New York Red Bulls vs. FC Dallas: Match Night Commentary

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The New York Red Bulls are back home tonight, where FC Dallas will be the latest team to visit Red Bull Arena.

The Red Bulls are coming off a disappointing 2-0 loss to Chivas USA, while FC Dallas is coming off a thrilling 2-2 tie vs. the Columbus Crew.

I will be providing commentary on the match throughout the night so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


FINAL– That's it for me. Thanks for following along and please feel free to share your thoughts on tonight's match in the comments section below.


FINAL– Red Bulls 2, FC Dallas 1. Juan Pablo Angel with two goals and the Red Bulls battle back from an early deficit to move into first place in the Eastern Conference for now. New England still plays tonight.


91st Minute– Three minutes of stoppage time. A long Dallas free kick is headed well over.

Can New York hold on?


90th Minute– GOAL RED BULLS!!!!!! And it's Angel with the penalty kick finish, blasting it to the top right corner.

Hernandez took down Ubiparipovic just inside the area. Referee Alex Prus looked like he was going to give a free kick just outside, but then pointed to the spot. Good call, but the way he made it was a bit questionable.


89th Minute– PENALTY!!. And it's Ubiparipovic taken down by Hernandez in the area.


87th Minute– Clock is ticking. This is looking like a draw now. Then again, Dallas can create chances out of nothing with their speed.


86th Minute– Kandji wastes a breakaway opportunity with a pass that's picked off. He's a terrible passer.


84th Minute– SAVE SALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (is that enough exclamation points there Munkyman?). Nice stop on a back-post header.


82nd Minute– Hernandez with a foul on Lindpere, who has definitely stepped his game up.


82nd Minute– COUNDOUL with another save. He's man of the match tonight so far.


79th Minute– Eric Alexander is coming in for Dax McCarty for Dallas. He's a pretty good rookie with a good shot. Sinisa Ubiparipovic is coming in for Dane Richards. Not exactly the attacking sub you want as a home team going for the win, but Hans Backe's options are limited. They definitely need Brian Nielsen and Luke Rodgers.


78th Minute– Save Coundoul. Does well to pounce. This game doesn't feel like it will end in a tie.


77th Minute– Dallas corner is headed to Coundoul. Clock is ticking on the Red Bulls. Danleigh Borman isn't the sub that will put this team over the top. Neither is Carl Robinson. The bench options are pretty thin for New York. Tony Tchani, Conor Chinn and Sinisa Ubiparipovic, as well as Andrew Boyens. Not a lot of firepower.


73rd Minute– Avila scored the last-second equalizer for Dallas last week. Can he work some magic this week?


72nd Minute– Tonight's attendance is 13,667. Not a great turnout, but luckily the new stadium makes it a lively atmosphere with just that many.


71st Minute– Danleigh Borman is in for Salou Ibrahim. Apparently Salou is Swahili for stiff. He didn't look good at all tonight.


70th Minute– Eric Avila is in for Heath Pearce. And no, Pearce was NOT happy about that substitution.


69th Minute– SAVE Coundoul on Cunningham, that looked offside but Coundoul dealt with it anyway. Yes, drink.


67th Minute– Stunning save and now the Red Bulls must regroup. Can they find a winner after that?


65th Minute– SAVE SALA, he STOPS ANGELS PK!!! Wow. What a save by Sala.


64th Minute– PENALTY!!! Kandji is brought down in the area by Loyd and the Red Bulls can take the lead.


63rdMinute– Maybe it's just me but it might be a bit early for time-wasting, don't you think Mr. Sala?


63rd Minute– Red Bulls OFFSIDE, and drink.


60th Minute– Harris OFF THE BAR, Ferreira's follow goes wide. Dallas is looking for that go-ahead goal, but Red Bulls look lively.

Kandji JUST wide with a shot from 10 yards out.


59th Minute– Nothing comes of the corner.


59th Minute– Red Bulls with a corner kick.


58th Minute– Carl Robinson comes in for Seth Stammler.


57th Minute– How huge is that Coundoul save? New York comes right back and scores to equalize, instead of going down 2-0. Lindpere with a beautiful dribble into the area. He needed to step up and did just that.


56th Minute- GOAL RED BULLS!!!! And it's Angel with the finish off a great run and pass by Lindpere. Quality stuff. Red Bulls 1, Dallas 1.


56th Minute– SAVE COUNDOUL!!! Stops a Ferreira chance from close range. WOW, what a save.


54th Minute– Dallas with a corner.


53rd Minute– Dane Richards isn't running by Jair Benitez. He can give that one up.

Dallas keeps finding seems, it's only a matter time before a second goal comes at this rate.


52nd Minute– FC Dallas comes close but Cunningham's header is wide. Yes, drink.


49th Minute– Offside calls for New York has been added to the drinking game. Why not have some fun?

Seriously, how many times will New York get caught?


47th Minute– Just took a walk around the concourse at halftime and it's a pretty lively crowd. Still waiting for the Red Bulls to show up. We might need a drinking game.

Dane Richards turnovers, Jeff Cunningham missed chances and good Heath Pearce crosses will be the drinking games tonight.


46th Minute– We're back. No subs.


HALFTIME– If you're following the commentary tonight, please let me know.

As for tonight's atmosphere at Red Bull Arena, it's a pretty small crowd, but one good thing about Red Bull Arena is even a small crowd can sound pretty loud. They've been trying to urge the Red Bulls on, but the overall performance has been flat.


HALFTIME– As for Dallas, if Hernandez is able to return then Dallas can pretty much keep the same squad out there. No real need to change a thing.


HALFTIME– What does New York need to do in the second half? Taking out Ibrahim would be a start. Sinisa Ubiparipovic may come in, but this might be a match for Tony Tchani to see some extended minutes.


HALFTIME– FC Dallas 1, Red Bulls 0. New York has had some chances, but Dallas has been pretty strong in the back and dangerous going forward. If not for Jeff Cunningham's shaky finishing, this one could be a blowout right now.


45th Minute– Hernandez is limping off to a chorus of boos. Have a feeling those Red Bulls fans weren't around when Hernandez was a good player and captain for the MetroStars.


43rd Minute– Hernandez and Richards are down after a clash. Hernandez has a knee injury. This could be serious. He's had multiple knee surgeries in his career.


42nd Minute– Still trying to figure out why Ibrahim was signed, a nice pass but he's slow and lumbering.


40th Minute– Salou Ibrahim has not been impressive at all tonight. He might be the one to leave this match early.


39th Minute– Dallas could put this game away with a goal. New York looks primed for the kill if they're not careful.


36th Minute– Red Bulls with far too many turnovers in midfield.


35th Minute– Red Bulls couldn't do anything with the corner and can't string together consistent possession.


33rd Minute– Red Bulls corner kick


32nd Minute– Lindpere hasn't had the best of nights. He needs to get more involved in the attack.


30th Minute– Zach Loyd looks good tonight at right back. This year's draft class around MLS is looking pretty strong.


29th Minute– Red Bulls are playing better, but still aren't testing Dario Sala.


28th Minute– Red Bulls corner kick.


25th Minute– I wonder if USA fans are getting frustrated with Schellas Hyndman's decision to play Heath Pearce in midfield. He's looked pretty fast tonight.


24th Minute– Harris with a foul on Roy Miller that earns him a card. Good call.


22nd Minute– ANGEL with a goal OFFSIDE. Gotta see the replay on that one. Looked close but he was offside.


21st Minute– Some great looks for New York, but they can't finish them. Angel missed Kandji on one look, and another cross went begging.


19th Minute– Kandji goes down but no foul called. Not sure that was a clear foul.


15th Minute– This definitely looks like the bland Red Bulls team that lost last week. Dallas looks pretty sharp early on.


13th Minute– Coundoul does well to catch the corner kick. Red Bulls crowd is trying to urge the team on. They can sense the home team is flat tonight.


11th Minute– Heath Pearce with a great cross into the area off a feed from Ferreira. Red Bulls defense with problems dealing with Dallas shifting squad. Lots of rotating of players.


10th Minute– GOAL DALLAS, Dax McCarty with the free header from close range. Dallas 1, Red Bulls 0.


8th Minute– Ream and Petke need to figure out who is going to deal with Cunningham because he's finding gaps in the defense.

I'm interested to see what Ibrahim brings to the table. He seems like a slower and bigger Mac Kandji, but you would hope he brings more to the table than that.


6th Minute– Cunningham misses another. New York is lucky, but then again if Cunningham could finish those regularly he'd be on the national team.


5th Minute– Cunningham sends a shot wide after a dangerous Dallas counter. That Dallas speed is impressive in open space.


4th Minute– Red Bullsa step quicker to start the match. Will Dallas' defense be up to the task?


2nd Minute– Kandji vs. rookie Zach Loyd will be a good one to watch as well.

Cunningham already causing some problems early, but Ream shuts him down.


1st Minute– We're underway.


PRE-GAME– Other match-ups to watch tonight will be Joel Lindpere vs. Dax McCarty, Dane Richards vs. Jair Benitez and Heath Pearce vs. Roy Miller.


PRE-GAME– Not a big crowd for tonight's match. If I had to predict an attendance total I'd go with 12,000 tonight.


PRE-GAME– It will be interesting to see how the Red Bulls defense copes with the fastest forward it has faced this season in Jeff Cunningham. Mike Petke and Tim Ream will have their hands full.

Salou Ibrahim gets the start tonight alongside Angel, with Mac Kandji being deployed on the left. Seth Stammler gets the call again in place of Carl Robinson, who is on the bench tonight for NY.


PRE-GAME– Good evening folks. We're just 20 minutes away from kickoff. Here are the starting lineups:














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  1. agnigrin says:

    What is the crowd like Ives?

  2. Dillon says:

    That is pretty terrible for attendance.

  3. John says:

    any boot leg internet streams?

  4. CrewCat says:

    sad attendance

  5. mensreajim says:

    Boo birds out early.

  6. JT says:

    12,000!! Sounds like the stadium is too far out of town. It should have been built closer to downtown. Oh wait, that’s FC Dallas with a stadium in Frisco.

  7. jose says:

    any live streams of the game

  8. Jason says:

    Ives, where else would you play him? Benitez is a LB, and Pearce is more than capable of playing LM. Seems to be working well for FCD so far, so why change it?

  9. Scott A says:

    bah team looks flat

  10. Scott A says:

    Bounda has the least sure hands of any goalkeeper I’ve ever seen

  11. mike says:

    i’m following while studying for med school test on monday. yay?

  12. Josh says:

    Following your commentary since I don’t have a tv. Thanks for doing this, Ives.

  13. Chris says:

    thanks for the commentary ives

  14. phil says:

    yup, following at work, thanks ives

  15. mensreajim says:

    Following along while alt-tabbing to my matchday live stream which looks like I found it on

  16. SCNewJersey says:

    I’m following the commentary! There’s no feeds online tonight :(

  17. Haig says:

    Following while watching on TV, Ives.

  18. Tim says:


  19. Wolfgang Depner says:

    Hi Ives,

    Love the coverage. Too bad RB is not playing well. Ream and Lindpere are messin’ up my fantasy pool

  20. Jenkins says:


  21. Igor says:

    yep, I’m here due to lack of stream

    not that I use illegal streams

  22. Haig says:

    Every time Richards ignores his overlap, drink.

  23. Cathy says:

    here in Pa following along with you

  24. Andrew H. says:

    Jeremy Hall’s and Dane Richard’s tactics down the right are atrocious. These guys have some of the lowest soccer iqs I have ever seen. How many times do you have to get burned on the counter to play more defensively. Also, they are turnover machines and horrible crossers of the ball. Other than that, they are great. Thankfully, Juan Pablo Angel finally showed up.

  25. Patrick says:


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  27. ericJ says:

    Great game in my opinion. Dallas unlucky not to be in the lead by a few.

  28. bigvic says:

    me too.I was looking for a link. I hope the lack of one here wasnt the case of ives censoring links to streams of the game.

  29. munkyman says:

    Ives, you try so hard to say you’re “objective,” but then you write things like, “GOAL DALLAS” and “GOAL RED BULLS!!!” It’s clear you’re a fan of the Red Bulls. Why is that so hard to admit?

  30. Andrew H. says:

    Mac Kandji is gangster

  31. john.q says:

    the game’s starting to get exciting. good thing… 4 of my non-soccer fan buddies are at the game.

  32. chicagofire says:

    Do you hear yourself when you type?

  33. Joe says:

    If Richards would acknowledge overlapping runs many of the defensive lapses wouldn’t occur.

  34. Scott A says:

    You guys are asking for someone without a brain to acknowledge overlapping runs

  35. Igor says:

    Bouna time!

  36. Scott A says:

    See, that’s why players resort to diving. Dane took a studs up tackle that sent him out of the game, toughed it out and continued playing, and the ref calls nothing. I guarantee that if he had fallen a yellow would have been shown. These refs don’t call anything unless somebody falls

  37. ericJ says:

    Clear penalty, but all things considered Dallas unlucky not to win.

  38. Igor says:

    I’ll take the win!

  39. Chris says:

    I’m sure the weather kept some people home. It’s unseasonably cold here in Jersey. Not that that’s an excuse for the diehard fan, but for the casual fan I guess it is.

  40. SteveS says:

    Jeremy Hall isn’t a natural defender and he makes many great overlapping runs that Richards ignores..Richards selfishness is the reason for most of the counters

  41. Chris says:

    …. I was going to say, I hope you’re being sarcastic.

    RB Arena is right in the middle of 25,000,000 people within a train ride using the biggest subway/train network in the world. Just sayin’

  42. Rekro says:

    Come on Red Bull fans, support your team, show up to the ground, their actually good this year.

  43. CrispyST3 says:

    Lol at the 84th minute hahahahaha. Nice one munkyman

  44. fc says:

    You know for 40 dollars you get HD streams for every game that doesn’t have national coverage!

  45. south says:

    How FC Dallas didn’t win this is beyond me.

    Bouna comes up huge in another game, and the referee with a game changing mistake with the second penalty call.

  46. FCD BURN says:

    Not to mention hitting the post twice :(

  47. What is with the low attendance numbers in NY?

    You guys should be drawing at least 18k on average.

  48. Supsam says:

    give it time. If the Rangers, Islanders, and Knicks continue to stink they will look for alternatives…thats if Red Bull continue to win.

  49. munkyman says:

    yes that is enough exclamation points lol. following all the games from work and just got home to learn edson buddle had 2 goals. Ives are we gonna see that call up to the USMNT?