Kansas City Wizards at Seattle Sounders: Matchday Commentary

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The Seattle Sounders play host the unbeaten Kansas City Wizards at Qwest Field today in a rare Noon local time kickoff.

The Sounders will be looking to snap a two-match winless streak against a Wizards side that is a perfect 2-0 and has yet to allow a goal this season.

I will be providing commentary on the match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


HALFTIME– I'm afraid I will have to cut my commentary short on this match. Please feel free to share your own thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Thanks for following along and enjoy the rest of the match.


HALFTIME– The Sounders have had some nice attacking sequences, but are struggling on the final play. The Wizards are doing a good job of keeping pressure in midfield and finding the wingers in space.

Hurtado has essentially shut down Wolff today and Arnaud has been invisible as well for KC. The Wizards must get them involved.


HALFTIME– Sounders 0, Wizards 0. Very even game. The Wizards have played well and aren't shying away from attacking the home team. Too many wasted corners for KC though. 


46th minute– Ryan Smith with a nice move to break down the right flank, but we are reminded he has no right foot as his cross attempt goes out weakly.


45th minute– Two minutes of stoppage time. Still 0-0. Good game, just not many great chances.


44th minute– Sounders on the attack again, a Ljungberg pass into the area was cut off, preventing a chance. Dangerous sequence from Seattle.


43rd minute– Wizards' sixth corner kick is headed clear by Zakuani.


42nd minute– Both players are back on. Riley must have been cut. He had to change his jersey, is wearing a blank jersey now (how tough is it for a pro team to have back-up jerseys available?).


41st minute– Both players walk off under their own power.

If you're following the commentary, let me know in the comments section.


39th minute– Kamara and Riley just clashed heads and both are down.


38th minute– SMith breaks into the area but Hurtado catches up and defends him well.


37th minute– Zakuani booked after a challenge on Auvray, looked like he got it for dissent after arguing the foul call.


36th minute– Another KC corner is caught by Keller. Seattle can't keep giving up corners, then again, the Wizards aren't doing anything with them.


34th minute– Wizards head a corner kick well wide.


33rd minute– Matt Besler comes in for Conrad. That's a blow for the Wizards.


32nd minute– Jimmy Conrad is limping off. That would be a big loss for the Wizards.


31st minute– A look at the replay reveals that was actually a good call.


30th minute– Zakuani whistled for offside, not sure about that one.


29th minute– Riley with a late challenge on Kamara. Earns a yellow for his trouble. Kamara is still down.


26th minute– The Ljungberg-Auvray match-up is going to be fun o watch all day.


22nd minute– KC with a ball in the area but can't get a shot on goal.


21st minute– Both teams putting together nice passes, but the final passes keeps missing the mark.


20th minute– We're in a bit of a lull now as the teams look to regroup a bit after a frantic first 15 minutes.


18th minute– Marshall is back on. Apaprently he has no cut, at least he's got no bandage on his head.


17th minute– A very lively match with both teams looking to hit on the counter quickly. Sounders just might catch KC on the counter one of these times. The Wizards aren't shy about pushing forward today.


16th minute– Marshall took a knock to the head, he looks like he's bleeding and will need stitches or a bandage. Head wrap?


14th minute– Great sequence for Seattle leads to a Montero shot saved by Jimmy Nielsen. Seattle corner.


13th minute– Kamara with a great move to spring past Gonzalez, but his cross is intercepted.


10th minute– NOONAN WIDE!!! What a chance, set up by James Riley. Needs to finish that one Mr. Noonan.


9th minute– Some wide-open soccer here. This will be a high-energy match.


7th minute– Let the Pablo Escobar jokes begin.


6th minute– Pablo Escobar is making his first start for KC. It will be interesting to see how the young Colombian defender does.

Zakuani with a shot that doesn't trouble Nielsen too much.


5th minute– Espinoza with a foul on Montero. He'll be spending plenty of time on the ground today.


3rd minute– Seattle deals with the corner well.

KC beat Seattle last year at Qwest by playing with much more energy (that's even before the Keller red card). The Wizards look just as lively today.


2nd minute– KC with some early possession, earning a corner.


1st Minute– We're underway.


PRE-GAME– Count me among the people who don't like hearing an English accent doing MLS matches. That said, the play-by-play guy calling today's match is pretty sharp.


PRE-GAME– Did I just see Jair Marrufo? Wasn't sure he was still an official after Blanco-gate last year.

If you're wondering, and if you didn't read the MLS Look Ahead, I'm picking the Sounders to win today. Not that I don't think KC is good, but I like Seattle's chances today.


PRE-GAME– Peter Vagenas gets the start today in favor of Brad Evans. Look for a 4-5-1 from the Sounders, with Alonso and Vagenas trying to match the work of KC defensive midfielders Jack Jewsbury and Stephen Auvray.


PRE-GAME– Here are the lineups:














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97 Responses to Kansas City Wizards at Seattle Sounders: Matchday Commentary

  1. unbiased says:

    Prediction: Wizards take it away 2-0.

  2. Scott A says:

    12 pm local is a bit early on a Saturday, no?

  3. DAn says:

    any good streams? ATHDE is not working.

  4. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    KC looked very dangerous at the start, but Sounders have settled down. Ljungberg and Montero both making good runs. Vagenas and others starting to look for them over the top.

  5. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Noonan just wide. Ouch. Montero has become a much better passer this year.

  6. sammysounder says:

    Montero should have one by now.

  7. Tim says:

    I am enjoying the commentary

  8. jeff says:

    following along, lets go sounders can believe noonan missed that

  9. jeff says:

    yes dont like the 12 am by the way, too early

  10. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Boys are really knockin’ noggins out there…Riley bleeding from the skull now too.

  11. sammysounder says:

    Sounders are dangerous on corners. Why play it short? I hate that!

  12. WiscFan says:

    Following along from Wisconsin. I wished that Chhetri would have made the trip though. I’m curious to see how the Indian stacks up.

  13. kawa says:

    i thought shep messing was bad but damm these Kansas commentators are amateurs , shameful they cant find a few guys who know the sport and has TV presence ??

  14. Drew says:

    Thanks for commentary Ives…Wizards look to be playing the same way they do at home…love seeing that from MLS clubs.

  15. Ian says:

    Seattle’s never lost by 2 or more goals at home… unless you count Chelsea and Barcelona :-)

  16. Ian says:

    Good job first half by… Vagenas? really? huh.

  17. madmax says:

    Sounders are worst than last year in front of goal. Noonan is a step down from Jaqua. Freddy, Freddie and Zak all want to attack from wide positions, and they continue to get nothing from corners. Management has done noting, personnel or tactics to improve. They might record another dozen goose-eggs this year.

  18. sammysounder says:

    Second half kicks off, at 0-0. Starts with some surprising long-ball as most of the game’s been better than that.

  19. sammysounder says:

    Alonso breaks up a KC attack and springs a counter with Montero. Loses out to last-defender Escobar.

  20. sammysounder says:

    Zakuani gets to the byline and almost finds Noonan on the far post but the ball clips over the crossbar for a goal-kick.

  21. sammysounder says:

    KC gets some control in Sounders third, doesn’t last long.

  22. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Enjoying the commentary. Sounders got the better chances in the run of play in the first half, but KC earned their corners. Ryan Smith scares the pants off me.

    Ives: I don’t have Direct Kick. How does Arlo compare to other MLS announcers? I think he’s brilliant.

  23. sammysounder says:

    50th Minute – Nice control form Wolff, Jewsbury and Smith ends with a great chance for Arnaud coming down the middle. Keller makes the save.

  24. sammysounder says:

    I got Direct Kick and will totally claim Arlos’ the best in MLS. I’m a bit of a home but he’s great

    52nd Minute, Montero earns a free-kick on the edge of the box. Embellished a bit, but Harrington had his shirt.

  25. sammysounder says:

    53rd minute – Ljungberg tries the near post. Misses by a few feet.

  26. sammysounder says:

    54 minute – Arnaud tries one from 30 yards, but isn’t close. Usually expect better out of him.

  27. sammysounder says:

    55th minute – KC gets some control at midfield until Auvray fouls a hustling Ljungberg SOunders ball.

  28. sammysounder says:

    56th minute – Alonso fouls at midfield, surprising up the pitch for him. Looks like Vagenas is more of the DM right now. KC kick ni their defensive half.

  29. sammysounder says:

    57th minute – Smith makes a dangerous run towards the box and fouled by Petey V. Free-kick to KC in dangerous spot right outside the area.

  30. sammysounder says:

    59th minute – Escobar hits the wall.

  31. sammysounder says:

    59th minute – nice 1-2 with Jewsbery and Wolff, but comes to nothing. Marshall out with a head wound, likely back soon.

  32. sammysounder says:

    60th minute – Tyrone steps back on, but Ianni is warmed up. Ugly play on the pitch gives throws to both teams around midfield. Vagenas called for a fould at midfield.

    Cross from Smith turns into a corner.

  33. Isaac says:

    Palmer of Houston Dynamo just drilled a beauty from a good 30 or so yards. What a beauty. 2-0 Houston vs Chivas.

  34. sammysounder says:

    61st Minute – Keller saves, tries to spring a counter to no avail

  35. sammysounder says:

    63nd Minute – Keller deals with a through-ball outside his box with his head.

  36. sammysounder says:

    65th minute – KC starting to look more dangerous as they are taking more control of the game. Ryan Smith is having a great game again, but Riley’s been up to the challenge so far.

  37. sammysounder says:

    66th minute – Big ball played over the top to Zak, who loses it out of bounds while trying to beat Harrington.

  38. sammysounder says:

    67th minute – KC throw by their offensive corner, ends with Seattle goal kick.

  39. sammysounder says:

    68th minute – Seattle appeared to have control early in the game, but KC seems to be passing the ball better now with Seattle’s offense turning into long-balls to the KC defense.

  40. sammysounder says:

    69th minute – Brad Evans warming up. Keller easily deals with a KC cross.

  41. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Game really getting bogged down for both sides. Lots of long speculative balls finding nothing. 36,000 starting to look a little flat and antsy. I’d definitely feel better as a KC fan than I do right now as a Sounders man.

  42. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    K.C. dropping a couple of low crosses right on our front porch, but no one is home.

  43. sammysounder says:

    70th minute – nice passing sequence from KC ends without a shot. Evans comes on for Noonan. Probably means Ljungberg goes up top.

  44. sammysounder says:

    71st minute – Nice passing sequence from Seattle ends with a goal being called back for offside. Ljungberg a yard off. Right call.

  45. Paul D says:

    Following along.

  46. sammysounder says:

    72nd minute – Auvrey gets a yellow for dlay of game at midfield. Sounds faithful in full voice as the team starts to regain control. Free kick Seattle by right touch line. Too far for a shot.

  47. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    73rd minute and Seattle starting to look dangerous. Near-goal called back for offside. Great pressure.

  48. sammysounder says:

    73rd minute – Marshall open on the far post, claims he’s held by the defender on the ground. Wants a PK not given. Pressure by seattle ends with Ljungberg mis-controlled.

  49. sammysounder says:

    76th minute – Marshall called for foul on Smith at midfield ends up in Keller’s arms.

  50. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    76th minutes and Sounders down to 0 men for the third time today. This time Ljungberg is getting a foot or ankle wrapped.

  51. sammysounder says:

    77th minute – game opening up. Turning more free-flowing.

  52. sammysounder says:

    77th minute – cross into the box from Leo. Evans tries a difficult volley to no avail.

  53. sammysounder says:

    78th minute – Gonzalez lets the ball roll out after challenge from Harrington. KC throw, Leo disagrees. Closeup of blond girl clearly tellin the ref to F off.

  54. euroman says:

    any word on Conrad’s injury? Is it thought to be serious?

  55. sammysounder says:

    79th minute – Sounders throw in advanced position up the right side. Try to take it quick, forced to take it back for I don’t know why. Cross for Freddie cleared by KC.

  56. sammysounder says:

    80th minute – Evans down in penalty area. KC plays on. Zakuani eventually puts it out of play.

  57. sammysounder says:

    82nd Minute – Teal Bunbury on for KC. Josh Wolff off. Turns out Evans was drilled (I think Escobar) on a cross. No malice, I think he got the wind knocked out of him.

  58. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    No, no word on Conrad. At least not via the Sounders broadcast.

    Evans back in after a very nasty spill.

  59. sammysounder says:

    83rd Minute – Evans returns to the pitch. The wind has been taken out of the game. Alonso appears to be in more of a CAM role instead of DM.

  60. sammysounder says:

    84th minute – Vagenas looks to Ljungberg on the left wing. Cut out by Harrington.

  61. sammysounder says:

    85th minute – Harrington wins a throw v. Zakuani. Fucito coming on for Zakuani. Looks like Fucito’s fought his way up the depth chart.

  62. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    85th minute, and Fucito comes in for Zak. Stevie Z did not have his most memorable outing this afternoon.

  63. sammysounder says:

    86th minute – Long ball to Montero turns into Seattle throw off Besler.

  64. sammysounder says:

    87th – Good hustle play from Fucito wins a throw off Harrington.

  65. sammysounder says:

    88th Minute – Evans looks for the through ball to Montero goes though to Nielsen.

  66. sammysounder says:

    88th minute – Call for kick on edge of area by Evans denied. Obstuction as KC tries to shield ball out of bounds. Rare call. Corner-like situation for Seattle.

  67. sammysounder says:

    90th minute – cleared by KC

  68. sammysounder says:

    90th minute – Yellow for Evans as he commits tactical foul to stop a counter attack. Kei Kamara off Chance Myers on for KC.

  69. sammysounder says:

    90th minute – 4 minutes of stoppage.

  70. sammysounder says:

    92nd minute – GOAL!!! Michael Fucito breaks his Sounders duck off a throw and becomes the HERO!

  71. Emerald_City_Jason says:


  72. Emerald_City_Jason says:


  73. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Corner KC, Ryan Smith…

  74. sammysounder says:

    93rd Minute – COUNTER – don’t celebrate too soon. KC gets through on a 1-on-1 and Keller makes a HUGE save. Corner for KC. Ljungberg off – Ianni on.

  75. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Ianni in for Ljungberg. KC corner wide.

  76. sammysounder says:

    94th minute – It was Chance Myers through on the 1-on-1 for KC. Goal kick Seattle.

  77. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Final whistle…Sounders 1, KC 0

  78. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Go have a beer, Sammy!

  79. sammysounder says:

    FINAL – 1-0 Seattle and Michael Fucito has a memory to last a lifetime. I was going to go with Michael Harrington as my MOTM if it ended 0-0 but I’m gonna vote Kasey Keller now. Arlo picks Fucito.

  80. sammysounder says:

    Will do :) Later gang!

  81. carl says:

    That throw in was so far from where the ball went out of bounds.

  82. Justin says:

    That throw in before the goal was taken way too far ahead of where it went out. Very poor from the refs there.

  83. Ian says:

    Final thoughts:

    -Sounders one touch passing was very nice, but then again, most of it was in our third of the field.
    -Ljungberg has a two match streak going as far as looking like a confused man with rocks for feet 75% of the time. The other 25%, he looks like the guy we paid for.
    -Vagenas was key as far as possession went.
    -Sounders defense was incredible as usual, except for that last chance scare.
    -I said this to myself as the first half started: this looks like the game where one of our subs, either Nyassi or Fucito, will come through as a hero. Glad to be right about that one.
    -KC’s last corner gave me flashbacks. Horrible, horrible flashbacks.

  84. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Holy cow – what a finish!

  85. jordan says:

    Man, no kidding! I was freaking out over that before the goal was even scored. However, I am a KC fan, so that might explain it.

  86. freelancer says:

    Quit Whining, we’ve ALL seen WAY worse!!!

  87. Jammer says:

    KC with the possession advantage for about 75 minutes, although no good shots, credit to very good Sounders defense and poor KC corner kicks. The last 20 minutes belonged to the Sounders, with the home crowd being an advantage, and KC appearing to complacently play for the draw. Big defensive lapse to allow Fucito behind the defense on a throw in. Losing Conrad quite likely cost them the draw. KC commentators called it a calf strain.

  88. Charles says:

    Just making up for the OBVIOUS penalty they didn’t call.

    Sooooooouuuuuunders !!!

  89. jordan says:


  90. Jerome says:

    Ryan Smith. Thats all.

  91. ant says:

    nfuko is coming in july… hope that’ll help finishing.

  92. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Blaise Fuko doesn’t count as new personnel?

  93. Sergio of SF says:

    I second that.

  94. SeattleStan says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a match where the throw ins weren’t really far away from where the ball actually went out. Sometimes the official brings them back but usually not. And yes, Kamara knew exactly what he was doing with that strategic “fall” and two-legged take of Marshall.

  95. ? says:

    that throw in that lead to the goal was 15 yards ahead of where it should have been, complete mistake by KC’s cbs but the officals also made a mess of it

  96. ? says:

    penalty if he falls before trying to get to the ball, him and Kamara were locked up, fouling each other, but at the point the guy still put a head on it you are rarely going to get that call. first half a guy came thru Arnaud to hit the ball out in the box for a corner as well, both close plays.

  97. ? says:

    make up call was that one that they called Arnaud for a foul when the ball went for a goal kick and Arnaud was fouled