D.C. United re-signs Emilio



D.C. United re-signed Brazilian forward Luciano Emilio on Wednesday, bringing back the former MLS Most Valuable Player to a team in desperate need of capable finishers in the attacking third.

"Over the past several months, we've been in constant communication with Luciano regarding his playing future and have reached an agreement that provides United a proven MLS goal-scorer at terms that take into consideration both parties' plans for the future," United general manager Dave Kasper said in a press release.

Emilio, who was previously with Brazilian side Rio Branco de Americana, is signed on for a three-month contract that includes an option for him to stay on longer.

The 31-year-old Emilio will be available upon receiving his International Transfer Certificate, and would figure to provide a boost to Curt Onalfo's attacking options. United has been shutout in three of its four matches, and has scored just two goals on the season.

What do you think of the signing? Do you think Emilio can save United's season? Do you see Emilio staying with United long-term, or just for a three-month stint until he's dealt elsewhere?

Share your thoughts below.

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36 Responses to D.C. United re-signs Emilio

  1. guwinster says:

    Last I checked, Emilio had only scored once in 10 or 12 games for Rio Branco.

  2. CACuzcatlan says:

    If Emilio is making more than 100k/year, this is a horrible deal for DCU.

  3. irishapple21 says:

    Will he make it in time for the Red Bulls victory over DC this weekend or will DC be completely helpless for the game?

  4. casadelqueso says:

    Wow. Just wow. Glad to see him back, but I hope he’s not making too much money.

  5. Erek says:

    Thank God.

  6. DCU says:


  7. RK says:

    Scared Red Bulls??? I know you are!

  8. bryan says:

    well, i cant say i am upset by this, but i would like to know how much he is getting paid.

  9. Manny F says:

    Really? Emilio? DC can’t score, but I think it should be more concerned with not letting in on average 3 goals a game.

    I can’t wait for DC at RBA.

  10. Willardo DuPont says:

    Next up… Christian Gomez. Oh wait, that was last year.

  11. Erek says:

    DC sucks right now, but as always, the Red Balls will find a way to lose to us.

  12. braden says:

    You get the impression that sometime this winter the people responsible for acquiring talent in New York suddenly started working for DC.

  13. Josh D says:

    I’m utterly embarrassed by this. First, we rightly drop an overpaid, lazy striker to now only bring him back because we replaced him with even lazier and worst strikers….

    DC = New NYRBs…

  14. Josh D says:

    No worries fellow DC fans, I heard Etcheverry is playing in a friendly for charity coming up, getting primed for his big return!

    Hope Agoos still has his cleats… We’ll need him as well!

    Ain’t nothing better than having MLS’ once best team, spend the last 8 years trying to get it back by keeping or resigning the oldies! Keep it up boys!

  15. socmin says:

    At what point does the moniker “most storied franchise in MLS” begin to be dropped? A real rebuilding season is needed. And patience needs to be there for the future- not a nostalgic hankering for days gone by.

  16. BK says:

    Desperation is a smelly, smelly perfume.

  17. agnigrin says:

    I am not so sure

  18. Eurosnob says:

    It will be dropped when another MLS franchise wins more than four MLS Cups. Other than Galaxy, I don’t see any other team being capable of achieving it any time soon. But I agree with you that DCU needs to change many things and have a long term plan.

  19. Raul Diaz Arce Loves You says:

    this is what happens when the league stops doing favors for DCU. my my how times have changed.

    DC’s defense needs work as well… i think Sanneh may be avaiable. Whats Mario Gori up to now?

  20. Chris says:

    I didn’t realize DC hired Jeff Agoos to handle player acquisitions

  21. John says:

    He should have had a little more self respect. Its like Ali Gerba going back to TFC.

  22. grubbsbl says:

    We are slowly becoming the laughing stalk of the league. Of coarse now that I have said that we will win the next 10 games (Probably not).

  23. what? says:

    I love all the Energy Drink fans coming out from their paper bags to talk sh%T. That said, the game is gonna be ugly.

  24. Mac says:

    DC re-signing Emilio reeks of desperation at this point. Of course they wouldn’t allow him to go to Philly and embarass them there; they’d rather him be subject to the same embarassment as the rest of the club. And I’m a DC fan since ’96! Kevin Payne and Dave Kasper must have really swallowed their pride to do this. Ughhh…

  25. Smith says:

    It’s always a sign of desperation when you get back with your ex-girlfriend. What does young father Santino Quaranta think of this?

  26. Smith says:

    Masrio Gori is coaching Freddy Montero on how to meet women these days.

  27. Moreno's 2nd chin says:

    will baltimore embrace Emilio as their own is the real question

  28. Second City says:

    It’s simple:

    Chicago celebrated Earth Day by wearing white kits with green numbers and green socks.

    DC United celebrated Earth Day (a week late) by recycling Luciano Emilio.

  29. Dlewis says:

    Haha, good one.

  30. Scott A says:

    mmmm I support NY to sell Red Bull energy drinks. It’s a glorious thing. They have me hypnotized to sell their product, but it’s a better product than a bottom-of-the-league product in a worse city. I’m part of the corporate machine and loving it
    Oh and FYI, I was talking just as much &*%$ when my team was horrible and it was delusional 😉

  31. DC Josh says:

    I thought the MLS international transfer window was closed????

    A 3 month deal isn’t bad. Hopefully they aren’t paying him too much. If he scores a lot of goals in the next three months, maybe they can use him as trade bait. Regardless, we need to do something, Desperate times call for desparate measures. Unlike most people on here, I don’t think this is a bad deal. I’d love to see the financial stipulations though.

  32. inkedAG says:

    HAHAHA!! Pure poetry!!

  33. inkedAG says:

    Another wonderful post!!!

  34. DCLee says:

    We can’t go anywhere but up:)

  35. plug 713 says:

    Kevin Payne and the DC United front office have lost the script. It is time to clean house and get a new start. DC United are the worst team in MLS, their personnel moves over the past three or four seasons border on the bizarre. DC have been living on past glory for most of the past ten seasons, the exception being 2004. They need a fresh start.

  36. Rory says:

    Baltimore, don’t you mean St. Louis next year?