?

  13. USMNT says:

    Will Jermaine Jones return to the Schalke starting XI before Ricardo Clark is given the chance?

  14. nebraskacoog says:

    another 4-5 weeks before Holden is back

  15. einar says:

    his cast is off now

  16. Tim M. says:

    what a tragedy if that were to ever happen. If clark doesn’t get off the bench today idk what to think.

  17. jsoec says:

    Just read an AP story that MLS & player may have reached a 5year deal. Anyone head anything futther

  18. Graham says:

    Why does the English crowd all buy black coats? Do they shop at the drab and boring shop?

  19. OmarVizquel says:

    A tragedy that a young American signed with a Bundesliga team and is working his way onto the field? Strange.

  20. war says:

    everton feeling the loss of LD already. Anichebe down.

  21. OmarVizquel says:

    With Donovan gone and Jozy out, we’re back to having Dempsey as our only attacking American in the PL. It’s more exciting as a US fan to have more forwards than goalkeepers going. Dang.

  22. Limo says:

    cross your fingers…

  23. Limo says:

    agree with you on that point. watchin LD tear it up for everton was extremely exciting. my eyes were glued to the tv waiting and watching for every touch he took

  24. tz0n3 says:

    Still, that sucks. I’m wearing his jersey watching the game. Cmon boys!

  25. Sammy Gupta says:

    Any news on Jozy’s injury?

    I hope it isnt something serious…we’re just starting to get our players healthy and have been on the good side of fortune of late. Hopefully he’s back on the pitch soon!

  26. 340234958203 says:

    Saw that story too, sounds like great news, i’m surprised Ives doesn’t have it up yet

  27. 340234958203 says:

    What about the goalkeeper battle between Friedel and Hahnemann? Anyone?

  28. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    And Folan scores a goal to start the game…will that mean less playing time for the American? (Just thought I’d start the hyperbole)

  29. Mr.Mac says:

    Reports from reporter for CBC that strike has been averted for MLS and that agreement has been made with players Union. Press conference coming later today.

  30. OmarVizquel says:

    Our long national nightmare is over.

  31. Limo says:

    hahaha don’t get me wrong dude, it’s great seeing that, but not quite as exciting

  32. Adrian says:

    Yes! Now I can make hotel plans for the Fire home opener!

    Go Fire!

  33. Gerst says:

    Haha, I’ve always wondered that too

  34. Beckster says:

    Goff saying that it appears as if agreement reached…press conference at 1 pm…

  35. ahm says:

    i gotta be honest i’m not too comfortable. new manager puts everyone in a precarious spot. i still think jozy’s there best attacker

  36. Eric says:

    What a waste of time…No Rico today.

  37. nebraskacoog says:

    NO Ricardo Clark to day as a sub either. RIP USMNT chances. Oh wait… That is right, Bradley is coaching.

    Nevermind, Congrats on making the USMNT starting 11 Rico!

  38. OmarVizquel says:

    European style. What should they be wearing, Starter jackets?

  39. Aaron in StL says:

    Great news..would have been so stupid to kill the momentum of 2010 for the league with a strike or lock out. Excited for the Philly/Seattle match next week

  40. Aaron in StL says:

    Rico’s 27 though…not like he has time to spare. Get going or get out at that point. Plus, isn’t he on a short term contract as well? Needs to get in at some point.

  41. OmarVizquel says:

    WOW what a winner from Frankfurt.

  42. USMNT says:

    Jermaine Jones will start for the USMNT against England if he can play the full 90 minutes in one club match!

    Ricardo Clark seems to be on the bubble!

  43. Aaron in StL says:

    The sky still hasn’t fallen at least

  44. Aaron in StL says:

    Could see why Eintracht doesn’t need Rico…two goals at the end to win it.

  45. einar says:

    ya i thought i wasted my whole time watching the frankfurt game until those 2 goals came. excellent finish.

  46. Sammy Gupta says:

    caleb folan, who replaced injured Jozy Altidore in the lineup, has gone on and scored two goals to give Hull the 2-1 lead away from home. Just our luck…

  47. Dylan says:

    crazy finish in frankfurt. beauty of a free kick just now by mikel arteta.

  48. RedLine55 says:


  49. Alex says:


  50. USMNT says:

    Caleb Folan may have just solidified his position ahead of Jozy Altidore with two goals! Caleb Folan is far more efficient than Jozy Altidore in terms of goal scoring and cannot be denied!


  51. USMNT says:

    Hull 2-3 Portsmouth

  52. USMNT says:

    Hull and Portsmouth to be relegated!

  53. USMNT says:

    Stuart Holden should have been playing against Everton and score past Tim Howard!

  54. einar says:

    wow everton!!!!! GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!! the forx sport en espanol commentators ade that sequence exciting to watch and hear

  55. einar says:

    neville was funny there

  56. USMNT says:

    Jonathan Spector starts for West Ham at RB! Steve Cherundolo watched Hannover from the bench!

  57. einar says:

    hear the poress conference live! on MLSnet

  58. einar says:

    Cherundolo came in in the start of the 2nd half dude

  59. grubbsbl says:

    Wow, Hull are good…. Hopefully Altidore can find a new team next season after this loan expires. He may need a good World Cup.

    I didn’t understand the negative Rico talk earlier. It is not easy to join a team halfway through a season. I think he will be fine in the long run -it just hurts his starting 11 chances for the World Cup. As for the USMNT: Edu showed more composure in the second 45 against Holland than I have ever seen from Clack or Fielhaber.

  60. einar says:

    Everton 2-0 Bolton Final Why didnt Holden play and why didnt Donvovan play? lol jk

  61. USMNT says:

    Hull City will be relegated from the Championship next season!

  62. Sammy Gupta says:

    Anywhere we can listen to the call @1pm or follow live what the agreement between the union and the MLS is?

  63. tz0n3 says:

    Wow, really? Cmon man.

  64. einar says:

    anyone having trouble connecting to listen to the conference? I have XP and its not working on my windows media

  65. einar says:

    Gupta its on MLSnet

  66. fischy says:

    I’ve got music. Anyone getting more than music?

  67. Wade says:

    Anyone else hearing just elevator music? Are we just waiting for it to start or am I missing something?

  68. einar says:

    Wade how did u get yours to work? mine wont connect

  69. ez says:

    theres a concert going on in the mlsnet audio.

    side note, that RBA commercial is on every commercial break on FSC

  70. einar says:

    Andy Williams has aid that the deal is done!!!!

  71. fischy says:

    Elevator music? That’s a bit condescending. THis is top-notch orchestral music

  72. USMNT says:

    Is Toni Tchani expected to play against Santos tonight?

  73. Alex says:

    facilitator advised they will be back shortly before the music

  74. einar says:

    ok theres a delay in the audio feed Goff is reporting

  75. Wade says:


  76. einar says:

    and hears calssical music like u guys do. except for me cuz it wont connect. can anyone help?

  77. Alex says:

    its official!! New CBA- 5 YEAR deal

  78. einar says:

    might as well just follow goff on twitter

  79. 340234958203 says:

    @Hull City

    You leave out Jozy, you lose to Portsmouth. Great decision Iain Dowie

  80. J says:

    jozy’s injured and offense wasn’t the problem they scored 2 but gave up 3

  81. USMNT says:

    Jonathan Spector was partly responsible for the Aresenal goal within 5 minutes of play!

  82. USMNT says:


  83. ethan says:

    He is healthy and not projected to start but i really want to see him play

  84. ethan says:

    I wouldnt blame West Ham’s defense for that goal

  85. Pete says:

    Poor Spector–Cliche, Nasri and Arshavin running at you? No, thank you.

  86. Beckster says:

    Good test for Specs getting to play right back instead of left against a top team

  87. ez says:

    yellow for jspecs

    anyone feel like stanislas is one of the slowest “pacy” guys

  88. The Truth says:

    Ives FYI Real Madrid is ESPN. They must have decided to play for the English audience too.

  89. The Truth says:

    *is on ESPN

  90. Brian says:

    Sh*t…what kind of injury did Jozy pick up?

  91. USMNT says:

    No yellow card was issued to Jonathan Spector. Don’t know where you got that from. In fact Spector hasn’t received a card this season!

  92. Brian says:

    Surprise…surprise…Ricardo Clark didn’t play again. He’s quickly losing ground to Maurice Edu.

  93. USMNT says:

    Sebastian Lletget should see some time this season especially on this West Ham squad!

  94. EA says:

    FYI… for anyone with TV5 on their cable system (and if my backwoods Louisiana cable has it, yours probably does too), the Stade Rennais vs. Toulouse game just started. Bocanegra is in the starting lineup.

    And the Rennes GK is named Douchez.

  95. Aaron in StL says:

    The “1/!” key has to be worn out on your keyboard.

  96. RedLine55 says:

    Spector making a run up towards the box, playing some 1-2 balls.. then 2 footed tackled away by Campbell.
    Then yellow to DiAmanti

  97. DDT5583 says:

    And I can make plans to go to the RBNY Home Opener.

    Go Fire!

  98. USMNT says:

    Diamanti missed the penalty kick! Arsenal down to 10 men, which should level the competition!

  99. Rocco says:

    *Yawn*. Thanks for the continuing keeping the years-long tired Bradley hate.

  100. war says:

    So let me get this straight

    Holden is on his way back from injury

    Jozy is injured but no one knows for how long

    Half of rico’s team got sent off last match and he still doesnt start

    about right?

  101. Chris in Belfast says:

    Well, it really isn’t that far fetched an assertion to make. Their finances are in quite a state right now. They need Premier League money in order to pay their debts. If they go down, and they surely will, it could plunge them into administration and a second relegation.

  102. Beckster says:

    Specs did ok that first half. Much stronger than against Chelsea last week.

  103. ez says:

    i thought that tackle deserved one….i went to go post after the tackle

  104. Jose S. says:

    Real Madrid game on ESPN for those that would be interested

  105. yankabroad says:

    I think it was a slight hamstring strain. Dowie said that Jozy went down yesterday with the injury. He was also referring to him as “José”.

  106. wilyboy says:

    Lost ground. Edu will start in the world cup.

  107. Supsam says:

    So you also agree that Bradley did a poor job in that Altidore should have never been called up for the US squad all those time where playing time was scarce. (sarcasmmm)

  108. Dakota says:

    I agree soccernet has an article about to

  109. BCC says:

    Higuain scores goal number 20. One of the best players that no one talks about. Strange to think that Maradona might not play him this summer.

  110. Dominghosa says:

    Yeah, too bad Rico didn’t play. But dam n what a strike at the end by Martin Fenin! WOW!

  111. war says:

    at least it’s not altidoray