Wednesday Kickoff: Ching set to miss 4-6 weeks, Reyna takes USSF gig and more

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When Brian Ching went down clutching his hamstring during the Houston Dynamo's match vs. Real Salt Lake last week, it was pretty clear the veteran striker had just suffered a serious injury. Now we know just how serious.

Ching is set to miss four-to-six weeks with a strained left hamstring, Dynamo officials revealed on Tuesday. The timetable would have Ching back in early-to-mid May, which could see him back in time for the U.S. national team's pre-World Cup training camp.

The injury could hurt Ching's chances of making the U.S. World Cup squad if he has any delays in his recovery. That said, U.S. head coach Bob Bradley knows what Ching can bring to the team as arguably the best target forward option in the pool. Ching's latest injury could start to increase concerns about the 31-year-old striker's ability to stay healthy heading into the World Cup.

Ching had been considered a good candidate to make the U.S. World Cup team, but his most recent injury could open the door for Conor Casey to gain ground on him in the race for a roster spot.

Here are some other stories,including stories on Claudio Reyna, Euan Holden, MLS player moves and CONCACAF Champions League, to get your Wednesday going:


Former U.S. national team captain and World Cup veteran Claudio Reyna enjoyed a stellar career for the United States as well as several European clubs and he will now look to pass on some of the wisdom he acquired as U.S. Soccer's new Youth Technical Director.

Reyna, who recently secured his A coaching license, will be introduced in his new role today.

While details of his new role have yet to be revealed, Reyna is expected to work closely with the U.S. Soccer Development Academy.


While Stuart Holden is expected to play a role on the U.S. World Cup team this summer, his brother is hoping for another national team to come calling.

Euan Holden, younger brother of Stuart, has made public his hopes of earning a call up by the Scottish National team. A left back currently playing for Danish club Vejle, Holden told the Daily Record of Scotland that he's ready for a Scotland call if one comes.

"I've lived in America a long time and I'm probably more American than I realise," Holden said. "But I still regard Scotland as my home. If someone asks me where I'm from I say Scotland."

Holden's comments came after Scotland national team manager Craig Leavin recently stated that he would scour the globe in search of players eligible to play for Scotland.


Chivas USA announced the acquisition of Costa Rican defender Dario Delgado, who will join the Rojiblancos on loan from Puntarenas.

Toronto FC captain Jim Brennan is set to announce his retirement today, and is reportedly joining TFC's front office as assistant general manager.


Cruz Azul thrashed UNAM Pumas, 5-0, in the second leg of their CONCACAF Champions League semifinal series, on Tuesday night. The win gave Cruz Azul a 5-1 aggregate series victory and berth in the Champions League Final.

Cruz Azul will face the winner of the Pachuca-Toluca semifinal series. Pachuca will host tonight's second leg having tied in the first leg, 1-1. If Pachuca advances, it would set up a Champions League Final against former head coach Enrique Meza, now in charge at Cruz Azul.


What do you think of these developments? Think Ching can still make the World Cup team? Happy to hear that Reyna will be taking on an important role in youth development? Hoping Euan Holden winds up joining his brother on the U.S. national team?

Share your thoughts below.

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84 Responses to Wednesday Kickoff: Ching set to miss 4-6 weeks, Reyna takes USSF gig and more

  1. AJ says:

    Is Euan much of a loss? All I remember reading about him was that it was a charity pick when Houston took him as they were still clinging to hopes that they could keep Stuart around.

  2. wilyboy says:

    I have no idea how good Euan is, but it sounds fitting that we should deprived of left back options, historically speaking.

  3. Modibo says:

    Euan Holden: in other words, he’s not on Bradley’s radar, and would still like to play internationally. How old is this kid?

  4. Erik says:

    Hopefully Reyna can teach our youth how to hold the ball and distribute like he did as a player. Great appointment.

  5. Josh says:

    I hope Reyna can be as good a technical director as he was a player (when healthy). It’s a shame he was so brittle, but on his day, he could be a masterful player.

  6. Josh D says:

    Euan isn’t much of a loss at the moment though I generally live to bite my tongue at such remarks…

    Ching out is my bigger concern. I think this doesn’t help Casey more so than our Mexican-sensation is now a lock-in for the camp. We know what Casey offers and I’d rather see Donovan or Dempsey up top.

    Bob really needed to recognize the striker situation back in the Fall and change the tactics to a 4-5-1 with Dempsey and Donovan playing as attacking wingers. Now I’d have Edu, Bradley, and Torres in the middle. Jozy up top.

  7. Josh D says:


  8. JSmiley says:

    Claudio Reyna will be a USMNT head coach someday. I think sooner would be better than later.

  9. dudeinho says:

    i think Kasey Keller is more destined to be a national team coach some day even more than reyna. I dont remember Reyna being as big a presense as keller when they played for the Nats.

  10. Jon says:

    Casey just being suggested for the world cup… Jesus. Ching get better!

  11. sread says:

    I think the Scotland boss is looking at little Holden based on Stuart’s recent success in the EPL. This kid still isn’t near his older brother’s ability imho, otherwise we would have heard his name thrown in the NATS mix a dozen times by now. 22 is still young, but he would have already had a leg in with BB. Plus, there’s something to say about a kid who has strong ties to USA (ages 7-22) yet jumps so quickly when Scotland comes calling. Maybe he knew beforehand that cracking into the USA roster wasn’t ever going to work for him.

  12. Dave says:

    he might also want to get away from big brothers shadow.

  13. inkedAG says:

    Fantastic news! Now Claudio Reyna can teach the kids how to do the little things like be a completely ineffective DP player and how to sub yourself out and pout in a playoff game!

  14. jig says:

    …and be voted best XI in a world cup. Get over yourself.

  15. rkupp says:

    Oh you of short memories.

    Reyna was the “Donovan” of US Soccer before there was a Donovan – the first US field player who was good enough to be a contributor in just about any league in the world.

    He gave so much to the USNT that he deserves a little more, strike that, a LOT more respect.

  16. DC Josh says:

    I like the Reyna move. He has played in huge European games for big European teams. He was also a decent player 😉

    I hope Ching can make the squad but I don’t want to bring him just in case he is healthy. We need 23 of our healthiest players. But when I think about it, bringing Conor Casey off the bench doesn’t fill me with any confidence either. If Davies can make the squad, maybe start him and Dempsey up top with Stu on the right. Then bring Jozy in to bang on the tired defenders for the last 20-30 minutes.

  17. war says:

    he’s a left back playing abroad. He already qualifies more than Bornstein.

  18. war says:

    If Ching is our best target forward I think we should just stay home. Do we really need a target forward anyway? Altidore + Ching=loss. Starting Ching over Jozy=blasphemy.

  19. Joe says:

    Any recent news on Davies. I know he is back in training with Sochaux but haven’t heard about his most recent progress. My Davies #9 Away jersey should be arriving today or tomorrow if all goes according to plan. I plan on seeing him next to Jozy in the World Cup.

    Ching is a minor setback, enter Herculez Gomez…

  20. Steve C says:

    He also might be doing this as a ploy to have USSF come after him even more.

    I have a hard time believing he was flying under the radar since his brother is always in the USMNT camps. Surely, he’d have mentioned his brother at some point.

  21. Jdavids says:


  22. kimo says:

    I’m probably going to get slammed for this, but…

    Reyna got this job due to his political connections in the US soccer community not to mention his obvious big name .

    There were quite a few people on the radar (several foreigners) with much better track records (but demanding higher salaries). In fact, Reyna has basically ZERO experience in the position that he has been hired to fill. It’s an extremely difficult task to establish a true academy system that filters into the USMNT pool. I hope he proves me wrong. I’d be more than happy to eat some crow!

  23. CDfromLA says:

    how elitist, why should playing abroad automatically lead one to consider a player superior. plus, he is playing in Denmark big whoop. Under your model i should choose former Danish league player Danny Califf over Jimmy Conrad.
    with that said, J.Bornstein does blow

  24. Jags98 says:

    Come on, whatever he did as a player has nothing to do with being a coach. Well, some but not all. Maybe he will be a good coach, but dont base it on him as a player. Some of the best coaches I know were not the best players.

    When do we break away from the Arena Mafia? The Arenas moved us in the right direction, we are drifting. Its time for a shift.

  25. BSU SC says:

    Will Bob Bradley please call Jeremiah White?

  26. Bob Bradley says:

    im amazed that Stuart hasnt slapped him across the face for wanting to play for Scotland….this kid seems fitting to be the next Johnny O’Brien and would be a safe bet to be our left back in 2014

    ill say jokingly that if Euan decides to play for Scotland, im blaming Stuart

  27. Austin says:

    I might just do that…..

    he should be on excellent form surpassing the likes of Beasley or Feilhaber since he plays in the UAE

    Oh, wait….UAE, nope nevermind

  28. sread says:

    Most would call that extreme desperation…but at this point, why not? Seriously, bring them all in and have a look.

  29. Austin says:

    BB wont start ching over altidore and altidore is our target forward, so if CD9 is back its altidore and CD…..whats so confusing about that? Lets all act as if CD will be fine for Suda Africa, if he isnt then who knows? Buddle, Ching, Gomez, Findley, Cunningham, Casey, Cooper, Johnson, LD, and Dempsey are all options to partner next to Jozy for BB

  30. BSU SC says:

    He used to play in the same league that Feilhaber plays in now. And at least he is actually playing…Beasley has not seen the field in 2 months.

    Plus, JW is a creative and speedy option at forward, which is where our need on the field is greatest. I doubt that we’ll be seeing Beasley or Benny playing up top anytime soon.

    I’m not saying that he’s going to be our savior, but given the slim pickings we have at striker at the moment he should not be out of the picture.

  31. primoone says:

    F the little prick. I hope he breaks a leg.

  32. Kevin in Denver says:

    The obvious choice is Conor Casey. But don’t be surprised if Herc gets a look as a wild card pick.

    Don’t worry; both will still be ineffective on a international level.

  33. Austin says:

    funny how someone points out the only red mark on someones resume when they had a horrible knee injury and he was like 35 years old…..the US’ greatest CM ever made by god and you make a remark like that, wow

  34. MiamiAl says:

    Also he can teach them defense, which means as the play is in full swing, put up your hand and look at the ref, hoping to get an offsides call. Then make a spoiled brat face, because the man you just stopped marking blew by you and scored a goal…

  35. Austin says:

    Jim Brennan supposely has personality conflict with Preki…..TFC = FAIL this year if they dont bring in some good D

  36. Blokhin says:

    Being a naturalized citizen myself, and being grateful for our naturalized and first-generation players- we will continue to lose kids to other countries (Rossi, Subotic, potentially Hoyos) unless we get more 3rd generation+ Americans playing this game. If our talent search and development strategy relies on the hope that foreing-born parents to shepherd their kids to soccer, instead of baseball and football, and they become elite players, we will always stand to lose them to other countries. The same cultural influences that these kids will be under to play soccer in the first place are the same influences that could lead them to choose another country to play for…

    Would Altidore, Davies, Clark, Feilhaber, Tim Howard, Torres, Edu, Holden, Onyewu- even be playing soccer if their parents were 3rd or 4th generation Americans, instead of foreign-born?

    By no means am I suggesting that we don’t need foreing born players, I’m suggesting that we need to continue to cast a wider net for talent and pull kids in, versus having them pushed to the system by their parents…

  37. Aaron in StL says:

    Well if knowledge of an academy setup is a prerequisite, JOB should be in the running after his time at Ajax.

    But in all seriousness I don’t think you’re out of line. I don’t know how long he gets in a position like this to prove he’s the right guy, but hopefully they won’t hesitate to let him go if he’s doing poorly, however you judge that.

  38. jig says:

    I can’t say I’m disappointed in the appointment, although I am curious to hear from you who the other candidates were.

    To be honest, though, it’s not like we will be able to judge his performance for some time. I kinda liken this role to those that determine economic policy in this country, they can institute changes immediately, but the effects of those changes, positive or negative, won’t be realized until some time further on down the road.

  39. Fred says:

    Actually, BB has done a great job of collecting mediocre left backs. It would be a shame to let one go, especially if he is as mediocre as he seems. Maybe if Edgar Castillo gave him a call . . . .

  40. Fred says:

    Josh, no offense, but that is a horrible, horrible, horrible idea. I can only assume that you have not been following USMNT for long enough to remember BB’s past 4-5-1 debacles.

  41. Mike Caramba says:

    Assistant *to* the general manager

  42. Fred says:

    Buddle? Seriously?

  43. William the Terror says:

    so does Conrad.

  44. John1 says:

    It all depends what BB is looking for. If it is a target man to come off the bench, Casey will get the call, depending how in form he is come May. That is if Ching is done. If he wants speed to compensate for Davies, Cunningham and Findely better start scoring some goals. EJ is in the mix as well. As far as Gomez goes, he should get a look, but I have the feeling that he is going to have to keep on scoring if he is to make the team. All of these guys, if they get in a game at the WC, will probably be coming off the bench anyway. It will probably be Dempsey up top with Altidore or maybe Donovan depending how in form Beasley is. Friendlies in May will tell us how in form the players are and BB will have to start deciding how to position his players. Davies will need to play in May for his club to be considered for the WC. If he does fairly well for his club team in early May, he will make the team. We really need him even if he just comes off the bench. It is difficult playing 80-90 minutes after not playing for 7 months, though. However, if he can start and be in form that would be great.

  45. Second City says:

    Nice ” The Office ” reference. Well played, Mike. Well played, indeed…

  46. RK says:

    From what I’ve read, AJ, not really.

  47. war says:

    I would take califf over conrad actually. The point is that I’d take any left back playing anywhere else over Bornstein. Same for Ching. We can do better. I don’t care if either are on the squad, just as long as they dont play. Bornstein has given away two penalties in the last 2 games against Europenan teams, along with many other childish mistakes. Ching can’t step up. Please don’t talk about the goal’s he scored for the US either, because he’s scored 2 goals since 09 and his WC qualifying goals came agaist teams we spanked at home, namely, cuba, BARBADOS, and trinidad. Not saying our other forward options are better, but, I’d rather give that spot to someone on form like Gomez.Whenever we have a “big game” away and play Ching (like Mexico for example) as our target forward, he can’t hold onto the ball and can’t pressure anyone.That’s why he got subbed at half . It’s like playing with ten men, and if you hadn’t noticed, the whole World Cup is away from home so i’d look elsewhere. We progressed in the confed cup without them, so I don’t know where this talk of them actually starting is coming from. Rant over

  48. Josh D says:

    I’ve been following the team for as long as I can remember (and that goes wayyy beyond Bradley’s reign of mediocrity).

    The system doesn’t work because the players aren’t organized to play that way, which is a fault of Bradley’s. The team has rarely ever played as a collective unit for 90 minutes, hence our inability to bunker down in hard defense when the going gets tough (Brazil, Italy). Instead we rely on, such as in the Dutch case, them to just simply mess up their opportunities.

    4-5-1, playing the quick counters and creating a central block, is the only way we’re getting past round 1. Teams like us, who can’t go toe to toe in an open game with an elite team, have no chance without an organized back and middle. We simply can not compete in a goal scoring frenzy – we don’t have the firepower.

    We do have the ability to get quick counters with Donovan and Dempsey. We do have Jozy to attract dangerous fouls in great free kick positions. And we do have an aerial presence in our 18 plus a physical side in our game that most teams do not have which is ideal for bunkering down but it comes down to disciple and organization.

    Subbing and organization are the two most critical parts of a manager’s job leading up to and during a game. Bradley lacks severely in both. And if we had not messed about with fringe players but played a system that suits the last two years of our national team’s existence, we would be more secure with our striker situation.

    Ireland is a prime example of a team that on paper is mediocre but due to disciple, can take the odds of a game to almost 50/50 based on how hard it is to score against them. Greece won Euros that way.

  49. Paul says:

    I get very sad whenever I read “Conor Casey” and “World Cup roster” in the same paragraph. He is billed as a big hold-up forward, but he lacks McBride’s drive and talent, Ching’s work rate, and any real creativity. With the raft of midfielders in the player pool (pun not intended), why isn’t it obvious that Dempsey and Donovan are both far superior options up top?

  50. Aaron in StL says:

    Exactly, I would think he likely has a solid 4-5 years before his job security would come into questions (if he even stays that long). It’ll be interesting to see how he does, but I wouldn’t have been pissed if they went with an experienced, outside hire.

  51. carlos says:

    i honestly think he didnt suffer a injury in that 06 lost to ghana, he realized how big of a fk up he did so he decided to lay down there to take some of the blame

  52. Haig says:

    Reyna’s short stint in MLS was not representive of his accomplishments and leadership for over a decade for the USA and abroad.

    He was, until the last couple years of his career, the most skilled player we had, with a great understanding of tactics and a lot of on field intelligence.

    I won’t praise him for the Ghana game (though he was hurt on the critical play, and in my opinion fouled as well). And he didn’t cover himself in glory for NY: he was too proud to give up even after it was clear that he wasn’t still healthy enough to help the team. But that’s the nature of a competitive professional athlete.

    As for the “back pass” stuff: even at our best, the USA is not a team that manages the game well. We let our opponents dictate the pace of play. Against Spain, we had an excellent strategy, but they played into our few strenghts. I don’t think Reyna should have been an automatic starter for games that we needed to rely on fast counterattacks to win, but against equal or lesser opposition, he was essential to our ability to control the game. You can’t play every game on the counterattack, and you can’t expect to win if the only way you can score is on breakaways. Reyna had the skill set and nous to allow us significantly more possession than our other players could manage, and the leadership and intelligence to bring a calming influence to games.

    He’s an absolute natural for coaching, and will be a huge influence on the next generation of young American players.

    Anyone with a good understanding of the big picture would be delighted to see him join the US development and coaching set-up.

  53. Aaron in StL says:

    Agreed. I still feel the same with Ching however. Sure, Ching is a hard worker but I can’t see him in a WC match. If that point comes, it means we’re screwed or out of contention to advance.

    I think Jozy has really improved in the target forward/hold up role with HC. And let’s be honest, if we’re ever to the point where we have to consider using alternate forward options, Ching and Casey are never going to be preferred options compared to some of the ‘tweeners’ on the roster that can get forward.

  54. William the Terror says:

    I would pick Califf over Conrad, too. Last time I checked, Califf was not the one who piked up a stupid red card early in the game against Honduras, thus rendering said game useless to BB in the evaluation of potential second-tier players.

  55. Fred says:

    I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one. For a 4-5-1 to work, you need an extremely technically gifted midfield. No offense to our players, but we definitely don’t have that. Maybe Dempsey and Donovan could do that, and possibly Bradley, but I don’t think any other USMNT player could be even in the realm of possibility for that. Second, you need a midfield that are very, very familiar with each other. Of course we don’t have that, and I don’t think you can blame BB for that. It’s the nature of the USMNT — all of our best players play in various leagues throughout Europe, they learn different styles in different leagues, and they have very limited amounts of time together.

    Finally, you need a very strong target forward who can hold the ball, distribute, draw fouls, stretch the defense, and score. No offense to Jozy, who is looking better and better as time passes, but he’s not nearly there yet.

    You mention Ireland — I think that’s a great example. Ireland’s team pretty much all play in the EPL, so they all learn a somewhat similar style and have lots of contact with each other. Also, they play a few humdred miles from their home country, instead of six thousand miles away, which means they have more opportunities to get together. Finally, they are anything but mediocre on paper — the playoff squad against France featured Shay Given, John O’Shea, Richard Dunne, Robbie Keane, and Damien Duff! . . . Stephen Hunt, who would be one of the strongest players on the USMNT, didn’t even make it off the bench.

    Wow. That was definitely my longest post ever. Too much coffee today?

  56. montana matt says:

    Call me crazy, but I think we should bring Hoyos to the WC if Ching can’t go. I realize he hasn’t been getting much in the way of minutes lately, and I’ve only watched him play in one match, but he is an exciting prospect. I doubt he’d even see the pitch, but i’m all for a call up similar to Walcott’s in ’06 for England. Hoyos really can’t be worse than any of our other forward alternatives, and the upside of bringing him in is potentially huge.

  57. Stephen says:

    Ives: is there any truth that the USSF was actually trying to convince Claudio to coach the boys U-14 national team? Heard that CR turned it down due to family reasaons – i.e. CR started the New York Soccer Club up here in Westchester County about a year ago, in which he coaches his son’s U-11 team; 4 young children; his foundation which he started recently, etc. Seems like they may be looking at him as a potential NT coach in the future? What do you think?

  58. sread says:

    You both have very good points. I enjoyed reading both of your arguments.

  59. dbag says:

    Euan may not be that big of a deal. Heath pearce is slowly regaining that form that had Ajax and Dortmund after him. Plus I am really banking on Tyler Polak of the U-20 team. Very good looking left back and heard he had trials or something in Germany.

  60. JJ's shin says:

    If Davies is healthy then I say start Davies and Demps up top then bring on Jozy for the last 20-30 minutes. Davies probably won’t be fit enough by June to play the full 90 and Jozy always gives out around the 70th minute anyway so just bring him on as a super sub to run at tired defenders.

  61. jp992751 says:

    yeah then he can teach the team to dive…stay down in your own third without a hope of a call…and not even pay attention to the other team scoring a goal.

    I guess that is a bit harsh but it was the last memory I have of Reyna.

  62. JSmiley says:

    You mean the game against Ghana, when he sprained his MCL? You call that a dive? Yeah, I’d say that’s harsh.

    Better memory: making the World Cup ’02 Best XI.

  63. RLW2020 says:

    ya that is how i read into it. Player with dual nationality is driving up the bidding for his services; putting pressure on the US and Scotland to call him up first. hopefully he makes the right choice and realize which nation developed him as a soccer player.

  64. Alexandria says:

    Stephen hunt? All he does is run, he can’t cross the ball, hell we all ready have heydude for that.

  65. TC says:

    dudeinho, you either have no memory before 2006 or you’ve never been to a USMNT game. Reyna was the personality of he US team from 1995 – 2006. He was the guy where all players looked to for field direction. Greatest USA player ever (to date). He has a wealth of knowlege and is a great choice for Technical Director.

  66. TC says:

    It’s very common for former players to begin their coaching careers as a youth coach/technical director for their respective clubs or country. Most start as a club coach. Our coaching pedigree is pretty slim, so I see no reason a person with his coaching experience (next to none)should be passed over for a recycled coach from here or another country. I think Reyna is a great choice for Youth Technical Director.

  67. inkedAG says:

    He did really well for himself in 06 and for Manchester City…

  68. usa says:

    Agreed. 4-5-1 won’t work. We did it for who know’s how long, with just Ching as the target man. Jozy is certainly an upgrade, but not nearly good enough to break through defenses on his own. Plus what to we gain in the midfield by eliminating a forward, Feilhaber? Holden? Clark/Edu. Those guys aren’t worth taking a forward outta the formation. The only one who I would entertain as being worth that gamble is Torres, but BB won’t do it, and I still think it will only hurt us too much offensively.

  69. OxfordMike says:

    While I would say that Renya is definitely qualified for the position, I doubt he will have much of an impact. To truly develop youth players it has to start with us (those over college-age) who need to encourage our kids to play freely, take risks, and emphasize technical ability over just purely AYSO boom ball/ athletic ability (40 time, etc.). There is such a lack of creativty in the US game it is sickening to watch MLS sometimes, especially when teams w/out foreign attacking players. Stop the every weekend tournaments and lets develop our players through practice and maximum anount of touches.

  70. JRidge says:

    Enjoy watching your brother play in multiple World Cups. Hell, maybe he can get you some freebie tickets, seeing as how that’s the only way your going if you play for Scotland…

  71. Retro says:

    I have to agree with Josh. The 4-5-1 is the best system for this personnel. The Nats does not have the personnel for the 4-3-3, nor the 4-4-2; Those styles require dynamic inside mids. Unfortunately, US soccer has yet to identify/develop those types of players.

  72. Retro says:

    The people that run the program lack imagination. They wait until the kids that have dual citizenship develop before they make overtures. Consequently, we end up losing out on some great players.

  73. Sean says:

    I told my brother about this Reyna news. He asked if he got injured already…

    Haha. Well, if Reyna can stay healthy, I think this will be a good thing for the USSF.

  74. Jay says:

    Granted it seemed like Reyna treated his MLS career as an early retirement, but considering the player he was at his peak for the USMNT, if that translates into the front office I’m all for it.

  75. ga-gone says:

    Claudio will bring a calming presence, i’m sure.

  76. Illmatic74 says:

    What are you talking about? Subotic played for USA in the under 17 World Cup, Rossi was invited to World Cup training camp as a teenager and Hoyos has been already receiving invites to play for the U-20 team.

  77. jmadsen says:

    he’s playing for a tiny little Danish side in their 2nd division. He’s young enough to be a “who knows”, but it’s not like he wasn’t one anyone’s radar and slipped through.

    He’ll probably end up being a solid journeyman player with a decent career, like so many others.

  78. JoshA says:

    Reyna played for 12 years (1994-2006).

    He had 282 club games and 112 US games for a total of 394 games. That’s an average of about 33 games per year.

    He was hurt a lot towards the end but in the greater scheme of things Reyna was hardly a “brittle” player.

  79. Josh C says:

    The US did that before in the early part of 2009. In fact the crap losses to Italy and Brazil had Jozy alone up top.

    Yes, the red cards didn’t help but don’t act like you know more about it than Bradley does.

  80. 157299pj says:

    The last memory I have of McBride is his statue impersonation in the Olympics. That doesn’t mean he wan’t a great forward.

  81. ohniedud says:

    You’re right Reyna is 5’9″ Keller is 6’2″.

    Keller is definitely bigger.

  82. Scott A says:

    Good to see Reyna involved in the USA setup

  83. Retro says:

    That’s the problem in our system, we hesitate to play our youngster on the senior team. We are a country of immigrants that is slowly developing as a soccer nation. Most of our better players have the option to play for other countries. So why don’t we cap them early instead of waiting for them to blow-u? Do you remember how old Pele was when he played for Brazil? Talent is talent.