Afternoon Ticker: Lampard considers MLS, Adriano close to Roma move and more

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Frank Lampard has played his entire club career in England, but that hasn't stopped him from thinking of possibly joining MLS.

Lampard revealed that he is considering joining MLS, but not until he is at least 35-years-old. Lampard currently has three years remaining on his current deal with Chelsea, and the English international

Despite being 31, Lampard is coming off of one of his better seasons, scoring 22 goals and assisting on 16 others as Chelsea claimed the Premiership title.

Here are some more stories from Friday:

Adriano closing in on Roma deal

Brazilian forward Adriano is nearing a return to European soccer as he is close to finalizing a three-year deal with AS Roma. Just one year removed from abandoning Inter Milan, Adriano is coming off a season in which he led the Brazilian League in scoring while helping Flamengo to its first league title in 17 years.

France awarded Euro 2016

France may not have beaten Italy in the 2006 World Cup final, but it did defeat the Italians and Turkey for the rights to host Euro 2016. France hosting the tournament will mark the third time it does so, having hosted in 1960 and 1984.


Would you like to see a 35-year-old Lampar in MLS? What team could you see him playing for? Think Roma is a good fit for Adriano? Happy that France was given Euro 2016?

Share your thoughts below.

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75 Responses to Afternoon Ticker: Lampard considers MLS, Adriano close to Roma move and more

  1. Jason says:

    Waiting for the bitter “we’re not a retirement league response”

  2. RedStateJim says:

    Yes we are!

  3. Second City says:

    ” Lampard revealed that he is considering joining MLS, but not until he is at least 35-years-old. ”

    What would be the opposite term for a ” feeder-league “?

  4. Sean says:

    We’re not a retirement league. At least, I don’t want us to be and I don’t think it benefits us to be one. I have no problem with saying it.

    I don’t mind if a guy who is 35 considers joining MLS.

    What I do mind and don’t want are guys who are 31, 27, 23 thinking they’ll join MLS when they’re 35 or their careers are winding down. That is a big problem even though it’s probably the state of things right now, anyway.

  5. Jimbo says:

    I have no problem with great players past their prime coming over to the MLS. Hopefully some of their experience can and will rub off on the still developing US players, not to mention keep selling tickets. Give me Ronaldinho, Henry, Lampard and any of these others who want to help spread the growing culture and popularity even more.

  6. Mike AB says:

    Lampard can stay home and eat more pies. He’d has no value at the ticket office here and will bring little on the pitch by then. Bring in the Monteros.

  7. Vegalta says:

    I’d love to see Lamps in MLS… It’s just that I don’t trust any of these “I want to play in MLS” stories from European stars any more. How many players have said they were going to play, and then didn’t? Weah, Klinsi (who I thought would be a lock), Figo, Viera, Raul? The list could go on and on…

  8. shutupayouface says:

    Mike AB sees the future! Mike, who is going to win the WC so I can get my bet in!?

  9. Then Again says:

    Bring on the Monteros as long as they agree not to date rape anyone or dive all over the field like the Montero in Seattle does.

  10. Pele says:

    I think I am going to play in the MLS when I hit 65.

  11. kev says:

    Hey. I know this must have been mentioned before but what do you think are the chances that after the match and WC in general that USSF and FA maybe come up with a yearly friendly between us and the limeys? I mean it would be a sell out and you know it. At Wembley or Giants Stadium say around July 4. It’d be a blowout …and i’m sure the English would love it. I say this cause practically every site I have checked tons of folks are adding all kinds of historical grievances against the English and it’s quite cool. We need to nurse this rivalry don’t you think?

  12. kev says:

    in 5 years this league will be much better. In 10 years we’ll be 1 of the best soccer leagues outside Europe. Lampard and other potential DP’s will play a part in this.

    they won’t say it but those brits love the USA

  13. kev says:

    i wish sweden/norway got the 2016 bid cause I’m planning to move there in a few years and would have been great. seems all the big nations get everything. Italians must be sure pissed.

  14. The Dude says:


  15. Trey says:

    What Lampard was really saying was… I plan to retire at age 35 and move to the US for a few years to relax. In order to keep my weight down, I’ll play in a rec league called MLS.

  16. Salty Dog says:

    Montero’s / MontaƱo’s just no pasty English blokes please

  17. afc says:

    Anyone watching the Algeria Ireland game? Is the Algeria keeper that is playing the first choice? Huge error lead to another Ireland goal.

  18. visat says:

    Hopefully he’s still the world’s best player when it comes to penalty kicks and deflection goals. Those skills dwindle with age.

  19. Jim Jimson says:

    hahaha great post

  20. Old Dirty Haggas says:

    I wanna play in the EPL when im 40 , you know like that David James bloke , wonder if i can be the world cup squad as well.

  21. FulhamPete says:

    I think feeder league is at the bottom…

    …doesn’t that make MLS an apex-predator league.

  22. NateinSF says:

    I dont know much about Algeria, I do know that Madjid Bougherra is probably their best player and a key to their backline. He says he’s fit for the WC, but isnt even on the bench today and played very little with Rangers in the latter half of the club season.

  23. Vik says:


  24. RS says:

    Yesterday on ESPN Deportes Radio, their “sources” were saying that Fabio Cannavaro to MLS by the end of this year or his contract with Juventus, but only if it’s LA or NY (per request of Cannavaro’s wife)

    Anyone else heard this rumor?

  25. d says:

    where else are you going to play professionally at 35 and make millions?

  26. babieca says:

    PGA tour?

  27. FulhamPete says:

    Typical Americans…

  28. Sergio of SF says:

    Old Men That Still Think They Can Hang with Young Americans Leauge.

  29. Sergio of SF says:


  30. JavaLavaJoe says:

    If Lampard can still score goals in Premiership at 35 then bring him on.

  31. MensreaJim says:

    Hopefully I don’t double post right now, but I am sure old Lamps will move a lot of tickets in NYC, classy fellow that he is.

  32. Chris says:

    Great response Pete

  33. K Bone says:

    While I agree the league will be better in 5 years, I feel like the 10 year prediction isn’t that impressive. I mean, if you go outside of Europe, there really aren’t a whole lot of high quality leagues to begin with. Obviously Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are high quality, and I would imagine a few other South American leagues, but after that, what else is there? The J League and the Australian League are decent, but really, aren’t we already one of the better leagues outside of Europe? I’m just saying there’s not a ton of competition, and I certainly don’t think MLS will be as good as Brazil and Argentina’s leagues in 10 years…

  34. K Bone says:

    One, he’s a goalie, and two, he’s English. That makes it quite easy to play goalie in the EPL at age 40…

  35. nam says:


  36. Charles says:

    Watching Ljungberg leads me to say, pay these guys under $400k and I am ok with it….otherwise forget it.

    I thought the EPL was a physical league, from all I read. Turns out Ljungberg has to complain about not getting calls I wouldn’t call in a kids game for 15 minutes at least three times a game.

  37. Josh D says:

    Fat Frank’s ability has never stemmed from stamina. At 35 he’ll still belt in 30 yard screamers and set up strikers brilliantly.

    I’ll pleasantly wait in line to bring his services to DC!

  38. Dinho says:

    Fabio and OG at the center backs for the Galaxy???

    I like….I like a lot!

  39. Charlie says:

    I dont care what you say, I’ll take Frank on my team in a heartbeat, if he is still healthy

  40. Charles says:

    Unfortunately in Ljungberg’s case, he can’t hang in the “rec league”, so he complains after diving all over the field.

    I would’t have a problem with having Freddy on the team, but paying him $1.3 million for what he is contributing is a joke.

  41. Oranje Mike says:

    It is what it is. I’ll take an aging European star as long as he can deliver in MLS. I’d like to see MLS rise to a level that would earn respect around the globe but that will not happen anytime soon. Deal with it.

  42. Waterlewd says:

    Chicago and DC are great international cities. Why do they always get overlooked by the Euro-trash?

  43. peaceful assembly says:

    If he’s looking to get out of the house why doesn’t he play for Orange County Blue Star like klinsmann did?

    Actually, I’m kewl with stars retiring to MLS, but not English “stars.” Like, that dude is good for an Englishman, but we need like Henry or some decent Brazilians in MLS.

  44. MBBeachbum says:

    The Blanco of the EPL?

  45. Am I a Typical American? says:

    They don’t just think it, they know it. Witness Angel (52 goals in 90 games over the age of 31), Schelotto (MVP at 35), Beckham (please don’t insult our intelligence with anti-Beckham rants, heard ’em all and they don’t sync with reality), Keller (457 straight scoreless minutes at 39), not to mention oldies like Preki (MVP at 40) and Valderrama (MVP at 34). Chicago alone had Kubik, Stoichkov, and Blanco… The failures of Matthaus and Djorkaeff says more about the MetroStars than the league.
    Haters, please tell me why you’re trashing Lampard when he still scores more than 20 goals a season for (gritting teeth while typing it) the top club in the best league in the world.

  46. TomM says:

    Cougar league.

  47. Second City says:

    ..and there’s my winner. Well played TomM.

    You’ll be mailed your free 12-month subscription of NDNKBJBCVSG Magazine, in 4-6 weeks.

  48. reverb says:

    If MLS has vastly improved the quality of the officiating and somehow managed to implement some form of relegation (or similar) to make every game count 5 years from now, then MLS teams will have no need for Lampard. They’ll be looking for young Brazilian and Latin talent and the product on the field would be much better than any 35 year old could deliver. I know, lot’s o’ pie-in-the-sky…

  49. kawa says:

    stay in england Lamps we dont deserved you 35 yr old majestic feet Sire .

  50. Clayton says:

    All soccer rumors are lame. I don’t believe anything until they sign on the dotted line. WHO CARES???

  51. scott47a says:


  52. scott47a says:


    This anti-Ljungberg stuff is ridiculous. Did you even watch the guy play in the EPL or for Sweden?

  53. Your favorite Chivas USA fan says:

    Lampard will be too old. He’ll lasta s long as Denilson.

  54. Aristotle says:

    Just what we need, another old English guy. No thanks. Some of these players are getting insulting. At least Henry is coming while he is still good.

    “I want to play in MLS some day”, says big soccer superstar, “but not until all my worth as a player is gone. I think it’s great that a washed up player has a league that will take him.”

  55. jimoh8002 says:

    An english player at 35 is no good the wear and tear on them is simply too much. All the games they play a season plus you get hurrt faster in cold weather…. that’s why spanish players are the better option

  56. Nathanael Greene says:

    And I’ll pleasantly wait in line to boo him when DC come to town.

  57. Martha c says:

    No thanks, he’s overated now at 31.

  58. Jay says:

    I hope that in 5 or 6 years, MLS doesn’t need a 35 – 36 year has-been.

  59. madmax says:

    Frank should be allocated to Philly.

  60. madmax says:

    Neither are world class

  61. BCC says:

    I don’t like that MLS is a retirement league. BUT . . .

    Guys 35 and older have been major contributors to all of the other major sports leagues in the US. Favre had one of his best seasons for the Vikings at 39/40, Pat Williams is still great at 37. Baseball has had many players who performed well into their 40s.

    Lampard will still be able to miss the net 88% of the time at 35, so what does it matter? Is he any worse than the younger players who come in and half-*** it because they view MLS as a pit-stop on the way to something better?

  62. Warren says:

    Yeah, 20 goals a season for what 5 EPL seasons in a row, I could do better.

  63. Warren says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but we will

  64. notsweet81 says:

    I agree completely. While I think the MLS will be better, I doubt it will overtake the other top leagues in the Americas because Brazil and Argentina have soooo much more homegrown talent and the Mexican league has cash to burn due to big TV contracts in Mexico and the U.S. I don’t see these things changing in the near term, and probably not in the long term either.

  65. Brian Rants says:

    I believe the proper term would be “Manther” League.

  66. Aristotle says:

    We’re not a retirement league!

  67. Rashid says:

    I heard Jozy and Charlie plan to join the MLS when they hit 35!

  68. Aristotle says:

    Because we hate him!

  69. Ted in MN says:

    Not to be a step behind the curve but i find this kind of surprising that Lampard would want to go to the US. Didn’t he make some rather nasty comments about us a while ago? Kind of a controversy.

  70. Rashid says:

    Phil Anschultz should pay Cristiano Ronaldo 350mil for his next 2 years in the MLS that would boost attendance!

  71. ThaDeuce says:

    It would be awesome to see Lamps playing in the MLS, however, 35 seems like he is not seriously considering it, or is really naive.

  72. ThaDeuce says:

    Then again, how old is Hejduk?

  73. Justin says:

    You mean his drunken foray with Terry and Gudjonsen(sp) at a Heathrow hotel right after 9/11?

  74. scott47a says:

    Even if he got $35 a ticket, somewhat high for MLS, he would still need to sell 10 million tickets — and the HDC only seat 28,000. So, let’s see, that’s 357 home games in two years!

    Good luck with that!

  75. Brennan says:

    If he wants to come here to compete, and do all he can for his team then by all means bring him over.

    If he just wants to come to pick up a pay check before he hangs his boots for good, please keep him out of this league.