Davies back to full training with Sochaux

Charlie Davies 1 (JulieHarperISI) 

Photo by Julie Harper/ISIphotos.com 



The news American fans have been anxiously awaiting to hear for months has arrived. Charlie Davies is back to full training for FC Sochaux.

Davies has recovered from the multiple injuries he suffered in a fatal car accident last October and resumed full contact training on Thursday, Davies confirmed to SBI on Monday. The American international also practiced on Friday and is targeting to play for the French club before season's end. 

It is unlikely that Davies will be able to partake in Sochaux's match against Montpellier on May 5, the game he originally targeted to make his return in. He is hoping, however, to complete his comeback on May 8 against Bordeaux or in the season finale vs. AJ Auxerre a week later.

Davies' return will come as a shock to many U.S. national team fans. On the same day Davies returned to full contact training, club president Alexandre Lacombe told French media he did not expect Davies to return this season.

If Davies finds playing time for Sochaux in its final two games, he will not only complete the unlikeliest of comebacks, but also boost his chances of getting called into the U.S pre-World Cup camp, which begins on May 17 in Princeton, New Jersey.

Davies has said for months that his ultimate goal is to play in this summer's World Cup. He just took a giant step towards accomplishing that. 


What do you think of this development? Think you are dreaming (you're not)? Never doubting Davies again? Do you see him making the World Cup team? Should Sochaux's president fine himself for his comments?

Share your thoughts below.

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108 Responses to Davies back to full training with Sochaux

  1. Petaluman says:

    This is a big step. I wish him all the best. It would be awesome if he was at full strength and in the WC.

  2. wilyboy says:

    This man is amazing, and this makes me tremendously happy and proud.

  3. john says:

    awesome, just awesome

  4. Richard says:

    HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE step. If he makes it through training with Sochaux well and doesn’t have any setbacks in the pre-World Cup camp at Princeton he absolutely has to be in the World Cup squad. Simply stunning comeback so far.

  5. Fus says:

    After comments from the club president last week this is great news! Keep it up CD9 hope to see you on the field very soon.

  6. Topher says:

    Simply awesome.

  7. Isaac says:

    I think we’ve all learned to never put the words “Davies” and “can’t” next to eachother frequently unless you like being wrong.

  8. K says:


  9. Wispy says:

    “…club president Alexandre Lacombe told French media he did not expect Davies to return this season.”

    Actually, Lacombe came right out and said Davies WOULD NOT play for Sochaux again this season. What was that all about, creating drama/build-up? Tell the coach (through the media) to protect his investment?

    In any event, so proud of Davies. Unbelievable stuff.

  10. Sean says:

    So f-ing sick. That’s all I can say.

  11. Tim says:

    Don’t drink and drive….

  12. cpd says:

    so did the Sochaux president know that Davies would return to full training? and if so, did he decide he wouldn’t play Charlie regardless?

  13. Fred says:

    Chiggy chiggy wha!

  14. OmarVizquel says:

    There’s a good article about Davies in the NY Times. Apparently Bradley met w/ Charlie and basically told him he NEEDED to be match fit to be called into the pre-WC camp.

    (SBI-Here is the article: link to nytimes.com)

  15. Vik says:

    Yes, Lacombe should definetely fine himself for his comments. That said, I think Davies feeds off of the doubt of others, so maybe Lacombe was doing him a favor..

  16. William the Terror says:

    or ride with someone who has been drinking. always remember that you are not immortal.

  17. Dave says:

    and always wear your seat belt.

  18. K says:

    Also, has he really beaten Onyewu back to full training? Just so awesome.

  19. Topher says:

    Really guys? This is what you have to add at this point?

  20. leftcoastmetro says:

    Wow… It’s the front page picture on the NYT home page. If this happens the media is definitely going to make it the Cinderella Story of this WC.

  21. Clayton says:

    Suh-weeeeeeeeeeeettt! Good luck CD9. I’m still saying he comes off the bench vs. England to score the winner in stoppage time. We’re rooting for you Charlie. Get back on the field, my man.

  22. Aaron in StL says:

    Lord, think about the boost this would provide the team. Even if he isn’t 100% back to his old self, the fact that he’s able to even get on the field would be a good morale boost. We really were hitting a strong point this spring with Landon’s Everton trip, strong play from Dempsey and others…but the last few weeks haven’t been so great.

    This kid is just awesome, regardless of what happens.

  23. Aaron in StL says:

    Nice, going to check that out. I don’t care what he has to do, Bradley needs to make room for Chuck. Whoever the 30th person would be, toss them for CD9.

  24. obxfly says:

    The question now is who will play first Charlie or Gooch? Go Guys!

  25. JSmiley says:

    Dwight Howard thinks he’s Superman. I’ve got news for him.

  26. OmarVizquel says:

    How much more exciting would this season have been with our having been able to watch Charlie, Gooch, and Holden on crappy streams?

    I’m kidding about the last bit….but still: When Landon was at Everton I didn’t want to miss one second of a match. Imagine if Gooch were getting minutes in Serie A? Or our #1 attacking talent run at defenses in France? As it was, the highlight of my soccer-watching week was hoping Jozy would score for Hull. It’s been a lost season in that respect.

  27. tnnelson says:

    YES!!! I knew it all along I didn’t believe that French guy for a second

  28. Fire BB says:

    welcome back, charlie! what a story.

  29. DC Josh says:

    Charlie is blessed. Never doubt Him.

  30. Toumba says:

    So, so true. Here in Greece I get all the French and Italian games I want. It would have been nice to see Charlie and Gooch all year. Oh well…WC in a few weeks…so no need for me to complain.

  31. Chris says:

    Note that Davies mentions playing FIFA as part of the recovery process of getting back into the “reality of soccer.”

  32. William the Terror says:

    yeah, but at least last weekend Jozy proved he could use his head as well as his feet.

  33. William the Terror says:

    I think we’re all happy that he’s back and I think that we all admire his recovery. But if his story can be used to prevent another injury under similar circumstances, where is the harm?

  34. Hadit says:

    enough with the NYTimes article, it was posted 3 times already!!

  35. Unless it’s to say, “Davies can’t fail”.

    I’m telling you, I’m dying to watch him muscle past Terry and slip one in the net to beat the Limeys. Is it June 12 yet?

  36. elopingcamel says:

    It is surreal. My mind just can’t wrap itself around it. Incredible.

  37. ahm says:


  38. grubbsbl says:

    This really is amazing. Even if he is only ready for the final 20 minutes he is a vast improvement.

  39. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Charlie Davies, Pride of the Yanks

  40. john.q says:

    hooray beer!

  41. jamesey says:

    Saying “Davies can’t fail” is like dividing by zero.

  42. tnnelson says:

    they could make a movie out of it even, it’s that impressive. and it would be a damn good movie

  43. Josh D says:

    This is the time to pray – he’s at the riskiest stage of getting healed. How does his body react? Does he have long term troubles? Where’s his touch, speed, etc? Is he afraid to go into tackles? Does he get complications?

    Good luckkkk!!!!

  44. agnigrin says:

    Jack bell’s NYTimes piece is a very good read although a bit dated already. Allez-y Charlie!
    I hope he makes the team. If Arena could take JOB why can’t he take CD9? Remember Herb Brooks decided to keep Jack O’Callahan on the team just prior to the 1980 Olympics despite his nasty injury and it paid dividends! Here me Bob Bradley!

  45. Cubillas says:

    This is just truly amazing. Charlie just keep moving forward. We will continue to pray for you. We just want to see you in June wearing our colors.

  46. daniel m says:

    if he gets the chance to play in the WC, imagine the amount of determination, imagine how desperately he will want to prove to everyone that he is back. man, in my opinion, it would be a huge mistake not to have chuck on the roster.

  47. FulhamPete says:

    and look both ways before making a left turn.

  48. Dominghosa says:

    Let’s go Chuck Deezy.

  49. Chef Jim 27 says:

    If Charlie steps onto the World Cup pitch, it is easily the biggest story of the opening round. Many of us, myself included, honestly thought at first he might not survive, and were certain he would have trouble walking. Now, a mere 6 months later, he has a legit shot to rejoin team USA? Un-frakkin-real.

  50. chris says:

    Godspeed Charlie, Godspeed. What are the chances of Charlie starting against England?, if he recovers with no set backs and plays in the friendlies.

  51. Mel Gibson says:

    MLS should create an exemption to allow Davies and Gomez to train and play with the LA Galaxy in order to be fit for the World Cup.

  52. Yinka Double Dare says:

    And don’t whiz on the electric fence.

    Wait, that one was busted by the Mythbusters. Never mind.

  53. ericJ says:

    Saying he is blessed takes all the credit from him. Charlie worked damn hard and the Doctors helping him were damn skilled.

  54. Stephen says:

    Woot! Great news, lets hope he can get back to 100%.

  55. Stephen says:

    I really like that idea. Would it even be allowed by the teams that own them and FIFA?

  56. Aristophanes says:

    I laughed when I read that too.

  57. Peter says:

    My guess from the comments above is that people like this. I think it is great, but he hasn’t gotten in a game yet. I am happy for what he has done, if nothing else, for his career. It is still unlikely that he will make it back in time for the world cup but, hey, I’m not gonna write him off at this point!

  58. Aristophanes says:

    Aristotle says: “What are you guys so excited about? Charlie isn’t half the striker David Villa is. If you’re so excited about a guy who’s only scored two goals this season with his club, then we’re doomed. Dooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeed!”

  59. Tonguetyed says:

    He is blessed. I am as glad as anyone that Charlie has made it this far, and props to him for working himself back to health, but he was blessed to even make it out of that car accident.

  60. Al_OC says:

    Davies twitted “OK FINE! The good news is…..”

    Does SBI have anything to do with CD9 finally twitted his good news? Hahaha…Either way, I can only say AWESOME!!!

    ESPN Magazine might just have to re-release its World Cup edition with Davies’ pic included on the cover.

  61. SBI Troll says:

    Man I was having a rough Monday until I heard the best news of the year. Thank you and good luck CD9 for coming all the way back from your injuries.

  62. kenny_b says:

    Shut up

  63. bryan says:


  64. kenny_b says:

    If he was blessed he wouldn’t have been in a car wreck in the first place.

    Credit to Charlie and his trainers work ethic. That’s where it lies.

  65. Will Smith says:

    CD9 > 6 Million Dollar Man

  66. This Guy says:

    Don’t forget to eat your veggies too!

  67. rastafari says:

    First video I’ve seen of Davies workin out

    link to youtube.com

  68. RLW2020 says:

    HAHA! YES about to say that

  69. Arkie says:

    Hey it deserves to be said. If he would’ve followed the team rules we wouldn’t be so pessimistic about our forward options. But regardless what happened happened and I’m glad he’s back to playing. And we should all remember he has at least another world cup left in him!

  70. RLW2020 says:

    i doubt a club would let a player train with another club even while released over the offseason.

    not a bad idea tho.. what if mls worked out loans for onyewu, beasley, davies, guzan and other players who aren’t getting the minutes they need.. would be cool, i am sure that others have already tried this.

  71. brad says:

    go ahead Charlie!!

  72. sandtrout says:

    Sorry to look at the dark side, but what if CD isn’t really ready to play in South Africa? Will B. Bradley feel he has to sign Davies up just to fulfill “The Story” so cherished by fans and the news media? Will he have the fortitude to resist that pressure and bring someone who can contribute on the field?

  73. Dave says:

    It’s sad to think that if he doesn’t make the WC roster he’ll feel he let everyone down, himself down, and his re-hab wasn’t a success.

    There’s so much to be proud of…not least of which is using a mistake in judgement to make yourself a better person. A lot of great things were accomplished, I just hope he can appreciate them if he doesn’t make the roster.

    I hope he does…what a tremendous story.

  74. Isaac says:


  75. SD says:

    I wonder if gooch is really still unable to play….if you looked at milan’s bench for sunday’s game, the bench was made up of players from the reserve team…given the fire that has been surrounding leonardo all season, is it a far fetched idea to think that the powers that be won’t let leonardo even consider gooch for the bench??

  76. Micah King says:

    Like I posted on Facebook yesterday. My brother from another mother will be at the World Cup suited up and ready to play.

  77. nolan says:

    Wait, that leaves you with zero…..uuhh

  78. kevin says:


  79. gabe says:

    I think we should pay off some journalists to write “Charlie Davies CAN’T score 3 goals against England in South Africa” and see what happens…

  80. Thorpinski says:

    No multiplying by zero leaves you with zero. dividing by zero can’t be done. as in Charlie can’t be denied

  81. Who is tougher? Chuck Norris or Chuck Davies?

  82. Jon says:


  83. Gary in Philly says:

    I’m naming my first-born CD9, and I don’t care if she gets teased about it.

  84. dave says:

    X/0 is impossible, 0/0 is undefined, mathematically the are not the same

  85. Brad says:

    Davies can survive his accident, Torres a kick to the groin, I’m pretty sure Donovan can survive jumping out of a plane w/o a parachute…

    Great news, I hope he gets game fit asap and gets his scoring mojo back…

  86. Rocco says:

    Charlie Davies divides by zero.

  87. Rocco says:

    I have a great idea. Let’s turn this into a religion debate. That’s worth our time.

  88. NC Jeff says:

    Don’t know which I’m more impressed by him for: Coming back to full training just over 6mos. after all those injuries, or in, apparently, not suffering any major strains/pulls/tears in coming back so quickly. Just … WOW!

  89. primoone says:

    Davies playing before the season’s end is going to make me $500 richer…Come On Dizzle!

  90. Neruda says:

    So true about the moral boost to the US squad. The English don’t have a story like this to boost their team spirit, unless you consider John Terry’s battle through sex addiction as a “win for the gipper” kind of plot line that the three lions can rally behind. We all know what Terry likes to rally behind.

  91. Neruda says:

    It would be hard for Charlie to admit it but if he can’t contribute anything to this team (USMNT) than he’ll step aside for someone who can to take his spot on the roster. He understands the team concept of this game and he wants to see his teammates succeed in this WC.

  92. Leonardo says:

    Stanky Leg in South AFrica!!!!!

  93. Eikra says:

    “Hey it deserves to be said. If he would’ve followed the team rules we wouldn’t be so pessimistic about our forward options.”

    This is a steaming pile of manure.

    By definition accidents are unintentional and unpredictable. He may not have known the driver was drunk. You weren’t there and you don’t know what happened.

    Sure, Charlie MIGHT have been better served to have followed the rules but then he could have fallen down the stairs on the way to breakfast the next morning. I dare you to tell me that you or people you know have never broken curfew or similar level regulations and gotten away with it. I also dare you to tell me you follow the speed limit everwhere you go, 24/7/365.

    Or he could have been hit by a drunk driver in the parking lot of the hotel while boarding the team bus.

    Just get off your high horse. Accidents happen, Arkie.

  94. Ing says:

    Sochaux has bent over backwards to do what they can for Charlie. Your comments about Lacombe are ignorant, mean spirited and devoid of substance. Charlie would probably criticise you for making them.

  95. RLW3030 says:

    Why would an MLS club take Onyewu and Davies on loan ( and pay their very large, by MLS standards, salaries)?

    They pay a lot of money to get players who will be able to play for maybe 4 or 5 games at most before they leave for the World Cup. If you own a business I don’t think you would run it like that.

    Contrary to popular opinion, the MLS is not an offical developmental league for the USSF.

  96. S.C. says:

    Good reference to the Miracle on Ice team and right all the way on that. It certainly did pay dividends to keep Jack on the roster (a tough decision for Herb which parallels the decision BB has to make).

  97. speekeasy says:

    now thats just funny

  98. Mike says:

    Mike Said……..

    It makes you think! you can do any thing you put your mind to!!!!!!! go USA!!!!

  99. Chicago - Scott says:

    The fact is he shouldn’t of skipped curfew… Yes we ALL have skipped out on curfew, BUT we all are not on the USA National team.

  100. war says:

    meanwhile foxsoccer.com and major newspapers in the country continue to misquote the president by saying that “Davies’ club sochaux have ruled him out for the rest of the season”. SBI, the only true source of soccer information.

  101. john says:

    does anyone think charlie can starylt against england? *fingers crossed*

  102. john says:


  103. Eric says:


  104. madmax says:

    Since Adu played 7 minutes last week-end, is Davies needed?

  105. Eikra says:

    Like I said, get off your high horse

  106. MasterBlaster says:

    Obviously not since Adu is a proven, reliable goal scorer at the World Cup level and a even better example to the youth of our nation about the importance of hard work.

    Our kids will be able to look at him and see that being spoiled,lame and lazy should not get in the way of achieving the highest of heights. Entitled slackers everywhere unite!

  107. r.benjamin says:

    Really good article by the NY Times. The first time I saw the name of the driver of the car. I was beginning to wonder how in the world of TMZ more info about that night hadnt been released.

    I agree that Chuck D has to be in the picture in some way or other this June.

  108. r.benjamin says:

    I laugh, because I’m right there with you.

    I had my finger on the order setanta button because on some weeks they might show Sochaux. Also at times scouring the FSC schedule for Hull, Everton, BW, West Ham, Fulham games each week.. then for the big 4.