Henry set to sign with Red Bulls

Thierry Henry 1 (Getty Images) 

Barcelona foward Thierry Henry looks to finally be headed to MLS, and the team he appears set to join should come as no surprise.

Henry, who has fallen out of favor at Barcelona, has agreed to a pre-contract deal with the New York Red Bulls for as long as three weeks now, according to SI.com. The French international will join the Red Bulls after the World Cup pending some compensation from New York, as Henry still has one more year under contract with the Spanish champions.

If all of the wrinkles are ironed out and Henry does finally make his move to MLS, he would join forward Juan Pablo Angel to form arguably the most talented pair of strikers in the league.

What do you think of Henry joining the Red Bulls? Think he and Angel are going to rip defenses apart? Are Red Bulls the favorite to lift the MLS Cup?

Share your thoughts below.

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171 Responses to Henry set to sign with Red Bulls

  1. Modibo says:

    Maybe where there is smoke, there really is fire!

  2. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Henry will shred other teams’ defenses apart. He still has unbelievable ball skills and first touch.

    I will be interested to see what kind of formation RBNY will play once he gets here. Perhaps a 4-2-3-1, with Angle at the top and Henry either right or left (such as he has done with Barca), Lindpere in the middle and Nielsen on the other wing?

  3. RK says:

    Maybe NYRB can get some people to show up now?

  4. Tom A says:


  5. RK says:

    BTW “has agreed to a pre-contract deal with the New York Red Bulls for as long as three weeks now” doesn’t make sense.

  6. NYRB Fan says:

    I wish we could play Seattle again.

  7. scott says:

    maybe they should put him in the net since he has such good hands.

  8. Ned Smitty says:

    Funny, I was just going to say I’m glad Seattle has already played NY twice.

  9. TheDude says:

    Ummm…80% increase in people attending this year. You might want to update your meme.

  10. Trent says:

    Prediction: Henry will only score 2 2010 goals (probably PKs). The Red Bulls will go out 1st round of the playoffs.

  11. FootballFutbolSoccer says:

    Henry = Blah! I know Henry will score his share of goals in the MLS but… In my view, what the Red Bulls and other MLS teams really need are more midfielders (playmakers type players) like schelotto and Blanco (ex-Fire mid) just to name a couple. They make their team and the game so much better every time they step on an MLS field. Just my 2 cents…

  12. Aristophanes says:


  13. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Love the signing but of course there is still no one in the midfield to get him the ball. :(

  14. Joel says:

    No question that Angel-Henry will be the best strike pair in MLS. Can you imagine the space that Angel will get with defenses focused on Henry? If this happens, I think you would have to consider NYRB as serious title contenders.

  15. grubbsbl says:

    Questionable prediction.

  16. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

  17. grubbsbl says:

    I think it is safe to say it will be the best striker force in the league. I believe only Allsopp and Cristman will be able to compete in terms of skill and goals…

  18. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Ha. Nice.

  19. I’m so sick of this ongoing Henry & RBNY. These two need to just shut up and have sex already.

  20. grubbsbl says:

    I agree with “we need more midfielders” train of thought but Henry is a special class of a player. I think he will be great to watch and a great addition for the league. I am excited and I am a DC United fan.

  21. NYRB Fan says:

    Ze Roberto would more than boost the midfield. That would be an unstoppable left side.

  22. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    I know everyone is complaining about the midfield, but I think Lindpere will get even better as the season goes on and having Nielsen get up to speed will be a huge difference. The biggest issue right now is when the ball goes out to the right, because we know Dane or Jeremy aren’t going to put the ball where it needs to go.

  23. MRF says:

    MLS’s stock continues to sky rocket. As if the Red Bull stadium isn’t good enough, fans now get to watch Henry, far from over the hill, get to do his thing.

  24. notsweet81 says:

    As we have seen, it is hard to predict how DPs will adjust to MLS. However, I think Henry is close to a sure thing. Henry didn’t get a lot of playing time this year, but just last year he scored 36 goals across all competitions. He won’t be provided the kind of service he was in Barcelona, but I would bet on a real impact from Henry.

  25. bryan says:

    24k, 13k, 15k, 17k…still would except more from them. i think henry will change everything though.

  26. stpauljosh says:

    the big question is: when can i add him to my fantasy team?

  27. zacalie says:

    “Arguably the most talented pair of strikers in the league”? Who is arguing against that?!!

    In the same vein, some would argue that this strikeforce would “arguably” be the best French/South American strike combo since Le Toux/Moreno.

  28. NYRB Fan says:

    That is true. Also our midfield thus far has only struggled when opponents go with 5 midfielders. Will they still be able to do that with Henry up-top??? Chicago went 4-4-2 Lindpere chewed’em up.

  29. golfstrom says:

    This is too rich. Henry is one of the biggest names in all of sport, maybe the best striker of the 00s, scored 25 goals for Barca just a season ago…and you’d rather have Blanco (not going to bag on Schelotto, that guy’s a beast).

  30. MLS'er says:

    Henry will be a bust. He’s going from Flag Football to to tackle he won’t hack in the MLS.

  31. RedLine55 says:

    Good one. Especially with that picture above, it looks like he’s dribbling the ball basketball style.

  32. RS says:

    That’s an unfortunate (or maybe apt) photo; looks as though Henry has been caught red-handed yet again.

  33. I think the better of the MLS defenses will be able to deal with Thierry “OK”, which means he
    ll create scoring chances, but not rip the better defenses apart; but what will make all the difference is that he will be so adept at beating the keeper once he has a chance. We don’t have many (any?) players in the MLS with a true world class finish today.

    I hope he comes here to play at his 100% level of yesteryear – and if that means he DOES rip defenses apart, so be it! A joy to watch at his best, that one.

  34. bobiskool says:

    Shut up. He will be the best player in MLS ever.

  35. Aubie4Prez says:

    I think this is good for MLS. Hopefully they learned from the Beckham experiment and won’t overpay him. I liked to see every MLS team get a big name guy…even have them outside the salary cap. Though teams in Columbus, San Jose, etc aren’t a big draw for top players.

  36. peaceful assembly says:

    I’m sure Thierry Henry always dreamed of hoisting the CONCACAF Champions League trophy when he was a boy.

  37. A.S. says:


    But does he have anything left??? I attribute his goal scoring prowess last season (08/09) as much to the incredible Barca team as to anything individual on Henry’s end.

  38. A.S. says:

    Um, one other note on the linked story. I think it is exactly right that top level players often do their best at a World Cup after having sufficient rest in the prior season.

    And I am extremely worried about Landon Donovan, who has had very, very little rest for the past 2+ seasons.

  39. Austin says:

    at this stage in his career, Donovan is better, but Henry will score more goals simply because he is a pure striker

    btw, NYRB will sign Henry, but i assure you they will get the third DP slot and use it on a brazilian like Ze Roberto, Diego, or Ronaldinho who have all been linked

  40. Will says:

    yeah no need for “arguably”…wouldnt be surprised if henry avgs 2 goals per game for his mls career

  41. jsquaredny says:

    If someone can just fill me in on what makes Angel great at this point it’d be much appreciated. I still don’t think he’s shown anything at all this year and was invisible yet again yesterday. Nielsen showed some good glimpses and activity yesterday. I think at this point I’d much rather see a Nielsen/Henry tandem.

  42. john godfrey says:

    “Arguably the most talented pair of strikers in the league”? More like, UNDOUBTEDLY the most talented pair of strikers in the HISTORY of the league.

  43. Betinho says:

    shush…don’t speak of things like that (LD comment). Think of it but don’t put it in writing or say it. yes, I’m superstitious…

  44. ThaDeuce says:

    arguably the most potent strike force?
    henry by himself is more potent than any other two combined

  45. ThaDeuce says:


  46. Zach says:

    Not big into calling others out or anything like that, but i STRONGLY disagree with your assessment. MLS needs better everything, not just creative midfielders. Henry is one of the most recognizable names in the sport and is undoubtedly the biggest name – by far – to play in MLS, assuming the deal goes through.

    IMO, you are dead wrong. Henry coming to MLS, especially in the New York market, will be HUGEEEE for MLS’ standing worldwide. This seriously could open the floodgates for other players to follow.

  47. OC says:

    Even if NYRB ran a 1-1-8 formaion, they could still use another striker like Henry. It’s gonna be fun watching a guy like that in our league.

    I had my doubts that Beckham’s move would help MLS. But, here is a player substantially less ‘washed up’ than DB, who could really do some wonderful stuff with the football, deciding to come over and ply his trade here.. Maybe the talent coming over will keep up this trend of getting a little better every time there’s a big move.

    Eventually, this type of thing could entice our talent to stay here when coming out of college and etc., but that won’t REALLY happen until the European leagues start scouting MLS a little more. It’s going to be a long process, but I think something like this REALLY helps the league out.

    And to the arguments that Henry won’t hack it in MLS, he did play several seasons in the EPL, which is the best league in the world imo. Untouchable combo of class, and the most powerful and skilled players on the planet. There’s no arguing that he will be a force in MLS.

    Can’t wait to see him courtside at the Knicks!

  48. Chicago - Scott says:

    Henry should not only sell out Red Bull Arena but I will not be surprised if he is selling out every away game as well.

  49. Kathleen Turner Overdrive says:

    Both of Henry’s parents were born in CONCACAF. His father is from Guadeloupe and his mother is from Martinique.

  50. SeattleStan says:

    With his crossover skills I thought all the New York rumors meant he was going to the Knicks with LeBron. Now that would bring New York a championship!

  51. Chicago - Scott says:

    hahahah Henry will score 2 goals in his first game.

  52. Chicago - Scott says:

    hahahah what???

  53. john.q says:

    Henry – Angel
    Neilsen – Lindpere – Robinson – (someone not Dane)
    Miller – Ream – Petke – Albright/Hall

    key spot – someone not dane. who will fill that spot?

  54. Chicago - Scott says:

    just the fact that he played for BARCELONA this season would tell you that he has plenty to offer in MLS.

  55. Matt says:

    the infamous jermaine jones “jazz hands” strike again.

  56. Myles B says:

    “Will he adjust to MLS’s physical play” should be the question on everyone’s mind.

    Henry was a bit of whiner back in his EPL days (just like fellow pansy Ljunberg) and the smaller teams would boss him around the field, effectively negating is astonishing abilities.

  57. BlueWhiteLion says:

    i’m in line with the “need” midfielders–even the best forwards need good service–but grubbsbl, i’m with you–he is a special class and drawing power, NYRB would be foolish not to get him. And remember, there is still a 3rd DP slot.

  58. Brokenbil says:

    Let’s hope Henry doesn’t get injured at the World Cup. MLS doesn’t need another marquee name sitting on the bench.

  59. fan of football says:

    I’m bummed that NY has already played here in Seattle

  60. Chicago - Scott says:

    Whats wrong with Richards? He’s fast and seems to create a lot of opportunities.. I guess I’m saying that as a Fire fan though…

  61. BlueWhiteLion says:

    he also won’t be facing the kind of overall skill he was up against at Barca, either.

  62. BlueWhiteLion says:

    this is arguably the best sub-thread of the story!

  63. JayMah says:

    HAHAHA. Sure JPA-Henry will be the best striker pair in MLS…WHO CANNOT SCORE GOALS!!! We need someone to deliver the ball to them! Oh, and why not spend money on a BETTER GOALKEEPER who could actually stop EASY SHOTS! It’s frustrating to hear these talks about another striker when the team is desperately needing a quality keeper to keep us in the game and a midfielder/CAM that could create and deliver the ball to the strikers!

  64. Super Metro says:

    In terms of actual impact, the Angel from 2 years ago and Henry would be that but still in terms of names IT WILL BE the most dangerous pair of strikers ever, I mean who would you concentrate on defending? Henry, that will give Angel the space he needs (that space he can’t make for himfelf anymore)

  65. JayMah says:

    I’d rather start Sinisa over Richards – all speed, no skills – none in the passing, shooting or balls skills. Simply ALL SPEED. Yes, SPEED kills, but not without skills.

  66. BlueWhiteLion says:

    never considered Beckham “washed up.” Don’t underestimate the paradigm shift that his coming here created in the minds and plans of other world class players (not to mention “mid-level” players). He did the unthinkable: he came before his prime was gone.

    His play was hampered by injury, but he still has it, and he gave the US fan (and the MLS players) weekly reminders of the beauty (and possibility) of sublime crossing. Just because he doesn’t score a ton doesn’t mean he was a) ineffective and b) washed-up.

  67. DC Josh says:

    He’ll be the best DP and best player in the league. As long as he is here to actually play and work hard in training. He still has a lot left. Can’t wait to see him AND Red Bull Arena in the summer when I make the trip up 95.

  68. Diablo says:

    Hell you could probably get blanco into our midfield for the remainder of the season – think about those crosses to Angel -Henry and Ze Roberto, and he wouldn’t cost any dp money and we would get some more mexican fans in the seats -WIN WIN BABY! MAKE IT Happen Soler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. RK says:

    I expected more.

  70. Chicago - Scott says:

    I don’t get why nobody has tried to pick up Jon Busch from San Jose… ONE OF THE BEST GOALIES IN THE LEAGUE SITTING ON THE BENCH??!?!?

  71. MensreaJim says:

    If he’s just here to grow his brand and not get accosted at the mall, then he might be in for a rude awakening when Danny Califf puts him in a figure-four.

    If he’s motivated though, watch out, obviously.

  72. Eric_the_King says:

    I agree. I posted a not-so PC comment yesterday about how Angel was playing. One word: SLOW. But he’s also more of a poacher these days, so having him track towards the midfield isn’t really his thing. He needs to be closer to goal, but RBNY have difficulty holding play in the final third of the field, thus rendering his poaching ability useless.

    And because I’m so angry and have to say it… Dane Richards = dumbest soccer player ever. He has a football (American) as a soccer brain. So frustrating. I guess his strike against Santos was a one-off. I thought maybe he would turn a corner this year.

  73. This Guy says:

    He may shred defenses apart but he’s still a cheat. Might as well bring in Carlos Ruiz while they’re at it.

  74. EA says:

    Agreed. Beckham’s only “downfall” in MLS was his blinding desire to play for England.

  75. RK says:

    At least Gillette Stadium :)

  76. Rory says:

    Not until there is something worth playing for.

  77. joejoe says:

    Retirement League.

  78. Shirtees says:

    I think he is going to pop and fizzle like Beckham did. This league is a lot tougher than players think. Im ready for the USMNT to trump England in the WC! Lets show the world we are no longer a supper league!

  79. Rory says:

    Some hotheaded defender will hack his thirty-something year old knee and his season will be over. Good thing they don’t play Seattle and Tyrone Marshall again this year.

  80. Rory says:

    And since the Concacaf champions league didn’t exist then and the old Concacaf Cup wasn’t even held on a consistant basis, and since nobody gives a damn about them, I’d say he could care less.

    He’s going to live it up in New York and play some football on the side when he’s not watching NBA games.

  81. John from Philadelphia says:

    Eddie Johnson had those very hands out on this site only a week ago…

  82. Rory says:

    What? Donovan had off from Novemeber to what, March? Nobody in the EPL had that rest mid-season.

  83. BlueWhiteLion says:

    . . . yeah, and while I hated that as an avid soccer supporter who “craves” to see MLS be firmly rooted and producing great soccer (and a Galaxy fan to boot), I don’t really blame him for that desire. And I sure don’t feel in pleasure at his misfortune of missing it this year. That’s got to really suck. That said, he made a horrible PR move from a US/MLS standpoint, but I think he has partially recovered from it: meaning, he is accepted and appreciated, if not a little tarnished. We will see what he does from here on out: if he ever plays again, or if he coaches or owns a team.

  84. Rory says:

    When Becks signed up he thought his England days were over. Once they switched coaches and he was dangled a carrot from Capello in front of him then the MLS venture wasn’t important anymore.

  85. Franky says:

    Waiting anxiously to buy my jersey and then route against him when he comes to RFK stadium

  86. jsquaredny says:

    Totally agree about Richards as well. He’s got no soccer intelligence whatsoever and his touch on the ball leaves a lot to be desired. I think that I’m at the point where I’d love to see anyone else at that spot. Ubi has shown some consistency this year. I’d love to see him on the right side.

    Also really agree on Angel’s speed. I remember that they knocked a long ball over to him that he just saw he’d have to sprint for so he just gave up and started walking. I almost agree with him needing to be closer to goal except that when he has had the ball near the 18 he’s unleashed soft, poorly placed shots at keepers. He just kind of looks like a shell of his old self at this point. I think that its time that he hangs up his cleats for sure

  87. Clayton says:

    Sweet! Better bring it, Henry. We need some goals and attractive soccer. Not a RBNY fan, but an MLS fan, and I’m rooting for you.

    Go FCD!

  88. Red says:

    When can we expect him to suit up?

  89. Thierry Henry says:

    ya’ll see me HI haters

  90. NYRB says:

    What ever happen to Raul I heard he wanted to go to the Red Bulls

  91. A.S. says:

    Huh? I thought I saw him in an Everton uni…

    He had off from late November through… December. And, unlike everyone in the EPL, he played (for club and country) through last summer.

  92. Joe from Philly says:

    Oh crap! I hope somebody in Philly is on the phone with Ronaldinho’s agent. Fingers crossed!

  93. Mark says:

    This is amazing news! Assuming he comes to play, and I believe he will, he’s a great signing. He will make an obvious impact with the goals he scores and helps create, and he is marketable enough in this country to help put fannies in the seats. Impact on the field and the business side of things is exactly what you want out of a DP in this league. Hopefully the World Cup gives the league a bump with an amazing tournament, and Henry will be one of many players to sign with MLS to continue to help drive the popularity of the sport in the US.

  94. Tony in Quakeland says:

    He has the game sense of a toaster oven

  95. SoccerJohn says:

    On one hand, I can see Henry lighting it up in MLS. He has all manner of talent to create and finish, I would expect that he’ll embarrass the heck out of some MLS defenders.

    But that’s the thing. I think those defenders will respond by beating him up. If the refs call plays involving Henry the way they call other plays, he’s going to spend a lot of time on the ground, bruised and bleeding.

    If I were a RB fan, I’d worry that Henry might end up creating a negative environment for the team. He is not a guy who’s going to labor like Taylor Twellman to score goals. If he doesn’t get calls and score goals, I could see him becoming a distraction.

    I think this signing could be a huge boon for MLS if Henry comes and thrives. I think it could lead high-quality players to avoid the league if he has a negative experience.

  96. Warren says:

    give me a break, unless this guy is irish I’d say Herny has suffered enough for a ref’s mistake

  97. Jose says:

    This will be great for MLS and great for the Red Bulls. Hopefully he is not hurt after the WC and can start right away unlike Beckham. But MLS needs to bring in younger guys, but that will take some time.

  98. Warren says:

    you’re too kind

  99. yankiboy says:

    “Come on now. I think that is a very harsh and unfair assessment. If it only happens once, is it really “cheating”? Besides the French play sexier football than the the Irish… And they sell a lot more merchandise. They have a very, how do you say–global appeal. It is most unfortunate what happened to the Irish team but life goes one, does it not?”

    -Seth Blatter, Saturday morning, while enjoying a bountiful brunch at his mountain chateau, unaware that his comments were being recorded by a backstabbing “friend” with a cellphone, a la David Triesman. Jack Warner will deny that he had anything to do with it as he lobbies to succeed him.

  100. yankiboy says:

    Where can I learn more about this Blanco guy who played for the Fire? :)

  101. war says:

    True. He’s only a cheat because he wasn’t caught. If the ref saw and blew, no one would say anything about it. It’s the ref’s burden. Players will always use their hands and it’s the ref’s responsibility to catch it. If people call Henry a cheat,they should go after every player who has ever handled, or fouled for that matter(because fouling is against the rules) and call them a cheat too. Boateng is a cheat, Altidore is a cheat, Ronaldo is a cheat, etc. Give the guy a break.

  102. Luke says:

    Really! And no other soccer player has gotten away with a foul that wasn’t spotted by the refs.

  103. TGA says:

    I worked in the old North American Soccer Leauge. MLS is now going down the same misguided path.

    We have Americans playing pro soccer in Norway because the money is better, and MLS is signing the likes of Henry? MLS needs to be a domestic league, made up of a majority of USA born players. But, we need to pay them a decent wage. Norway?

    Stop wasting money on washed up has beens and never weres.

  104. Cairo says:

    This signing is about butts in the seats. If Henry can’t fill Red Bull Arena, that will be a shame.

    He’s a lot better than Angel, and the two of them together should result in lots of goals. Better service will be an issue, but one of the things that differentiate the world class strikers from the chattel is that they finish their chances. He’ll get chances and his finish rate will simply be much higher than the typical MLS striker.
    I’m seeing a Galaxy-Red Bulls final, with a lot of star power. This is great for MLS, esp. if it finally entices the NY crowd to support the league.

  105. war says:

    they could probably use Kanji

  106. Eric_the_King says:


  107. Warren says:

    Yeah that’s why he scored what 170 goals in 250 games with Arsenal, those EPL tough guys pushed him around SOOO much.

    And sure it’s easier to score with barcelona’s talent setting you up, but 36 goals last year is….how many more than (fill in your favorite MLS striker here)?

    Henry will do fine, he’s been prepping for this for years and now it’s showtime.

    I do think more will follow Henry’s lead, though it woun’t qualify as flood, due to MLS limitations.

  108. Tony in Quakeland says:

    If you don’t think that half the clubs in the EPL wouldn’t offer him a contract tomorrow, you’re insane. Falling out of favor with the best club in the world (and yes, that is exactly what Barca is right now) does not exactly mean you’re ready for mothballs.

  109. yankiboy says:

    Sorry Bro. Not trying to call you out Zach but we have heard this before. Matheus. Hugo Sanchez. Yuri Djorkaeff. Or Gullit with his failed coaching stint in LA.

    Beckham is still bigger than Henry when it comes to internationally celebrated guys cashing an MLS paycheck.

    Seriously, I don’t see this opening any floodgates. I really don’t Maybe a couple more guys will come. And then they will make demands to be in NY, LA or Chicago because those cities are so “sexy”.

  110. I think there is another ancillary marketing benefit to this. Henry is buddies with a few NBA guys so we might get some celebrity butts in the stands that would attract the attention of some (but not the Chicago Tribune’s) sports pages.

  111. radi0head says:

    TGA are you kidding me? You cant actually think that Henry is washed up. Stop being silly.

  112. JayMah says:

    RBNY Should have picked him up as soon as Fire released him. I think that non-action on the teams part I find more surprising that not signing DVB

  113. OC says:

    I don’t necessarily think he is washed up; there is no denying his importance to the Galaxy or the our league. But, the overall perception I got from writers in Europe (from the things I read on the net) was that he was making the move because Europe was getting tired of him.

    Quite the contrary, I feel that his loan deal to Milan well refuted that idea, and prior to his freak injury with them, he had re-established himself as an important player for his clubs and his country (or at least they expected).

    I just feel that the overall opinion on Henry is somewhat higher than it was for Beckham when he made his move. From what I recall, Henry had been speculated as recently as this summer window as going to some huge clubs from Barca, which is something I hadn’t heard about from Becks. So, in my opinion, Henry’s move is bigger for our league than Beckham’s, because I think his current value is higher than Beckham’s was when he came (despite his recent La Liga title).

  114. RLW2020 says:

    ah the DC duo of Allsopp and Cristman.. domination right?

  115. OC says:


  116. BrianK says:

    Great news. Now all they need to do is arrange for Ze Roberto to come along as well. Those two would add 5K in attendance not to mention a few goals.

  117. Josh D says:

    I have friends who’ll come out just to see him. And unlike a few other DPs, Henry still has a good solid few years to go and with little injury scares.

  118. Josh D says:

    And with Emilio coming off the bench, we also have the best depth when it comes to strikers!

  119. Josh D says:

    Even as a DC fan, I’d love to see Ze Roberto over here in some fashion. One of my favorite players of the last few years.

  120. FulhamPete says:

    Jermaine Jones
    Eddie Johnson
    Thierry Henry

    The Pips? The Temptations?


  121. Chicago - Scott says:

    Henry has dealt with getting hacked his whole career. If anything, he’d break Marshall’s ankles from cuttin him up.

  122. Chicago - Scott says:

    hahah well I’d trade you Justin Mapp for him

  123. Chicago - Scott says:

    Or I’d trade New York… since you are tony in QUAKELAND

  124. Colin says:

    Busch’s next stop: Seattle.

  125. Chicago - Scott says:

    Ljunberg is gay, Henry is not.

  126. Chicago - Scott says:

    or how bout back to Chicago?

  127. Myles B says:

    170 in 250 is a good rate, but you have to look between the lines. I’m sure he scorched the minnows, but when it came to scrappy teams live Everton and Bolton at the least, I’m sure it was different.

    I’m not saying he isn’t an excellent player, it’s just a different kettle of fish over here.

  128. gerald says:

    Totally agree, I’m a fan of Bouna but I have to admit I don’t think he’s the answer short or long term

  129. Chicago - Scott says:

    Washed up has beens and never weres???? Henry played for BARCELONA, the BEST team in the world THIS season! Yeah, he might not be what he used to be… but he will still be the best forward in MLS, so why not sign him?

  130. Chicago - Scott says:

    I hope Henry follows Lebron James to CHICAGO!!!

  131. DCLee says:

    @ DC Josh. Hate to break it to you but we play NYRB 5 days to early. The window doesn’t open until July 15th. We play them on the 10th. We will get to see the Swiss international Nkafu when Seattle comes on the 18th.

  132. gerald says:

    NASL didn’t have a salary cap which is a big difference. Who are these players we should have pay more money than Norway. Freeman, Goodson

  133. BlueWhiteLion says:

    you clarification is helpful, especially your contrasting the two at the time of their departure from their respective La Liga clubs.

    I do have some caveats to full acceptance of your declaration that Henry’s move is bigger:

    Beckham has by far more media presence and world popularity. (especially comparing then and now). Not taking away from Henry’s large profile. Henry especially might pull more weight with the soccer aficionado. But Beckham would make the bigger world splash.

    That said, Henry has the potential to have as great an impact, but in a different way (maybe, as I ponder this, I want to agree with you that his impact could be greater than Beck’s impact albeit for different reasons). Here are some thoughts:

    –New York is just waiting to be an esteemed soccer franchise–in MLS, in NYC’s eyes, and beyond. Henry’s presence makes them instantly more viable (and we still get a 3rd DP option) and they have the potential to get out of mediocrity forever

    –Becks was the paradigm shifter, but Henry can add momentum that suffered under Beck’s injuries and equivocations. And NYC gives him a major media presence–if he does well as a player and the team achieves consistent success. If he stays and does well, a move to MLS will seem less and less a novelty

  134. jspec says:

    RBNY & MLS should hope that LeBron signs before this they announce this officially.They need to make this announement when they can capture the NYPRESS headlines by themselves

  135. Chris says:

    One of the biggest problems for Angel has been touched on here: the inability for the midfield to bring the ball forward.

    Angel has an AMAZING first touch and an excellent ability to get “lost” in the defense. Speed is not where his opportunities come from.

    This year he has had to track back into the midfield to get the ball and help them bring it forward. That leaves him (a) not in the box where he should be as a pure striker and (b) much more exhausted from the extra running back and forth.

    Having Henry will certainly help pull the defense away from focusing just on him and allow him to be even better at getting lost among them, however he still needs service in the box.

  136. Ed Kay says:

    This is almost as good as when Lothar Matthäus joined the team!!!

  137. BlueWhiteLion says:

    lol. Actually, I was hyped for that. But Lothar disappointed–his approach to the whole MLS thing. Hoping for much better with Henry. I would hope he has a bit more pride, and that his connections with celebrities (mentioned in a reply above) will spur him on to produce. Lothar . . . that guy is a bit full of himself.

  138. sread says:

    I wish I could take your assurance as a fact, sir. Adding the third DP would be absolutely monumental for the league, sport, country….you name it. Ronaldinho and Henry pairing up for golazos…and JPA sneaking in an occasional crashing header off a cross…geez

  139. Geoff S. says:

    Great for the League! From a selfish American point-of-view . . .Imagine the education that young americans in the league are going to get from training with a player like titi. Immediate infusion of European mentality. Give our young guys a sample of the big leagues!

  140. Craig says:

    Please don’t tell me an 80% increase is satisfactory to the fans or the organization. I guarantee you that the front office is concerned.

  141. Diego says:

    This story again?!

  142. madmax says:

    Great news for MLS and NYRB. NYRB shouldn’t waste his talents so they need to upgrade midfield before he arrives, Stammler, Lindpere, Richards won’t do. The relegated, Feilhaber might help?

  143. Dantheblue says:

    None of it matters. Delagarza (or Franklin or Jordan), oh oh Omar, berghalter, dunivant, and ricketts shuts down the new nyrb dp and galaxy goes to 14-2-4 with their 3-1 romp at the new stadium in ny.

  144. Abumax says:

    “If all of the wrinkles are ironed out and Henry does finally make his move to MLS, he would join forward Juan Pablo Angel to form arguably the most talented pair of strikers in the league.”

    Actually, I think that would be pretty inarguable.

  145. alex says:

    i have a feeling this is just a rumor. i’ll believe it when i see something official.

  146. Steve T. says:

    It’s Sepp not Seth…

  147. Rob says:

    Wikipedia and Youtube.

  148. Rob says:

    Angel needs as much space as he can get because his play of late is atrocious!

  149. T says:

    “… I’d say he could care less.”

    Do you know what you just said?

  150. milio says:


  151. JoeW says:

    I’ve got a couple of thoughts.

    1. Fantastic signing for MLS. Recognizable name, still got game–a real talent. I just hope he doesn’t end up signing for 4-5 years….some amount where he may be a shred of his former self by the time the contract ends.

    2. Not so sure if it’s a great signing for NYRB. Maybe. I think the emergence of Lindpere might make it a brilliant signing for the team. But I’ve never really thought that, as glamourous as another top-notch striker signing was, that NYRB really needed that. As a team, I would have thought other areas might be bigger priorities if you’re looking to win an MLS Cup or be a serious contender. After all, Backe talks about how the team plays on the edge and has moments where the play is inconsistent or dangerous–that sound more like a strong presence in defense or more midfield strength might benefit the team more. That said, don’t interpret my comments as sour grapes–only that while signing Henry is a glamourous signing that benefits the league (and probably sells tickets for the team), I’m not sure if that would have been the top priority for the side in terms of competitive strength. But we’ll see.

    3. I wonder what the team’s cap situation is? I’m assuming that there is enough room (or enough allocation money to buy down the cap hit) so no-one has to be cut or traded to make room for him.

  152. WorkDoersFC says:

    Oh Thierry, first you leave my Arsenal, now you join the NYRB instead of the Sounders…just great. Should be an outstanding pick up. I’d take a 32 year old Henry.

  153. ArsenFan says:

    I’m a big Angel fan, but even I have to admit that he has lost a step or two. Also his first touch is nowhere near what it used to be.

    Trying to look on the bright side, maybe Angel is injured and no one is saying.

    I also cannot see any reason for Richards to be starting – maybe his role should be as a late sub – when everyone else is to tired to out think him.

  154. chupacabra says:

    Even Juventus can’t sell out the lower bowl of Red Bull Arena. It’s not NYRB’s fault.

  155. jcr says:

    You are obviouisly not paying attention. They are averaging almost 18,000 per game not including Santos. They would have had over 19K against Seattle were it not for the package issue on the PATH.

    That is more than most teams in the league. I think only 3 teams are averaging more and only 2 have more season tickets pre-Henry.

    Nonetheless, what is important is the game and going there has been great. If you are having trouble enjoying the game because you are busy counting people in the stands, I feel sorry for you because you are missing out.

  156. jcr3 says:

    Why doesn’t it make sense?

  157. Dominghosa says:

    Ho-lee. Crap. It’s actually happening. How awesome is this?

  158. jcr says:

    There a couple of reasons why I believe signing Henry will lead to at least half their remaining games to be sold out.

    #1- His recognizable talent including 26 goals just the prior season with no injury since then
    #2- His presence will finally force the NY papers to provide some decent coverage both the day of the game and afterwards with an actual writer on the paper to write regular stories the day after with even a photo (not websites which get far less traffic) and even the networks (not FoxSports Channel) to at least mention the MLS and the Red Bulls which alone will drive up numbers since so many people would go if they were aware there was a game going on that weekend.

    I could be wrong, but I think not. Nonetheless, I will enjoy seeing a great game in a great stadium and hopefully the Red Bulls going deep into the MLS playoffs if not the cup and next year in the Champions League as well.

  159. Scott A says:


  160. Dominghosa says:

    If he doesn’t draw a sellout in every game he plays in the MLS for the next two seasons, I’d be very surprised.

  161. Supsam says:

    wow joejoe…………..never heard that insult before!!! You must be very proud of yourself

  162. Supsam says:

    Why is everybody linking Ze Roberto as the next player NYRB should get? Has he shown interest?

    Henry is a MASSIVE signing for MLS. Next targets? The reliable strike rate in Raul? The creative attacking midfielder in Deco (whose contract ends june 2011)? But I think if MLS really wanted their ideal DP, they will aggressively go after Ronaldinho whose contract also ends June 2011. The man can easily capture the media with what is sure to be many highlight reels not to mention he get so many fans in seats (not to mention the many Brazilians here in the US)

  163. Joamiq says:

    Uh… have you ever watched Thierry Henry play soccer? He ain’t exactly a slouch of a playmaker. Don’t be distracted by the fact that he also happens to score a lot of goals.

  164. Joamiq says:

    It’s not even just that Richards is dumb. He’s dumb and unskilled. He can do one thing and that is run very fast. But, controlling, passing, shooting, crossing? Forget it.

  165. Joamiq says:

    Ubi and Stammler are both upgrades over Richards. And Albright is looking pretty healthy to me in Open Cup play, so if he can take over at right back, right mid could be Hall’s.

  166. over there says:

    Beat me to it on this one. “arguably” Huh?

  167. Joamiq says:

    LOL @ the thought of that crew vs. Thierry Henry. “shuts down”, hahahaha

  168. Andrew says:

    MAY be the best strike partnership, Ives?!?

    Who the hell would even come close to this pair? I am not saying they would win the cup, but they will be atop the league in goals scored.