Gomez scores again, nets equalizer in Puebla’s 1-1 tie vs. Morelia

Herculez Gomez 1 (Reuters)

Herculez Gomez just can't stop scoring.

The American striker scored his eight goal in 13 matches on Sunday, netting a second-half equalizer just six minutes after coming in as a substitute in Puebla's 1-1 draw vs. Morelia. The goal marked Gomez's eighth goal in his past ten matches.

Here is the goal (30 seconds into the clip):

What do you think of the finish? Starting to believe Gomez is destined to play his way onto the U.S. World Cup team? Think he at least deserves a look in May's training camp? Still not sold?

Share your thoughts below.

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110 Responses to Gomez scores again, nets equalizer in Puebla’s 1-1 tie vs. Morelia

  1. Cyrus says:

    give ’em a chance Bob

  2. Michael says:

    I definitely think he needs to get a look in May’s training camp, though its imperative he keep scoring until then…

  3. Carlos says:

    I saw the game that guy is full of confidence something our strikers lack at the international level ie (Cunningham, findley, ej, Casey) he’s a good alternative, he is a poacher whose at the right places, he almost had the game winner with a free kick 35 yards that hit the upper v post and left the goalie looking, give him a shot bob!

  4. CaliNick23 says:

    I think he needs to get called up to the next friendly. If he continues to play well with or without goals he needs to be seen with the USMNT. It’s just a look it does not enusre a world cup.

    Right now the USMNT needs sum fowards.

  5. Luis says:

    The Mexican announcers were praising his play for Puebla saying he’s a multiple threat and wondered why bob hasn’t given him a serious look

  6. Alex says:

    Why not give him a shot. We have to have a better backup option than conor casey up top. I think there is a lot to be said for a guy that is consistently in the right place at the right time.

  7. jig says:


  8. kpugs says:

    I still don’t think he’d do well at a world cup, but at this point even I want to see him get a friendly start alongside Jozy.

  9. Azilis says:

    Just curious . . . has he been a sub in most of these games? If so, why isn’t he starting?

  10. Brad says:

    bring in the hot hand, see what he can do in some friendlies…

    I hope Bob would consider bringing Gomez over Casey (supposing Ching is out) and not feel like he has to bring a large target forward…

  11. Not Ives says:

    Call him up!

  12. Dave says:

    Bring him in Bradley. Why wouldn’t you want an option that is scoring goals a regular rate. Any other players on our roster able to say that?

  13. SBI Troll says:

    I’ve been a little skeptical about the quality of defending in Mexico but after this goal you can’t argue with the results. Bob should put him on the preliminary roster and see what he’s got in the friendlies next to Jozy. We know what the MLS guys bring. Now lets see Gomez with the starters. But I still think Davies will be in South Africa on June 12th.

  14. UPthaTOON says:

    He absolutely deserves a shot.

  15. C. says:

    How long is his contract down there? Would like to see him back in MLS

  16. Kevin C says:

    I think he might have a chance at making the World Cup squad but I am not sure he is what Bradley is looking for out of a striker. There is just simply no substitute for speed in the international game. I am not high on guys like Connor Casey or Kenny Cooper when it comes to these matches. I hope they keep Donovan in the midfield but he unfortunately may be needed elsewhere.

  17. ganzo, math phd candidate says:

    in that picture up there he kind of looks like obama.

    just a little bit

  18. TheJester525 says:

    superman indeed

  19. Dr.Gonzo says:

    It defiantly wouldn’t hurt to see what he can do with our starting 11. We’ve seen the likes of Ching, Casey, Findley, and EJ, it’s time to bring him in Bob.

  20. K-Town says:

    1. Did Gomez sell his soul to the devil? LOL, no really, did he?
    2. Either Puebla’s manager is an absolute idiot for not starting Gomez or a genius for getting the most out of him by making him a hungry-for-goals, ready-to-impreess super-sub.

  21. K-Town says:

    So true, I hate how people dismiss what appears to be lucky taps in. Like when Michael Bradley was hot at Heerenveen. Being in the right place at the right time is all about instinct and skill, which lead to easy goals that look lucky. It is only luck so many times until you have to wonder if there is something more going on.

  22. Adam R. says:

    He had a similar streak in 2005. Then disappeared for five years.

    His international chances would be better if it weren’t for the glaring matter of his extreme inconsistency.

  23. Wrong says:

    The next friendly is AFTER the team has been picked.

  24. GSScasual says:

    its ridiculous that bornstien and ching are on the squad and hes not.

  25. K-Town says:

    He never disappeared. He tore his ACL after 2005, then when he returned from injury he was played out of position as a winger, not a forward. He scored all his goals with LA in 2005, and now with Puebla as a striker, the position he prefers to play.

  26. Chopper says:

    I second that. If he was doing this in pretty much any other league, people would be giving him much more respect. At least at this point most reasonable soccer fans agree that he should be given a look.

  27. CG says:

    I really don’t see how you can avoid giving him a chance with the Nats. It isn’t like we are flush with options. That he is, at the minimum, no worse than Casey, et al., is pretty obvious.

    There is also the issue of ethnic bias that would be raised if he doesn’t get a chance. If Gomez doesn’t get a good look, I think there is the real possibility that it will lead to the perception that the US is unfair to its Latinos. I think most people agree that for the Nats to flourish, we need to make better use of our Hispanic talent. Whether real or imagined, the idea that Latinos can’t get a fair shake would be potentially devastating to the future of US soccer.

  28. Sean says:

    To quote one of my favorite videogames,

    “OH MY! HE’S ON FIRE!!!”

    Considering very few of the forwards in our MNT pool are scoring week in and week out, we need to give him a look. Haven’t watched a full game of him so I don’t know how he fits in, but he is scoring goals. Gotta give him a chance.

  29. Aubie4Prez says:

    What other forward do we have that is scoring goals like that? If he was playing for the Mexican NT I’d bet he’d be called up! Call him into camp.

    Point is Jozy/Demp/Davies are our forwards. However we need to have one more for safety and the 4th doesn’t need to be a “Target” guy. He needs to be a goal scorer/poacher. That’s why I’ve always liked Cooper…he just puts the ball in the net for the NT.

    It’s not like we expect our 4th guy to come in and score 3-5 goals (BTW we do need at least one forward to do that)…but we do need someone who can come in, create shots on goal, not loose the ball and just play. Not the lethargic Casey crap. Or the Ching gets the ball against 2 defenders and holds it up to let the D get back. Or the “has any forward had a shot on goal?”

    I’d say right now that BB calls in (don’t know if there is a restriction on how many???) Casey/Ching/Cooper/EJ/Gomez/Findley/Cunningham/Buddle is hot/”anyone else that has a pulse and at least been doing ok” and has a special 2-3 day camp for just the “tryout” forwards. Then he picks the best 2-3 to join up with the team to decide for the final spots.

  30. BrianK says:

    Well,…the options are too thin not to give Gomez a chance. Ching is hurt. Casey is too slow for the WC level. Johnson is in no-man’s land. Findley to raw and inexperienced.

    Gomez is scoring goals and presumably very confident. Take him to SA Bob.

  31. vince says:

    This guy probably couldn’t stop scoring if he tried

  32. notsweet81 says:

    Get this man into camp! 8 goals in 13 games in a legit league is not a joke. We all know the Mexican league is not the EPL, but it’s not like its third division or the Vietnam league.

    Whether we need one or not (I would argue that we do), Bob is going to take another forward (bad news for Feilharber, Bedoya, etc.) and assuming Gomez keeps on this tear he is the best choice.

  33. fischy says:

    Yes and no. Bradley has said he would name the team by that time, but that’s a totally self-imposed, artificial deadline. The real deadline is June 1.

  34. fischy says:

    Why would he come back to MLS? Are they going to pay him what he’s making in Mexico?

  35. fischy says:

    Definitely defiantly!!

  36. fischy says:

    I’d rather have him than Torres. At least, Gomez is scoring.

  37. fischy says:

    It was a really nice finish, against a good goalie.

  38. TimN says:

    Jermaine Jones is not looking to pan out for June, and Charlie Davies could possibly be back, but I think would be in very questionable form. This is going to leave our up front options thin, and our midfield having to rely on known quantities like Dempsey, Bradley, Donovan, and Clark

    If we don’t get another striker option, this could mean Bob Bradley is going to have to do some shifting around for us to have potency and depth up front. However, what we don’t want is guys like Dempsey and Donovan being forced out of position up front because our only true striker option is Altidore. I’d rather get Gomez in training camp and see what he can do. He’s certainly proven that he can score in league play.

  39. PetedeLA says:

    To put things in perspective, when Davies first started playing for the National team the only thing that set him apart from some other guys was the confidence that he carried with him– because he had scored some goals.

    We definitely need more guys like that. The only question is, in which league is it tougher to score– MLS or the Mexican league?

    I’m no expert on the Mexican league but from what I see, they have a very high technical ability when it comes to passing, but people often miss very high percentage chances on goal.

    Just in this video there are chances that forwards in the top Euro leagues are just expected to make– or at least make more out of.

    There seems to be a bit of posing on the part of some of these Mexican forwards.

    Other question– the US team runs at a frenetic pace. We expect our forwards to run lots, would Hercules be willing/capable of doing it?

    I say put him in, but it may not work out?

    It’s good to have options in any case.

  40. wilyboy says:

    If he doesn’t get a chance to be lumped in with the “quality” options of Casey, Johnson, Findley, and a half injured Ching, than my mind has entered the twilight zone.

  41. JJ's shin says:

    I know i’m just repeating what everybody else is saying, but he’s definitely not any WORSE than Casey, EJ, Findley, or Ching. the difference is he’s in form and scoring goals. you have to bring him in.

  42. dbag says:

    Gomez/ Mcbride

  43. J says:

    im not the only one who thinks he looks like obama right?

  44. Lil' Zeke says:

    I love it! Sabah ties him for 2nd in the league in scoring, then Herc says No You Didn’t!

  45. USA soccerboy says:

    Gomez deserves a look, considering the striker situation. I was really hoping Ching would be on the roster as someone who at minimum would play with heart and play smart. I am actually fine with taking Connor Casey because I think his style suits a big, high-pressure game like the World Cup. When the pressure is on, we don’t need to be beautiful.

  46. Who is says:

    “There is just simply no substitute for speed in the international game.”

    Could explain what you mean?

  47. what is says:

    So are you saying BB is a racist if he doesn’t bring in Gomez?

  48. Freddie4prez says:

    Why do you think he won’t do this?

  49. sir coble says:

    on another footie site I saw a few people mentioning his resemblance to obamba. Maybe obama can mention this to bob bradley…twist his arm a bit.

  50. HectordeLACruz says:

    The Davies comparison is not a good one.

    In 2008 he was called up a couple of times and and did okay. In the beginning of 2009, he had a hot spell at Hammarby, Ching got hurt and then Casey didn’t work out so well in Ching’s spot. The US then went with Jozy playing alone up top for a few games. Red cards in the Italy and Brazil games ruined that formation. Then Davies finally got in the 4-4-2 in the Egypt game and the rest is history.

    The point is Davies had some time to get worked in.

    Also, Davies is a different type of player. His strong suit was speed,power and an over agressive attitude. From what little I’ve seen Gomez seems to be more of a goal poacher, a finesse player. Currently he is sharp and opportunistic. Davies’ skill set fits in easier with what the USMNT does best.

    I hope Gomez gets called in but he is not a direct replacement for Charlie.

  51. DingDong says:

    Umm, read the post again. I’m pretty sure that’s not what it said.

  52. jcd says:

    Scoring more than an in-form Tiger Woods. How does he not get a call up?

  53. Zak1FCK says:

    No, he said that the PERCEPTION could be that Bradley is and that could hurt the US’s chances of attracting quality dual citizen Latinos in the future.

  54. jose says:

    Its not like we’re Brazil, where Ronaldinho doesn’t make the team, and Dani Alves is a bench warmer. The USMNT has no depth at all. We need this guy.

  55. goforgol says:

    Bob Bradley has to at least call Hercules “Obama” Gomez for look see to cover his himself from criticism if USA flames out because no one could score goals in the preliminary round. So what would be the fallout if Bob does not call him and we are sent packing after 3 games with no goals and Gomez was not even seen by Bob?

  56. DC Josh says:


  57. Hush says:

    The only thing good president Obama is doing right now is scoring goals, if he keeps it up, I might vote for him in 2014!:)


    I say give the kid a chance. I rather see him than Finley,Cooper,Casey,Cunningham.

  58. bigvic says:

    why do the mexican announcers heap so much praise on Herculez when he scores? I’ve heard them too, and this makes me very suspicious. What are the Mexicans up to here?

  59. Manny F says:


  60. Manny F says:

    Torres is a midfielder. Hercules is a forward. What kind of comparison is that?

  61. Dominghosa says:

    This is getting ridiculous.

  62. bigvic says:

    definately. Casey just seems like another Altidore, a striker who primarily relies on physical size to maneuver around. Now a light forward with skilled footwork is whats needed. Does anyone fit that bill if Davies cant make the full comeback…Seems like baldy bob has several guys he just needs to try out…perhaps before he assigns the 30man team. They need to work in a friendly with Canada at the end of this month.

  63. Manny F says:

    Let me pose this question.

    Is it possible that Hercules and Jozy with Landon and Dempsey feeding him the ball be a good front 4 to only have Davies subbed in for the last 20?

    If he continues is form and has good services from Demp and Landon, why shouldn’t he be able to replicate?

  64. bigvic says:

    i heard they use hypnosis down there. Ze Bob Man may consider using such techniques for south africa.

  65. SKing says:

    You’ve been working on that one for a while haven’t you.

  66. batto says:

    Gomez has a nose for the goal and thats what we need in SA. Gomez’s only hope for SA is for his x-teamate Landon Donovan, who has pull with the national team, to encourage Bob to bring him in. Gomez needs to in SA!

  67. bigvic says:

    yeah, you do have the sense that he has that lucky streak going.

  68. JCC says:

    For all the talk about terrible goalkeeping in the Mexican league, Morelia’s keeper made some great saves in that game.

  69. JCC says:

    Sorry meant to say Puebla’s goalkeeper

  70. Ron says:

    Hey Bunker Bob, pull your head out of the sand…Gomez is hot and that’s the type of striker you need going into South Africa! Don’t give us slugs like Findley, Casey or worse of all – Eddie Johnson!

    If Ching can’t go, then our forwards should be Altidore, Davies & Gomez w/ Donovan & Dempsey in a pinch!

    However, we’re talking Bunker Bob so we’ll see Jozy as a lone striker or paired w/ slow footed Conor Casey…a USMNT nightmare!

  71. jonathan says:

    People, we’ve got to recognize that this guy is putting up goals in a league that’s better than MLS… We currently don’t have any forwards who can say the same… Nice to see someone come out of the woodwork. I say give him a start in the first friendly, let him sink or swim… especially with ching out. I’m praying this can be the needle in a haystack stroke of good luck that we need. Point blank jozy+dempsey+donovan+ a guy who can score (gomez????) = Real chance to do some damage.. (considering gooch and demerit, boca, spector/cherundulo are in the back) baby b+ edu in the middle… Dare i say, I strongly believe we’d be a dark horse. I’m a cynic too.. .everyone knows my posts… but with the nice weather here in the midwest and seeing his goals the past few wesk, I am optimistic!!

  72. Patrick Marshall says:

    If Gomez does’nt deserve a call up, then who does? Of course he deserves a call up and strong consideration for SA! If he does not deserve a call up, no one does!

  73. N-Whit says:

    This is what I think of our pool of strikers. Are they on the plane:





    Casey–Maybe (but I would hope not)


    Ching–Probably, if healthy

    Davie–Definitely, if healthy


  74. nolan says:

    Bring in Herculez and Kenny cooper!

  75. what is says:

    So how are we all supposed to determine if Bradley gives Gomez a “fair shake”?

    If Gomez isn’t picked is CG going to know exactly why he wasn’t?

    Isn’t the only way to avoid the perception of racism to give Gomez starts in the final two friendlies before June 1st?

    But what if Bradley wanted to use those starts to try Bedoya at striker? What if he wanted to use those starts to give Davies a run out if he is ready? What if Bradley feels EJ or Buddle or any of the other candidates fit better into his team concept and wants to use those games to work them out with the starters?

    In other words does CG suggest we have some kind of Equal Opportunity Panel sit in on Bob’s staff meetings to make sure racial equality and fairness is achieved in reaching this decision?

    I can cite you case after case of coaches leaving out very talented players because they didn’t fit in with the coaches plans. (See Dunga, Brazil). The 23 most talented player in the country do not necessarily make the best TEAM. Does CG want our national team to be a popularity contest and have the various ethic interest groups vote on TV al la American Idol?

    Or does he want the team to be composed of the players that the manager feels give the team the best chance to win?

    You hired Bradley to assemble and manage the team; let him do his job it or fire him and hire Simon Cowell.

  76. F. Manny says:

    Because history is full of players who were hotter than hell for their club only to turn ice cold when they got to their national team.

    Look, the USMNT is different from Puebla. The style is different,the competition is different, the pressure is different,the coaches and players are totally different.

    It’s entirely possible Herculez could slot in next to Jozy and win the Golden Boot for the World Cup. It is also possible he will flame out. Either outcome would not be a surprise (well maybe the Golden Boot would).

    The problem here is this has happened so late in the game and the USMNT may have already made other plans to deal with their striker situation. This may shock you but Bradley is keenly aware of the same things we all are. The difference is he has been making plans to actually do something about it. Whether those include a wild card like Gomez, we’ll soon find out.

    It’s interesting that before Gomez came along the hot thing was to bring campaign for Freddy Adu as a last minute instant offense guy. Now you don’t hear that anymore.

  77. Greener Grass says:

    “It’s always the same thing before every World Cup,” Dunga said. “Everybody wants to talk about those players who are not on the team. For some reason they are always better than those who are on the team. People will always complain. But I’m going to summon those I think will help Brazil the most, regardless of their names.”

  78. jamesey says:

    so a stupid coach like yallop, clavijo, or whoever was at KC can play him on the right wing and make him useless?

  79. hernandez says:

    Gomez has not played with the national team since 2007…..how does Bradley know that Gomez will not fit into his ‘system’ unless Gomez has a chance to get on the field with the team?

    If Bradley had reliable forward options I would say that Gomez’s run of goals is too little too late, but since we have a gaping hole in our forward options I don’t think you can ignore how well Gomez is playing.

  80. war says:

    I think if BB doesn’t pick him for S.A over Ching or Casey we should all wear protest scarfs. Good to see Kenny Cooper tripled his playing time. 3 to 9 min is good progress.

    Aside- Where the heck is all this buddle talk coming from? I can see it now: “Edson Buddle leads USA in win against England”. Let’s be serious people.

  81. Bryan V from Jersey says:

    LOL on Copper tripled his time to 3 to 9 he should of stayed in Germany he has the big body for that league as for Gomez he needs to be given a shot fo the USMNT if Bob doesn’t give it to him then something is wrong with him I honestly believe giving Ching, Casey, or Findley one of the spots of the 23 man roster is wasting a spot for the team. Gomez is scoring the Mexican league while Casey, Ching, and Findley can’t even score in MLS.

  82. david says:

    call him up.he may make an excellent option coming off the bench for our national team

  83. hernandez says:

    Brazil is not the USA…..

  84. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Sign him up,

    Sign him up, SIGN HIM UP!

  85. Jon from Chicago says:

    Wait, lemme get this straight. 8 goals in 13 matches. USMNT pool of strikers is down right sorry. Why is this even up for debate? Won’t fit into the system? What system? The system of launching the ball up the field to a target striker and hoping, wait better yet, praying he does something with the ball?! This guy deserves a call up and those that are trying to debate this are just arguing for the sake of arguing…

  86. Modibo says:

    Wow… I thought the same thing.

  87. Lil' Zeke says:

    Meaning…. what, we have neither names nor anyone that can help?

    Whatever we do, let’s be sure and beat up Bob before any actual fixture dates arrive, lest any of this criticism actually make sense.

  88. jay says:

    what seems to be the problem he is a usa produt who happens to play in mexico and has a heart of gold who cares where his from or ware he came from .

  89. jay says:

    yea you are correct,now why is that ?

  90. jay says:

    herculez has play as a midfielder too
    and hes good at it.

  91. jay says:

    it may look like it get it

  92. jay says:

    you got my vote.

  93. jay says:

    they are not terrible there some of the best

  94. jay says:

    now for all of you who think like me that bob needs to give herculez gomez a chance please keep the presure on him because if bob is not willing to listend to us then we need to question his sons participation on the world cup.

  95. Chuck says:

    I think your description of Davies is pretty accurate. He had an amazing confederation cup run and did some impressive things during WC qualifying. I think he should be on the WC team even if he is only playing at 75%. HOWEVER, does anyone else feel like people have gotten a bit caught up in the “davies story”? Like maybe people believe that he is more amazing or have more faith in him because he got injured and has been out. If he had stayed in with sohaux and had a season like Jozy had at Hull I wonder if everyone would still be as excited? I think he has made a remarkable recovery no question, and has had some amazing games, but I haven’t yet seen him be a consistent great player for any significant amount of time.

    P.S. I always cringe and am angered when people get on the “bb hates latinos” kick. But given the way gomez is playing, I would have a hard time not giving that argument a listen if he didn’t make the WC team at this point.

  96. Warren says:

    Alex, K-Town,

    Totally agreed, being in right spot at right time is mainly skill. Gomez has shown he knows how to play the game – and can finish.

    We can’t say that about anyone else really in the forward pool unfortunately, at least at the moment. Jozy draws fouls and pk’s but sorry, 1 goal in almost a full EPL season? Yeah he’s just 20 but right now Gomez is the only ‘striker’ ie finisher in the pool. So why not let him show what he can do in the friendlies.

  97. Warren says:

    yeah he’s showing how bad MLS coaches are if they can’t figure out a player’s best position.

  98. Warren says:


  99. Warren says:

    Yeah it’s Obama’s fault Bush tanked the world economy.

  100. Warren says:

    If Hercules looks way out of his league in the friendlies then after making 30 man cut he doesn’t make final 23, no prob.

    Giving BB benefit of doubt, then yeah he probably plans to give Hercules and Bedoya proper run-ins. With Davies still questionable some last minute adjustments are needed.

    Showing up in SA with Casey on the
    squad is like waving a flag of surrender, younger/faster/better is only way to go. With Boca, Demerit, Dempsey, Donovan, Howard, etc, the team has plenty of veteran leadership, what we still need is a surprise attacker with skill and confidence.

  101. Warren says:

    Brazilians brag they have so much depth in talent that they they could field 3 full squads with a serious shot at competing in World Cup.

    It’s the truth, not a boast.

    US talent pool doesn’t afford that abundance of riches. Hence the tweaks – like BB finally sitting deadwood last summer and giving Davies et al a chance – are of much more significance.

    If Ronaldinho stays home advertisers, networks and fans will be upset, but the selecao will still be a favorite.

    We’re just trying to avoid 3 and out for USMNT if BB can’t adjust.

  102. Chicago - Scott says:

    wow ANOTHER weak goal for Gomez… He doesn’t start because he is not good enough to start… AND if he doesn’t start for Puebla then he shouldn’t be on our National team.

    (SBI-You can’t be serious about this goal being weak. That’s a well-taken left-footed shot on the run, beating a good goalkeeper with a perfect low shot.)

  103. Kevin in Denver says:

    I’m not a Gomez guy, but with your list laying it all on the line, I agree. I’d take Gomez as the 4th striker in that pool right now. But does Bob take 4 strikers? Doubt it.

  104. CG says:

    I’m a little surprised people are still commenting on this.

    I think the obvious answer to the question “how are we all supposed to determine if Bradley gives Gomez a “fair shake”” is does he call him into camp and let let him see some minutes on the field.

    As to the commentary directed to the issue of BB being racist (or not), that is a straw man argument in the vein of Rush Limbaugh. I never said he was and didn’t even imply it. Bob could be regular attendee at Klan rallies or a card carrying memeber of the ACLU; I don’t pretend to know. My point is that the PERCEPTION that Latinos are not being given an appropriate opportunity could be given a boost if Gomez doesn’t appear to be getting an opportunity. He has been enjoying a run of good form with his club at a position at which the Nats are unquestionably weak. Players that have done the same in the MLS (eg., Findley, Cunningham) have been called in — why not Gomez?

    There are many obvious, purely soccer-related issues why this might not happen, as has been pointed out. However, given the popularity of soccer among a sizeable US minority, it really is a little surprising that more of our national team players are not Latino. The obvious analogy is organized basketball and American Blacks. When considered within the context of the relative paucity of Latino players, the perception of bias is understandable, even if not entirely accurate. I think you could (and should) better explain it by saying US Soccer has basically overlooked the Hispanic population because many of these kids play outside of the organized soccer system from which our national team ranks are stocked. Some would say this represents a more benign form of racisim, but that is only tangentially related to my point.

    BTW, the Brazil comment was just ridiculous. The situation Brazil faces, with their embarassment of riches is maybe just a little different from the US situation.

  105. Chip the Keeper says:

    Mexican league defending is comical. Gomez’s highlights frequently look like this.

  106. hernandez says:

    meaning it is absurd to compare Brazil’s situation to that of the USA

  107. Claudio Reyna says:

    “When considered within the context of the relative paucity of Latino players, the perception of bias is understandable, even if not entirely accurate. ”

    What makes you say there is a relative paucity of Latino players?

  108. HectordelaCruz says:

    Davies has achieved sainthood amongst the USMNT fans. It is almost impossible to point out that he has basically had one good year, 10 games really, to cement his legend and that may be it.

    The comparison of him and Gomez is interesting because Davies wasn’t so much about scoring goals per se ( he has 4 for the US) as he was about bringing speed and his aggressive attidue to the entire US attack. This made the team better.

    As far as I can tell all Gomez does is score goals; which of course is the whole point and of tremendous value. However, the reason goal poachers like Gomez are often distrusted by managers is that usually they are one trick ponies; if they don’t score they just take up space. And as hot as Gomez is,what are the chances he can tranlate that to a completely different, much harder, environment 2 months from now.

    A guy like Davies brings so much more to the table and he probably won’t make it.

  109. CG says:

    Torres, Bocanegra and who else? Out of a

    Given the popularity of the sport in the Hispanic population, I would expect a disproportionate number of national team players to be Latino — especially since Latinos make up our largest minority. Hence my basketball/Black Americans analogy. Maybe Latino players shouldn’t be as over-represented to the same extent as Blacks are in the NBA (with the enduring popularity of soccer in suburban America), but I think some would be expected if we were making an effort to pull these kids in.

  110. CG says:

    What that was supposed to say was “…Out of the expected 23 man roster for South Africa, only 2 Latinos? That is less than % of Hispanics in the US population.