Szetela waived by D.C. United

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Danny Szetela's career has had its ups and downs, but it has now hit what may be its low point.

The former U.S. Olympic team member and Under-20 standout was waived by D.C. United on Tuesday, less than a year after joining the club from Italian Serie B club Brescia. Sources close to Szetela confirmed the move late Tuesday.

Szetela's pre-season with D.C. United was cut short by a torn right meniscus that kept him sidelined for six weeks, thus forcing him to miss the majority of United's pre-season and missing his chance to impress new D.C. head coach Curt Onalfo.

Szetela has recovered from the knee surgery, but must now look for a new team as MLS clubs get ready for the 2010 season. The former Columbus Crew midfielder and New Jersey native might have been considered a possibility for either Philadelphia or New York given his status as a local product for the Red Bulls and his ties to Union head coach Peter Nowak, but both teams are loaded in central midfield. The Union has Andrew Jacobson, Toni Stahl and Amobi Okugo while New York has Joel Lindpere, Tony Tchani, Carl Robinson and Seth Stammler in central midfield.

That may not stop Nowak from taking a look. Nowak tried to bring Szetela to D.C. when he was head coach there, and also coached him with the U.S. Olympic team.

A U.S. youth national team star, Szetela played for the Crew before moving to Spanish side Racing Santander. He was loaned to Brescia, where he saw playing time before a coaching change led to his eventual departure and return to MLS. He showed glimpses of his talent in limited playing time with D.C. in 2009, and suffered the torn meniscus on just the second day of D.C. United's pre-season.

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107 Responses to Szetela waived by D.C. United

  1. dinomitedan says:

    I know their are busts in every sport, but i cant understand how some of these guys go from star to zero in a couple of years, hence (adu, szetela, cooper) i mean they peak early and thats as good as its ever gonna get, or just dont try hard enough. makes me wonder, makes me wonder

  2. Rick Rickerson says:

    Wow, got this before Goff, who’s in Charleston (I believe).

    Well done

  3. west says:

    I think he will be going to philly

  4. Clem says:

    What a dushe that guy was when he played for the Crew, assume not much has changed

  5. Tim says:

    Wow this is a huge bust for DC especially considering they wouldn’t have had needed to trade their draft picks (trading Fred was a plus in my books) for the top pick in the allocation order to get Perkins.

  6. Steed says:

    So is Philly top of the waiver/claim list? Then NY?

  7. Supsam says:

    after they are waived, they can try out with any team they want i believe.

  8. afrim says:

    can you throw someone away at 22? maybe with the right coach, mindset, and system he’ll be a useful MLS player?

  9. Tim says:

    Also, before DCU must have a lot of money to play with after dropping so many expensive players. This had to add at least 80k more.

  10. kpugs says:

    How can you call such young players busts? Two of the “busts” you mentioned are playing in Europe! You are insane.

  11. Stoehrst says:

    Wow. That’s all I can really say about it. I hope he bounces back, he still has a USMNT future without a doubt in my mind.

  12. Steed says:

    I thought being waived means they go into waivers for a limited time (48 hours) during which any team can tell the league that it is interested in claiming him. At the end of the waiver period, the team closest to the top of the waiver/claim list that is interested gets him (and may have to compensate DC), and if no team is interested he goes into true free agency.

    My understanding of the waiver/claim list was that it is identical but separate from the allocation list, therefore Philly, then NY.

    NY would be better off taking a chance on Szetela over Sinisa or Sassano, but I don’t know his salary.

  13. DadRyan says:

    Goff ain’t in Charleston.

  14. MiamiAl says:

    Ives- 1 , Goff- 0

  15. DadRyan says:

    This is nuts. Not surprised at the scoop considering Ives and Danny both look like they could be on the next season of Jersey Shore….;)

    I had high hopes of Danny to make something of himself in DC. Bummers for him. Bummers for us unless he really is a total bust.

  16. curmudgeon says:

    How is their move for Szetela last year related to their move for Perkins this year?

  17. wilyboy says:

    Damn. Ever sense of the word.

  18. fischy says:

    Well — those two aren’t doing much playing lately, but they are in Europe.

  19. fischy says:

    It isn’t. Not in the slightest.

  20. Bellus Ludas says:

    Remember you always have to look at what the player brings AND what he costs. It isn’t that Szetela is a poor player so much as it is that DC thinks they can fill that role cheaper…SALARY CAP.

    DZ will show up playing somewhere…he is too talented not to. The question is for how much cash?

  21. fischy says:

    Wow. That’s a ridiculous statement. He was just waived by one of the worst teams in MLS. And, I say that, as a season-ticketholder.

  22. Tstaub says:

    I just googled “Danny Szetela” There are images that look like scenes from the Jersey Shore. I would like to add as a native of the shore, I hate every single one of those meat head, tattoo covered, Heineken drinking, tanning salon monkeys. I hope Danny doesn’t become one of them.

    That aside, Szetela is proof that young local products should be just that, local. In every damn country in the world, players that live near a club, or has their family move with them is the norm. I really wish MLS would accommodate players who want to play for the local side or at least create a good academy system.

  23. fischy says:

    You don’t know much about DCU’s roster, do you? These things are a bit opaque, to be sure — but, DCU was probably at least $600k under the cap already. They may have decided he wasn’t worth the money — he got a good deal when he came over, but they’re way under the cap. Maybe they’re anticipating signing 2 DPs…..

  24. curmudgeon says:

    Yeah, I know, it was sort-of a rhetorical question. I wanted to see how Tim would explain his statement.

  25. ELAC says:

    I wouldn’t call homeboy a bust. He could get an offer from Houston and next thing you know, he’s an all-star.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing him at Chivas,but we need defenders.

    Houston, New England, and Toronto should call him up.

  26. DClee says:


  27. Jamie Z. says:

    What’s a dushe?

  28. Nick Garcia says:

    MLS players need a new CBA to protect outstanding young talent like Danny. There’s no reason he’s not making a cool mil in MLS. If he had been given a better contract, we’d be a better league today!!!

  29. Brian says:

    Sacha is his party buddy

    link to

  30. Dragh says:

    You almost hit the nail on the head, what this player ‘brought with him’ was an ego bigger than his worth. He’s got loads of talent and untapped potential for sure, but he’s a headcase. It’s not too late for him, but he’d better wake up soon.

  31. Brian says:

    I feel like Bruce, Sigi or Dom could fix him.

  32. Dragh says:

    You are clueless.

  33. Josh says:

    I’m stunned as to DC’s strategy in this move, especially when they have the roster space to accommadate him.

  34. fischy says:

    I’m guessing that’s a sarcastic posting name to go with your sarcastic post. Not sure what point you’re trying to make. So, he was overrated. And he got cut. What’s that got to do with the players’ demands? Nothing really.

  35. fischy says:

    Onalfo said he was “100%”. I guess they realized today that his 100% isn’t very good right now. Either that, or there was some misconduct so bad, the team decided to part ways. I’m hoping there is a larger strategy, though — some plan to make use of all this roster and cap space they keep making. It’s hard to see how this team even makes the playoffs — even without injuries. G-d forbid they have some injuries. With DCU’s lack of depth, they would make last year’s NYRB team look like world-beaters.

  36. fischy says:

    Just maybe, his problems go deeper than you realize? Beyond what a soccer coach can fix?

  37. jig says:

    I dont really get why people are perplexed by this. guys, this is what happens with kids that are superstars at their own age levels, a lot of them flame out and dont realize the hopes we had for them. it just hurts a little more in a country like the US because we don’t have an endless river of similarly talented kids coming through. if anything, it’s more like a trickle.

    Danny first came to prominence at the 2003 u-17 World Championships in Finland where the US got throttled by a ridiculously talented Brazil side that went on to win the whole thing.

    How many players in that Brazil team are playing consistent, top level football these days? Try less than a handful, and the best player on that team (Evandro) is playing in Cyprus right now for a squad that was just promoted to the first division.

    Bottom line is s*** like this happens all the time, we should not be surprised. It’s a two way street, though. In 2003 Charlie Davies was a skillful but scrawny (and not all that effective) kid starting to score goals in a New England prep school league. Some rise, some fall, no sense in losing sleep over it.

  38. fischy says:

    OK, then. I’m going to brush my teeth and hit the hay….

  39. bigvic says:

    he’s in Toluca. Lets wish him safe passage.

  40. timmy_u says:

    He will be claimed off waivers, no doubt in my mind. Just interested to see who snaps him up.

  41. bigvic says:

    hilarious…on all counts

  42. patrick says:

    goff just posted, szetela was slated to earn $100,000 or so so DCU definitely has something in the plans. He also mentioned off field problems had played a part.

  43. BetaMale says:

    do be honest, I never saw the ‘superstar’ in Szetela that everyone else saw.

  44. joshstpaul says:

    off, off topic, and believe me i’d rather be talking dc united, but, i read this morning that ze roberto is considering moving to nyrb. he’s been offered a longterm position (meaning ambassadorship or coaching once playing is finished). is henry a no-go then?

  45. brant says:

    probably a missppelllingg of a word that some censorship filters would pick up: d-o-u-c-h-e

    Check out if you’re still not clear.

  46. HardHatMike says:

    Oh Danzilla. If you can’t cut it in DC, there’s always Toronto.

  47. steve-o says:

    Goff also has to deal with college basketball.

  48. JoeW says:

    1. I doubt this was a cut based on cap numbers. Depending upon how you calculate, DCU is somewhere between $660-$800k UNDER the cap with Szetela’s waiver. This wasn’t about saving money, it’s about the club concluding he’s not good enough. You can agree or disagree with that statement but it looks and smells like a decision that’s based purely on Onalfo and Co. concluding he’s just not a very good player right now.

    2. Where this has some impact for DCU is that rather than protecting Szetela in the expansion draft, they’d have protected Jacobson (and Philly likely would have taken Szetela) and with Simms being injured, Jacobson would be starting (for the time being) in central midfield. Otherwise, I see no connection to the Fred post earlier. After a couple of years of DCU trying to “get by” in goal or look for bargains and “value” the team basically said “our defense has fallen apart when our GK plays erratically. Let’s get that position nailed down solid, no matter what.” The team had tried to trade for Joe Cannon previously so the Perkins deal is there effort to not take “no” for answer and deal with compromises or half-measures.

  49. Grzegorz says:

    Oh Danny Boy,

    Perhaps Wisłoka Dębica could use you. If not, time to wise up and get to the nearest jobs fair.

  50. Sean says:

    I think what they’re saying, in regards to the Perkins deal, is that DC *had* the top allocation spot when Szetela became available, and used it on him, dropping them down the list.

    So (the reasoning goes) if they’d just stayed pat there, they could have picked up Perkins just by claiming him, instead of making the Fred + $$$ deal to switch places with Philly. Basically, claiming Szetela cost DC Fred in the long run.

    I’m surprised, but not terribly so. Sounds like Danny got some rock bottom waiting for him. Or maybe he just isn’t athletic enough to play the game he’s always played, and isn’t dedicated enough to make what changes need to be made. Ehh.

    (SBI-Wrong Sean. The allocation order changes every year in December so Szetela’s acquisition had no effect on D.C. having to deal with Philly to get Perkins.)

  51. martha says:


    You mean DCU couldnt get any trade value for this guy?

    If hes pals with Sacha are they smoking crack in their clique? Both have sucked recently.

    And imagine the players union would have wanted Dannys contract and piss poor form GARAUNTEED

  52. froboy says:

    I think he’s referring to the order in the waiver list, DC took Szetela last year, though I think the order would’ve reset anyway

  53. dinomitedan says:

    so your saying that getting booted after only 6 months in 2nd division bundleisga and riding pine in Coca-Cola Championship league not to mention the clubs before FC Dallas who were all 2nd division and for the next guy not even dressed in the greece league and not even riding pine in portugal is not a bust?? yea there both pretty young still, but they are not developing riding pine or not even getting dressed(granted one of them might be due to discipline problems) but i can say they are busts as of now. feel free to call me insane when adu/cooper come back to the MLS, (and i like the MLS).

  54. Trent says:

    So true….

  55. Matt in Detroit says:

    Szetela never really shone for me. Yeah, he was on the U-17 team but as it has been stated before, the best 17 years olds rarely turn out to be the best 25 year olds.

    Szetela been injured for 3/4’s fo his career and rode a couple good games in the Olympics into a European contract. And, as we all know, anyone that has played, trained, flown over or looked at a map of Europe is obviously a great player so naturally he no problem getting a job again in USA.

    Thing is, he does have some talent and that alone will ensure he gets another shot. I never liked his childish attitude about having to go to Columbus (lets face it, he was a child at the time) but there isn’t enough talent in the US to preclude getting another job.

    Hope he pans out. But I get the feeling he probably won’t.

  56. Mayor Michael Coleman says:

    I am curious to see how you will spin this to make it the fault of the Columbus Crew?

    (SBI-It was six years ago. Let it go.)

  57. Mike Caramba says:

    Adu was starting until he injured his hamstring a few weeks ago. He’s been on the bench ever since (three games). Not the same as “not dressing”.

  58. bryan says:

    WHAT?! i cannot believe this. How can DCU part ways with him?!?! this was his year in my opinion. i cannot believe this. he’s 22. DCU has pissed me off this off season. they better have a plan…

  59. jleppig says:

    Wow.Is he smoking in that picture?

  60. JoeW says:

    SBI beat me to it–Philly would move to the top of the allocation order when they entered the league so getting Szetela (or not getting him) wouldn’t have affected what they paid for Perkins. The only way it makes a difference is that they don’t protect Szetela in the expansion draft, they protect Jacobson and Nowak probably goes for Szetela.

  61. alexandria says:

    Yea, I second him going to Houston they just waived the canadian dude, He would be much better in the center then putting Brad Davis there, Let’s see how it goes.

  62. Rory says:

    I’d say the fact that FC Dallas became a much, much better team the minute Cooper left is a pretty telling sign.

    Seriously, people have to get over this mentality that a player in his mid 20’s still has all the time in the world to turn it around. While it is true a player could turn it around, the early to mid 20’s is when the stars should be emerging as a player, not trying to find playing time. This isn’t the NBA.

    Adu is a bust.

    Cooper is a bust.

    Szetella is a bust.

    All of these are “so far” but still you can say they are WAY behind where they should be now. Adu and Szetella made jumps they just weren’t ready for… it should be a warning to some of the younger guys coming into the MLS but it won’t be. For every Jozy we’ve produced there’s an Adu, Szetella, Eddie Johnson… etc etc etc. We can only hope that some of these guys come back and revive their careers after that disappointement, the way that Conor Casey did to become a contender for the golden boot for MLS.

  63. TimN says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to call a guy a bust when he’s waived due to injury. This guy showed lots of promise with the under 20’s, and he’s still very young. A torn meniscus is a difficult injury because it produces pain every time you cut or change direction. Give it time folks. My suspicion is he’ll be back in form and playing with somebody soon.

    (SBI-He wasn’t waived due to injury. Actually, you can’t waive injured players, which is why he wasn’t waived until he was deemed fully fit. He was waived because D.C. decided he wasn’t worth the money he was due to be paid in 2010. Someone will pick him up, though he might have to take a paycut to land a spot.)

  64. mwc says:

    Me, either. I don’t wish ill on him, but I never saw him as being worthy of so much attention.

  65. Rory says:

    Yeah, I hear he shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

  66. Rory says:

    I love Sacha’s twitter during the season, it’s like “Big game against the Red Bull’s tommorow, but I’m heading out for drinks with my NYC crew tonight!” (Although could anything top Jozy’s “I’m tweeting this as I drive” two days after Charlie’s wreck?)

    Twitter is great, isn’t it?

  67. nebraskacoog says:

    Szetela needs the magical touch of Dom Kinnear. Dynamo need mids anyway… Why not?

  68. FK Pirin says:

    Isn’t DC having financial problems and facing the possibility of having to move the team? With that in mind, maybe Onalfo said this guy isn’t worth the money we are paying. Szetela I think is a good player, but when players come back from Europe their wages are usually inflated compared to equivalent MLS talent.

    I suspect DC doesn’t want to have to be right up against the salary cap. Even if they have room, the business aspect of the game may tell them to keep the salary low during a tough financial spell.

    Plus after the meniscus problem, Onalfo may believe that Szetela won’t be at his best again until late in the season. Why spend money on an expensive bench player?

    I doubt this decision was based mostly on Szetela’s soccer ability.

  69. Pat says:

    I thought he looked like hot garbage for DC last year. Not really surprising to me.

  70. Eurosnob says:

    fischy, you just lost your credibility by characterizing DCU as one of the worst teams in MLS. DCU won more MLS cups than any other team in the league. Even last season, which was a down season for them, they barely missed playoffs. This season they replaced a nut-case Wicks with Troy Perkins (possibily the best goalkeeper in MLS). And replaced aging and underperforming veterans (Fred, Emilio) with younger players (Castillo). They may not be the best team in the MLS, but they are definitely above average. Just last week, they became the first MLS team ever to beat a Mexican team in Mexico by beating Santos Laguna, the same team that beat Pachuca 3-0 this week. If you trully believe that DCU is the worst team in MLS, I think they will surprise you this season.

  71. Spectra says:

    I agree with those that say bust. I think the real problem is some of these kids get there on talent alone and then don’t ever learn the work ethic needed to be a true star. I liken it to baseball. In baseball hundreds of players are drafted from college and high school that never see the majors. Then there are those that make it and then bow out after two or three years. I heard players say the same thing for football, that in college 15-20 hrs a week is plenty but when you hit the big game you need to put 50 hours a week.

  72. Eurosnob says:

    Does anybody know, if DCU retains Szetela’s rights after waiving him? I believe this would have been the case under the old CBA, but what is the current status before the new CBA is in place?

  73. Josh D says:

    My thoughts exactly. I was very excited to see him at DC. I know he has had his problems but the man is talented without a doubt. Thought we could fix him but obviously our new coach doesn’t have the time to deal with it.

    May be another case of a Tino where he’s addicted to something we don’t want a part of and he has to find himself before anyone can help fix it… Incredibly bummed by this..

  74. Josh D says:

    Only reason DC is moving is for a stadium and DC will never move for a stadium. MD can kiss it.

  75. fischy says:

    He is “not dressed” for the Greek Cup semifinal today.

  76. fischy says:

    We knew what he was referring to — both of us were just pointing out he was wrong.

  77. bryan says:

    i disagree actually. DC is thinking about moving only because of stadium troubles. it has nothing to do with the support from the club. i do agree his wage was probably inflated, but they have plenty of cap room. Unless they have a plan to sign someone else, i do not see the logic in this move. 22 years old and talented. I think he could have really helped out DCU.

    I, personally, was hoping to see Szetela, Pontius, Wallace, and Quaranta in the starting XI.

    I was also upset when they let Andrew Jacobson go.

  78. fischy says:

    I’d love to be surprised — but stop citing this Santos win. It was a friendly, and Laguna played only a few regulars and semi-regulars. A couple of the starters in that game aren’t even on the Primera League roster. It’s possible that DCU will be better than last year — but the fact is they missed the playoffs last year, which means they were one of the worst teams. I think they’re likely to be even worse this year, because they seem to have even less depth than they had last year — but it’s possible that Pena, Castillo and Allsopp will bolster the team enough to cover for the lack of a an attacking central midfielder and a right winger worth more than spit…and the nightmare on defense that will follow if Namoff can’t return to playing.

  79. fischy says:

    YOU have a misunderstanding about how wages are paid. If DCU doesn’t spend up to the salary cap, it doesn’t help the team. The players’ salaries are not paid by the team (except for the portion of a DP’s salary that is over the cap portion). The league pays the players’ wages, not the team. It doesn’t help DCU’s finances in any way, if the team saves the league some money by not spending up to the cap limit.

  80. fischy says:

    Waiving a player is not the same as an expired contract. Waiving a player does cut off a team’s rights.

  81. jlm says:

    It is more about the ridiculous expectations that people place on these players at such a young age. Cooper is not that good of a player and anyone who expects him to be a star has their own problems. Adu was so young that it would have been crazy to put any stock in him as the world class superstar people projected him as. People should tone it down a little bit and let players develop a little bit before they start projecting them one way or the other.

  82. Drop it says:

    drop it. you’re comparing two completely different writers. and btw, you and everyone else knows on here that “ives” is actually like the culmination of 4 or 5 writers right?

  83. Mike Caramba says:

    dinomitedan said: “…[Freddy Adu has] not even dressed in the greece (sic) league…”

    I’m saying that starting some games and sitting on the bench is not the same as “not even dressed in the greece league.” I’m not trying to get into an argument about Freddy Adu’s career–just disputing a false statement.

  84. Eurosnob says:

    Fischy, you make a fair point about their depth, but you should also keep in mind that DCU will not participate in as many competitions and won’t have as brutal of a schedule as it did last summer. Plus they still make sign up a quality player using their vacant DP slot. As for missing playoffs last year, they almost made it and would have been in the playoffs instead of the eventual MLS cup winner, if Rodney Wallace’s last minute shot bounced of the post in rather than out of the goal during the injury time in their last game. I know they did not make the playoffs, but what I am saying is the difference between the MLS cup winner making the playoffs and DCU missing them eventually came down to a single play. I presume that by right winger you refer to right midfielder as opposed to a classic winger in 4-3-3, right? I think that Santino Quaranta can capably fill in one of the two needs that you’ve identified (a right midfielder or attacking central midfielder). As for the win over Santos, while I agree with you that it was just a friendly, they still beat an in-form first place team from Mexican league in Mexico, while DCU was still in preseason. And DCU pulled all their starters with the exception of Perkins after the first half, which they won 2-0.

  85. Nick Garcia, defensive legend says:

    You don’t understand. Slow, overrated players who could never make it in any other league need a place to play and they need to eat so they need to be paid well.

    If it weren’t for MLS, I;d have to get a job.

  86. Mike Caramba says:

    You also have to consider that the pay is significantly better overseas and soccer players have limited careers (15 years if they’re lucky). While Kenny Cooper may have made the jump to Germany in hopes of developing into a better player, I think a big factor had to have been the paycheck. Not only can he make more money playing for a second division team, but if he performs well, he could do extremely well for himself. While all of the players you mentioned might enjoy more success in MLS, at the end of the day, they have to consider what is best for their off-the-field lives, as well.

  87. Stanley Villa says:

    All these ODP products are injury prone because, like, playin’ 80 matches a year as a 13 year old might not be a good idea??? This may seem like an exageration but it is not. Most play 15 league games with a razzle-dazzle travel team twice (fall program and spring program), so 30 matches there, then 3 or 4 cups in each season with said razzle-dazzle travel (minimum 3 matches at the weekend for each, 4 if championship of cup is reached), so 24 additional matches for 54, then ODP or whatever can add another 12-15 per season, say 20 for 74 matches!

    All of this needs to change but it’s the least of our worries as Dad’s luck has run out, and by selecting a roster of full of crocked players he is guaranteeing a debacle at the WC in under 90 days. Gooch, Deuce, Holden, etc. are not fit and should be excluded, but they will be there as they are Dad’s boys. 3 and out.

  88. cfig says:

    Drogba was playing for a Ligue 2 club at age 25. Definitely a bust.

    I agree that guys into their mid20s are at a very critical point in their careers where they need to be either making it or not, but to label guys in their early 20s as busts is more than a bit premature.

  89. cfig says:

    I had the same thought. Let Dom get ahold of him.

  90. Eurosnob says:

    Fischy, thanks for explaining this. I previously thought that MLS teams got some compensation from teams that claimed their former players of waivers.

  91. Jared says:


    The reason these players are a bust is that they have ussf coaches telling them how great they are. Most of these ussf coaches down at bradenton have no idea what they are doing and are just coaches through their respective networks. As long as many of these coaches are still employed by ussf we will still stuggle to creat talent. Neither Freddy or Szetla were ever as good as their hype and as good as their coaches where telling them they were. Both were doomed to fail. Thats why our best euro field player deuce never came up through the ussf system and did what he did off of hardwork. not being breast fed off the system like soo many of these soo called talents are. the next one is jack mchierney. that kid isnt good enuff to play d1 let alone mls.

  92. einar says:

    well its not fair i think with the fact that he was hurt the whole preseason so i dont think he is a bust yet. he can still play. Most of you U.S. fans r just a bunch of lemmings.

  93. Beckster says:

    Absolutely agree. It is a sad day when a 22 year old player who was recently on the U20 national team and has played in Europe gets waived, by as Fischy says, one of the weaker MLS teams. It is sad for him, sad for DCU and us fans who had high hopes that we were getting a young player with lots of potential.

  94. ACE says:

    I must agree with the generalities in this post. That shouldn’t change the fact that a player is going to make it by his/her own will more than the direction of the coaching. If a player is burned out by too much training and tournament-filled summer for several years, then maybe you can place some blame on the ‘system’ or the parents for example.

    While it may seem a shame that vaunted players do not pop up in the Premiership a year after they go over seas, the expectations have to be realistic. And that includes putting the vast majority of potential for success squarely on the players shoulders. Professional athletes in general, with few exceptions, have to have a ridiculous obsession with their craft and if not, no chance.

  95. patrick says:

    deuce is back playing, and starting so I’m not sure how he’s not fit. Gooch will be back practicing full time soon. Holden is a question mark. I’d like to know who you’d play instead of Dempsey, and gooch?

  96. inkedAG says:

    Sucks to be Danny S

  97. madmax says:

    Greece Calling?

  98. jgildea says:

    Oh, Danny Boy, The bench, the bench is call’n.

    From club to club and and down to USL…

  99. Brian says:

    It appears so.

  100. Socrates says:


  101. DC Josh says:

    I hope the DC front office knows what they are doing. Over the course of the last 15 years they have proven they do, but their decision-making the last 3 or 4 years has clouded my heart with doubt.

  102. Illmatic74 says:

    Best post on this thread you summed it up perfectly.

  103. Polish Wonder says:

    When he signed with MLS the league had a live broadcast of who won his rights, and he looked devastated not to be in New Jersey, where his family was. When you get coverage like that and don’t progress adequately, people are going to call you a “bust.” If he came in quietly, hardly anyone would have noticed the cut.

  104. John A. says:

    No that was Johnny Cash, Dan just ran into a idioy coach, he will catch on again he has the talent more than most in the MLS

  105. fischy says:

    Actually, you should have read that Ze Roberto is NOT considering such a move, despite earlier speculation last week.

  106. Stanley Villa says:

    deuce is back playing, and starting so I’m not sure how he’s not fit.


    Deuce is back trying to fool Dad that he is a-okay for the plane trip to SA. I watched the match vs Juve and went to ground far to easily, stayed down far too long, got up very slowly clutching around his knee several times, and he opted not to have surgery which means a 4–6 month rest and rehab period for his injury.

    To play in the WC, the first criteria for selection must be 100% fitness, no crocked players. Throw-in Benny the Bench and Davies (I can’t fathom that Dad will select him) and we’ve got a whole plane full of them.

  107. derrick says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up at the Galaxy, playing in the midfield till becks get’s back, plays well and people start to wonder if maybe he could actually end up being a decent mls pro.