Bradley discusses several topics on first day of camp

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The U.S. men's national team opened up their pre-World Cup camp in Princeton, New Jersey, and head coach Bob Bradley discussed a variety of topics following Monday's training session.

From the injury statuses of several players, to his plan for the camp, to Charlie Davies' lashing at FC Sochaux president, Bradley touched on a wide array of things concerning the U.S. national team. Here are just some of the things Bradley said:

On the current status of Carlos Bocanegra, who is recovering from a lower abdominal strain:

"Carlos (Bocanegra) did the warm up with the team today, a little bit of ballwork, individual work and so he is making good progress. We had four guys that we kept inside in the training room, and Carlos had a little bit of his own program today."

On how concerned he is by the current injuries:

"Obviously, we will assess as we go through this week whether the issues are already on their way to being better and guy are back to training or whether that becomes more of a concern."

On if he plans to select his final 23 prior to the Turkey friendly in Philadelphia:

"It's like anything else, you have a plan in your head, but then you have to be able to adjust at some point. But the idea would be that by the time we get to Philadelphia and we have made our decisions and have our 23."

On if there are conflicting interests between getting the core group ready and judging the fringe players:

"We do our best to size up where different guys are. We trust that we've had experience in games together so I don't think that automatically you have to put what you think as your potential starting eleven out there right away in the first training session. You have time to assess where different guys are, we work on different things as we go through. I've mentioned a number of times that the fitness early on is a priority."

On Oguchi Onyewu:

"He was named in the 23 last week in Milan that they then picked the 18 from. So I mean he's put himself in contention at the end of the year there. He's been feeling good coming out of regular training sessions so I think we're confident about that."

On tracking Charlie Davies' recovery:

"We talked about the process with our coaches. We knew exactly what it looked like in training. [U.S. national team trainer] Ivan Perrera was there at one point. I saw video of it at training. So we put it all together and we recognized that Charlie has put, up until now, and will need to continue to put, a tremendous amount of work into his rehab, and we're all there supporting him."

On Davies' lashing out at FC Sochaux president:

"There's a lot of emotion. From right after the accident until now, he put all his energy and emotion into his rehab and he did with an obvious timetable. We talked about that along the way.

"Look, I'll share one conversation I had with Charlie. This was in February, and again sometimes that conversation is because you're a little older, whether it's a father conversation or a big brother conversation. I told him that I felt that if he could keep his attitude, his mentality, his work ethic, that that was going to be very important.

"But I also said 'If you could find a way to work and put everything into it and maybe not have so much to say, I think it would work for you because you don't want to put yourself in a position where you're making all this progress and yet somehow it seems like a failure because the timing just doesn't coincide with the World Cup. What's also important is that you can still get yourself back to the level that you were playing before the accident.' We still talk about that with him and hopefully he got his emotion out, but that he can continue to move forward and the guys on the team, his friends, are right there behind him."

On the forwards in camp:

"Herculez (Gomez) comes off the season and Edson (Buddle) has started the season very well, so certainly you take notice of that. It's good to see now how they'll fit in and play in this stretch.

We have worked in the past year with Robbie Findley at times and we still feel that he's got some good qualities; good to see him get a goal the other night.

Brian Ching has been out injured, but still, if you look at his impact over the last few years, a guy that still as a forward brings the kind of qualities - holding balls under pressure, drawing fouls, bringing guys into the game – so we recognize that part of his game.

(Eddie) Johnson would be a similar case to Edson and Herculez. His last stretch in Greece in the play-offs has been good. We've seen him play live, (assistant coaches have been in Greece), so we watch the games and we keep track of things and his play was good."


What do you think of Bradley's comments?

Share your thoughts below.

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106 Responses to Bradley discusses several topics on first day of camp

  1. HoboMike says:

    I think he’s the master of saying everything while actually saying nothing at all.

  2. SayervilleFC says:

    When Bradley said “But I also said ‘If you could find a way to work and put everything into it and maybe not have so much to say, I think it would work for you…”

    What he meant was “keep your cake-hole shut.”

  3. WiscFan says:


  4. Lost In Space says:

    +1 to you. BB sounds like he’s running for a Political Office.

  5. patrick says:

    i wanna get bob drunk and videotape him like jerry jones. Imagine everything that would come out…

  6. jb says:

    I like the way he phrased the Davies conversation. I know CDs goal was to be fit for the world cup, but he shouldnt view missing out as a failure. From all I’ve heard here its amazing how far along he is at this point. I hope CD can understand and keep rehabbing with the same motivation and hopefully make a full recovery and return for his club next season and for our national team next cycle. If he’s not cleared medically by club or country yet, then BB is doing whats best for everyone including CD. Continuing to be impressed by Bradley.

  7. John says:

    When all of the sound and fury stirred up by our collective disappointment dies down, it will have to be said that Bob Bradley handled the Charlie Davies situation with dignity and with an eye not only on the World Cup, but also on the best interests of his young player.

  8. jig says:

    exactly. great post.

  9. HoboMike says:

    What is this? A well thought-out argument re: Bob Bradley? Praise?? Watch out – you may be hanged for that.

  10. I chuckled at your remark. I would agree.

  11. Alex says:

    To everyone critical of BB’s Diplomacy: what coach in any major sport does anything different than bradley when it comes to being tight-lipped….What exactly do you all want him to say?

  12. wilyboy says:

    Really scared of how much he talked about Johnson, Ching, and Findley versus Gomez and Buddle. He truly believes that familiarity is the prime ingredient. Think Gomez and Buddle will have to do something spectacular, because as long as Findley can fun pretty fast, Johnson can keep his name alive, and Ching can stand on one leg, Bob will favor them.

  13. HoboMike says:

    Not sure if you’re talking to me or not, but I’m not being critical whatsoever. He talks exactly how I would want my national team coach to talk.

  14. Pete says:

    I believe the US should be able to get passed the group stage and come in 2nd in the group. After that they’d be in for a match against germany/serbia/ghana, those are tough ones.

  15. OC says:

    Absolutely man. It’s crazy to think Davies would be exerting himself to the degree that a WC demands not even a year after his accident.

    I am gonna miss him sorely this WC but am certainly looking forward to a healthy CD9 in the following 4-year cycles.

  16. art says:

    perhaps but what should we expect here? a) camp just started, b) lots of guys are injured, c) everyone is listening. Pretty standard answers if you ask me, BB isn’t Bruce, he’s very careful about what he says, for good reason.

  17. Coachspeak says:

    I’m curious as to what you expected Bob to say?

    Did you think he would be like Lord Triesman and talk about who bribes referees?

    Given the modern day atmosphere Bradley’s coachspeak is probably just a little more revealing than most. He told Charlie to keep a lid on it it, and of course Charlie didn’t, so when all the controversy dies down it’s going to be Charlie who comes out looking a little immature. He should have listened to Bob. Did he think his twitter PR campaign was going to sway Bradley?

  18. art says:

    good advice, that could apply to a whole raft of US soccer fans as well.

  19. senevada says:

    what should we be passing? yuck.


  20. Tell them says:

    You are really reading wayyy too much into Bob’s comments, Mr. Coyote.

    I don’t agree with your analysis and it says more about who you favor than anything about Bob’d feelings.

    He was just trying to say something positive about all of them.

  21. Adam R. says:

    How in the world do you come to that conclusion out a few remarks from a press conference?

    Some people will believe what they want to believe no matter what they see, hear or read.

  22. Josh Marcinik says:

    That’s right. In the end, it’s probably a good thing that Bob tends to show less emotion than a lot of passive observers (like us mere fans.) He can look at it a bit more rationally.

  23. RK says:

    What is going on here? I’m not used to reading rational posts on any sports topic.

  24. Austin says:

    i like that

  25. Austin says:

    i would love to face serbia…..I wanna see “Judas” Subotic’s face when Dempsey runs past him and rifles it into the bottom corner

  26. TimN says:

    My take away:

    1. Gooch and Bocanegra will be fine.

    2. The forward spots are Gomez’s and Buddle’s to lose. Ching and Johnson are going to have to work.

    3. Davies needs to quit slamming his boss in public and keep working to get back in form. He’s young, and there will assuredly be future WC opportunities IF IF IF he keeps his head scewed on straight.

  27. Josh D says:

    A true politician! I learned nothing…

  28. montana matt says:

    You mean speaks like you would want your national team coach to speak?

  29. Sninho says:

    I still don’t understand why people get so upset about Subotic. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have the guy this cycle, but we’re talking about a player that acted like a petulant child after a coach made a personal decision. Was the coach wrong? Absolutely, but could he have known Subotic would have turned out to be one of the top defenders in Germany? I don’t think so. Besides, history isn’t always a given, so who’s to say that if Subotic stayed with the US that he would have even developed into the player he is now? I’d like for us to play Serbia, but only because I feel its the lesser of those three evils if that’s the possibility.

  30. BetaMale says:

    my take is he HOPES Gooch and Boca will be fine.

  31. montana matt says:

    What about Mourinho?

  32. K.J. says:

    I really, really hope Findley doesn’t go to SA.

  33. Jdavids says:


  34. JavaLavaJoe says:

    Great quotes from Bob. He really is on top of things. I trust him.

  35. Supsam says:

    I see nothing wrong with B.Bradley’s approach on things to the media. Its way better than Rongen’s approach to the media concerning Subotic :]

  36. KMac says:

    Politician? or strategist. England, Algeria, and Slovenia are listening too. Just a thought.

  37. Isaac says:

    That’s possibly the first logical comment I’ve heard about Neven Subotic in a while.

    That being said, fans who hate him as a player can’t really be blamed. Hating a player as a player is part of the sport.

    As a PERSON, that’s a different story. Neven went with the option he felt best suited him and he’s turned out to be an incredible defender. He doesn’t make his decision by thinking the way you guys are. Soccer, no, sports is a business. Whichever choice that he feels leads him to broader horizons and better is the one he should take. At least, that’s how he thinks.

  38. Isaac says:


  39. Patrick says:

    Jose is “special”, so rules don’t apply to him.

  40. munkyman says:

    couldn’t be more right. he has the media running in circles sometimes. it’s kind of funny to watch because he is known as this very private coach who likes to keep things “within the team,” and I’ve really never seen him deviate from that stance. Not once. At least he’s consistent.

  41. John1 says:

    The U.S. has gone passed the group stage before with less quality; they will get out of their group.

  42. DC Josh says:

    I love his quotes on Charlie. False hope probably led to much of the anger from us fans when he wasn’t selected. The fact is he isn’t ready. It was very interesting to see how Bob felt about the ordeal.

  43. Dunbar says:

    You can say the argument is logical, but i believe at the time, Subotic had played in the last Bundesliga game of the season and was put in the preseason starting lineup. This was before the u 20 world cup. Then when you see that the other kids he competed with for the defender were mls prospects and college kids, you see his point of view. I kinda would be disheartened as well. In the end, there is nothing we can do about it because it is over. We can dream about having Demerit as the fourth choice centerback because Subotic is on the team. However, this will never occur. What makes it worse is that none of the defenders who played in the u 20 world cup have turned out as well as he did. Eric Lichaj was injured and did not participate, but is truly the only defender that can garner any success. However, there is no point in dwelling on a questionable decision.

  44. madmax says:

    Not impressed with Bradley’s candor. He continues to dodge the Sochaux case, and as far as I could tell never flat out says, we the USA think Charlie isn’t ready. His comments about Brian Ching, and Findley are frightening. Perhaps the USA can perform well in spite of B. Bradley like in the Confed Cup.

  45. Jerome says:

    “brian ChinGGGGGGGGGgg is my favorite Playerrrrrrrrr. mY mAN bORNSTEIN and my boy Kjlstan are World-cLass, thats why they are US Stars and if i dident have the 2014 job as an oppertunity, Kjlestan would be my starting CM vs England this cycle.”

    You would hear soemthing like that on the tape.

  46. madmax says:

    “Really scared of how much he talked about Johnson, Ching, and Findley…”
    I agree.

  47. sandtrout says:

    Yay for Altidore, Gomez, and Ching for forward (along with Dempsey)

    Down with Buddle, Johnson, Findley.

    Why? Gomez proved himself in a solid league coming off the bench, with some speed and solid finishing. Ching has proven himself a solid contributor in qualifiers and in a recent friendly in which he was the only offensive player who cared (El Sal was it?). Altidore — he’s obvious.

    Buddle isn’t up to this level,and his skills are covered by the others. Johnson isn’t up to this level either, especially if hampered by an injury. And Findley is no way close to this level.

  48. BCC says:

    Too bad Charlie didn’t heed his advice. He has a lot of growing up to do.

  49. Franky says:

    Bob is nothing if not professional. Obviously his ultimate judgement will come down to how we do in June. I, for one, was routing for his firing after the first loss to Brazil last summer, but he has come back strong. Not sure he is the smartest soccer mind in the world, but here is to hoping he gets it right, wins some games, and gets a job in Europe.

  50. war says:

    Agree with Buddle and Herc. But Buddle works well with Landon which may prove beneficial internationally. Herculez can score without Landon’s help which I think is a better achievement.

    But Ching, ” a solid contributor during qualifying”? His solid contributions including 2 goals against Barbados in a 8-0 thrashing, a goal against Cuba in a 6-1 route, and 2 goals against Trinidad and Tobago, the bottom club in the Hexagonal. His solid contribtions that these goals were all scored in home games? That’s the only negative I see with these friendlies: All the MLS players that shouldn’t make the 30 usually pull off something at home, making it difficult to exclude them from a squad. This is how Bornstein stays on. Then when you take them away from home, they get destroyed, and it’s because “that player is one of the best in the world, give him a break”. This is the WORLD CUP. You go there to play the best in the world. If they can’t compete with it, don’t bring them. Feilhaber needs to make sure Sacha doesn’t step near the airport, Goodson shouldn’t have much problems with Marshall, Beas needs to own Rogers.

  51. war says:

    I replied to sandtrout. Wierd…

  52. madmax says:

    Off topic, but Bill is a good spokesman,

    Former President Bill Clinton is the honorary chairman of the 2018/2022 USA World Cup bid. The announcement was made earlier today in a ceremony in New York.

    “In my travels around the world – from the dirt fields of Lusaka, Zambia, to playgrounds in schools across America – I’ve seen the transformative power soccer has to bring people together and transform lives on and off the field,” President Clinton said. “I continue to be impressed with FIFA’s work to promote the game as an agent for positive social change, and I’m proud to represent the United States in our bid to bring the World Cup tournament back to American soil, allowing us to inspire action and cooperation on an even greater scale.”

  53. DaveW says:

    It also depends on where the other teams in the group are when the US plays them. E.g., 2002, Portugal’s, and especially team leader Figo’s, minds were out of it. Caught South Korea on what might have been their worst day of the tournament, were overwhelmed by Poland and had to count on South Korea to dominate the group. Luck helps.

    Also, there was some quality on that US side, if not in every position. And Friedel having a once in a lifetime performance through that WC.

  54. Tom says:

    He actually said quite a bit with the “I told Charlie to be quiet and not foster unreal expectations about your recovery.” (okay, I paraphrased)

  55. bottlcaps says:

    His referral to players who, in all good conscience, should not have even been invited to camp, are a bit scary.

    His selection of players shows that he is has a preference of pedigree over performance. I know managers have a “comfort level” with certain players; their predictability, skill sets, work rate and abilities, you know what you’ll get (and won’t get). That said, you must improve the odds for your team by taking players who are in-form and can obvious contribute.

    We will see if he stays the course and takes the predictable, those players who have, for good or bad, the experience or pedigree to keep his comfort level up. OR takes the jump and goes with the less predictable, the revelations, the HOT players who could, IF given a chance, make a real difference.

    We’ll know soon!

  56. Isaac says:

    What in form players did we not invite to camp are you referring to. I get kind of annoyed when people say certain selections don’t belong and don’t name a solution or a better option. You could say Freddy Adu should be on there over Kljestan, Rogers, or Findley, but none of the aforementioned are likely to go to South Africa anyways, so why interupt Adu’s progress in Greece for a camp before a tournament he may not go to, let alone PLAY in…

    Of course, that’s assuming that YOU specifically want Adu on the roster.

  57. Micah King says:

    I want to play Ghana. I WANT REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Roehl says:

    Bruce Arena was hardly a fountain of information in his two terms at the helm, and for good reason.

    Why don’t you all just give our playbooks to each and every one of our opponents while we’re at it?

  59. Warren says:

    Ever heard of this coach Mourinho? : )

    Jose and Phil Jackson/Lakers are masters of psyching out opponents; that’s not BB';s style but hey I won’t criticize him for that.

    In-game strategy, subs, and Sacha are all fair game but Bob’s staying pc while coaching is ok by me.

  60. Warren says:

    How ‘Could he have known’ ???

    Yeah it was such a mystery only the German, Serb, and Bosnian national teams were watching the guy.

  61. Warren says:

    hopefully he wins some games but a job in Europe? Doubt it.

  62. Ted Decker says:

    I liked what he said about it not being a failure too. It probably seems like it to Charlie right now, but he needs to know that what he’s been able to do is still incredible and that everyone still cares about him a lot.

  63. John1 says:

    I think it was more like an off day for the U.S. when they (“U.S.”) lost to Poland. And the first two games, the U.S. just played well. One way or another, the U.S. will make the second round in 2010.

  64. Addage says:

    Ching. Do I want him to start? No. But he is a rock. He adds character and stability. Do I want him as a sub with the US nursing a one goal lead? Absolutely.

    He’ll take a pounding, draw fouls and has the composure to lead his teammates to a victory. Imagine Brian holding the ball near the end line in the waning minutes.

  65. Jason B says:

    You gotta admit it would be a significant step forward for an American to coach a European club team (provided its a first-division team).

  66. DLewis10 says:

    I like BB, but I get bored reading his quotes because he says very bland things. I’m not saying he should be reveling his stradigies or anything, but a little more energetic would be nice.

  67. jig says:

    why? whats the point?

  68. fischy says:

    No, he wouldn’t sound like an idiot.

  69. Fireball says:


  70. ThaDeuce says:

    he is a players’ coach. I dig. A man leading our boys through the trenches, swallowing his own medicine.

    Someone the players can follow for sure.

    I remember bruce having some issues with the players in his media talks, and getting flak from and losing respect of players…not really ideal.

    +1 to Bob

  71. fischy says:

    You agree with what? Were you at the press conference? No? Then, you have no idea how much he spoke about any of the players.

    You’re agreeing with someone who literally doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  72. He’s a strategist, pure and simple. The enemy is watching and he changes as we change. Read Carl von Clausewitz “On War”

  73. He’s a strategist, pure and simple. The enemy is watching and he changes as we change. Read Carl von Clausewitz “On War.”

  74. JW says:

    i am guessing he will take one of the MLS expansion teams

  75. ThaDeuce says:

    when i read i was thinking he was talking about final 23 selection, and thinking that bob should bring bedoya over beas, buddle over ching, and questioning the sacha inclusion. all reasonable and debatable opinions.

    I guess the reader really does read between the lines more than words. to each his own perception!

  76. ThaDeuce says:

    phil brown makes a terrible coach.

  77. phil says:

    i think BB should wear a kilt.

  78. joejoe says:

    Heculez Gomez will be wearing a new shirt when he returns from the world cup. Two players from Puebla for five from Cruz Azul.
    link to

  79. glen says:

    exatcly I like the level of discreteness BB has, he chooses his words right

  80. baquito alyeska says:


  81. Warren says:

    Agreed it would be a huge step if a US-born coach took over a 1st division Euro club.

    But Arena looked for Euro opportunities 4 years ago and found no takers.

    The rep of US coaches hasn’t changed significantly since then.

  82. Tell them says:

    Max and Wily,

    You guys hate Ching, Johnson and Findley so unless Bob said “Yo, Ching and Johson and Findley are here to make up numbers, no way they get to SA! ” anything he says about them will be interpreted by you as a positive for those guys.

    This says a lot more about you guys than it does about Bob or those guys.

  83. Buffett says:


    Like they were lurking around waiting for Rongen to screw it up so they could snap up Subotic.

  84. Coyote says:

    “Not impressed with Bradley’s candor. He continues to dodge the Sochaux case, and as far as I could tell never flat out says, we the USA think Charlie isn’t ready. ”

    Here is Bob’s statement on the matter:

    “Given that status and our own evaluation of his progress, we feel it is Charlie’s best interest to continue his rehabilitation and focus on getting fully prepared to resume his professional and international career.”

    What about that statement makes you think Bob is waffling on whether he thinks Charlie is ready for the World Cup? Do you want a break down on how the vote went?

    Why in the hell should Bob publicly air what is in house USMNT dirty laundry. The decision was made and Bob is taking the heat for it. That is how CEO’s work and Bob is the CEO of this team.

    You want him to pile it on Charlie? You want him to tell Charlie who voted against him so Charlie can blast them on twitter as well?

    All this so you can feel better about his candor? Charlie is very hurt and upset now. I think Bob realises the less he says and the faster he moves on the better for Bob and for Charlie.

    The man has a team to worry about.

    What evidence do you have for saying: “Perhaps the USA can perform well in spite of B. Bradley like in the Confed Cup.”

    other than you dislike Bradley.

    That kind of statement presupposes they could have performed well with you coaching the team. Even if they played well to spite Bob because they hate him it still comes down to Bob being the reason they did well. You have no evidence the players dislike Bob. All the players are very positive about him including the star players who have absolutely no need to fear for their places.

  85. Josh D says:

    Because Bob uses so many new and different strategies depending on his opponents? Or that we have a wild card up our sleeve that neither of those countries have heard of?

    We play the same style with the same core group of players – nothing new to tell the world.

  86. Josh D says:

    Can’t read Spanish, what does it say?

  87. moosecat says:

    did he answer questions about what kind of new super sweat pants he is going to wear on the sidelines at the world cup?

  88. moosecat says:

    ching is garbage

  89. Lil' Zeke says:

    I think FIFA requires you to bring 23 players

  90. kwall says:

    Please don’t use American Football references, it’s demeaning to the sport we love.

  91. socmin says:


  92. Roig says:

    Herculez is going to Cruz Azul. He was asking for way too much money so Puebla is selling him.

  93. Sean M says:

    If we have 22 I’d honestly rather take Davies as a cheerleader than Robbie Findley. What’s with Bradleys obsession with a guy who is the 3rd striker for his MLS team?!?!All he has is speed.

  94. Oog says:

    I doubt he will. Look at BBs comments. He said we have worked with him for the last year and we still believe he has good qualities. And then he ended it by saying it was good he got that goal. Sounds like Findley’s lack of output in the forward position is hurting him this year. He won’t end up in SA.

  95. tom p says:

    I think we should all cut Bradley some slack.

    The truth is we don’t have the players and talent level to compete at this level across the starting 11. Getting out of the first round would be a major achievement. Too many key injuries and too little depth is our main problems and those problems are still 4 to 8 years from being solved.

    That being said a little more inspirational figure as a coach certainly would not hurt our chances of getting to round 2. Everything feels so stale going in and that falls on the coaches back and that only.

  96. beachbum says:

    this is just not accurate, sorry Josh D

  97. JamesC says:

    I don’t think Ching has to score to be a solid contributor. If he can maintain possesion and distribute, he’s done his job. Especially with Donovan and Dempsey on the wings b/c they are going to be making runs towards the middle.

    I think if Ching stays healthy he goes to SA. I would like to see Gomez and Buddle in an international game before I totaly dismiss them but I think they are long shots to make the squad.

  98. Buffett says:

    Unlike you a lot of people in Europe were impressed when the US beat Spain.

    If you watched Inter beating Barca it was very similar to that game, so maybe there is something to the idea that Bob showed everyone how to beat Spain ( who function a lot like Barca i.e shut down Xavi).

    If we can beat England or even do well against them, people will notice.

  99. RAW says:

    “But Buddle works well with Landon which may prove beneficial internationally. ”

    I see this a lot but the truth is Donovan has a good working relationship with all the forward candidates, except for Findley. He and Ching had great chemistry at San Jose, he played with Gomez at the Galaxy when Gomez had his best year before this one, and he certainly knows EJ well enough and obviously he’s spent lots of time with Jozy and Clint.

    It’s an advantage but not as big as everyone makes it out to be.

  100. LiverpoolOC says:

    Bob is wise to keep things “in house” and offer sage advice to US players to do the same, such as CD. I’ll give him credit for that.

    I also think it boils down to the immaturity of players across the globe. You see the issues Tony Pulis has had this past season with players at Stoke airing their dirty laundry about locker-room and training ground bust-ups. Pulis hit the nail on the head when he described them as prima donnas who earn millions to play, and think that entitles them to air their disgust to the public, which in reality is more about them pissing and moaning over issues they could easily discuss w/the gaffer and be done with it.

  101. Jet says:

    Getting out of the first round would be a major achievement.

    Tom P. is talking out of his cornholio.

  102. madmax says:

    Agree. I don’t hate Bradley, Ching, Findley, Sacha, Beasley or Apple Pie, but I agree with you. Can’t we all get along? I’m not a ‘hater’.

    Scary when commentators ask for facts about opinions. It presupposes their opinions are factual, and beyond reproach.

  103. madmax says:

    On Findley, “…All he has is speed.”
    But not enough speed to round a 40 year old keeper.

  104. madmax says:

    If Beasley is your pick for 10 minutes of offense, and Ching for holding a 1-0 lead for 10 minutes, shouldn’t we have a 60 second man or two? Someone who can come in to any situation and devastate the opposition but only for 60 seconds. No not Freddy.

    I do not hate any of these players.

  105. vendigo says:

    We will not got past the knock out stage with Boob Bradley at the helm, which is very disappointing! AND, I will eat crow if we do.