Report: Davies won’t play for Sochaux this season


All of the positive momentum surrounding Charlie Davies' comeback has seemingly hit a bit of a roadblock, as FC Sochaux president Alexandre Lacombe told a French newspaper that the American forward won't play for the Ligue 1 side before the season ends.

Davies, whose recovery from an October car accident has been nothing short of remarkable, is still considered a hopeful to make the U.S. World Cup roster, but not playing in any competitive matches before the national team opens up camp will not work to his benefit.

What do you make of this news?

Share your thoughts below.

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135 Responses to Report: Davies won’t play for Sochaux this season

  1. David K. says:

    What a damn shame.

  2. BSU SC says:

    That really, really sucks.

    Herculez Gomez and Edson Buddle will have their chance. I hope one of them steps up.

  3. Josh D says:

    Nail in the coffin – You can’t take a player who has been out for 8 months, without any playing time, to the World Cup. It does us no favors and if we forced it on Davies, he’ll surely get injured and create a bigger setback for everyone involved.

    We gotta bite the bullet on this one and look forward to Brazil 2014 to see him shine.

    I hope the rest of our strikers can find it in them to step it up.

  4. Betinho says:

    Get him back to the States and let him train with someone, invite him to camp and see how he fares.

    Buddle and Hercules…please stay form!

  5. Knuckles says:

    Is there any reason he couldn’t be loaned out to another team? I’m still unclear on the rules for loans.

  6. tim says:

    that doesn’t mean he is out. there are still reserve games and friendlies leading up to the cup. It just depends if this is a commentary on his health or the club’s long term investment in a player i.e. not to rush him back.

  7. Fred says:

    Actually, says this is just the president of the club’s personal opinion — NOT a decision by the team doctors or the coach.

  8. Modibo says:

    Hercules Gomez or Edson Buddle, will you please pick up the red telephone in the lobby? Thank you.

  9. Al_OC says:

    Good point about the club’s investment. But the SI report also states he had pain in his stomach during training and he gets very tired when they increased his workload.

    I say bring him to camp and see how it goes. But he also needs to be honest to himself and not force things that can ultimately destroy his career.

  10. Jerome says:

    This is no way a nail in the coffin, this a club president opinion not the coach or doctor. Jerome DE boatin for Moncaco in his opnion believed Adu should have played more at monaco, but the coach decided he did deserve to play more. Thats an excellent example right there.

    The Big 4


  11. Jonathan says:

    Gomez and buddle may both be coming…. Altidore, ching??? and we need to more, I think case would be the 5th man out in this scenario

  12. Dylan says:

    It’s still pretty bleak news.

  13. Jerome says:

    He did not*

  14. Seth says:

    Why? Did he state a reason?

  15. Jerome says:

    Coach decided Adu did not deserve to play more*

  16. Adam M. says:

    I don’t think it matters much if he played a game in France. The question is whether he is strong enough to train full-out in camp and whether he can play at least some role (and well) in all three of the pre-WC friendlies. I think you take him to SA if he can go at least 20 mins as a sub in the group stage games and hope he develops through those 6 games to start if they advance (assuming someone else isn’t lighting it up at that time).

  17. Jerome says:

    Ching? You mean the player who is wobbling right now and has never done anything vs World Cup competition.

    Dude needs to prove himself first vs Turkey and Chezc like Buddle and Gomez will be doing.

  18. Mike Caramba says:

    Will he be fit enough to take part in camp?

  19. Al17 says:

    Ligue 1, like most leagues in Europe ends in a few weeks, so it’s not a big deal. He’s still training and it doesn’t mean that he won’t get a shot at making the WC Squad and hell this might change.

    I’m keeping the faith.

  20. Felix says:

    Greg Seltzer on No Short Corners reported that he spoke to Sochaux themselves, and apparently, whatever the president of the club said were only HIS WISHES, not the official policy the club is going to take with Charlie Davies.

  21. Felix says:

    He doesn’t want him to rush back and hurt himself further.

  22. STX81 says:

    I guess that means that Gooch it out too? Sure this news doesn’t help but I figure if Davies is upright he will get a chance to prove his fitness during the upcoming camp.

  23. RK says:

    Sochaux is safe — they aren’t dropping. There’s no reason to risk Charlie’s progress by throwing him into an environment where he could get hurt.

  24. Johnny Boi says:

    Felix, I hope you are right.

    I’m secretly hoping that Edson Buddle and Herculez Gomez are both going to the World Cup and they are gonna score a crapload of goals and be a magical solution to our goal scoring problems. Especially Gomez. WIshful thinking though, eh…hopefully we don’t have a goalless world cup where the only goal we score is an own goal…

  25. Mike says:

    He and Altidore can be our main strikers for the next 2 world cups. No need to force it now. I’ll take a 27 year old healthy striker smack dab in the middle of his prime in 2014, and a slightly aging but dangerous striker in 2018 over one game of a hurt Davies in 2010 and a destroyed career.

    On the bright side….can you imagine the team in 2014?? Jones will be 31…not old at all for someone who does not rely on speed. Bradley (26), Altidore (24), Davies (27), Holden (28), Torres (26), Bedoya (26), Spector (28), Edu (28), and Feilhaber (29) will all be in some form of their primes and can be thrown in with Dempsey (31) and Donovan (32) to give us our best team yet. Throw in some outsiders (Adu, Cooper) and some newbies who will undoubtedly make waves (Gil, McInerny, Gonzalez, etc) and it could be REAL fun to watch them play.

  26. Topher says:

    I think he’ll be on the plane. He’ll be in sub capacity. (Note: I hope I’m wrong and he’ll be able to start)

    I see Dempsey and Altidore up front with some combination of Donovan (right side) and Beasley (left side). Holden (right) and Donovan (left) will be a set up that is used as well.

  27. firebb says:

    a rusty Davies is still 100 times better than a fully healed and rested ching and casey

  28. Kevin_amold says:

    I’m confident that Bradley won’t necessarily let Sochaux make his (Bradley’s) decision for him. Name him to the provisional roster, as the 30th player, and give him a chance. I’m also confident that Bradley won’t hesitate to leave him behind if he doesn’t have “it”.

    Onyewu’s scenario is similar, but we all know he is going to SA if he’s fit, regardless of whether or not he’s had games with Milan. Regardless.

  29. Jayrod1111 says:

    Davies comming back was a pipe dream in itself…Lets focus on putting Dempsey behind Jozy…





    I like the looks of Gomez and Buddle…They are in form and ready to go…It would be nice to have them available to come off the bench!

  30. Sergio of SF says:

    I’m not giving up. Their season is almost over, maybe he can get some reserve games in. Either way, I think he should still be called into camp.

  31. war says:

    This adds more drama to his epic comeback.

  32. Johnny Boi says:

    GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! Like Felix pointed out, this article is incorrect:

    “UPDATE: Alright, everybody take a deep breath. I have spoken to Sochaux. Monsieur Lacombe’s statements were indicative of his personal outlook on the matter and not of an official medical decision of any kind.

    To sum up, Davies has not been shut down for the season or halted in any way from continuing his World Cup chase.

    Said Sochaux press officer Stijn Slaats to NSC: “At this moment, Charlie is working very hard on his rehab and we do all hope he will be able to accomplish his dream to be in the World Cup, without taking any risks of overcharging his rehab schedule.”

    link to

  33. dunbar says:

    Damn Shame, Oh well i guess the national team has to move on and hope gomez or buddle do well in camp against actual defensive pressure to score goals

  34. Goalscorer24 says:

    Tough. Without playing before hand, I don’t know if he is going to be ready.

  35. wilyboy says:

    I don’t think we’re through with Davies just yet. This just means he’s human, and has real physical obstacles still in his way (admit it, we all though he was Wolverine).

    There was never a huge chance that he would make it back in time for the world cup, but setting such ridiculous goals has got him where he is today. It would be both despicable and short sided to abandon him now based on this statement. As long as there is hope, I will not aid in crushing that hope, especially after all Davies has gone through.

  36. war says:

    Just because he doesn’t play for the club doesn’t mean he won’t get called up. They’ll probably bring him in like Gooch and give him some “light training”. If he can contribute he goes, but on the bench most likely.

  37. Luke CBus says:

    My thoughts exactly. Experience means a lot at the World Cup, and this squad is a little short on that now. In 2014, I anticipate that we’ll have a better combination of talent and experience. I am optimistic about this Cup, but my feeling is we’ll go farther in Brazil than in South Africa.

  38. Scott says:

    throw out those outsiders (Adu,Cooper) and you’ve got a squad!

  39. Luis says:

    It aint over till that fat lady sings, not the club president! Or is it ? Still got my fingers crossed tho. Cmon Chuck I need to see the stanky leg again!!

  40. war says:

    Football presidents whould keep their opinions to themselves. Let’s listen to the people who actually are involved with getting Davies in playing shape.

  41. Luis says:

    Im wit you willboy!!

  42. mikeandike says:

    here’s a question… outside of North Korea and New Zealand, is US bringing the worst forward combination to the World Cup?

  43. notsweet81 says:

    I don’t think any of us know if Davies will be able to play or what his impact will be. Due to his long layoff and extensive injuries I think his ability to start and play a full 90 is doubtful. So the question becomes is he still a lightning-fast game-changer? Can he come off the bench and make an instant impact/offer a change of pace?

    I have no idea, and I don’t think anyone else here does either (unless you have access to Sochaux’s training facilities or some other insider info). Bob will see Davies in action and make the call.

  44. sandtrout says:


  45. MiamiAl says:

    Davies will be on the roster for South Africa. I still believe!

  46. Charles says:

    Maybe this is the dream scenerio that gets people to support soccer in this country?

    A guy named after Pele, playing with a guy that chooses to play in the US, despite being one of the best in the world, scoring goals, winning World Cups.

    Am I dreaming ? Sure, but Davies is LESS of a dream right now.

  47. bob says:

    stupid damn French.

  48. Charles says:

    s/b Sure, but Davies is LESS of a dream right now ?

  49. Kizz says:

    Because the transfer season is over. Think rationally, he is not in football shape. If he is, his club will play him. A club won’t risk a player if they don’t think he can play. Obviously he wants to play, but in his best interest he is not ready for another four to five months.

  50. Jesse_Ventura says:

    How much do you want to bet that our midfielders score more than our forwards this WC? How many goals did we score last WC? 1 and the other was an own goal. Has much changed in our attack since?

    The only sure forwards are Dempsey and Altidore, but how many goals has Altidore scored in the premier league this season? The fact that people are clinging their hopes on a player that hasn’t played in 8 months and that we don’t have any clear idea of who our other forwards will be this WC is a testament to how much trouble we are going to have. I hope I’m wrong, but if we can’t score how are we going to beat Algeria or Slovenia?

  51. fischy says:

    Actually, the story doesn’t relate the pain in his stomach to training. At least, the tests seem to clear him.

    With any other country, it would be absurd to even contemplate playing in the World Cup, when you haven’t played a competitive match in 8-9 months. Still, I agree that Bradley should invite him to the camp, on the initial 30-man list…unless Charlie tells him there’s no way.

  52. A.M.E. says:

    Charlie Davies 5 minutes ago on twitter, “CharlieDavies9 Just to let you all know I’m progressing very well & lucky not to have had any setbacks & I’m working extremely hard every day. Believe!!!!! ”

  53. fischy says:


  54. Nutmegger says:


  55. S.C. says:

    Worst case, I would want Charlie as a team motivator at the WC: on the bench during games, in the locker room and on the training pitch. His presence and spirit needs to be there to constantly motivate our guys and stay in the right mentality to go far in this World Cup. Reports say he complained of stomach pains. I would rather he continues to build and build up to the bionic man we know he will be but he must allow his body to catch-up and find equilibrium as he continues his comeback. He also needs to think of his long-term health.

    Charlie you are the man, be safe and you being at the world cup in person is enough to bring out our best.

  56. JL says:

    Used Google Translate to figure out what they were really saying at Sochaux. Didn’t quite help:

    “We know that he risks a backlash moral blame for missing the World Cup, this lighthouse that guided him after his accident. It is too early to project themselves on the sequel.”

    That dang backlash moral blame. Gets you every time.

  57. fischy says:

    Thanks for that report. It sounds like the abdominal pain is a setback, but I’m thrilled CD thinks he’s progressing well. South Africa seems a bit optimistic, but I look forward to following him in the next French season. In 4 years, he should still be one of our best forward options.

  58. Dinho says:

    If casey is on the roster…the answer is an undisputed “YES”

  59. Champions of England says:

    Assuming that we start Dempsey up top with Altidore I think that’s a little harsh. We are so quick to hate on our own players and think that they are all worthless when in most cases they are not.

    We have two strikers that play in the best league in the world and yet that isnt good enough for some people. I bet Algeria, Japan, S. Africa, Slovakia, Slovenia etc would love to have our players.

  60. Timmy says:

    My buddy (who is not a soccer fan) offered this translation:

    “He won’t be playing in League 1 (the French Premier League) again this season. The man is doing better, which is the important thing. He was in a wheelchair, and struggled physically to come back, but is now running again and kicking the ball. He could suffer a psychological setback should he miss the World Cup as this has been a guiding light for him during his recovery from his injury. It is still too early to speculate as to the next chapter.”

  61. Knuckles says:

    I know the transfer season is over, but was uncertain as to whether or not that affected loans.

  62. juan says:

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think Sochaux won’t play him precisely because they don’t want us taking him to the world cup. Think about it, Davies is their investment, do they want to rehab him for 8 months, play him two games, and then turn him over to a national team that is desperate to play him as many minutes as possible? I don’t think it’s in their interest..that being said, in my opinion we should take him, none of our other forwards (except Jozy) are worth a damn.

  63. Will says:

    I really cant see any way CD makes the squad for SA. Even if he is miraculously fit enough (in 50 days…), how can he make an impact? It would be difficult enough for someone to step in and make an impact when they’ve been on the bench for 8-9 months (Beasley), and nearly impossible if you’ve been completely out of commission.

    Sorry for the pessimistic post, but the 2010 WC was always a long shot for CD. I’m certainly looking forward to following him in 2010-11 with Sochaux and the Nats moving toward 2014…

  64. tnnelson says:

    yea, he can still prove his fitness to bradley. sochaux may not want to risk injuring him again just for two games because he is their long term investment, but he can still show bradley whether or not he is fit. plenty of players have made the world cup just by showing up well in camp, sometimes without having even played in qualifying. even if he isn’t fully fit, he could always come on as a sub towards the end and use his speed to throw off opposing defenses that hadn’t expected him to play. all is not lost

  65. Twothree says:

    Another way to look at what you just said is that Sochaux is more concerned about Davies’ long term future than the USMNT is.

    Yeah, that may be selfish on their part but it is also in Charlie’s best interests.

    People like you and ESPN, who couldn’t care less about Charlie in the long term, would love to have the great feel good comeback kid fairy tale come true. It would be a ratings bonanza and possibly give the USMNT a charge. But if Charlie were my son I’d be thinking about trying to protect him from himself and people like you.

  66. philmatt24 says:

    If Donovan, Bradley, Dempsey, and Holden played midfield for Hull City, I guarantee you Altidore would have at least 10 goals in the Premier League this season. Hull is a bad team with only a few bright spots – Hunt and Bullard at mid but both have been hurt for most of the season. Anyone who gets to watch Altidore in action for Hull can see that he’s doing the right things (and improving throughout the season), but when a team is dominated in possession and always trailing (and their opponents can bunker in), it’s hard for any striker to break through.

  67. roger says:

    jozy??? HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA… we’re screwed lol… lets play landy cakes and deuce up top

  68. Richard says:

    You mean like Owen Hargreaves in England who many English fans are still hoping makes the World Cup roster?

  69. BigLustyGringoGirl says:

    perhaps Davies can be our Beckham, just taken to S. Africa for inspirational purposes. However, this may work in our favor as European teams would have absolutely no foreknowledge on Buddle or Herculez.

  70. Josh D says:

    Sorry but unless Gooch gets time, he’s off my list too. The only differences I have of the two is A. the type of injuries sustained and B. the position in play.

    Davies went and injured all the parts of him that made him the player he is – extremely difficult to come back from.

    Gooch’s presence comes from his size and presence, none of which are impacted by his injury. So long as Gooch can get from one side of the 18 to the other, he works.

    But at this time, you must take them off your 23 heading to SA. Let’s be honest, Jones has just as much a chance as these two.

  71. Josh D says:

    I’ve been saying the same thing and trashed by those who don’t understand what it takes to come back. He has two more WCs in him after this, no use in damaging him for good.

  72. brad says:

    Davies will be fine..He’s faking it

  73. Pepe says:

    Regarding your last paragraph, I’m pretty sure Charlie really wants to play in the WC which should factor in.

    As for Sochaux being more interested in long term than USMNT, keep in mind that USMNT has something to gain both short and long term. Sochaux has NOTHING to gain short term. So they have the privilege of only thinking long-term here.

  74. Josh D says:

    Who?! United fans don’t even hope he’ll play before the end of year… Or ever!

  75. Raw says:

    Oh? I guess you are more informed about Sochaux’s affairs than the club president?

  76. Faux says:

    You’d lose that bet.

  77. andrew in tampa says:

    Still hoping against hope.It would give the USMT a Willis Reed moment. As much as I enjoy the success Buddle and Gomez have been seeing in club play, experience has shown that it takes a while for players to get used to the speed of international play. the international game is played at a whole different speed and the world cup is even faster and more intense. I am not confident that either player has that special thing to come off the bench and give us anything in a world cup. I guess we have to give them a run out in the warmups and see what happens.

  78. RLW2020 says:

    ya.. casey is still playing just as well as he always has for Colorado, but he is pretty much out of the picture already now that a few other forwards have shown a bit of hope.

  79. jig says:

    in my opinion, the following countries will be bringing better strikers than the US….

    Spain, Brazil, England, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Serbia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Uruguay, Switzerland, Argentina, Denmark, Slovenia, and Slovakia

  80. RLW2020 says:

    two EPL players uptop is not the worst..
    south africa, chile, switzerland, algeria..just a few teams that won’t be lighting up the score sheet

  81. Brian says:

    Makes me sad :(

  82. Champions of England says:

    Well argued

  83. baquito alyeska says:

    I still think Charlie is Wolverine.

  84. Aaron in StL says:

    Well, it’s BB’s list that counts. I think both at least get a look. There’s no doubt that if they run well and are in shape they’d be in

  85. Kizz says:

    He is not ready to play football not reserve games, not any type of football. When you are recovering from that type of multiple injuries, it takes a long time to get your speed back (some people don’t). It takes a while to get conditioning back. This is not baseball or some stand around sport.

  86. Neruda says:

    When Davies says he won’t be able to make it to SA then I’ll concede his absence from the team. I don’t think he’d lie and keep saying he’s gonna be there when in his heart and mind he knows he won’t. That wouldn’t be good for him or his mates on the USMNT. If anything I think he’d be really forthright about his chances and tell Bob Bradley that he’s not going to be there and for him to seriously look at these intriguing new options at the forward position. Until then it’s hard to write him off.

  87. Brian says:

    Well said

  88. kenny_b says:

    That’s really touching of you….please, please, please protect Charlie from evil Juan.

  89. So Taguchi says:

    I’m almost happy these pessimistic reports came out. People doubting Charlie’s comeback seemed to fuel him before, maybe this is just more motivation for him to get back. I won’t rule him out until the very end, he’s proved everyone wrong before.

  90. dunbar says:

    I totally agree with you, but looking at the U-17 and U-20 national team players, if any of them develop well in the next 4 years, i really dont know if Charlie Davies would have a good as shot as he does now. There are some talented speedy kids.

  91. phil says:

    First off, I don’t think you can write him off yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a callup frist.

    But both twothree and juan have good points. Protecting the well being of your investment is good business–if that makes you a caring person too then good on ya.

    I do think it is important for the morale of Davies to have the goal of the WC and it’s a shame if an outside force tries to determine it for him. However, he seems like the kind of guy who (if it were left up to him) would play if we was bleeding from his eyes, so perhaps having an outside authority put the brakes on him is for the best, provided they are there to help him through the letdown.

    Either way, he’s got time and I hope it would only motivate him to be all the stronger for Brazil in 2014

    It will be interesting to see what Senior Bradley and USSF do now.

  92. phil says:

    yea, and some people don’t even need to play well all the time, like Bornstein, so wots the diff?

  93. phil says:


  94. phil says:


  95. BetaMale says:

    Like lots of you have already touched on, its still too early to rule this man out.

  96. baquito alyeska says:

    I wish there was some way to require folks to have viewed at least 5 of Jozy’s games with Hull before they are allowed to reference his goal production this season. Hull’s midfield is the most frustrating thing I encounter outside the workplace. I’d rate them alongside driving a rear-wheel-drive Buick with bald tires over a mountain pass in a blizzard while a line of cars is tailgating you. And you have to pee.

  97. phil says:

    and the wreck was staged? come on…

  98. Twothree says:

    Like I said, it’s really obvious that people like you and Juan couldn’t care less about Charlie’s long term future.

    As for those people who say well “Charlie really wants to play” , so what?

    Lots of players in all sports have played when it would been a lot smarter to stay on the sidelines. That’s why I said he may need to be protected from himself. I know you all hate the NFL but if you’d ever met ex-NFL players in their mid 50’s, drooling in their shirts, and unable to bend over or walk up stairs, you’d know what I mean about players playing in spite of themselves.

    None of us are doctors and we don’t know whether Chrlie’s comeback endangers his long term future and neither does he.

    You all also forget that Charlie is not some veteran who has played in a World Cup. This isn’t like Pavel Nedved being called back to the Czech Republic for the 2006 World Cup after retiring. It would have been a great challenge for him even without the accident and if he had been in tip top shape. Charlie’s biggest assets were his never say die attitude which he expressed through sheer power and speed, through his physicality, as it were.

    Without that, and there is no reason to assume he will have it, Charlie was just an average player. Rooney broke his metatarsal before the 2006 World Cup was rushed back and basically had a pretty crappy tournament. I hope even the most optimistic of you do not think Charlie is in Rooney’s class.

  99. Sestriere says:

    “driving a rear-wheel-drive Buick with bald tires over a mountain pass in a blizzard while a line of cars is tailgating you”

    Done it in the alps with what seemed like the biggest semi I’d ever seen tailgating me. And it wasn’t a Buick. And it was night. And there are no lighted highways in the Italian Alps. And the road signs are non existent. And I was lost.

  100. no short corners broke this story this morning. He’s provided the following update:

    “UPDATE: Alright, everybody take a deep breath. I have spoken to Sochaux. Monsieur Lacombe’s statements were indicative of his personal outlook on the matter and not of an official medical decision of any kind.

    To sum up, Davies has not been shut down for the season or halted in any way from continuing his World Cup chase.

    Said Sochaux press officer Stijn Slaats to NSC: “At this moment, Charlie is working very hard on his rehab and we do all hope he will be able to accomplish his dream to be in the World Cup, without taking any risks of overcharging his rehab schedule.””

  101. kenny_b says:

    I did too…LOL….who knew the French still used lighthouses for guidance.

  102. kenny_b says:

    That makes a lot more sense and shows a sense of compassion from the president that really isn’t evident at all in Google’s translation.

  103. John1 says:

    With all due respect, the last WC is irrelevant. By the way, there will be about 6-8 players from the last WC in this one. That experience will help. They will try to erase the disappointment from the last WC. The U.S. won their group in CONCACAF, so I think they can score goals. They also put the ball in the back of the net in the Confed. Cup. You do make a point about Davies not getting playing time. However, it is not like he is eating hamburgers all day, but it is a big concern. I think Gomez and Buddle can do well. I really do. They will have three international friendlies before the big show. The international friendlies before the WC will tell us a lot as far as what personnel to put on the field. By the way, we will get out of our group.

  104. ThaDeuce says:

    bummer for Charlie

  105. Jersey Scouser says:

    CD should go as a spectator only at this point. If Sochaux is holding him out in the hopes that he is back to form come next season then I have no issues with that. He will be missed but I’d rather have him playing at full strength next year with the prospect of a keeping his career going than to have him risk further injury and never be able to suit up for any club or the US ever again.

  106. Wayen says:

    I am not suprised. There is no sense rushing him back to the first team at Socha. They want to preserve him for next year. Also, this could be indicative that his rehad is far from over. I don’t see any chance that he will make the WC squad.

  107. JCC says:

    Um you lost me when you said Chile. Humberto Suazo is a beast of a striker and better than any striker we currently have.

  108. Francois says:

    You obviously aren’t the brightest bulb in the bunch, so let me break it down in clear chapter and verse: Just because he’s not scoring goals in the PREMIERSHIP, doesn’t mean he is not a valuable asset to his club team or the national team. He starts regularly for his club team despite his terrible scoring record, that just shows that there’s something more that he offers than just goals.

  109. jb says:

    I wouldn’t get too up or down about this statement. Like someone said before, it would be somewhat irresponsible for Socheax to play Charlie too soon with nothing to gain in their last couple of games. If he has remarkable progress in the following weeks there may still be time to train at the camps and play in the friendlies. Honestly, it’s a long shot. US fans should not want him to try and play, risking injury, if he is not match fit.

    In regards to the forward situation, we really need to utilize our overloaded midfielder pool here. It would seem that Beasley, Bedoya, and Feilhaber are battling for the last roster spot at midfielder. I, for one, would rather see any of those three at forward before anyone else in the forward pool after Altidore (excepting Dempsey). Sure, give Gomez and Buddle a shot at the friendlies, but remember the jump to international play at the World Cup is a big one.

  110. Joe says:

    I hope my CD 9 Jeresey wasn’t purchased in vain.

  111. Sergio of SF says:

    From Charlie’s Twitter, posted today. “Just to let you all know I’m progressing very well & lucky not to have had any setbacks & I’m working extremely hard every day. Believe!!!!!”

  112. Phil says:

    i think we all initially assumed he was out for the WC and just collectively prayed for Charlie’s health – then we got our hopes up with his speedy recovery. Now, reality has spoken, and Charlie will probably have to focus on 2014 as far as WC competition. Like an earlier comment, Hercules and Edson have been given a huge chance – let’s see what you’ve got, boys!

  113. Warren says:

    conspiracy theorist

  114. Warren says:

    Actually I’m sure Bradley will weigh heavily the views of Sochaux’s coaches and trainers.

    If the word out of France is that there is just no way Charlies is close to fit enough to play, then Bradley will save the roster spot for someone else.

    Seeing the broke-down guy who woulda coulda shoulda helped sitting on the bench, I don’t see how that does anything for the USMNT.

  115. Derrick says:

    not surprising.

    i don’t know who should go but i think you have to question the wisdom of bringing, players that are not playing, players that are out of form, players that aren’t scoring if that’s their job, and players that are not fit.

  116. Warren says:

    I think you got the starting line-up exactly right as of today.

    Whether it is Gomez or Buddle coming off the bench when Jozy runs out of gas will be settled by the Czech and Turk friendlies.

  117. Warren says:


  118. A says:

    Maybe he can get fit playing for an MLS team for a couple weeks if he’s nearly fit enough with the ligue 1 season coming to a close.

  119. Warren says:

    For some reason Hull’s other mediocre strikers have scored more than Jozy – ok aside from zaki – so let’s not kid ourselves.

    Jozy’s no Arjen Robben or Rooney or Torres who can create his own shot, which is a problem. Even on a bad team a good striker should have more than 1 goal. So at age 20, we can’t honestly call Jozy a good striker can we? He may be best USMNT has got, but that isn’t saying much.

    But yeah if Jozy hustles and landon sets the table we can hope for more at the Cup.

  120. Warren says:

    that sums up half of our player pool – you want to ask the other teams to play 7 on 7? : )

  121. Joamiq says:

    If Bob and the US doctors think he’s healthy, I don’t see what the harm is in bringing him. Jozy, Davies, Ching, Gomez. Dempsey can obviously deputize as necessary. I don’t think we can do measurably better than that.

  122. tampa red says:

    The Willis Reed analogy is more apt than you realize.

    Reed made his first two baskets and then that was it for the game. It was okay as that was the 7th game of the series the Knicks won.

    However, the US has to play 3 games just to get out of its group and 4 after that to win the World Cup. So, unless Davies is fully fit, you are putting the US in a deep hole from the start by bringing along a half fit player from the get go. This crap about “well 80% of Charlie is betterthan 100% of player X” is just that CRAP. You know why Bradley is so bad at subbing people? Because the team has crap depth, thats why. Unless Charlie can prove he is nearly 100% he shouldn’t go. This is the World Cup not some exhibition tour of Africa. The team can’t afford a passenger, as the English say.

    I followed the Knicks very closely during the Reed years and Reed was never he same player after that game so you might think about that as you wish for your fairy tail ending.

  123. papa bear says:

    It’s too bad he wasn’t loaned to MLS during the window. Now there is no chance he’ll get playing time short of his contract being terminated.
    If I’m Bob Bradley, I’m 75-25 in favor of leaving Davies off the roster at this point. Charlie is a talented guy but ANYONE on the shelf for 8+ months is going to be rusty and will only be able to be a stoppage time-30 minute sub at the very very best and I don’t think that is a very helpful situation to put the USMNT team.

    It’s a shame really, he really looked poised to be one of the big contributors and now will likely be watching from home.

  124. Joe says:

    Read the above posts people!!!

    Davies is on track, he even said it himself.

    Don’t hate either.

  125. tnnelson says:

    i think just his presence on the field could make the difference. everyone would be so pumped that he made it to SA, and even if he only played 15 minutes a game, he could possibly be capable of making something happen. its still 50 days away, and all he has to do is show bradley that he is close enough to full health to at least take to the tournament as a sub and start donovan or dempsey up top with jozy

  126. tnnelson says:

    yep. there’s no point in arguing about this, because it’s bradley’s decision to make when the time comes

  127. joejoe says:

    The guy is hurt. He can’t play. It’s his own fault. Had he not violated curfew, he would have been ready, and maybe no one had died.

  128. Goldilocks says:


    Good post but what would be in it for an MLS team to take Davies on loan? Why would the MLS pay a player big money for maybe, what, 5 or 6 games before leaving for the World Cup?

    You are then as much as admitting you are some kind of backwater minor league that is prone to what amounts to publicity stunts. Even if you, Papa Bear, believe that to be the case, what MLS team be stupid enough to do that?

    Also, in case no one noticed, Dempsey is playing a lot at the striker position for Fulham. Like you, I can’t imagine why anyone would take an injured player to the most important tournament in the game. Davies, even at his best, is no Wayne Rooney and everyone will tell you that England made a big mistake when a half fit Rooney was rushed back for England’s 2006 world Cup and was pretty subpar.

    The USMNT is better off with a fully fit in form Davies but carrying an injured, unproven, half fit, rehab patient on your roster just to “inspire” people is a sick joke.

    Don’t tell me that Davies, at this point, is a more proven 20 minute instant offense sub than Gomez.

  129. JL says:

    Agreed. And the real issue about being less than 100% is that you’re begging for a re-injury. The examples are legion of guys who set themselves way back in the long run because they tried to come back too soon. Look no further than Jermaine…

    Better for him and his career, and even the Nats in the long run, if he’s able to fully recuperate before jumping back into the cauldron.

  130. JL says:

    That’s the spirit! Keep dwelling on mistakes CD already apologized for, pledged to make up for, and that Bradley and his teammates forgave him for. The crash was a terrible tragedy. The lessons learned came too late. But there’s nothing for anyone to do about it except keep living forward.

  131. chill says:

    “With any other country, it would be absurd to even contemplate playing in the World Cup, when you haven’t played a competitive match in 8-9 months.”

    Enough said. Until he plays, this is not a story. Right now, he’s not even looking good enough for his club to hold out hope he might play this season. There’s no way Bradley can use a spot on him.

  132. Chris W. says:

    Hard lesson to learn but you can not take your career for granted. If he would have been in the hotel like he was supposed to be we would be talking about how many WC goals Davies would score.

    Lesson for those with a bright future in any sport, stay out of troublesome situations.

  133. Jayrod1111 says:

    Thanks warren…to bad Jermaine Jones couldn’t be added to my roster!