Beasley ready to battle for World Cup spot

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As far as resumes go, there aren't many better on the U.S. national team than DaMarcus Beasley's. Two World Cup appearances, 90 national team caps and UEFA Champions League experience over the course of a decade is the kind of career most players could only dream of having.

As good as Beasley's resume is, it still won't guarantee him a place in the 2010 U.S. World Cup roster. Beasley will be battling against players much younger than him, with far less experience, but the 27-year-old winger still has a lot to prove if he is going to make Bob Bradley's 23-man roster.

"It's a different situation for myself, being the outside guy looking in," Beasley said. "I'm out here working hard and trying to get my butt back in the team."

Beasley fell out of the national team picture after a terrible run of form that also came after a disappointing European club season. He hit a lowpoint during the Confederations Cup, when he lazily turned the ball over on a play that led to Brazil's second goal in a 3-0 blowout.

He didn't play again for the national team in 2009, and didn't return to the fold until the team's 2-1 loss to the Netherlands, a match Beasley played well in. He nearly sparked a U.S. comeback against the Dutch and provided some evidence that he should still be considered a candidate for the World Cup.

Despite that performance, Beasley still enters camp as one of the players fighting for a seat on the plane to South Africa. He is battling with younger midfielders such as Alejandro Bedoya, Sacha Kljestan and Robbie Rogers. That's unfamiliar territory for a player who has started in the past two World Cups.

"Obviously there is a little more pressure (than in 2006)," said Beasley. "One, because I'm a veteran, and two, personally, because I haven't made the team.

"There are 30 guys in and and seven guys who are going to be disappointed not making the roster," Beasley said. "I could be one of them. I'm just putting my head down, working hard and trying to get my feet back into it quickly, trying to make it hard for Bob to pick the team."

Beasley also acknowledges that his past season with Rangers was anything but a success. He began the season out of favor with manager Walter Smith, but enjoyed a good run of form in December, when he scored two goals and assisted on four others in a span of five games and showed his trademark speed and shiftiness on the wing.

Beasley looked to be on his way to a strong season, but a thigh injury sustained in training in late December sidelined him. Beasley recovered in late February, but never regained a starting role. Hecontributed minimally in the second half of the season, playing in just five matches as Rangers claimed its second consecutive Scottish League title.

"I feel like after I got injured I never really got a chance to go back to my December form, I never got a chance to play again after that," said Beasley. "It was difficult, but it is what it is. I'm here and all that's behind me now and it's time to get ready for the World Cup and trying to get back to my good form. Hopefully the two games that we play before the World Cup will get me ready for that."

Making the 23-man roster for the World Cup isn't the sole goal for Beasley this summer. Beasley is a free agent and he is hoping a good showing with the U.S. this summer can help attract European suitors. A return to MLS is a possibility for the former Chicago Fire player, but it's not an option he favors.

"I wouldn't rule (MLS) out, but my first option is definitely Europe," Beasley said.

Where he goes will likely hinge on how he does at the World Cup, assuming he makes the team. He isn't a lock, but his experience gives him an edge. He provides veteran savvy and versatility, two facets to his game that he plans to bring to the pre-World Cup camp.

"I have leadership roles and qualities that I can give to the younger guys," said Beasley. "But at the same time I feel like I'm 20 years old again trying to make the squad and trying to get on the pitch to try and be on the final roster for the World Cup."

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137 Responses to Beasley ready to battle for World Cup spot

  1. Aaron in StL says:

    Good luck to you Beaz..sure hope he can recapture his better years, but that may be asking a lot.

  2. BurlingtonChelsea says:

    He will be on the plane. No doubt.

  3. Idaho Brian says:

    An in-form and motivated Beasley offers far more to the team than Rogers and Klejsten. Here’s hoping he can regain his December ’09 run of form…

  4. mike says:

    I agree if he can’t beat out Alejandro Bedoya, Sacha Kljestan and Robbie Rogers then our team is in big trouble.

  5. Brian says:

    He seems like a very old 27. He looked good against the Dutch though. Yet he hasn’t played much since then.

  6. Missoula says:

    Far from no doubt. If it comes down to him and Bedoya, I’d personally like to see the Alejandro. His poor performance at the Confederations Cup shouldn’t be determinative, but current form has to count for something. Beasley hasn’t played regularly since December, and in a tight race in the midfield, that could be trouble for him.

  7. DC Josh says:

    I love Beasley. Sad to think about the different paths he and Donovan have taken since Bradenton to this point in their careers. I hope he makes the squad, but he will have to earn it. Competition will bring out the best in him and Bedoya. Whoever wins the spot deserves it, and who knows, they both might be chosen.

  8. Stephen says:

    I think they will both go. I also think that Beasley will set up at least one goal, and Bedoya will play and score.

  9. golfstrom says:

    I’m glad people recognize DB was excellent against the Netherlands in a hostile environment. You can count on one hand the number of USA players capable of that type of attacking performance in an atmosphere like that. Hopefully, his confidence is still up and he can contribute in SA.

  10. Missoula says:

    That’s a good point, its hard to imagine him as only 27, seems like he’s been around forever. If he can regain his form, he’s an asset for the team. Unfortunently, I think he may have an uphill battle proving that he is back to where he can be.

  11. Stephen says:

    If Beasley can play like he did against the Dutch he’d be a huge boost to this team. I think him not playing after that horrible game against Brazil has motivated him to play like he isn’t a shoe-in, which he’s not.

    The US can use a healthy aggressive DB and it would make them a better team.

  12. Betinho says:

    IMO – the only sad thing is the injury bug that hit him. Prior to blowing out his knee he was playing in the champions league and keeping up with the best teams in the world (I’ll never forget his performance against Barca). When he finally recovers fully from that injury and gets his form back he gets hit again. The only thing missing from Beasley’s game is minutes. Unfortunately for him at this point this may have affected his game enough to preclude him from the 23.

  13. einar says:

    Beasley would be a nice option off the bench ro a starter depending on the matches but if he gets beaten by bedoya I would worry because bedoya is playing excellent football right now. if they both make it that would be awsome too.

  14. Chicago - Scott says:

    DaMarcus should come with to South Africa, he could be a great spark off the bench, and if Dempsey needs to play up top we could even see Beasley starting, but only if he is on form.

  15. Danny says:

    True Missoula, but he’s also a veteran of 2 World Cups, UCL, and solid competition in the Eredivise, Prem, and SPL. That means something. Beasley would be a great locker room guy and a good sub off the bench to spark some things. Being a veteran says something too. Give me Beasley over Bedoya (he’ll be there next time), Rogers, and Sasha. Beasley is a rare guy that has two WC appearences at 27 years old. Just my two cents.

  16. dwitty says:

    I agree. Beasley will definitely set up at least one goal. Unfortunately, it will be for the opposing team.

    Beasley sucks and shouldn’t have even been called up. Although I guess someone has to keep the bench from blowing away.

  17. R. says:

    Agreed. He looked very confident during the Netherlands match and if he has that attitude/form at the moment I think he should be on the plane. Alot of people have been knocking Beasley but I think the U.S. becomes a much more dangerous team if he can play at his top level.

  18. strider says:

    The question Bob has to ask is ‘Is Beasley making the runs and passes we need from that position?’ If he can do that consistently in practice with the team he has shown he can still do it in matches, e.g. vs Holland. The only other question would be match fitness. He came in early enough when Stu went out that he showed stamina for 60 mins or so. I agree w/ earlier posts that he would be a great offensive spark off the bench.

  19. Gringo_Prime says:

    Regardless of whether or not Bedoya or Beasley gets picked/ends up starting, it will be interesting to which wing they play on. Donovan found great success last year on the left (obviously), so does the naturally left-footed Beasley move to the right?

    The guardian’s Jonathan Wilson recently chronicled the modern importance of playing wingers on the ‘wrong’ side. It’s an interesting read:

    link to

  20. DC Josh says:

    Not sure what you base your opinion of Beasley on, but it seems short sighted.

  21. JAuch12 says:

    An in form Beas is definitely an asset to this team. I think the great thing is that we actually have options and competition. Guys are going to have to bring it to make the 23 and they’re going to have to bring it to get on the field. We’re not quite at a point where we’re going to be leaving a Pato or Ronaldinho at home, but the pool is getting deeper and next cycle I can see it being even deeper still with all of the young guys that are coming up.

  22. Aaron in StL says:

    Agreed. Even though he’s only 27 he’s taken a beating the last 5 years. So many injuries, I don’t know how effective he’d be a full 90. But with his experience he could be a good guy to play 30 min. or so.

  23. BrooklynFC says:

    Word, lets go Beas show these suckers what a savvy vet can do

  24. Mike Z says:

    I think Beasley makes it as the 23rd selection, ahead of one of the forwards. Beasley may not be able to beat out Bedoya. But my guess is that with Dempsey and Donovan capable of playing midfield or up top, Bradley takes only three pure forwards.

  25. braden says:

    The part that I think makes Beaze a shoo-in is his crossing ability. How many players on the national team can cross with accuracy? Donovan’s good, but Dempsey’s kind of mediocre and Rogers can be downright awful (better this year, but still). I’ve never seen Bedoya try, but maybe he’s got potential.

    And, when you think that Boca might be our left back it becomes even more important that our LM have the ability to cross well.

    Here’s hoping we see a little Beasley magic next Tuesday!

  26. Hopper says:

    Man, that’s pretty harsh. DMB didn’t have a good season, but most players go through that at some point in their careers. Beasley has played with some top European clubs — PSV, Man City and Rangers — and at the very least had stints with each of them in which he performed well. He’s proven that he’s one of our top players, but injuries have sidelined him as of late.

    Remember the one goal the USA scored at the last World Cup? That was a play set up brilliantly by Beasley. I say give him a chance to prove he belongs. I don’t think he’ll disappoint.

  27. Aristotle says:

    Beasley hasn’t really been right (for any length of time) since right before the 2006 World Cup when a number of U.S. players went into a slump as the tournament approached. Unless it’s a really desperate situation, I don’t see how he can justify deserving a spot on the World Cup team.

    It seems like Ives and some others are talking about him as though he is old and past his prime. Technically, he really shouldn’t have even hit his prime yet.

  28. madmax says:


  29. sread says:

    Wow, so everything he’s accomplished since the 2002 WC is just negated because he hasn’t been in form over the past year? I’m no Beasley apologist, but I’d say the guy has already proven that 1. he doesn’t suck and 2. he deserves to be in camp fighting for a position just like the other 29 guys

  30. Will says:

    Thing is, if Beasley makes the team, I can see him potentially providing a spark off the bench at some point. If Bedoya makes it, I doubt he will play a minute. I vote for Beasley

  31. Fireball says:

    Um, I don’t think that I would call his path sad. Since Bradenton? DMB’s pretty much been playing in EUROPE this whole time, some of it at the highest level. It’s only in the last year (particularly the last 5 months) or so that we haven’t been calling Donovan’s career kinda sad.

  32. primoone says:

    No disrespect to our other winger options however, I would choose an In-form DMB over any other winger option in our pool. The kid is world cup tested in addition to league championships and euro tourneys. He is as experienced as you can get with the Nats. He did have a miserable period with the nats however, out of form does not equal washed up. It would be in our best interest for DMB to have an excellent camp and regain his spot.

  33. Adam R. says:

    Beasley with motivation and something to prove?

    Sign me up.

  34. Aristotle says:

    Given how much Beasley played there, it might not have been a hostile environment to him.

  35. DC Josh says:

    right, that’s why I said “to this point in their careers”. Should have been more clear.

  36. KEEP says:

    Was it “Project 2010″ ? Something like that…where that Fla. camp would either win or be extremely solid during the 2010 WC. Beas and LD were the two big prospects in this group. The folks that rag on Beasley haven’t watched his career close enough, IMO there is no question he should be on the plane. His injuries have been his biggest foe, poor play, like we saw last summer, could be due to his time off. His size has always been his downfall, he was 120 pounds in 2002, the smallest man in the tourny!! He will be a great super sub.

  37. ThaDeuce says:

    I’d say playing in the Champions League is a great career compared to the MLS Cup.

    2 very different careers, one not really better than the other when you take into account everything else including playing time and injuries.

  38. primoone says:

    You know, truth be told…Donovan has achieved more on the National Level as opposed to Beasley. Having said that, Beasley has been right there with LD along the way. At the club level, Im not so sure.

  39. ThaDeuce says:

    Bedoya reminds me of an 06 Dempsey or a 2002 Beasley. He’s got that rookie fire that can’t be replicated. Very dangerous on the world stage.

    I hope they both deserve to go, and do.

  40. DC Josh says:

    Holden is the best crosser on our team. No other player comes close. But Beasley is left footed, and Holden is right footed.

  41. Lost in Space says:

    As many have said an In Form DaMarcus is a potential threat and spark coming in off the bench. Hopefully the compitition with Bedoya brings out the best in both players. Personally wouldn’t mind if both made the cut of 23 as we’re a little thin on the Wing. My biggest worry is that Polotics will come into play and BB will bring “X” number of MLS players, not because they desirve to be there….but as PR for the league. I currently have 3 MLSers going (Donovan, Buddle, & Bornstein) with Pearce, Ching, Marshall, Rogers, Findley, & Kljestan all being left home.

    However, I’ve got BB bringing 3 true Strikers, 7 Defenders, and 8 Midfielders and 2 Mid-Forwards (Donovan & Dempsey).

  42. mike says:

    just because beasley screwed up once doesnt mean hes terrible. hes still one of the fastest guys on the team. everyone wants bedoya… until he screws up. which he will, he just hasnt been given a chance to do it.

  43. Mike Caramba says:

    Thank God! I was worried Beasley wasn’t ready to battle.

  44. EA says:

    People love to bash Beasley (and a number of others) because he isn’t the newest prospect on the block.

    Just wait… The calls for Gooch to be put out to pasture will start after this World Cup (let’s play Gonzalez and Orozco NOW!!!), and the calls for Donovan will be shortly thereafter. It’s one of the sad things about “internet” soccer fans.

    If we’re up 2-1, with 15 minutes left and facing A LOT of pressure from our opponent, I’d love to have Beasley off the bench. Still fast enough to break into open space, crafty enough to draw a foul when the defense gets there, and when the foul comes, arguably the best free kick taker in the group of 30, if not the entire player pool.

    Wish more people were intent on supporting our lads then tearing them down.

    But hey, I’ve heard good things about that 19 year old warming the bench in the Swiss 3rd division. Let’s trot him out against an Argentina, Holland or England.

  45. Aristotle says:

    Where have you been? A MAJOR part of what he has accomplished since 2002 is a string of injuries and sitting on the bench.

  46. dbex says:

    LOL. Impressive troll.

  47. ThaDeuce says:

    Yes Mike Z, this is a great point.

    When it comes right down to it, does Bob choose Buddle/gomez/findley over Beasley? I just don’t see that.

    Take 2 or 3 strikers- ching, altidore, and maybe buddle. then bring both bedoya and beasley if they show well in camp. They are higher quality and more important, especially with donovan and deuce as the other 2 forwards out of the midfield.

    bob says time and again that versatility is key…..

    DMB (not dave matthews band) has played left back, left wing, and striker throughout his career for the USMNT, pretty good versatility stat.

  48. Murphy says:

    who else is better than beasley as a reserve outside midfielder? he won’t start but he’s a good, fast option off the bench. he should be on the team.

  49. KEEP says:

    yup….couldn’t agree with you more on all points

  50. DC Josh says:

    Yeah the inverted wingers are making a boom. Steven Gerrard thrives on it. He’s the best at shooting at goal from the left channel. The problem with the US using this is you need width somehow, which would come from the fullbacks. Our fullbacks aren’t known for their offensive prowess.

  51. ThaDeuce says:

    Which one of these is not making the team? Only 6 can possibly go with what I’m looking at.

    Beasley, Bedoya, Feilhaber, Torres, Pearce Bornstein.

    Originally I left off Torres as the msot likely last week, but it is definitely a crap shoot.

  52. Warren says:

    Beasley in form like against the Dutch shows he can (still) play against World Cup quality players – sometimes.

    Vs Brazil last summer – and in the games leading up to that – showed an out of form Beas was bad for usmnt health.

    If Beasley has a good camp then take him as the 23rd or spark off the bench player; with Bedoya as 22.

    And BB: Please leave Sacha and Rogers home, thanks.

  53. ThaDeuce says:

    i’m making the assumption that Bob will not be bringing: Sasha, Rogers, Marshall, Ej, Gomez, Findley and then ?… 1 more to make the 7 out list complete.

  54. ThaDeuce says:

    5 not including DMB, 2 from the left side.

    Donovan, Spector, Cherundolo, Holden, Pearce.

  55. Zach says:

    Just imagine if we had a player like Pato….dang. It blows my mind that Brazil is deep enough just to leave him and Dinho home. Depth is what really holds the USMNT back and, like you said, hopefully our depth improves for the next cycle.

  56. DC Josh says:

    This isn’t directed to you Tha Duece, just in general. But the point I was making is that Donovan is a lock to start at the World Cup, while Beasley is not even a lock to make the squad. That’s what I find shocking. I wasn’t talking about their club careers, which have been completely different.

  57. Mike Z says:

    It is especially true for the US because of how compact Bradley plays his midfield. It is that much more important for the outside midfielders to be able to turn in on their preferred foot. It also explains why Bornstein gets so much time at left back, because the outside fullbacks have to provide width going forward.

  58. kimo says:

    One of DMB’s problems has been his love of the nightlife….particularly the drink. This goes all the way back to his time in Chicago. It finally caught up with him during his final year at PSV. While folks have referenced his diminutive size for injuries, in truth, he’s never taken care of his body. Word is, however, that much has changed over the last year in terms of attitude. Let’s hope so.

  59. ThaDeuce says:

    good point. Tactically, a Beasley super sub in the 60th would be a great move. he knows how to draw a foul, find the open space, and find the open man.

    However, so would Bedoya, who brings that rookie fire that can’t be replicated (donovan, beasley 02, Dempsey 06).

    Right now I’d say Beasley is on top if these two are competing. Bedoya has had 1 good game as a sub with the nats. We’ve all seen Freddy/Sasha/Bornstein/Pearce/your_name_here do it for 1 to maybe 5 games in a row, only to lose it completely for the next 5 or 6. He has more to prove.

    I hope Bedoya does prove it, and then they both go, providing Beasley proves he isn’t past his prime as well!

  60. Felix says:

    I personally favor Bedoya over Beasley, but ultimately, this plays itself out on the pitch in training and in the Send Off Series. Let the better man win.

  61. ThaDeuce says:

    Spector, Pearce, and Dolo all cross very well from the back and make strong forward runs. So it could happen.

  62. Mike Z says:

    Right now I am thinking 3-keepers, 9-midfielders, 4-forwards (counting Deuce as a forward) That would leave Kljestan and Rogers off the team at midfield. Dempsey and Altidore as locks at forward and Ching, Buddle, Gomez, Johnson, Findley battling for 2 spots at forward.

  63. kimo says:


    An in form (or even moderately in form) Beasley (as a winger and ONLY a winger) is a far superior choice to just about any other US prospect. At Rangers, he appeared to hav turned the corner and was their best threat for a 6 wk stretch…then the injury…which he recovered from…but some behind the scenes drama has kept him out since.

  64. Felix says:

    Spector is a very good crosser of the ball as well. Even though he’s a forward, I’ve seen Jozy cross well too.

  65. Sean M says:

    +1,Same with his brother Jamar,who just got picked up by the KC wizards.

  66. tnnelson says:

    if it’s just form we’re talking about, i favor bedoya. ive been following him throughout the beginning of his season at orebro and he is putting up consecutive solid performances, one after the other. if he hadn’t been unlucky on half of his goalscoring chances, he would have at least 6 or 7 goals already this season as a midfielder. at the same time though, i don’t think he understands how much bigger the World Cup is than anything else he can even compare to previously in his career. DMB knows his way around an international pitch and he has been in some extremely high pressure situations, and regardless of recent form, that cannot be faulted. right now i’m a little undecided. it’s gonna be an interesting battle for roster spots

  67. Felix says:

    I’m a Bedoya over Beasley guy, but that’s a funny comment. We’ve seen this a million times from USMNT fans, they like someone until they have a couple of bad games or one horrendous error and then BB is the idiot for picking him to begin with and they move on to the next flavor of the month.

    My prediction for this WC for the player who will earn this moniker is Jonathan Spector. Last year people were falling all over themselves to pick him, but he’s had a bad year with West Ham and if he plays significant minutes in the World Cup, he will get exposed and fans will turn on him.

  68. Hopper says:

    That’s just not true. It was after the World Cup in 2002 that he made the move over to PSV to replace Arjen Robben and then proceeded to score a ton of goals for them. He was also very good in his limited appearances for Man City and was great for the USMNT all the way through the World Cup in 2006. Do your research.

  69. EA says:

    It’s pretty easy to identify the 17 who’s tickets are punched, and the camp battles that are left:

    Flash in the Pan: Buddle/Gomez
    Fast Guy: EJ/Findley
    #4 CB: Marshall/Goodson
    LB: Bornstein/Pearce
    Wing: Beasley/Rogers/Bedoya
    #5 CM: Kljestan/Torres

    That’s six battles that are left for six spots. It’s possible that the play of two players is so “great” (think Bornstein/Pearce, Buddle/Gomez, or two of the three wings) that it could throw the numbers off, but I think that’s it.

    The great thing is that the “losers” of the camp battles, for the most part, are in their early to mid-20’s. Guess who’s going to be leading us in our next qualifying cycle, with a chip on their shoulders, and will be the “grizzled” vets in the next WC camp? With more youngsters in the pipeline to push them.

    And only a couple of the 23 will NEED to be replaced due to age the next time around.


  70. ThaDeuce says:

    I’d say Ching and Buddle out of those 5, but which one of the 6 don’t make it? (Bedoya, Beasley, Bornstein, Pearce, Torres, Feilhaber)?

  71. sread says:

    Yeah, so he’s suffered some injuries. When you’re injured, you typically spend plenty of time on the bench–no matter what league you’re playing in. But I don’t see what point you’re trying to make–are you somehow disagreeing that he’s still a veteran option, has 90 caps, scored 17 times and set up even more goals for the NATS? or that he doesn’t have just as good a shot at going to SA as a Robbie Rogers or a Sacha Kljestan? If you’re some DMB hater then that’s fine, I could care less, but try to sound a little less ridiculous.

  72. Stevie says:

    are you kidding? playing for PSV at one point doesn’t mean he’s all of a sudden accustomed to playing in front of the Dutch national team crowd. Id say those two are slightly different

  73. Mike Z says:

    I see Pearce and Marshall not making it, leaving 7 defenders (with Edu adding emergency cover)

  74. St. Addi says:

    He was the only player that looked consistently good against Netherlands. He was willing to attack and run at defenders, which is an element we sorely lack. I think he surprises a lot of people with his form in camp. Having rested his frail body over the last few months instead of having it tested on a weekly basis in the brutal SPL can only be a good thing. I think it is safe to say that had he been playing more recently we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, becuase he would be out injured.

  75. dwitty says:

    I don’t know what you’re laughing about. Trolls tend to make one-line comebacks, such are yours. I’m using what I’ve seen of DMB recently to make my opinion. Too many people here seem to rely on what DMB has done WAY in the past to justify having him on the team. That’s total BS. He’s sucked royally since the Confed Cup. I don’t care what he did before then, he’s shown nothing to say that he’s back in form and can play at this level again. (and the Netherlands friendly doesn’t count, one Swallow does not a summer make.)

  76. BSU SC says:

    “World Cup experience” is overrated. Beasley played the best games of his career in 2002 during the World Cup when he was 20 years old and had very limited experience as a professional. Bring on Bedoya!!!

  77. jai_brooklyn says:

    See you in SA, Run DMB! Time to turn back the clock and make some of those trademark runs down the flanks!

  78. Big Chil says:


  79. Erik says:

    Of any of the “fringe” players, he’s on the plane. He hits a nasty free kick left footed and if I’m not mistaken, someone usually puts them in the net.

  80. Erik says:

    Hoping Beas makes the team. I am sure he will show well, he’s a class player.

  81. LAZO says:

    what i dont get is nobody bashed reyna when he lost the game for th U.S. vs. Ghana. that was worse then beasleys blunder beacause it was the world cup. I bet he DMB starts june 12th. Experience and speed make him a lock kids.

  82. davidaubudavid says:

    i don’t know if you remember, but when bedoya came in we started to look extremely dangerous as well. He didn’t play much but still looked good for the minutes he was. If both of these guys are playing well it is going to be hard to leave one off.

  83. wilyboy says:

    I don’t have a huge problem with Beas making the team. But they better bring Bedoya, too. This man needs to be pushed by competition, many state that he’s a veteran, but he’s also one of the biggest children the team has ever seen. His lack of consistency is infuriating, and his comments after his many slumps have been selfish and hubristic. As long as he doesn’t feel that he is “back, baby,” there’s still a chance that he will play with some conviction.

    Bedoya is our future left winger. He’s strong, fast, very skilled, and thank God, he’s humble. If he doesn’t go, it’s a nostalgia thing, nothing more.

  84. DC Josh says:

    You’re comparing apples and oranges.

  85. AngelUSAfan says:

    I hope beasley makes it to the roster, Beasley is a guy who can play any position from been a left midfield to right but Bob Bradley can get him on top with Altidore make him a striker, he has good speed (ala Davis) good control of the ball, can make good passes, crosses and he is good in scoring. That is why I been saying that Bob Bradley should take more Midfield than Striker and less Goal Keepers I don’t think you need 3 goal keepers. So what you guys think of Beasley converting him into a Striker

  86. Goalscorer24 says:

    I like that there is competition for spots. Hopefully whomever ultimately makes the team, they go into the World Cup hungry!

  87. DC Josh says:

    Can’t agree more.

  88. Josh D says:

    I forgot he was still “young.” At 27 he still has another 4 solid years of competitive soccer to go, if his body can handle it.

    I thought for some reason he was 29-30… Time sure flies…

  89. Gringo_Prime says:

    Those three definitely seem to provide the best service, but only one of the three is likely to be on the pitch at any given time, as Pearce needs a great camp just to make the squad and Spector is unlikely to line up at left back (as he shouldn’t).

  90. Gringo_Prime says:

    Very true

    I think our fullbacks’ lack of offensive prowess is also the reason we can’t play a 4-3-3. We have the central mids, we have the wingers, but we don’t have the requisite quick and technically gifted fullbacks.

  91. Josh D says:

    The better point is Beasley has competed against the best in the world whereas Donovan has had two massive flops over seas, a successful one, and MLS. Beasley has been in the Champions league and cup winning teams in Europe.

    The real sad part is Donovan’s who is only now just feeling the bug of testing himself properly abroad.

  92. Gringo_Prime says:

    Yea, Project 2010 began in 1998, with the goal being to have a real shot at winning the 2010 cup.

    One of the results of the project was the Bradenton academy. Beasley, Donovan, and Onyewu were part of their first class.

  93. MiamiAl says:

    We’ve seen what kind of damage Beasley can do when he is having a bad day. Plus he is injury prone. And when he takes free kicks or corners, he can never seem to get it over the wall or past the first line of defense…I say leave him at home!!!

  94. MiamiAl says:

    oh I did! I personally never saw Claudio Reyna live up to expectations…

  95. braden says:

    Some of you are confusing the ability to loft the ball into the air in the general direction of a striker with a cross. Bornstein, Pearce, and Rogers are capable of lofting a ball into the box, but they’re rarely able to actually land a ball on a guy’s forehead.

    Holden’s an excellent right footer, and Specter can do a good job if he’s in position, but they’re not going to be playing on the left.

  96. braden says:

    Some classic DMB…

    link to

    Let’s hope we see some of this in June.

  97. Eric says:

    Good luck, DMB! I’m pulling for ya!

  98. ThaDeuce says:

    can’t debate that!

  99. Ted Decker says:

    Maybe that’s what sets you apart from the other trolls, making you an impressive troll.

  100. ThaDeuce says:

    Read the article, and that coupled with Deuce’s statement that he also prefers the left wing, makes it even more interesting. I sincerely hope Bob considers as many tactical options as he considers players, narrows them down as thoroughly, and decides to keep 4-5 in his back pocket during the tournament. With the versatility and strengths of this team, we could see a variety of different strategies and players in different positions. I wouldn’t mind seeing something completely different that utilizes our players strengths…The question is, Is our team better with a play maker/ withdrawn striker? If so, who fits in?

    It would be hard to change from the 4-4-2, but there are some good ideas out there. I’d like to see something new that also works!

  101. ThaDeuce says:

    Okay, Maybe something like this?






    This was mainly to show the 4-2-3-1 not the pearce v bornstein v boca v demeritt debate, but i’ll have to answer why i put pearce in.

    I hope that he shows well in camp, the we have the two inverted wingers coming in and we have two fullbacks who can fly up the wings and put in crosses.

    Just one option for an offensive day against algeria maybe.

    Also, If beasley regains form, I think he starts over holden…wow, ya, that one will get fire.

    Another day we may want to be much more defensively sound.

  102. ThaDeuce says:

    how old is jamar?

  103. ThaDeuce says:

    can’t debate that either!

  104. ThaDeuce says:

    I like it!

    Its been tried before also…right before one of those injuries.

  105. Justin says:

    Hostile environment?? He played well against the Dutch because it was at his old stompimg grounds in Amsterdam. The crowd was even cheering him! I do hope he’s in form and both he and Bedoya make the final 23.

  106. ThaDeuce says:

    very nice,

    you make that?

  107. AngelUSAfan says:

    Thats is a cool video, and that proves my point of view that Beasley should be on the list of 23. BOB BRADLEY NEED GUY WHO CAN PLAY MULTIPLE POSITION convert him in to a striker. he has the eye for goals.

  108. Justin says:

    Huh? Claudio Reyna and John O’Brien were arguably the best midfield tandem of the ALL the teams in the 2002 WC! Do you not remember?

  109. Gringo_Prime says:

    I like it, and I’d imagine that’s how our attack will function regardless of what the official formation is.

    Dempsey plays as a withdrawn striker, with Donovan and Beasley/Holden/Bedoya manning the wings.

  110. william smith says:

    Not sure he can beat out those guys but am betting he will be on the plane anyway and yes, our team is in big trouble. We’ll be home early

  111. Gacm32 says:

    What about his form in December for Rangers? 2 goals and 4 assists in just 5 games? That’s impressive, and that shows that when he’s healthy he can perform. I’m pretty sure anybody who “sucks” wouldn’t be in Europe, sitting on the bench or otherwise.

  112. Gacm32 says:


  113. Joamiq says:

    dwitty = 15 years old

  114. Joamiq says:

    Of course, the flip side of that is that since he hasn’t seen so much time on the field over the past few years, those tires might still have a lot of tread left on them. See: Hill, Grant

  115. dwitty says:

    Awww. That’s cute, here, let me try:

    Joamiq = A$$hole

  116. Joamiq says:

    Jozy cannot play alone up top.

  117. Joamiq says:

    He was more than right last December.

  118. Joamiq says:

    Haha, I love it. Nothing better than being called an A$$hole by dweebs on the internet.

  119. SammyC673 says:

    Beasley. Please. I have close non-soccer friends who know their sports and will disown this national team if DaMarcus actually makes it by the love of God. Just cut Findley and this joke and let’s start getting serious.

  120. SammyC673 says:

    Beasly has lost his spot with his horrendous showings in the past two World Cups. What makes you think he could do any better now? Let’s put in our young talent.

  121. bryan says:

    i’d find a way to bring Beasley and Bedoya.

  122. SammyC673 says:

    I have a strong distaste for Beasley after the past two world cups if you couldn’t tell…

  123. bryan says:

    love it. god, i really hope he can find that form again. some REALLY nice goals in that video.

  124. ThaDeuce says:

    in the 4-2-3-1 he is playing with three others, in essence.

  125. ThaDeuce says:

    If he is the target, then all he has to do is hold the ball long enough to dish to the onrushing deuce, donovan, beas, bradley, etc… He has shown well at holding the ball up, though I don’t know if as well as Ching. Really ching maybe the better target forward/link up player if he is healed. Wonder if i’ll get burned for that one!

  126. Neruda says:

    Reading DMB’s comments in this article indicate he’s humbled by his position. He knows he needs to perform to be in. I’d love both Bedoya and DMB to be able to make it but DMB has the creativity and speed to be a thorn in the side of the slower English and Slovenian backs.

  127. Mike Caramba says:

    I think I agree that Beasley should go, but I don’t blame people for being skeptical. People’s distrust of Beasley isn’t a product of their preference for youth as much as it is several shaky (and I’m being kind by leaving it at that) performances for the US and a lack of playing time for his club. Look at it this way: he’s the same age or younger than Donovan, Onyewu, Cherundolo, Bocanegra, and DeMerit, but people aren’t really questioning their inclusion, right?

    I agree that some American fans (and fans in general) get a little too excited about youngsters, but the Beasley skepticism is more than a simple case of ageism.

  128. madmax says:

    If you did it ten times a year for three years would that be grounds for divorce?

  129. madmax says:

    Has anybody (reporter/Bradley) asked the Rangers skipper why he has played Beasley so little the past three years? No volunteers may answer for the manager please.

  130. ThaDeuce says:


  131. Sgc says:

    “Trolls tend to make one-line comebacks, such are yours.”

    —Actually, trolls tend to make stuff up on the spot, like the above.

  132. Aristotle says:

    I hate people who tell people to do research when they themselves clearly just talk out of their a*s.

    I did the research. Beasley scored a grand total of 10 goals for PSV during his stint with them from 2004-2007. 10 goals from 2004 to 2007 is a ton of goals? Players have scored a lot more goals than that in a single World Cup. Idiot.

    He sucked with Man City. A few good games in a measly 18 appearances. We all know what’s happened with the Rangers because it’s current. You will have to wait to try and re-write that history.

    No one was great for the USMNT all the way through the 2006 World Cup. I don’t need to research that one. I watched it with my own eyes. In one of the games he was berated by Arena for refusing to go forward at all for an entire game. You’re an imbecile.

  133. Aristotle says:

    If you want to see ridiculous, re-read your post. You’re just a petulant fan boy. Not to mention one of those idiots who quotes someone’s career statistics every time someone says something negative about them that’s only referring to a very short time period.

    Someone says that Beasley has only had problems the past year, and I correct him because this isn’t true, and you don’t know what my point is? Let’s add moron to your wonderful list of attributes.

  134. Aristotle says:

    This new trend of calling people trolls just because they disagree with you is getting pretty pathetic. You can’t address what they say, so you just call them a troll. Brilliant.

  135. Aristotle says:

    I wonder if you would be saying these things in person, and not safe and sound in your parent’s basement?

  136. Aristotle says:

    That may be true, but it’s also quite different to be a stranger playing in a foreign land than it is to be someone playing in a stadium and country you have been living in for years.

  137. Aristotle says: