USMNT Home Jersey unveiled

The U.S. men's national team's home jersey for the 2010 World Cup was unveiled this morning. Here it is.

What do you think of the jersey? Like it? Miss the old one? Already ordered it?

Share your thoughts below.

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129 Responses to USMNT Home Jersey unveiled

  1. William the Terror says:

    very sharp. we will look good beating England in that Jersey (unless they are the home team, in which case we’ll look good beating them in blue).

  2. bryan says:

    pretty nice. i still like the red one though.

  3. Chris says:

    Is there going to be an alternative red jersey? I am astounded that Nike/US Soccer continue to screw this up. Every fan I know wants a red US kit. And when you go to the US Soccer Store online, guess which color of t-shirts is always sold out? Yep — the red ones. Does anyone know why they insist on ignoring the fans’ desire for red jerseys?

  4. William the Terror says:

    yeah. good call. the red one is awesome.

  5. Onionbag says:

    I like the simple, clean style with a reference to the past with the diagonal stripe across the chest. Glad they didn’t overthink the design this time.

  6. OmarVizquel says:

    There is NO red one. That one going around is a mock-up by a message board dude of what a red one would look like.

  7. OmarVizquel says:

    The 2006 white jersey wasn’t overthought, was it? That was a really sharp shirt, and had the added bonus of not having a sash.

  8. garbaggio says:

    I didn’t even know we’d HAVE any home games at the World Cup!

  9. BSkillz says:

    Maybe they don’t want to jynx us haha.

    link to

  10. SoccerInAtl says:

    Here he comes….. Mr America. Looks like pagent meets soccer at last

  11. OmarVizquel says:

    I think the feeling is that we’d wear the blue shirt in 2 of our 3 group games.

  12. MarceloBalboaSuperStar says:

    US does better when it plays with the white jerseys instead of the blue. (i dont have statistics, but just something i have noticed)

  13. William the Terror says:

    really? that’s some serious BS. i think a few of us should get together and throw him a good old-fashioned hooligan style beating.

  14. Jim says:

    White on white strip? boring and lame. Our team should only wear the blue one.

  15. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    I was wondering who would be first to say that. Good job.

  16. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Also odd when you consider US Soccer encourages fans to wear red to US matches.

  17. JeffM says:

    Score one for internet rumors – this is the shirt that’s been circulating on various sites for a few months now.

    I like the shirt okay…I don’t love it. Maybe it’ll grow on me; I hated the old shirt the first time I saw it, but now I kind of like it.

  18. Mike M says:

    I liked the 2006 Jersey sooooooooooo much better.

  19. Chris says:

    Ha! Being Star Trek and soccer fan I should have thought of that.

    But seriously, is there really not going to be a red USMNT jersey?

  20. euroman says:

    Completely sucks…why not just give the boys a white tee-shirt to wear. I wouldn’t think anybody would buy it over the away jersey which is a 1000 times better.

  21. DL of 105 Support says:

    I think it would be cool to put a JG(Joe Gaetians) on the sleave. To honor that American Soccer hero and to put that in Englands heads while on the pitch.

  22. ko'd says:

    I’ll agree re: the calls for a red third jersey. One of my greatest regrets as a U.S. MNT supporter is not buying the red third jersey that the U.S. team wore in their 2006 World Cup warm-up games (the “Don’t Tread” jersey).

    link to

  23. Josh D says:

    Thought of doing the same thing when I’m at SA but then I realized, sadly, no one would know who he was…

    Do we have a new Haitian England slayer???

  24. Josh D says:

    It’s not too bad. Depends on how the silver shows up on the actual shirt during every day wear. I think I’ll get the blue one – but who to put on the back?

  25. john.q says:

    looks fine. want to see it on a player with numbers on ’em. any pics released yet ala the away kit with dempsey?

  26. ko'd says:

    I’m gonna throw this one out there…the white jersey is their home jersey. Their blue jersey is their road jersey. Putting a tournament like the Confederations Cup or World Cup to the side, doesn’t it make sense that they “do better” or “win more” when they wear white? (i.e., when they are playing at home?)

  27. DJ says:

    No red.

  28. DC Josh says:

    Ehhhhhhh. Meh. They’re okay. I was waiting for their home jersey to come out before I ordered mine, but now I’m torn between the two! Pro of blue: hides beer stains better. Pro of white: cooler in 100 degree DC weather.

    It’ll come down to inee-meenee-minee-mo.

  29. Josh says:

    I think it’s pretty slick.

  30. Brandinho says:

    Lousy. I’m not wasting my money on one. I’ll buy a pack of hanes tshirts and backover them with my car if need be.

  31. OmarVizquel says:

    Yes, there was one leaked about 7 months ago. And you can check the Nike site today, as there’s one with Dempsey screaming or something. And one with Landon at the US soccer site. I won’t post the links as I don’t want to spam the comments w/ links. But they’re out there.

  32. nate says:

    looks like a training shirt. FAIL.

  33. Adam M. says:

    If you want a red US jersey, Nike has out a red practice jersey with the USMNT logo front center, a big coiled snake design and USA on the center back, and 20 on one sleeve and 10 on the other. Its $50, about $20 cheaper than the game jerseys, and very nice. As for the real game jerseys, particularly the white home jersey, they need the numbering to really work.

  34. NC Jeff says:

    I kinda like it – would’ve designed the beauty pagent stripe and half armsleeve stripes differently, but still like it.

    Question: How’s it determined who wears dark/white jerseys at a given WC game? Do teams just alternate during group play, does the higher ranked team just always get their choice, or ???

  35. will says:

    they’ve been available for purchase here in south africa for like a week now. BTW, as a student living in Cape Town this place is going to be unreal for the WC. I cannot wait. If anyone has any questions about South Africa or the World Cup or anything I’m more than happy to help:

  36. chris says:

    This round of jerseys are the best designed that the US has ever had — way better than that pin-stripe crap they put out a couple of years ago…

  37. AC says:

    Love the jersey! Mix of the past with an updated look….Real classy jersey…

  38. Polish Wonder says:

    You mean the knock-offs have been available in South Africa for a week?

  39. U-S-A says:

    USSF has already said via twitter that there is no third jersey this go-round.

    If the grey sash really is that dark then the jersey just gained major points.

  40. john.q says:

    sweet! thanks.
    id buy one.. and wear it to mexico on vacay next month 😉

  41. Schuyler says:

    Very sharp kits and the best part is that they are honoring our forefathers who led us to a 3rd Place finish in the World Cup and wore a similar jersey.

  42. AJ says:

    The blue is a lot better. I know the qualifying jersey had the off-white on white look, but why repeat it? If you were going to keep that, why not keep the thin stripes around it like the qualifying jersey did?

  43. EdTheRed says:

    It’s like, how much more white could it be? The answer is none. None more white.

  44. El Torito says:

    Where does that silver slash come from. I think that it. Will look better with a red slash. I think my jaw flag is red, white and blue right?

  45. Schuyler says:

    …rather honoring the team that beat England in the World Cup.

  46. USMNTSupporter says:

    The previous home kit was quit sharp. The current kits with their sash are all to reminiscent of a beauty pageant (HT @SoccerInAtl) and I will not be buying one.

  47. r.benjamin says:

    Looks like I’m agreeing a lot with Omar Vizquel lately. Pretty decent stint with the giants there btw..

    I wish the USMNT would pick a style and stick with it. Way classier that way.

    I’m “ok” with this year’s version. The 2006 for me was the best. Stick with the sorta Lyon look. Its a good one.

  48. Paul says:

    It’s nice. Shame that your Yanks will be going home after 3 games… Muahaha! 😉

  49. Robert says:

    Boring, like our attacking third.

  50. Taylor says:

    Where are the stars above our crest? Ha ha

  51. sjack says:

    I agree. There’s not enough contrast. Definitely like the navy better.

  52. ZacIndy says:

    The Joe G story is a sad one. We should find a way to honor him. Especially considering the movie they made about that team, “game of their lives” (or something like that) portrayed him as a darked skin voodoo preist/busboy. Joe G was actually a light skinned Catholic and college educated. SI had a write up about him a few weeks back. shortly after the 1950 WC he was kidnapped and seemingly assainated by a Haitian military junta

  53. kahlva says:

    I seriously, seriously just want them to PICK ONE DESIGN already.

    Are we the only team in the world that switches jerseys all the time? What’s our identity with it? Ugh.

  54. sread says:

    I prefer the ’94 WC home kit. The stars and sky blue…Eric Wynalda….Alexi Lalas and his goatee….

  55. John says:

    HATE the new kit. They look like crossing guards.

  56. sucram89 says:

    yes we do his name is jozy altidore!

  57. jb says:

    pretty bland

  58. will says:

    No, I mean authentic ones.

  59. B1879 says:

    The red one is perfect for Trinidad & Tobago.

  60. Stephen says:

    Meh. Should have had a Blue or Red strip. Grey strip on white is weak. I might get a road kit, but this is kinda weak sauce.

  61. Yankee says:

    I have had this jersey (No. 10 Donovan) for over a month. Never buy a jersey unless you get it from E-Bay. $39 with shipping, straight from the Nike Sweatshops in Asia

  62. BC says:

    I hate it, looks like they are wearing a sash, here they come miss americaaaaa!!!!

  63. sam says:

    mint jersey, big fan

  64. Sergio of SF says:

    Looks good. Nice throw back to the one they beat England with. I hope they use this one with the white shorts/socks. I like it better than with the blue shorts. Plus it helps with the teams identity. Those who aren’t too familiar with the U.S. team will remember the Confederations Cup team, I think they used the all white kits throughout the tournament.

  65. OmarVizquel says:

    The idea that no other countries switch designs is a fallacy. Look up Germany’s or England’s designs since 1994.

  66. Chan says:

    +1 That is what I picked up. As for the jersey, I would prefer the blue (and hoped for the red).

  67. Mark F says:

    The Stripe should be red like on our flag…it’s a no brainer. Not a bad looking jersey, but the stripe should be red…no doubt about it.

  68. USAfan says:

    Anybody know what # Jozy’s wearing @ the WC? I’d like to get the same # but it seems forever changing …

  69. Mark F says:

    Not sure if you’re aware but this is a throwback to the 1950 kit when we beat England. It’s not like they just decided to use the sash out of nowhere.

  70. Greg says:

    still looks like an undershirt.

  71. Brad says:

    They should have made the two thin stripes on either side of the sash red. It looks too plain, like a black and white version of what the jersey should look like…

  72. Come on you Yanks says:

    Maybe they are honoring all those faded flags that you still see on cars and stuff from 9/11.

    Great shirt. In my opinion, it balances perfectly between too busy and too boring. I will likely sell my soul to the USMNT and get both jerseys, as well as the red training top. Expensive, I know, but our team is worth it.

  73. Timmy says:

    Tell them to join American Outlaws and they will receive a free RED AO shirt with their membership.

  74. BlueWhiteLion says:

    No red jerseys, but US Soccer is selling hoodies that are red with the sash (and the “don’t tread on me snake”). link to

    I think they look okay.

    I am still partial to the anthracite (dark greyish/blue) jerseys with the “number/circle” on the chest. When were those? 2004?

  75. HomeyBoehme says:

    i am sick of a new jersey coming out every year. I am sick of it for club teams and sick of it for national teams.

  76. MrDot says:

    The funny part is that there’s much more tradition behind the white shirt. Through all the years and changes, the USA soccer team has always had a white home shirt. Also, white is the traditional racing color for American teams.

    The fact that first Sam’s Army and then all subsequent US supporters chose to wear a color based on a one-off away jersey in 1998 has always completely baffled me. We are always complaining about a lack of tradition, but here’s one right under our noses.

  77. TimN says:

    I give it a “B.” It’s ok, but I really wish the sash was red.

    As for a potential red third jersey, I don’t think the only thing circulating on the web was a mock-up done by a MNT fan. There’s a site that produced leaked photos of three jerseys, two of which have proved to be spot on. I think there’s still a chance we may see a red jersey, but it probably won’t be unveiled until late in May, perhaps for the Turkey game, which is our final home game before heading to SA. US Soccer unveiled the 2006 red jersey against Latvia in the final send off match before the Germany WC. We also have a tune up match in SA against Australia in June, so perhaps there we could see it.

  78. DCD says:


    Also, this jersey is too . . . white. Not as bad as the All-England Tennis Club faux-class of the underdeveloped England shirt, but still too understated. Less is more only if well executed. It needs more red and blue. Shouldn’t have been difficult.

  79. Joe says:

    New jerseys come out every two years. Some teams stagger their jerseys release and have a jersey out every year overlapping the “old” jersey for a year. Typically though, most clubs and national teams get new jerseys every two years. I personally don’t mind this as it is fun to buy a new jersey every two years to add to the collection of your favorite club or national team.

  80. DCD says:

    It’s close to a “throwback” only in that there was a diagonal line across the chest of those shirts. They certainly weren’t white (or light grey) on white, and the angle was different.

  81. El Torito says:


  82. primoone says:

    its aight…

    IMO…would be better with a red or blue sash or combination of the two.

    Is anyone sick of the all white color scheme?

  83. OmarVizquel says:

    Yeah, I see hardly any similarity between the two. 1950’s sash was red, first of all.

    Second, if they had beaten England 1-0 in pink leotards in 1950, that doesn’t mean I’d like them to wear pink leotards in 2010.

    The win was nice….the jerseys were not so sharp.

  84. primoone says:

    then the USSF they should consider hiring a real coach.

  85. OmarVizquel says:

    Not nearly as fearsome as they want it to be, to be honest…Clint is a great player, but his “looking mad” schtick is blah.

  86. sread says:

    hence, the home kit advantage! it has nothing to do with the crowd, grass, stadium, etc

  87. sublicon says:

    love it.

  88. Murphy says:

    the white jersey rules. they better wear it with white shorts and white socks. its way better than the blue one, but that one is ok. those blue warmup jackets are great.

  89. Fireball says:

    I HATE the new kit too. Beauty pageant, crossing guards, etc. Doesn’t inspire pride at all. I know the sash isn’t random, but that doesn’t mean it looks good.

    BTW, you know who did the throwback right? England.

  90. tnnelson says:

    well the idea is that they wanted to keep it all white, the classic look, but also wanted to keep the same design as the blue one with the white sash. that jersey is going to look really cool with the white shorts and white socks. especially with the players wearing white cleats

  91. Soccernst says:

    For all the ‘should be red stripe on white’ people… that would hardly be a good way to laud a victory over england, given their flag (st. george) is red stripes on white… and no, the union jack is not the english flag, it’s the united kingdom flag.

  92. B1879 says:

    “buy a new jersey every two years” this, of course, is the reason it’s done.

  93. SoccerInAtl says:

    And good job to your sarcasm as well.

  94. tnnelson says:

    a red sash would kinda be absurd though, it would look way to beauty pageant looking

  95. julio says:

    I totally agree, the 2006 white with the stripe in red is much better.

  96. tommy w says:

    spot on MrDot

  97. SwerveZ says:

    you’re lame…

  98. Ceez says:

    You know, I have NOT heard that one before. I’m glad we have you around for those kneeslappers.

  99. Ceez says:

    I hope we never do a 94 throwback O_o

  100. BetaMale says:

    I like it. I think the important thing here is that on the internet, people will complain about anything and everything

  101. BetaMale says:

    haha, oh c’mon man. Those have been their best so far

  102. sjack says:

    Ok. For all of you complaining about the “sash”–it’s not a sash.

    If you’ve ever watched a beauty pageant, a sash is a band of cloth, etc. draped over the dress. What you see on the jersey is NOT an extra piece of material they wear in addition to the jersey. And it doesn’t have gold piping or silver fringe, for that matter.

    If you want to call it anything, call it a stripe or band of color, but don’t call it a sash because it’s not one. It’s not like it has “Captain USA” written across it.

  103. Collin says:

    Dislike the collar. Keep the faint stripes horizontal like the old one…

  104. Joe says:


  105. Mark says:

    I like it.

  106. Dominghosa says:

    I really hope the red one isn’t a fake. I’d love that one. Praying that it comes out. Or I may not actually get one this year. Red or bust.

  107. Dominghosa says:


  108. Dominghosa says:

    Wholeheartedly agree. Idiotic to ask fans to wear red when you don’t even have a red jersey. hoping that red one isn’t a fake.

  109. Dominghosa says:

    I agree.

  110. kfly says:

    Someone’s probably already suggested this, but I think the stripe should be red, like the 1950 team’s. And even disregarding the history, I think that’s a nice look for us; one we could really put our stamp on internationally. I don’t know of many other teams who use the diagonal stripe. T+T comes to mind, but no one else I can think of.

  111. kfly says:

    So, the American flag is not white with red stripes (and red with white, depending on how you look at it)? You have so much knowledge of the UK and English flags, but apparently not much of your own. And besides, why would they make the jerseys for ONE game? That just defies logic; you have to wear them for two whole years…

  112. kfly says:

    “buy a new jersey…”

    The Dutch paid 24 bucks for New York, so New Jersey must be a bargain, albeit a fixer-upper. I’ll bite.

  113. kfly says:

    That’s precisely why I won’t be buying one; they are made in Nike’s sweatshops in Asia.

  114. Yoyo says:

    17 is for sure. I was wondering myself and saw him tell someone on Twitter that he’s going to be wearing 17 at the WC. I already got my away kit with his name and number too.!

  115. Dlewis says:

    Some people I’ve talked to say that they don’t really like the sash look. I for one think it looks very sharp and will be receiving it shortly. However I like the away jersey better, I like colorful better. I don’t think think this jersey is the best one yet I liked 2006 better.

  116. Eric says:


  117. nolan says:

    Is Nike so far out of touch with the US soccer community that they have no idea that we wear red to support our team? WTF? Why can’t we get a red jersey??

  118. mike says:

    Not digging the silvery sash. It’s such a good, clean, simple and timelessly classic design otherwise.

    Standard USNT kit (for men’s and women’s teams):

    Home: Solid white shirt with blue collar and thin horizontal dash of red on the sleeve with white shorts and thin blue side trim.

    Away: Solid blue or red shirt (can alternate) and thin horizontal dash of white and opposite color on the sleeve with matching color shorts with thin white side trim.

    Sign it, seal it, be done with once and for all!

  119. scott says:

    I like it, great idea to do a throwback to the england game. Im ready to order one with Onyewu on the back but his number seems to change all the time.. anyone know if it will be #5 for this cup?

  120. Derrick says:

    i like that this shirt annoys all the people crying for red shirts.

  121. USAfan says:

    Sweet, thanks! Order placed!

  122. Queens_RBNY_Fan says:

    pre-ordered it! GO USA!

  123. scott says:

    like the new shirt, about to order.. anyone know if onyewu will still be wearing #5?

  124. Sergio of SF says:

    Nah, then they would look like Peru. Not that Peru will be at the cup, but they’ve had that red stripe for as long as I can remember.

  125. Chris says:

    at least I just saved myself $70 by not buying this jersey. Hopefully Nike will make us a new one for the 2011 Gold Cup but I doubt it.

  126. Mark from LA says:

    white one ain’t great…blue one is good.

    I think the diagonal stripe proved to be the downfall, there was no good solution for the white shirt.

    Would love to see a design that works that includes stars, maybe the blue shirt with 50 stars, small, say around the chest area where club shirts put a logo, and red trim.

    No need for symmetry, the white shirt can have small red stripes chest logo size, with blue trim.

    No red shirt in my head either, sorry. hehe.

  127. BeatleBall says:

    Any jersey looks great when your team starts to win consistently. The people behind this new design could have done worse. I don’t mind it that much. I think it’ll have to grow on me. Let’s face it, it is much better than the 1994 World Cup jersey.

    That being said, I’d prefer a white jersey with a small section in front with red and blue on it ( maybe a cluster of small white stars in a blue field with some red stripes…DUH ), and of course the US logo. Then add white shorts and white socks to complete the kit. Keep it simple and no Miss America sashes PLEASE!

  128. TimN says:

    You may want to hold off on that conclusion. If you Google “leaked US soccer jerseys,” you pull up a site that has photos of a home, away, and third jersey. The home and away photos proved to be spot on. My guess is we’ll see the third jersey as a last minute unveiling before the Turkey match, our last home game before the WC. US Soccer pulled a similar manuever in 2006 with the red jerseys we wore against Latvia before heading to Germany.

  129. Nick says:

    They’ll almost always wear white at home, and on the road unless the team we’re playing wears white or something white-ish. So we do wear it more than just for home games.