Monday Kickoff: Rooney set for shock return, an MLS option for Trez and more

Wayne Rooney (Reuters)

Just when you thought Wayne Rooney was injured and Manchester United's hopes of winning the UEFA Champions League were dashed, now comes word that the England star could be set for a shocking recovery from sprained ankle ligaments.

Rooney suffered a sprained right ankle in last week's Champions League loss to Bayern Munich, and while the injury forced him to miss Manchester United's crucial Premier League loss to Chelsea on Saturday, Rooney is reportedly recovering well and could be available for the second leg against Bayern on Wednesday.

Rooney's chances of returning have been put at around 40 percent, though a final word won't be known until Tuesday.

Here are some other stories to get your Monday going:


You can add French striker David Trezeguet to the list of players linked to potential Designated Player moves to MLS this summer.

The Los Angeles Galaxy mentioned as a potential destination for Trezeguet, though the Juventus striker has plenty of other European options ahead of him this summer.

Under the new MLS rules regarding Designated Players, the Galaxy currently have two DPs in David Beckham and Landon Donovan, but can add a third DP. The club's most pressing need is at forward, where adding a striker to partner with Edson Buddle could help the Galaxy move a step closer to a return to an MLS Cup Final.


Juventus, Everton and Atletico Madrid are just some of the teams being mentioned as potential participants in a four-team summer tournament to be played at Red Bull Arena in late July/early August.

According to the Sunday Sun, those clubs, as well as English clubs Newcastle and Bolton, are all possibilities for the new tournament, which could be named the New York Football Challenge.

The New York Red Bulls are expected to take part in the tournament, along with three European clubs. Portuguese sides Sporting and Porto are also possibilities.


What do you think of the above stories? Can you believe Rooney might come back for Wednesday's match, or do you think it's a ploy? Like the idea of Trezeguet joining the Galaxy? Which teams would you like to see playing in the New York Football Challenge?

Share your thoughts below.

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59 Responses to Monday Kickoff: Rooney set for shock return, an MLS option for Trez and more

  1. Peter says:

    With Trezuguet, what are the chances MLS pays a transfer fee? That’s what I don’t get about all the Henry talk as well. Will that actually happen?

  2. Erik says:

    Surprise, surprise about Rooney… Man United are quite ordinary without him, even at 40%.

  3. William the Terror says:


    talk about setting up an outright war between Sir Alex and Capello. As a ManU fan, I hope Rooney is fit and not rushing his return. If he is being pressured to return, he will only injure himself more seriously (which would enrage Capello by putting his World Cup availability in jeopardy).

    It’s a double-edged sword for me. I want to see him back on the club level, to help with the league and the Champions League. But, his unavailability in South Africa would certainly bolster our chances.

    All things considered, don’t rush the return.

  4. I keep people mentioning this, and I have to say, “Yeah, so what? Is Barca the same team without Messi? Is LA the same without Donovan? Is Arsenal the same without Fab?

    I know people hate ManU, but I can’t figure out the, “See? They stink without their best player!! Haha”

    No Sh!t Sherlock.

  5. Sean says:

    We need some of that HGH England keeps fixing Rooney up with for Jones, Holden, Davies, and Onyewu.

  6. Aaron in StL says:

    Man…think of the freak out if he somehow further damages his ankle in a rush to make it back.

    The entire country would have to go on watch, I can’t imagine.

  7. DC Josh says:

    Typical psychotic English media. They’ll never win the World Cup with the amount of attention that is heaped on the team and its players.

  8. Steve C says:

    I can’t stop looking at that picture. It looks like Wayne Rooney’s head is photoshopped onto a 12 yr olds body.

  9. Tim says:

    Trezeguet to Galaxy, I mean, who knew? Sounds like the league wants to make sure their second biggest market has one heck of a team.

  10. Kevin says:

    I’m not a big fan of Trezeguet. I can see why a past-it, never-really-that-great-anyway striker would fancy a pension topping-up move to the MLS, but I don’t really see what’s in it for the MLS.

    He’s not a big crowd puller and he’s not a great goalscorer – or at least hasn’t been for a long time.

    I’d rather see MLS clubs be more ambitious with their DP slots and stop looking at the over-the-hill players and start trying to bring in some real, current, talent. That’s the only way the MLS will ever improve.

  11. John says:

    Trezeguet would be a free transfer. Juve is going to clean house and all the vets are getting shown the door.

  12. jonathan says:

    Economics is not your strong point… Big name players won’t come, b/c MLS can’t pay them… However, Beckham/Henry, did/will come b/c their increase in sponsorship deals more than compensate for the paltry salary that they’d get paid in MLS.

  13. Tony says:

    I think the purpose of statements like ‘See they stink without X’ is that Man U and teams like them are supposed to be massive, deep, talented clubs. And in years past that was true. If Ronaldo missed a couple, Rooney picked it up, and vice versa but this year if Rooney isn’t there they look ordinary. Its the same thing that Liverpool fans have been saying this year, they’re too big of a club to be reliant on one guy like Torres or Rooney to score 25+ goals just stay in the title chase. In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, cuz that basket my turn an ankle and kill your title hopes.

  14. Zoti says:

    As a United and US fan you can understand why I am delighted by this news.

  15. Erik says:

    When he limped off in the first round you knew he would be back for the second leg. Now, I guess he isn’t officially back yet, but it’s a typical will he or won’t he news story so Bayern can’t prepare fully for one of the two scenarios.

  16. Erik says:

    Man U is a pretty deep and talented club, but think about this over the years… If they didn’t have Cantona, Rooney, van Nistelrooy, Ronaldo, would they have won those titles?

    I am still sticking to my prediction that Man U crashes out against their old foes.

  17. Josh D says:

    Er, wasn’t he Serie A’s top scorer two years ago? He’s an excellent goal scorer, in the Ruud mold where he doesn’t have pace but understands where the goal is and how to put the ball there.

    With Beckham offering his crosses and passes and Donovan bombing in from the flank, he’ll score bundles!

    LA would easily become the top team with the players they have to build around them as well.

  18. gabe says:

    rooney is the type of guy, and man u the type of club, to let a player return too soon from injury and risk further damage. Look at the way Ronaldo was rushed back in the past, Vidic, Ferdinand, etc. This could make things much worse for England in the summer

  19. Nick says:

    it was a turned ankle, not a torn ACL or multiple car crash injuries. Rooney is just a beast and bounces back from that kind of stuff

  20. Manny F says:

    They are massive and a huge club. But its different when they are playing other massive and huge clubs. A Barca could have trouble playing without Messi and Xavi if its against a Chelsea. Or Chelsea without Lampard and Drogba is different if they played a healthy Man United.

  21. TimN says:

    I’ll bet Fabio Capello would like to see him stay off of it and let it heal properly. Trying to play in the second leg against Bayern is pushing it, and he certainly doesn’t want to pick up a worse injury trying to compensate on that ankle.

    However, because of the salaries involved and the title stakes, Rooney will kowtow to club pressure I’m sure.

  22. Beckster says:

    Great news…he might be back too early and not get back to 100% before June 12th!!!

  23. Charles says:

    Where is Seattle in all this big name DP talk ?

    Don’t tell me I am wrong when I thought they needed a striker ?

    I hope the DP focus is first and foremost on keeping some American talent home. Landon style. I was about the only one wanting him to stay, but I can’t be the only one that smiles when they tie no one this weekend with out him.

    Nice to see NY start to get some buzz around town concerning soccer. Not really liking Seattle losing to them at home, but that team should be drawing a LOT more fans than they have managed in past years.

  24. Charles says:

    By “they” I mean Everton.

  25. Matt says:

    Trezeguet, Trezeguet, ooh la la! (like the treseme commercials)

  26. Lot15C says:

    Would love to see RBNY, Juve, Porto, and Everton in that summer tournament at Red Bull Arena.

  27. Sean says:

    Lighten up a bit, it was meant as a half hearted joke. Seriously though, he recovers from injury extremely quick. A third degree ankle sprain takes a few months to fully recover from. I don’t know the full extent of his injury however.

  28. OmarVizquel says:

    I find it hilarious that they have a £30m+ back-up striker in Berbatov, when he’s worth nothing more than about £8m. They are a huge club and have spent a ton of money…they shouldn’t have to rely so much on 1 player.

  29. OmarVizquel says:

    You overestimate the British public’s expectations for the WC. I live here….I’ve yet to meet 1 person who seriously thinks England will win, even with Rooney.

  30. Spectra says:

    Beckster has the right attitude. We should all be hoping he comes back way too early and doesn’t make it to south africa.

  31. bigvic says:

    People in LA are familiar enough with him to take the galaxy back up to a 27k per game attendance team (from their current 21k). Thats all thats needed. He probably wont fit the “celebrity” bill for some places. DPs for any team dont have to be like Beckham, who not only fill the stadium but increase the prices several fold. They just have to be able to bring in 3-4k per game in fans.

  32. bigvic says:

    I wanted Donovan to stay. As for the big European teams coming over, most of their games need to be against MLS teams. It doesnt help MLS teams when European teams play only or primarily w/themselves. Also, spread the wealth around. I know the portuguese teams will be a hit in Massachussets, but the Crew & KC could be use some “sexy soccer” appeal by playing big names too. Th crew should play one in Columbus and one in Cincy or Cleveland. If FCD or Colorado are assigned international friendlies, for christ sake do not play them anywhere else beside their own stadiums…especially these two teams since their stadums are in the hinterlands. The people will still go out to see the big clubs, even though you’ll lose out on the added extra 10 or 20k that would’ve turned out in a bigger stadium. People in those cities need to get used to the idea that the hinterlands is where the soccer stadium is at. Once they make it out there, they’ll give a return on another game a thought (something they are not doing now).

  33. CSD says:

    With 54 potential DP spots for next season I think the summer rumor mill will be very busy. There are some interesting potential players in Europe in the early to mid-thirties that I think could definitely step the quality up in the league.

    I think someone should sign Marco Materazzi. The chants from opposing fans would be worth the price of admission.

  34. CSD says:

    Never thought European Clubs would have been lining up to play in a tournament over here:

    “NEWCASTLE may be given the chance to prepare for next season’s Premier League with a high-profile summer tournament in America.”

  35. Judging Amy says:

    Exactly. Wayne is a top three player in the world right now. Irreplaceable, no matter how good your team is. That all teams rely heavily on their great players seems fairly obvious.

  36. LIUNITED says:

    The European teams have been coming to New York since the 70’s (maybe earlier, I was born in the 70’s). The Cosmos used to host the Trans Atlantic Cup which brought in teams like Newcastle, Man U, Chelsea, Benfica, Roma, Bayern etc. Even after the NASL died the European teams came to New York and played unadvertised (or barely advertised) games between each other. The original format was two NASL teams and two european teams.

  37. Peter says:

    Nope, he’s got a year left on his contract. At least according to the Sky Sports piece linked to here.

    ‘The player’s agent Antonio Caliendo, however, insists there has been no movement as yet and he says any negotiations will have to wait.

    “First it’s important to take note that David has another year’s deal with Juve, so Bianconeri are those who must decide,” he told’

  38. CFC>MUFC says:

    I thought Chelsea looked good without Cole, Essien, Bosingwa, Ballack and Drogba on the bench on Saturday…and how many starters was Man U missing? 1? maybe 2?

    Hmmm. Who has the deeper squad then? Who can go into Old Trafford without several key players and with Drogba on the bench.

  39. CSD says:

    Did anyone ever call those tournaments “high-profile”?

  40. Erik says:

    Man, I totally forgot Bosingwa played in the EPL.

  41. seth davey says:

    Haha. Well said Peter.

    ps. Yes, Sherlock Holmes was a great movie. I vote for Robert Downey Jr. to win the Ballon d’ Or this year.

  42. Erik says:

    Man U has always bought that final piece to make them the Champions. None of their strikers from the current generation were home grown.

    Rooney – Everton
    Cantona – Leeds
    Berbatov – Leverkusen and Spurs
    Ronaldo – Lisbon
    Owen – cough, cough – Liverpool
    van Nistelrooy – PSV

    I see it as a huge problem in European football and why there is a potential financial crisis coming.

  43. BetaMale says:

    sweet I hope he hurts himself worse.

  44. Austin says:

    if a player wants to leave a club, then the club and that player can mutually agree to part ways w/o a transfer fee….that is probably what will happen with Henry, however with Trez i am thinking juve will want cash for him

  45. Austin says:

    i was about to make a remark like that….

    a never reall that great striker would be more like an Inzahgi or Toni who were at one point good, but only for a short while and trezeguet really showed the world what he could do for a while there

  46. Austin says:

    seattle is getting Nkufo which will mean they will drop ljungberg into mid again and keep montero at a secondary forward position…..i would like to see them pick up a CB DP b/c you could definately upgrade your vet CB from marshall, but they may get a CM or winger also

  47. Austin says:

    for a DP, you can definately do better than Marco

  48. Eric says:

    Anyone else think this is just a ploy by Ferguson?

  49. Adam says:

    My two cents, maybe three.

    Barca can still be a force with which to reckon without Messi. They can still control the midfield and have talented targets up front.

    Fab is critical to Arsenal, but they seem to have the ability to get along OK without him. Their problem is that they generally are without four other impact players in addition to him!

    Can’t speak to LA.

    United, however, seems to lose at lot more than the others when Rooney is not playing.

  50. chris says:

    No comments about the possible big teams coming to play at RBA? That list is mouth-watering 😀

  51. tnnelson says:

    im excited for that tournament. should be some good publicity for the sport in America. as thought the World Cup wasn’t enough already i guess, but it should be nice to have a couple quality teams playing on our soil for Americans to go and see first hand, not just on ESPN

  52. JCC says:

    I don’t know. I’m finding it hard to believe that Barca won’t ask for some kind of transfer fee for Henry.

  53. Seattle Soundless formerly WTF Starbucks says:


  54. bigvic says:

    Nkufo is not a DP. Nkufo’s salary is 550k, but he’s only playing half of this season ($275K). I’m sure by next year the maximum non-DP salary will be $450k and not the current $375k. The other 100$k will probably be from advertising contract for the team…in some non-DP arrangment that will probably be called the “Nkufo” rule.
    Trust me, Seattle aint using a DP slot for Nkufo.

  55. Kevin says:

    I’m not advocating big players as clearly they won’t come even if the money was there. The prestige is in Europe and great players will always be judged by what they do there.

    What I was advocating was shifting focus from once-great, but now frankly over the hill players to those guys who are bubbling under, or who can come to the MLS and give a good couple of years, or more, of good quality football.

    I’m not sure that signing these guys does anything for the development of US football. I understand the economic argument (they add to the gates, bring sponsorship etc), but I’m not sure they really improve the game and that only stunts the MLS’ development and reinforces the view from much of the rest of the world (esp here in the UK) that MLS is the elephant’s graveyard of football – those too old, or simply not good enough go there to see out what remains of their career.

  56. Austin says:

    ……dddduuuuuuhhhhh….what in the world are you talking about? i never said one word about Nkufo being a DP

    i never said anything about that, i was responding to your point about sattle needing a striker. Unless they will drop Montero along with ljungberg into midfield Seattle wont go after another striker

  57. Austin says:

    i dont know myself, i just said that is the case because in order for him to come this summer that will probably have to happen…..i doubt MLS will dish out that amount for Henry

  58. chupacabra says:

    Fergie is just going to pump him full of codeine and oxy-contin. It worked for Santino Quaranta.

  59. guy lafleur: #1 dad says:

    First of all, Trezequet is still playing?
    Good to know.

    Secondly, portuguese media are saying he might go to Corinthians were Deco will most likely be heading.

    Brazil or MLS? Is there really a choice there?
    Playing against Santos or against Kansas City?

    As for the how good is a team without their top strikers, its not even up to debate.
    Rooney is out and ManU has nothing.
    Messi sits down and they can still put out Zlatan, Bojan, Henry, Pedro.
    Its not even close.