Red Bulls to host Juventus at Red Bull Arena on May 23

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The New York Red Bulls will welcome their first European opponent to Red Bull Arena on May 23rd when they take on Italian powerhouse Juventus.

The friendly is expected to feature the top Juventus players not heading to the World Cup, including such standouts as Alessandro Del Piero, David Trezeguet, Amaury and Sebastian Giovinco.

The match is scheduled for a 1pm kickoff on Sunday, May 23rd. Tickets go on sale on Thursday.

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32 Responses to Red Bulls to host Juventus at Red Bull Arena on May 23

  1. TCNY says:

    I called ticketmaster in canada to get tix for the sounders game this sunday, and the recording said that juventus and fiorentina will be playing at the rogers center in toronto this summer too.

  2. BSU SC says:

    David Trezeguet gets a look at his future home. :)

  3. GMD says:

    Anyone know if there is any juice behind these Trezeguet and Del Piero to MLS rumors?

  4. josip says:

    Hopefully Del Piero does…

  5. Anthony says:

    Stoked for JUVE!!! This is great news! No Georgio or Buffon though :(

  6. Sammy Gupta says:

    In all honesty, are these big names really going to play in this game?

    I have my doubts b/c their season will be over and these older players will be taking time to heal some wounds and recover for next year. Juve may use this match and others in May as a competitive trial for other lesser-proven players to see who is worth keeping around after this dismal season. I can see a lot of their young players and reserves featuring in this match

  7. Paul says:

    Since the game’s in May, you can write off any players involved in WC campaigns. Also, some of the older players (Trezeguet, Del Piero) will probably just need a rest. This is a money-spinning venture by Juve, purely designed to make some $$$.

  8. tim says:

    I still dont understand MLS teams playing friendlies during the regular campaign. It makes me feel like the FOs don’t really care about success but rather $ . just my 2 cents.

  9. Ben says:

    Del Piero will play one half with Juve then it will be announced that he’s been signed by RBNY as their 2nd DP and he will play the 2nd half with RBNY.

  10. DCLee says:

    Ditto Paul. Thus they will be contractually obligated to play as many of their big name players that are available. At the end of the day, it is the players job to show up and perform like we do at work.

  11. Austin says:

    IMScouting said that NY has tabled an offer for Del Piero while MLS is waiting to hear back from Trezeguet

  12. Joe D says:

    Unfortunately, Giovinco won’t be playing either as he is out injured until around June.

    I read today that Del Piero is weighing his options on an offer from Red Bulls. I’m not sure if that is only a rumor though.

    link to

  13. Tstaub says:

    I will argue that to improve the club you need workable $ and Owner-Operators or whatever they are called don’t want an MLS side to be a blackhole. I see these friendlies as a chance for the club to make money in order to spend money.

    Also when would you suggest playing the friendlies against clubs when the climate here in the winter is quite awful in some places.

  14. Josh D says:

    Del Piero to NY?!?! I can’t see it myself… He’s the Giggs, Raul, etc of his team – he’ll retire there.

    Trez is a mercenary, he’ll go where the money is.

  15. Josh D says:

    When you’re in debt, every cent counts… If it keeps MLS alive, milk it baby, milk it!

  16. grubbsbl says:

    So if this game sells out, and 13k only showed up this weekend, does this prove that most fans in NY are all a bunch of Eurosnobs who have no real interest in supporting a local team or MLS?

  17. Joe D says:

    I don’t think so. I think that selling out the game with Juventus only shows that Red Bulls brought in the right team to attract the a predominant ethnic group within the NY Metro Area.

    Personally, I want a local team in MLS that I can root for, but have been incredibly jaded by the awful performance by management/ownership in the team’s history. However, I am giving them another shot this season, and I purchased a few 4-Game Packs for this season.

  18. Derrick says:

    personally i’m not a big fan of mls mostly cause i prefer a more latin style. I don’t mind seeing european teams sometimes but i think this makes mls look like they don’t take their league that seriously. Personally I think too many of these during the season presents a bad image.

    And honestly i wouldn’t pay to see juventus let alone without the stars. Honestly the santos game was more interesting to me.

  19. dinomitedan says:

    so basically the whole juventus team, cause they suck so bad will be playing against red bulls. should be a good match since they dont have any officials working for them in the US. down with the old lady

  20. ga-gone says:

    This is fun for me as a fan, and the league gets to put their hands in the pockets of eurosnobs who won’t come out for league matches. Win-Win!

  21. Thedude says:

    No offense but why should the Red Bulls care what you think?

    You said yourself you dont bother with the MLS. The idea here is to get people to come out for a friendly and then back later on, but you dont seem to want to come back later on.

  22. Mark says:

    Agreed. Even though this will be a depleted roster, I will likely shell out the money to attend as I’m sure there will be a full house or something relatively close to a full house. Place will be jumping, and even if the Juve reserves are getting playing time, those guys will definitely take the game seriously as they try to win places on the team or showcase themselves for another team in Italy.

    And for me, it’s also a chance to see some of the younger guys on RBNY like Da Luz, Garcia and others who don’t get a lot of team in meaningful games…

  23. bryan says:

    Raul recently stated he is leaving Madrid at the end of his contract…to either MLS or the middle east. hopefully he comes, but the point is, I think can be assumed that Raul is not going to retire with Madrid.

  24. dude says:

    Looks like Trez can see where he will dominate the Red Bulls once a year as soon as he signs for the UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNion!

  25. sg says:

    De Ceglie….Grygera….Ariaudo….Zebina

    Not a horrible projected lineup but Juventus is having probably the worst season in the last 50 years.

  26. Jayrod1111 says:

    Yeah Josh good call…Thats why he has been with Juventus for 10 years, And their most prolific foreign player….Get your facts straight!

  27. Jayrod1111 says:

    Trezeguet, in case you didn’t know who I was speaking of…

  28. Jayrod1111 says:

    I will get to see my favorite player of all time…in person…for the first time!!!

    The great David Trezegol…what a thrill this is going to be!!!

    And no most signs point to him not comming to MLS, not yet at least…

  29. How does it make MLS look like it doesn’t take their league seriously? Manchester United flew to Qatar the past two winters to play money-making friendlies during the season. Do they not take the PL seriously?

  30. Talking Sense says:

    It’s just another friendly. MLS League games are more important to NYRB.