Edu scores winner in Rangers’ 1-0 victory

Maurice Edu 4 (Getty Images)

After surprisingly dropping its midweek match, Rangers returned to its winning ways against Hamilton Academical, and it was Maurice Edu who handed the club the victory.

Edu, who started and played 90 minutes, scored the lone goal in Rangers' 1-0 win on Saturday, finishing off a nifty passing sequence with a perfect finish in the 11th minute. 

The goal came seconds after Edu hit the woodwork with a low shot from 35 yards out, and puts Rangers 13 points clear atop the Scottish Premier League's standings. It was also Edu's second game-winner of the season, having netted in Rangers' 1-0 win against Celtic in February.

If you didn't see the goal, here it is:

What do you think of the goal? Do you see Edu starting for the remainder of Rangers' season? Should Edu start next to Michael Bradley at center midfield this summer? 

Share your thoughts below.

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51 Responses to Edu scores winner in Rangers’ 1-0 victory

  1. war says:

    see ya rico

  2. jAYROD1111 says:

    I have to agree…..If Jermaine Jones is a no-go (and it looks this way)…..Then it has to be Edu….A couple of big goals in the last to months has moved him up a bit in the pecking order!

  3. Hutskizzle says:

    yup… unfortunately for rico it looks as if hes just going to be riding the pine at Entracht :(

    was in the 18 for todays game against Leverkusen but didnt get subbed in

  4. phil says:

    good for Edu = good for USA!

  5. fan of football says:

    nice run to get in that position to be able to tap it in

  6. mexicanbluefish says:

    Edu is coming into form at the perfect time, Jermaine isn´t even germane to the question.

  7. Wade says:

    Edu and Bradley should absolutely be the our CM duo. IF Edu is back in form and healthy (and it looks that way) and getting minutes (as he is starting to) I don’t see anyone besides Bradley that comes close to that level of quality. It would be a big relief to have their ability and experience holding down the middle of the pitch.

  8. japan says:

    I haven’t seen any of his games this year but is he turning into a box to box like Bradley?

  9. Paul says:

    Not a simple tap-in. Not a piece of brilliance, mind you, but as the announcer said, it showed good composure and precision. After all, we’ve seen some of our strikers miss sitters like that one, eh?

  10. Bryan V from Jersey says:

    Edu is playing great, he is earning alot of minutes in Rangers and with Jones not doing well with his recovery, Edu should be our plan B playing alongside with Bradley. I am praying that Bob doesn’t mess up the US starting 11 and I am praying that he will choose this 11 going against England:












    If I see Casey or Ching staring alongside with Altidore then we might as well pack up back to the States because we are not going to win with these two. Please Bob don’t screw up it so easy and obvious to know who should stay and who should go

  11. timothy says:

    Yeah, definitely more than a tap-in. I’m going to have to say that I’m hoping for an Edu-Bradley combination right now, especially after seeing Edu’s steady performance against the Netherlands. I’m actually surprised I’m saying this, because I was bullish on a Torres-Bradley combination before (assuming no Jones). But at what point does Mix get thrown in the mix? We haven’t been hearing much about him lately…

  12. Jose S. says:

    Works for me.

    That is my starting line-up on FIFA 2010

  13. patrick says:

    just aw on twitter charlie davies was at the bolton game watching with mr. holden.

  14. PetedeLA says:

    Although I’m a big Jermaine Jones fan, even I have had to dash my hopes of seeing him start in the center of the park for us.

    That being the case, it looks like Edu has to be the one paired up with Michael Bradley.

    To be perfectly honest, I’m not really sold on Bradley at the moment. I’ve been watching him play and I’m far from impressed. He’s lost his scoring touch, and he gets caught ball watching a bit too often for my taste.

    Although Clark’s not yet played a minute for the Eintracht, it’s not because he sucks. It’s because Frankfurt are on fire at the moment with the players they’ve got. His manager has said quite a few good things about Clark in recent interviews. I think he’s just worried about disrupting team chemistry.

    In any case, I don’t mind if it’s Junior and Edu or Junior and Clark.

    I’ve given up on having any creativity come out of the center. Looks like our main goal is to get out of the group stage, and that should be manageable.

    If I were manager I would put Dempsey in the middle (with Bradley or Edu), but that’s another issue entirely.

    Kudos Edu!

  15. grubbsbl says:

    June 12th should be Edu-Bradley. I think Rico will eventually do well in Europe, it is just hard to break into a team mid-season. Sadly, it is during a World Cup year and I think the move has cost him a starting spot. I assume Rico will be on the plane to South Africa.

  16. Nick says:

    Great finish to a great passing sequence.

  17. Aquaman says:

    That really was good flowing movement by Rangers and Edu in particular.

  18. Jerome says:

    That looks get except i would have Beasley as LM. We have to wait and see if Holden returns to form.

  19. Jerome says:

    It really does come down to Jones or Clark for the 3rd Agressive CM (first two being Edu and Bradley). on the plane.

  20. Bryan V from Jersey says:

    These are my 23 man roster that I would choose to go in to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Afica


    Howard – It’s obivious (Everton)

    Guzan – Good Backup (Aston Villa)

    Hahnemann – Starts every game (Wolverhampton)

    Spector – Starts almost everygame (West Ham United)

    Demerit – Captain for his Club (Watford)

    Oneyewu – Will be good to go when he heels (AC Milan)

    Bocanegra – He’s the Captain (Rennes)

    Cherundolo – Gets good minutes (Hannover)

    Goodson – Starts every game (IK Start)

    Simek – Gets good minutes (Sheffield Wednesday)

    Castillo – Gets good minutes (UNAL)

    Bradley – Starts every game (Borussia Mochalebach)

    Donovan – It’s obivious (Everton and Galaxy)

    Holden – Improves every game (Bolton)

    Edu – Improves every game (Rangers)

    Beasley – Gets good minutes (Rangers)

    Feilhaber – Starts every game (AGF)

    Torres – Starts every game (Pachuca)

    Clark – Needs minutes!(Eintracht Frankfurt)

    Dempsey – It’s obvious (Fulham)

    Altidore – Remember he’s only 20 (Hull City)

    Gomez – Scoring Machine in Mex (Pubela)

    Davies – When healthy no one can catch him (Sochaux)


    Bornstein – he always messes up in every game

    Pearce – Good player but we have enough CB

    Jones – His stupid injury -_-

    Bedoya – Good player but we have enough Mids

    Adu – Haven’t seen improvments

    Johnson – Haven’t seen improvements

    Cooper – He doesn’t get any minutes

    Findley – He looks confuse out there

    Casey – Are you kidding me?

    Ching – Just got injured looks slow when he plays

    Now why did Simek, Castillo, and Gomez make the team because they are always playing for their clubs and do something for their teams unlike our other defenders. Gomez is the only US player that is performing and Davies will make it if he play in May.

  21. Dale Mills says:

    I see what you did there

  22. Tony in Quakeland says:

    No naturally left-footed left back? Nope. Bornstein is in and his ability to fill in at CB in an emergency seals the deal.

    Castillo, on the other hand, is not going to make the squad.

  23. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Count me as someone who has been mystified by anyone ranking Rico over a healthy Edu. Edu’s upside is so freaking huge – I can’t believe it when people don’t see it. He is one of the best athletes on the squad and has a chance to be a very signficant player in Europe/

  24. Zach says:

    So can we move Hahnemann (sp) ahead of Guzan on the depth chart? Guzan doesn’t get minutes at Villa and MH puts in amazing performance after amazing performance (another one today at Arsenal). He needs to be Howard’s backup. I know this will sounds like blasphemy, but he’s playing so well that he’s starting to slowly but surely give Timmy a run for starting position

  25. Josh says:

    Good tactics and off-the-ball running by Edu to get into position for the goal. It looks like he certainly reads the game at the speed necessary to play in the SPL, and he took his chance with composure.

    One thing in Rico’s favor: IF he gets onto the field, Ligue 1 is far better than the SPL. That said, Edu’s playing, and his play strongly suggests that he should be starting for the Nats.

  26. yosi says:

    the pride of Fontana!!! Mo keeps rippin it up

  27. SBI Troll says:

    Take out Castillo and put in Bedoya. Also remove Simek and insert Pearce/Bornstein. Also if Davies shows he is back to form then I would consider Ching over Gomez. That will be the roster barring any changes in health.

  28. munkyman says:

    I know this is completely off topic, but I’m starting to think that Edson Buddle is going to get a call up come May.

  29. fischy says:

    It may not be german or germane, but it’s clearly Academical.

  30. fischy says:

    Love your analysis of these players:

    “Gets good minutes”….

    Good minutes, with whom? Castillo? Doesn’t get any minutes with the USMNT. Not much chance he’s on the roster. Not unless there’s a terrible virus making it’s way through the locker room.

    And, what constitutes “good” minutes. Have you seen Castillo play? Have you seen how bad his team’s defense is? Why would you want him in the USA back 4? Are you secretly a Slovenian?

    By the way, Pearce doesn’t play CB. Care to revise your roster.

  31. fischy says:

    Edu should probably start. Not sure I’d put him in over Rico — I might put him in next to Rico. Bradley’s not in great form lately.

  32. fischy says:

    Yes, we can!!

  33. fischy says:

    Are you coming off your medication? That might explain your line of thinking…

  34. japan says:

    yes please!! I’m sorry but I don’t trust Guzan. And don’t tell me to watch the Egypt game because I will tell you to watch the game at Blackburn in the CC.

  35. vairetts says:

    its got to be edu and bradley. with everyone in form (except Jones) they are our two best midfielders anyway. when edu was healthy he was ahead of clark in USMNT pecking order. bradley plays 90 min every week in the bundesliga. if edu is healthy this is an easy decision. when one of them get suspended for yellow card accumulation, clark will start.

    which winger gets in form to start with LD so dempsey can start up top? thats the question. Benny, Stuart, Beasley, or Bedoya?

  36. dbag says:

    I love edu, but seriously, how would hamilton academical compare to the mls

  37. Howard1334 says:

    that is what i was going to say. Unfair of you Ives to call that a tap in. That was a composed finish of reasonable difficulty, he would have been forgiven for only forcing the goalie into a save.

    (SBI-I didn’t write this post, and no, it wasn’t a tap in.)

  38. Howard1334 says:

    are u trying to say the MLS is better…. I really doubt that. Not when scotland pays so much more.

  39. speekeasy says:

    if ching’s healthy i wouldnt completely be against him starting up top with altidore. especially if holden’s still hurt so dempsey can start on the wing. but i gotta say Bryan V’s lineup is my favorite if we dont have CD9 at full strength

  40. speekeasy says:

    I think he plays in the German first division not France. both are better than SPL though you’re right

  41. Megan says:

    Rico will be in South Africa. So will Edu. Who starts? That depends. But no way is Bradley only bringing one true DM.

  42. SBI Troll says:

    And Rico is? He hasn’t played a match since last year.

  43. Franck says:

    No need to be harsh. He is playing better than any other MLS striker and Donovan would probably vouch for him.

  44. Scott A says:

    Edu is a very mature player

  45. r.benjamin says:

    And worth mentioning.. with his left.

  46. Joamiq says:

    Yes. Not an insignificant point.

  47. Dominghosa says:

    Do it Mo.

  48. radiohead says:

    yep I think that this starting XI should be settled, although Holden’s injury opens the door to Beasley. If if u play DMB, u gotta play him on the left and LD on the right.

  49. Hey fischy you suck! says:

    Hey fischy you suck!

  50. the same name/comment says:

    the same name/comment