Recommended Reading: April 16th

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The weekend will offer us a plethora of soccer action to enjoy, but if you're looking for a soccer fix, here are some stories that you may or may not have already ready, but that shall surely entertain either way.

Here is this weekend's recommended reading:

Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl delivers a stellar update on Freddy Adu's career.

The UK Independent with an in-depth look at Marcus Hahnemann.

Yanks Abroad caught up with Maurice Edu.

A few days old, but still a quality piece from the Delco Times on Philly Union playmaker Roger Torres.

The Daily Mail with a very interesting interview with Carlos Tevez.


I will look to make this a regular segment again (with a broader selection) so look out for it each Friday. For now, feel free to share your thoughts on these stories below.

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53 Responses to Recommended Reading: April 16th

  1. DC Josh says:

    Ives, you should publish a disclaimer that says ” we are not responsible for a loss of work productivity or turning in your homework late” because I can’t stay off this website.

  2. Sam says:

    Unfortunate about Freddy. Certainly puts on good performances with the youth sides, and has potential, but I have to agree with the Greek media. He needs to grow up and improve his game. Play simple, don’t always try to do something brilliant with every touch. However, he deserves more playing time, especially after a few decent outings for the club. Becoming one of the sadder stories in American Soccer, hate to say it.

  3. DC Josh says:

    And if you weren’t watching the Inter/Juve game you missed one of the best goals of the season by Maicon. Joga Bonito indeed.

  4. Marco says:

    Is Adu proof that moving to Europe isn’t always a good idea?

    If he had been a part of RSL all these years he could have been developed into a leader on the field.

  5. montana matt says:

    Thanks for the recommended reading Ives. I like this feature.

  6. Rory says:

    If Freddy really is three or four years older then it is claimed it would totally explain why he plays so well on the youth field and forgetable with the adults.

  7. montana matt says:

    hahnemann is a republican? that would explain the lame soul patch.

  8. Ken says:

    Great feature, Ives!

  9. Josh from GA says:

    +1 to Hahnemann for being Republican and also another +1 for being one out of the Seattle area…thats gotta be rare o.0

  10. KHJ says:

    Can I ‘Like’ this?

  11. CA says:

    “If he had been a part of RSL all these years he could have been developed into a leader on the field.”

    An interesting statement: one which I would agree with.

  12. Chase says:

    Thanks for the feature Ives. A def way to kill tine at my dreadfull 8 hour shifts that consist of nothing to do (no offense to anyone who actually does work for 8 hours straight)

  13. Illmatic74 says:

    I don’t think he is a good example but, the fact that almost all of our succesful players in Europe either got their start in the MLS, spent at least 3 years in college or both(Reyna, McBride, Friedel, Keller,Howard, Beasley, Dempsey,Davies, Gooch, Bradley, Altidore off the top of my head) The only guys I culd think of you went to Europe at a relatively young age that turned into solid players are Cherundolo and Spector sort of(he is solid but he hasn’t improved much since he started at Manchester)

  14. Gilby says:

    Nice read on Marcus hope to see him come full circle and play for the Sounders before he hangs them up

  15. ZacIndy says:

    Is the freddy artilce in this weeks SI? (i haven’t read mine yet, so I like to save it for later)

  16. fischy says:

    Did you read the article?

    Adu is proof that turning pro at 15 isn’t always a good idea. Adu missed important years of basic tactical development because he was trying to compete with professionals. Staying in MLS wouldn’t have made it much better. What he’s really proof of is that he made a bad decision to go to MLS, when he could’ve gone to a decent European Academy and gotten real instruction.

  17. OmarVizquel says:

    Hmm, not sure I’d award him any points myself. But I did read that with interest….I wonder what the blue/red make-up of the US team is…

  18. CeyHey10 says:

    Fantastic feature, Ives — all five were well-written and highly readable. In fact, I’d hesitate to open this up to too many articles — I’d keep being discerning, as you were here.

  19. fischy says:

    No. “Birthers” create their own reality, even when it makes little sense. The Wahl article is premised on the idea that Adu made a mistake joining MLS at a crazy young age. He missed the opportunity to develop slowly. If he was as old as “birthers” conjecture, he’d be more developed tactically and physically. In fact, his youth is what makes sense of his problems.

  20. fischy says:

    Or -5…. Goalies need to be smarter than that.

  21. fischy says:

    Interesting timing to read Edu saying he’s open to playing center back, just when we’re worrying about the central midfield because Clark isn’t playing and Jones can’t play.

  22. SBI Troll says:

    Yes it is in the magazine this week.

  23. Champions of England says:

    A bit self righteous are we? No need to insult other peoples beliefs.

    More importantly did that article say he was competing for a World Cup spot with Guzan and Meola? I didnt even know Meola was still alive.

  24. bf says:

    yep, thanks… Adu article was really insightful. I wish we had more in-depth coverage of the American players.

  25. Champions of England says:

    Wow I take that back, totally misread the article. :)

  26. RLW2020 says:

    just gives him the 100% guarantee that he is on the team. Bob likes versatility; hence why bornstein has gotten so many looks at CB and LB.

    btw. DeMerit, Marshall and Onyewu are all over the injured list.. need all the depth at CB we can get.

  27. JW says:

    Ives, did you delete my comment and link to the Adu article in your other blog post “Sizing up the UMNT Player Pool” because you put the link here? I don’t see it anymore.

    (SBI-Links in the comments section are generally frowned upon. Most are deleted, if I see them. You weren’t the only person to try posting a link to the Adu story. it’s here now though so people can read it.)

  28. RLW2020 says:

    Adu article was great… these stories can go unexplained for years..
    for now tho, Adu playing reserve ball isn’t the worst thing. hopefully he is recovering the years of lacking tactical attention.

    the Ribery note almost works as at 20 the both had played 4 years of pro UEFA ball
    Ribery had already had played 47 games with 7 goals with 3 teams
    and Adu 38 games with 5 goals with 4 teams

    lets just hope that he doing what he has to make a run at 2014.

  29. Aristotle says:

    You said:

    “A bit self righteous are we? No need to insult other peoples beliefs.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

  30. Aristotle says:

    Who is Freddy Adu?

  31. madmax says:

    Did some Freddy supporters miss the comments from coaches that Adu doesn’t have the speed or motor for this level. How could that change with the continents?

  32. fischy says:

    I found an interesting post on a certain large soccer site, from December:

    Players I think MLS should buy are: (name, age, position, current club)

    Osael Romero – 23 – Attacking Mid – Vista Hermosa
    Adolfo (sic) Zelaya – 21 – Second Striker – Alianza
    Julio Martinez – 24 – Right Winger – Leon
    Hayden Tinto – 24 – Attacking Mid – Joe Public
    Keon Daniel – 22 – Midfielder – Caledonia
    Emilio Izaguirre – 23 – Left Back – Motagua
    Edmundo Zura – 26 – Striker – Nacional
    Teófilo Gutiérrez – 24 – Striker – Atletico Junior
    Frank Simek – 25 – Right Back – Sheffield Wednesday

    3 of those guys have been signed. Rudolfo Zelaya has since been quoted as regretting decision not to go to MLS. Maybe MLS should check in with this guy about who to sign.

  33. fischy says:

    In the USA, he would have the wind at his back.

  34. fischy says:

    Huh. What did I write that made you think I’m an ignorant moron?

  35. Aristotle says:

    Freddy is STILL young, and finally, FINALLY on the right track.

    Now if he could just do something about the delusion.

  36. ThaDeuce says:

    grreaat article by grant wahl… not as good as ives on davies a few months ago, but really great.

    now on to the next one!

  37. JJ's shin says:

    this is a great feature Ives. I’m always digging for more stories of U.S. players. thanks!

  38. bryan says:

    IMO, if onyewu is out, we go: Dolo, Goodson, Boca, Spector

    keep bradley and edu in the center midfield.

  39. alexandria says:

    What Freddy needs most is to disappear, you can not say MLS failed him by not learning tactics, you can not force him to learn, Freddy believed his hype and stopped learning, to me reading these articles it doesn’t convince me at all, he is to limited, the complaints about him have been the same now for six years. The writing is on the wall.

  40. mike says:

    that was nice but that bomber by Rose the other day was a thing of intense beauty..

  41. Dominghosa says:

    Read the Adu story.
    Really seems like through most of his career, he’s been a victim of his own circumstance.
    The MLS made a huge mistake signing him so young and he made a huge mistake for not learning what he should have through those years.
    And he’s being punished for that wherever he goes. There’s no doubt he has talent. There’s no doubt he can play.
    Being an American, a young American, a young American who had so much hype years ago, also does not help him with European managers.
    He is very gifted offensively. It’s just too bad the shortcomings he does have defensively is costing him.
    He’s only 20. Here’s hoping the next 4 years, something clicks and clicks enormously to welcome in a new Adu era.

  42. Dnice says:

    Two things I got from the Freddy Adu article:

    1. He made the wrong choice. Youth Academy in Europe would have been the way to go.

    2. MLS made the wrong choice to sign him so early. But I can’t blame them. They wanted their phenom and there were no MLS academies in place yet. Things are starting to take shape in terms of Academies…14 years later. And now the treachery that was the ODP is finally on the way out.

    Of course, the MLS and US Soccer would have probably benefited more had Adu gone to academies at ManU or West Ham or Spain. For some reason, this reminds me of Mike Tyson with the MLS playing the part of Don King.

  43. patrick says:

    the mls is a business, they made the right decision and cashed in on him. Lots of ticket and jersey sales, free positive publicity and a marketable young star. It was freddy and his family/people that made the wrong decision.

  44. shoooo says:

    Don’t forget John O’Brien with Ajax.

  45. Isaac says:

    Way to get milk all over my keyboard.

  46. RK says:

    What? The only original thought in Wahl’s article was about stray dogs.

  47. fischy says:

    Honestly, how is that different than the other person writing “+1 for being a Republican”? That’s equally insulting to my beliefs, no? The implication is just as clear as what I wrote.

  48. scott says:

    when Freddy gets his faced tattooed, starts praising Allah, and saying he wants to eat his opponents children, then your post will prove to be prophetic as well…

  49. JW says:

    No problem, I was just wondering. Wont post links in the future.

    I am hoping or guessing, there will be more articles like this on the UMNT players as World Cup gets closer. I really hope to see some hard nosed writing on Coach Bradley but I am afraid he will not open up until after the World Cup is over.

  50. Ken says:

    Adu reminds me of a young player in Football Manager where you buy him at a young age for a couple million because of a few high stats in important areas but very low work rate and mental strength. You hope he turns into a world class player but a few years later you sell him to a club you never even heard of for a few hundred thousand dollars.

  51. jai_brooklyn says:

    Really enjoyed the article by Wahl on Adu. Gotta feel for the kid. All that attention at 13 obviously did not do him any good. But he’s still got some time left to learn and become a great player. But he will need the help of a good coach who will be patient enough to guide him in the right direction.

    Marcus Hahnnemann a republican? Who would have thunk? Must be the first republican I truly trust 😉

  52. Smith says:

    If Freddy had spent more time working on his game rather than listening to his “handleres” when he was younger, he wouldn’t be in this spot now. He’ll be in the Danish 3rd Diviison in a couple of years…or selling life insurance.

  53. Asohgnimod says:

    Her’s something you and others seem to miss. Yes he’s only 20 but he’s still 5′ nothing and small, weak and slow. He can change the weak part ( if he hasn’t hired a personal strength and fitness coach and taken up some kind of martial art by now, I don’t understand) but he can’t do much about the rest.

    So it’s going to get a lot harder for him from this point on. He’s going to have to be and play a lot smarter than what he has been doing.

    Just because he has finally begun to figure it out doesn’t mean he is going to be able to do anything about it. Unrealistic fans like you are probably the worst thing that ever happened to him.