Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Manchester United takes on Chelsea today (7:45am, ESPN2) with first place in the Premier League on the line as both teams enter the match without their top strikers.

If you will be watching today's soccer action on TV, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Apologies for the late start, I've been sick since yesterday. I'll include the rest of today's TV schedule shortly).

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153 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Casey says:

    Get well soon Ives!

  2. Brian S says:

    Giggs has looked out of it today.

  3. andrew in tampa says:

    Hope you feel better today. Chelsea looks good. I wish Malouda would go after Neville some more. That right side is the soft underbelly of Man U.

  4. OmarVizquel says:

    Get well Ives. This was an entertaining half. All these Mancs are nattily clad in their trendy gold and green scarves, but wouldn’t a better “protest” be to not purchase tickets to the games in the first place?

    I can’t see this game ending without a sending off and/or a penalty. Chelsea should have had one for sure, and I don’t even particularly like them.

  5. Giuseppe Rossi says:

    no excuses ives

  6. AKDN says:

    The first half was all Chelsea.

    The refereeing was fantastic, and probably the best I’ve ever seen. That being said, there was one glaring exception: Neville’s football tackle in the box. I don’t know if the official’s view was blocked, or what the deal is, but I think that was a clear cut PK.

  7. OmarVizquel says:

    Are British announcers correct in pronouncing Nani as an American would say “nanny”? This annoys me, but I don’t know Portuguese pronunciation. (They also always say Kaká as “KA-kuh”…)

  8. Citronomoics says:

    close range rocket by Drogba! looked off sides but sweet finish…

  9. Citronomics says:

    WTF… Macheda bungles the ball into goal… didn’t see whether the ball went off his arm. Last 10 minutes should be crackin’

  10. Brian S says:

    I think that second goal takes away from how well this game has been officiated

  11. AKDN says:

    I had to turn the game off and get some work done before the Final Four, what happened?

  12. Brian S says:

    Drogba in a clear offside position when the ball is played to him before firing home. Fergie is gonna have a fit after the game

  13. AKDN says:


    They also pronounce Cesc as “Sesk,” instead of “Chesk.”

    Nani should be pronounced, “Naanee.”

  14. AKDN says:

    Well, at least the officiating was good for one half.

  15. OmarVizquel says:

    Also: José Al-ti-DORE-ee

  16. AKDN says:

    I never understood that one.

  17. This Guy says:

    British in general pronounce everything with a long A. My wife speaks English not American English and we talk about this all the time.

    Jamie Oliver has a show on ABC and last night he called nachos, nAchos. It’s just how they do it.

  18. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    Exciting finish. There’s no disputing the offside on Drogba. Blatantly offsides. How the sideline ref let that go is beyond me, especially at Old Trafford. Tougher call on Macheda’s goal. At game speed, it was almost impossible to tell if he helped the ball in with his arm. Even on replays, it’s tough to tell, I thought. Call could’ve went either way.

    Thought Chelsea were the better team today, though. Especially in the 1st half. United just looked sloppy for most of the game, maybe even a little run down. One would have to think Chelsea getting booted from the Champions League paid off today.

  19. Pig Benis says:

    Altidore on the bench.

  20. Brian S says:

    I don’t understand the mindset of the coaches with Altidore. He puts in a MOTM performance last week and he gets demoted to the bench

  21. Ian says:

    Yeah, damn those Brits for corrupting the English language! :)

  22. ahm says:

    it looks like dowie continues the phil brown trend of not starting jozy on the road. he made some comments about jozy potentially being the player that keeps hull city up, then said he needs to train with more intensity. either way i’m tired of it. instead i’m rooting for mo edu, getting the start and michael bradley back in the starting lineup

  23. Ian says:

    I really thought this was a game where Altidore would shine. It ought to be a tough, physical game, and Jozy is a tough, physical player. I also thought Dowie was high up on him. Maybe in the 2nd half.

  24. Lieutenant in Sam's Army says:

    Edu starting, Beasley on the bench for Rangers.

    Bradley starting for ‘Gladbach.

    Edu and Bradley CM combo for the World Cup looking more and more like the one we’ll go to. I’ve always liked Edu better than Rico but now that Edu is back playing I don’t see any reason why Mo wouldn’t start.

  25. Beckster says:

    Well didn’t Folan (who replaces him) score one last week and 2 the week before? It’s all about goals in the relegation battle I think.

  26. Jim says:

    I was looking forward to Altidore and Shawcross battling each other during the game. Maybe it will happen late in the second half.

  27. DCM says:

    Just like that Bayern scores 2 in 2 minutes to go up 2-0 on Schalke in the 26th. WOW

  28. DCM says:

    … and Schalke gets one back in the 31st

    Schalke 1-2 Bayern

  29. Brian S says:

    Edu has been active in the opening minutes. I hope he can get a good run of form going into June

  30. andrew in tampa says:

    Hull gives up easy goal. way too easy. What happened to the defense?

  31. Brian S says:

    And Stoke is already up 1-0

  32. Brian S says:

    Edu with a goal after hitting the post seconds earlier!!!!!!

  33. andrew in tampa says:


  34. ahm says:

    WOW EDU. so close off the post

  35. wilyboy says:

    I am terrified that Edu won’t be able to live up to an injured Bundesliga player. Scared, I say.

  36. Jim says:

    That was a perfect header from Kitson to Fuller for the goal. Fuller has great skill in working defenders one on one, with Stoke thought he doesn’t get the chance to do it that often.

  37. USMNT says:

    Hull City will be relegated because they don’t start their best forward, Jozy Altidore!

  38. Brian S says:

    That’s what everyone’s been screaming. I would much rather have a guy who hasn’t seen the pitch in a year playing over a guy that is getting consistent playing time in Europe

  39. AKDN says:

    So Edu scored?

    What happened with Hull?

  40. Spectra says:

    Rico Clark must be pissed right now. A few months ago it seemed the only person that could take his spot would be a Healthy Jermaine Jones. Now he sits and sits and sits while Edu gets in better and better form.

  41. Spectra says:

    Does anyone know how much Edu and Bradley were able to play together in midfield at the youth level?

  42. Brian S says:

    He’s scored and hit the post within seconds of each other. He’s playing really well

  43. Jorge says:

    And Jozy up and warming up…

  44. USMNT says:

    At least Hull City’s manager realized his mistake quickly!

  45. Jorge says:

    Probably… the commentators mentioned that Jozy and Craig Fagan make a partnership and it showed last time.

  46. Aaron in StL says:

    I hope that’s the case. He and JVoH should be locks each week.

  47. OmarVizquel says:

    “Nani,” “Kaká”, and “nacho” aren’t English…

  48. usa says:

    not sure what was so “contentious” about the recent penalty given in the sunderland-tottenham game, this announcer won’t stop pissing about a clear handball

  49. Brian S says:

    These streams are a joke. They play for about 3 minutes and then are cut off

  50. Jorge says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Hull’s Giovanni?

  51. B1879 says:

    and Jose with the hard J.

  52. OmarVizquel says:

    Should they be crystal clear?

  53. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I think we got ourselves a Tottenham fan in the booth.

  54. dbag says:

    its obvious that the current manager is actually trying partnerships to see what works. Altidore will play, but at least hes trying to avoid relegation unlike brown.

  55. Aaron in StL says:

    Take that up with management. With all the money you pay for these free streams, you as the customer deserve better.

  56. Brian S says:

    Don’t need to be clear, just play

  57. usa says:

    ya, that’s clear after he said that modric was “attempting to get out of the way”(since when did that matter?) and that he really made something out of nothing on what was one of the more blatant penalties ive seen recently

  58. andrew in tampa says:

    he’s on the bench sitting next to josy.

  59. Brian S says:

    Not sure but it seems that he has completely fallen out of favor. I don’t see him at the club after the summer

  60. Brian S says:

    I’ve already written a scathing letter. I think it’s gonna get results

  61. jig says:

    ahahahhahaha beautiful, aaron.

  62. Jorge says:

    It is too bad. He kept Hull going last season.

  63. Jorge says:

    I saw him.

  64. wilyboy says:

    This has to be a joke. He was universally hailed after last game, which you won, he got the penalty. What does it take to get him on the pitch? The numbskulls on the field have done nothing so far.

  65. ahm says:

    i must be going insane. please tell me they didn’t put VofH in instead of jozy at half

  66. ahm says:

    sorry mis-heard the announcer right before my crappy feed went out

  67. kptx says:

    Grella starting for Leeds today, still 0-0. They need a win in the worst way to avoid the playoff.

  68. Andrew H. says:

    Totally. At least it is less chance for him to get injured. I think he is our most important player for the World Cup–his VORP is the highest on the team.

  69. Brian S says:

    Jozy must be doing something in training that Dowie doesn’t like because he is their most dominant player when it comes to games

  70. Jorge says:

    Giovanny coming on for Hull…

  71. wilyboy says:

    Maybe he’s an American in training?

  72. Aengus says:

    giovanni comin in…………… WTF jozy best be comin in soon as well

  73. wilyboy says:

    EDU… thank god, he’s walking.

  74. Brian S says:

    All Hull fans are calling for Jozy to come on on the Hull message boards. They don’t agree with Dowie as much as we don’t

  75. Brian S says:

    What happened?

  76. Sinbin says:

    Oh please.

  77. wilyboy says:

    Edu went up for a challenge, came down rather nasty on one leg, stayed down. He’s back on the field now.

    He needs to get himself a safer league.

  78. Jorge says:

    Bent misses another PK…

  79. EvertonBrian says:

    Kenny Cooper gets the start! Wow… What a sight for sore eyes! He’s looked lively in the first half. Unfortunately he was offside on that goal.

  80. Jorge says:

    Jozy about to come in…

  81. Brian S says:

    Jozy coming on!

  82. Jorge says:

    And Jozy is on…

  83. Nick says:

    someone read a bill simmons column yesterday

  84. ericj says:

    Already JOZY creates chances!!!

  85. Brian S says:

    Altidore already causing trouble

  86. DNYCE says:

    Already Jozy making an impact

  87. eric says:

    First time Jozy gets the ball his creates a chance.

  88. wilyboy says:

    There is no way performance is the reason for his lack of play. Maybe Dowie just wanted to see all his forwards play… before putting on the effective one.

  89. Jorge says:

    And Sunderland’s 3rd goal disallowed… Why? No one knows.

  90. L says:

    For having missed 2 pks

  91. Jorge says:

    Funny… good one. How do you miss 2 PKs in a row? It bugles the mind.

  92. Aengus says:

    That looked bad. Hope he is ok. Looked like he was knocked out cold for a bit

  93. Jorge says:

    His eyes looked totally white like he was out… i too hope George is ok.

  94. afc says:

    Jon-Paul Pittman gets an assist for Wycombe.

  95. Aengus says:

    Realize I gave no name about who or what game. Hull City game, Boetang was kicked in head after heading the ball away from someone attempting a bicycle kick. He is still down… not looking good

  96. RevsFan says:

    How is that not a card?

  97. schalke 04 destroyer says:

    Edu was in excellent form before he got hurt good to see him getting back to that. Who knew he was box to box!!!!

  98. Jorge says:

    No idea. But hopefully he is ok. Ugly fall.

  99. Andrew H. says:

    I have used VORP for awhile, but I am glad it is catching on.

  100. Jorge says:

    They just announced that Boateng is conscious, which is a good sign, taken to the hospital for precaution.

  101. DNYCE says:

    any one else lose the hull stream?

  102. wilyboy says:

    Yes. Shoot.

  103. Jorge says:

    Nice goal for Sunderland…

  104. Thorpinski says:

    I still think we go with Mike and torres

  105. Jorge says:

    Marcus and the Wolves keeping Arsenal scoreless… While Stoke just scored a second goal.

  106. Spectra says:

    will Hull sack another manager

  107. Jorge says:

    I think Hull took way too long to sack Brown

  108. Jorge says:

    And Arsenal just scored a late winner

  109. CrispyST3 says:

    Nice one Geovani, Jozy told you where he wanted it, and you run into 3 defenders. You’re not MESSI!

  110. peter says:

    Why is everybody surprised that Hull suck. We know it. Hull players suck, Jozy is god, I get it.

  111. Brian S says:

    I never realized just how garbage Hull is until right now. They looked completely clueless about where and when to play the ball

  112. wilyboy says:


    1) Edu clearly man of the match. Excellent performance with a goal.

    2) Jozy needs to start and play 90. Only Boateng’s injury stopped him from getting Hull back on track.

    3) Geovanni is far too selfish to be a playmaker.

  113. matt dillon says:

    looks like gladbach is blowing another one. were up 1-0 to stuttgart and now down 2-1.

  114. AKDN says:

    Jozy updates would be appreciated.

  115. ahm says:

    haha!! didn’t know there were other simmons fans on here. i get a little bummed by his “interest in soccer,” whenever he talks it just kinda shows he still doesn’t understand it all

  116. Second City says:

    I just read Cooper Sr’s twitter page:

    ” My son and I are looking forward to his start this summer in South Africa, alongside that Jozy kid. ”

  117. Lieutenant in Sam's Army says:

    I would like that combo too but I think Mo/MB would be best for the team. Mo is more of a defensive mid and lets Bradley free to roam in the box where he has proved he is dangerous. With Torres in, Bradley has more defensive responsibilities and can’t get forward as often.

  118. Second City says:

    While the Jozy updates roll in (thanks viewers, for those of us at work):

    Any fun speculation, opinions or other chatter on where we might see/want Jozy to land next year?

    (DP for NYRB isn’t a valid answer…ha, regardless of what Jozy himself says)

  119. Brian S says:

    3-0 in six minutes for Man City. Incredible!

  120. EvertonBrian says:

    Hah! So much for my late April Fool’s actually working on anyone… Too outlandish!

  121. Brian S says:

    I have a feeling that if Villareal sell Rossi this summer to say.. Juventus, I think they could recall Jozy

  122. Jorge says:

    I’m watching the game and Tevez is just wrecking havoc.

  123. phil says:

    he was offside…

  124. Brian S says:

    It’s a small consilation that at least Hull aren’t the worst team to take the field today. I have to give that distinction to Burnley

  125. phil says:

    hear hear

  126. Jorge says:

    I concur with you, my friend… :-)

  127. phil says:

    thank the baby jesus!

  128. phil says:

    I think Jozy is much better off in the EPL, so I hope that doesn’t happen. the guy just doesn’t fit the spanish style.

  129. Jorge says:

    Make it 4-0 for Manchester City

  130. phil says:

    yeah but i love that Burnley goalkeeper, looks like he just left the pub!

  131. Jorge says:

    Any questions as to whether or not Burnley going down? :-)

  132. war says:

    good game for Marcus, but Arsenal can always pull it off at the end against 10 men, except Barca.

  133. Second City says:

    I haven’t watched Argentina in the build up to the WC this summer:

    Does Maradona play; Higuaín, Tevez AND Messi in the same starting 11?

  134. Hutskizzle says:

    poor Burnley

    thats something bad today man lol

  135. Jorge says:

    Good question. I know that Messi and Tevez, yes. Higuain with the other two, I don’t know. Those three playing would be a formidable force up front. But then again, Diego has no idea what the heck he is doing.

  136. Jorge says:

    5-0 now… I smell another Villa-like defeat in the making…

  137. Second City says:

    I’m saying.

    Those three are a Murder’s Row of a front-line.

    With that said, god bless Maradona. Who else would give us such side-pains from laughter after getting randomly bit in the face by a dog.

    The man is priceless..(especially if authorities are asking in relation to taxation)

  138. phil says:

    Dear god, just saw the man city scoreline, are they that good or is burnley that bad?!?!?!

  139. jts says:

    2 good saves by Gomes is how.

  140. Wolfgang Depner says:

    Now reporting from the depths of the German Bundesliga. I am listening to the Cologne-Berlin game and the reporter mentioned that Cologne’s Columbian goalie Mondragón wants to move to MLS. In fact, the report said that two teams are watching him. As for Mondragón, he says he wants to stay in Cologne until the team has secured its place in the Bundesliga, then talk about his future.

  141. Tony in Quakeland says:

    “Who knew he was box to box!!!!”

    No offense, but anyone who has watched him.

  142. phil says:

    just herd that the Burnley game could be rained out… which would mean a replay!

  143. patrick says:

    charlie davies is watching bolton game w/holden

  144. Jorge says:

    That’s funny.

  145. Second City says:

    Let’s hope CD-9000 is giving Holden some tips/mojo/karma on rapid healing.

  146. Erik says:

    Bayern will knock out United on Wednesday… Man United is zippo without Rooney. The rest of the team are really just hard working team players. Man U has always relied on some sort of enigma to win their titles..

    Rooney, Ronaldo, van Nistelrooy, Cantona…

  147. Hush says:

    Well it seems like another decent Saturday for our boys.

    Well, I hope Jozy does go back to Spain next year, a league less physical with petite players sounds like a good idea considering he has been playing in the NFL for most of the season. It seems he would average more goals in a league less competitive than the EPL, I hope that’s his destination.

  148. schalke 04 destroyer says:

    herculez gomez nets again, again as a sub.

    (Puebla is crazy for not starting him) and Bob Bradley needs to give him a serious look in turkey/czech repub friendlies. He is one of the hottest strikers in the world right now!

  149. The_Klumps says:

    Herc Gomez hit another today, again as a sub. Dude is en fuego. What 8 goals in 10 games or some such? 2nd leading goal scorer in clausera 2010? Herc, keep on ripping till someone picks up the bat phone.

  150. The_Klumps says:

    Hmmm… I need to have my glasses checked.

  151. Tim F. says:

    Hope you feel better Ives. Missed your top ten games of the weekend feature!

  152. SG says:

    Bayern is rolling at the right time….