Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

MessiDiarra (Getty Images)

The biggest domestic match of the European season takes place today, and should be the centerpiece for most soccer TV viewing this Saturday.

Real Madrid takes on FC Barcelona in what is easily the match of the day, but on a day when a record eight MLS matches will be played, there is a great selection of action on tap today.

Aston Villa/Chelsea and Fiorentina/Inter Milan will serve as good European appetizers before 'El Clasico', and before the full slate of MLS matches, which includes the Philadelphia Union's home debut.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


10am– FSC/FSE- Hull vs. Burnley
– Fox Soccer Plus- West Ham vs. Sunderland
– FSC/FSE- Aston Villa vs. Chelsea (FA Cup semifinal)
Noon– Fox Soccer Plus/ESPN 360- Napoli vs. Parma
12:30pm– ESPN Deportes/ ESPN 360- Bayer Leverkusen vs. Bayern Munich
– FSC- Fiorentina vs. Inter Milan
-GolTV/ESPN Deportes/ESPN 360-Real Madrid vs. Barcelona
4pm-Telefutura- Chivas USA vs. New York Red Bulls
– FSC- Philadelphia Union vs. DC United
– Azteca America/ESPN- Jaguares vs. Club America.
6pm– Telemundo- Monterrey vs. San Luis
– Telefutura- Queretaro vs. Toluca
– Fox Soccer Plus- Napoli vs. Parma (Delayed)
7:30pm– Direct Kick- New England vs. Toronto FC
– Telemundo- Chivas Guadalajara vs. Morelia
– Telefutura- Pachuca vs. Atlas
– FSE- Independiente vs. San Lorenzo
– Fox Soccer Plus- West Ham vs. Sunderland (Delayed)
8:30pm– Direct Kick- Houston Dynamo vs Los Angeles Galaxy
8:30pm-Direct Kick- Kansas City Wizards vs. Colorado Rapids
– Direct Kick- FC Dallas vs. Columbus Crew
– Direct Kick- Chicago Fire vs. San Jose Earthquakes
– FSC- Aston Villa vs. Chelsea (FA Cup Semifinal- Delayed)
9pm– Direct Kick- Real Salt Lake vs. Seattle Sounders
– Telemundo- Atlante vs. Cruz Azul

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119 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. paul says:


  2. Peter says:

    Dynamo – Galaxy in Houston is the top match of the day in MLS.

  3. Brigham Young says:

    ….Will lose to RSL.

  4. afc says:

    Jozy starting.

  5. beckster says:

    so is Spector

  6. Chad says:

    Ugh… Why do Chivas and New York have to be at the same time as the Clasico? I was looking forward to seeing what all this Tim Ream hype was about.

  7. Second City says:

    *Will be using the DVR to check out: Chivas vs. Morelia . Hoping the ” Little Pea ” doesn’t disappoint.

    *Let’s hope Jozy puts one into the ol’ union bag against a struggling Burnley today. We know he’ll create for Hull but this should be the week to add him to the scoring sheet.

    *Chicago welcoming back Jon Busch to Toyota Park, albeit, he’ll be on the bench. It’ll be a bit weird not seeing him defending Section 8. With that said, I’m sure he’ll be receiving a warm reception initially.

  8. Justin O says:

    So is Cherundolo.

    Hannover 1-0 Schalke


  9. michael wright says:

    jozy gets one today, book it.

    goodmorning alan!

  10. Pete says:


  11. michael wright says:

    horrible defending by burnley but great cross from JOZY!

  12. Dylan says:

    jozy whips a ball in nnnn gooooooooool

  13. wilyboy says:

    Yeah, baby!!!

  14. ahm says:


  15. Hensley says:

    Assist by Jozy!!

  16. wildchild says:

    don’t bother, he’s training with the national team. Mexican clubs will have to do without their best players for the remainder of the season…

  17. steve says:

    can anyone feed me a video of hull?

  18. Kevin_amold says:

    Two Americans in two six pointers today. If only they weren’t RELEGATION six pointers….

  19. Steve says:

    nevermind. think i got one.

  20. ericJ says:

    nice moves by jozy!

  21. ahm says:


  22. scott says:

    can anyone tell me what happened to the epl game on espn2? it was supposed to be on at 7.30, but instead i wake up to find fishing shows???

  23. ericJ says:

    Good move by Burnley player to get open for that cross…

  24. understood says:

    there wasnt a game being played for them to show this morning

  25. gmonsoon43 says:

    It seems to have been moved for some reason or ESPN had it wrong. I checked during the week and it was on the schedule. Then I checked last night and wasn’t listed anymore, then checking the premier schedule the game is on Wednesday this week.

  26. Emerald_City_Jason says:


  27. ericJ says:

    Altidore good on the ball again…

  28. Ted in MN says:

    Oh Jozy, be patient man

  29. peter says:

    stupid by altidore!

  30. gmonsoon43 says:

    Looking at ESPN’s schedule next Saturday morning is the Manchester Derby.

  31. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    …Will sleep with many rosy cheeked, pearl-skinned Brigham Young coeds after defiling RSL.

  32. James T. says:

    Altidore was easily Hull’s best player that half. He’s playing very well and was unlucky to not get a goal.

  33. ahm says:

    can’t afford to lose his cool here he’s playing so well

  34. Famos1 says:

    Jozy just about smoked the AR…. man that would have been funny, although, not cool!

  35. Utrules07 says:

    i think its cos they are showing the fulham liverpool game tom morning

  36. This Guy says:

    They don’t need anymore assault charges. They should probably keep their hands to themselves for once.

  37. montana matt says:

    Jozy is the only reason i’m sitting through this otherwise unwatchable match.

  38. Matt says:

    I’m sad i just woke up to find i missed Jozy’s assist.

    Anyways, i’ll be at Rio Tinto tonight, probably listening to more ignorant Sounders fans telling me #17 is our DP and he’s not as good as either of the Freddies. Then i laugh and say we don’t have a DP and #17 (Wingert) is about as far from it as possible. And at the end of the night, RSL wins.

  39. ericJ says:

    Yawn, take it to rivalries.

  40. madmax says:

    Dolo looked very good at Hanover.

  41. ericJ says:

    Good news for US. Is he still the captain there?

  42. aristotle says:

    Wow! Hull is absolutely pathetic!

  43. ericJ says:

    This one is over for Hull. 2 penalties.

  44. wilyboy says:

    I can officially declare Jozy too good for Hull. Wow.

  45. Anonymous Coward says:

    Do many players shoot penalties with a straight run-up? Looks like it’d be super difficult to read a guy who can run up and shoot the ball into the corner like that without turning his hips.

  46. MemRook says:

    Jozy has looked OK in this match. A lot of that has to do with his supporting players obviously. But having watched previous games, Jozy still has a lot of growing to do. He’s a handful for sure, but I think his decision making needs the most improvement. I can’t wait to see him in his prime at his best when he has years of top flight experience. He’ll be unstoppable.

  47. afc says:

    Jon Paul Pittman scored for Wycombe

  48. Jim says:

    That was a great kick. The Burnley Players’s body language screamed left and he hit it to the right. Hull’s goalie had no chance.

  49. peter says:

    Thats if he continues to improve and is playing on the right team.

  50. Eric says:

    Jozy plays with a bunch of idiots.

  51. war says:

    JOZY!!!! AHHH

  52. Lieutenant in Sam's Army says:

    no way Hull stays up now. looks like Jozy will find another home next season. Probably another mid- to lower-level Prem squad. Wolves?

  53. aristotle says:

    It looks like the U.S. players abroad will be taking a major hit with about six players being relegated to lower divisions.

  54. understood says:

    its hard to judge the hull strikers…the midfield just flat out stinks…cant hold possession…cant make threatening passes…and cant tackle…theyre being overrun by burnley of all teams…and then to top it off…they leave three of their most gifted midfielders (marney geovanni and cairney) on the bench and play mendy mcshane and folan instead for their physical presence

  55. aristotle says:

    I’m not so sure why Burnley feels so victorious. Their still going down with Hull and Portsmouth.

  56. Jon says:

    looks like they are going to have to perform really well in South Africa then!

  57. aristotle says:


  58. wally says:

    a half chance for jozy. i can’t remember the last clear look at goal he’s hadw

  59. wildchild says:

    yeah. i thought there was a post here about it, detailing how the owners of the clubs and the Mexican soccer federation made a deal to prioritize the World Cup, thus starting camp early, scheduling a ton of friendlies, and thus given up the selected players to the national team for the remainder of the season… last week was the last that selected players were with their clubs. they are all now training with the national team. you can see chicarito next month, friday the seventh, versus chezch republic…

  60. war says:

    most of them are on loan though so it doesn’t really count.

  61. timothy says:

    Or Villarreal

  62. Famos1 says:

    only when he creates it for himself….

  63. Darian says:

    Dutchmen Arnold Bruggink is captain, Dolo Is First Vice Captain while I believe Altin Lala is 2nd VC. Enke was captain till he died and each player went up a rank I guess..

  64. aristotle says:

    I can only think of one on loan. Who are you referring to?

  65. BrooklynFC says:

    Vennegor and Geovanni need to start every game here on out

  66. ericJ says:

    Oh okay, thanks for clearing this up for me :)

  67. BrooklynFC says:

    On the move that got him in on goal…… jozy’s touch was a little heavy……

    That said Jozy is gonna be a problem at the CUP cause he will not be the player the defense is focusing on….. LD Demps and davies if he makes it back will all get more attention leaving jozy one on one against the opponents weaker Centerback

  68. MemRook says:

    Hull really do deserve to go down, much moreso than Burnley. Burnley had a good coach in Coyle who got them up and had them doing well, then jumped ship to save Bolton, which he did. He didn’t give Burnley much chance to find a decent replacement and then thier results started being negative. But Hull City always had a sucky coach in Brown an always deserved to go down with his team selection and team tactics.

  69. Brent McD says:

    Jozy is a good young player, but he has really become a flopper. Hate to see him resort to such cynical tactics, but there can be no arguing that diving is effective in modern soccer.

  70. Brent McD says:

    He hit both those penalties with the outside of his foot. Very impressive skill and confidence required to be able to do that

  71. eric says:

    I feel like Hodgson would be the guy that would have an interest in Jozy. Mostly because his strikers are getting a bit old but we’ll to wait for the World Cup to see how he performs on the big stage.

  72. Osvaldo Alonso says:


  73. Brent McD says:

    Where are these “rivalries” you speak of? I see no problem with Matt’s post. In fact MLS could really use some more good-natured trash talk, fan interest, etc.

  74. MemRook says:

    Fulham already have a young, promising talent in Okaka Chuka: both have some skill, young and large tendencies to disappear in games and show lethargy on the field. Not sure Hodgson wants another.

  75. OmarVizquel says:

    Maybe he’s been watching too many Drogba tapes.

    I hate to see it. But you’re right, every world power (Italy, Germany, Brazil, etc) resorts to weak stuff. I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  76. ericJ says:

    More creativity? the same boring, anecdotal and hypocritical jabs…

  77. Seattlt divers says:

    Will dive , dive, dive and…… DIVE

  78. war says:

    cooper, jozy, and a couple of the guys in league 1. The guy’s names at Wycombe and Leyton Orient escaped me now.

  79. aristotle says:

    Villa are being robbed already. Chelsea would have been awarded a penalty.

  80. CA says:


  81. Judging Amy says:

    Stefano Okaka doesn’t belong to Fulham. On loan from Roma.

  82. TheSoccerSage says:

    Wow, great games this weekend. Villa/Chelsea, Leverkusen/Bayern, Real/Barca, and Fiorentina/Inter are all important matches.

  83. MemRook says:

    Fair enough but Jozy doesn’t belong to Hull (belongs to Villareal). Actually they’re both in the same exact situation with their clubs, both on loan with an option to extend the loan through either purchase or loan extension. Point is, I don’t see hodgson adding another big, young unproven striker with basically the same skill sets. Personally as a huge Fulham fan I’d much rather have Jozy cuz I fully support the kid but I just don’t see it happening.

  84. wilyboy says:

    Cracking match between Villa and Chelsea. Neither one is going to hand that first goal to the other, it’s got to be earned.

  85. TheSoccerSage says:

    While Jozy and Hull are struggling with their relegation battle, Steve Cherundolo’s Hannover are making a charge. After a draw against Hamburg, Hannover beat Shalke 4-2 today. They have the toughest closing schedule in the Bundesliga, but are really hitting form.

  86. Eric says:

    That’s the only reason i would want it as a Fulham supporter. I just see him going back to a mid level English team in the summer and Fulham fit that discription.

  87. Second City says:

    Appreciate the heads up.

    This will save the much desidered DVR space, since I missed that article on here regarding their National Team members.

    Thanks again, WC.

  88. OmarVizquel says:

    Howard Webb is a gigantic joke of a referee. Thankfully we can’t draw him in our group.

  89. wilyboy says:

    No effing fair. Aston Villa deserve better.

  90. BooThisMan says:

    Why no Boca in 18 for Rennes?

  91. Ian says:

    Hull’s defenders are atrocious. Even when they could play the ball out of the back to a midfielder in space, they just hoofed it long. And then the missed tackles that led to the second penalty, just awful.

  92. dbag says:

    I take Webb over Larrionda any day

  93. Rekro says:

    And once again my Villains decide not to show up for the big one. No words can describe how angry I am right now so I’ll just leave it at that.

    Up The Villa.

  94. jordan says:

    The Bayern / Bayer game was really good!
    Now, anyone going to have a good stream of Fiorentina vs. Inter Milan?

  95. Lieutenant in Sam's Army says:

    Guzan has to be getting kind of irritated with O’Neill and his squad selection. Guzan takes care of business in the Cups but once Villa get to Wembley, O’Neill puts Friedel back in. If Friedel stays at Villa next year, I would think that Guzan will be out on loan somewhere. Maybe another Prem team, or maybe Championship/Scotland. I can’t see him making a move out of the UK.

  96. Smith says:

    Well, failing that,the two Freddies always have each other.

  97. OmarVizquel says:

    At this level, I would think it’d be understood that an accomplished 1st-teamer like Friedel — whose proven himself in the league for years and continues to do so — is the main man. Guzan should be (and I’d bet he probably is) grateful to be packing away a hefty salary, while getting the chance to play in more than a few meaningful matches here and there for a mid- to top-tier team in England.

  98. OmarVizquel says:

    *who’s proven himself

  99. Brent McD says:

    what are you talking about? who made you SBI moderator?

  100. Northzax says:

    Nah, i’d love to have Webb as a ref, the US couldn’t ask for a better one, frankly. He’s probably the most familiar with our major players, as well as US soccer (remember he reffed the Superliga final last summer) he’s not going to show Mike Bradley a straight red the minute he looks at someone funny or card Gooch just cause he’s a big guy. Mark my words, a us player will see a straight red this summer, not against England, probably the second match, one that Webb wouldn’t have given. We want a chippy, fairly dirty match, we don’t stand a chance in a wide open one.

  101. Albert Belle says:

    If Guzan gets dropped to #3 because Hahnemann is playing and he isn’t then he may get an urge to move. Good keepers of Guzan’s ability are hard to come by in the UK. Who knows how much longer Friedel will play? It could be three to four or more.

    On the other hand Guzan is young and can afford to wait a bit. Still, he has to start showing soon because Howard could hang around for 2014 and I’m sure Guzan wants to be the US starter by then.

  102. peter says:

    Can’t wait for the barcelona fan who is always on here, to start complaining about every call. Should be great fun.

  103. MemRook says:

    Hear hear! Northzax is exactly right. A referee like Webb would understand both the USA’s and England’s style of physical play combined with speed and technical skill, and prolly let the game flow more in that respect.

    Our only real hope is that the US boys have seen over the past several international tournaments the kind of treatment we are gonna get from refs. It’s an old cliche but one we need to strongly heed: adjust to the style of refereeing or see red after red and fail.

    This world cup might be the Nats’ greatest mental challenge in a long, long time.

  104. madmax says:

    JOZY is too often the best Hull player on the pitch.I hope he quits stopping play before the whistle.

  105. peter says:

    barcelona aren’t having as much of ball as usual. madrid doing well with pressure

  106. peter says:

    barcelona players rush surround the ref, not that sporting that.

  107. peter says:

    messi scores. plenty of fouls. I see a red card coming soon.

  108. BCC says:

    Great goal by Messi and Xavi. Madrid needs to do better with their chances because I don’t see them getting many. This game could be a heart stopper.

  109. e says:

    sooo…any doubts who the best team in spain is?

  110. reverb says:


  111. Dominghosa says:

    ¡Visca Barça!

  112. DL says:

    Anyone have a high quality feed for the Dynamo Galaxy match? the one I am on is lagging. Thanks in advance.

  113. Dylan says:

    yeah..I can’t find any stream for the Fire game. Anyone have one?

  114. Brent McD says:

    Send Landin back to Mexico. The guy is a joke

  115. DL says:

    4 Dynamo players have caught elbows to the face and that equaled one yellow. And the leg swipe by Landin is a straight red? Random, but what do you expect from MLS refs.

  116. Jorge says:

    Houston down 2-0

  117. Brian says:

    Buddle is on freaking fire. him and gomez need to get a camp trial. seriously. no way is conor casey better than both of these guys who are in the zone.

  118. Jamie Z. says:

    You know, it’s rough feeling hard done by every week, but the simple fact of the matter is that if Villa had more options and strength in depth, they would not find themselves in these positions week after week. I’ll support Villa whether they come in 4th or 14th, but they’re always going to struggle toward the end of the season until they strengthen their squad. I wouldn’t mind seeing someone like Bradley as another midfield option. And strikers…geez. We need somebody.